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in 2011 with funding from 

National Library of Scotland 

INSURANCE COMPANY, Incorporated by Royal Charter, 
and Acts of Parliament. 




Total Funds exceed - 
Total Income for 1895, 

THE Funds of the Life Department are not liable for Obligations under the Fire 
Department, nor are the Funds of the Fire Department liable for Obligations 
under the Life Department. 

Glasgow Branch Office 102 St. Vincent Street. 


Sir Charles Tennant, Bart., of The Glen, Chairman. 
James Graham, Esq., LL.D. I A. Crum Maclae, Esq., of Cathkin. 

R. Gourlay, Esq., Manager Bank Robt. Binnie, Esq.,Merchant,Greenock 

of Scotland. J. F. Dalrymple Hay, Esq., ofDunlop. 

G. W. Snodgrass, Esq., J.P. | 

M. Pearce Campbell, Esq. (of Messrs J. & W. Campbell & Co.) 
Local Manager— -D. L. Laiulaw. Local Secretary— John T. Fyfe. 


Nine-Tentlis of the Whole Profits of the Life Assurance Branch are allocated 
to Participating Policies. 

All Bonuses now vest on Declaration. 
The period during which a lapsed policy may be revived is extended to one year, and the fine 

payable on revival is much reduced. 
The Surrender Value of a lapsed policy is now held at the credit of the assured during the 
extended period of ten years; and during that period the option is allowed of taking a 
paid-up policy calculated on very favourable terms. 
Claims paid immediately on Proof of Death and Title. 
Premiums adjusted to each Half-year of Age. 
Minimum Surrender Values fixed. 

Policy not forfeited by error in Proposal Papers, unless accompanied by fraud. 
General freedom of policies from restriction in Residence, Occupation, and Travel. 
Reduced Rates for India, China, and the East generally. 
Special Schemes for Life Assurance for Naval and Military Officers. 
Attractive System of Provident Assurances on Children 
Reduced Terminable Premium Rates. 

ANNUITIES (Immediate, Contingent, or Deferred) are granted on favourable terms. 

Property of nearly every description Insured at Home or Abroad at the Lowest Rates of 

Premium corresponding to the risk 

Losses settled with Promptitude and Liberality. 



EDINBURGH— 64 Princes Street. LONDON— 61 Thread needle St, E.C. 



(Established 1862.) 



JAMES BAIN, Esq. (Bank of Scotland, Glasgow). 
JAMES BOYD, Esq. (J. & J. Boyd & Miller, Writers, Glasgow). 
ROBERT KERR, Esq. (John Kerr & Co., Greenock). 
D. FORBES DALLAS, Esq. (Forbes Dallas & Co.,S.S.C, Edinburgh). 
JOSEPH WATSON, Esq. (Brownlie, Watson & Beckett, Writers, 

Local Manager— ARCHIBALD BLAIR. 
Manager and Secretary of the Company— CHAS. G. FOTHERGILL. 


Capital (fully subscribed), .... .£2,127,500 o o 

Of which there is paid up, 212,750 o o 

Reserve Funds (exclusive of Capital), . . . 794,827 o o 

FIRE INSURANCES granted upon almost every descrip- 
tion of property at home and abroad. 

SURVEYS made and Rates quoted without trouble or 
expense to Proposers. 

CLAIMS are met with Promptitude and Liberality. 

TRANSFER OF POLICIES. — No expense is incurred 
in the Transfer of Policies from other Offices to this 


Having no Life Business, the Funds can only be used for Fire Losses. 


The Directors invite Applications for Agencies in Towns and Districts)! 

where the Company is not fully represented, and are also 

open to receive applications from those at present 

representing Life Companies only. 




(Established 1824.) 


CAPITAL >x .... £5,000,000 

PAID-UP CAPITAL, . . *?><g* .... 550,000 

AGGREGATE FUNDS exceed x . . . £4,016,000 

The Right Ho 
James Alexander, Esq. 
Charles George Barnett, Esq. 
Charles Edward Barnett, Esq. 
Right Hon. Lord Battersea. 
Hon. Kenelm Pleydell Bouveri 
Thos. Henry Burroughes, Esq. 
Francis William Buxton, Esq. 
James Fletcher, Esq. 

Victor C. W. Cavendish, Esq^M 
Hon. Lionel Walter R 



i5i WEST 


Rothschild, Chair)iian. 
Richard Hoare, Esq. 
Sir Geo. Curtis Lampson, Bart. 
Francis Alfred Lucas, Esq. 
E. H. Lushington, Esq. 
ugh Colin Smith, Esq. 
tHon. Lord Stalbridge. 
Lieur-Col. F. Anderson Stebbing. 
Sir C. Rivers Wilson, G.C.M.G., C.B. 

'itors — 
ajor-General Arthur E. A. Ellis, C.S.I., 
ld, Hon. Henry Berkeley Portman. 
Chief Secretary. 

Offick — 


J. Aiken, Esq. (Messrs Burns, Aiken 

& Co.) 
A. Drew, Esq., Creggandarroch, Blair- 

James Finlayson, Esq. (Messrs Finlay- 
son, Bousfield & Co.) 

Stewart Lawrie, Secretary. 
Auditors for Branch — Grahams & Co., C.A. 


Gow, Esq., Shipowner. 
John Graham, Esq., C.A. 
W. W. W. Reid, Esq. 
Thomas Russell, Esq., of Ascog. 

FIRE and LIFE INSURANCES may be effected on the most 
favourable Terms, full particulars of which may be learned on 
application to the Local Agents, or to the Glasgow Office. 

DEATH DUTIES. — Special forms of Policies have been prepared to 
enable Property-owners to provide for the new Estate Duty, and 
full particulars will be forzaarded on application. 

The Profits of a Mutua l with the Security of a Proprietary Office. 



Head Office— Edinburgh, 19 St. Andrew Square. 

Chairman— Sir ARTHUR MITCHELL, K.C.B., M.D. 

Manager— DAVID PAULIN, F.F.A., F.R.S.E. 

Actuary and Secretary— JAMES CHATHAM, F.F.A., F.I.A. 

Joint Secretary— LEWIS P. ORR, F.F.A. 


TABLE OF LOW PREMIUMS:— Profit Policies at Non-Profit Rates. 

The Bonus Additions declared under With Profit Policies have 
hitherto been at the rate of £2 per cent, for each year after the first that 
the Policies have been in force, while the reserves for future profits are 
made on a more stringent basis than those of the majority of the Scottish 

New Policies, with full participation, are entitled to an intermediate 
Bonus, at the rate of ^"1 5s per cent, for each year after the first com- 
pleted prior to next Division of Profits, thus securing the advantages ot 
an Annual Division of Profits. 


Assurance against Accidents of all kinds on Improved Principles. 

New Scheme of Assurance against Accidents and Illness, including 
special benefits for Railway Accidents, Permanent Disablement Pension, 
and other advantages. 

Glasgow Office— 190 West George Street. 

Resident Secretary— ROBERT BLACK. 

Bgents for ©rcenocft— 

A. O. Leitch, 2 West Quay ; James Nicoll, 2 Bank Street ; Wm. 
Low, 12 Forsyth Street ; Duncan Macreadie, 3 Brymner 
Street ; and R. F. Blair, 27 Cathcart Street. 

Established 1839 . 



120 Princes Street, EDINBURGH. | 12 Waterloo Place, LONDON. 

Subscribed Capital-£I, 000,000. Uncalled-£930,000. 

Claims Paid, £3,611,000. | Invested Funds, £2,105,000. 

WHOLE-TERM and ENDOWMENT ASSURANCES, with or without participa- 
tion in Profits, at Economical Rates, and with Non-Forfeiture Privileges. 

MERCANTILE MARINE RISKS on very favourable terms. 

NINE-TENTHS of PROFITS belong to the Assured. 

SPECIAL MINIMUM (Discounted Bonus) PREMIUMS, whereby a Large 
Immediate Assurance may be obtained at a small outlay. 


ANNUITIES granted on favourable terms. 

LOANS arranged on Approved Securities in connection with Life Assurance. 

Glasgow Branch— 10 Gordon Street: Andrew Penn, Secretary. 

Hgcnts in ©reenocfe— 

J. C. Smith, Macdonald & Crawford, Solicitors, 26 Hamilton Street. 

Fyfe & Murray, Solicitors, 4 Argyle Street. 

Wm. Lamont, 4 Brymner Street. 

J. Wallace Anderson, House Factor, 19 Cross-shore Street. 

Robert Davie, Jun., 63 Rue-end Street. 

Hgent in fl5ort=(Slaaciow — 
David Melrose, Accountant, Royal Bank. 

Brass Window and Door Plate Makers 
and General Engravers. 

£^"Burn Marks, Steel Stamps, and Stencil 

Plate Cutters. 
Brass Door Plates. Berth Nos. and Key 

Labels for Shipbuilders. 

Steel Letters and Figures, Embossed Brass 

Tickets and Time Checks. 

Inscriptions on Silver and Cutlery. 
Arms, Crest, and Mono. Dies. 

Embossed Presses and Brass Stamps of all 
kinds for Companies, Notaries, Elections, &c. 

All kinds of India Rubber and 
Brass Stamps made. 







Wallace ffairweatber, <Z.E. f 







Head Office— 58 REN FIELD ST., GLASGOW. 

Established 1871. 

All Glass Insured at Moderate Rates, with prompt, 

Immediate Notice of all Breakages should be sent for 
instant attention to the Agents or Office. 

Applications for Agencies invited. 


Telegraph—" Equity," Glasgow. Telephone No. 4035. 


SreerrocK ^Directory 

FOR 1896-97, 



Containing (poefaf, £efegrap#, ano fctntva? ^nfoxmation, 






W. Hutchison, Printer and Lithographer, 23 Nicolson Street. 

Price Three Shillings and Sixpence. 



JNE, 1896. 



— 7 





— 6 





1 8 





— 7 





2 9 





1 8 





3 10 




2 9 





4 11 





3 10 





5 12 



— ■ 


4 11 




6 13 





5 12 





January, i 



— 5 





3 10 





— 6 





4 11 




— 7 





5 12 





1 8 





6 13 





2 9 





7 14 





3 10 




Friday 1 

8 15 





4 11 



Saturday 2 

9 16 







2 9 





— 7 





3 10 





1 8 





4 11 




2 9 





5 12 





3 10 





6 13 





4 11 





7 14 



■ — 


5 12 




Saturday I 

8 15 





6 13 







— 6 





— 7 





— 7 





1 8 





1 8 





2 9 





2 9 





3 10 





3 10 





4 11 





4 11 





5 12 





5 12 






6 13 





— 4 





— 4 





— 5 





— 5 





— 6 





— 6 





— 7 





— 7 





1 8 





1 8 





2 9 





2 9 





3 10 





3 10 







1 8 





2 9 





2 9 





3 10 





3 10 



■ — 


4 11 





4 11 





5 12 





5 12 





6 13 





6 13 





7 14 





7 14 




Saturday I 

8 15 




2839 N e SSd Macniven & Cameron's Pens 


Turned-up point, rapid and quill-like in 


urned-up point, suitable for commercial 
work of a swift character. 






Turned-up point, flanged to retain the 
ink, soft and flexible. 



Broad turned-up point, flanged to retain 
the ink; the steel brother of the quill. 


A large Pen, softer than the \Vaverley, 

vet with the same action. | 

Writes 300 words with one dip of ink. 

MACNIVEN & CAMERON, Waverley Worts, Blair St., EDINBURGH. 

They come as a boon and a blessing to men, 
The Fiekwiek, the Owl, and the Waverley Pen.' 


JCIthe owl- pen 

Turned-down point ; perfect flexibility, 
gives fine and flowing writing. 


Smooth and rounded point, strong and 
firm pen. 


. NV3.HIND0O PEN.., 



Diagonal point, broad degree, strong, 
lasting pen. 


Raven black; superior make. 


■^^jeJ.macnivcnHL cam e 

Raven black, broad point ; superior 


A superior 'J ' Pen capable of writing ioo 
words with one dip of ink. 

VW Sample Box, containing all the kinds, Is. Id. by post. -*M 
6d. and Is. per Box. Sold toy a.11 Stationers. 


The Publishers of the Post-Office Greenock Directory 
desire to thank the Subscribers and the Public generally for 
the kind support accorded them in the past, and venture 
to assure them that the utmost care has been bestowed on 
the present issue to have it as accurate and complete as 
possible. The Publishers, however, do not hold themselves 
responsible for any error or omission. 

In the Appendix will be found, as formerly, useful 
details regarding Postal and Telegraph arrangements, also 
local and general information. 

The Plan of the Town is by John Bartholomew 
& Co., Engravers, &c, Edinburgh, and having been care- 
fully corrected up to date, it may be accepted as 
thoroughly accurate. 

The Directory for Gourock is continued. 

Greenock, June, 1806. 

RIM ■fffiHF 0f the P resent day 

w*mam ■ niiis« when a11 is Hurr y> 

pends upon a healthy condition of 
the Nervous System. The New 


isa powerful BRAIN and NERVE 
Strengthened NERVETONINE 
isa Positive Cure for Nervous 
-*•*■■*«» Affections, Nervous Ex- 
haustion, Debility, De- 
Hysteria, Loss of Memory, Sleep- 
Paralysis, Indigestion, Headache, 
Appetite, Constipatian, etc. All 
Pains, Neuralgia, Toothache, 
Rheumatism, Lumbago, Gout, and Sciatica, 
Permanently Cured with NERVETONINE. 
Bottles, 1/9, 2/9, and 4/6; post free. 

Loss of 


Bottles, 1/1£ each. Postage, Id. 



17 Gordon Street, GLASGOW. 

See "Thompson's Guide to Health." Free. 


and all skin Aff- 
ections, Pimples 
Itching, Irrita- 
tion, Black 
Specks, and 
Blotches on the 
Skin, Tan, 
Freckles, A fa- 
cesses, Tumours 
Styes on the 
Eyelids, Boils, 
Chapped Hands 
Ulcers, Bad 
Legs, and Un- 
healthy Sores of 
every kind 
Quickly Cured 


The youngest 

child can use 
this marvellous 
Bots, i/ii, 2/3, 

3/9, and 7/6. 

Postage, 3d. 



Calendar ----------- ii. 

Preface ----------- iii. 

Post-Office Directory - - I 

Trades Classified --------- 269 

Street Directory --------- 327 



Addresses of M. P. s for Town and County 50 

Banking Houses 82 

Board of Trade Office - - - - - - - - 64 

Carriers 76 

Cemetery, Table of Fees for Interment, Dressing Lairs, &c. - 62 
Census Returns ---------50 

Chamber of Commerce and Manufactures 65 

Churches, Ministers, and Presbyteries 88 

Clubs (Bicycle, Boating, Bowling, Cricket, &c.) - - - 122 

Commissioners of Supply for the Lower Ward - - - - 71 

Consuls at Greenock ........ y^ 

Conveyances and Table of Fares ------ 57 

County Constabulary ----- . . 71 

County Council ------- - 69 

Courts — Burgh and Police 68 

Dean of Guild -------- 52 

Justice of Peace -------- 68 

Quarter Sessions --------69 

Sheriff Courts - - - - - - - - 68 

Customhouse ---------- 43 

Custom of the Port - - 65 

Educational — Burgh School Board ------ 100 

Greenock Academy 100 

Private Schools and Teachers - 102 

Eye Infirmary ' 63 

Faculty of Procurators - - - - - - - - 71 

Fire Brigade 54 

Fishery Office 46 

Greenock Library 103 

Greenock Provident Bank 87 

Greenock Shipping List 133 

Harbour Trust 53 

Holidays ---- . . 50 


Hospital and Infirmary -------- 63 

Improvement Trust --------- 52 

Income Tax Commissioners - - - - - - - 7 1 

Inland Revenue Offices— Stamps, Taxes, and Excise - - 43 

Institutions 103 

Insurance Offices and Agents - - - - - - - 128 

Licensed Boatmen, Table of Rates or Fares Chargeable by - 60 

Licensed Deep Sea and River Pilots 59 

Licensed Lumpers ---------61 

Licensed Porters 55 

Licensed Slaughter-house Operatives 55 

Licensed Retailers of Gunpowder and Explosives 55 

Lieutenancy of Renfrewshire ------- 69 

Lloyd's Agent for Greenock and Port-Glasgow 73 

Local Events 49 

Local Marine Board - ---64 

Magistrates and Town Council - - - - - - - 5 1 

Masonic and other Societies ------- 108 

Mechanics' Institute 104 

Mercantile Marine Office -------- 64 

Museum, Antiquarian 104 

Musical Associations H7 

Parish Council 64 

Parliamentary and Municipal Boundaries 46 

Physicians and Surgeons 73 

Pilotage, Rates Chargeable on the River and Firth of Clyde - 59 
Police Board ----------51 

Post-Office I 

Average Time occupied in Transit of Foreign Correspondence 38 

Express Delivery Service - - - - - - 12 

Government Insurance and Annuities - - - - 27 

Money Orders (Inland) - - - - - - - 21 

Do. (Foreign) 23 

Do. (Telegraph) 22 

Parcel Post (Inland) 9 

Do. (Foreign) 4° 

Pattern and Sample Post (Inland) 8 

Postal Orders - - 24 

Post-Office Savings Bank 25 

Rates of Postage, &c. 3 

Registration --------- 10 

Telegraphs (Inland) ... - . - - 29 

Do. (Foreign) 3 2 

Town Sub-Office and Pillar and Wall Boxes - - - 3 

Public Halls 103 

Public Markets 54 

Public Offices 124 

Public Parks and Cemetery 61 

Railways — Caledonian Railway Company ----- 75 

Glasgow & South-Western Railway Company - - 76 

Registrars for Births, Deaths, and Marriages - - - - 55 

Sanitary Department 54 


Societies (Provident, Religious, Scientific, Trades, &c.) - - 114 

Steam Vessels sailing regularly from Greenock jj 

Steam Towing Companies 82 

Trade Associations --------- 120 

Tramway Company, Greenock and Port-Glasgow - - - 76 

Town and Harbour Police 54 

Unionist Club 104 

Volunteers— Artillery - - - - - - - - 74 

Engineers (Submarine Miners) - - - - 74 

Rifle Corps 75 

Voters, Numbers in each Ward 46 

Water Trust 52 

Water Falls Let and Unlet 53 

Weights and Measures' Offices 55 






Fire, Life, and Accident Insurance Agents, 


Book Passengers at Lowest Official Rates, as 
quoted at the Head Offices of the Com- 
panies, without any extra charge whatever, for 






And ot/ier Mail and Passenger Lines to all parts of 

Maps, Pamphlets, and Fullest Information on Application. 1B9 

Established 1803. 





SUBSCRIBED CAPITAL, • • £1,200,000 

Paid-up Capital, ^300,000 

Invested Assets (Capital and Reserves), over . 1,500,000 
Losses already paid amounting to upwards of . . 13,000,000 

The magnitude of the Company's Business, yielding Premiums annually amounting 

to nearly £800,000, is an evidence of its standing and popularity. 

Immediate Protection granted on application to the Branch Office, or to any of the 

Company's Agents. 

Applications for Agencies are invited from 
having influence to secure Proposals. 



Assis. Secretary— W. H. MACDERMOTT. 


practical Engraver, - 


fkihtx {ptaU (Bngratnng. 

Crests, Coats of Arms, Monograms, Inscriptions, &c, &c. 

Copper (pfctfe dSngratnng. 

Visiting Cards, Business Cards, Invoice Headings, Letter Tops, &c. 




Designs shown and Estimates furnished when required. 










V *4> 






















W. N. A. AITKEN, National Bank. 

JOHN BAXTER, Wholesale Stationer, 29 Shaw Street. 

JOHN JAMIESON, 2 Cathcart Street. 

C. MacCULLOCH, Town Clerk. 

A. PICKEN, Cathcart Arcade. 



Accumulated Funds, 



LIFE. lBHJU8lfffrH HJi- £208,237 





FIRE INSURANCES granted on the most favourable 
terms, according to the ?iature of the risk, 

Losses caused by Lightning and the Explosion of 
Coal Gas are covered by this Company. 


Surveys Made Free of Charge. 

World-Wide Freedom of Travel. 
Liberal Non-Forfeiture Conditions. 
Four-Fifths Profits on Participating Policies divided among 
Policy-holders in that Department. 

Intermediate Bonuses. 


J. A. CUNNINGHAME, Secretary and General Manager. 


D. MITCHELL, Resident Secretary. 

Scottish Board. 

Robert Crawford, Esq., (Messrs 

Burns, Crawford & Co.), Glasgow. 

John Ure Primrose, Esq. (Messrs 

William Primrose & Sons), Glasgow 

W. L. Boase, Esq. (Messrs The Boase 
Spinning Co., Ltd., Dundee & Leven. 

Arthur Dewar., Esq., Advocate, 

Agents in Greenock. 
Jas. Connell, Sugar Merchant, 20 Cathcart Street. 
D. Campbell, Accountant, 49 Cathcart Street. 
John Macphail, Merchant, 27 Cathcart Street. 
Wm. Hutchison, Solicitor, Glasgow, 24 Kelly Street. 
A. S. MacLean, Insurance Broker, 31 Bank Street. 
Sinclair & Co., Accountants, 46 Cathcart Street. 

Agent in Gourock. 
John G. Ballantine, Merchant, Kempock Street. 







©tfices in Scotland 




Scottisb :fi3oarfc. 

Sir DONALD MATHESON, K.C.B., Chairman. 

Hugh Brown, Esq., Lord Dean 

of Guild. 
David S. Cargill, Esq. 
Sir C. Dalrymple, of New- 

hailes, Bart., M.P. 
And. Dougall, Esq., Inverness. 
Walter Duncan, Esq. 
John Charles Dunlop, Esq., 

Alexander Fraser, Esq., 

umes Keyden, Esq. 

Richard Kidston, Esq. 

Sir James King, of Campsie, 

Bart., LL.D. 
Andrew Mackenzie, Esq., of 

Sir Kenneth J. Matheson, 

of Lochalsh, Bart. 
Alexander Ross, Esq., LL.D., 

Sir James A. Russell, LL.D., 

Alex. Scott, Esq., Dundee. 

J. M. BARR, Resident Secretary. 

."IRE INSURANCES in all parts of the world. 

Ll'^E ASSURANCES at Moderate Rates, with Liberal 
Condition- as to Foreign Travel and Residence. 

Two Independent Valuations of Life Liabilities. 

Intermediate Bonuses. Claims paid immediately on proof 
of death and title. 

Apolications for Quotations of Rates and for Agencies invited. 


Mr Bowman Fisher, 

Surgeon IDentist, 

Dental Surgeon bs Hppotntment to tbe 
(Breenocfc Jnfirmar^. 

3P36i3Eis 1*10:0 el brat as. 

Hours of Attendance, {S A A % r ^yti?6™?ffi p. 

Telephone No. 358. 


SreerrocK ^Directory. 

ABRAHAMS Samuel, tailor and clothier, 49 Rue-end st. 

Ho. 51 do. 
ABRAHAMSON Oliver, seaman, 47 Holmscroft st 
ADAM Alexander, carpenter, 13 Hope st 
Adam Alexander, umbrella maker. 18 West Blackball st. 

Ho. 15 Brachelston st 
Adam Archibald (of Adam, Hamilton & Co.), Balgray, 5 

Octavia ter 
Adam Daniel (of William Adam & Co.), Holly Bank, 

7 Madeira st 

Adam David, joiner, 25 Bruce st 

Adam George & Co., timber measurers, 1 Cathcart st 

Adam, Hamilton & Co , shipowners, 1 Cathcart st 

Adam James, joiner, 90 Dempster st 

Adam James, joiner and builder, 10 Tobago st. Ho. 2 
Ford place, Finnart st 

Adam John (of William Adam & Co.), 29A Finnart st 

Adam Rev. David Stow, B.D., minister, St. Andrew's Free 
Church, 81 Brisbane st 

Adam Rev. Peter, B.D., assistant, South Parish, 39 Bank st 

Adam Robert G., Holly Bank, 7 Madeira st 

Adam William & Co., plumbers, coppersmiths, and brass- 
founders, 2 and 3 Dock Breast 

Adam William, brassfounder, 12 Watt st 

Adam William, cooper and oil merchant, 3 Bogle st. Ho. 

8 George sq 

Adam William, 12 Newark st 


Adam Miss, dressmaker, 19 Regent st 

Adam Mrs William, Holly Bank, 7 Madeira st 

Adam Mrs, 19 Regent st 

ADAMS George, moulder, 5 Ingleston st 

Adams James, joiner, 2 Garvald st 

Adams John, cashier, Greenock Provident Bank, 1 1 William 

st. Ho. 37 Campbell st 
Adams J. L., shipowner, n William st. Ho. 37 Campbell st 
Adams Rev. James, M.A., minister, St. Andrew Square U.P. ' 

Church, 40 Mearns st 
Adams Robert, carter, 3 Bruce st 
Adams Solomon, labourer, 34 East Hamilton st 
Adams William D., 17 Lynedoch st 
Adams Mrs James, flesher, 20 Ann st. Ho. 1 Kelly st 
ADAMSON Daniel D., shipowner, Rockhill, 22 Margaret st 
Adamson Rev. James, M.A., B.Sc, assistant, Finnart U.P. 

Church, 100 Brisbane st 
ADDISON James, blacksmith, 20 Trafalgar st 
ADDICOTT Rev. W. H., Congregational minister, 33 

ADSHEAD Miss, 18 Robertson st 
AGNEW Andrew, traveller, 22 Lyle st 
Agnew David, joiner, 9 Carwood st 
Agnew James, house factor, joiner and builder, Glebe Saw 

Mills, 32 Crawfurd st. Ho. 1 Newark st 
Agnew Robert, feuar and carpenter, 14 St. Lawrence st 
AHARA James, church officer, 20 West Stewart st 
AHLFELD Bernard, engineer, 22 West Stewart st 
AIKMAN Thomas, engineer, 30 Wellington st 
AINSLIE Mrs, 8 Kilblain st 
AIRD Mrs, 7 Caddlehill st 
AITCHISON Mrs, 12 Nile st 
AITKEN Andrew, feuar, 40 Eldon st 
Aitken David, bank teller and insurance agent, Union Bank 

of Scotland (Ld.) Ho. Ivy Bank, Port-Glasgow 
Aitken Edward, engineer, 7 Brisbane st 
Aitken James, passenger guard, 17 Brougham st 
Aitken James, sugar refiner, 78 Eldon st 
Aitken James R., dentist, consulting rooms, 5 West Black- 
hall st 
Aitken John, baker, 45 Lynedoch st 
Aitken John, joiner, 6 Holmscroft st 


Aitken John, miller, 2 Carwood st 

Aitken John, 6 Nelson st, west 

Aitken William, joiner, 10 1 Belville st 

Aitken William, traffic inspector, G. & S.-W. Railway, 25 

Brougham st 
Aitken William N. A., accountant, National Bank of Scot- 
land (Limited). Ho. National Bank house, Watt pi 
Aitken William N., butcher, 12 Ardgowan st, west 
Aitken Miss Jane, 20 Ardgowan st, west 
Aitken Miss Margaret, 3 1 Regent st 
Aitken Mrs John, 103 Belville st 
AITKENHEAD Alexander (of Robert Aitkenhead & Sons), 

7 Caddlehill ter 
Aitkenhead Robert & Sons, builders and contractors, 37 

Trafalgar st. Ho. 7 Caddlehill ter 
ALBERT Hall, 20 Nicolson st 
ALCORN William, carter, 2 Crawford lane 
ALDRED William, electrician, 17 Lauriston st 
ALEXANDER Adam, salesman, 31 Nelson st, west 
Alexander Alexander, carpenter, 5 Bearhope st 
Alexander & Dixon, accountants, stockbrokers, and insurance 

agents, Post Office buildings, west side 
Alexander James, seaman, 55 Holmscroft st 
Alexander John, engineer, 1 Holmscroft st 
Alexander John, farmer, Bogston, Port-Glasgow rd 
Alexander John (of Alexander & Dixon), assessor of income 

tax, Post Office buildings, west side. Ho. 6 Brougham st 
Alexander M. & Co., manufacturing confectioners, 52 and 54 

Vennel, and 10 West Blackhall st. Ho. 6 Brougham st 
Alexander Robert, railway guard, 104 Dempster st 
Alexander Thomas, brassfinisher, 2 Holmscroft st 
Alexander William & Co., umbrella makers, 25 Hamilton st 
Alexander William, blacksmith, 48 Ann st 
Alexander William, brassfounder, 5 Ingleston st 
Alexander William, engineer, 12 Watt st 
Alexander William, wholesale and retail dealer in spirits 

and wines, 57 Vennel and 2 Sir Michael st. Ho. 50 

Brougham st 
Alexander Miss, 5 Hill st 
Alexander Miss, 27 Lynedoch st 
ALGIE James, feuar, 1 Prospecthill st. Ho. 405 Eglington 

st, Glasgow 


ALLAN Alexander (of Hardie & Allan, C.A.), 67 Newton st 

Allan Andrew, labourer, 1 Kilblain st 

Allan Conway, warehouseman, 81 Dempster st 

Allan David, fitter, 19 Ingleston st 

Allan David, grocer, 9 Watt st 

Allan David N., ironfitter, 19 Ingleston st 

Allan George Joseph, marine superintendent, Greenock 

Steamship Coy. Ho. 9 Esplanade 
Allan James, engineer, 87 Dempster st 
Allan James (of Post Office), 23 Kelly st 
Allan James, policeman, 6 Trafalgar st 
Allan James, salesman, 92 Dempster st 
Allan Jamieson, engineer, 24 Belville st 
Allan John, baker, 30 St Lawrence st 
Allan John, carpenter, 8 Hay st 
Allan John, checker, 14 Brisbane st 
Allan John, joiner, 61 Nicolson st 
Allan John, machinist, 5 East Crawford st 
Allan John, storeman, 103 Port-Glasgow rd 
Allan John timber measurer, 17 Newton st 
Allan John C, engineer, 27 Belville st 

Allan Joseph, greengrocer, 1 Inverkip st. Ho. 65 Nicolson st 
Allan Line Royal Mail Steamers — Andrew Picken & Co., 

agents, Arcade, Greenock 
Allan Robert, engine driver, 10 Carwood st 
Allan Robert, feuar, 67 Newton st 
Allan Robert, sugar porter, 1 2 Brymher st 
Allan Thomas, labourer, 32 East Hamilton st 
Allan Thomas, painter, 33 Lynedoch st. Ho. 20 do. 
Allan William, cooper, 15 East Shaw st 
Allan William, engineer, 2 Macdougall st 
Allan William, fireman, 13 Carwood st 
Allan William, labourer, 42 Roxburgh st 
Allan William, plumber, 78 Holmscroft st 
Allan William, spirit merchant, 2 Mansionhouse lane. Ho. 

10 Lynedoch st 
Allan Mrs George, 5 1 Brisbane st 
Allan Mrs George, 9 Dempster st 
Allan Mrs M., 6 Nelson st, Glebe 
Allan Mrs, 2 Macdougall st 

ALLARDYCE Alexander, rivetter, 9 East Blackhall st 
Allardyce William, moulder, 25 Belville st 


Allardyce Mrs, 3 Regent st 

ALLEN William J., salesman, 74 Wellington st 

ALLISON Andrew, labourer, 7 Lauriston st 

Allison & Brand, timber merchants and sawmillers, 16 

West Burn st 
Allison David, engineer, 32 Ingleston st 
Allison James, watchman, 85 Belville st 
Allison John (of Alex. Whitelaw & Co.), 2 Wellington st 
Allison Thomas, painter, 49 Trafalgar st 
Allison William, feuar, 43 Esplanade 
Allison Miss, 19 Mount Pleasant st 
Allison Miss, 71 Nicolson st 
Allison Mrs Alexander, 26 Brisbane st 
Allison Mrs Stewart, 12 East Blackhall st 
ALLSHORN Mrs, 11 Lyle st 
ALSTON Robert Lockhart. 22 Forsyth st, and Rosehall, 

Alston Mrs Alexander, 37 Kelly st 
Alston Mrs John, 44 Margaret st 
ALTMONT Duncan, sugarboiler, 23 Newton st 
ALWYNNE Stuart, manufacturer of Scotch view and motto 

pottery, " Hameland " Pottery, 6 Baker st. Ho. 

Brandon Bank, Dunoon 
AMERICAN Line United States Mail Steamers — Agents, 

Andrew Picken & Co., Arcade 
AMOS Miss, 6 Ardgowan st, West 
ANCHOR Line Agency, James Little & Co., 

Excise Buildings 
ANDERSON Adam, machinist, 89 East Hamilton st 
Anderson Adam, skinner, 26 East Crawford st 
Anderson Alexander, bank porter, 14 Cross-shore st 
Anderson Alexander, locomotive foreman, 60 East 

Crawford st 
Anderson Alexander, moulder, 36 St Lawrence st 
Anderson Alexander, jun., stationmaster, Cartsdyke. Ho. 

5 East Crawford st 
Anderson Alexander T., inland revenue officer, 21 Newton st 
Anderson Bruce, slater, 10 Mill st 
Anderson Charles, labourer, 1 Broomhill st 
Anderson Duncan, joiner, 41 Ann st 
Anderson Duncan, postman, 9 Mount Pleasant st 
Anderson George, insurance agent, 16 Bruce st 


Anderson George, of postal telegraphs, 29 Dempster st 

Anderson H. & Son, drapers, 38 Hamilton st. Ho. 48 
Brougham st 

Anderson Hugh, driller, 3 Bruce st 

Anderson Hugh (of H. Anderson & Son), 48 Brougham st 

Anderson James, boilermaker, 81 Dempster st 

Anderson James, engineer, 5 Antigua st 

Anderson James, engineer, 47 Trafalgar st 

Anderson James, feuar, 7 Dempster st 

Anderson James, joiner, 85 Wellington st 

Anderson James, labourer 99 Port-Glasgow rd 

Anderson James, moulder, 31 Ingleston st 

Anderson James, steward, 61 Belville st 

Anderson John & Co., sugar merchants, Sugar Exchange 

Anderson John, blacksmith, 50 St Lawrence st 

Anderson John, clothier, 32 Cathcart st. Ho. 77 Holms- 
croft st 

Anderson John, engine driver, 8 Patrick st 

Anderson John, engineer, 10 Lynedoch st 

Anderson John, engineer, 34 West Stewart st 

Anderson John (late R.N.), 8 Wellington st 

Anderson John (of J. Gardener & Co.), 3 Brougham st 

Anderson John (of John Anderson & Co.), 42 Margaret st 

Anderson John, painter, 3 Regent st 

Anderson John, storeman, 71 Regent st 

Anderson Joseph, engineer, 77 Holmscroft st 

Anderson J. Wallace (of Paterson & Anderson), 67 Union st 

Anderson Matthew, salesman, 112 Dempster st 

Anderson Otto, rigger, 3 Arthur st 

Anderson Peter, cabinetmaker, 5 Ratho st 

Anderson Robert, blacksmith, 32 St Lawrence st 

Anderson Robert, engineer, 27 Bank st 

Anderson Robert, engineer, 24 Patrick st 

Anderson Robert, labourer, 5 John st 

Anderson R. W. (of H. Anderson & Son), 48 Brougham st 

Anderson Thomas, carter, 38 Lynedoch st 

Anderson Thomas, railway guard, 17 Brougham st 

Anderson William, baker, 44 Ann st 

Anderson William, blacksmith, Overton 

Anderson William, boilermaker, 5 Rue-end st 

Anderson William, labourer, 22 John st 

Anderson William, moulder, 61 Belville st 


Anderson Williamy skinner, 24 East Crawford st 

Anderson Miss C, greengrocer, 16 Kelly st. Ho. 85 
Wellington st 

Anderson Miss, 1 1 Antigua st 

Anderson Miss, 34 South st 

Anderson Mrs Andrew, tobacconist, 65 Rue-end st. Ho. 1 
Watt pi 

Anderson Mrs George J., 42 Brisbane st 

Anderson Mrs James, 1 Holmscroft st 

Anderson Mrs James L., 80 Finnart st 

Anderson Mrs John, 103 Belville st 

Anderson Mrs M., 8 Ardgowan st, west 

Anderson Mrs Richard, 67 Union st 

Anderson Mrs William, Afton bank, 35 Fox st 

Anderson Mrs, confectioner, 52 Ann st 

Anderson Mrs, 10 Belville st 

Anderson Mrs, 7 Cathcart st 

ANDREW Alexander, solicitor, 5 Roxburgh st 

Andrew David, general merchant, 46 Cathcart st. Ho. 9 
Trafalgar st 

Andrew George, fireman, 105 Belville st 

Andrew John, joiner, 90 Dempster st 

Andrew Mrs Alexander, 5 Roxburgh st 

Andrew Mrs, 32 Nicolson st 

ANDREWS Hugh, compositor, 25 Trafalgar st 

Andrews John, salesman, 21 Wellington st 

ANGUS Duncan, engineer, 8 Hope st 

Angus James, engineer, 3 Lauriston st 

Angus James (of Post Office), 37 Kelly st 

Angus John, patternmaker, 59 Belville st 

Angus John W., Chief Constable, Central Police Office. Ho. 
37 Campbell st 

Angus Robert, fitter, 20 Cathcart st 

Angus Thomas, 27 Patrick st 

ANKER Hans, ship chandler, 2 George sq 

ANTHEM John, confectioner, 41 West Blackhall st 

ANTWERP Steamship Office, Customhouse buildings- 
Allan Swan, agent 

APOTHECARIES' Hall, 28 Hamilton st 

APPLETON Thomas, rope and twine maker, Ladyburn. 
Ho. 23 Port-Glasgow rd 

ARBUCKLE Miss, 5 Kelly st 


Arbuckle Mrs, 1 1 Fox st 

ARCHER William, engine driver, 13 Watt st 

ARCHIBALD Alexander, bank teller (British Linen Co.'s 

Bank), 27 Union st 
Archibald James, labourer, 3 Belville st 
Archibald Thomas P. (of Campbell Anderson & Co.), 51 

Brisbane st 
Archibald William, wine and spirit merchant, 13 Charles st 

and 28 Market st. Ho. 27 Union st 
ARDGOWAN Bowling Club— Robert Wilson, hon. 

secretary, 2 Church pi 
ARETHUSA Ship Co. (Limited), J. M. Macfarlane & Co., 

managers, W 7 allace buildings 
ARGYLE and Sutherland Highlanders, Drill Hall, 27 

Kelly st 
Argyle Laundry, 25 West Stewart st 
ARMITAGE & Co., brewers, the Greenock Brewery, 8 

Captain st 
Armitage George, chemist and druggist, 30 Hamilton st. 

Ho. 64 Newton st 
Armitage Mrs, 47 Trafalgar st 
ARMOUR George, carpenter, 50 Holmscroft st 
Armour John, mason, 31 Trafalgar st 
Armour John, tailor and clothier, 78 Roxburgh st and 10 

Bruce st. Ho. 21 Nelson st, west 
Armour M. & J., confectioners, 9 Hamilton st. Ho 21 

Nelson .st, west 
Armour Matthew, boot and shoemaker, 56 Kelly st 
Armour Mrs William, 10 Hope st 
ARMSTRONG David A., clerk, 14 Wellington st 
Armstrong John, fireman, 112 Dempster st 
Armstrong William, labourer, 29 Main st 
Armstrong William, painter, 34 Crescent st 
Armstrong Mrs, 3 Argyle st 
ARNOT John, journalist, 77 Holmscroft st 
ARNOTT David, pipe maker, 14 Market st 
Arnott James, spirit merchant, 20 Sugarhouse Lane. Ho. 

29 Bank st 
Arnott Miss Jane, 22 Brisbane st 
ARTHUR Alexander, cabinetmaker, 78 Dempster st 
Arthur Andrew, cashier at James Richardson & Co.'s. Ho. 

Hughenden, Port-Glasgow 


Arthur David, sen., Strone villa, Kilmalcolm rd 

Arthur James, boilermaker, 3 Lauriston st 

Arthur James, joiner, 67 Regent st 

Arthur Joseph, ship steward, 23 Ingleston st 

Arthur J. F., wine and spirit merchant, Theatre buildings, 
and 14 Old Sneddon st, Paisley. Ho. 20 Eldon st 

Arthur Thomas, blacksmith, 38 Nelson st, west 

Arthur Thomas, news agent, 23 Sir Michael st 

Arthur Thomas (of Auchmountain Steam Laundry Co.), 36 
Crescent st 

Arthur William, baker, 5 Bearhope st 

ARTHURS William, river pilot, Redlands, Robertson st 

ARTILLERY Volunteers' Drill Hall, 18 West Burn st 

ASSESSOR of Income Tax for the Lower Ward of Renfrew- 
shire, John Alexander, Post Office buildings (west side) 

ASSOCIATED Horsemen's Union, 17 Brymner st. Robert 
Lemmon, secretary 

ATKINSON Alexander, boilermaker, 49 Mearns st 

Atkinson John, engineer, 82 Belville st 

Atkinson Richard, boilermaker, 37 Lynedoch st 

AUCHMOUNTAIN Steam Laundry, Carpet Beating, and 
Dry Cleaning Co., Kilmalcolm rd 

AUGUSTINE Established Church, Belville st 

AULD James & Frame, solicitors and notaries public, Post 
Office buildings (east side) 

Auld James, cabinetmaker, upholsterer, and Venetian blind- 
maker, 14 Kilblain st. Ho. 67 Nicolson st 

Auld James (of James Auld & Frame), Procurator-Fiscal for 
the Burgh, 40 Margaret st 

Auld John, patternmaker, 9 Antigua st 

Auld Robert, teacher, 8 Lyle st 

Auld Thomas, baker, 73 Nicolson st 

Auld William, engine-driver, 33 West Stewart st 

Auld William, writer, notary public, and J. P. Fiscal, 27 
West Burn st. Ho. 79 Newton st 

Auld Mrs H., 1 Kelly st 

AUSTIN ADAM (of Austin & Kinnaird), Parkview, ia 
Lynedoch st 

Austin & Kinnaird, joiners and builders, 19 Bogle st 

AYTON Miss M., 26 Wellington st 



BACKAS Edward, sawyer, 2 Duff st 

BACKER William, rigger, 41 Crawfurd st 

BAILEY James, police sergeant, 10 Lyle st 

Bailey J. W, sugar refiner, 52 Forsyth st 

BAILLIE Andrew, engineer, 105 Belville st 

Baillie Archibald, engineman, 18 Antigua st 

Baillie George, ropespinner, 10 Murdieston st 

Baillie James, caulker, 42 Roxburgh st 

Baillie James, depute-harbour master, n Roxburgh st 

Baillie Mrs William, 4 Kilblain st 

BAIN Alexander, cooper, 9 Holmscroft st 

Bain Alexander, smith, 20 John st 

Bain James, moulder, 19 Ingleston st 

Bain John, moulder, 16 Crescent st 

Bain Robert, plater, 28 East Hamilton st 

Bain Thomas, moulder, 60 Drumfrochar rd 

Bain Thomas, moulder, 30 East Hamilton st 

Bain William, brassfinisher, 18 Roxburgh st 

Bain William, ironmoulder, 19 Ingleston pi 

Bain William, 33B Newton st 

Bain Miss L. S., wholesale and retail poulterer, 33 Charles 

st. Ho. 33B Newton st 
Bain Mrs Thomas, 14 John st 
Bain Mrs William, greengrocer, 9 Brisbane st 
Bain Mrs, 31 Nelson st, west 
BAINE & Johnstone, merchants and shipowners, Clyde 

buildings, 19 West Blackhall st 
Baine Charles N., engineer, 23 Roxburgh st 
Baine John A., chemist, 3 Grey pi. Ho. 4 do. 
Baine Mrs James, 26 Patrick st 
Baine Mrs William, 21 Mount Pleasant st 
BAIRD Arthur R., registrar of births, &c. (west district), 

Municipal buildings, Wallace sq. Ho. 44 Brisbane st 
Baird Matthew, mason, 45 Holmscroft st 
Baird John, 34 Brisbane st 
Baird Robert A., stationer, printer, and bookbinder, Municipal 

Baird T. & Co., gardeners, 27 Brougham st. Ho. 2 Fox st 
Baird William, mason, 7 Brougham st. Ho. 20 Wellington st 


Baird Miss Jane, restaurant, 1 1 Cathcart st. Ho. 7 Lyle st 
BAKER Frederick, cabinetmaker, 6 Old Hillend 
BALFOUR Daniel, ropemaker, 58 Lynedoch st 
Balfour William, clerk, 14 Robertson st 
BALLANTINE & Rowan, sugar refiners, Dellingburn st 
Ballantine George, brakesman, 39 Lynedoch st 
Ballantine James, labourer, 29 Ingleston st 
Ballantine William, inspector of markets. Ho. 46 South st 
Ballantine Mrs James, 7 Houston st 
BALLANTYNE Alexander R., 28 Forsyth st 
Ballantyne John, labourer, 108 Drumfrochar rd 
Ballantyne Robert, cabinetmaker, 5 Newton st 
Ballantyne Mrs, Police buildings, Dalrymple st 
BALLMENT Mrs, Greenbank house, 50 Kelly st 
BANK of Scotland, 47 Cathcart st — P. Macdonald, agent 
BANKS Alexander (of Banks & Miller), 24 Patrick st 
Banks & Miller, accountants, house factors, and insurance 

agents, 45 Hamilton st 
Banks David S., clerk, 12 Laird st 
Banks Harris, picture frame maker, 16 Cathcart st. Ho. 44 

Lynedoch st 
Banks James, clerk, 19 Brisbane st 
Banks John, flesher, 3 Prospecthill st. Ho. 5 Nile st 
BANNATYNE Ebenezer, joiner, 8 East Blackhall st 
BANNERMAN Mrs, laundry, 54 Holmscroft st 
BANNIGAN Mrs D., bag merchant, 18 Cathcart st. Ho. 

Redlands, Robertson st 
BAPTIST Church, George sq 
Baptist Church, Orangefield 
BARBOUR Archibald, blockmaker, 20 South st 
Barbour Archibald, caulker, 13 East Crawford st 
Barbour James, boatman, 43 Crawfurd st 
Barbour James, carpenter, 46 East Hamilton st 
Barbour James, clerk, 10 Murdieston st 
Barbour John, grocer, 9 Arthur st. Ho. 21 Roxburgh st 
Barbour Peter, brassfinisher, 10 Hope st 
Barbour Richard, broker, 15 Market st 
Barbour Thomas, draper, 1 1 Nelson st, west 
Barbour William, grocer, 42 West Burn st. Ho. 21 Roxburgh 

Barbour William, machinist, 13 Mearns st 
Barbour William, patternmaker, 10 Carnock st 


Barbour Miss, 84 Belville st 

Barbour Mrs, ladies' nurse, 57 Holmscroft st 

Barbour Mrs, 38 Crawfurd st 

BARCLAY Alexander, engineer, 67 Belville st 

Barclay Andrew, foreman button maker, 10 Mearns st 

Barclay Henry, carter, 6 Carnock st 

Barclay Henry, labourer, 9 Belville st 

Barclay James, baker, 18 East Crawford st 

Barclay James, fitter, 91 Port-Glasgow rd 

Barclay John, carter, 75 Regent st 

Barclay John, feuar, 24 South st 

Barclay John, joiner, 83 Wellington st 

Barclay John M., clerk, 17 Nelson st, west 

Barclay John S., house and ship plumber and gasfitter, 2 
West Breast. Ho. 17 Union st 

Barclay Rev. Robert, M.A., minister of the West Parish, 54 
Forsyth st 

Barclay Robert, baker, 45 Trafalgar st 

Barclay William, saw doctor, 28 East Hamilton st 

Barclay William R., railway guard, 13 Newton st 

Barclay Mrs, confectioner, 66 Vennel. Ho. 15 Laird st 

Barclay Mrs James, 15 Newton st 

Barclay Mrs John, 89 Eldon st 

Barclay Mrs John, 53 Newton st 

Barclay Mrs, 19 Dempster st 

Barclay Mrs, 19 Ingieston st 

BARHAM Capt. W. H., R.N.R., examiner masters and 
mates, Local Marine Boards, Glasgow and Greenock. 
Ho. Clydetorre, Victoria rd, Gourock 

BARKER William, moulder, 25 Lynedoch st 

BARNES William, hammerman, 3 Crescent st 

Barnes William, salesman, 61 Belville st 

BARR Alexander, saddler, 29 Sugarhouse lane 

Barr & Co., coppersmiths and brassfounders, Orchard and 
Ingieston sts 

Barr & Macfarlane, fleshers, 47 Hamilton st and 22 Lyne- 
doch st 

Barr Archibald, joiner, 30 East Hamilton st 

Barr Daniel, cabinetmaker, 15 Hope st 

Barr Daniel, caulker, 6 Duff st 

Barr David, labourer, 47 Crawfurd st 

Barr James, butcher, 19 Bruce st 


Barr James, foreman, i East William st 

Barr James, fruit, fowl, and vegetable merchant, 34 Shaw st 

Ho. 23 Roxburgh st 
Barr James S., 32 Ardgowan st, west 
Barr John (of Barr & Co.), Mountview, Belville st 
Barr John, spirit merchant, 14 Terrace rd. Ho. 33 Bank st 
Barr Neil, fitter, 34 St Lawrence st 
Barr Peter, flesher, 15 Prospecthill st 
Barr Robert, dairyman, 37 West Stewart st 
Barr Robert, paper finisher, 112 Drumfrochar rd 
Barr Robert, sugar porter, 24 East Crawford st 
Barr William, carpenter, 16 Arthur st 
Barr William, engineer, 53 Belville st 
Barr William (of Barr & Macfarlane), 2 Finnart st 
Barr Miss, boys' dressmaker, 13 Mount Pleasant st 
Barr Miss, 27 Bank st 
Barr Miss, 18 Sir Michael st 
Barr Mrs John L., 65 Finnart st 
Barr Mrs Robert, 21 Wellington st 
BARRETT Charles, overlooker, 114 Drumfrochar rd 
BARRIE Andrew D., surgeon, Cliff lodge, 119 Eldon st 
Barrie David, engine driver, 33 West Stewart st 
Barrie James, engineer, 40 Lynedoch st 
BARRON Alexander, labourer, 37 Crawfurd st 
Barron James, blacksmith, 37 West Burn st 
Barron Mrs, 50 Ann st 
BARRY Patrick, salesman, 47 Shaw st 
BATES George, restaurant, 29 Vennel 
Bates Stewart, engine driver, 108 Dempster st 
Bates Thomas, professor of music, 26 Robertson st 
BATHER Samuel, gardener, 10 Watt st 
BATHGATE Alexander (of A. Bathgate & Co.), 21 

Newton st 
Bathgate A. & Co., sugar merchants, Sugar Exchange 
Bathgate Charles, blacksmith, 18 Antigua st 
Bathgate James, traveller, 32 South st 
Bathgate Mrs Archibald, 50 South st 
BATTERS Mrs Silas, 1 Bruce st 
BAUCHOPE Moses, clerk, 89 Dempster st 
BAUMGART G., seaman, 22 West Blackhall st 
BAXTER Alexander (of Baxter Bros.), 11 Dempster st 
Baxter Archibald, boilermaker, 25 Lynedoch st 


Baxter Archibald, compositor, 5 Watt st 

Baxter Archibald, labourer, 4 Duff st 

Baxter Bros., wholesale stationers, 29 Shaw st 

Baxter David, engineer, 89 Belville st 

Baxter George R., painter, 13 Mount Pleasant st 

Baxter John, engineer, 87 Belville st 

Baxter John, mate, 19 Trafalgar st 

Baxter John (of Baxter Bros.), 27 Mearns st 

Baxter Thomas, grocer and provision merchant, 45 Cathcart 

st. Ho. 9 South st 
Baxter Thomas H., engineer, 45 Trafalgar st 
Baxter William B., Whitefarland, Octavia ter 
Baxter Mrs, 45 Lynedoch st 
BEATON Donald, labourer, 5 Cross-shore st 
Beaton James, machinist, 68 East Hamilton st 
Beaton John, carpenter, 68 East Hamilton st 
Beaton John, labourer, 3 Mill st 
Beaton William, foreman, 54 St Lawrence st 
Beaton Mrs Lachlan, 6 Hope st 
Beaton Mrs Peter, contractor, 12 West Burn st 
BEATTIE James, carter, 1 1 Inverkip st 
Beattie James, laundryman, 13 Murdieston st 
Beattie John, insurance agent, 28 East Hamilton st 
Beattie Matthew, fitter, 36 East Hamilton st 
Beattie William, slater, 113 Dempster st 
Beattie Misses, Caddlehill Laundry, 55 Kelly st. Ho. 68 do. 
Beattie Miss J., 10 Brisbane st 

BEBBINGTON Joseph, engine driver, 1 1 East Crawford st 
BEDDING Warehouse, 28 Cathcart st 
BEGG J. Henderson, advocate, Sheriff Substitute. Ho. 

Thorndean, 48 Union st 
Begg Samuel, traveller, 25 Dempster st 
BEITH Charles, joiner, 6 Sinclair st 
Beith Matthew, tailor, 87 Wellington st 
Beith Thomas, brassfmisher, 14 Hope st 
BELL Alexander, coachman, 24 West Blackhall st 
Bell Archibald & Sons, dyers, cleaners, and French cleaners, 

4 Argyle st. Works — Paisley 
Bell Arthur, traveller, 30 Roxburgh st 
Bell Francis, labourer, 5 East Blackhall st 
Bell I. & Co., fruit merchants, 35 West Blackhall st. Ho. 

33 Brougham st 



Bell James, clerk, 4 Mansionhouse lane 

Bell James, grocer, 48 Lynedoch st 

Bell John, baker, 14 West Blackhall st 

Bell John, carter, 38 Crawfurd st 

Bell John, jun., baker, 2 Holmscroft st 

Bell John, plumber, 32 East Shaw st 

Bell John, vanman, 24 West Stewart st 

Bell Peter, engineer, 33 Kelly st 

Bell Peter, engineer, 81 Roxburgh st 

Bell Peter, shipmaster, 37 Regent st 

Bell Rev. Robert, minister of East Congregational Church, 
Hillend House, East Crawford st 

Bell Robert, watchman, 3 Ingleston st 

Bell Robert H., deep-sea pilot, 7 Brisbane st 

Bell William, engineer, 17 Dempster st 

Bell William, naval architect, 45 Brougham st 

Bell Miss, 2 Nelson st, west 

Bell Mrs J. A., 16 Trafalgar st 

Bell Mrs James, 30 Nelson st, west 

Bell Mrs James, 31 Regent st 

Bell Mrs, furnishings, 59 Inverkip st 

BENDELL Paul H., shipmaster, 34 South st 

BENNET John, flesher, 20 West Blackhall st 

Bennet Joseph, tanner, 18 Port-Glasgow rd 

BENNETT George, carpenter, 42 St. Lawrence st 

Bennett George, plumber, 21 Bruce st 

Bennett Hugh, joiner, 4 Watt st 

Bennett J. W. (successor to R. Paterson), hosier, glover, 
hatter, and shirtmaker, 13 Hamilton st. Ho. 57 For- 
syth st 

BENNIE John, stoker, 27 West Blackhall st 

BENSON John, joiner, 23 Lynedoch st 

Benson Miss, 6 Bank st 

BERGENSKE and Nordenfjeldske Steamship Companies — 
T. O. Hunter & Co., agents 

BERNDT Herman (at Clyde Shipping Co.), 67 Rue-end st 

BERRY James, assistant town hall keeper, 14 Dalrymple st 

Berry James, machinist, 24 St Lawrence st 

Berry John, Council officer and caretaker, Municipal build- 
ings. Ho. Victoria tower 

BERRYMAN Fisher, labourer, 19 Bearhope st 

Berryman Robert, cooper, 19 Bearhope st 


BETHUNE Mrs, lodgings, 33 Nicolson st 
BEVERIDGE Daniel & Co., iron, steel, and metal mer- 
chants, 9 Springkell st. Ho. 10 East Blackhall st 
Beveridge George, cooper, 9 Crescent st 
Beveridge James, blacksmith, 72 Ann st 
Beveridge Robert, boilermaker, 3 East Crawford st 
Beveridge Robert, engineer, Gibbshill, Port-Glasgow rd 
Beveridge Mrs, 12 Lynedoch st 
Beveridge Mrs, 10 South st 

BEVVGLASS Frederick, carter, 81 Holmscroft st 
BICKETT Thomas, labourer, 19 Ingleston pi 
BIGG ART John Win. (of M 'Cowan & Biggart), Woodbine, 

Bridge- of-Weir 
Biggart John Wm. & Win. L., public analysts, 29 Cathcart st 
Biggart Wm. Love (of M 'Cowan & Biggart), Woodbine, 

BILLIARD Rooms, 40 West Blackhall st— John Hardy, 

BINGHAM Robert, railway porter, Gibbshill ter., Port- 
Glasgow rd 

BINNIE Alexander, painter, 19 Ingleston st 

Binnie Robert (of J. Richardson & Co.), Ashford, Gourock 

Binnie William, labourer, 2 Kilblain st 

Binnie Mrs, 12 Laird st 

BINNING Tames, compositor, 10 Murdieston st 

BIRCH Captain D. Percival Lea, R.A., adjutant, R. and 
D.V.A., 2 Foxst 

Birch Edwin, iron turner, 3 Regent st 

BIRCHWOOD George, labourer, 57 Belville st 

BIRKETT James, seaman, 63 Rue-end st 

BIRKMYR'E Miss, 14 South st 

BIRRELL John S., tea merchant, 46 Cathcart st 

BISSEL William, engineer, 66 Regent st 

BISSET J. G., art carver and gilder, 4 Grey pi. Ho. 15 
Finnart st 

Bisset Mrs Thomas, 50 Ann st 

BISSETT Alexander (of Scottish Chemical Co.), 148 Hill 
st, Garnethill, Glasgow 

Bissett Andrew, compositor, 33 Holmscroft st 

Bissett John, cabinetmaker, 2 Murdieston st 

Bissett William, joiner, 28 Trafalgar st 

BISSLAND Malcolm, riveter, 58 Drumfrochar rd 


Bissland Peter, boilermaker, Gateside 

BLACK Alexander, clerk, 8 Brisbane st 

Black & Cameron, solicitors and notaries public, 13 

Hamilton st 
Black Andrew, joiner, 30 Lynedoch st 
Black Angus, engineer, 29 Belville st 
Black A. J., 16 Ardgowan sq 
Black Charles, teacher, 35 Kelly st 
Black Daniel, carpenter, 16 Crescent st 
Black Daniel, carpenter, 26 East Shaw st 
Black Daniel, engineer, i8a Trafalgar st 
Black Donald, grocer, 56 Vennel. Ho. 3 Ford pi, Finnart st 
Black Donald, tinsmith, 104 Dempster st 
Black Duncan, joiner, 20 Bearhope st 
Black Duncan, 27 Mearns st 

Black G. H., B.L. (of Black & Cameron), 9 Forsyth st 
Black Hugh, tea and coffee merchant, 2 Ann st. Ho. 24 

Brisbane st 
Black James & Co., joiners, builders, property surveyors, 

licensed valuators, sawmillers, and timber merchants, 5 

and 7 West Stewart st. Ho. 1 1 Kelly st 
Black James & Son, cabinetmakers and upholsterers, to 

Terrace rd. Ho. Underwood, Gourock 
Black James, boilermaker, 13 Lauriston st 
Black James, engine-driver, 115 Dempster st 
Black James, labourer, 6 Murdieston st 
Black James, superintendent, Buchanan's Night Asylum, 7 

Captain st 
Black James W., bookseller, stationer, and librarian, 17 West 

Blackhall st. Ho. 2 Nelson st, west 
Black John, blacksmith, 9 Lynedoch st 
Black John, carrier, 29 Brymner st. Ho. in Dempster st 
Black John, caulker, 6 Old Hillend 
Black John, clerk, 6 Mount Pleasant st 
Black John, cooper, 17 Lauriston st 
Black John, engine-driver, 7 Garwood st 
Black John, J. P. and honorary Sheriff Substitute, Copthorn, 

8 Eldon st 
Black John Robert, M.D. (Edin.), physician and surgeon. 

Consulting rooms, 3 Argyle st. Ho. Ferniherst, 37 

Union st 
Black Malcolm, policeman, 4 East Hamilton st 


Black Neil, seaman, 8 Antigua st 

Black Peter (of Main, Boag, & Black), 31 Trafalgar st 

Black P. Morten, M.I.Mar.E., consulting engineer, 28 

Hamilton st. Ho. Copthorn, 8 Eldon st 
Black Robert, moulder, 8 Lyle st 
Black Robert, smith, 27 Lyle st 
Black Robert, saddler, 19 Wellington st 
Black Thomas, agent, 37 Bank st 
Black Thomas, boilermaker, 14 Regent st 
Black Thomas, engineer, 41 i\nn st 
Black Thomas, joiner, 24 Lynedoch st 
Black Thomas, jun., shipchandler, 32 Brisbane st 
Black Thomas, sailmaker, shipchandler, and ship store 

merchant, Dock breast. Ho. 20 Union st 
Black William, labourer, 11 Watt st 
Black Mrs A., 44 Brougham st 
Black Mrs D., 13 Antigua st 
Black Mrs Daniel, 32 Nicolson st 
Black Mrs Daniel, 50 St Lawrence st 
Black Mrs, grocer, 1 East William st 
Black Mrs, 93 Belville st 
Black Mrs. 28 Lynedoch st 
BLACKBURN Thomas, carpenter, 8 Nile st 
BLACKIE Robert, clerk, 4 Prospecthill st 
BLACKLEY Alexander, mason, 15 Lyle st 
Blackley William, plater, 7 Carwood st 
BLACKWOOD John, boilermaker, 60 Drumfrochar rd 
Blackwood Neil, boilermaker, 7 Hill st 
Blackwood Miss, 18 Trafalgar st 
Blackwood Misses C & J., newsagents, 1 Lauriston st 
Blackwood Mrs Archibald, dairy, 7 Duncan st 
Blackwood Mrs John, spirit dealer, 40 Cathcart st. Ho. 14 

Lynedoch st 
Blackwood Mrs, 62 Forsyth st 
BLAIKIE Mrs R., Gibbshill ter, Port-Glasgow rd 
BLAIN William, boilermaker, 60 Drumfrochar rd 
BLAIR Alexander, moulder, 39 Ann st 
Blair Andrew M. (of R. Blair & Son), Fernbank, 87 Newton st 
Blair Archibald, butcher, 25 Regent st. Ho. 29 Bank st 
Blair Daniel, boatbuilder, 34 Nelson st, west 
Blair Daniel, engineer, 25 Bruce st 
Blair David, engineer, 22 Bank st 


Blair David, printer, publisher, and newspaper proprietor, 

40 Cathcart st. Ho. 84 Union st 
Blair David K., compositor, 96 Dempster st 
Blair Duncan, boilermaker, 29 Crescent st 
Blair Duncan, manager at C Paterson's, 31 Cathcart st and 

5 Grey pi. Ho. 3 Grey pi 
Blair Hugh, carpenter, 7 Belville st 
Blair Hugh, cooper, 10 Nile st 
Blair Hugh, cowfeeder, 38 Trafalgar st 
Blair James, joiner, 30 Bruce st 
Blair James, plater, 18 Port-Glasgow rd 
Blair James, rigger, 3 Trafalgar st 
Blair John, blacksmith, 6 Belville st 
Blair John, flesher, 33 Rue-end st. Ho. 27 Regent st 
Blair John, seaman, 12 Lyle st 
Blair Joseph & Co., printers and publishers, " Greenock 

Herald " Office, 40 Cathcart st 
Blair Peter, dairyman, 18 Lynedoch st. Ho. 14 Lyle st 
Blair Peter, engineer, 14 Bearhope st 
Blair Peter, painter, 12 Kilblain st 
Blair P. & J., carting contractors, 27 Holmscroft st. Ho. 

14 Lyle st 
Blair R. & Son, solicitors, 17 West Blackhall st 
Blair R. F., sugar broker, 27 Cathcart st. Ho. 58 Eldon st 
Blair R. J., Procurator-Fiscal for the Lower Ward of 

Renfrewshire, Sheriff Court-house, Nelson st, west. 

Ho. 87 Newton st 
Blair Richard, engineer, 9 Shaw pi 
Blair Robert & Sons, cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 32 

and 34 Nicolson st 
Blair Robert, brassmoulder, 8 Hope st 
Blair Robert, engineer, 21 Trafalgar st 
Blair Robert, joiner, 81 Wellington st 
Blair Robert, plumber, gasfitter, and bellhanger, 12 Kilblain 

st. Ho. 2 Finnart st 
Blair Robert, printer, 12 Patrick st 
Blair Thomas, labourer, 5 1 Lynedoch st 
Blair Thomas, master rigger, 3 Trafalgar st 
Blair Thomas, jun., rigger — Works, 39 Baker st ; Office, 

Palmerston buildings. Ho. 27 Trafalgar st 
Blair Thomas A. (of Robert Blair & Sons), Woodside 

cottage, 20 Robertson st 


Blair William, accountant, house factor, and insurance 

agent, i Watt place. Ho. 40 Brisbane st 
Blair William, engineer, 26 Wellington st 
Blair William (of Robert Blair & Sons), 32 Finnart st 
Blair William M., joiner, 2 Holmscroft st 
Blair William S., joiner, 13 Brisbane st 
Blair Miss Helen, 28 Brisbane st 
Blair Miss Janet, 21 Lyle st 
Blair Miss, 65 Union st 
Blair Mrs Ann, 9 South st 
Blair Mrs Archibald, 2 Campsie ter 
Blair Mrs James, 24 Pottery st 
Blair Mrs John, 4 Mearns st 
Blair Mrs Joseph, 6 Chapel st 
Blair Mrs Joseph, 1 2 Patrick st 
Blair Mrs Robert, lodgings, 28 Brisbane st 
BLAKE Arthur, joiner, 36 West Stewart st 
Blake, Barclay & Co., millwrights and engineers, Victoria 

Works, Macdougall st 
Blake Matthew (of Blake, Barclay & Co.), 60 Forsyth st 
Blake William H., carpenter, 41 Ann st 
Blake Miss, Anglo-Parisian School of Dressmaking, 31 

Nelson st, west 
Blake Mrs, draper and dressmaker, 7 Grey pi. Ho. 36 

West Stewart st 
BLAKELY Charles, carter, 80 Dempster st 
BLANCE John, slater, 67 Rue-end st. Ho. 1 Ratho st 
Blance Mrs, 18 Cathcart st 
BLANCHE Richard, shipping and commission agent, 

Customhouse quay. Ho. 54 Esplanade 
Blanche Thomas, mason, 24 Bruce st 
BLANCKEN Joshua, feuar, 16 Antigua st 
BLEAKLEY Francis, tobacconist, 11 Hamilton st. Ho. 

40 Ann st 
BLINT J., boot and shoe merchant, 22 Hamilton st. Ho. 

22 Lynedoch st 
BLUE James, engineer, 31 Lyle st 
Blue John, carter, 97 Dempster st 
Blue Robert, joiner, 27 Nelson st, west 
Blue William, painter, 7 Newton st 
Blue Mrs James, 17 Bruce st 
BLUNDEN Frank, drill instructor, 62 Eldon st 


BLYTH David, carpenter, 1 1 Belville st 
Blyth Thomas, blacksmith, 40 Lynedoch st 
BOAG Alexander (of Main, Boag & Black), 50 Holms- 
croft st 
Boag, Andrew, engraver, 3 Bank st. Ho. 70 Holmscroft st. 

(See Advt.) 
Boag James, cooper, 42 Holmscroft st 
Boag James, plumber, 42 Ann st 
Boag Kenneth, refreshment rooms, 23 Rue-end st. Ho. 

1 St. Andrew st 
Boag Thomas, ropemaker, 68 Drumfrochar rd 
Boag Mrs Andrew, 18 Trafalgar st 
Boag Mrs James, confectioner, 32 Ann st 
BODEGA Agency Co., wholesale spirit merchants, &c, 21 

Shaw st and 24 Cathcart Arcade 
BODEN John, pansman, 24 Trafalgar st 
Boden Miss, dressmaker, 24 Trafalgar st 
BOG Alexander, curator, Unionist Club, 29 Hamilton st 
BOG AN James, licensed porter, 18 Nicolson st 
BOFFEY Mrs Richard S., proprietrix of British Workmen, 

34 Main st. Ho. 9 Ratho st 
BOLE James, tugboatman, 31 Trafalgar st 
Bole John, sailmaker, 8 Hay st 
BOLTON Henry, salesman, 30 Wellington st 
Bolton John, foreman carpenter, 9 Macdougall st 
Bolton Joseph, carpenter, 41 Sir Michael st 
Bolton William, hammerman, 47 Roxburgh st 
Bolton Mrs, 29 Ann st 
BONAR John, patternmaker, 17 Lyle st 
Bonar Rev. James, M.A., 40 Ardgowan st, west 
BONE & Buchanan, accountants and factors, Municipal 

Bone Henry, brakesman, 36 Holmscroft st 
Bone Hugh, joiner, 7 Carwood st 
Bone Quintin (of Bone & Buchanan), treasurer to Burgh 

School Board, Municipal buildings. Ho. Parkfield, 

Bone Mrs David, 15 Brisbane st 
Bone Mrs Elizabeth, 101 Port-Glasgow rd 
BONNAR Colin, stoker, 29 Lynedoch st 
Bonnar James, riveter, 14 Hope st 
BOOTHMAN James L., draughtsman, 37 Bank st 


BORLAND Alexander, bootmaker, 8 William st. Ho. i 

Campsie ter 
Borland Alexander, compositor, 46 Ann st 
Borland Alexander, fitter, 38 St. Lawrence st 
Borland Alexander, grocer, 13 Bearhope st 
Borland Daniel, baker, 1 1 Watt st 
Borland John, missionary, 6 Antigua st 
Borland Mrs John, 5 1 Brougham st 
BORN Joseph, R.N., 44 South st 
BORTHWICK David, joiner, 26 Wellington st 
Borthwick David, painter, 45 Wellington st 
Borthwick George, labourer, 17 Prospecthill st 
Borthwick James, commission agent, 27 West Blackhall st 
Borthwick James, painter, 10 Holmscroft st 
Borthwick Malcolm, caulker, 26 Ann st 
Borthwick Thomas, flour importer, grain and seed merchant, 

10 Cross-shore st. Ho. 66 Newton st 
Borthwick Thomas, joiner, 5 1 Kelly st 
Borthwick Thomas, joiner, 75 Regent st 
BOSENBERG William, sugar boiler, 13 Newton st 
BOSTON James, jun., & Co., butchers, poulterers 

and game dealers, 5 West Blackhall st. Ho. 

31 Finnart st. Telephone No. 128 (for shop). 
Boston, Menzies & Morton, architects, measurers, and 

surveyors, 1 1 William st, and at 1 7 Bank st, Alexandria 
Boston Mrs James, 31 Finnart st 
BOURHILL Thomas, moulder, 11 Lauriston st 
BOWES David, boot closer, 16 Dalrymple st 
BOWIE Andrew H., engineer, 66 Kelly st 
Bowie Archibald, riveter, 5 Belville st 
Bowie David, caulker, 14 Regent st ~ 
Bowie Hugh, baker, 46 Hamilton st. Ho. 4 Union st 
Bowie James, blacksmith, 9 East Crawford-st' 
Bowie James, boilermaker, 4 Union st 
Bowie James, electric bellfitter, 7 Holmscroft st 
Bowie John, joiner, 9 Dempster st 
Bowie John, vanman, 80 Dempster st 
Bowie Robert, engineer, 40 East Qiawford st 
Bowie Robert, engineer, 4 Prospecthill st 
Bowie Thomas, carpenter, 3 Mearns st 
Bowie Miss Barbara, umbrella maker, 40 Cathcart st. Ho. 

3 Ford pi, Finnart st 


Bowie Mrs Archibald, 3 Ford pi, Finnart st 

Bowie Mrs Michael, 11 Crescent st 

BOWLING Green (Ardgowan), Ardgowan sq 

Bowling Green (Grosvenor), Wellington st 

Bowling Green (Wellington), Drumfrochar rd 

Bowling William, chimney sweep, 19 Crawfurd st 

BOWMAN James & Sons, auctioneers and valuators, 33 

West Blackhall st. (See Advt.) 
Bowman James, labourer, 34 Crescent st 
Bowman James (of James Bowman & Sons), Kenilworth, 20 

Forsyth st 
Bowman James, shipmaster, 2 Robertson st 
Bowman Joseph, engineer, 5 Arthur st 
Bowman Joseph, french polisher, 81 Dempster st 
BOXILL Samuel, 30 Ardgowan st, west 
BOYCE Alexander, labourer, 71 Ann st 
Boyce David, labourer, 1 2 Nile st 
Boyce Hugh, labourer, 73 Ann st 
Boyce Hugh, railway guard, 78 Dempster st 
BOYD Alexander, iron driller, 84 Belville st 
Boyd & Niven, solicitors and notaries public, 37 Hamilton st 
Boyd Bryce, coal merchant, 26 Lyle st. Ho. 22 Antigua st 
Boyd David, carpenter, 6 Carnock st 
Boyd David, joiner, 7 Hope st 
Boyd Gavin, engineer, 6 Carwood st 
Boyd George, boilermaker, 7 Hill st 
Boyd James, jun., painter, Kilblain st firewood factory. Ho. 

47 Trafalgar st 
Boyd James, jun., painter, 1 1 Watt st 
Boyd James, plumber and gasfitter, 31 Nicolson st. Ho. 72 

Wellington st 
Boyd James, tobacconist and stationer, 1 Ann st. Ho. 62 

Regent st 
Boyd James, wine and spirit merchant, 12 Sir Michael st 

and 14 Tobago st. Ho. 2 Boyd st 
Boyd John, Albert Hotel, 2 Boyd st and 14 Clarence st 
Boyd John, joiner and factor, 7 Brougham st. Ho. 29 

Brougham st 
Boyd John, machinist, 93 Belville st 
Boyd Kennedy, fireman, 34 West Shaw st 
Boyd Rev. David, minister of the Free North Church, 90 

Finnart st 


Boyd Robert, boilermaker, 16 Lynedoch st 

Boyd Robert, engineman, 5 Sir Michael st 

Boyd William, fireman, 13 Carwood st 

Boyd William, hammerman, 5 Serpentine walk 

Boyd William, labourer, 10 Mill st 

Boyd William, vanman, 9 Lyle st 

Boyd William D. (of Boyd & Niven), 90 Finnart st 

Boyd Miss M., tobacconist, Palmerston buildings. Ho. 62 

Regent st 
Boyd Miss Sophia, 16 South st 
Boyd Mrs Andrew, 39 Union st 
Boyd Mrs James, 8 Watt st 
Boyd Mrs Janet, lady's nurse, 36 Ingleston st 
Boyd Mrs John, 106 Drumfrochar rd 
BOYLAN Patrick, labourer, 52 East Hamilton st 
BOYLE Charles, labourer, 15 Main st 
Boyle Francis, driller, 4 Holmscroft st 
Boyle Hugh & Co., pawnbrokers, 25 Brymner st. Ho. 32 

West Stewart st 
Boyle James, bricklayer, 77 Regent st 
Boyle Michael, potter, 16 Port-Glasgow rd 
Boyle Mrs, provision merchant, 19 Market st 
BRABENDER Alexander, labourer, 28 Wellington st 
Brabender Peter B., cooper, 10 Nile st 
BRADLEY Anthony, broker, 58 Vennel 
Bradley John, labourer, Gibbshill ter, Port-Glasgow rd 
Bradley John, plumber, 7 East breast. Ho. 29 Trafalgar st 
Bradley Joseph, provision dealer, 1 Stanners st 
Bradley Patrick, rafter, 4 Duffst 
Bradley Samuel, carter, 36 Holmscroft st 
Bradley William, boilermaker, 35 Lynedoch st 
Bradley Miss H. R., 30 Esplanade 
Bradley Miss, grocer, 31 Charles st 
Bradley Mrs, 5 Kilblain st 
BRADY Thomas, painter, 63 Ann st 
Brady Mrs Mary, wine and spirit merchant, 38 Ann st and 

62 Vennel. Ho. 18 Robertson st 
BRAID David, brushmaker, 83 Dempster st 
Braid William, salesman, 52 Wellington st 
BRAND & Mollison, dyers, cleaners, and laundry men, 2 

Cathcart sq 
Brand William (of Allison & Brand), 32 West Stewart st 


Brand Mrs David, 34 West Stewart st 
Brand Mrs William, 66 East Hamilton st 
BRANFORD John, late supervisor, I.R., 16 Robertson st 
BRANKS Robert, engine fitter, 99 Port-Glasgow rd 
BRANWHITE Harry, boilermaker, 14 West Blackhall st 
Branwhite Mrs Henry, 5 Cathcart st 
BRAKENRIDGE James, vanman, 23 West Blackhall st 
Brakenridge John, labourer, 35 West Shaw st 
BRECKENRIDGE Thomas, yardsman, 51 Lynedoch st 
BREMNER Alexander, F.E.I.S., headmaster of Belville 

Place Public School. Ho. Finnart ter, 53 Newton st 
Bremner Charles, inspector, County Constabulary, County 

buildings, and Police Office, Gourock, and inspector 

under Food and Drugs Act for the burgh of Gourock. 

Ho. 1 1 Bath st, Gourock 
Bremner D. F., upholsterer, 94 Dempster st 
BRENNAN Patrick, engineer, 3 Virginia st 
BRESLAND Michael, spirit dealer, 6 Watson's lane. Ho. 

73 Regent st 
BRENMEHL John B., clubmaster, Greenock Club, 21 

Ardgowan sq 
Brenmehl R. W., dental mechanic, 27 West Burn st 
BRICELAND Andrew, stevedore, 7 Watt st 
BRIERLY Harry, overlooker, 66 Ann st 
BRIGHTON & Loudon, ham curers and provision mer- 
chants, 1 and 3 Tobago st 
Brighton James, traveller, 103 Belville st 
Brighton R. C. (of Brighton & Loudon), 18 South st 
BRISBANE Ebenezer, engineer, 44 East Crawford st 
Brisbane James, engineer, 46 East Hamilton st 
BRISLAND Daniel, fireman, 12 Ann st 
BRISTOW James, gardener, 5 1 Kelly st 
Bristow William, potter, 13 East Crawford st 
BRITISH & Foreign Marine Insurance Company, Limited, 

2 West Quay — Leitch & Muir, agents 
British India Mail and Passenger Steamers from London — 

T. O. Hunter & Co.. agents 
British Linen Co.'s Bank, 13 William st — James Glen, 

British Workman's and General Assurance Company, Ltd., 

2 Watt pi 
BRITON Robert, glazier, 81 Wellington st 


Briton Thomas, glazier and glass stainer, 19 Sugarhouse lane. 

Ho. 95 Roxburgh st 
BROADFOOT J., clerk (Clydesdale Bank, Limited), 69 

Union st 
Broadfoot William, M.D., CM., 6 West Blackhall st. Ho. 

23 Bentinck st 
BROCK Archibald, engineer, 89 Belville st 
Brock Robert, baker, 9 Crescent st. Ho. do. 
BROCKIE George, painter, 26 East Hamilton st 
Brockie Mrs J., 2 Princes st 
BRODIE Archibald, engineer, 14 Hope st 
Brodie James, clerk, 29 Bank st 
Brodie James (of William Kelly & Co.), 30 Finnart st 
Brodie John R., cashier, 4 Wellington st 
Brodie Malcolm, fitter, 2 Mackenzie st 
Brodie William, spirit merchant, 3 Ropework st. Ho. 41 

West Blackhall st 
Brodie Miss Flora, 13 Kelly st 
Brodie Miss, dressmaker, 13 Lauriston st 
Brodie Mrs Jane, 2 Robertson st 
Brodie Mrs John, 14 West Blackhall st 
Brodie Mrs, spirit merchant, 35 Wellington st. Ho. 4 

Wellington st 
BRQOKMAN Henry, seaman, 45 Roxburgh st 
BROOM Thomas M., engineer, Oakfield East, Ratho st 
BROTCHIE William, clerk, 87 Dempster st 
Brotchie Mrs Donald, 2 Robertson st 
BROUGH Alexander, boilermaker, 101 Port-Glasgow rd 
Brough Hugh, cartwright, 6 Chapel st 
Brough John, Sheriff Clerk Depute and Auditor of Court,. 

County buildings, Nelson st, west. Ho. 53 Brisbane st 
Brough John, smith and cartwright, 4 Chapel st. Ho. 

29 Lyle st 
BROWN Adam, joiner, 83 Wellington st 
Brown Alexander & Son, plumbers, gasfitters, and zinc 

workers, 5 Kilblain st. Ho. 3 George sq 
Brown Alexander, carpenter, 3 Regent st 
Brown Alexander, engineer, 15 Belville st 
Brown Alexander, H.M. Customs, 5 Prospecthill st 
Brown Alexander, joiner, 1 Mill st 
Brown Alexander, vanman, 45 Crawfurd st 
Brown Alexander, 7 Caddlehill st 


Brown Alexander, 68 Finnart st 

Brown Andrew, carter, 2 Crawfurd lane 

Brown Angus, marine surveyor, 28 Trafalgar st 

Brown Archibald & Co., merchants, Customhouse pi 

Brown Archibald M'F., clerk, 5 Kelly st 

Brown Archibald, family baker and purveyor, 8 West 

Blackhall st and 13 Finnart st. Ho. 55 Brisbane st 
Brown Archibald (of Archd. Brown & Co.), 10 Brisbane st 
Brown Charles, 2 Robertson st 
Brown David, boilermaker, 80 Belville st 
Brown David, cartwright, 2 Wemyss Bay st 
Brown David, joiner, 64 Wellington st 
Brown David, porter, 58 Lynedoch st 
Brown David, seaman, 19 Prospecthill st 
Brown David, shoemaker, 18 Brisbane st. Ho. 63 

Nicolson st 
Brown Duncan, clerk, 13 Brisbane st 
Brown Ebenezer, carpenter, 7 Belville st 
Brown Edward, grocer, 3 Macdougall st 
Brown George, clerk, 22 South st 
Brown George (of Post Office), 17 Kelly st 
Brown George, painter and decorator, 21 West Blackhall st. 

Ho. 20 Ardgowan st 
Brown George A., photographer, 2 Grey pi. Ho. 3 Ford pi, 

Finnart st 
Brown Hugh, carter, 44 Ann st 

Brown Hugh, engineer, Campfield House, Cardwell Bay- 
Brown Hugh E., shipmaster, 7 Caddlehill st 
Brown James, assistant collector of water rates, 37 Lyne- 
doch st 
Brown James, baker, 50 Holmscroft st. Ho. 55 do. 
Brown James, boilermaker, 12 Nile st 
Brown James, carter, 40 Ann st 
Brown James, clerk, 60 Ann st 
Brown James, clerk, 75 Holmscroft st 
Brown James, coal merchant, 3 East Blackhall st 
Brown James, collector of water rates, Municipal buildings. 

Ho. 32 Ardgowan st, west 
Brown James, foreman job printing department, Greenock 

Telegraph, 33 Kelly st 
Brown James, labourer, 40 Nicolson st 
Brown James (of Post Office), 42 Eldon st 


Brown James, painter, 8 Trafalgar st 

Brown James, storekeeper, 35 Regent st 

Brown J. A., writer, Post Office buildings (east side). Ho. 

33 Brisbane st 
Brown J. D. (of Clyde Pottery Co.), Dunclutha, 67 Esplanade 
Brown John, badge porter, 22 West Blackhall st 
Brown John, blacksmith, 1 1 Carwood st 
Brown John, boilermaker, 6 Duff st 
Brown John, brassfinisher, 4 Garvald st 
Brown John, carpenter, 2 Mackenzie st 
Brown John, carter, 2 Kilblain st 
Brown John, cowfeeder, 68 Drumfrochar rd 
Brown John, engine-driver, 4 Garvald st 
Brown John, engineer, 21 Lynedoch st 
Brown John, family baker, purveyor, and restaurateur, 45 

Hamilton st, 1 1 Union st, and 5 Rue-end st ; also Ann 

pi, Gourock. Ho. Helensdene, 35 Margaret st 
Brown John, hairdresser, 13 East breast. Ho. 26 Trafalgar 

Brown John, joiner, 8 Nicolson st 
Brown John, labourer, 1 Broomhill st 
Brown John, moulder, 7 Hill st 
Brown John, salesman, 66 Ann st 
Brown John, smith, 13 Mount Pleasant st 
Brown John, traveller, 32 South st 
Brown John, upholsterer, 90 Dempster st 
Brown John Ross, surgeon dentist, 30 Cathcart st 
Brown J. R. & A. R., surgeon dentists, 30 Cathcart st 
Brown Malcolm, carter, 8 Hope st 
Brown Matthew, fitter, 31 Lyle st 
Brown M. M'C. (of T. O. Hunter & Co.) Eldon villa, 67 

Eldon st 
Brown Neil, spirit merchant, 7 and 9 Sir Michael st. Ho. 

33 Brisbane st 
Brown Niven, baker, 22 Robertson st 

Brown P. G. (accountant Bank of Scotland), 47 Cathcart st 
Brown Robert, caulker, 13 Mill st 
Brown Robert, engineer, 68 Drumfrochar rd 
Brown Robert, joiner, 15 Bearhope st 
Brown Robert, machinist, 7 Mount Pleasant st 
Brown R. G. (of Clyde Pottery Co.), Orrscroft, 41 Esplanade 
Brown, Stewart & Co., Ltd., paper manufacturers, Overton 


Brown Thomas, blacksmith, 21 Dempster st 

Brown Thomas, policeman, 21 Trafalgar st 

Brown Walter, boilermaker, 8 Lyle st 

Brown William, blacksmith, 18 St. Lawrence st 

Brown William, carter, 15 Bearhope st 

Brown William, grocer, 8 Hill st 

Brown William, joiner, 83 Dempster st 

Brown William, labourer, 24 Antigua st 

Brown William, labourer, 18 Hope st 

Brown William, railway porter, 12 Ann st 

Brown William, seaman, 50 Roxburgh st 

Brown William, wine and spirit merchant, 40 West Burn st. 

Ho. 33 Nelson st, west 
Brown William A. (of Brown, Stewart & Co., Limited), 16 

Eldon st 
Brown Miss Agnes, furnishings, 78 Belville st 
Brown Miss Helen O., 15 Finnart st 
Brown Miss M. A. Anderson, 23 Ardgowan st, west 
Brown Miss, 5 Kelly st 
Brown Mrs Alexander, 1 1 Watt st 
Brown Mrs D., dealer in groceries, porter and ale, 19 

Ingleston st. Ho. do. 
Brown Mrs Dugald, 69 Regent st 
Brown Mrs James, Janefield, Bogston 
Brown Mrs John, 126 Drumfrochar rd 
Brown Mrs Matthew, 25 Robertson st 
Brown Mrs Peter, 9 Nelson st, west 
Brown Mrs William, 26 West Blackhall st 
Brown Mrs William, wine and spirit merchant, 1 Argyle st. 

Ho. 12 Jamaica st 
Brown Mrs W. S., draper, 23 Roxburgh st. Ho. 16 Wel- 
lington st 
Brown Mrs, tobacconist, 45 Roxburgh at. Ho. 21 Lyne- 

doch st 
Brown Mrs, 4 Hill st 
Brown Mrs, 1 1 Regent st 
BROWNE & Watson, ship and insurance brokers — agents, 

Peter Scott & Co., 4 Brymner st 
BROWNING James, engine fitter, 13 Antigua st 
BROWNLEE William, flesher, 59 Vennel 
BROWNLIE James, storekeeper, 1 Holmscroft st 
Brownlie Miss, 41 Union st 


BRUCE Alexander, labourer, 66 Regent st 

Bruce Alexander, labourer, 37 Roxburgh st 

Bruce Alexander, river pilot, 4 Finnart st 

Bruce A. M'P. (of G. & J. Bruce), 8 Ardgowan st, west 

Bruce Charles, engineer, 17 John st 

Bruce David, gardener, 14 Bruce st 

Bruce F. G., .agent, Union Bank of Scotland (Limited). 

Ho. Eldon villa, 65 Eldon st 
Bruce G. & J., clothiers, 18 West Blackhall st 
Bruce George, governor, Smithston 
Bruce George, labourer, 4 Duff st 
Bruce George (of G. & J. Bruce), 8 Ardgowan st, west 
Bruce James, joiner, 85 Dempster st 

Bruce James R. (of Macfarlan, Shearer & Co.),' 23 Kelly st 
Bruce William, agent, Clydesdale Bank, Limited (East-end 

branch), 53 Rue-end st. Ho. Moor field, Upper Ashton, 

Bruce Mrs John, 23 Kelly st 
BRUNEL Sailing and Ship Co. (Limited), 2 West Quay— 

Leitch & Muir, managers 
BRUNTON Charles, cabinetmaker, 22 Wellington st 
BRYCE John, brassfinisher, 6 Chapel st 
Bryce Mrs John, wine and spirit merchant, 9 Main st. Ho. 

9 Lynedoch st 
BRYCELAND John, fisherman, 30 Ann st 
BRYDON James, dyer, 2 Wemyss Bay st 
BRYMNER Alexander, blacksmith, 17 Mount Pleasant st 
Brymner John, merchant, 105 Eldon st 
Brymner Mrs James, furnishing shop, 103 Port-Glasgow rd 
BRYSON William K., postmaster, 159 Eldon st 
Bryson Mrs Robert, 78 Finnart st 
BUCHAN John, carver and gilder, 24 Brymner st. Ho. 3 

Customhouse pi 
Buchan John, wood carver, 95 Roxburgh st 
Buchan Walter, recorder, 16 Wellington st 
Buchan William, rigger, 1 1 Regent st 
BUCHANAN Alexander, policeman, 4 Mount Pleasant st 
Buchanan A. & Co., restaurateurs, 42 Hamilton st. Ho. 

24 Trafalgar st 
Buchanan Archibald, coachbuilder, cartwright, and black- 
smith, 7 East Stewart st. Ho. 2 Lyle st 
Buchanan Archibald, gateman, 6 Lauriston st 


Buchanan Archibald, seaman, 10 Carwood st 

Buchanan David, brassfinisher, 14 Shaw st 

Buchanan Donald, postman, 40 Holmscroft st 

Buchanan Duncan, postman, 9 Antigua st 

Buchanan G. & M., sugar merchants, 17 Hamilton st. Ho. 
8 Robertson st 

Buchanan H. & Co., shipchandlers, oil and colour merchants, 
flag makers, smiths and general metal workers, makers 
of cooking ranges, steam cooking and heating apparatus, 
lamps, tanks, &c. ; warehouse and office, 1 1 West 
breast; works, Dock lane and 16 Shaw st 

Buchanan Henry (of H. Buchanan & Co.), 28 Finnart st 

Buchanan James, commission agent, painter and paper- 
hanger, 34 West Burn st, and 1 West Stewart st. Ho. 
34 Brisbane st 

Buchanan James, engineer, Garvel Park house 

Buchanan James, steward, n Ann st 

Buchanan John & Co., tailors, clothiers, hatters, and military 
contractors, 42 Cathcart st 

Buchanan John, blacksmith, 29 Ingleston st 

Buchanan John, boilermaker, 17 Lyle st 

Buchanan John, brassfinisher, 8 Hill st 

Buchanan John, carpenter, 32 St. Lawrence st 

Buchanan John, labourer, 1 1 Lynedoch st 

Buchanan John, joiner, 6 Hill st 

Buchanan John, 27 Mearns st 

Buchanan John H., consulting engineer and surveyor, n 
Johnston st 

Buchanan John L. (of Bone & Buchanan), 45 Brisbane st 

Buchanan Neil, rigger, 5 Lynedoch st 

Buchanan Night Asylum, 7 Captain st 

Buchanan Robert (of MacSymon & Co., Limited), 74 
Finnart st 

Buchanan William, engineer, 16 Trafalgar st 

Buchanan William, joiner, 2 Macdougall st 

Buchanan William, traveller, 10 Brisbane st 

Buchanan William G., architect and timber merchant, 17 
Hamilton st. Ho. 18 South st 

Buchanan Miss, greengrocer, 61 Belville st 

Buchanan Miss, 48 Esplanade 

Buchanan Miss, 9 Glen st 

Buchanan Misses, staymakers and furnishings, 5 Union st 


Buchanan Mrs John, 8 Robertson st 
Buchanan Mrs M., Tontine hotel, 5 Ardgowan sq 
Buchanan Mrs, dress and mantle maker, 39 Brisbane st 
BUCKLITSCH Edward, joiner, 16 Trafalgar st 
BUDGETT James & Son, Limited, sugar merchants, 14 

Cross-shore st 
BUICK Thomas, railway guard, 47 Trafalgar st 
BUIE John, mason, 28 Bruce st 
Buie Neil, collector funeral society, 41 Lynedoch st 
BUNTAIN Alexander, vanman, Catherine cottage, 

Balwharly rd 
Buntain James, carter, 22 St. Lawrence st 
Buntain James, carter, 34 St. Lawrence st 
Buntain James, pansman, 31 Ingleston st 
Buntain John, baker, 65 Holmscroft st 
Buntain John, carter, Overton 
Buntain Miss, greengrocer, 8 Carnock st 
Buntain Mrs, tobacconist, 33 Ingleston st. Ho. 31 do. 
BURDEE Harry W., professor of violin, 21 Ardgowan st, 

BURKE James N., (manager to Stead & Simpson, Limited), 

83 Dempster st 
BURNETT William, police sergeant, 2 East Hamilton st 
BURN IE David, seaman, 32 Ingleston st 
Burnie George, joiner, 34 Crescent st 
BURNS Alexander, painter, 22 Trafalgar st 
Burns Alexander G., teacher, 99 Dempster st 
Burns F. (manager Burns' Home for Working Men), 4 Sir 

Michael st. Ho. 33 Royal st, Gourock 
Burns James, carpenter, 1 1 East Blackhall st 
Burns James, engineer, 9 Prospecthill st 
Burns Jonathan, sugar sampler, 15 West Stewart st 
Burns Joseph, painter, 49 Mearns st 
Burns Richard, stationer and newsagent, 3 Hamilton st 
Burns Robert, sailmaker, 13 West Stewart st 
Burns William J., grocer, 8 Mearns st. Ho. do. 
Burns Miss J. T., Berlin wool and fancy goods, 29 West 

Blackhall st. Ho. 2 Bentinck st 
Burns Mrs Annie, 27 Regent st 
Burns Mrs George, 2 Bentinck st 

Burns Mrs John, 15 Regent st 
Burns Mrs, broker, 3 Ann st 


BURNS' Home for Working Men, 4 Sir Michael st Robert 

Burns, proprietor 
BURNSIDE James, coal agent, Dellingburn sq. Ho. 9 

Hope st 
Burnside William, engineer, 25 Bruce st 
Burnside Miss Elizabeth, 36 West Blackhall st 
BURROWS Adam, railway porter, 93 Dempster st 
Burrows William, sailmaker, 19 Trafalgar st 
BURTON Thomas, collector of poor and school rates, 36 

Nicolson st. Ho. 72 Wellington st 
BUSHE Joseph, plumber and sanitary engineer, 5 Union st. 

Ho. 66 Kelly st 
Bushe Miss, dress and mantle maker, 53 Kelly st 
BUTLER George Macaulay, nurseryman, &c, Caledonian 

Nursery, Murdieston Meadow. Ho. Inverkip rd 
BUTTERWORTH Bryce, engineer, 20 Trafalgar st 
BYERS John, flesher, 2 1 Tobago st. Ho. 1 6 St Lawrence st 
BYNG George, blacksmith, 26 Trafalgar st 
Byng Thomas, fitter, 9 Holmscroft st 

CADDEN Francis, coachman, 48 Cathcart st 
CADDLEHILL Gardens, top of Kelly st 
Caddlehill Laundry, 55 Kelly st 
CADDY William, joiner, 10 Hope st 
CAHILL James, carter, 34 Dalrymple st 
CAIDENHEAD Mrs George, 79 Port-Glasgow rd 
CAIRD & Co., Limited, engineers and iron shipbuilders, 

Arthur st and Dalrymple st 
Caird Arthur (of Caird & Co., Limited), Drumslea, 39 

Newark st 
Caird Colin S., shipowner and insurance broker, 4Argylest. 

Ho. Dungourney, 13 Newark st 
Caird Patrick T. (of Caird & Co., Limited), Belleaire, 15 

Newark st 
Caird Robert (of Caird & Co., Limited), 5 Newark st 
Caird Stuart A., shipowner, 4 Argyle st. Ho. 121 Eldon st. 
CAIRNEY William A., tailor and clothier, 32 Hamilton st. 

Ho. Loudon pi, 73 Holmscroft st 
CAIRNS James A., 44 Finnart st 


Cairns John, musician, 17 Shaw st 

Cairns John, pawnbroker, 1 7 Sir Michael st and 1 2 East Shawst 

Cairns Michael, baker, 54 Wellington st 

Cairns William, engineer (Greenock Foundry), 5 Finnart st 

Cairns William, M.B.C.M., medical practitioner, 19 Ard- 

gowan sq 
Cairns Mrs John, 29 Nelson st, west 
CALCLUTH John, boilermaker, 13 Holmscroft st 
Calcluth John, jun., joiner, 52 St. Lawrence st 
Calcluth Miss A., dressmaker, 34 Inverkip st 
CALDER Alexander, printer, 21 Bruce st 
Calder Marcus, physician and surgeon, 12 Union st 
Calder Thomas, tailor, 108 Dempster st 
Calder Mrs, 83 Roxburgh st 
CALDER HEAD David, plater, ic Lynedoch st 
Calderhead David, sawyer, 15 Lynedoch st 
Calderhead Robert, joiner, 6 Mount Pleasant st 
Calderhead Mrs, 24 East Crawford st 
CALDERWOOD Edward, labourer, 4 Mount Pleasant st 
Calderwood George, salesman, 5 Duff st 
Calderwood Hugh, hairdresser, 22 Tobago st 
CALDWELL Alexander, traveller, 50 St. Lawrence st 
Caldwell David, cabinetmaker, 6 West Blackhall st 
Caldwell David, feuar, 40 Meams st 
Caldwell David, jun., grocer and provision merchant. 34 

East Hamilton st. Ho. 54 East Crawford st 
Caldwell Duncan, engineer, 5 East Crawford st 
Caldwell James, grocer, 64 Ann st. Ho. do. 
Caldwell John, shipping clerk, Redlands, Robertson st 
Caldwell Matthew, feuar, 64 East Crawford st 
Caldwell Rev. R. R., 38 Finnart st 
Caldwell Robert, carpenter, 45 Shaw st 
Caldwell Robert, grocer, 19 Tobago st. Ho. 29 Bank st 
Caldwell William, fireman, 52 West Blackhall st 
Caldwell William, pointsman, 15 Brougham st 
Caldwell William, 4 Prospecthill st 
Caldwell William B., grocer, 64 Ann st 
Caldwell Janet, feuar, 64 Ann st 

Caldwell Maggie, grocer, 26 East Crawford st. Ho. 64 do. 
CALEDONIA Hall, 39 West Burn st 
CALEDONIAN Railway Company's Carting Department, 

Regent st 


Caledonian Railway Company's Goods Office, 17 Bogle st 

Caledonian Railway Company's Office, 25 Cathcart st 

CALLACHAN Owen, labourer, 12 St. Lawrence st 

CALLAN George, engine-driver, 60 East Hamilton st 

CALLENDER James, labourer, 3 Belville st 

CAMERON, Alexander & Murray, solicitors and notaries 
public, 14 Hamilton st 

Cameron Alexander, flesher, 7 John st. Ho. 5 Regent st 

Cameron Alexander, janitor, Hillend Public School 

Cameron Alexander (of Post Office), 97 Dempster st 

Cameron Allan, carpenter, 80 Belville st 

Cameron Allan, jun., timber and machinery merchant, 
Ashfield and Arcade. Ho. Ashfleld, Macdougall st 

Cameron Allan, timber merchant and sawmiller, Ashfleld. 
Ho. Ashfield, Macdougall st 

Cameron Archibald, watchmaker, 16 South st 

Cameron Daniel, boilermaker, 9 Crescent st 

Cameron Daniel, clerk, Redlands, Robertson st 

Cameron Daniel, rigger, 35 Lynedoch st 

Cameron Donald, blacksmith, 3 Regent st 

Cameron Donald, engineer, 13 Lyle st 

Cameron Donald, joiner, 5 Rue-end st 

Cameron Donald, jun., joiner, 5 Rue-end st 

Cameron Donald, labourer, 14 Crescent st 

Cameron Donald, labourer, 5 Orchard st 

Cameron Donald, master mariner, 15 Bank st 

Cameron Dugald, auctioneer and valuer, 12 Sugarhouse lane. 
Ho. 69 Roxburgh st 

Cameron Duncan, blacksmith, 69 Roxburgh st 

Cameron Duncan, labourer, 40 Nicolson st 

Cameron Ewan, police constable, 48 Ann st 

Cameron George, blacksmith, 75 Regent st 

Cameron George, irondriller, 3 York st 

Cameron Hugh, carpenter, 2 Garvald st 

Cameron Hugh, gas inspector, 40 Holmscroft st 

Cameron Hugh, joiner, 21 Trafalgar st 

Cameron Hugh, painter, 32 St. Lawrence st 

Cameron Hugh, salesman, 56 St. Lawrence st 

Cameron James, slater, 7 Mount Pleasant st 

Cameron John, brakesman, 52 Wellington st 

Cameron John, flesher, 32 Lynedoch st. Ho. 81 Holms- 
croft st 


Cameron John (of Black & Cameron), Secretary of Greenock 

Liberal Association, and of Greenock Landlords' and 

House Factors' Association, 13 Hamilton st. Ho. 46 

Finnart st 
Cameron John, painter, 19 Brisbane st 
Cameron John, saw-sharper, 7 Port-Glasgow rd 
Cameron John, watchman, 40 St. Lawrence st 
Cameron John, 16 Kelly st 
Cameron John D., painter, no Dempster st 
Cameron Lachlan, plumber, 42 Roxburgh st 
Cameron Matthew, watchmaker and jeweller, 36 Hamilton 

st. Ho. 16 South st 
Cameron Matthew, wool sorter, 1 7 Prospecthill st 
Cameron Murdoch, labourer, 33 Lyle st 
Cameron Murdoch, prison warder, 5 Nelson st, west 
Cameron Peter, engineman, 24 Ann st 
Cameron Peter, joiner, 1 1 Lynedoch st 
Cameron Peter, tailor, 26 Bruce st 
Cameron Robert, blacksmith, 69 Regent st 
Cameron Robert, engineer, 2 Macdougall st 
Cameron Robert, labourer, 9 Mill st 
Cameron Sir Charles, Bart., M.D., LL.D., and J.P. Ho. 

Balclutha, Newark st 
Cameron William, poulterer, 2 Mearns st 
Cameron William, labourer, 84 Belville st 
Cameron William R., manager, 33 Roxburgh st 
Cameron Miss H. R., tobacconist, 5 Rue-end st 
Cameron Miss M. F., 41 Finnart st 
Cameron M. & A., underclothing and furnishings, 9 Newton 

st. Ho. Orangefield pi 
Cameron Miss, 45 Trafalgar st 
Cameron Mrs Donald, 5 Regent st 
Cameron Mrs James, wine and spirit merchant, 24 Charles 

st. Ho. 9 Nelson st, west 
Cameron Mrs John, 9 Antigua st 
Cameron Mrs John, 26 West Blackhall st 
Cameron Mrs Mary, 26 West Blackhall st 
Cameron Mrs William, 21 Brisbane st 
Cameron Mrs, 18 Antigua st 
Cameron Mrs, 31 Lynedoch st 
Cameron Mrs, 35 Lynedoch st 
Cameron Mrs, 3 Orangefield pi 


Cameron Mrs, 30 St. Lawrence st 
CAMPBELL Abraham, engine-driver, r Watt pi 
Campbell Alexander & Son, wholesale station- 
ers and paper bag makers 46 Hamilton st 5 
goods entrance, 23 West Burn st, and 20 
Sugarhonse lane 
Campbell Alexander, boilermaker, 10 Baker st 
Campbell Alexander, boilermaker, 32 Crescent st 
Campbell Alexander, deep-sea pilot, 18 South st 
Campbell Alexander, draper, 9 Prospecthill st 
Campbell Alexander, fireman, 13 Charles st 
Campbell Alexander, machinist, 3 Prospecthill st 
Campbell Alexander (manager for R. Young & Co.), 23 

Nelson st, west 
Campbell Alexander (of H. Buchanan & Co.), 19 South st 
Campbell Alexander, sailmaker, 87 Dempster st 
Campbell Alexander, sanitary officer, 8 South st 
Campbell Alexander, timber measurer, 15 South st 
Campbell Alexander L., dentist, 13 Murdieston st 
Campbell Allan, carpenter, 5 Regent st 
Campbell Allan, painter, 25 Bruce st 
Campbell & Co., wholesale and retail tea merchants, grocers, 

provision, wine and spirit dealers, 89 Roxburgh st 
Campbell, Anderson & Co., wholesale and retail wine and 

spirit merchants, 2 Shaw st and 6 Cathcart st 
Campbell Angus, engineer, 3 Virginia st 
Campbell Angus, joiner, 85 Roxburgh st 
Campbell Angus, messenger (M.M.), 7 Virginia st 
Campbell Angus, timber porter, James Watt Dock. Ho. 

10 Regent st 
Campbell Archibald, blacksmith, 50 Roxburgh st 
Campbell Archibald, boilermaker, 9 Crescent st 
Campbell Archibald, Caledonian British Workmen's 

Restaurant, 16 Brymner st. Ho. 27 Shaw st 
Campbell Archibald, carter, 14 Terrace rd 
Campbell Archibald, engineer. 2 Campsie ter 
Campbell Archibald, hairdresser, 27 Regent st. Ho. 13 

Hope st 
Campbell Archibald, ironturner, 103 Belville st 
Campbell Archibald, labourer, 126 Drumfrochar rd 
Campbell Archibald, policeman, 28 Wellington st 
Campbell Archibald, rivetter, 7 Carwood st 


Campbell Archibald, seaman, 4 Inverkip st 

Campbell Charles, broker, 25 Market st 

Campbell Charles, letterpress printer, 2 Watt pi. Ho. 23 

Newton st 
Campbell Colin, bottler, 32 Nelson st, west 
Campbell Colin, carpenter, 21 Ingleston st 
Campbell Colin, joiner, 32 East Shaw st 
Campbell C. T., wholesale stationer, 38 Brisbane st 
Campbell David, labourer, 27 Ingleston st 
Campbell Donald, carpenter, 28 East Shaw st 
Campbell Donald, carpenter, 13 Hope st 
Campbell Donald, carpenter, 48 Lynedoch st 
Campbell Donald, engineer, 19 Ingleston st 
Campbell Donald, labourer, 6 Sinclair st 
Campbell Donald, messenger (M.M.),2 6 Mearns st 
Campbell Donald, riveter, 54 East Hamilton st 
Campbell Donald, sailmaker, 97 Roxburgh st 
Campbell Donald G., yachtsman, 42 Roxburgh st 
Campbell Dugald, accountant, stockbroker, and land agent, 

49 Cathcart st. Ho. Ashmount, 16 Patrick st 
Campbell Dugald, sailmaker, 67 Nicolson st 
Campbell Duncan, blacksmith, 103 Port-Glasgow rd 
Campbell Duncan, joiner, 78 Holmscroft st 
Campbell Duncan, machinist, 3 Brougham st 
Campbell Duncan, sugar porter, 28 Bank st 
Campbell Duncan S., wine and spirit merchant, 39 Vennel. 

Ho. 17 Mount Pleasant st 
Campbell Edward, 3 Holmscroft st 
Campbell G. & J., grocers and provision merchants, 22 

Arthur st. Ho. 9 Prospecthill st 
Campbell George, carpenter, 5 Kilblain st 
Campbell Hector, carter, 21 Trafalgar st 
Campbell Henry, salesman, 21 Wellington st 
Campbell Hugh, baker, 5 Watt st 
Campbell Hugh, cooper, 1 Bank st 
Campbell Hugh, cooper, 9 Lynedoch st 
Campbell James & Co., coal, lime, cement, and brick mer- 
chants, insurance and commission agents, 23 Cathcart st 
Campbell James, baker, 63 Ann st 
Campbell James, carpenter, 20 West Stewart st 
Campbell James, deputy superintendent M.M., 7 Virginia st. 
Ho. 56 Regent st 


Campbell James, draper and clothier, 20 Arthur st. Ho. 5 

Bank st 
Campbell James, grocer and provision merchant, 46 Inverkip 

st. Ho, 35 Brisbane st 
Campbell James, hammerman, 1 Ratho st 
Campbell James (late H.M. Customs) 59 Ann st 
Campbell James (of James Campbell & Co.), 12 Welling- 
ton st 
Campbell James, sugar sampler, 37 Crawfurd st 
Campbell John, boilermaker, 6 West Blackhall st 
Campbell John, carpenter, 29 Roxburgh st 
Campbell John, cooper, 77 Regent st 
Campbell John, engineer, 15 Newton st 
Campbell John, flesher, 27 Bank st 
Campbell John, flesher, 112 Dempster st 
Campbell John, grocer, 20 Arthur st. Ho 9 Prospecthill st 
Campbell John, grocer, 33 Rue-end st. Ho. 16 Lynedoch st 
Campbell John, house and ship smith, 1 1 Ropework st. 

Ho. 4 Nelson st, Glebe 
Campbell John, insurance agent, 39 Ann st 
Campbell John, joiner, 94 Dempster st 
Campbell John (of A. Campbell & Son), 69 Union st 
Campbell John (of Post Office), 53 Drumfrochar rd 
Campbell John, plumber, 12 Dalrymple st 
Campbell John, riveter, 5 William st 
Campbell John, salesman, 81 Dempster st 
Campbell John F., draper and hosiery manufacturer, 56 

Vennel and 32 Sugarhouse lane. Ho. 13 Ardgowan 

st, west 
Campbell John H. (of Malcolm & Co.), Erwood Tower 

drive, Gourock 
Campbell John K., engineer, 59 Ann st 
Campbell John W., baker, 21 Antigua st 
Campbell Kenneth, blacksmith, Rosebank, Cardwell rd 
Campbell Malcolm, boilermaker, 16 Regent st 
Campbell Malcolm, river pilot, 3 Kelly st 
Campbell Malcolm, spirit merchant, 4 Dellingburn sq. Ho. 

25 Regent st 
Campbell Matthew, carpenter, 1 1 Carwood st 
Campbell Neil, cooper, 21 Dempster st 
Campbell Neil, foreman, 61 Belville st 
Campbell Neil, painter, 33 Nelson st, west 


Campbell Nicol M., commission agent, and Port-Glasgow 
and Greenock carrier, Ford cottage, Finnart st 

Campbell Norman, sugar porter, 25 Regent st 

Campbell Philip F., clerk, 5 Duff st 

Campbell Peter, boilermaker, 1 Hill st 

Campbell Peter, fun., & Co., syrup dealers and com- 
mission agents, 89 Roxburgh st. Ho. 15 Ashton rd, 

Campbell Peter, wine and spirit merchant, 1 1 Laird st. Ho. 
Wood pi, 39 Brisbane st 

Campbell Rev. John, minister of Free Gaelic Church. Ho. 
7 Ardgowan sq 

Campbell Richard, brassfmisher, 19 Belville st 

Campbell Robert & Co., slaters, 21 West Stewart st. Ho. 
22 do. 

Campbell Robert, boot and shoe maker, 68 Drumfrochar rd 

Campbell Robert, cook, 16 Antigua st 

Campbell Robert, engineer, 12 Belville st 

Campbell Robert, plater, 6 Chapel st 

Campbell Robert, shipping clerk, Customhouse quay. Ho. 
65 Rue-end st 

Campbell Stuart, labourer, 73 Ann st 

Campbell Thomas, carpenter, 14 Mearns st 

Campbell Thomas, joiner, 1 2 Wellington st 

Campbell Walter, joiner, 3 Hill st 

Campbell William, baker, 3 Holmscroft st 

Campbell William, foreman, G. & S.-W. Railway, 51 Holms- 
croft st 

Campbell William, grocer, 76 Ann st. Ho. do. 

Campbell Miss Christina, grocer, 13 Brachelston st 

Campbell Miss C, n Main st 

Campbell Miss Jessie, 6 Finnart st 

Campbell Miss Maria, 24 Trafalgar st 

Campbell Miss Mary, 10 South st 

Campbell Miss, feuar, 21 Finnart st 

Campbell Miss, 33 Nelson st, west 

Campbell Miss, 15 Mount Pleasant st 

Campbell Miss, 5 Trafalgar st 

Campbell Misses, furnishing shop, 7 Rue-end st. Ho. 11 
East Blackhall st 

Campbell Mrs Alexander, 69 Union st 

Campbell Mrs Archibald, 24 Brisbane st 


Campbell Mrs Archibald, 5 Cathcart st 

Campbell Mrs Christina, feuar, 17 Caddlehill st 

Campbell Mrs D., 14 Mearns st 

Campbell Mrs James, 9 Hope st 

Campbell Mrs Jane, 15 Nelson st, west 

Campbell Mrs Jessie, 77 Regent st 

Campbell Mrs John, 2 South st 

Campbell Mrs J., 41 Lynedoch st 

Campbell Mrs S., 50 East Hamilton st 

Campbell Mrs Thomas, 16 South st 

Campbell Mrs Peter, 26 Brisbane st 

Campbell Mrs P., 27 Lynedoch st 

Campbell Mrs William, 15 Robertson st 

Campbell Mrs, 87 Belville st 

Campbell Mrs, 40 East Crawford st 

Campbell Mrs, 6 Hay st 

Campbell Mrs, 13 Hope st 

Campbell Mrs, 34 Ingleston st 

CANDLISH Mrs, washing and dressing, 12 Ardgowan st, 

CANNIE Samuel, joiner, 6 Inverkip st 

CANNON Martin, broker, 52 Shaw st 

CANNING David, potter, 22 Pottery st 

Canning James, labourer, 114 Drumfrochar rd 

Canning Mrs, 64 Holmscroft st 

CANT Adam, clerk, 28 Ardgowan st, west 

Cant James, gardener, The Craigs, 2 1 Newark st 

CARBERRY Mrs P., pianist, 69 Regent st 

CARCHRIE James, riveter, 43 Shaw st 

Carchrie Robert, riveter, 2 Watt pi 

CARLIN William, assistant superintendent, 12 South st 

CARDWELL James, engineman, 36 Mount Pleasant st 

CARLYLE John, M.D., CM., physician and surgeon. Ho. 
43 Regent st. Consulting rooms, 47 Regent st 

CARMICHAEL A. & J. H. & Co., shipowners, 13 Hamil- 
ton st 

Carmichael Alexander, labourer, 18 Dalrymple st 

Carmichael Alexander, tugboat master, 19 Newton st 

Carmichael Andrew (of A. & J. H. Carmichael & Co). Ho. 
34 Forsyth st 

Carmichael Angus, hammerman, 38 Holmscroft st 

Carmichael Archibald, salesman, 11 Nelson st, west 


Carmichael Donald, grocer and provision merchant, 20 

Lynedoch st. Ho. 22 Bank st 
Carmichael Gilbert, stationmaster, Ravenscraig. Ho. 7 

Murdieston st 
Carmichael Hugh, porter, 18 Bearhope st 
Carmichael James, engineer, 4 Nelson st, west 
Carmichael John (of Carmichael, Maclean & Co.), Ardenlea, 

107 Eldon st 
Carmichael John, stationmaster, Bogston. Ho. 89 Port- 
Glasgow rd 
Carmichael, Maclean & Co., shipbuilders and ship repairers, 

Main st, Cartsdyke 
Carmichael Malcolm, teacher, Shaw Street Public School 
Carmichael Neil, fireman, 78 Dempster st 
Carmichael Thomas (of A. & J. H. Carmichael & Co.), 35 

Carmichael William, labourer, 4 Laird st 
Carmichael William H., 76 Finnart st 
Carmichael Miss Catherine, grocor, 31 West Burn st Ho. 

17 Nelson st 
Carmichael Miss M. C, dressmaker, 47 Brisbane st 
Carmichael Mrs Andrew, Milnwood, 93 Finnart st 
Carmichael Mrs James, 29 Patrick st 
Carmichael Mrs John, 31 Lyle st 
Carmichael Mrs, caretaker, 34 Union st 
Carmichael Mrs, grocer, 24 South st 
Carmichael Mrs, 16 Hope st 
Carmichael Mrs, 30 Lynedoch st 
CARMOODIE Thomas, ex-policeman, 60 Ann st 
CARNAGHAN James, joiner and builder, 3 Argyle st. 

Ho. 42 Brisbane st 
Carnaghan Peter, labourer, 32 Crescent st 
CARNIE Richard L., customhouse officer, 81 Dempster 

CARROLL J. & J., ship smiths, Donald's court. Ho. 

Carroll J. & W. & Co., stevedores, 1 Virginia st. Ho. 45 

Lynedoch st 
Carroll Rev. James, R.C clergyman, 14 Patrick st 
Carroll William, stevedore, 5 Duff st 
CARRON Company's Office, 32 Cathcart st— Duncan 

Cunningham, agent 


CARSE William, glass and china merchant, 46 Vennel. 

Ho. 1 8a Trafalgar st 
Carse Mrs, draper, 40 East Hamilton st 
CARSELL Q. L., tugboat-master, 19 Antigua st 
CARSON Henry, brassfounder, gasfitter, and plumber, 26 

Crawfurd st. Ho. 2 1 Kelly st 
Carson Robert, labourer, 34 St. Lawrence st 
Carson Robert, stoker, 108 Dempster st 
Carson Thomas, brassfinisher, 9 Hope st 
Carson Mrs, 26 West Blackhall st 
CARSTAIRS Robert, blacksmith, 86 Belville st 
Carstairs Robert A., joiner, 81 Wellington st 
CARSWELL Andrew, weigher, 3 Argyle st 
Carswell John & Son, timber measurers, 2 Cathcart st 
Carswell Miss, 15 Brisbane st 

CARTSBURN Sugar Refining Co., sugar refiners, Crescent st 
CARTSDYKE Equitable Loan Office, 63 Main st 
Cartsdyke Sawmills, 6 East Hamilton st — T. Lamb, jun., 

CASE Duncan, commercial traveller, 15 Dempster st 
Case John, china merchant, 29 West Burn st. Ho. 19 

South st 
CASEY Robert, shipmaster, 25 Robertson st 
CASSLEY Bernard, joiner, 101 Port-Glasgow rd 
CASSON Alexander, joiner, 46 East Hamilton st 
Casson Mrs George, 9 Argyle st 
CASTLE Mail Packets Company, Limited, Royal mail 

steamers for South Africa. Agents, Andrew Picken & 

Co., Arcade 
CATHCART Rubber Co., waterproof manufacturers and 

india-rubber merchants, 49 Cathcart st. (See Advt.) 
Cathcart Steamship Co., Limited — J. & J. Denholm, 

CATHER Mrs, 3 Hope st 
CATHIE Mrs James, 19 Nelson st, west 
CAVANAGH John, carpenter, 18 Cathcart st 
CAVEN John, insurance agent, 60 Drumfrochar rd 
CAWTHORNE Mrs, 28 Cathcart st 
CENTRAL Hall, 17 Charles st 
Central Loan Company, 5 William st 
CHABANT Dugald, engineer, 67 Regent st 
Chabant Mrs C, 9 Jamaica st 


CHALMERS Alexander, manufacturing and 
furnishing ironmonger, locksmith, bell- 
hanger, blacksmith, and gasfitter. Office 
and show rooms, 30 Nicolson st; workshop, 
14 Crawfurd st. Ho. 28 Newton st 

Chalmers Alexander M., blacksmith and ironmonger, 4 
South st 

Chalmers Andrew, carpenter, 67 Nicolson st 

Chalmers Andrew, foreman, 31 Trafalgar st 

Chalmers Archibald, joiner, glazier, and funeral undertaker, 
36 Roxburgh st. Ho. 72 Wellington st 

Chalmers David, blacksmith, 55 Drumfrochar rd 

Chalmers Henry, tailor, 35 Nicolson st. Ho. 1 1 1 Dempster st 

Chalmers H. M. (of H. M. Chalmers & Son), 25 Finnart st 

Chalmers Hugh, french polisher, 41 Vennel. Ho. 6 
Trafalgar st ^ 

Chalmers Hugh M. & Son, timber merchants and joiners, 
7 Cowgate st 

Chalmers Hugh M., jun. (of H. M. Chalmers & Son), 73 
Nicolson st 

Chalmers Hume, hotel-keeper and grain merchant, Wheat 
Sheaf hotel, 4 Church pi 

Chalmers James, labourer, 52 East Hamilton st 

Chalmers James, shipmaster, 14 Robertson st 

Chalmers John, boilermaker, 26 East Hamilton st 

Chalmers John, clerk and collector, Gasworks, Municipal 
buildings. Ho. George pi, 66 Albert rd, Gourock 

Chalmers John, grain and potato merchant, 4 Princes st 
Ho. Brookhill villa, 29 Newton st 

Chalmers John, joiner, 30 Bruce st 

Chalmers Joseph, tobacconist, 7 Cathcart st. Ho. 5 
Caddlehill st 

Chalmers Robert & Son, auctioneers and valuators, 12 
Charles st 

Chalmers Robert, chemist and druggist, and branch Post 
Office, 41 Roxburgh st. Ho. 72 Wellington st 

Chalmers Robert (of R. Chalmers & Son), 32 Brisbane st 

Chalmers William, accountant, house factor, property and 
insurance agent, 5 West Blackhall st. Ho. Roslin pi, 

Chalmers William, blacksmith, 22 Bearhope st 

Chalmers Miss M., stationer, 73 Nicolson st 


Chalmers Miss, tobacconist and furnishings, 26 East 

Hamilton st 
Chalmers Miss, 15 South st 
Chalmers Mrs Ann, 32 Brisbane st 
Chalmers Mrs Peter, 62 Regent st 
Chalmers Mrs, Oakfield west, Ratho st 
Chalmers Mrs, 71 Roxburgh st 
CHAMBER of Commerce, 13 William st 
CHAMBERLAIN Cornelius, confectioner, 68 Inverkip st 
CHAMBERS Samuel, yachtsman, 64 Ann st 
Chambers Mrs William, grocer and provision merchant, 3 

John st. Ho. 1 1 Roxburgh st 
Chambers Mrs, 5 Hope st 
CHAPPELL Robert, sawyer, 3 Kilblain st 
CHARTERS James, fitter, 57 Inverkip st 
Charters James, storekeeper, 23 John st 
CHESTNUT Robert, brassfinisher, 2 Mackenzie st 
CHEVALIER Frederick, 5 Grey pi 
CHILDS James, salesman, 32 Arthur st 
Childs Mrs, 38 Main st 

CHIRREY Alexander, foreman printer, 27 Patrick st 
CHISHOLM William, superintendent, North British 

Railway, Lynedoch, Albert Harbour, James Watt Dock, 

and Inchgreen stations. Ho. 3 Mount Pleasant st 
Chisholm Mrs Archibald, 3 Glen st 
CHRISTIE Andrew, salesman, 19 Mount Pleasant st 
Christie James, detective inspector, 22 Kelly st 
Christie Malcolm, tobacconist, 33 West Burn st. Ho. 2 

Princes st 
Christie Rev. Charles, M.A., minister of Augustine 

Established Church. Ho. 43 Regent st 
Christie William, paper finisher, Overton 
CHRISTIAN Association, Young Men's, 17 West Stewart 

Christian Mission Music Hall Services and Evangelistic 

Union, 39 Hamilton st. W. Lyon Fisher, A.M.I.M.E., 

hon. treasurer 
Christian Young Women's Association, 27 West Stewart st 
CITY and District Parcel Delivery Co., and universal 

forwarding agents, 29 Brymner st and 9 St. Enoch's 

wynd, Glasgow 
CLAPPERTON John, carpenter, 10 Carnock st 


Clapperton John (of J. M. Macfarlane & Co.), West bank, 

2 Margaret st 
Clapperton Mrs James, 24 Lynedoch st 
CLARK Archibald, baker, 37 Ann st. Ho. 13 Holmscroft st 
Clark Archibald (of Clark & Son), 24 Robertson st 
Clark Daniel, fireman, 28 East Hamilton st 
Clark David, boltmaker, 10 Regent st 
Clark David, goods guard, 2 York st 
Clark Donald, lithographer, 36 Nelson st, west 
Clark Donald, plater, 2 Garvald st 
Clark Duncan, engineer, 84 Belville st 
Clark Duncan, plumber, 87 Dempster st 
Clark Edward, mason, 68 Inverkip st 
Clark George, ship steward, 15 Nelson st, west 
Clark Henry, signalman, 2 Murdieston st 
Clark James, grocer and provision merchant, 36 Shaw st and 

28 Dalrymple st. Ho. 29A Newton st 
Clark James, joiner, 33 Lynedoch st 
Clark James, labourer, 33 Ingleston st 
Clark James W., joiner, 39 Sir Michael st 
Clark John & Son, jewellers and watchmakers, 3 Argyle st 
Clark John, blacksmith, 6 Lyle st 
Clark John, carter, 60 Drumfrochar rd 
Clark John, engineer, 15 Lauriston st 
Clark John, fitter, 23 Crescent st 
Clark John, fitter, 3 East Crawford st 
Clark John, joiner, 33 East Crawford st 
Clark John A, cooper, 7 Boyd st 
Clark Joseph, greengrocer, 51 Vennel 

Clark Joseph, ladies' hatter, 35 Hamilton st. Ho. 10 Watt st 
Clark Malcolm, carter, 10 Hay st 
Clark Robert, patternmaker, 97 Port-Glasgow rd 
Clark Thomas, carpenter, 30 Bruce st 
Clark Thomas, labourer, 7 Crescent st 
Clark Thomas, labourer, 23 East Shaw st 
Clark Walter, engineer, 10 Belville st 
Clark W. B., grocer and feuar, 35 Shaw st. Ho. 30 Brym- 

ner st 
Clark William, boilermaker, 24 Belville st 
Clark William, engineer, 2 Macdougall st 
Clark William, joiner, 5 1 Holmscroft st 
Clark Miss M., confectioner, 103 Port-Glasgow rd 


Clark Miss, 58 Drumfrochar rd 

Clark Miss, 14 Regent st 

Clark Mrs Andrew, 9 Kelly st 

Clark Mrs D., 72 East Crawford st 

Clark Mrs D., 63 Rue-end st 

Clark Mrs Peter, feuar, 60 Ann st 

Clark Mrs Thomas, 7 1 Nicolson st 

Clark Mrs W., 7 Mill st 

Clark Mrs, draper, 37 and 43 Ann st. Ho. 15 Roxburgh st 

Clark Mrs, 21 Bruce st 

CLAUCHER Robert, cabinetmaker, 52 Wellington st 

CLELAND Alexander, clothier, 18 Hamilton st. Ho. 8 
Cove rd, Gourock 

CLELLAND Miss, 3 Kelly st 

CLEMENTS Albert, goods guard, 64 Drumfrochar rd 

Clements Robert, engineer, 103 Belville st 

CLERK Duncan (of R. & S. Neill, Clerk & Orkney), 25 
Octavia ter 

CLIFFORD Henry E., supervisor of Inland Revenue, 56 
South st 

CLIMIE John (of R. Climie & Son), 4 Grey pi 

Climie Robert & Son, cutlers, gunmakers, and bird stuffers, 
20 West Blackhall st. Ho. Rowantree cot, 37 Demp- 
ster st 

Climie William, cabinetmaker, 32 Nicolson st 

Climie Miss Jane, greengrocer, 1 Kelly st 

Climie Mrs, 5 1 Kelly st 

CLINK Charles William, shipowner, 4 Brymner st. Ho. 17 
Fox st 

Clink John D., shipowner, 4 Brymner st. Ho. 53 Octavia 

CLINTON William, river pilot, 27 West Blackhall st 

CLUCKIE N. Gordon, M.B., L.F.P.S.G., opthalmic sur- 
geon. Ho. Kessington, 29 Union st. At home — 12 
to r afternoon ; 7 evening 

CLUNIE James, baker, 95 Roxburgh st 

Clunie James, mariner, 13 Antigua st 

CLYDE Lighthouses, collector's office, 46 Brymner st 

Clyde Pottery Co., manufacturers of earthenware, Port- 
Glasgow rd 

Clyde Ropework, Berry-yards. Warehouse, Palmerston 


Clyde Shipping Co., Limited, steamship and steam tug 

owners, Customhouse buildings. Allan Swan, agent 
Clyde Stevedore Co., i Open shore and 7 Dock' breast 
Clyde Sugar Refining Co., 107 Drumfrochar rd 
Clyde Yacht Agency, 4 East breast — Macalister & Fyfe, 

CLYDESDALE Bank (Limited), 7 Hamilton st 
Clydesdale bank (Limited), East end — 53 Rue-end st — 

William Bruce, agent 
Clydesdale Catholic Herald, chief office, 28 Cathcart st 
Clydesdale Glass Insurance Co., Limited — James Paterson, 

secretary, 13 Hamilton st 
COADY William, boilermaker, 6 Sinclair st 
COCHRAN James, engineer, 35 Roxburgh st 
Cochran Robert (of D. M'Cormick & Co.), 13 Kelly st 
Cochran Miss, 13 Kelly st 
COCHRANE Archibald, joiner, 3 Regent st 
Cochrane Crawford (of Post-Office), 20 Wellington st 
Cochrane John, carpenter, 7 Dempster st 
Cochrane Joseph, plater, 25 Bruce st 
Cochrane William, joiner, 29 Belville st 
Cochrane William, porter, 4 Watt st 
Cochrane Mrs Janet, wine and spirit merchant, 10 Baker st. 

Ho. 15 Lyle st 
Cochrane Mrs, greengrocer, 1 1 Murdieston st 
Cochrane Mrs, 13 Mount Pleasant st 
COCKBURN'S wholesale drug stores, chemists and 

druggists, 33 Cathcart st. Ho. 18 Princes square, 

Strathbungo. (See Advt.) 
COILS John, pansman, 31 Nicolson st 
COLLIE Joseph, storekeeper, 21 Nelson st, west 
Collie Mrs, 10 South st 

COLLIER Simon & Son, boot manufacturers, 21 Hamilton st 
COLLIGAN John, mason, 13 West Stewart st 
Colligan Patrick & Co., brokers, 22 Shaw st. Ho. 49 Shaw st 
COLLINS Henry, blacksmith, 6 Sinclair st 
Collins Henry, caulker, 5 Ratho st 
Collins Henry, painter, 2 Crawford lane 
Collins William, salesman, 21 Nelson st, west 
Collins Mrs J. B. S., 19 Newton st 
COLLISON Robert, riveter, 71 Regent st 
Collison Mrs Janet, 16 Kilblain st 


COLQUHOUN Charles, engineer, 4 Holmscroft st 
Colquhoun David, salesman, 60 East Hamilton st 
Colquhoun Duncan, painter and decorator, 1 Union st. 

Ho. 2 Finnart st 
Colquhoun John, clothier, 7 Grey pi. Ho. 32 Ardgowan st 
Colquhoun Richard, mason, 68 Inverkip st 
Colquhoun Robert, irondresser, 3 Mearns st 
Colquhoun Miss, 71 Roxburgh st 
COLVILLE Archibald, pointsman, 20 Pottery st 
Colville James, engineer. 4 Mearns st 
COMRIE Bros., serated manufacturers, 14 Cathcart st 
Comrie Mrs, 6 Carnock st 
COMMERCIAL Bank of Scotland, Limited, 36 Cathcart st 

— James Tannahill, agent 
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited (West-end Branch), 

15 West Blackhall st — James Tannahill, agent 
COMMISKIE James, grocer, 108 Dempster st 
COMMISSARY Clerk's Office, County buildings, 1 Nelson 

st, west 
CONGREGATIONAL Church, 7 George sq 
CON KEY Alexander, labourer, 8 East Blackhall st 
Conkey James, tailor and clothier, 8 Carnock st. Ho. 8 

East Blackhall st 
CONN James, joiner, 31 Lynedoch st 

Conn John, sheriff-officer, 13 Hamilton st. Ho. 76 Ann st 
Conn W. G., Justice of Peace officer, 6 West Blackhall st 
Conn Mrs, 91 Belville st 
CONNELL Alexander, clerk, 29 Bank st 
Connell James, commission, insurance, and forwarding agent, 

Arcade, 20 Cathcart st. Ho. 25 Brisbane st 
Connell Martin, sergeant instructor, A. & S. H., 30 Kelly st 
Connell William N., tinsmith, 27 Bruce st 
CONNELLY Francis, grocer, 25 East Shaw st 
Connelly John, boilermaker, 22 Sugarhouse lane 
CONNER Mrs John, 39 Bank st 
CONNING H. & J., milliners, 2 Inverkip st. Ho. 24 

Union st 
CONNOR David, bandmaster, 1st R.R.V., 7 Brisbane st 
Connor Hugh, carpenter, 22 Bearhope st 
Connor John, artist, 6 Kelly st 
Connor John, shipwright, 8 South st 
Connor Mrs, 15 Regent st 


CONOLOGUE John, riveter, 25 Main st 

Conologue John, tailor's cutter, 18 Wellington st 

CONWAY Andrew, greengrocer, 18 Sir Michael st 

Conway David, clerk, 46 Ann st 

Conway Matthew, jun., painter, 7 Hope st 

COOK Archibald, smith, anchor, and chain maker, 4 Charles 

st. Ho. 23 Brisbane st 
Cook David, outfitter, 9 Rue-end st. Ho. 10 Wellington st 
Cook Duncan, chainmaker, 25 Nelson st, west 
Cook John, carpenter, 29 Rue-end st 
Cook John W., 26 Mearns st 
Cook R., jun., auctioneer and valuator, Octavia buildings, 

26 West Blackhall st. Ho. 9 Orangefield pi. (SeeAdvt.) 
Cook Robert, pawnbroker, auctioneer, and valuator, 33 

Market st. Ho. 9 Orangefield pi 
Cook William, B.A., Lond. F. E. I. S., headmaster Holmscroft 

Public School. Ho. Roselea, 71 Newton st 
Cook William, fireman, 30 Lynedoch st 
Cook William, labourer, Overton. 
Cook Miss, 35 Lyle st 
Cook Mrs Alexander, 21 John st 
Cook Mrs Archibald, 23 Kelly st 
Cook Mrs Margaret, 13 Newton st 
Cook Mrs William, 4 Garvald st 
Cook Mrs, 52 Wellington st 
COOKE John, hairdresser, 30 Tobago st. Ho. 18 

Trafalgar st 
COOPER & Co. (Glasgow), tea merchants and grocers. 

Branch tea stores — 43 Hamilton st and 33 Cathcart st 
Cooper Archibald, engineer, 42 Arthur st 
Cooper Archibald, painter, 52 Holmscroft st 
Cooper William, mate,* 3 Antigua st 
CO-OPERATIVE Society (Greenock Central), 16, 18, and 

20 Roxburgh st. Branches — 25 Lynedoch st, 26 Bruce 

st, 65 Ann st, and 38 St. Lawrence st 
Co-operative Society, 18 East Crawford st,- 46 East Hamilton 

st, and 105 Port-Glasgow rd 
Co-operative Society (Industrial), 5 Arthur st, 6 Belville st, 

and 1 8 Inverkip st. Drapery department — 5 8 Rue-end st. 
COPELAND James, gardener, Whitefarland, Octavia ter 
Copeland Nathan, joiner, 4 Old Hillend 
COPLAND William, watchman, St, Belville st 


Copland Mrs John, 19 Antigua st 

CORBET Rev. Alexander, minister, Orangefield Baptist 

Church. Ho. Glen House, 85 Finnart st 
CORDUCK John, labourer, 1 Ratho st 
CORK Steam Packet Office, 9 Customhouse buildings- 
Allan Swan, agent 
CORMIE John, manufacturing ironmonger, 31 Hamilton st. 

Ho. 1 Ford pi, Finnart st 
Cormie John, manufacturing ironmonger and cutler, 4 Shaw 

st. Ho. 1 Ford pi, Finnart st 
CORNEY David, brassmoulder, 20 St. Lawrence st 
Corney John, basketmaker, 20 St. Lawrence st 
Corney Richard, brassfinisher, 4 Garvald st 
COUSAR Mrs James, lodgings, 6& Inverkip st 
COUTTS & Booth, photographers, 29 Nicolson st 
Coutts John (of Coutts & Booth), 23 Brougham st 
COVE James, naval instructor, 19 Antigua st 
COWAN x\lexander R., salesman, 12 Ardgowan st, west 
Cowan C. Gordon & Co., shipowners, 2 Church pi. Ho. 

Craigard, 95 Finnart st 
Cowan David, carpenter, 24 Pottery st 
Cowan Duncan, plumber, 5 Newton st 
Cowan John, mason, 31 Ingleston st 
Cowan R. & Co., drapers, tailors, and clothiers, 2 West 

Blackhall st 
Cowan Robert, railway guard, 50 St. Lawrence st 
Cowan William, goods guard, 31 East Crawford st 
Cowan Miss, 26 Newton st 
Cowan Mrs John, Stoneleigh, 23 Newark st 
Cowan Mrs, 12 South st 
COWIE Mrs William, 70 Eldon st 
COWLEY Charles, shoemaker, 42 West Burn st. Ho. 22 

West Blackhall st 
Cowley John, tugboatman, 6 Duffst 
COYLE Edward, engineer, 26 East Crawford st 
CRABBE William, grocer and provision merchant, 26 Ann 

st and 45 Roxburgh st. Branch — 35 Ann st. Ho. 34 

Mearns st 
CRAIG Alexander, caulker, 24 East Crawford st 
Craig Allan, carpenter, 6 Chapel st 
Craig Andrew, tobacconist, 14 West Blackhall st 
Craig Andrew E. , baker, 6 Murdieston st 


Craig Angus, bricklayer, 44 Lynedoch st 

Craig Cornelius, storeman, 55 Rue-end st 

Craig Hugh, newsagent, 29 Regent st. Ho. 33 Roxburgh st 

Craig James, blacksmith, 1 1 Lauriston st 

Craig James, caulker, 40 Nicolson st 

Craig James, cooper and stave merchant, 39 Baker st 

Craig James, sawyer, 15 Lauriston st 

Craig James R. (of Orr, Hunter & Co., Limited), Normount, 

Craig J. & M., Limited, manufacturers of fire- 
clay goods and pottery ware. Factories 
— Hillhead, Perceton, and Longpark, Kil- 
marnock. Agents in Greenock— John A. 
Simpson & Co., 10 Brougham st and 6 
Tobago st. (See Advt.) 

Craig John & Co., shipbrokers and coal merchants, 3 
Brymner st 

Craig John, baker, 28 Lynedoch st. Ho. do. 

Craig John, blacksmith, 40 Ann st 

Craig John (of John Craig & Co.), Craigdullyeart, Gourock 

Craig Samuel, sawyer, 78 Belville st 

Craig Thomas (of Orr, Hunter & Co., Limited), Barrhill 
house, Gourock 

Craig William, salesman, 47 Trafalgar st 

Craig Mrs James, 25 Newton st 

Craig Mrs Janet, 44 East Hamilton st 

Craig Mrs, 1 Mill st 

CRAIG'S Cask Heading Co., Limited, makers of cask 
headings, 39 Baker st 

CRAM James, mason, 70 Wellington st 

Cram Peter, mason, 38 Nicolson st 

CRAVEN James, labourer, 84 Belville st 

Craven Miss Katherine, school, 51 Forsyth st 

CRAWFORD Alexander, caulker, 25 Bruce st 

Crawford Alexander, plasterer, 43 West Burn st 

Crawford Alexander, potter, 50 East Hamilton st 

Crawford Alexander, purveyor and restaurateur, Victoria 
Tea Rooms, 17 Charles st ; and Albion Tea Rooms,. 
16 Cathcart st. Ho. 4 Shaw pi 

Crawford Alexander, seaman, 22 Inverkip st 

Crawford Archibald, carpenter, 11 East Blackhall st 

Crawford Archibald, joiner, 89 Roxburgh st 


Crawford & Kerr, plumbers and gasfitters, 6 Bogle st 

Crawford & Thomson, ironfounders, Caledonian foundry, 48 
Trafalgar st 

Crawford Bryce (of Crawford & Thomson), Mount Park 
cottage, 25 Wellington st 

Crawford Edward, plater, 27 Lynedoch st 

Crawford George, dairyman, 2 St. Lawrence st 

Crawford James, boilermaker, 23 Lynedoch st 

Crawford James, engineer, 30 Ardgowan st, west 

Crawford James, flesher, 83 Roxburgh st. Ho. 41 Ard- 
gowan st 

Crawford James, jun., plumber, 10 Lynedoch st 

Crawford James (of Crawford & Kerr), 25 Regent st 

Crawford James, traveller, Redlands, Robertson st 

Crawford James, wine and spirit merchant, 7 Inverkip st. 
Ho. 46 Kelly st 

Crawford Joseph, riveter, 84 Belville st 

Crawford John, blacksmith, 5 Hill st 

Crawford John, blacksmith, 77 Regent st 

Crawford John, boilermaker, 7 Hill st 

Crawford John, carpenter, 5 Hill st 

Crawford John, labourer, 2 West Burn st 

Crawford John, plumber and gasfltter, 11 Market st. Ho. 
16 Trafalgar st 

Crawford John, provision merchant, 6 Watson's lane 

Crawford John, vanman, 1 1 Nelson st, west 

Crawford J. W. (of J. C. Smith, Macdonald & Crawford), 
Raillies, 93 Newton st ; and Raillies, Largs 

Crawford P. R. & Co.. dress and mantle makers, 
silk mercers, and general drapery warehouse- 
men, 3 West Blackhall st 

Crawford P. R. (of P. R. Crawford & Co.), 51 Brougham st 

Crawford Robert, caulker, 96 Dempster st 

Crawford Robert, feuar, 24 Robertson st 

Crawford Robert, M.Inst. C.E., engineer to the Greenock 
Harbour Trust, Municipal buildings. Ho. 27 Ashton 
rd, Gourock 

Crawford Robert, patternmaker, 14 South st 

Crawford Robert, Redlands, Robertson st 

Crawford Robert Paul, wine merchant and distillers' agent, 
35 Ingleston st and 30 Crescent st. Ho. Lome pi, 9 
Margaret st 


Crawford Thomas, shipowner, 61 Brisbane st 

Crawford W. & J., shipowners, 3 East breast 

Crawford William, family grocer, 5 Grey pi. Ho. Northfield, 
Bute terrace, Millport 

Crawford William, glazier, glass merchant, and glass 
embosser, 18 Vennel. Ho. 3 George sq 

Crawford William, joiner, 28 Lynedoch st 

Crawford William, joiner, 4 Nelson st, west 

Crawford William, joiner, 34 Nelson st, west 

Crawford William, labourer, 3 Regent st 

Crawford William (of Denney & Crawford), 28 South st 

Crawford William, wood measurer, 87 Belville st 

Crawford William H., boatbuilder, 82 Belville st 

Crawford Misses E. & H., dairy, 85 Roxburgh st and 80 
Belville st 

Crawford Misses E. & M., 22 South st 

Crawford Miss, Redlands, Robertson st 

Crawford Mrs Archibald, 16 Trafalgar st 

Crawford Mrs Archibald, 3 Ford pi, Finnart st 

Crawford Mrs Charles, 30 Nelson st, west 

Crawford Mrs Dugald, 20 John st 

Crawford Mrs Dugald, 7 Kelly st 

Crawford Mrs Hugh, 41 Ardgowan st, west 

Crawford Mrs William, 23 Ingleston st 

Crawford Mrs William, 16 Eldon st 

Crawford Mrs William, 43 Lynedoch st 

CRAWLEY Charles, carpenter, 14 Dalrymple st 

CREELMAN William, driller, 3 Orchard st 

CRESCENTIC Firewood Co., Robert Jamieson & Son, 
9 Brisbane st 

CRICHTON Hugh, gardener, Balclutha lodge, Newark st 

CRITCHLEY J. W., M.A., B.A., classical master, Greenock 
Academy. Ho. 53 Brisbane st 

CROMAR Thomas, engineer, 25 Dempster st 

CROMBIE William, gardener, 22 Kelly st 

CROMWELL Mrs, 13 Mearns st 

CROOK John C, wine and spirit merchant, 29 Dalrymple 
st. Ho. 24 Union st 

CROOKSHANKS Joseph, carriage hirer and funeral under- 
taker, 43 West Blackhall st and 13 Jamaica st; also at 
6 Quayhead and Shore st, Gourock. Ho. 43 West 
Blackhall st. (See Advt.) 



CROOKSTON William (of Lindsay & Crookston) 8 

Robertson st 
CROSBIE Elias C, office porter. 2 Church pi 
CROSS James, painter, 40 Ann st 
Cross W. Paterson, professor of music, 8 Brougham st 
Cross Misses, dressmakers, 19 Brisbane st 
CROSSAN Thomas, mason, 5 Brachelston st 
CROWE William, pensioner, 67 Nicolson st 
CROWLEY John C, examining officer, H.M. Customs, 3 

George sq 
CRUICKSHANK Alexander (of postal telegraphs) 29 

Dempster st 
Cruickshank Alexander, inspector S. P. C.A., 25 West 

Stewart st 
Cruickshank Francis, draper, 15 Newton st 
CRUIKSHANK & Fairweather, consulting engineers and 

patent agents, 62 St Vincent st, Glasgow. (See Advt.) 
CRUMLSH Peter, painter, 23 Tobago st 
CRUTHERS E., pawnbroker, 28 Dalrymple st. Ho. 30 

Kelly st 
Cruthers John, tramway guard, 65 Belville st 
CULLEN Rev. John, M.A., D.Sc, minister of Union st 

U.P. Church, 50 Ardgowan st, west 
CULLODEN Mrs, 13 Bentinck st 
CUMBERLIDGE Edward, labourer, 78 Belville st 
Cumberlidge George, moulder, 4 Garvald st 
CUMMESKY James, iron turner, 12 St Lawrence st 
CUMMING James, joiner, 7 Hope st 
dimming James moulder, 47 Mearns st 
Cumming John B., engineer, 78 Belville st 
Cumming M. & A., grocers, 40 Holmscroft st 
Cumming Miss, 5 West Stewart st 
CUMMINGS Robert, labourer, 53 Belville st 
CUMMISKY James, 35 West Blackhall st 
CUNINGHAM Charles, sugar broker and commission 

merchant, 49 Cathcart st 
CUNNINGHAM Archibald, engineer, 19 Antigua st 
Cunningham Colin, joiner, 9 Murdieston st 
Cunningham D. & Co., sugar and general forwarding agents, 

City buildings, 32 Cathcart st 
Cunningham Duncan (of D. Cunningham & Co.), 39 Ard- 
gowan st 


Cunningham James, coachman, 29 Hamilton st 
Cunningham James, hammerman, 66 Regent st 
Cunningham John, foreman porter, 30 Nelson st, west 
Cunningham John, retired merchant, 32 Cathcart st. Ho. 

Seafield, 2 Fox st 
Cunningham Neil R., carpenter, 104 Dempster st 
Cunningham P. G., 31 Bank st 

Cunningham Robert, baker, 40 Nelson st, west. Ho. 2 South st 
Cunningham Robert, blacksmith, 2 Watt pi 
Cunningham Robert, plumber, 9 Hill st 
Cunningham Robert, policeman, 10 Shaw pi 
Cunningham Robert, seaman, 4 Mearns st 
Cunningham Thomas, commission agent, 53 Belville st 
Cunningham T. A., merchant, 87 Brisbane st 
Cunningham William, engine-driver, 24 East Crawford st 
Cunningham William, pansman, 90 Dempster st 
Cunningham Mrs, 51 Holmscroft st 
Cunningham Mrs, 85 Roxburgh st 
CURRAN Thomas, lamplighter, 77 Regent st 
CURRIE Alexander, caulker, 3 Hill st 


e Alexander, engineer, 81 Roxburgh st 

e David, warehouseman, 8 Holmscroft st 

e Dugald, brassfinisher, 8 Antigua st 

e Duncan, carpenter, 34 East Hamilton st 

e Gilbert, clerk, 25 Trafalgar st 

e Hugh, joiner, 63 Nicolson st 

e James, coppersmith, 23 West Stewart st 

e John, blacksmith, 17 Brisbane st 

e John, carpenter, 42 Holmscroft st 

e John, dairyman, 33 Nicolson st 

e John, labourer, 77 Regent st 

e Malcolm S., shipmaster, 23 Kelly st . 

e Peter, shipmaster, 21 Nelson st, west 

e Richard, storekeeper, 93 Roxburgh st 

e Robert, tailor, 30 Market st 

e William, brassfinisher, 15 Lynedoch st 

e William, seaman, 17 Brachelston st 

e William C, 14 Lyle st 

e Mrs John, 8 Nicolson st 

e Mrs Malcolm, ladies' nurse, 19 Newton st 

e Mrs Neil, 19 Bruce st 

e Mrs, 8 Murdieston st 


CURROR George, woolspinner, 59 Ann st 

CURTIS C. H. & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 24 Nicol- 

son st 
Curtis Charles H. & Co., distillers, Auchintoshan, Dum- 
bartonshire; wine and spirit importers, City buildings, 

32 Cathcart st ; and distillery bonded storekeepers, 24 

Market st and 29 Hamilton st 
Curtis Charles H. (of C. H. Curtis & Co.), Ebberley, 27 

Octavia ter. 
Curtis William H. (of C. H. Curtis & Co.), Ardmore, 38 

Newark st 
Curtis Misses, Greenbank house, 50 Kelly st 
CUSTOMHOUSE Buildings, Steamboat quay 
CUTHBERT Gilbert, shipwright, 27 Regent st 
Cuthbert James, seaman, 34 East Hamilton st 
Cuthbert Misses, dressmakers, furnishings, and hosiery, 33 

Roxburgh st. Ho. 35 do. 
CUTHBERTSON Archibald, blacksmith, 2 Princes st 
Cuthbertson James R., manufacturing confectioner, 2 Grey 

pi. Ho. 6 do. 
Cuthbertson James S., compositor, 83 Wellington st 
Cuthbertson Robert S., joiner, 22 Antigua st 
Cuthbertson Thomas, confectioner, 33 Bank st 
Cuthbertson Mrs Janet, licensed grocer, 33 Lynedoch st. 

Ho. ^t, Bank st 
Cuthbertson Mrs William, 31 Lynedoch st 
CUTHILL George, salesman, 29 Belville st 
CUYCO Mrs, Spanish Sailors' Home, 8 East breast 
CZARNIKOW & Co., sugarbrokers (Glasgow and Greenock), 

Exchange buildings, 27 Cathcart st 


DAILY James, brassfinisher, 61 Belville st 

Daily John, seaman, 6 Sir Michael st 

Daily and Weekly " Glasgow Herald " (newspaper) Office, 

29 Cathcart st 
DAISLEY John A., hairdresser, 28 Roxburgh st. Ho. 32 

Mount Pleasant st 
DALE Archibald, engineer, 7 1 Wellington st 
Dale George B., cabinetmaker, 20 South st 


DALGLEISH Miss Jane, 39 Ann st 

Dalgleish Miss, 2 Lyle st 

DALLAS Adam, joiner, 17 West Blackhall st 

Dallas John, painter, 17 Bruce st 

Dallas Joseph, labourer, 9 Belville st 

Dallas Matthew, cooper, 19 Roxburgh st 

Dallas William, baker, 14 Mearns st 

Dallas Miss E., laundry, 17 Bruce st 

DALLEY William, boilermaker, 3 Belville st 

DALRYMPLE Archibald, labourer, 10 Nile st 

Dalrymple Patrick, labourer, 43 Main st 

Dalrymple Robert, labourer, 45 Main st 

DALY James, labourer, 32 St. Lawrence st 

DALZIEL James, engineer, 30 Kelly st 

Dalziel Mrs William, 30 Nelson st, west 

Dalziel Mrs, 1 1 Carwood st 

Dalziel Mrs, 3 George sq 

DANIELSON Francis, poulterer, 7 William st. Ho. 14 

Dalrymple st 
DANSKEN Miss, matron, Eye Infirmary, 12 Nelson st, 

DARROCH Archibald, seaman, 36 Lynedoch st 
Darroch Colin, cowfeeder, 41 Trafalgar st 
Darroch Duncan, collector of harbour dues, Customhouse. 

Ho. 6 Kelly st 
Darroch James, joiner, 10 Lynedoch st 
Darroch James, tobacconist and news-agent, 25 Regent st 
Darroch John, carter, 28 Bruce st 
Darroch John, cowfeeder, 19 Captain st 
Darroch John, Customs' officer, 13 Carwood st 
Darroch Peter, boilermaker, 80 Belville st 
Darroch Miss, grocer, 12 Watt st 
Darroch Mrs, 21 Ingleston st 

DARTIGNES L. & Co., china merchants, 27 Cathcart st 
D AVERS Mrs A., grocer, 85 Belville st. Ho. do. 
DAVID Simon H., 35 West Stewart st 
DAVIDSON Andrew, boilermaker, 24 Antigua st 
Davidson Andrew, policeman, 74 Wellington st 
Davidson David, smith, 33 East Crawford st 
Davidson George, sailmaker, 1 Kilblain buildings 
Davidson George F., joiner, 14 Hope st 
Davidson James, shipmaster, 2 Ford pi, Finnart st 


Davidson James G., clerk, 16 South st 

Davidson John, sailmaker, 43 Crawfurd st 

Davidson Rev. James, M.A., Finnart U.P. Church. Ho. 

85 Brisbane st 
Davidson Robert, watchmaker, jeweller, and optician, 4 

West Blackhall st. Ho. 69 Nicolson st 
Davidson Robert, yardsman, 17 Brougham st 
Davidson William, moulder, 25 John st 
Davidson William, rigger, 36 Lynedoch st 
Davidson William, seaman, 20 Bearhope st 
Davidson William, spirit dealer, 1 Crescent st, and Albert 

Hotel, Gourock 
DAVIE John, brassfinisher, 3 Mackenzie st 
Davie John, timber measurer, agent Consulaire de France, 

63 Rue-end st. Ho. 17 Union st 
Davie Robert & Co., timber measurers, 63 Rue-end st 
Davie Robert, jun., representative of Vacuum Oil Company, 

63 Rue-end st. Ho. 4 Fox st 
Davie Robert (of Robert Davie & Co.), 4 Fox st 
DAVIES James, labourer, 7 Nile st 
Davies John, engineer, 15 Belville st 
Davies Lewis S., rigger, 73 Holmscroft st 
Davies Mrs William, grocer, 24 West Blackhall st 
DAVIS T., captain, R.E., Fort Matilda 
Davis William H., fleet engineer, R.N., 167 Eldon st 
DAWS William, labourer, 41 Nicolson st 
DAWSON B. J., R.C. clergyman, 1 Rue-end st. Ho. Wood 

cottage, Under crescent 
Dawson Henry J., paymaster, R.N., Glentower, 1 Wood st 
Dawson James, dyer, 15 Mill st 
Dawson James, engine-driver, 59 Rue-end st 
Dawson John, carpenter, 40 Nicolson st 
Dawson Mrs George, 5 West Stewart st 
DEACKEN Mrs, 24 Hamilton st 
DEACON William, manager, Merino Mills. Ho. Merstone, 

73 Brisbane st 
DEAS Andrew, insurance agent, 34 Mount Pleasant st 
Deas John S., inspector of poor, 36 Nicolson st. Ho. 21 

Patrick st 
DEMAREST Gaston, draughtsman, 14 West Blackhall st 
DEMPSTER Duncan F. (of Neill, Dempster & Neill), 7 

Octavia terrace 



Dempster George (accountant, Provident Bank), 65 Octavia 

Dempster James, joiner, 20 South st 

Dempster James, rivetter, 38 Main st 

DENHOLM J. & J., ship insurance, forwarding, and 
commission agents, Exchange buildings, 27 Cathcart st 

Denholm John (of J. & J. Denholm), 37 Esplanade 

Denholm Mrs, 13 Antigua st 

DENNEY & Crawford, joiners and builders, 52 Kelly st 

Denney Archibald, brassfounder, 12 Lyle st 

Denney Charles, pianoforte and musicseller, 23 West Black- 
hall st. Ho. do. 

Denney John, irondresser, 65 Holmscroft st 

Denney John (of Denney & Crawford), 34 South st 

Denney Miss, grocer, 10 Mount Pleasant st 

DENNY Mrs, 6 Chapel st 

DENOON William, coachman, 14 Dairy mple st 

DENNISTON James, plumber, 5 Newton st 

Denniston John S., 19 Patrick st 

DEUBLER Peter, upholsterer, 16 Kelly st 

DEVINE James, sanitary inspector, Municipal buildings, 
Dalrymple st. Ho. Craigieknowes Hospital, Sinclair st 

DEVINISH George, labourer, n Main st 

DEVLIN Dennis, rafter, 43 Shaw st 

Devlin Henry, sheriff officer, 13 Hamilton st. Ho. 93 
Dempster st 

Devlin James P., spirit merchant, 18 Vennel 

Devlin John, rigger, 85 Roxburgh st 

Devlin Patrick, wine and spirit merchant, 3 Market st, 24 
Cathcart st, and 27 Bry inner st. Ho. 101 Eldon st 

Devlin Paul, labourer, 51 Main st 

Devlin M., fruiterer, 1 Grey pi. Ho. 29 Nelson st, west 

DEWAR & Co., smiths, tinsmiths, gasfitters, and bell- 
hangers, 26 Charles st 

Dewar James T., clerk, 10 Belville st 

Dewar John, joiner, 5 West Stewart st 

Dewar John (of Dewar & Co.), 25 Dempster st 

Dewar Mrs C, 1 7 Nelson st, west 

Dewar Mrs Margaret, grocer, 45 Crawfurd st 

DICK Archibald, joiner, 67 Roxburgh st 

Dick Ebenezer, cooper, 2 Crawford lane 

Dick Hugh, tinsmith, 1 1 Lyle st 


Dick James, engineer, 10 Carnock st 

Dick James K., joiner, 5 Dempster st 

Dick J. M., hatter, hosier, glover, and shirtmaker, 1 1 West 
Blackhall st. Ho. 19 Bentinck st 

Dick John, joiner, 9 Dempster st 

Dick John, lathsplitter, 87 Wellington st 

Dick John, plumber. 79 Belville st 

Dick R. & J., guttapercha and leather boot and shoe manu- 
facturers, 22 Cathcart st— J. Stewart, manager 

Dick Thomas, cooper, 20 South st 

Dick William, cooper, 62 Kelly st 

Dick William, mason, 1 7 Nelson st, west 

Dick Mrs Andrew, 16 South st 

Dick Mrs Boyd, 32 South st 

Dick Mrs, 87 Wellington st 

DICKIE George, caulker, 83 Belville st 

Dickie George B. (of Thomas Skinner & Co.), Parkhill, 

Dickie James, baker. 78 Dempster st 

Dickie James, boilermaker, 23 Trafalgar st 

Dickie Mrs John, 17 Mount Pleasant st 

Dickie Mrs, dressmaker, 26 Lynedoch st 

DICKSON Alexander, engineer, 5 Belville st 

Dickson Alexander, moulder, 18 Serpentine Walk 

Dickson David, mate, 53 Kelly st 

Dickson George, clerk, 34 South st 

Dickson James, boot and shoe maker, 67 Rue-end st 

Dickson James, carpenter, 41 Sir Michael st 

Dickson James, engine driver, 9 East Crawford st 

Dickson Robert, sugar boiler, 37 Dempster st 

Dickson Stephen, insurance agent, 10 Mearns st 

Dickson Thomas, engine keeper, 16 Chapel st 

Dickson William A., clerk, 13 Brisbane st 

Dickson Ellen, dairy, 12 Market st 

DILLON Patrick, sailmaker, 12 Ann st 

Dillon Thomas, labourer, 18 Antigua st 

DINGWALL Mrs,. 6 John st 

DINNEN Hugh, labourer, 55 Drumfrochar rd 

DIRECT Line Steamers for West Indies, &c. — Andrew 
Picken & Co., agents, Arcade. (See Advt.) 

DISCHARGED Prisoners 7 Aid Society Home, 58 Ann st 

DISHER Mrs Robert, 103 Port-Glasgow rd 


DIVER Daniel, fishmonger, 45 Vennel. Ho. 7 West breast 

DIXON Anthony, painter, no Dempster st 

Dixon Robert (of Alexander & Dixon), Avonbank, Gourock 

Dixon William (Limited), coalmasters, Dellingburn sq 

DOAK David, carter, 1 Hill st 

Doak James, moulder, 31 Dempster st 

Doak Joseph, gasfitter, 77 Wellington st 

DOBBIE Archibald, baker, 17 Brachelston st 

DOBBIN John, waggon inspector, 78 Wellington st 

DOCHERTY James, shoemaker, 49 Rue-end st. Ho. 27 

West Blackhall st 
Docherty John, fireman, 36 Lynedoch st 
Docherty Robert, engineer, 39 Ann st 
Docherty Robert, labourer, 63 Ann st 
Docherty Thomson, labourer, 8 John st 
Docherty William, picture frame maker, 26 Vennel 
Docherty Mrs George, flesher, 5 William st. Ho. 7 do. 
Docherty Mrs William, grocer, 32 Inverkip st 
DOCKER Anthony, engineer, 19 Dempster st 
Docker Edward, basketmaker, 24 St. Lawrence st. Ho. 18 do. 
Docker James, chemist, 28 Trafalgar st 
DODD Henry, engineer, 21 Crescent st 
Dodd William, carpenter, 1 1 West Stewart st 
Dodd William, grocer and provision merchant, $^ Ann st. 

Ho. 5 Lauriston st 
Dodd William S., carpenter, joiner, and blockmaker, 3 

Cathcart st. Ho. 4 Carnock st 
Dodd Mrs William, 5 Lauriston st 
DODDS John, insurance agent, 3 Hope st 
Dodds Mrs James, 12 Laird st 
DOIG Alexander, carter, 71 Wellington st 
Doig Mrs Alexander, 28 Newton st 
DOMINION Line of Royal Mail Steamers for Canada and 

United States — T. O. Hunter & Co., agents 
DONACHIE William H., gardener, 7 Bruce st 
DONALD Alexander, grocer, 59 Ann st 
Donald J. & Co., tobacconists, 7 Hamilton st 
Donald Robert, yardsman, 37 Lynedoch st 
Donald Thomas, steward, 10 Hope st 
Donald Mrs James, 24 Forsyth st 
DONALDSON David, smith, 48 St Lawrence st 
Donaldson John, fireman, 63 Belville st 


Donaldson Robert, painter, 5 Brachelston st 

DONNELLY Benjamin, slater, 60 Ann st 

Donnelly Edward, insurance agent, 43 Holmscroft st 

Donnelly James, sawmiller, 36 St Lawrence st 

Donnelly Thomas, mason, 30 Ann st 

Donnelly Mrs, 28 Cathcart st 

DOOLEY James, boilermaker, 59 Holmscroft st 

DOUGALL Robert, blockmaker, 1 2 Lyle st 

DOUGAN Alexander, carter, 78 Dempster st 

Dougan Charles, labourer, 13 Holmscroft st 

DOUGANS William, gardener, 20 Trafalgar st 

DOUGHERTY John, labourer, 7 Boyd st 

DOUGLAS & Co., tailors and clothiers, 1 Watt pi. Ho. 

9 Trafalgar st 
Douglas & Son, watch and clock makers, gold and silver 

smiths, jewellers, &c, 9 Hamilton st 
Douglas Alexander S., Beltrees, 58 Union st 
Douglas David, bootcloser, 115 Dempster st 
Douglas David, marine store dealer, 2 Vennel. Ho. 18 

Dairy m pie st 
Douglas Dr John Campbell, M.B., L.R.S.C, Edin., physician 

and surgeon, 5 Ardgowan st, west 
Douglas George, dairyman, 20 Nicolson st 
Douglas James, labourer, 32 Ingleston st 
Douglas John (of Mackenzie & Walker), Mount Stewart, 20 

Margaret st 
Douglas John, storeman, 1 2 Dalrymple st 
Douglas Malcolm, shipmaster, 2 Kilblain st 
Douglas Neil, labourer, 10 Terrace rd 
Douglas Robert, railway stoker, 57 Ann st 
Douglas Thomas N. (of Douglas & Son), 155 Eldon st 
Douglas Walter, timber measurer, 3 Mount Pleasant st 
Douglas William (of Scott & Douglas), 23 Newton st 
Douglas William, engineer, 5 Virginia st 
Douglas Miss, 29 Lyle st 
Douglas Mrs J., confectioner, 72 Ann st 
Douglas Mrs, 104 Drumfrochar rd 
DOW r Donald, labourer, 2 Macdougall st 
Dow John, joiner, 8 Nicolson st 
Dow Peter, carter, 22 Arthur st 
Dow Walter W., salesman, 17 Dempster st 
Dow Mrs A., 53 Main st 


DO WALL James, salesman, 25 West Stewart st 

DOWELL James, carter, 5 Newton st 

DOWIE William, engineer, 4 Carwood st 

DOWLING James, watchman, 4 Garvald st 

Dowling Martin, caulker, 10 Antigua st 

Dowling Mrs, 91 Port-Glasgow rd 

DOWNES Hugh, engineer, 10 Mearns st 

UOWNIE Alexander, agent and correspondent, "Glasgow 

Evening News" and "Scottish Referee," 1 Watt pi. 

Ho. 17 Brisbane st 
Downie Francis, engineer, 9 East Crawford st 
Downie James, commission agent, 68 Kelly st 
Downie James, fitter, 31 East Crawford st 
Downie John, joiner, 34 East Hamilton st 
Downie Joseph, fitter, 31 East Crawford st 
Downie Richard, painter, 28 East Hamilton st 
Downie Robert, brassfinisher, 25 Dempster st 
Downie William, janitor, Greenock Academy 
Downie Miss M. M., 51 Brougham st 
Downie Miss, dressmaker, 68 Kelly st 
DOWNING Mrs William, wine and spirit merchant, 29 

Cathcart st and 1 Mansionhouse lane. Ho. 1 Watt pi 
DRAINE Henry, labourer, 79 Dempster st 
DRAKE J. V. & Co., sugar merchants, Exchange buildings 
DRENNAN Thomas, moulder, 19 Ingleston st 
DRUMMOND Daniel, deputy harbour-master, 3 Antigua st 
Drummond Daniel, grocer, 8 South st 
Drummond George, cooper, 18 Trafalgar st 
Drummond John, cooper and stave merchant, 52 Rue-end st. 

Ho. 27 Mearns st 
Drummond Neil, cooper, 104 Dempster st 
Drummond Robert, carpenter, 2 Jamaica st 
Drummond Robert, engine-driver, 4 Nelson st, Glebe 
Drummond William, labourer, 19 Bearhope st 
Drummond Miss E., 50 Brougham st 
DRYDEN Robert, teacher, Greenock Academy 
DRYSDALE George, blacksmith, 29 Ingleston st 
Drysdale James, engineer, 7 Port-Glasgow rd 
Drysdale John, printer, 99 Dempster st 
Drysdale John, watchman, 1 Mill st 
Drysdale Robert, compositor, 20 South st 
Drysdale Thomas, millwright, 29 Dempster st 


Drysdale Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 3 Crescent st. 

Ho. 3 Carnock st 
Drysdale William, engineer, 59 Belville st 
Drysdale Mrs F., 6 Nelson st, Glebe 
DUCKWORTH Joseph, woolsorter, 112 Drumfrochar rd 
DUFF Archibald, blockmaker, 78 Dempster st 
DuffDaniel, blockmaker, 57 Dalrymplest. Ho. 3 Brougham st 
Duff James & Sons, brass and bellfounders, coppersmiths, 

gasfitters, and bellhangers, 47 Rue-end st 
Duff James, foreman (John Poynter, Son & Macdonalds). 

Ho. 21 Dellingburn st 
Duff James B. (of Barr & Co.), 23 Esplanade 
Duff John, carpenter, 39 Ann st 
Duff John, flesher, 30 East Hamilton st. Ho. 18 East 

Crawford st 
Duff William, flesher, 84 Belville st. Ho. South Hillend Farm 
Duff Miss A., dairy, 34 East Hamilton st 
Duff Mrs James, 27 Robertson st 
Duff Mrs, 28 East Hamilton st 
DUFFNER John, watchmaker, 30 Inverkip st 
DUFFY Bernard, boilermaker, 53 Belville st 
Duffy Daniel, butter and egg merchant, 1 1 Watt st 
Duffy Miss Jane, 10 Stanners st 

DUNBAR James, boot and shoe maker, 29 Sugarhouse lane 
Dunbar John, sugarhouse labourer, 19 Cathcart st 
Dunbar Robert, blacksmith, 8 Duff st 
Dunbar Miss, 33 Ardgowan st, west 
DUNCAN Alexander, 21 Lyle st 
Duncan Alexander, coach painter, 12 South st 
Duncan Allan, skinner, 8 Carwood st 
Duncan & Co., painters and decorators, 30 Market st. Ho. 

73 Regent st 
Duncan & Sharp, brassfounders, plumbers, and gasfitters, 

Ladyburn, and 9 King st, Port-Glasgow 
Duncan Archibald, shipwright, 14 Hope st 
Duncan Daniel, joiner, 14 Lyle st 
Duncan David, wine and spirit merchant, 17 Shaw st. Ho. 

15 Lyle st 
Duncan Frederick, salesman, 15 Lyle st 
Duncan J. & B., tailors and clothiers, 27 West Burn st 
Duncan Henry, riveter, 8 Mount Pleasant st 
Duncan James, rafter, 27 Vennel 


Duncan James, rafter, 6 West Stewart st 

Duncan James (of J. & B. Duncan), 14 Murdieston st 

Duncan James, vanman, no Dempster st 

Duncan John, hairdresser, 4 Cartsburn st 

Duncan John, joiner, 3 Brachelston st 

Duncan John, lathsplitter, 10 South st 

Duncan John, pansman, 32 Mount Pleasant st 

Duncan John, postman, 37 Roxburgh st 

Duncan John, rafter, 32 Tobago st 

Duncan Joseph, river pilot, 14 Robertson st 

Duncan Peter, sailmaker, 151 Eldon st 

Duncan Samuel, chemist and photographic dealer, and branch 

Post Office, 19 West Blackhall st. Ho. 48 Brougham st 
Duncan Thomas, fruit, flower, and vegetable merchant, 8 

Grey pi. Ho. 2 Brachelson st 
Duncan William, riveter, 5 Lauriston st 
Duncan William, telegraphist, 31 Dempster st 
Duncan Miss, 16 Cathcart st 
Duncan Mrs James, 16 Mearns st 
Dnncan Mrs John, 37 Roxburgh st 
Duncan Mrs J., 6 West Blackhall st 
Duncan Mrs Robert, 12 South st 
Duncan Mrs Matthew, 2 Brachelston st 
Duncan Mrs, it Crescent st 
Duncan Mrs, Rosebank, Cardwell rd 
DUNLEVEY Mrs D., 60 Ann st 
DUNDAS John, labourer, 30 Sir Michael st 
Dundas Michael, mason, 5 Brachelston st 
DUNLOP Allan, grocer, 51 Princes st, Port-Glasgow. Ho. 

48 South st 
Dunlop Allan, labourer, 105 Port-Glasgow rd 
Dunlop David J. & Co., engineers and shipbuilders, Inch 

Works, Port-Glasgow 
Dunlop David J. (of David J. Dunlop & Co.), Hilden, Port- 
Dunlop George, wine and spirit merchant, 10 East breast. 

Ho. 153 Eldon st 
Dunlop James, boilermaker, 3 Belville st 
Dunlop M. F. & Murray, writers and notaries public, 2 

Church pi 
Dunlop M. F. (of M. F. Dunlop & Murray), Glenview, 95 

Newton st 


Dunlop Robert, labourer, 7 Carwood st 

Dunlop Thomas, engineer, 7 Holmscroft st 

Dunlop William,, restaurant, 12 Sugarhouse lane 

Dunlop Miss, lodgings, 3 Brougham st 

Dunlop Mrs John, 27 Ardgowan st, west 

DUNN A. C, engineer, 95 Belville st 

Dunn Andrew, bookseller and stationer, 35 

Cathcart st. (See Advt.) 
Dunn Archibald Campbell, hatter and hosier, 37 Hamilton 

st. Ho. 15 Newton st 
Dunn James, brassmoulder, 36 Lynedoch st 
Dunn Jeremiah, musician, 96 Dempster st 
Dunn John, boilermaker, 71 Roxburgh st 
Dunn Peter, patternmaker, 36 Lynedoch st 
Dunn Thomas, clerk, 91 Belville st 
Dunn Frank, reporter, 20 Trafalgar st 
Dunn Miss, teacher, 6 Ardgowan st, west 
Dunn Mrs Andrew, 13 Nelson st, west 
DUNN AN Sam, carpenter, 26 East Crawford st 
DUNNING John, carpenter, 18 St. Lawrence st 
DUNSMORE Mrs William, 29 Crescent st 
DUNSMUIR Alexander, engineer, 30 Kelly st 
DURKIN H. R., forwarding and commission agent, 4 East 

breast. Ho. 5 1 Brisbane st 
DUTHIE James, cooper, 17 Bentinck st 
Duthie James, 62 Regent st 
Duthie R. G., hairdresser, 12 Laird st, and 29 Rue-end st. 

Ho. 8 Brisbane st 
DYER John, labourer, 39 Holmscroft st 
Dyer Mrs John, 4 Kilblain st 
DYKES Miss, 54 Brougham st 
DYNAN Mrs, 51 Belville st 

EADIE Andrew, brakesman, 22 Pottery st 

Eadie David, brakesman, 93 Dempster st 

Eadie Forbes, superintendent of police, police chambers. 

Ho. 32 Ann st 
Eadie Robert, stoker, 78 Belville st 
EADS Angus, gilder, 18 St. Lawrence st 


EAGER J. B. (Inland Revenue), 36 South st 

EAGLE Foundry, 28 Baker st 

EAGLESHAM James, blacksmith, 12 Murdieston st 

EAGLESOM Hugh, engineer, 36 South st 

EARL Robert, labourer, 79 Dempster st 

EAST-END Co-operative Society, Limited, grocers, bakers, 

drapers, and boot and shoe makers, 18 East Crawford 

st. Branches — 46 East Hamilton st and 105 Port- 
Glasgow rd 
East-End Medical Hall, 63 Rue-end st 
East Parish Church, 7 Regent st 
EASTERN Hall, 13 John st 
EASTMAN'S (Limited), butchers, 17 Hamilton st and 19 

Cathcart st 
EASTON Daniel M'Queen, hairdresser and perfumer, 4 

Argyle st. Ho. 21 Newton st 
Easton David, pansman, 31 Ingleston st 
Easton Robert & Co., hay, straw, and grain merchants, 12 

Charles st 
Easton Robert (of Robert Easton & Co.), 1 Armadale pi 
Easton Robert F., clerk, 66 Wellington st 
EDELSTEN Richard, tobacconist, commission agent, and 

branch post-office, 29 Brougham st. Ho. 8 Glen st 
EDGAR George, painter and decorator, 24 Union st. 

Ho. do. 
Edgar James, messenger, Post Office. Ho. 93 Roxburgh st 
Edgar John, boot and shoe maker, 32 East Shaw st. Ho. 

71 Wellington st 
Edgar William, labourer, 41 Holmscroft st 
Edgar W T illiam, leather merchant, 3 William st and 54 Shaw 

st. Ho. 66 Kelly st 
EDINGTON Adam B., painter, 32 Nelson st, west 
EDISON Bell Phonographic Corporation. Agent— James 

Wright, 32 Inverkip st 
EDMISTON Allan, clerk, 9 East Blackhall st 
Edmiston George, scale, beam, and weighing machine 

maker, 4 Dalrymple st 
EDNIE Andrew, engineer, 5 Belville st 
EDWARDS Archibald, joiner, 10 Nile st 
Edwards James, engineer, 31 Nelson st, west 
Edwards John, boilermaker, 62 Drumfrochar rd 
Edwards Simon, jun., sugarboiler, 21 Nelson st, west 


Edwards Simon, sugarboiler, 4 South st 

Edwards William, boltmaker, 9 Argyle st 

EGELSON James, broker, 60 Main st 

EILERT Frederick, hairdresser, 14 Cathcart st. Ho. 31 
Roxburgh st 

ELDER John, timekeeper, 80 Belville st 

Elder Lewis, engineer, 3 Argyle st 

ELLIOT Charles, 14 Bruce st 

Elliot Henry, carpenter, 32 East Hamilton st 

Elliot Hugh, labourer, 1 Duncan st 

Elliot James, insurance agent, 91 Belville st 

Elliot Samuel, cooper, 24 Bruce st 

Elliot Thomas L., letterpress printer, West Burn sq. Ho. 
72 Wellington st 

Elliot William, labourer, 126 Drumfrochar rd 

ELLIOTT Adam, sanitary officer, 14 Bruce st 

Elliott Miss, matron of S.G.F.S., 5 George sq 

ELLIS James, shoemaker, 44 Brymner st. Ho. 38 do. 

Ellis Robert, carpenter, 1 1 Lyle st 

ELRICK John, hairdresser, 6 Cross-shore st. Ho. 23 
Trafalgar st 

ELTRINGHAM John, tugboatmaster, 15 Lynedoch st 

ELWARD Archibald, blacksmith, 58 Lynedoch st 

EMSLIE James, brassfinisher, 57 Belville st 

ENGELBERT & Co., London, oil merchants and manu- 
facturers, patentees and sole manufacturers of Engel- 
bert's lubricator— Agent for Scotland, R. Edelsten ; 
stores, 29 Brougham st, Greenock 

ENGLISH William, caulker, 3 Mackenzie st 

EPISCOPAL (S. John's) Church, 10 Union st 

ERSKINE D. M. (of Greenock Feltwork Co.), Finnart grove 

Erskine George, slater, plasterer, and cement worker, 10 
Terrace rd. Ho. 3 Carnock st 

Erskine James, tenter, 43 Lynedoch st 

Erskine Orr Memorial Mission Hall, Crawfurd st, Glebe 

Erskine Peter, grocer, 58 Kelly st 

Erskine Mrs, grocer, 23 Main st 

EVANGELICAL Union Church, Mearns st 

Evangelical Union Church, Nelson st, west 

EVANCELISTIC Union Christian Mission and 
Music Hall Services, 39 Hamilton st — W. 
Lyon Fisher, A.M.I.M.E., Hon. Treasurer 


EVANS John, confectioner, 17 Ann st and 24 West 

Blackhall st 
Evans John, potter, 24 Pottery st 

Evans Rees k Becket, professor of music, 45 Brisbane st 
Evans Thomas, caretaker, Mansion House, 1 Ardgowan sq 
Evans William, labourer, 31 Ingleston st 
Evans Mrs Elizabeth, Lome pi, 54 Brougham st 
EVENING Home for Girls, 27 W T est Stewart st 
" Evening News " Branch Office, 1 Watt pi 
EVERETT Joseph, tugboatman, 5 Lynedoch st 
EWART James, carter, 1 Kilblain buildings 
Ewart Thomas, labourer, 9 Lyle st 
Ewart W. H., police constable, 10 Hope st 
EWING Alexander, ironturner, 78 Belville st 
Ewing George T., carpenter, 38 East Hamilton st 
Ewing Robert & Co., merchants and commission agents, 

Ewing James, joiner, Gibbshill ter, Port-Glasgow rd 
Ewing William, 55 Drumfrochar rd 
Ewing William, 41 Holmscroft st 

Ewing Miss E. L., fruiterer, 13 Union st. Ho. 3 Kelly si 
Ewing Mrs James, 3 Kelly st 
EYE Infirmary, 12 Nelson st, west 

FACULTY of Procurators' Library, County buildings, 
Nelson st, west 

FAERDER Steamship Co., Limited— T. O. Hunter & Co., 
agents, 13 Hamilton st 

FAID John, H.M. Customs, 12 Brisbane st 

Faid Robert, butcher, 46 Ann st. Ho. 95 Dempster st 

FAIRBAIRN James, skinner, 5 East Crawford st 

FAIRGRIEVE Andrew & Sons, registered plumbers, brass- 
founders, tinsmiths, and gasfitters, 6 West breast 

Fairgrieve James M'L. (of A. Fairgrieve & Sons), 7 Robert- 
son st 

Fairgrieve Thomas, gateman, 49 Lynedoch st 

Fairgrieve Mrs John B., 7 Robertson st 

FAIRLIE Mrs James, 48 Lynedoch st 

Fairlie Robert P., assistant inspector of poor, 35 West 
Blackhall st 


FAIRMAN Edward, bank porter, Union Bank of Scotland, 

2 Church pi 
FALCONER Joseph, engineer, 51 Belville st 
Falconer Robert, brassfinisher, 22 Arthur st 
Falconer William, labourer, 112 Drumfrochar rd 
Falconer William, plumber, 87 Roxburgh st 
FALLON Miss C, dressmaker, 66 Wellington st 
FARISH George, engine driver, 17 Brougham st 
FARMER Hugh, slater, 23 East Shaw st 
FARQUHAR & Co. J. M., chemists and druggists, 14 

Lynedoch st 
Farquhar James Boyd, sugar buyer, 30 Brisbane st 
Farquhar John M'Kelvie, dispensing chemist, 10 West 

Blackball st. Ho. 10 Ardgowan sq 
Farquhar Mrs William, 34 Brisbane st 
FARQUHARSON William, engineer, 95 Belville st 
Farquharson William, jun., engineer, 97 Belville st 
Farquharson Mrs Alex., grocer, 80 Belville st. Ho. 17 do. 
Farquharson Mrs, 14 South st 
FARRELL James, grocer and provision merchant, 52 East 

Hamilton st. Ho. do. 
Farrell Patrick, engineman, Overton 
Farrell Robert, grocer, 15 Main st. Ho. do. 
FELTON John, 35 Finnart st 

FENTON Andrew, Assistant Superintendent — 
Prudential Assurance Co., Limited, 8 West 
Blackhall st. Ho. 1 1 Dempster st 
Fenton David, pilot master, Princes Pier. Ho. Maryville, 

Victoria rd, Gourock 
FERGUS & M'KIM, portrait, marine, and com- 
mercial photographic artists, 36 West Black- 
hall st, and 23 Argyle st, Rothesay 
Fergus James, commission agent, 32 Ardgowan st, west 
Fergus William (of Fergus & M'Kim) Rosebank, Dunoon 
FERGUSON Alexander, engineer, 20 Antigua st 
Ferguson Alexander, jun., (of Ferguson & Letham), 55 

Union st 
Ferguson Alexander, 55 Union st 

Ferguson Alexander Bell, solicitor, 157 St Vincent st, Glas- 
gow. Ho. 20 Finnart st 
Ferguson Archibald D. (of Glen & Ferguson), Lynden, 


Ferguson & Co., sailmakers, Roslin st, Glebe 

Ferguson & Letham, shipowners and insurance brokers, 29 

Cathcart st 
Ferguson Charles, grocer, 40 Brymner st. Ho. 21 Union st 
Ferguson Colin, blockmaker, 9 Ratho st 
Ferguson Daniel, grocer and provision merchant, 5 West 

Stewart st. Ho. 66 Holmscroft st 
Ferguson Donald, boatman, 36 St Lawrence st 
Ferguson Donald, blacksmith, 38 West Stewart st 
Ferguson Donald, clerk, 73 Holmscroft st 
Ferguson Donald, gas inspector, 73 Nicolson st 
Ferguson Donald, hammerman, 85 Belville st 
Ferguson Dugald, joiner, 43 Holmscroft st 
Ferguson Edward, engineer, 29 Ardgowan st, west 
Ferguson Finlay, carpenter, 10 Carnock st 
Ferguson Frederick, painter, 1 1 1 Dempster st 
Ferguson George, confectioner, 31 Cathcart st. Ho. 34 

West Blackhall st 
Ferguson George, engineer, 2 Antigua st 
Ferguson Henry, painter, 5 Hope st 
Ferguson Henry H. (of Ferguson & Co.), 55 Union st 
Ferguson Hugh, grocer, 23 Charles st. Ho. 6 Ardgowan 

st, west 
Ferguson James, coppersmith, 9 Roxburgh st 
Ferguson James, dyer, 26 East Crawford st 
Ferguson James, labourer, 80 Dempster st 
Ferguson James M., engineer, 14 Wellington st 
Ferguson John, manager (Cockburn's drug store, 33 

Cathcart st), 15 Finnart st 
Ferguson John, clerk, 10 South st 
Ferguson John, cooper, 71 Ann st 
Ferguson John, engineer, 20 Lynedoch st 
Ferguson John, joiner, 51 Kelly st 
Ferguson John, railway guard, 2 1 Newton st 
Ferguson John, wood moulder, 5 Lauriston st 
Ferguson John Anderson, R.N., governor, Sir Gabriel Wood's 

Mariners' Asylum, Newark st 
Ferguson Neil, carrier, 73 Holmscroft st 
Ferguson Peter, confectioner, 31 East Crawford st 
Ferguson Robert, boltmaker, 10 Baker st 
Ferguson Robert, bolt-screwer, 10 Lyle st 
Ferguson Robert, joiner, 56 Lynedoch st 


Ferguson Thomas, boilermaker, 16 Serpentine walk 

Ferguson Thomas, caulker, 29 Ann st 

Ferguson Thomas, policeman, 6 Lyle st 

Ferguson Thomas, superintendent, British Legal Assurance 

Co., 56 Lynedoch st. Ho. do. 
Ferguson William, brassfinisher, 23 Trafalgar st 
Ferguson William, butcher, 9 Newton st. Ho. 6 Lyle st 
Ferguson William, ironmonger, tinsmith, and gasfitter, 14 

West Burn st and 2 Inverkip st. Ho. 67 Nicolson st 
Ferguson William George, 15 Finnart st 
Ferguson Jane and Henrietta, grocers, 62 Ann st. Ho. 20 

Antigua st 
Ferguson Miss M., greengrocer, 73 Roxburgh st 
Ferguson Mrs E., confectioner, 35 West Blackhall st. Ho. 

34 West Blackhall st 
Ferguson Mrs Hugh, 6 Ardgowan st, west 
Ferguson Mrs John, 26 Trafalgar st 
Ferguson Mrs, dressmaker, 10 Antigua st 
Ferguson Mrs, furnishings, 44 Inverkip st 
Ferguson Mrs, 103 Belville st 
Ferguson Mrs, 53 Holmscroft st 
FERNLEY John, foreman, 5 Prospecthill st 
FERNS Charles, engineer, 1 East William st 
Ferns Mrs James, greengrocer, 54 St. Lawrence st 
FERRIE Patrick, engineer. 41 Lynedoch st 
FERRIER Alexander, foreman mason, 36 Mount Pleasant st 
FERRIS William, labourer, 52 East Hamilton st 
FETTES James, ropespinner, 60 Ann st 
FIELDING Alexander, carpenter, 40 St. Lawrence st 
Fielding David, teacher, 25 Nelson st, west 
Fielding William, wine and spirit merchant, horse-shoe bar, 

10 Kilblain st. Ho. 19 Newton st 
Fielding Mrs Alexander, 40 St. Lawrence st 
FILSHIE George, dairyman, Kilnford dairy, 15 Roxburgh 

FILSHILL James, boilermaker, 34 East Crawford st 
Filshill Stewart, boilermaker, 95 Belville st 
FINDLAY & Co., ironmongers, smiths, and gasfitters, 29 

West Burn st. Workshops, 7 West Blackhall st 
Findlay Alexander, blacksmith, 7 Mill st 
Findlay Dugald, carpenter, 1 Kilblain st 
Findlay James, joiner, 45 Crawfurd st 


Findlay John, blacksmith, i West Stewart st 

Findlay John, carter, 4 Nelson st, Glebe 

Findlay John (of Findlay & Co.), 26 Robertson st 

Findlay Thomas, ironmoulder, 55 Holmscroft st 

Findlay Mrs, 8 Hope st 

FINLAY A. Campbell (of Campbell Finlay & Co.), 62 

Finlay A. H., wholesale wine and spirit merchant, 9 Shaw st 

and branches 
Finlay Campbell & Co., warehouse-keepers and shipowners, 

12 Bogle st 
Finlay Duncan, mason, 8 Hope st 
Finlay Hugh, baker, 24 Wellington st 
Finlay James, irondriller, 3 Ropework st 
Finlay Thomas P., 61 Eldon st 
Finlay Mrs A. H., 56 Esplanade 
FINN John, labourer, 39 Holmscroft st 
FINNIE C, grocer, 25 Belville st. Ho. do. 
Finnie Daniel, painter, 5 Kilblain st 
Finnie James, moulder, 57 Belville st 
Finnie John, teacher, 38 East Hamilton st 
Finnie Peter, joiner, 73 Ann st 
Finnie Mrs Colin, 24 Bank st 
FIRTH John, woolsorter, 53 Drumfrochar rd 
FISCHER H. O., ship chandler, 29 Trafalgar st 
FISHER & Co., tanners, skinners, and wool merchants, 

Fisher Daniel, engine-driver, 3 Macdougall st 
Fisher James C. & Co., tailors, clothiers, outfitters, hatters, 

and hosiers, 12 Cathcart st 
Fisher John, boot and shoe warehouse, 96 Roxburgh st. 

Ho. 16 Mearns st 
Fisher John, joiner, 5 Roxburgh st 
Fisher John C., agent for Glasgow "Daily" and "Weekly 

Herald," and " Evening Times," 29 Cathcart st. Ho. 

24 South st 
Fisher Malcolm, clerk, i8a Trafalgar st 
Fisher Millar, stationmaster, Lynedoch station. Ho. 49 

Lynedoch st 
Fisher Peter B., shipmaster, 53 Brisbane st 
Fisher Thomas, dispensing chemist, 97 Roxburgh st. Ho. 

10 Ardgowan st, west 


Fisher Walter Lyon, A.M.I.M.E. (at J. & R. Houston's), 20 

South st 
Fisher W. Bowman, surgeon-dentist, appointed 

dental surgeon to the Greenock Infirmary. 

Consulting rooms and house, 6 George sq. 

Telephone No. 358. (See Advt.) 
Fisher William A. (of Fisher & Co.), 40 Forsyth st 
Fisher William T., clerk, Eddlewood pi 
Fisher Miss, dressmaker, 42 Lynedoch st 
Fisher Miss, teacher of deaf and dumb, 5 Roxburgh st 
Fisher Mrs Peter, 42 Lynedoch st 
Fisher Mrs R. F., 40 Forsyth st 
Fisher Mrs Thomas, 20 South st 
Fisher Mrs, 40 Nicolson st 

FITZGERALD Michael, gunner, R.N., 27 Trafalgar st 
Fitzgerald Thomas, flesher, 3 Holmscroft st 
FITZPATRICK Patrick, causewayer, 41 Hamilton st 
Fitzpatrick William, 51 Holmscroft st 
FLANNERY Thomas, superintendent, British and General 

Assurance Co., Ltd., 2 Watt pi. Ho. 20 Wellington st 
FLANNIGAN John, 25 West Burn st 
Flannigan Mrs Mary, 36 West Blackhall st 
Flannigan Mrs, 29 Bank st 

FLEMING A. M. (of Fleming, Reid & Co.), 65 Esplanade 
Fleming & Smith, warehousemen, 14 Cathcart st 
Fleming David, clerk, 32 Mount Pleasant st 
Fleming Dugald, labourer, 13 Regent st 
Fleming Edward, plumber, 25 Mount Pleasant st 
Fleming George, carpenter, 39 Holmscroft st 
Fleming Henry, flesher, 27 Charles st. Ho. 57 Belville st 
Fleming Humphrey, engineer, 19 Ingleston st 
Fleming James (of Fleming, Reid & Co.), Hazlewood, 39 

Eldon st 
Fleming John, butcher, 21 Belville st 
Fleming John, plumber, 49 Rue-end st 
Fleming John, salesman, 18 Inverkip st 
Fleming John, shipmaster, 18 Bentinck st 
Fleming John R. M., family grocer and provision merchant, 

17 Cathcart st. Ho. 14 Ardgowan st, west 
Fleming John R. (of Laurie and Fleming), 73 Nicolson 

Fleming Matthew, engineer, 9 Nelson st, west 


Fleming, Reid & Co., merchants, worsted spinners, and 

hosiery manufacturers, Shaws Water Worsted Mills, 

Drumfrochar rd 
Fleming Robert, coppersmith, 2 Holmscroft st 
Fleming Miss, fancy goods bazaar, 13 West Blackhall st. 

Ho. 27 Nelson st, west 
Fleming Miss, lodgings, 16 Cathcart st 
Fleming Miss, 28 Bank st 
Fleming Mrs Daniel, 28 Trafalgar st 
Fleming Mrs Matthew, 14 Ardgowan st, west 
Fleming Mrs, 27 Nelson st, west 
FLETCHER A., assurance agent, 25 Newton st 
Fletcher Alexander, engineer, 20 Brisbane st 
Fletcher Alexander, salesman, 53 Regent st 
Fletcher Donald, sailmaker, 4 Watt st 
Fletcher Dugald, porter, 66 Wellington st 
Fletcher John, sugarboiler, 19 South st 
Fletcher John, sugar sampler, 39 Holmscroft st 
Fletcher Malcolm, baker, 24 West Stewart st 
Fletcher Miles, boilermaker, 27 Lynedoch st 
Fletcher Mrs Peter, 36 Crescent st 

FLETT Alfred, grocer, 31 Vennel. Ho. 25 Nelson st, west 
FLOCKHART James L. (of John Gillies & Flockhart), 71 

Nicolson st 
Flockhart Mrs Isabella, 71 Nicolson st 
Flockhart Mrs John, bookseller and stationer, 8 West 

Blackhall st. Ho. 25 Robertson st 
Flockhart Mrs John, 27 Patrick st 
FLOOD John, boilermaker, 53 Holmscroft st 
Flood Mrs, 75 Wellington st 

FOGGARTY James, fishermonger, 40 Ann st. Ho. do. 
FOOTE James, patternmaker, 15 Lauriston st 
FORBES A., manager, Maypole Dairy Co. Ho. 22 South st 
Forbes Alexander, cabinetmaker, 64 Wellington st 
Forbes Alexander, miller, 11 Lynedoch st 
Forbes George, caulker, 4 Sinclair st 
Forbes Hugh, engineer, 59 Rue-end st 
Forbes James, sugarboiler, 75 Holmscroft st 
Forbes John, commercial traveller, 1 7 Newton st 
Forbes John, engineman, 30 Wellington st 
Forbes John, musicseller, 15 West Blackhall st. Ho. 39 

Ardgowan st. west 


Forbes Neil, engineer, 89 Belville st 

Forbes R. S. (of Wallace, Forbes & Co.), 31 Finnart st 

Forbes Mrs William, grocer, 2 1 Ingleston st 

FORD James, signalman, 14 Wellington st 

Ford John, labourer, 3 Belville st 

Ford Joseph, labourer, 18 Nicolson st 

Ford Miss, 12 Robertson st 

FORDYCE Lewis, gas meter inspector, 33 Crawfurd st. 

Ho. 12 Murdieston st 
FORM AN Robert J., boilermaker, 4 John st 
FORREST James, engineer, 18 St. Lawrence st 
Forrest John, merchant, 26 Crawfurd st. Ho. West Lodge, 

Forrest William, moulder, 7 East Crawford st 
Forrest William, moulder, 5 Serpentine Walk 
FORRESTER James (of Post Office), 20 Trafalgar st 
Forrester William, boilermaker, 2 St. Andrew st 
Forrester William, engineer, 50 Holmscroft st 
Forrester Mrs, 22 Lynedoch st 
FORSTER John, shipmaster, 9 Kelly st 
FORSYTH Alexander, joiner, 12 Murdieston st 
Forsyth James, joiner, 1 1 Dempster st 
Forsyth John, gateman, 4 Watt st 
Forsyth Roderick, spirit merchant, 9 Bearhope st. Ho. 12 

Murdieston st 
FORTUNE Alexander P., salesman and traveller, 71 

Nicolson st 
Fortune David, grocer, 1 1 Prospecthill st. Ho. 9 do. 
FORWELL Mrs W., 157 Eldon st 
FOSTER Charles, steward, 47 Crawfurd st 
Foster Edward, engineer, 1 Campsie ter 
Foster Edward B., carpenter, 3 Hope st 
Foster James, blacksmith, 17 John st 
Foster James, loftsman, 101 Port-Glasgow rd 
Foster Joseph, caulker, 32 Crescent st 
Foster Robert J., coachbuilder, 106 Dempster st 
Foster Robert P., boatbuilder, 99 Belville st 
Foster Wilson, painter, 9 Ratho st 
Foster Miss Jane, milliner, 21 Cathcart st. Ho. 99 

Belville st 
Foster Mrs H., 47 Crawfurd st 
FOTHERINGHAM Peter, engineer, 2 Macdougall st 


FOULDS Alexander, brassfounder and gasfitter, 2 East India 

breast. Ho. 8 Brisbane st 
Foulds James, brassfinisher, 3 St. Andrew st 
Foulds Matthew, brassfounder and gasfitter, 2 East India 

Foulds Matthew, checker, 13 Carwood st 
Foulds Mrs Agnes, wine and spirit merchant, 29 Main st 
Foulds Mrs, stationer and newsagent, 30 Cathcart st. Ho. 

8 Brisbane st 
Foulds Mrs, 36 South st 

FOWLER Alexander A., shipmaster, 40 Nelson st, west 
Fowler J. H., Carlogie, 37 Newark st 
Fowler William, boilermaker, 45 Holmscroft st 
Fowler William, joiner, to Mearns st 
Fowler William, labourer, 30 West Blackhall st 
rOW LIS Brothers, serated water manufacturers, 61 

Nicolson st 
Fowlis George (of Fowlis Brothers), 4 Mansionhouse lane 
Fowlis William (of Fowlis Brothers), 10 South st 
FOX Francis, restaurant, 36 West Blackhall st. Ho. do. 
Fox James, gasworker, 10 Carwood st 
Fox Rev. Michael, D.D., R.C clergyman, Wood cottage, 

Upper Crescent st 
FRAME James (of James Auld & Frame), 2 Bentinck st 
FRANCIS Hugh, traveller, 56 Regent st 
FRASER Alexander, moulder, r 1 Hill st 
Fraser David, engineer, 5 Hill st 

Fraser David (of Holm & Fraser), High Holm st, Port- 
Fraser Donald, prison warder, 5 Nelson st, west 
Fraser Donald, restaurant, 99 Port-Glasgow rd. Ho. 2 

Octavia st, Port-Glasgow 
Fraser Donald, riveter, 42 St Lawrence st 
Fraser James, joiner, 22 West Stewart st 
Fraser John, blacksmith, 5 1 Kelly st 
Fraser Robert, blacksmith, 15 Hope st 
Fraser William, engineer, 7 Belville st 
Fraser Miss Jessie, artist and teacher, 38 South st 
Fraser Miss, 9 Mount Pleasant st 
Fraser Mrs George, 7 Hope st 
Fraser Mrs John, Eddlewood pi 
Fraser Mrs, 15 Laird st 


Fraser Mrs, Yew cot, 6 Glen st 

FREDERICK Charles, bricklayer, 19 Bearhope st 

FREEDMAN A., tailor, 15 Cathcart st, and boot and shoe 

warehouse, 19 Cathcart st. Ho. 21 Lyle st 
Freedman David, picture framer, 8 Cross-shore st 
FRENCH Andrew, railway foreman, 23 Dempster st 
FREW Robert A., engineer, 7 Dempster st 
FRIER James, accountant, British Linen Co. Bank. Ho. 

27 Robertson st 
FRY Robert, fish merchant, 69 Nicolson st 
Fry William, fish merchant, 40 Nelson st, west 
Fry William, fitter, 5 York st 
FULLARTON Hugh. Glencairn, 103 Finnart st 
Fullarton Rev. Archibald, minister of Cartsburn Church. 

Ho. n Caddlehill st 
Fullarton Thomas, labourer, 3 Broomhill st 
Fullarton William, ironmoulder, 5 Holmscroft st 
FULLERTON Alexander, salesman, 55 Holmscroft st 
FULTON & Co., wholesale stationers, 3 Grey pi 
Fulton D. & R., plumbers, gasfitters, sanitary and heating 

engineers, 34 West Blackhall st 
Fulton James, ironmonger, 52 Kelly st 
Fulton James (of P. MacCallum & Sons), 89 Brisbane st 
Fulton James, 53 Brougham st 
Fulton Robert, fitter, 64 Ann st 
Fulton Robert, shunter, 3 Brougham st 
Fulton William, engineer, 82 Belville st 
Fulton Miss, 25 Bank st 
Fulton Miss, 2 1 Lynedoch st 
Fulton Mrs Alexander, 43 Lynedoch st 
Fulton Mrs Margaret, 14 Robertson st 
Fulton Mrs Samuel, 5 York st 
FURIE Patrick, teacher, 4 Mansionhouse lane 
FYFE Alexander, engineer, 103 Port-Glasgow rd 
Fyfe & Murray, writers and notaries public, 4 Argyle st 
Fyfe Charles, sawmiller, 97 Port-Glasgow rd 
Fyfe George, gardener, 53 Eldon st 
Fyfe Henry, commission agent, 1 Brymner st 
Fyfe James, engineer, 7 Lauriston st 
Fyfe John, tanner, 20 Bruce st 
Fyfe John P. (of Fyfe & Murray), Clerk of the Peace, 4 

Argyle st Ho. 103 Eldon st 


Fyfe Robert, late of H.M. Customs, i Hope st 
Fyfe William, currier, 8 Hope st 
Fyfe Mrs, 13 Forsyth st 
Fyfe Mrs, 26 Patrick st 

GAELIC Free Church, 14 Jamaica st 

Gaelic Parish Church, 2 West Stewart st 

GAHAGAN George, egg merchant, 30 Arthur st 

Gahagan Michael, riveter, 53 Main st 

Gahagan Mrs, 25 John st 

GAINES Thomas, coachman, 17 Madeira st 

GALBRAITH Archibald, boilermaker, 21 Main st 

Galbraith Archibald, engineer, 32 St Lawrence st 

Galbraith Archibald, sawyer, 14 Trafalgar st 

Galbraith Duncan, carter, 100 Port-Glasgow rd 

Galbraith George, salesman, 30 Kelly st 

Galbraith John, insurance agent, 24 Patrick st 

Galbraith John, tanner, 61 Belville st 

Galbraith Malcolm, seaman, 19 Captain st 

Galbraith Neil, caulker, 23 Ingleston st 

Galbraith William, fireman, 24 Belville st 

Galbraith Miss Margaret, dressmaker, 40 Nicolson st 

Galbraith Mrs Duncan, 30 Brymner st 

Galbraith Mrs Janet, 40 Nicolson st 

Galbraith Mrs, 64 Drumfrochar rd 

GALBREATH John & Son, sugar samplers, 8 West Quay 

Galbreath John, jun., baker, 41 West Blackhall st. Ho. 5 

Kelly st 
Galbreath Lachlan, cooper, 32 West Stewart st 
Galbreath Murdoch, shop manager, Fleming, Reid & Co. 

Ho. 25 Brisbane st 
Galbreath William, baker, 24 West Stewart st 
Galbreath Mrs John, jun., 77 Finnart st 
Galbreath Mrs, 47 Brougham st 
GALE John, labourer, 35 West Shaw st 
Gale John S., captain, H.M.S. "Starling," 13 Newton st 
Gale Mrs John, ladies' nurse, 35 West Shaw st 
GALL Mrs R,, 24 South st 


GALLACHER James, boilermaker, 14 Terrace rd 

Gallacher James, carpenter, 20 St. Lawrence st 

Gallacher James, coal merchant, 5 Nile st 

Gallacher John, labourer, 27 Vennel 

Gallacher John, labourer, 66 Wellington st 

Gallacher William, riveter, 21 Bearhope st 

Gallacher Michael, assurance agent, 52 Regent st 

Gallacher Mrs A., fishmonger, 12 Arthur st 

Gallacher Mrs Barbara, wine and spirit merchant, 15 

Clarence st. Ho. 8 West Blackball st 
Gallacher Mrs James, 9 Cross-shore st 
Gallacher Mrs William, saleroom, 1 Rue-end st. Ho. do. 
Gallacher Mrs William, wine and spirit merchant, 2 

Buccleuch st. Ho. 73 Nicolson st 
Gallacher Mrs William, 86 Belville st 
Gallacher Mrs, confectioner, 1 Lauriston st 
GALLAGHER Charles, labourer, 41 Nicolson st 
Gallagher Charles, 1 Lauriston st 
GALLOWAY Alexander, labourer, 3 Mackenzie st 
Galloway Allan, M.D., physician and surgeon. Consulting 

rooms, 32 Hamilton st. Ho. 4 Lyle st 
Galloway James, engineer, 4 John st 
Galloway James, engineer, 41 Roxburgh st 
Galloway William, labourer, 16 Dalrymple st 
Galloway Mrs Robert, 64 Kelly st 
Galloway Mrs, confectioner, 14 West Blackhall st. Ho. 39 

Brisbane st 
GALT Archibald, tailors' cutter, 22 Wellington st 
Gait David, brassmoulder, 16 Hope st 
Gait James, manager of Western Loan Office, 60 Vennel. 

Ho. 91 Dempster st 
Gait Mrs Robert, pawnbroker and outfitter, 51 Main st. 

Ho. 40 South st 
GAMBLE Thomas, irondriller, 53 Belville st 
Gamble William John, labourer, 13 Lauriston st 
GARDINER James & Co., shipowners and shipbrokers — 

C. G. Macara, agent, 4 East breast 
Gardiner Mrs Archibald, basket, brush, and toy warehouse, 

16 West Blackhall st. Ho. 3 Argyle st 
GARDNER Arthur, moulder, 4 Garvald st 
Gardner Robert, builder, 13 Murdieston st 
Gardner Robert, slater, 16 Bruce st 


Gardner William John, caulker, 101 Port-Glasgow rd 
GARRITY John, irondriller, 3 Crescent st 
GARROD Mrs, 41 West Blackhall st 
GARVAN William, policeman, 26 Trafalgar st 
GARVEN John W., billposter, 18 Inverkip st 
GATHERER Andrew, engine-fitter, 51 Belville st 
Gatherer Peter, seed, grain, general merchant and wool agent, 

21 and 23 Crawfurd st. Ho. Roseneath house, 97 

Eldon st 
GAULDIE Mrs R. L., 26 Newton st 
GAVIN Michael, labourer, 42 East Hamilton st 
GAY Walter, agent for Singer sewing machines, 77 Roxburgh 

st. Ho. 75 Holmscroft st 
GAZE William, grocer, 14 Lynedoch st. Ho. 31 Regent st 
GEBBIE & Co., opticians, nautical instrument 

makers, and compass adjusters, 28 Cathcart 

Gebbie Hugh, salesman, 13 Carwood st 
Gebbie Thomas, warper, 61 Ann st 
Gebbie William W. (of Gebbie & Co.), 28 Robertson st 
Gebbie Mrs, 2 Carwood st 

GEDDES Alexander, brakesman, 5 Prospecthill st 
Geddes William, upholsterer, 69 Regent st 
GEMMELL Alexander, M.A., rector of the Academy 
Gemmell Alexander, labourer, 9 Belville st 
Gemmell James, labourer, 64 Ann st 
Gemmell James A., hallkeeper, 19 Crawfurd st 
Gemmell Mrs, 61 Nicolson st 
GEMMIL Andrew, blockmaker, 2 Mackenzie st 
GENERAL Steam Navigation Co., Customhouse quay — 

A. M'Killop, agent 
GEORGE Square Baptist Church 
George William J., carter, 42 Roxburgh st 
George Mrs Patrick, 18 Dalrymple st 
George Mrs, 3 Lauriston st 

GERDES August A., sugarboiler, 25 West Blackhall st 
GERRARD James, spirit merchant, 36 Inverkip st. Ho. 

6 Salmon st 
GETTY Robert, sugarboiler, 19 Wellington st 
Getty Samuel, spirit merchant, 14 Market st. Ho. 30 

Wellington st 
GIBB John, fitter, 12 Lynedoch st 


Gibb David, joiner, 56 Kelly st 

Gibb William, coppersmith, 20 Wellington st 

Gibb Miss, confectioner, 54 Ann st. Ho. 24 Wellington st 

Gibb Mrs Walter, 16 Robertson st 

Gibb Mrs, 32 Kelly st 

Gibb Mrs, 13 Mount Pleasant st 

GIBBS Miss Ann, 17 Nelson st, west 

Gibbs Mrs Fanny, 3 Customhouse pi 

GIBSON Andrew, mill worker, Overton. 

Gibson David, boilermaker, 5 Lynedoch st 

Gibson David, engineer, 13 Ingleston st 

Gibson Duncan, carpenter, 30 St. Lawrence st 

Gibson George & Co. (of Leith), 4 East Breast 

Gibson George, manager, 46 Kelly st 

Gibson Henry, postman, 6 Holmscroft st 

Gibson John, blacksmith, 39 Sir Michael st 

Gibson John, joiner, 75 Regent st 

Gibson John, manager, 13 Murdieston st 

Gibson Walter & Co., lathsplitters, 8 South st 

Gibson Walter (of Walter Gibson & Co.), 8 South st 

Gibson William, shipbroker, 12 Patrick st 

Gibson William L., assurance agent, 17 Lynedoch 

st. Ho. do. 
GILBERT George, slater, 94 Dempster st 
GILCHRIST John, boilermaker, 66 East Hamilton st 
Gilchrist John, clothier, 37 Hamilton st. Ho. 15 Newton st 
Gilchrist John, tailor, 34 Mount Pleasant st 
Gilchrist Neil, joiner, 1 1 Regent st 
Gilchrist Peter, plasterer, 6 Mount Pleasant st 
Gilchrist William, draper and clothier, 8 and 1 2 William st 

Ho. 22 Finnart st 
Gilchrist Elizabeth T., physician and surgeon, 22 Finnart st 
Gilchrist Misses, ladies' and children's furnishing warehouse, 

25 West Blackhall st. Ho. 38 Brisbane st 
Gilchrist Miss, restaurant, railway station, Cathcart st. Ho. 

51 Brisbane st. (See Advt.) 
Gilchrist Mrs W., 38 Brisbane st 
Gilchrist Mrs, Gourock Toll-house 
GILKISON Mrs Walter P., 23 Ardgowan st, west 
GILL AN Daniel, labourer, 39 Holmscroft st 
Gillan James, fish merchant, 94 Roxburgh st 
Gillan James, tailor, 70 Ann st 


Gillan John, labourer, 126 Drumfrochar rd 
GILLANDER Mrs, ladies' nurse, 24 Bruce st 
GILLANDERS William, mashman, n Inverkip st 
GILLESPIE Alexander (of Gillespie & Hunter), 52 Holm- 

scroft st 
Gillespie Alexander, storekeeper, 52 Holmscroft st 
Gillespie & Hunter, grain merchants, 28 Sugarhouse lane 
Gillespie James, boilermaker, 59 Ann st 
Gillespie James, joiner, 29 Dempster st 
Gillespie Mark, labourer, r8 Dalrymple st 
Gillespie John, slater, Gibbshill ter, Port-Glasgow rd 
GILLIES Alexander, porter, 12 Terrace rd 
Gillies Hector, porter, 21 Lynedoch st 
Gillies James, wine and spirit merchant, 14 Hamilton st. 

Ho. 17 Robertson st 
Gillies James W., professor of music, Elderslie, 4 Brougham 

Gillies James W., wine and spirit merchant, 61 Roxburgh st 
Gillies John & Flockhart, sheriff officers, and J. P. constables, 

25 West Burn st 
Gillies John, carpenter, 10 Carnock st 
Gillies John, carpenter, 37 Crawfurd st 
Gillies John, salesman, 65 Nicolson st 
Gillies Malcolm, insurance agent, 54 Wellington st 
Gillies Neil, slater and plasterer, 26 Roxburgh st. Ho. 7 

Bruce st 
Gillies Ninian, machinist, 8 Nicolson st 
Gillies Robert, vanman, 1 Ratho st 
Gillies William T., baker, 9 East Crawford st 
Gillies Miss, dressmaker, 56 Kelly st 
Gillies Mrs John, 2 Ford pi, Finnart st 
Gillies Mrs J. W., teacher of dancing and calisthenics, 

Elderslie, 4 Brougham st 
Gillies Mrs, greengrocer, 88 Roxburgh st 
Gillies Mrs, 76 Ann st 
Gillies Mrs, 25 Dempster st 
Gillies Mrs, 2 Murdieston st 
GILLILAN Samuel, labourer, 18 Inverkip st 
GILLILAND William, spirit dealer, 45 Inverkip st. Ho. 3 

Orangefield pi 
GILLORAN James L. (of John A. Macfarlane & Co.), 33 

Kelly st 



GILMORE A. & Son, fishmongers and poulterers, 21 West 
Blackhall st 

GILMOUR Archibald, carpenter, 23 Hamilton st 

Gilmour James, carpenter, 7 Ratho st 

Gilmour James, draughtsman, Rodgerton cot, Balwharly 

Gilmour James, grocer, 93 Roxburgh st 

Gilmour James, joiner, 4 Holmscroft st 

Gilmour James, joiner, 7 Hope st 

Gilmour James, labourer, 1 M'Lean's land, Ladyburn 

Gilmour James, potter, 20 Pottery st 

Gilmour Joseph, carpenter, 9 Mount Pleasant st 

Gilmour Robert, A M. Inst.C. E., water works engineer, 
Municipal buildings. Ho. Overton cot 

Gilmour R. S., engineer and steam yacht agent, 12 Brougham 
st. Ho. 75 Union st 

Gilmour Thomas, carpenter, 3 Regent st 

Gilmour Thomas, warehouseman, 78 Dempster st 

GIRVAN Mrs William, 3 George sq 

GIVAN Mrs, 28 East Shaw st 

GIVEN Hugh A., joiner, 7 Hill st 

Given William, carter, 15 Brougham st 

GLASGOW and Greenock Shipping Co., towage, lighterage, 
and salvage contractors, Customhouse quay — Richard 
Blanche, manager 

Glasgow and Liverpool Screw Steam Shipping Co., 1 Cross- 
shore st— D. M'Dougall, agent 

Glasgow and South-Western Railway. Goods offices— 
Brougham st and Hope st 

Glasgow and South-Western Railway. Passenger stations — 
Princes Pier and Lynedoch st 

Glasgow and West of Scotland Society for the Prevention of 
Cruelty to Animals — Local inspector, Alex. Cruikshank, 
25 West Stewart st; Major Tannahill, local hon. secretary 
and treasurer, Commercial bank buildings. 
Glasgow Daily and Weekly Herald and Evening Times 
(newspapers). Office, 29 Cathcart st. J. C. Fisher, 
agent. Ho. 24 South st. Correspondent, R. M. Smith, 
Ho. Ferndean, Victoria rd, Gourock 
Glasgow Daily and Weekly Mail (newspapers). Office, 
Municipal buildings. I). Loudon, agent and corres- 
pondent. Ho. 44 Brisbane st 


Glasgow Evening and Weekly Citizen (newspapers). Branch 
office, 4 Mansionhouse lane. Neil M. Patrick, agent 
and correspondent 
Glasgow Evening News and Scottish Referee. Greenock 
office, i Watt pi. Alex. Downie, correspondent and 
agent. Ho. 17 Brisbane st. 

GLASS John, engineer, 3 Hill st 

Glass John, shipmaster, 25 Ardgowan st, west 

Glass Thomas, engineer, 7 Dempster st 

GLEBE Sugar Refining Company, sugar refiners. Offices, 
6 Grey pi 

GLEN & Ferguson, solicitors and notaries public, 13 
William st 

Glen James (of Glen & Ferguson), commissioner for English 
and Irish Courts, and agent for the British Linen 
Company's Bank, 13 William st. Ho. Lincluden, 19 
Octavia ter 

Glen John, blacksmith, 39 Ann st 

Glen Peter, tobacconist, 39 West Burn st 

Glen Miss, feuar, 1 Caddlehill st 

Glen Mrs Archibald, grocer, 33 Nelson st, west 

Glen Mrs James, grocer, 36 West Burn st 

Glen Mrs Mary, Rosehill, Cardwell rd 

GLENDINNING Mrs, 27 Lyle st 

GLENESK Charles B., cycle agent and repairer, t6 Wallace 
sq. Ho. 1 Ratho st 

Glenesk George, storekeeper, 24 St Lawrence st 

GLENIFFER Laundry, 4 Argyle st. Works — Paisley 

GLENNY David, labourer, 64 Ann st 

GLENPARK Steamship Company, Limited. J. & J. Den- 
holm, managers 

GLOVER James, labourer, 1 1 Crescent st 

GOEBERT Fred, fireman, 5 Mill st 

GOFF Mrs, 15 Mount Pleasant st 

GOLDIE James, dairy, no Drumfrochar rd 

Goldie James, engineer, 8 Kilblain st 

GOODHUGH Frederick, Sergt.-Major, 1st R. & D.V.A., 
18 West Burn st 

GOODMAN James, tailor, 62 Ann st 

GOODSON Robert & Co., Limited, mantle manufacturers, 
2 Hamilton st, J. Flynn, manager 

GOODWIN Mrs, 21 Bruce st 


GORDON Alexander, shoemaker, 22 Bearhope st 

Gordon & Co., hatters, hosiers, and glovers. 31 Hamilton st. 

Ho. 1 Manse lane 
Gordon Andrew, labourer, 23 Trafalgar st 
Gordon Archibald, labourer, 3 York st 
Gordon Benjamin, plater, 2 Jamaica st 
Gordon David E., patternmaker, 15 Lauriston st 
Gordon George, riveter, 13 Crescent st 
Gordon Harry, labourer, 50 East Hamilton st 
Gordon James, architectural and monumental stone carver, 

6 South st 
Gordon James, engineer, 12 Regent st 
Gordon James, Trinity channel pilot, 30 South st 
Gordon James John, wine and spirit merchant, 3 St. Andrew 

st. Ho. 1 1 Lyle st 
Gordon J. & A., nurserymen, seedsmen, and florists, 35 to 

41 Brougham st 
Gordon John, flesher, 9 Main st. Ho. 7 do. 
Gordon John, flesher, 61 Vennel. Ho. 6 Sir Michael st 
Gordon John, H. M. Customs, 7 Murdieston st 
Gordon John (of J. & A. Gordon), 41 Brougham st 
Gordon John, sugar refiner, 81 Brisbane st 
Gordon Malcolm, boatman, 25 Brymner st 
Gordon Peter, labourer, 33 Ingleston st 
Gordon Peter, moulder, 3 Belville st 
Gordon Robert, boatbuilder, 43 Holmscroft st 
Gordon Thomas, riveter, 87 Belville st 
Gordon William, H.M.C, 18 Kelly st 
Gordon William, shipmaster, 32 South st 
Gordon Miss Ann, 12 Murdieston st 
Gordon Misses, dressmakers, 19 Ardgowan st, west 
Gordon Mrs G., flesher, 52 East Hamilton st. Ho. 2 

Mackenzie st 
Gordon Mrs George, 38 Brisbane st 
Gordon Mrs James, 6 Nelson st, west 
Gordon Mrs, 16 Port-Glasgow rd 
GORMAN James, spirit merchant, 6 Ann st. Ho. 10 

Shaw pi 
Gorman William, labourer, 10 Mill st 
GOSNEL Thomas, plumber, in Dempster st 
GOSNELL Mrs C, 3 Argyle st 
GOTI Giuseppe, confectioner, 24 West Burn st 


GOUDIE Mrs, 65 Belville st 
GOURLAY Hugh, shoemaker, 20 St. Lawrence st 
Gourlay Robert, engineer, 40 Lynedoch st 
GOURLEY Mrs H., laundry, 38 St Lawrence st 
GOUROCK Ropework Co., cordage, sailcloth, and water- 
proof cloth manufacturers, 1 Cross-shore st — R. Ward, 

Gourock Steam Laundry Co., Limited, Card well 

rd, Gourock 
GOVAN Andrew, painter, 1 2 Brymner st 
Govan David, boilermaker, 16 Arthur st 
Govan Quintin, painter, 67 Nicolson st 
GOW John, joiner, 18 Hope st 
Gow Joseph, carter, 5 Newton st 
Gow William, clerk, 99 Dempster st 
Gow William, cooper, i8a Trafalgar st 
GOWANS Andrew, 1 Mearns st 
GRAGSON William, policeman, 26 Bruce st 
GRAHAM Alexander, hairdresser, 22 Inverkip st. Ho. 95 

Roxburgh st 
Graham Archibald, labourer, 66 Regent st 
Graham David, plater, 16 Dalrymple st 
Graham David J., tailor, 5 Holmscroft st 
Graham Donald, carpenter, 45 Shaw st 
Graham Dugald, contractor, 5 Dellingburn sq. Ho. 5 

Antigua st 
Graham Duncan, agent, 13 Lynedoch st 
Graham Duncan, grocer and provision merchant, 34 

Lynedoch st 
Graham Duncan, labourer, 3 Hope st 
Graham Edward, carpenter, 7 Brisbane st 
Graham Edward, labourer, 5 Mill st 
Graham George, moulder, 52 St. Lawrence st 
Graham George, railway guard, 85 Dempster st 
Graham Hugh, grocer and provision merchant, 27 Hamilton 

st. Ho. 23 Ardgowan st, west 
Graham Hugh, jun., grocer and provision merchant, 3 

Rue-end st. Ho. 19 South st 
Graham H. W., superintendent, Prudential Assurance Co., 

Limited, 8 West Blackhall st. Ho. 44 Mearns st 
Graham James, blacksmith, 7 Ratho st 
Graham James, boilermaker, 12 Belville st 


Graham James, dealer in photographic chemicals and 

appliances, 5 Grey pi ; branch, 19 Cathcart st 
Graham James, glass merchant, glazier, stainer, and silverer, 

19 Cathcart st ; branch, 5 Grey pi. Ho. 3 Finnart st. 

(See Advt.) 
Graham James T., grocer and provision merchant, 43 

Roxburgh st. Ho. 23 Ardgowan st, west 
Graham James Wylie, grocer and provision merchant, 29 

Roxburgh st. Ho. 25 Dempster st 
Graham John, B.A., London, headmaster Collegiate School, 

Avenue park, 95 Brisbane st 
Graham John, blacksmith, Balwharly rd 
Graham John, cooper, 39 Lynedoch st 
Graham John, grocer and provision merchant, 2 Antigua st. 

Ho. 45 Trafalgar st 
Graham John, sailmaker, 2 Kilblain st 
Graham Malcolm, cooper, 12 Nile st 
Graham Malcolm, vanman, 24 Bruce st 
Graham Murdoch, blacksmith, 4 Carwood st 
Graham Patrick, labourer, 18 Dalrymple st 
Graham Robert, labourer, 52 Wellington st 
Graham Robert, lithographer, 4 Bridge st, Paisley. Ho. 19 

Patrick st 
Graham Robert, postman, 19 Trafalgar st 
Graham Samuel, brakesman, 9 East Blackhall st 
Graham Thomas, tailor and clothier, 14 Hamilton st. Ho. 

27 Bank st 
Graham William, builder, 115 Dempster st 
Graham William, labourer, 57 Belville st 
Graham William, labourer, 8 Mearns st 
Graham William, manager, Old- Equitable Loan Office, 39 

Hamilton st. Ho. 73 Nicolson st 
Graham Miss, dressmaker, 37 Lynedoch st 
Graham Mrs, saleshop, 17 Tobago st. Ho. 32 do. 
Graham Mrs, 7 1 Roxburgh st 
GRAN A A., confectioner and restaurant, 26 West Blackhall 

st. Ho. 7 Newton st 
GRAND Colosseum Warehouse Co., warehousemen, 26 

West Blackhall st — Geo. Knox, manager, Alma villa, 

Cardwell rd, Gourock 
GRANT Alexander, assurance agent, 3 Holmscroft st 
Grant Alexander, watchmaker, 12 Laird st 


Grant Donald, fitter, 50 East Hamilton st 

Grant Dugald, sailmaker, 30 West Blackhall st 

Grant John & Co., clothiers, drapers, and milliners, Muni- 
cipal buildings, Hamilton st 

Grant John (of Grant & Co.), Greenhill, 75 Finnart st 

Grant Lachlan, grocer, 9 Nicolson st. Ho. do. 

Grant Neil, butter and egg merchant, 1 Manse lane. Ho. 
41 Lynedoch st 

Grant Patrick, architect and surveyor, 10 Kelly st 

Grant Rev. A. D., minister of Mount Park Free Church. 
Ho. Glenside, 89 Newton st 

Grant Thomas, badge porter, 6 West Blackhall st 

Grant Miss, 31 Nelson st, west 

Grant Misses C. & J., dressmakers, 27 Brougham st. Ho. 
6 West Blackhall st 

Grant Mrs Helen, 21 Nelson st, west 

Grant Mrs Janet, 5 West Stewart st 

Grant Mrs, 8 East breast 

GRAVES George C, brassfinisher, 5 Nile st 

Graves Mrs Thomas C, 76 Dempster st 

GRAY Alexander, labourer, 39 Holmscroft st 

Gray Daniel, depute harbour-master, 38 East Hamilton st 

Gray Daniel, joiner, 34 West Blackhall st 

Gray Duncan, sailmaker, 19 Bearhope st 

Gray John & Co., boot and shoe manufacturers, 16 Hamilton 
st— agent, J. M'Whirter, 12 Wellington st 

Gray John, engineer, 9 Lyle st 

Gray John, joiner, 37 Holmscroft st 

Gray John, joiner, 7 Hope st 

Gray John, labourer, 7 Bearhope st 

Gray John, riveter, 15 East Shaw st 

Gray Robert (of Williamson & Gray), 1 Union st 

Gray Robert, salesman, 5 Brachelston st 

Gray Thomas, riveter, 45 Shaw st 

Gray William, caulker, 85 Belville st 

Gray William, fireman, 3 Lauriston st 

Gray William, joiner, 12 Dalrymple st 

Gray William, labourer, 80 Belville st 

Gray William, labourer, 19 Ingleston st 

Gray William, provision merchant, 39 Hamilton st. Ho. 
28 Newton st 

Gray Miss Kerr, 80 Finnart st 


Gray Miss M., grocer, 41 Ann st. Ho. 22 Bank st 
Gray Mrs Donald, 4 Hill st 
Gray Mrs John, 2 Shaw pi 
Gray Mrs, 25 Brymner st 
Gray Mrs, 99 Port-Glasgow rd 
GREEN Matthew, grocer, 14 Market st 
Green Mrs James, 22 Pottery st 
GREENLAW Alexander, salesman, 3 Prospecthill st 
Greenlaw David, engineer, 5 Duncan st 
GREENLEES John, carpenter, 38 Main st 
Greenlees William, blockmaker, 14 Dalrymple st 
Greenlees Mrs John, 5 Kelly st 
GREENOCK Academy, 18 Nelson st, west 
Greenock Amalgamated Friendly Societies' Medical Associa- 
tion, 47 Regent st 
Greenock & District Model Building Society — Secretary, 

James Paterson, accountant, 13 Hamilton st 
Greenock Apothecaries Crated Water Co., Limited, aerated 

water manufacturers, 1 and 3 Laird st 
Greenock Apothecaries Co., wholesale and retail chemists 

and druggists, 28 Hamilton st 
Greenock Beetroot Sugar Association, 7 Exchange buildings 

— Secretary, William G. Harvey 
Greenock Branch Glasgow Evening News newspaper, 1 Watt pi 
Greenock Branch Glasgow Herald newspaper, 29 Cathcart st 
Greenock Branch North British Daily Mail, Municipal 

Greenock Branch Postmen's Federation — Duncan Buchanan, 

secretary, 9 Antigua st 
Greenock Building Company, Limited — Secretary, James 

Paterson, 13 Hamilton st 
Greenock Cabinetmaking Co., Limited, wholesale cabinet and 

chair manufacturers, 10 Nicolson st — Victor Bremner, 

manager, 53 Newton st 
Greenock (Central) Co-operative Society (Limited), grocers, 

bakers, butchers, drapers, milliners, dealers in boots, 

shoes, and hardware — central store, 16, 18, and 20 

Roxburgh st. Branches — 25 Lynedoch st, 26 Bruce 

st, 65 Ann st, 38 St. Lawrence st. Registered office, 

10 Mearns st. J. C. Weir, secretary 
Greenock Chamber of Commerce and Manufactures, 13 

William st — Wm. Hardie, C.A., secretary and treasurer 


Greenock Clothing Co., tailors and clothiers, 50 Cathcart st 

and 1 Cathcart sq 
Greenock Club, 21 Ardgowan sq 
Greenock Cricket Club, Glen park, Bedford st 
Greenock Distillery (R. Thorne & Sons, Ltd.), distillers, 27 

Tobago st 
Greenock East-end Co-operative Society, Limited, grocers, 

bakers, drapers, and shoemakers, t8 East Crawford st, 

46 East Hamilton st, and 105 Port-Glasgow rd 
Greenock Equitable Loan Co., pawnbrokers, 24 Hamilton st 
Greenock Felt Work Co., manufacturers of sheathing, 

roofing, and boiler felts, 10 East Hamilton st 
Greenock Foundry Co., engineers, boilermakers, and iron- 
founders, Greenock foundry, East Stewart st 
Greenock Gas Works, Inchgreen, Port-Glasgow rd — Clerk 

and Collector's office, Municipal buildings, Wallace sq 
Greenock Grain and Flour Mills, 16 Chapel st 
Greenock Harbour Trust, Secretary and General Manager's 

office, Municipal buildings, Wallace sq 
Greenock Harbour Trust, Traffic Agent's office, Municipal 

buildings, Wallace sq 
Greenock Harbour Trust, Treasurer's office, Municipal- 

buildings, Wallace sq 
Greenock Herald office, 40 Cathcart st 
Greenock Hospital and Infirmary, Inverkip st and Duncan 

st — G. Williamson, secretary 
Greenock Industrial Co-operative Society, Limited, grocers, 

drapers, &c, 18 Inverkip st, and branches at 5 Arthur 

st, 6 Belville st, and drapery, 58 Rue-end st 
Greenock Library, Watt Monument, 9 Union st 
Greenock Mechanics' Institution, 13 Sir Michael st 
Greenock Mineral Water Co., aerated water manufacturers, 

Waverley lane 
Greenock Operative Bakers— House of call, 8 Market st 
Greenock Operative Painters' Society, 13 East Shaw st 
Greenock Parish Council Offices, 36 Nicolson st 
Greenock Plate Glass Insurance Co., insurers of plate and 

sheet glass, 19 Cathcart st 
Greenock Provident Bank, 11 William st. (See Advt.) 
Greenock Provident Investment Co. Building Society, Post 

Office buildings — James Anderson, managing director ; 

Robert Dixon, secretary 


Greenock Railway Guaranteed Co. Office, 33 Cathcart st — 

Louson Walker, secretary 
Greenock Rope work Co., 43 Wellington st 
Greenock Rubber Co., waterproof and india-rubber manu- 
facturers, 13 Hamilton st. (See Advt.) 
Greenock Steamship Co. (Limited), shipowners, 1 Cross-shore 

st — D. Macdougall, managing director 
Greenock Stevedore Co. (Limited), stevedores, 4 East breast 

and 8 Roslin st 
Greenock Stock Exchange Association — Alexander Allan, 

C.A., 2 Watt pi, secretary 
Greenock Sugar Exchange, 27 Cathcart st 
Greenock Telegraph Newspaper, 14 Charles st 
Greenock Total Abstinence Society. Office, Temperance 

Institute, 19 West Stewart st — W. D. Thomson, general 

Greenock Towing Co., steam tug owners, 8 Brymner st 
Greenock Traders' Association— James Paterson, secretary, 

13 Hamilton st 
Greenock Unionist Club, 29 Hamilton st 
Greenock Water Trust Pipeyard and Workshop, Prospecthill 
Greenock Wool and Hosiery Stores, 6 West Blackhall st and 

61 Rue-end st 
Greenock Working Boys' and Girls' Religious Society, 

Committee rooms, 15 West Stewart st 
Greenock Young Men's Christian Association building, 17 

West Stewart st 
GREENWOOD George, fleshier, 24 Roxburgh st 
GREER James, labourer, no Dempster st 
Greer Peter, carter, 1 1 Nelson st, west 
Greer Robert, mason, 63 Holmscroft st 
Greer Mrs Jane, 16 Kelly st 
GREGOR James, teacher, preparatory school and evening 

classes, 61 Regent st 
GREIG Mrs, 12 Roxburgh st 

GREVES Alexander, shoemaker, 40 West Burn st. Ho. do. 
Greves Archibald, horseshoer, 8 Holmscroft st 
GRIER Thomas, cashier, Mansionhouse, 1 Ardgowan sq* 

Ho. 22 Brisbane st 
GRIERSON Donald, painter, 16 South st 
GRIEVE Andrew, feuar, 42 South st 
Grieve George, cashier, 26 Patrick st 


Grieve Henry, 4 Virginia st 

Grieve James, joiner, 20 Antigua st 

Grieve James (of Baine & Johnston), 73 Union st 

Grieve John, saddler, 72 Wellington st 

Grieve Robert, commercial traveller, 70 Wellington st 

Grieve Robert (of Baine & Johnston and Glebe Sugar 

Refining Co.), Glenholm, 7 Newark st 
Grieve Thomas, clerk, 46 Kelly st 

Grieve Walter Baine (of Baine & Johnston), 32 Forsyth st 
Grieve Walter Richardson, 1 1 Margaret st 
Grieve William, preventive officer, H.M. Customs, 23 Nelson 

Grieve Mrs Thomas, 52 Brougham st 
Grieve Mrs William, 5 Cathcart st 
GRIFFIN James, labourer, 23 Sir Michael st 
GRIFFITH Rev. W. Hussey, A.T.S. (of George sq Baptist 

Church), 4 Ardgowan sq 
GRIFFITHS Edward Jones, shipmaster, 54 Brougham st 
Griffiths William, rafter, 3 Regent st 

Griffiths Jane, bookseller, 31 West Blackhall st. Ho. do. 
GROSART John, engineer, 1 1 Lyle st 
Grosart Mrs, 13 Lynedoch st 
GROTT John, boilermaker, 18 East Crawford st 
Grott Mrs Ferdinand, 52 St. Lawrence st 
GRUBB Charles, flesher, 27 Nelson st, west 
Grubb Miss E., confectioner, 49 Cathcart st. Ho. 14 

Wellington st 
GUINEA Henry, railway guard, 54 Wellington st 
GULF Line Association Limited, shipowners, 1 Cross-shore 

st — D. Macdougail, managing director 
GUNION W. G. H., writer, 23 Cathcart st 
GUNN Alexander, detective officer, 64 Ann st 
Gunn James, labourer, 2 Belville st 
Gunn James, policeman, 49 Mearns st 
Gunn John S., plumber, 14 Lyle st 
Gunn Mrs Mary, 42 Arthur st 
Gunn Mrs William, 9 East Blackhall st 
GUSH James, submarine diver, 1 1 Roxburgh st 
GUTHRIE James, clerk, 10 Wellington st 
Guthrie James, joiner, 72 Wellington st 
Guthrie R. B., superintendent telegraph department, Post- 

Office. Ho. 14 Robertson st 



Guthrie Robert, engine-driver, i M 'Lean's land, Ladyburn 

GUY Matthew A., joiner, 9 Lyle st 

Guy Thomas, boilermaker, 12 Ann st 

GWYNN Daniel, Albert Coffee Rooms, 3 Ker st 

Gwynn Daniel, draughtsman, 3 Ford pi, Finnart st 

Gwynn Daniel, jun., naval architect, 36 South st 


HACKING John, overseer, 62 Ann st 

HAGAN Mrs, 37 West Blackhall st 

HAGENS William, carpenter, 8 Nile st 

HAGGARTY James, riveter, 19 Ingleston st 

HAGGERTY Malcolm, labourer, 26 East Hamilton st 

HAIG Mrs James, stationer and newsagent, 34 West Burn st 

HAINING James, stone polisher, 27 Lynedoch st 

HAIR Dugald, carpenter, 8 Carwood st 

Hair James, skinner, 24 East Crawford st 

Hair Robert, joiner, 72 Wellington st 

Hair William, feuar, 33 Union st 

Hair William, joiner, 9 Argyle st 

Hair William, jun., plumber, 3 Watt st 

Hair Miss Catherine, servants' registry, 25 West Stewart st 

HAKE Frederick W., foreman, 16 Laird st 

HALBERT James, joiner, 42 Lynedoch st 

HALDANE David, potter, 6 Sinclair st 

HALKERSTON David, tanner, 60 East Hamilton st 

HALL James, joiner, 37 Crawfurd st 

Hall Joshua, general smith, 39 Nicolson st. Ho. 22 Kelly st 

Hall Miss Emily Tombs, teacher of music, 24 Union st 

HALLYBURTON Mark, hotel porter, 65 Nicolson st 

HALLIDAY John, overlooker, 34 Mount Pleasant st 

Halliday J., watchmaker and jeweller, 32 Hamilton st. Ho. 

34 Mount Pleasant st 
Halliday Robert, gatekeeper, 3 Orchard st 
HALLIWELL James, riveter, 9 Ratho st 
HAMILTON & Adam, sailmakers, 21 Shaw st 
Hamilton Alexander, engineer, 9 Prospecthill st 
Hamilton Archibald, fitter, 13 Crescent st 
Hamilton Crawford, photographer, 29 West Burn st 
Hamilton Daniel, engine driver, 4 Moffat st 


Hamilton David, labourer, 13 Ingleston st 

Hamilton James, labourer, 19 Kelly st 

Hamilton John, boilermaker, 3 Hill st 

Hamilton John, brakesman, 64 Drumfrochar rd 

Hamilton John, engineer,* 29 Hamilton st 

Hamilton John, fitter, 9 Prospecthill st 

Hamilton John, fitter, 35 Roxburgh st 

Hamilton John, labourer, 6 Murdieston st 

Hamilton John, riveter, 32 Arthur st 

Hamilton Joseph, carter, 70 Ann st 

Hamilton M'Culloch & Co., coalmasters, 3 Chapel st, and 

88 Great Clyde st, Glasgow. (See Advt.) 
Hamilton Matthew, hairdresser, t6 Arthur st. Ho. 32 do. 
Hamilton Rev. D. G., assistant, West Parish. Ho. 19 

Newton st 
Hamilton Robert, Burgh Assessor, Lands Valuation Office, 

Municipal buildings, Wallace sq. Ho. Home Lodge, 

27 Bentinck st 
Hamilton Robert, carpenter, 12 Ann st 
Hamilton Robert, hammerman, 54 East Hamilton st 
Hamilton Thomas, engine driver, 9 Kelly st 
Hamilton William, fitter, 26 East Crawford st 
Hamilton William, head foreman iron shipbuilder, 25 

Newton st 
Hamilton William, shipowner, Villa Marina, 28 Eldon st 
Hamilton William, labourer, 6 Salmon st 
Hamilton William H, butcher, 32 Tobago st 
Hamilton Miss, dressmaker, 23 West Blackhall st 
Hamilton Mrs George, 5 Newton st 
Hamilton Mrs James, Seabank house, 7 Johnston st 
Hamilton Mrs Janet, fruiterer, 40 Ann st. Ho. 23 Rox- 
burgh st 
Hamilton Mrs, grocer, 15 John st. Ho. do. 
Hamilton Mrs, 28 East Hamilton st 
Hamilton Mrs, 5 Mount Pleasant st 
Hamilton Mrs, 14 Terrace rd 
HAMMOND Henry, rigger, 32 Hamilton st 
Hammond James, moulder, 57 Belville st 
Hammond Thomas, riveter, 3 Hill st 
Hammond Rev. Vavasor Fitzhammond, rector of St. John's 

Episcopal Church. Ho. 36 Margaret st 
Hammond Mrs Mary, broker, 20 Charles st 


HAMPTON William, joiner, 64 Wellington st 

HANDYSIDE Mrs, 25 Bruce st 

Handyside Mrs, 82 Roxburgh st 

HANNAH Andrew, ironplater, 1 John st 

Hannah George, potter, 54 East Hamilton st 

Hannah James, engine driver, 113 Dempster st 

Hannah James, shipmaster, 25 West Blackhall st 

Hannah James, storekeeper, 39 Ann st 

Hannah Robert, engine driver, 68 Wellington st 

Hannah Samuel, riveter, 16 Port-Glasgow rd 

Hannah William, engine driver, 87 Wellington st 

Hannah William, labourer, jo8 Drumfrochar rd 

Hannah Mrs James, 15 Regent st 

HANLIN Charles, labourer, 8 Kilblain st 

Hanlin John, greengrocer, 3 Sir Michael st 

HANSON John, engineer, 45 Roxburgh st 

HARBOUR Dues Office, Customhouse 

Harbour Trust Engineer's Office, Municipal Buildings, 

Wallace sq 
Harbour Trust Secretary and General Manager's Office, 

Municipal Buildings, Wallace sq 
Harbour Trust Treasurer's Office, Municipal Buildings, 

Wallace sq 
HARDIE Alexander, forwarding and shipping agent, 4 

Mearns st 
Hardie & Allan, chartered accountants and stockbrokers, 2 

W r att pi 
Hardie John, grocer and provision merchant, 13 Cartsburn 

st, and 67 Rue-end st Ho. 59 Regent st 
Hardie Robert S., grocer and provision merchant, 29 Charles 

st. Ho. 26 Lynedoch st 
Hardie Walter, grocer and provision merchant, 15 Tobago 

st. Ho. 26 Robertson st 
Hardie William, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 1 1 Kilblain 

st. Ho. 6 Lyle st 
Hardie William (of Hardie & Allan, C.A.), Inverack, 60 

Hardie Mrs, 26 Lynedoch st 
HARDY John, billiard-room proprietor, 40 West Blackhall 

st. Ho. do. 
HARFIELD & Co., patent cable windlasses, 2 Open Shore 

— Agents, A. Macpherson & Co. 


HARGAN James, bootmaker, 9 West Blackhall st, and 8 

West Stewart st. Ho. Loudon pi, Gourock 
Hargan James J., salesman, 64 Holmscroft st 
Harkins Francis, labourer, 12 Terrace rd 
Harkins James, riveter, 31 Ingleston st 
HARKNESS Charles, carter, 5 Shaw st 
Harkness William, brakesman, 26 East Crawford st 
Harkness John, blacksmith, 7 Holmscroft st 
HARLEY Allan, cabinetmaker, 5 Prospecthill st 
Harley Edward, blacksmith, 8 Hay st 
Harley James, painter, 13 Holmscroft st 
Harley James, plasterer, 61 Nicolson st 
Harley John, billiard-room keeper, 4 Watson's lane. Ho. 

59 Ann st 
Harley John, riveter, 32 Crescent st 
Harley Martin (of Laurie & Harley), Broomberry villa, 

Barrhill road, Gourock 
Harley Mrs Allan, 59 Ann st 
Harley Mrs James, 2 Belville st 
HARMS William, rigger, 4 Watt st 
Harms William, shipwright, 26 West Blackhall st 
HARPER Andrew, upholsterer, 36 Mount Pleasant st 
Harper Hugh, currier, 20 Lyle st 
Harper John, shipmaster, 65 Roxburgh st 
Harper Stephen, clerk, 89 Dempster st 
Harper William, cabinetmaker, 90 Dempster st 
Harper Mrs Alexander, 66 Kelly st 
HARRIS Mitchell, engineer, 18 Kelly st 
HARRISON Henry, riveter, 13 Nelson st, west 
Harrison Robert, joiner, 34 Ingleston st 
Harrison Steel, fitter, 34 Ingleston st 
Harrison Thomas, clerk, 60 Regent st 
Harrison Thomas, engineer, 24 St. Lawrence st 
HARRON Henry, labourer, 21 Nelson st, west 
Harron John, jun., labourer, 114 Drumfrochar rd 
HARROWER T. H., hair-cutting rooms, 2 Ann st. Ho. 

19 Mount Pleasant st 
HART James, wine and spirit merchant, 1 Open Shore. 

Ho. 71 Nicolson st 
Hart J. C, agent, National Bank of Scotland (Limited). 

Ho. Finnart house, 46 Forsyth st 
HARVEY James, plasterer. 17 Mount Pleasant st 


Harvey Robert, craneman, 7 Carwood st 

Harvey W. G., secretary, Greenock Beetroot Sugar Associa- 
tion, 7 Exchange buildings 

Harvey Helen, tobacconist, 61 Inverkip st. Ho. 17 Mount 
Pleasant st 

Harvey Mrs Francis, 58 Eldon st 

Harvey Mrs Frank E., 52 Eldon st 

HARVIE David, engineer, 37 Roxburgh st 

Harvie Robert I). N., joiner, 40 Nicolson st 

Harvie Miss Mary, Eddlewood pi 

HASTIE Andrew, grocer and provision merchant, 10 Sir 
Michael st. Ho. Mary villa, 79 Brisbane st 

Hastie John & Co., engineers, Kilblain Engine Works, 48 
Nicolson st 

Hastie's Patent Hydraulic Engine and Pump Co. (Limited). 
Registered Office, 10 Princes st — J. Tannahill, Secretary 

Hastie William (of John Hastie & Co.), 78 Finnart st 

HASTINGS Hugh, labourer, 36 Crawfurd st 

Hastings John, insurance agent, 3 Trafalgar st 

HAUGHEY John, storeman, 2 Old Hillend 

Haughey Neal (of Clydesdale Catholic Herald), 35 Lyle st 

HAWTHORN David, engineer, 3 Arthur st 

HAXTON Thomas, pensioner 3 Hope st 

Haxton Mrs James, 15 South st 

HAY Archibald, engineer, 83 Belville st 

Hay Boyd, caulker, 53 Belville st 

Hay George, causewayer, 5 Holmscroft st 

Hay James, plater, 24 Pottery st 

Hay James, potter, 18 Pottery st 

Hay Robert, engine driver, 65 Belville st 

Hay William, fish merchant, West breast. Ho. 40 Brisbane st 

HAYBURN John, dairy, 47 Shaw st 

HAYES M., railway porter, 6 Hope st 

H AZELTON Charles, boilermaker, 1 1 Ann st 

HEAD Albert, bricklayer, 24 St. Lawrence st 

HEADRICK James, gatekeeper, 32 Ingleston st 

HEANEY William John, shoemaker, 2 George sq 

HEARD Alexander, joiner, 27 West Blackhall st 

Heard Mrs A., poulterer and game dealer, 7 Grey pi. Ho. 
27 West Blackhall st 

HEARN John, 6 Nelson st, Glebe 

HEATH Hugh, cratemaker, 20 Pottery st 


HECTOR Mrs James, 37 Brisbane st 
HEGGIE James labourer, 37 Holmscroft st 
HEITMANN A. C, potato and vegetable merchant, 23 

Brymner st 
Heitmann C, carpenter and joiner, 29 Brymner st. Ho. 2 

Watt pi 
HEMPSEED John, joiner, 30 Lynedoch st 
HENDERSON Arthur, broker, 34 Ann st 
Henderson George, engineer, 12 St. Lawrence st 
Henderson James, blacksmith, 14 Lyle st 
Henderson James, salesman, 18 Bearhope st 
Henderson James, teacher of music, 46 Mearns st. Ho. 

Knockbuckle house, Kilmalcolm 
Henderson James, wine and spirit merchant, 11 Arthur st. 

Ho. 25 Robertson st 
Henderson John, baker, 22 Lyle st 
Henderson John, cooper, 49 Cathcart st 
Henderson John, engineer, 27 Ingleston st 
Henderson John, gateman, 38 Brymner st 
Henderson Robert, flesher, 38 Lynedoch st. Ho. 14 

Wellington st 
Henderson Robert, fruit merchant, 19 Hamilton st. Ho. 35 

Ardgowan st, west 
Henderson Robert, joiner, 62 Ann st 
Henderson Thomas, boilermaker, 20 Roxburgh st 
Henderson William, engineer, 50 Holmscroft st 
Henderson William, joiner, 52 St. Lawrence st 
Henderson William, H.M.C., 28 Bruce st 
Henderson William F. (of Fisher & Co.), 27 Finnart st 
Henderson Miss A. J., Springbank, 22 Fox st 
Henderson Mrs Angus, 70 Wellington st 
Henderson Mrs Bruce, 7 Watt st 
Henderson Mrs Robert, 35 Ardgowan st, west 
Henderson Mrs, 95 Dempster st 
Henderson Mrs, 29 Lynedoch st 
HENDRY Andrew, carter, 2 Crawford lane 
Hendry Archibald, ship chandler, 16 East India breast. Ho. 

12 Brisbane st 
Hendry Charles, sawyer, 1 Ratho st 
Hendry David, policeman, 76 Dempster st 
Hendry James, brassfinisher, 4 Hill st 
Hendry James, moulder, 18 Antigua st 


Hendry James, patternmaker, 24 Antigua st 

Hendry James, watchmaker and jeweller, 34 Hamilton st. 

Ho. 26 Patrick st 
Hendry John, engineer, 28 East Crawford st 
Hendry John, labourer, 12 Nile st 
Hendry John, smith, 29 Lynedoch st 
Hendry Peter, brassfinisher, 16 Hope st 
Hendry Robert, engineer, 41 Lynedoch st 
Hendry S., glass and china merchant, 23 Hamilton st. Ho. 

11 Brisbane st 
Hendry T. O. H., Broomfield, 61 Esplanade 
Hendry William, engineer, 58 Lynedoch st 
Hendry Miss M., wine and spirit merchant, 7 Main st. Ho. 

Lightburn cot, Balwharly rd 
Hendry Mrs A., coal merchant, 22 Kelly st. Ho. do. 
Hendry Mrs D., Broomfield, 61 Esplanade 
Hendry Mrs John, 19 Ingleston st 
Hendry Mrs Robert, 31 Regent st 
Hendry Mrs William, 5 Holmscroft st 
Hendry Mrs, 22 Brisbane st 
HENNAN John, machinist, 46 Cathcart st 
HENRY A. & Co., furnishing and general ironmongers, 

beam and scale makers, jobbing smiths, and gasfitters, 

39 Cathcart st. Workshops, 9 Terrace rd 
Henry Archibald (of A. Henry & Co.), 40 Mearns st 
Henry Charles, baker, Kilblain bakery, ij Kilblain st, and 

24 Ann st. Ho. 26 Robertson st 
Henry James, labourer, 116 Drumfrochar rd 
Henry Robert J., engineer, 29 Brougham st 
Henry Mrs, 52 Brougham st 
HEPBURN William, joiner, 16 Kilblain st 
HEPWORTH J. & Son, Limited, clothiers, 4 Hamilton st 

—James Orr, manager 
HERALD (Glasgow) Daily and Weekly. Branch office, 29 

Cathcart st — J. C. Fisher, agent 
Herald (Greenock) Office, 40 Cathcart st 
HERBERT R. W., stationer, fancy goods, and newsagent, 

West-end Bazaar, 7 Grey pi. Ho. 34 West Stewart st 
HERD James, clerk, 15 Newton st 
HERON Andrew Crawford, Lloyd's engineer surveyor, 5 

Caddlehill st 
Heron James, labourer, 58 Drumfrochar rd 


Heron John, engine driver, 9 Ratho st 

Heron John, fishmonger, 26 Vennel. Ho. 18 do. 

Heron John, labourer, 66 East Hamilton st 

Heron Samuel, labourer, 8 Nile st 

Heron Mrs, 1 1 Mearns st 

HERRIOT Samuel, spirit merchant, 97 Roxburgh st 

HEYLANI) Mrs A. C, Langford Lodge, 58 Finnart st 

HIGGINS William, Inland Revenue officer, 7 Caddlehill st 

Higgins William, shipmaster, 15 Finnart st 

HIGGS W. H., shipmaster, 7 Kelly st 

HIGHET Hugh, engineer, 10 Hay st 

Highet James, engineer, 25 Regent st 

Highet Robert, engineer, 19 Ingleston st 

Highet Mrs John, 26 Lynedoch st 

HIGHLAND Society Hall. 41 Nicolson st" 

HIGHLANDERS' Academy, Mount Pleasant st 

HILDRETH Miss Isabella, 75 Holmscroft st 

HILL Archibald, shoemaker, 91 Dempster st 

Hill Henry, rigger, 16 Laird st 

Hill James, tobacconist, 44 Inverkip st. Ho. 38 Nelson st, 

Hill James H., Greenock Grain Mills. Ho. 25 Forsyth st 
Hill James M. & Co., belt and fire hose manufacturers, 

curriers, and leather merchants, 1 1 Stanners st 
Hill James M., 52 Esplanade 
Hill John, engineer, 8 Carwood st 
Hill John H., 2 East India breast. Ho. Annie Bank, 13 

Eldon st 
Hill Matthew, miller and grain merchant, Greenock Grain 

Mills. Ho. Annie Bank, 13 Eldon st 
Hill Ninian, shipowner, Clyde buildings, 19 West Blackhall 

st. Ho. 57 Union st 
Hill Robert, labourer, 1 r Crescent st 
Hill Robert, labourer, 33 Ingleston st 
Hill Robert, shipowner, 2 East India breast. Ho. 75 

Union st 
Hill Thomas, blacksmith, 105 Belville st 
Hill Thomas, riveter, 1 M'Lean's land, Ladyburn 
Hill Elizabeth, grocer, 29 Rue-end st. Ho. 8 Hill st 
Hill Elizabeth, laundress, 1 Kelly st 
Hill Jessie Douglas, greengrocer, 12 Robertson st. Ho. 14 



Hill Mrs Ramsay, 57 Union st 

HILLEND Medical Hall, 1 Lauriston st 

HILLIARD Mrs, 33 Lyle st 

HINRICHS Christian, shipmaster, 15 Robertson st 

HODAPP Karal, shoemaker, 86 Belville st 

HODGE Mitchell & Son, cabinetmakers, upholsterers, and 

bedding manufacturers, and carpet beaters, 12 West 

Blackhall st. (See Advt.) 
Hodge Mitchell (of Mitchell Hodge & Son), Maybank, 

Ashton, Gourock 
Hodge William, joiner, 8 Watt st 
Hodge William (of Mitchell Hodge & Son), 17 Ashton rd, 

Hodge Mrs, 1 3 Mill st 
HODGSON xMrs William, 24 Trafalgar st 
HOGG Alexander & Co., sugar merchants, Sugar Exchange 
Hogg John, painter, 7 Prospecthill st 
Hogg William, spirit merchant, 31 Rue-end st. Ho. 2 St. 

Andrew st 
Hogg Mrs, 112 Dempster st 
Hogg Mrs, 30 Esplanade 

HOLBURN Robert, jun., dairyman, 56 Ann st 
Holburn Robert, sen., 37 Wellington st 
HOLE Mrs William Richard, ladies' nurse, 8 Watt st 
HOLLAND Mrs, 47 Roxburgh st 
HOLM & Fraser, timber measurers, 67 Rue-end st 
Holm Matthew (of Holm & Fraser), Barr's brae, Port- 
HOLMER Mrs, 19 Main st 
HOLMES Alexander, cooper, 6 Union st 
Holmes George, blacksmith, 6 Belville st 
Holmes Henry, engineer, 21 Ingleston st 
Holmes James, carting contractor, 2 St. Lawrence st. Ho. 

Donaldfleld, Bridge-of-Weir 
Holmes James, slater, 64 Kelly st 
Holmes James, turner, 63 Rue-end st 
Holmes John, grocer and wine merchant, 15 Roxburgh st. 

Ho. 29 Patrick st 
Holmes John, joiner, 42 Mearns st 
Holmes John, jun., engineer, Eddie wood pi 
Holmes John, woolsorter, 12 Wellington st 
Holmes Walter, blacksmith, 13 East Crawford st 


Holmes William, bank clerk, 32 South st 

Holmes Mrs E., 41 Crawfurd st 

Holmes Mrs, 23 Dempster st 

HOLMS John, carriage hirer, 48 Forsyth st. Ho. 2 Finnart st 

HOLTERMAN Mrs, 6 Hope st 

HOME and Colonial tea stores, 13 Hamilton st 

HONEYMAN R., clerk, 74 Wellington st 

HOOD John, bootmaker, 12 Watt st 

HOOKE George, engine driver, 55 Belville st 

HOPE Charles, joiner, 41 Roxburgh st 

Hope James, bandage maker, 18 Cathcart st 

Hope Neil, carpenter, 13 Carwood st 

Hope Robert, carpenter, 7 Carwood st 

Hope William, 37 West Stewart st 

HOPKIN James, engineer, 37 Crawfurd st 

Hopkin Robert, engine fitter, 37 Crawfurd st 

HOPKINS William, printer and stationer, 40 

Shore st, Gourock. Ho. do. 
HOPKIRK Andrew, joiner, 10 Carwood st 
HOPPER Mrs James, 60 East Hamilton st 
HORN John, planer, 3 Ingleston st 
Horn William, labourer, 36 Ingleston- st 
HORNE Robert, cabinetmaker, 52 Holmscroft st 
Home Mrs, 68 Wellington st 
HOSEA Clounes, flesher, 23 Dempster st 
Hosea Miss A. L., matron, Scott Institution, 39 Dempster st 
HOSIE Andrew, confectioner, 1 Cartsburn st 
HOULDER Howard, Malcolm & Co., shipbrokers, City 

buildings, 32 Cathcart st 
HOUGHTON Mrs, 67 Union st 
HOUSE of Refuge (Female), Upper Ingleston st 
House Thomas J., Lloyd's surveyor, 14 Cross-shore st. Ho. 

29 Ardgowan st, west 
HOUSTON Alexander, butcher, 61 Nicolson st 
Houston Archibald, fitter, 74 Wellington st 
Houston Archibald (of R. & W. Houston & Co.), Gryffe 

cot, Balwharly rd 
Houston David, out-door officer (Customs), 26 South st 
Houston Duncan, millworker, 49 Trafalgar st 
Houston G. W. (of Robert Houston & Sons), Woolton, 93 

Eldon st 
Houston James, agent for skins, 1 1 Dempster st 


Houston James, superintendent of cleansing, Municipal 
buildings, Dalrymple st. Ho. 25 Lynedoch st 

Houston J. & R., engineers, ironfounders, makers of all 
machinery for the sugar industry, contractors for fire- 
proof buildings, and general ironwork, Cartsbum foundry 
and Glenburn iron works 

Houston John, caulker, 45 Holmscroft st 

Houston John, cashier at Maclay & M'Intyre's, 123 Hope 
st, Glasgow, 30 Ardgowan st, west 

Houston John, feuar, 5 Robertson st 

Houston John (of J. & R. Houston), Annie bank, 41 Fox st 

Houston John, shipmaster, 17 Robertson st 

Houston Peter, boilermaker, 20 Wellington st 

Houston R & W. & Co., joiners and builders, 69 Belville st 

Houston R. H. (of Robert Houston & Sons), Birnam, 40 
Newark st 

Houston Robert & Sons, woollen manufacturers, 28 West 
Blackhall st and Rockbank mills, Drumfrochar rd 

Houston Robert, joiner, 53 Belville st 

Houston William, engineer, 91 Belville st 

Houston William, joiner, 21 Dempster st 

Houston Miss, milliner, 1 1 Forsyth st 

Houston Mrs James, 1 Watt pi 

Houston Mrs J., grocer, 17 Belville st. Ho. 24 do. 

HOWAT James, moulder, 84 Belville st 

Howat John, joiner, 9 Argyle st 

HOWDEN Iron Sailing Ship Co., Limited— Peter Scott, 
manager, 4 Brymner st 

HOWIE Alexander (of Poole & Howie), 8 Brisbane st 

Howie David, woolsorter, 124 Drumfrochar rd 

Howie Henry, insurance agent, 33 Lynedoch st 

Howie Hugh, carpenter, 12 Terrace rd 

Howie James, carpenter, 54 St. Lawrence st* 

Howie James, carter, 54 Drumfrochar rd 

Howie John, joiner, 1 1 John st 

Howie John, riveter, 66 East Hamilton st 

Howie John, woolsorter, 66 Drumfrochar rd 

Howie John L., clerk, 5 Dempster st 

Howie Matthew, grain and potato merchant, 5 West breast. 
Ho. Clachan farm, Roseneath 

Howie Robert, jun., sluiceman, Overton 

Howie Robert, watchman, 9 Prospecthill st 


Howie Thomas, labourer, 19 Ingleston pi 

Howie Mrs, 5 Belville st 

HOWIESON Mrs William, 3 Bank st 

HOY George, joiner, 17 Nelson st, west 

Hoy Mrs James, grocer, 30 Wellington st. Ho. do. 

HUDSON Miss, 4 Finnart st 

HUGHES George, goods guard, 14 Murdieston st 

Hughes Felix, baths attendant, 5 Inverkip st 

Hughes James, plasterer, 39 Lynedoch st 

Hughes John, fireman, 115 Dempster st 

Hughes John, teacher, 20 Wellington st 

Hughes Patrick, labourer, 13 Springkell st 

Hughes Richard, joiner, 72 Ann st 

Hughes Thomas, moulder, 85J Belville st 

Hughes William, plater, 35 Ingleston st 

Hughes William, policeman, 6 Mearns st 

Hughes Mrs, 76 Ann st 

HUME George, moulder, 51 Rue-end st 

Hume William R., brassfounder, Rosehill, Card well rd 

HUMPHREYS David, mason, 20 Pottery st 

Humphreys Joseph, carver and gilder, 17 Sugarhouse lane. 

Ho. 15 Nelson st, west 
Humphreys Joseph, jun., clerk, 30 South st 
HUNT John, spirit merchant, 4 Bearhope st Ho. 11 

Nelson st, west 
HUNTER Alexander, seaman, 68 Kelly st 
Hunter A. Craig, physician and surgeon, 35 Regent st 
Hunter Allan M., riveter, 9 Hill st 
Hunter Gavin S.-, paper-ruler, 66 Kelly st 
Hunter Henry, coachman, 70 Eldon st 
Hunter Hugh, joiner, 15 Belville st 
Hunter James, engineer, 8 Antigua st 
Hunter James, galvanic battery proprietor, 3 Dellingburn 

Hunter John, joiner, 5 Brachelston st 
Hunter John, labourer, 60 Wellington st 
Hunter Matthew, labourer, 78 Belville st 
Hunter Robert, engineer, 63 Ann st 
Hunter Robert, engineer, 24 East Crawford st 
Hunter Robert, engineer, 14 Hope st 
Hunter Robert, joiner, 9 Lynedoch st 
Hunter Robert, shipmaster, 42 Mearns st 


Hunter Robert, timber measurer, 67 Rue-end st. Ho. 

Hollywood, Port-Glasgow 
Hunter Samuel, labourer, 15 Mill st 

Hunter Samuel (of Gillespie & Hunter), 26 West Blackhall st 
Hunter Thomas, brassfinisher, 3 Carnock st 
Hunter T. O. & Co., merchants, passenger and insurance 

agents, Vice-Consulate for Sweden, Norway, and 

Denmark, 13 Hamilton st 
Hunter William, carpenter, 1 Ratho st 
Hunter William, coachman, 24 West Blackhall st 
Hunter William, flesher, 33 Hamilton st 
Hunter William, grocer and provision merchant, 31 

Brougham st. Ho. 29 do. 
Hunter Miss E., 24 Brisbane st 
Hunter Miss, 34 Main st 
Hunter Miss, 12 South st 
Hunter Misses, 1 Forsyth st 
Hunter Mrs John, 24 Patrick st 
Hunter Mrs John C, 61 Eldon st 
Hunter Mrs, 5 Holmscroft st 
Hunter Mrs, 97 Port-Glasgow rd 
HUTCHESON Alexander, labourer, 11 Mill st 
Hutcheson Alexander, shipwright, 6 Chapel st 
Hutcheson Andrew, grocer, 20 Mount Pleasant st 
Hutcheson George, feuar, 12 St. Lawrence st 
Hutcheson George, mason, 68 Wellington st 
Hutcheson George, patternmaker, 7 Lynedoch st 
Hutcheson Henry, warehouseman, 9 Hope st 
Hutcheson James, driller, 8 Nicolson st 
Hutcheson James, engineer, 5 Lauriston st 
Hutcheson James, painter, Hyde Park cottage, 12 St. 

Lawrence st 
Hutcheson James, plater, 33 East Crawford st 
Hutcheson John, carter, 39 Holmscroft st 
Hutcheson John, woolsorter, 53 Drumfrochar rd 
Hutcheson John M. (of Macdonald, Hutcheson & Co.), 38 

Union st 
Hutcheson Thomas, carpenter, 30 East Crawford st 
Hutcheson William, engineer, 66 Ann st 
Hutcheson William (treasurer Greenock Harbour Trust), 

Hillcrest, Barrhill rd, Gourock 
Hutcheson Miss, 31 Regent st 


Hutcheson Mrs James, 61 Newton st 

Hutcheson Mrs John, 9 Ardgowan st, west 

Hutcheson Mrs Peter, 22 Brisbane st 

Hutcheson Mrs, Redlands, Robertson st 

HUTCHISON David, joiner, 71 Regent st 

Hutchison James, teacher, Ann Street Public School. Ho. 
30 Brisbane st 

Hutchison James H., shipbuilder, Port-Glasgow. Ho. 63 
Finnart st 

Hutchison William, factor, Glasgow & South-Western Rail- 
way Co., 45 Lynedoch st. Ho. 8 Regent sq, Lenzie 

Hutchison William, M.A., B.L., LL.B., solicitor, 190 West 
George st, Glasgow. Ho. 24 Kelly st 

Hutchison William, printer, publisher, and litho- 
grapher, 23 Nicolson st. Ho. 24 Kelly st 

HUTTON Brothers, manufacturing confectioners, bakers, 
and purveyors, 18 Cathcart st 

Hutton Hugh, out-door officer, Customhouse 

Hutton Thomas (of Hutton Brothers), 3 Virginia st 

Hutton William, engineer, 18 Hope st 

Hutton William, moulder, 7 Roxburgh st 

Hutton William (of Hutton -^Brothers), 7 Roxburgh st 

HYDE Norman, boilermaker, 13 Ingleston st 

Hyde William, goods foreman, 15 Mill st 

HYNDHAM Hugh, engineer, 34 St. Lawrence st 

HYNDMAN John, dairy, 11 Crawfurd st 

Hyndman John G., merchant and commission agent, 4 
East Breast. Ho. Seafield, 6 Fox st 

Hyndman Robert, painter, 80 Dempster st 

Hyndman Robert, rigger, 8 Kilblain st 

Hyndman W. L., 24 Inverkip st 

HYSLOP William W., clerk, 26 South st 

INFIRMARY, 23 Inverkip st and 4 Duncan st 

INGLES James, skinner, Burnbrae cot, Balwharly rd 

INGLIS Andrew, sugarboiler, 30 Newton st 

Inglis James, joiner. 18 South st 

Inglis John, moulder, 52 St. Lawrence st 

Inglis Robert, joiner, 12 South st 


Inglis Robert, 44 Eldon st 

Inglis William, moulder, 25 Lynedoch st 

Inglis Miss, 8 South st 

Inglis Mrs James, grocer and provision merchant, 112 

Drumfrochar rd. Ho. do. 
Inglis Mrs James, 31 Esplanade 
Inglis Mrs, paraffin oil merchant, 8 Watt st 
INGRAM William B., head-master, St. Andrew Square 

School. Ho. 2 Wellington st 
INLAND Revenue Office (Excise), Customhouse buildings 
INNES Joseph, engineer, 30 Wellington st 
Innes Robert, carter, 22 Bearhope st 
Innes William, bookseller, stationer, and news-agent, 40 

Hamilton st 
Innes Miss N., 26 Newton st 
Innes Mrs, 1 1 Watt st 

IRELAND John, teacher, 75 Holmscroft st 
Ireland William, sugarboiler, 77 Wellington st 
Ireland Mrs M., 22 Wellington st 
IRVIN Mrs Martha, 23 Ardgowan st, west 
IRVINE Alexander, draper, 18 Roxburgh st 
Irvine James, labourer, 3 Mackenzie st 
Irvine M., greengrocer, 59 Inverkip s 1 " 
Irvine Robert, engineer, 45 Lynedoch st 
Irvine Robert, janitor, Highlanders' Academy, 24 Mount 

Pleasant st 
Irvine William, porter, 4 Watt st 
Irvine Miss, 87 Wellington st 
IRVING Alexander, cranesman, 8 Nile st 
Irving Andrew, labourer, 8 Nile st 
Irving C., labourer, 20 Trafalgar st 
Irving William, carpenter, 13 Hope st 
Irving Miss, lodgings, 36 West Blackhall st 
ISBISTER Mrs John B., 7 Brisbane st 


JACK James, baker, 114 Dempster st 

Jack J. Coutts, superintendent, Working Boys' Home, 3 

Lyle st 
Jack John, merchant, 6 Wellington st 


Jack Thomas, boatbuilder, 85 Wellington st 

JACKMAN Aubrey B., engineer, 20 Wellington st 

JACKSON Archibald, river pilot, 34 West Stewart st 

Jackson Bernard, general dealer, 5 Duff st 

Jackson John, moulder, 23 Crescent st 

Jackson Lawrence, R.N., 17 South st 

Jackson Matthew, labourer, 19 Belville st 

Jackson Peter, gateman, 84 Belville st 

Jackson William, engineer, 84 Belville st 

JACOBS Thomas R., solicitor, 17 West Blackhall st Ho. 

2 Lyle st 
JAFFREY G. W., engineer and shipbuilder, 17 Robertson st 
JAGO William B , upholsterer, 7 Murdieston st 
JAMES Arthur T., sergeant instructor, A. &. S. H., 17 

Nelson st, west 
James William, joiner, 12 South st 
James William, labourer, 13 Mill st 
JAMIESON James, brassfinisher, 3 Prospecthill st 
Jamieson James S. & Co., ship and insurance brokers and 

commission agents, 18 Hamilton st. Ho. 91 Newton st 
Jamieson John & Co., tailors and clothiers, 16 Hamilton st 
Jamieson John, ship and insurance broker, copper, brass, 

yellow metal, and felt merchant, 2 Cathcart st. Ho. 

19 Finnart st 
Jamieson John, 30 Sir Michael st 
Jamieson Martin, lieutenant, Central Police Chambers. 

Ho. 56 Kelly st 
Jamieson R. A., labourer, 34 St. Lawrence st 
Jamieson Robert & Son, Greenock Venetian Blind Works, 

9 Brisbane st. Ho. 7 Orangefield pi 
Jamieson Robert, joiner, 7 Orangefield pi 
Jamieson Robert, smith, n Nicolson st 
Jamieson R. W., assistant inspector, School Board, 60 

Kelly st 
Jamieson Thomas, shoemaker, 47 Roxburgh st 
Jamieson Thomas, valuator and surveyor, 8 South st. Ho. 

46 Newton st 
Jamieson William, carpenter, 60 Kelly st 
Jamieson Miss, feuar, 7 Orangefield pi 
Jamieson Miss, 91 Newton st 
Jamieson Misses, 18 Robertson st 
Jamieson Mrs John, 12 Arthur st 


Jamieson Mrs, 18 Vennel 

JARDINE James, engineer, 32 St. Lawrence st 

Jardine James, police constable, 17 Bruce st 

Jardine William, fitter, 103 Port-Glasgow rd 

JARVIE James A., sugar broker, 27 Cathcart st. Ho. 58 

Eldon st 
JARVIS James, professional cricketer, 4 Bentinck st 
Jarvis Mrs, 33 Brougham st 
JEFFREY John, joiner, 17 Tobago st 
Jeffrey Thomas, plumber, 9 Hill st 
JENKINS Alexander, tailor, 26 Trafalgar st 
Jenkins George, accountant, Union Bank of Scotland 

(Limited). Ho. 61 Esplanade 
Jenkins William, boilermaker, 66 Wellington st 
JENNING Charles F., restaurateur, 15 West Blackhall st. 

Ho. 4 Nelson st, west 
JERDAN Rev. Charles, M.A., LL.B., minister, Sir Michael 

Street U.P. Church. Ho. 68 Union st 
JESSAMINE James, boilermaker, 31 East Crawford st 
Jessamine James, rafter, 10 Hope st 
JOHNSON James W., H.M. Customs, 45 Roxburgh st 
Johnson Robert, engineer, 1 1 Lauriston st 
JOHNSON'S Messrs, chartered patent agents, 115 St. 

Vincent st, Glasgow. (See Advt.) 
JOHNSTON Alexander, engineer, 18 East Crawford st 
Johnston Alexander, salesman, 1 7 Lyle st 
Johnston Alexander Ranken, merchant, Seafield, 1 Fox st 
Johnston David, labourer, 64 Drumfrochar rd 
Johnston Edward, steward, 30 Lynedoch st 
Johnston George, papermaker, 114 Drumfrochar rd 
Johnston Hector, gardener, 5 1 Eldon st 
Johnston Isaac, engineer, 4 Carwood st 
Johnston James, carpenter, 27 Trafalgar st 
Johnston James D., tailor, 93 Dempster st 
Johnston John, blacksmith, 5 Hope st 
Johnston John, brassfounder, 21 Ingleston pi 
Johnston John, bricklayer, 6 St. Lawrence st 
Johnston John, carpenter, 35 West Stewart st 
Johnston John, cowfeeder, 1 Drumfrochar rd 
Johnston John, fitter, 9 Lynedoch st 

Johnston John, joiner and picture framer, 1 1 West Stewart st 
Johnston John, moulder, 23 Ingleston st 


Johnston Joseph, riveter, 36 East Hamilton st 

Johnston Maxwell, blacksmith, 101 Port-Glasgow rd 

Johnston Peter, labourer, 1 7 Lyle st 

Johnston Robert, engineer, 9 Ratho st 

Johnston Robert, labourer, 114 Drumfrochar rd 

Johnston Robert, labourer, 1 1 Mill st 

Johnston Samuel, grocer and provision merchant, 77 Rox- 
burgh st, and 43 West Burn st. Ho. 83 Roxburgh st 

Johnston Thomas, blacksmith, 17 Belville st 

Johnston Thomas, blacksmith, 91 Belville st 

Johnston Thomas, carpenter, 28 Trafalgar st 

Johnston Thomas, grocer, 8 Lynedoch st. Ho. 5 Hope st 

Johnston Thomas, labourer, 22 West Blackhall st 

Johnston 1 William, carpenter, 11 East Blackhall st 

Johnston William, commercial traveller, 2 St. Andrew st 

Johnston William, plumber, 6 Mearns st 

Johnston William, registrar of births, deaths, and marriages 
for the East District, Municipal buildings, Wallace sq. 
Ho. 18 Kelly st 

Johnston William, yardsman, 38 St. Lawrence st 

Johnston Miss, furnished apartments, 1 Union st 

Johnston Miss, 87 Belville st 

Johnston Miss, 1 Duncan st 

Johnston Miss, 34 Ingleston st 

Johnston Mrs E., greengrocer, 5 John st. Ho. 51 Bel- 
ville st 

Johnston Mrs Emma, midwife, 41 Sir Michael st 

Johnston Mrs James, 9 South st 

Johnston Mrs, ladies' nurse, 23 West Stewart st 

Johnston Mrs, 81 Dempster st 

Johnston Mrs, 3 Roslin st 

Johnston Mrs, 40 St. Lawrence st 

Johnston Mrs, 58 Wellington st 

JOHNSTONE Andrew, stationmaster, Fort Matilda. Ho. 
Woodlea, Cardwell rd 

Johnstone John, tailor and clothier, 10 Cathcart st. Ho. 3 
Kempock st, Gourock 

Johnstone Rev. M. P., minister of Free Middle Church, 
George sq. Manse, 57 Newton st 

Johnstone Rev. Thomas F., M.A., minister of St. Paul's, 
Church of Scotland, Newark st. Ho. 34 Eldon st 

Johnstone Robert, outfitter, 65 Rue-end st 


n 3 

JOICE Michael, labourer, 18 Port-Glasgow rd 

JONES James, machinist, 17 Bearhope st 

Jones Paul & Son, yacht and boat builders, Battery Park, 

Eldon st 
Jones Paul (of Paul Jones & Son), Campfield house, 

Cardwell rd 
Jones Richard, engineer, 5 Dellingburn sq 
Jones Richard, patternmaker, 17 Dempster st 
Jones Robert, engine-keeper, 12 East Hamilton st 
Jones William, shipmaster, Russell bank, 36 Campbell st 
Jones Mrs, 35 West Burn st 
JOSS Mrs Mary, 63 Nicolson st 
JOYCE John, vanman, 19 Dempster st 
JUSTICE William, clerk, 28 Newton st 
Justice Misses, Redlands, Robertson st 
Justice of Peace Clerk's Office, 4 Argyle st 
Justice of Peace Fiscal's Office, 27 West Burn st 


KANE Edward, grocer, 16 Dalrymple st 

Kane George, jobbing gardener, 73 Nicolson st 

Kane John, coal dealer, 15 Bearhope st 

Kane Michael, salesman, 24 Hamilton st 

Kane Thomas, labourer, 13 West Stewart st 

Kane William, badge porter, 6 Nelson st, Glebe 

KATER John, engineer, 13 T.auriston st 

KAY James, engineer, 85 Belville st 

Kay James, signalman, 7 Brachelston st 

Kay John M., teacher of music, 17 Newton st 

Kay Peter, caulker, 13 Lyle st 

Kay Rev. Thomas, minister of Ladyburn Parish. Ho. 2 

Moffat st 
KEAN John, surveyor of stamps and taxes, County of Argyle, 

Customhouse buildings. Ho. 45 Brisbane st 
Kean Thomas, ex-police sergeant, 16 Bruce st 
Kean Mrs Francis, 23 Newton st 
KEANE Thomas, compositor, 29 Nelson st, west 
KEARNEY James, insurance agent, 48 Lynedoch st 
KEE Joseph, carpenter, 19 Mount Pleasant st 
KEEFE John, coal merchant, 3 Newton st. Ho. 5 do. 


KEENAN Robert, gardener, 24 West Stewart st 

Keenan Mrs Margaret, 27 West Stewart st 

KEILLER James, secretary London and Greenock Bag and 

Sack Company, Limited, 37 Kelly st 
KEITH Angus, tugboatmaster, 32 St. Lawrence st 
Keith Duncan, at Clyde Shipping Co., 2 George sq 
Keith Duncan, engineer, 29 Regent st 
KELLET George, tailor, 67 Roxburgh st 
KELLOCK Alexander, labourer, 96 Dempster st 
KELLY Donald, carpenter, 31 Lyle st 
Kelly Francis," labourer, 15 Laird st 
Kelly George, baker, 59 Holmscroft st 
Kelly Hugh, joiner, 29 Lyle st 
Kelly James, fireman, 28 Crawfurd st 
Kelly James, labourer, 10 Chapel st 
Kelly James, labourer, 13 Ingleston st 
Kelly John, labourer, 32 Tobago st 
Kelly John, moulder, 82 Belville st 
Kelly John T., labourer, 18 St. Lawrence st 
Kelly Michael, parcel deliverer, 29 Shaw st 
Kelly Robert, railway porter, 1 7 Dempster st 
Kelly Thomas, boilermaker, 9 Roxburgh st 
Kelly William & Co., family grocers and ship store merchants, 

9 William st 
Kelly William, boilermaker, 23 Ingleston st 
Kelly William, labourer, 76 Ann st 
Kelly Miss J., greengrocer, 1 East Crawford st 
Kelly Mrs William, fish merchant, 24 Lynedoch st. Ho. 

13 do. 
KELSO Charles, broker, 6 Inverkip st 
Kelso Dugald, plumber, 69 Nicolson st 
Kelso Matthew, joiner, 10 Holmscroft st 
Kelso Thomas, engineer, 29 Lyle st 
Kelso William, boilermaker, 8 Lyle st 
Kelso William, engineer, 74 Ann st 
Kelso Mrs Daniel, feuar, 62 Finnart st 
Kelso Mrs R., 8 Antigua st 
KEMP Mrs Joseph, 6 Nelson st, west 
KEMSLEY Samuel, customhouse boatman, 9 Lynedoch st 
KENNEDY Alexander, carpenter, 1 1 Lauriston st 
Kennedy Angus, rigger, 8 Cross-shore st 
Kennedy Christopher, brakesman, 56 Lynedoch st 


Kennedy Daniel, sailmaker, 7 York st 

Kennedy David, labourer, 19 Ingleston pi 

Kennedy Donald, jun., carpenter, 6 West Stewart st 

Kennedy Donald, 1 Holmscroft st 

Kennedy Ferguson, baker, 40 Holmscroft st 

Kennedy Hugh, checker, 22 St. Lawrence st 

Kennedy Hugh, monumental sculptor, 3 and 4 

South st. Ho. 12 do. Telephone No. 324 
Kennedy Hugh J., vanman, 60 East Hamilton st 
Kennedy John, Boilermaker, 97 Port-Glasgow rd 
Kennedy John J., boot merchant, 26 Hamilton st. Ho. 37 

Kelly st 
Kennedy John, joiner, 3 Orchard st 
Kennedy Patrick, machinist, 13 Lyle st 
Kennedy Robert, vanman, 8 South - st 
Kennedy Samuel, labourer, 18 Bruce st 
Kennedy William, carter, 4 Sinclair st 
Kennedy William, labourer, 41 Crawfurd st 
Kennedy William, mason, no Dempster st 
Kennedy Mrs F., 11 West Stewart st 
Kennedy Mrs William, 33 Nelson st, west 
Kennedy Mrs, 10 Baker st 
Kennedy Mrs, 4 South st 
KENNEY J. &. J., gent's, ladies', and juvenile tailors, 14 

Kilblain st. Ho. 7 Union st 
KENYON Mrs, 20 Lynedoch st 
KEOGH John, cabman, 24 West Blackhall st 
Keogh Michael, labourer, 23 East Shaw st 
KERNACHAN William, gardener, 7 Newton st 
KERR Andrew, architect and surveyor, Mansionhouse. 

Ho. 97 Brisbane st 
Kerr Angus, joiner, Overton 
Kerr Archibald, timber measurer, 17 Newton st 
Kerr Colin, boilermaker, 3 Regent st 
Kerr Daniel, merchant, 6 Grey pi. Ho. Heywood, 1 

Margaret st 
Kerr Dennis, lamplighter, 6 Sir Michael st 
Kerr Duncan, joiner, 87 Wellington st 
Kerr Edward, feuar, 34 South st 

Kerr George, hairdresser, 1 Arthur st. Ho. 7 Lauriston st 
Kerr George, labourer, 5 John st 
Kerr George, late of Customs, 15 Robertson st 


Kerr Hugh, butcher, 65 Nicolson st 

Kerr Hugh, fancy goods merchant, 16 West 

Blackhall st. Ho. 81 Finnart st 
Kerr James, carter, 20 Lyle st 
Kerr James, chemist, Municipal buildings, 6 Hamilton st 

and 1 Lauriston st. Ho. 15 Bank st 
Kerr James, railway guard, 104 Dempster st 
Kerr James, storekeeper, 26 Newton st 
Kerr John & Co., shipowners, 6 Grey pi 
Kerr John, boilermaker, 80 Belville st 
Kerr John, carpenter, 41 Lynedoch st 
Kerr John, engineer, 23 Belville st 
Kerr John, engineer, 27 Belville st 
Kerr John, joiner, 7 1 Nicolson st 

Kerr John, merchant, 6 Grey pi. Ho. Heathfield, 53 Eldon st 
Kerr John S. (of Smith & Sharp, Glasgow), Clydeview, 49 

Margaret st 
Kerr Peter, artist, 87 Eldon st 
Kerr Peter, stationmaster, Princes Pier station. Ho. 6 

Brougham st 
Kerr Peter, umbrella-maker, 9 Lynedoch st 
Kerr Robert, carpenter, 56 Kelly st 
Kerr Robert, feuar, 55 Newton st 
Kerr Robert, labourer, 32 St. Lawrence st 
Kerr Robert, sugar refiner, 6 Grey pi. Ho. Westfield, 17 

Octavia ter 
Kerr Samuel, miller, 17 Antigua st 
Kerr Thomas, engine-driver, 41 West Blackhall st 
Kerr Thomas F., fireman, 10 Carwood st 
Kerr William, boilermaker, 101 Belville st 
Kerr William, irondriller, 16 Crescent st 
Kerr William (of Crawford & Kerr), 27 Lyle st 
Kerr William, plumber, 32 Kelly st 
Kerr William, traveller, 10 Lyle st 
Kerr William, watchman, 19 Ingleston st 
Kerr Miss, fruiterer, 22 Lynedoch st 
Kerr Miss, 2 Murdieston st 
Kerr Mrs Robert, 6t Ann st 

Kerr Mrs William, greengrocer, 32 St. Lawrence st 
Kerr Mrs, 8 Hill st 

KERRIGAN John, fitter, 21 Belville st 
Kerrigan John, labourer, 21 Bearhope st 


Kerrigan James, carpenter, 13 Ingleston st 

Kerrigan William, boilermaker, 1 Mill st 

KETTERSON Miss, milliner, 19 West Blackhall st. Ho. 
Prospecthill, Upper Ashton, Gourock 

KELVIN Mrs, broker, 18 Tobago st 

KEYS James, carpenter, 15 Bearhope st 

KIDD Benjamin P. (of Kidd Brothers), Drumpellier pi, 

Kidd Brothers, removal contractors, cabinet- 
makers, upholsterers, carpet warehousemen, 
and Venetian blind makers, 6 Grey place. 
Workshops — Houston st. (See Advt.) 

Kidd Robert, driller, 10 William st 

Kidd Robert (of Kidd Brothers), 3 Kelly st 

Kidd William (of Morton & Kidd), Milton Lodge, 2 1 Fox st 

KILBLAIN Academy, 15 Kilblain st 

KILGOUR James, engineer, 6 Lauriston st 

Kilgour John, boilermaker, 3 Lauriston st 

KILLIN Thomas, carpenter, 13 Hope st 

Killin Mrs, grocer, 6 Mearns st 

Killin Mrs, 7 Bearhope st 

KILPATRICK Hugh, labourer, 27 Trafalgar st 

Kilpatrick Hugh, mason, 15 Jamaica st 

Kilpatrick Samuel, spirit merchant, 35 Vennel. Ho. 59 
Regent st 

KINCAID & Co., Limited, engineers and ironfounders, 
Clyde foundry, East Hamilton st 

Kincaid John G. (of Kincaid & Co.), Oakfield west, Ratho st 

Kincaid Robert, engine-driver, 2 Garvald st 

Kincaid Miss, greengrocer, 82 Belville st. Ho. 2 Garvald st 

Kincaid Miss, grocer, 39 Ann st. Ho. 41 do. 

Kincaid Miss, Corrie bank, 1 1 Eldon st 

Kincaid Mrs W., 32 Arthur st 

KING Alexander, boilermaker, 13 Belville st 

King David, coachman, 60 Eldon st 

King Dugald, steward, 46 Ann st 

King Duncan, tugboatman, 47 Roxburgh st 

King Gilbert, painter, 15 Brisbane st 

King Henry (at John Kerr & Co.'s), 27 Esplanade 

King Henry, grocer, 19 Wellington st. Ho. do. 

King John, boilermaker, 39 Ann st 

King John, sugar porter, Berrymount, Lynedoch st 


King Robert, carpenter, 55 Belville st 

King Robert, flesher, 25 Rue-end st. Ho. Orangefield cot. 

King Robert, lodging-house keeper, 9 William st 

King Robert, sugar porter, 58 Lynedoch st 

King Thomas, joiner, 79 Dempster st 

King Thomas, late of H.M. Customs, 34 Brisbane st 

King William, engineer, 101 Belville st 

King Mrs Andrew, 3 Armadale pi, Bank st 

King Mrs Daniel. 32 East Hamilton st 

King Mrs John, Jardine burn, 64 Forsyth st 

King Mrs William, carter and contractor, 8 Virginia st 

King Mrs, cowfeeder, East Crawford st 

King Mrs, dressmaker, 48 Lynedoch st 

King Mrs, 17 Nelson st, west 

KINNAIRD James (of Austin & Kinnaird), Parkview, 
1 Lynedoch st 

Kinnaird Mrs William, 21 Ingleston st 

Kinnaird Mrs William, 19 Wellington st 

KINNELL George, dairy, 1 7 Tobago st 

Kinnell James, engine-keeper, 77 Wellington st 

Kinnell Mrs, 1 1 Brachelston st 

KINNIBURGH James, rafter, 24 Antigua st 

Kinniburgh John, cooper, 53 Kelly st 

Kinniburgh Thomas, seaman, 34 Brisbane st 

KINNIE Thomas, plasterer, 8 Lyle st 

KIRCHOFF Charles, shipbroker, 2 Jamaica st 

KIRK J. & R., builders and contractors, 5 Campbell st 

Kirk John (of J. & R. Kirk), 47 Brisbane st 

Kirk Robert (of J. & R. Kirk), 28 South st 

Kirk Mrs, 13 Nelson st, west 

KIRKALDY William, reporter, 9 Ardgowan st, west 

KIRKHAM Mrs Agnes, greengrocer, 28 West Burn st 

KIRKPATRICK George, Customhouse boatman, 23 Rox- 
burgh st 

Kirkpatrick William, postman, 28 Wellington st 

KIRKWOOD Adam, baker, 87 Roxburgh st. Ho. 73 
Holmscroft st 

Kirkwood Alexander, baker, 92 Roxburgh st. Ho. Logielea, 
22 Caddlehill st 

Kirkwood David, seaman, 20 Bearhope st 

Kirkwood James, blacksmith, 16 Cathcart st 

Kirkwood James, mason, 20 Antigua st 


Kirkwood Joseph, sailmaker, 106 Dempster st 

Kirkwood Robert, joiner, 44 Lynedoch st 

Kirkwood Thomas, mason and builder, 8 Jamaica st 

Kirkwood William, builder, 79 Holmscroft st. Ho. 78 do. 

Kirkwood William, shipmaster, 58 Kelly st 

Kirkwood Mrs Elizabeth, 56 Kelly st 

Kirkwood Mrs Robert, grocer, 1 Smith's lane. Ho. 59 

Regent st 
KISSICK Mrs, 19 Ingleston st 

KNOWLES John (of Post Office), 10 Ardgowan st, west 
KNOX James, pansman, 66 Wellington st 
Knox William A., goods guard, 54 Wellington st 
KYD Robert, cabinetmaker, 6 Old Hillend 
KYLE James, patternmaker, 68 East Crawford st 
Kyle Thomas, joiner, 2 Belville st 
Kyle William J., labourer, 29 Ingleston st 

LAFFERTY James, labourer, 62 Ann st 

Lafferty Mrs, broker, 8 Smith's lane 

LAGGAN James, labourer, 24 Pottery st 

LAING Robert, seedsman and fruiterer, 33 Hamilton st, 
wholesale and retail vegetable merchant, 19 and 21 
Charles st. Ho. 23 Lyle st 

Laing M., tobacconist, stationer, and branch Post Office, 17 
Rue end st. Ho. 23 Lyle st 

LAIRD Alexander A. & Co., steam packet company, Cus- 
tomhouse quay 

Laird Alexander, contractor, 6 Springkell st 

Laird James, grocer and provision merchant, 86 Belville st 
and 23 Ingleston st. Ho. do. 

Laird James, salesman, 68 Wellington st 

Laird John, coppersmith, 31 Trafalgar st 

Laird John, dairy, 9 Brisbane st 

Laird John, 6 Hope st 

Laird Thomas, boilermaker, 23 Ingleston st 

Laird William, engineer, 3 Hope st 

Laird William, waiter, 1 1 Watt st 

Laird M. & J., Berlin wool repository, 38 Hamilton st. Ho. 
78 Holmscroft st 


Laird Mrs James, 33 Nelson st, west 

LAMB Thomas, jun. (of the Cartsdyke Saw Mills), 17 

Ardgowan sq 
Lamb William, skinner, 3 East Crawford st 
Lamb Miss, ladies' college and kindergarten, 18 Margaret st 
Lamb Mrs W. L., 17 Ardgowan sq 
Lamb Mrs, 45 Lynedoch st 
LAMBIE David (of J. M. Lambie & Sons), 74 East 

, Crawford st 
Lambie David, engineer, 42 Lynedoch st 
Lambie Francis, locomotive superintendent, 70 East 

Crawford st 
Lambie J. M. & R., yacht, steam launch, and boatbuilders, 

5 Ratho st 
Lambie J. M. & Sons, yacht, steam launch, and boatbuilders, 

Ashfield Saw Mills, Macdougall st 
Lambie J. M. (of J. M. & R. Lambie), 74 East Crawford st 
Lambie Robert, carpenter and boatbuilder, Cartsdyke boat- 
building yard, Macdougall st. Ho. 99 Belville st 
Lambie Mrs J. M., 74 East Crawford st 
LAMONT Alexander, carting contractor, Palmerston 

buildings. Ho. 27 Shaw st 
Lamont Alexander, shoemaker, 34 Lynedoch st 
Lamont Andrew, engineer, 5 Ingleston st 
Lamont Andrew, labourer, 20 John st 
Lamont Archibald, engineer, 16 Hope st 
Lamont Archibald, slater, 6 Holmscroft st 
Lamont Colin, shoemaker, 23 Lyle st 
Lamont Daniel, hatter and hosier, 37 Cathcart st. Ho. 4 

Finnart st 
Lamont Duncan, blacksmith, 89 Belville st 
Lamont Duncan, carpenter, 1 1 Mill st 
Lamont Duncan, tinsmith, 4 Mearns st 
Lamont Hugh, mason, 70 Wellington st 
Lamont Hugh, steamboat agent, West quay. Ho. 91 

Dempster st 
Lamont James, smith and boilermaker, 3 Dellingburn st. 

Ho. 15 Lyle st 
Lamont John, carpenter, 21 Ingleston st 
Lamont Neil, baker, 115 Dempster st 
Lamont Robert, labourer, 7 Lauriston st 
Lamont William (of A. C. Smith & Co.), 165 Eldon st 


Lamont William, plumber, 8 Mearns st 

Lamont Miss Isabella, broker, 71 Vermel 

Lamont Miss, lodgings, 73 Nicolson st 

LANCASTER John, bricklayer, 66 Holmscroft st 

Lancaster John, fireman, 1 Ratho st 

Lancaster Robert, bricklayer, 24 Bruce st 

Lancaster William, mason, 6 Hay st 

LAND William, engine driver, 6 Carwood st 

LANG & Fulton, shipowners, 3 East India breast . 

Lang Daniel, 31 Lynedoch st 

Lang George, patternmaker, 59 Belville st 

Lang James & Sons, wholesale grocers, 30 and 32 Sugarhouse 

lane. Ho. 9 Finnart ter 
Lang James, boilermaker, 10 Nile st 
Lang James, boot and shoe maker, 20 Tobago st 
Lang James, engineer, 7 Nile st 
Lang James, moulder, 2 1 Ingleston st 
Lang John (at John Walker & Co.'s), 40 Eldon st 
Lang John, joiner, 12 Wellington st 
Lang John, manager, Cartsburn Sugar Refinery. Ho. Glen 

cottage, Balwharly rd 
Lang John (of P. MacCallum & Sons), Eldon pi 
Lang John, sailmaker, 29 Lynedoch st 
Lang Matthew, brassmoulder, 63 Regent st 
Lang Robert, glazier, 24 Bruce st 
Lang Robert, riveter, 30 East Hamilton st 
Lang William, bookbinder, 64 Wellington st 
Lang Mrs A., 52 St. Lawrence st 
Lang Mrs James, 36 Mearns st 

Lang Mrs Robert, grocer, 71 Nicolson st. Ho. 4 South st 
Lang Mrs William, 75 Wellington st 
LANGLANDS M. & Sons, steamship owners and agents, 3 

Brymner st 
LANGTRY Joseph, porter, 96 Dempster st 
LANGWILL Miss, 17 Brisbane st 

LANIGHAN Patrick, labourer, 1 M'Lean's land, Ladyburn 
LAPPIN Mrs, 21 Nelson st, west 
LATHAM D. M., agent of the Royal Bank of Scotland. 

Ho. Gourock house, Gourock 
LAUDER Alexander F., saddler and harnessmaker, 19 

Cathcart st. Ho. 1 2 Lyle st 
Lauder Mrs, 21 Nelson st 


LAUDERDALE Mrs, 124 Drumfrochar rd 
LAURENT F. B., French teacher, 8 Trafalgar st 
LAURIE & Fleming, carvers, gilders, and fine art dealers, 

1 Bank st 
Laurie & Harley, dress and mantle makers, milliners, and 

general drapery warehousemen, 1 1 West Blackhall st 
Laurie James, cabinetmaker, 94 Dempster st 
Laurie James, M.B., CM. Consulting rooms, 5 West 

. Blackhall st. Ho. 1 Shaw pi, off Bank st 
Laurie John F., 66 Kelly st 

Laurie William (of Laurie & Harley), 5 Robertson st 
Laurie Miss Jeanie, 27 Robertson st 
LAW William, french polisher, 10 Murdieston st 
Law Miss, 9 South st 
LAWRENCE Mrs David, 6 Brisbane st 
LAWRIE Mrs Robert, 29 Patrick st 
LAWSON Andrew, engineer, 4 Prospecthill st 
Lawson Brothers, aerated water manufacturers, 14 Chapel st 
Lawson George, carpenter, 5 Antigua st 
Lawson John, engineer, 103 Port-Glasgow rd 
Lawson John, engineer. 28 South st 
Lawson Mrs John, 30 Newton st 
LEAGUE of the Cross Hall, 29 West Burn st— John Nelis, 

LEARIE William, coppersmith, 61 Belville st 
LEBROCQ Mrs Edward, 6 West Stewart st 
LECK James, baker, 21 Lynedoch st 
LECKIE John (of William Adam & Co.), 58 South st 
Leckie Peter, coppersmith, 16 Kelly st 
Leckie W. F., engineers' ironmonger, 8 East Blackhall st. 

Ho, 39 Brisbane st 
Leckie Mrs Jessie, 13 Mount Pleasant st 
LEE Charles, pansman, 67 Regent st 
Lee Henry, labourer, 6 John st 
Lee James, pansman, 12 Nile st 
Lee James W., shipmaster, i8a Trafalgar st 
Lee Robert, deep-sea pilot, 2 Wellington st 
Lee Thomas, riveter, 7 William st 
LEES James, ironmoulder, 5 John st 
Lees William, B.A., headmaster, Ladyburn School. Ho. 

Lomond View, Port-Glasgow 
LEGGATE Archibald, pensioner, 7 Hill st 


Leggate William, carriage inspector, 27 Bruce st 

Leggate Miss A., laundry, 5 Kilblain st 

Leggate Mrs, confectioner, 12 Pottery st 

LEISHMAN James, brassfinisher, 52 Regent st 

Leishman Joseph, carpenter, 39 Lynedoch st 

LEISK Adam, jun., & Co., slaters, slate, lime, and cement 

merchants, 12 Laird st 
Leisk Willam, rigger, 108 Dempster st 
Leisk Mrs Adam, jun., 4 Ardgovvan sq 
LEITCH & Muir, shipowners, and ship, fire, and marine 

insurance agents, 2 West quay 
Leitch Alexander, plumber, 27 Bruce st 
Leitch Archibald, carter, Upper Ingleston 
Leitch Arthur O. (of Leitch & Muir), Madeira Lodge, 8 

Newark st 
Leitch Colin, cabinetmaker, 61 Ann st 
Leitch Douglas, brassfinisher, 45 Shaw st 
Leitch Daniel (of J. Leitch & Son), 49 Newton st 
Leitch John & Son, house and ship painters, 10 West breast 
Leitch John, sugar merchant, Sugar Exchange 
Leitch Nicol, coal merchant, 12 Brougham st. Ho. 69 

Nicolson st 
Leitch Patrick W., insurance broker, Sugar Exchange. Ho. 

15 Ardgowan sq 
Leitch Quintin & Co., hemp and wire rope manufacturers, 

Whinhill Ropeworks, Drumfrochar rd. Office, 1 East 

breast, and 2 Brymner st 
Leitch William B., sailmaker, 65 Rue-end st 
Leitch William Orr (of Quintin Leitch & Co.), 43 Ardgowan 

st, west 
Leitch Miss, 15 Ardgowan sq 
Leitch Miss, 5 West Stewart st 
Leitch Mrs Agnes, 24 Bank st 
Leitch Mrs Charles, 63 Nicolson st 
Leitch Mrs, 68 East Hamilton st 
Leitch Mrs, 9 Lyle st 

LEITH James, grocer, 30 Dalrymple st. Ho. 12 Lynedoch st 
Leith John, railway clerk, 27 Dempster st 
Leith Robert, joiner, 33 Bank st 
Leith Samuel, railway porter, 20 Bruce st 
Leith Thomas, labourer, 50 Holmscroft st 
Leith William, labourer, 30 Arthur st 


Leith William, moulder, 6 Trafalgar st 

LEMMON Robert, general secretary, Associated Horse- 
men's Union, 17 Brymner st. Ho. 29 Ann st 

LENNOX James L., clothier, 7 West Blackhall st. Ho. 
24 Kelly st 

Lennox Neil, smith, 47 Holmscroft st 

LEPAGE Henri, chef, at John Brown's, 45 Hamilton st. 
Ho. 23 West Stewart st 

LESLIE Angus, 6 Hill st 

Leslie David, clerk, 95 Roxburgh st 

Leslie Hugh, labourer, 12 Mill st 

Leslie James, boilermaker, 82 Belville st 

Leslie James, commercial traveller, 34 Mount Pleasant st 

Leslie James, shipmaster, 42 South st 

Leslie John, brakesman, 56 Drumfrochar rd 

LESSELS Gilbert H., engineer, 23 Nelson st, west 

LESTOR Robert, engine-driver, Gibbshill ter, Port- 
Glasgow rd 

LETHAM Alex. B. (of Ferguson & Letham), 12 Forsyth st 

Letham John, compositor, 7 Mount Pleasant st 

LETSON James, boilermaker, 34 Crescent st 

Letson James, labourer, 14 Mill st 

LEWIS James, blacksmith, 45 Holmscroft st 

Lewis L. E., deputy-superintendent, Mercantile Marine, 7 
Virginia st. Ho. Sunnyside, 4 Bedford st 

Lewis Mrs Jane, 26 West Blackhall st 

Lewis Mrs Mary, laundress, 25 West Stewart st. Ho. 16 
Kilblain st 

Lewis Mrs William, James pi, 4 Lyle st 

LIDDELL Alexander, salesman, 25 Bank st 

Liddell David, carter, 2 Holmscroft st 

Liddell David, joiner, 15 Belville st 

Liddell James D., joiner, 10 South st 

Liddell John, carter, 36 Crawfurd st 

Liddell Miss, Redlands, Robertson st 

Liddell Miss, 54 South st 

Liddell Mrs John, 6 Old Hillend 

Liddell Mrs John, Shipbank, 7 Lyle st 

Liddell Mrs, 1 Hope st 

LIETKE & Co., shipbrokers (sail and steam), German 
Consulate, Russian and Dutch Consular agents, 
Palmerston buildings 


Lietke John Otto (of Lietke & Co.), Hunterslea, Kilmalcolm 
LIGHTBODY James, engineer, 58 Lynedoch st 
Lightbody John E., carpenter, 34 Ingleston st 
LIGHTON William, fireman, 126 Drumfrochar rd 
LINDSAY & Crookston, colliery agents and coal merchants, 

City buildings, 32 Cathcart st and 12 Brougham st 
Lindsay Archibald, boilermaker, 13 Crescent st 
Lindsay Archibald N. (of William Lindsay & Co. and 

Lindsay & Crookston), 63 Newton st 
Lindsay Duncan, labourer, 15 Sir Michael st 
Lindsay James, joiner, 46 East Hamilton st 
Lindsay John, blacksmith, 6 West Stewart st 
Lindsay John, joiner, Mount View, Belville st 
Lindsay John, seaman, 22 Lynedoch st 
Lindsay Robert, grocer, 1 1 Rue-end st. Ho. 3 Bank st 
Lindsay William & Co., ship and insurance brokers, and 

steam-packet agents, City buildings, 32 Cathcart st, and 

Customhouse quay 
Lindsay Miss, 9 Ardgowan sq 
Lindsay Miss, 1 Madeira st and 20 Esplanade 
Lindsay Mrs William, 77 Union st 

LINKLATER Thomas M., shipmaster, 28 Robertson st 
Linklater William, carpenter, 2 1 Dempster st 
LINN James, engineer, 15 Lauriston st 
Linn John, engine-driver, 18 East Crawford st 
Linn Robert, clerk, 55 Belville st 
Linn Samuel, engineer, 85 Belville st 
Linn Mrs, 7 Crescent st 
LINTON Thomas, tailor, 4 Holmscroft st 
LIPTON Thomas J., tea, coffee, and provision merchant, 32 

Cathcart st and 44 Hamilton st 
LITTLE James & Co., steamship owners, Excise buildings 
Little Samuel, labourer, 23 Belville st 
Little Miss, 62 Finnart st 
Little Sisters of Poor, 44 Union st 
LIVERPOOL Traders' Office, 1 Cross-shore st— D. Mac- 

dougall, agent 
Liverpool Underwriters' Association — T. O. Hunter & Co., 

agents, 13 Hamilton st 
LIVINGSTON Alexander, blockmaker, 8 Antigua st 
Livingston Alexander, carpenter, 31 Ingleston st 
Livingston Alexander, 13 Mearns st 


Livingston A. & E., drapers, milliners, and dressmakers, 31 
Ann st. Ho. 13 Mearns st 

Livingston Donald, baker, 3 Hope st 

Livingston Donald, labourer, sanitary department. Ho. 43 
Holmscroft st 

Livingston Donald, labourer, 12 Mill st 

Livingston Duncan, boilermaker, 15 Lauriston st 

Livingston Duncan, fireman, 69 Roxburgh st 

Livingston Duncan, flesher, 23 Rue-end st. Ho. 9 
Wellington st 

Livingston George, riveter, 54 East Hamilton st 

Livingston James, mason, 67 Roxburgh st 

Livingston John, carpenter, 21 Antigua st 

Livingston John, dyer, 62 Ann st 

Livingston John, pensioner, 8 Hay st 

Livingston John, shipwright. 56 Lynedoch st 

Livingston Miss, furrier and feather dresser, 14 Ardgowan 
st, west 

Livingston Mrs, 37 Lynedoch st 

LIVINGSTONE William J., screwer, 7 Carwood st 

LLOYD Andaluz, of Cadiz— T. O. Hunter & Co., agents 

LLOYD'S Agents— T. O. Hunter & Co., 13 Hamilton st 

Lloyd's Registry of British and Foreign Shipping, 14 Cross- 
shore st 

LOCAL Marine Board, 7 Virginia st 

LOCHHEAD John, engineman, 1 1 Lauriston st 

Lochhead John, riveter, 1 1 Crescent st 

Lochhead Robert, sugar merchant, 4 Brymner st. Ho. 63 
Union st 

Lochhead William, 8 Ardgowan st, west 

LOCKE John (of Post Office), 91 Dempster st 

LOCKIE John, patternmaker, 52 East Hamilton st 

LOCKYER George & Son, charcoal makers, Bristol- 
agents, J. M. Macfarlane & Co. 

LOGAN Archibald, riveter, 13 Regent st 

Logan Francis & Sons, gasfitters, bellhangers, brassfinishers, 
&c, 21 Nicolson st. (See Advt.) 

Logan Francis (of Francis Logan & Sons), 40 Nelson st, west 

Logan Francis, stationer, tobacconist, and fancy goods 
importer, and branch Post Office, 16 Lynedoch st and 
79 Roxburgh st. Ho. 40 Nelson st, west 

Logan Francis B. (of Francis Logan & Sons), 38 Nicolson st 


Logan George, engineer, 28 South st 

Logan James, chandler, 3 Prospecthill st. Ho. 51 Lyne- 

doch st 
Logan James, warehouseman, 5 1 Lynedoch st 
Logan John, policeman, 3 Mill st 
Logan John, timekeeper, 37 Crawfurd st 
Logan Robert, boilermaker, 8 Hill st 
Logan Miss L., broker, 4 Tobago st 
Logan Mrs, grocer,8 Manse lane 

LONDON and Glasgow Tea Company, 46 Cathcart st 
London and Greenock Bag and Sack Co , Limited, bag and 

sack merchants — Works, 26 West Stewart st ; Office, 

5 Jamaica st 
London and Newcastle Tea Co., 33 Hamilton st 
London Hat Warehouse, 1 1 West Blackhall st — J. M. Dick, 

LONDONDERRY Steam Packet Co., Customhouse quay 
LONGWILL James, carpenter, 42 St. Lawrence st 
Longwill Mrs William, 15 Nelson st, west 
LORCET J. R., tobacconist, 42 West Burn st 
Lorcet Peter, auctioneer, 28 Robertson st 
LORIMER Donald, carpenter, 32 Kelly st 
LOTA Ship Co., Limited — Macdonald, Adams & Co., 

managers, 1 1 William st 
LOUDON Daniel Shaw (of Brighton & Loudon), 17 South st 
Loudon John B., salesman, 23 Nelson st, west 
Loudon William, tailor, 59 Ann st 

Loudon Mrs, dress and mantle maker, 23 Nelson st, west 
LOUDOUN David, agent and correspondent, the Mail 

newspapers, Limited, Municipal buildings. Ho. 44 

Brisbane st 
LOUGHRAN Edward, riveter, 34 St. Lawrence st 
Loughran William, broker, 3 Lindsay's lane. Ho. 9 West 

LOVE Alexander, caulker, 2 St. Andrew's st 
Love Alexander, traveller, 8 Hope st 
Love David, labourer, 45 Roxburgh st 
Love James, draughtsman, 49 Mearns st 
Love James A., writer and notary public, Consular agent of 

the United States, 2 Hamilton st. Ho. Royal Bank house 
Love John, accountant, Royal Bank of Scotland, 38 

Cathcart st. Ho. above the bank 


Love Robert, chronometer-maker and optician, 17 West 

Blackhall st. Ho. 28 Brisbane st 
Love Robert, jun., watchmaker, 30 Newton st 
Love William, clerk, 93 Belville st 
Love William, engineer, 27 Trafalgar st 
Love Mrs John, 20 Brisbane st 
Love Mrs John, 17 John st 
Love Mrs John 5 1 Kelly st 
Love Mrs, 16 Arthur st 

LOVELL John, H.M. Customs, 9 Mount Pleasant st 
Lovell William, cooper, 66 Wellington st 
Lovell Mrs, ladies' nurse, 66 Wellington st 
LOW Alexander, miller, 10 Lyle st 
Low James, joiner, 1 1 Nelson st, west 
Low John, smith, 18 Bogle st 

Low William, superintendent, Gulf Line, 12 Forsyth st 
Low Wm. D., C.E., office of public works. Ho. 45 

Brisbane st 
Low Miss, 12 Robertson st 
Low Mrs, 7 Lauriston st 
Low Mrs, 15 Sir Michael st 
LOWE Thomas, joiner, 34 South st 
Lowe Miss, hardware and fancy goods stores, 37 West Burn 

st. Ho. 1 1 Nelson st, west 
LOWER William, bricklayer, 34 Ann st 
LOWEY George, engineer, 31 Nicolson st 
Lowey R. P., sheriff officer, 25 West Burn st. Ho. 31 

Nicolson st 
LUCKHAM James, mate, 26 Trafalgar st 
LUGTON Alexander, cooper, 75 Holmscroft st 
LUMSDEN James, irondriller, 2 Mackenzie st 
LUSK Robert & Co., wholesale grocers and sugar dealers, 

7 Tobago st 
Lusk Mrs John, Rosebank, 25 Forsyth st 
LUXTON George T., collector, H.M. Customs, Custom- 
house. Ho. 14 Ardgowan sq 
LYALL James, pawnbroker, 60 Vennel. Manager — James 

Gait, 91 Dempster st 
LYDEN William, labourer, 44 Arthur st 
LYLE Abram & Sons, Limited, sugar refiners, London, 10 

Clarence st 
Lyle Abram (of A. & R. Lyle & Co.), 115 Eldon st 


Lyle Alexander, moulder, 103 Belville st 

Lyle Alexander (of John Lyle & Sons), 49 Finnart st 

Lyle Alexander Park (of the Lyle Snipping Co., Limited), 

105 Finnart st 
Lyle A. & R. & Co., ship chandlers, steamship deck and 

engine stores, engineers' shipbuilders and yacht 

furnishers, ironmongers, &c, 3 and 4 West breast 
Lyle Archibald, spirit merchant, 8 Smith's lane. Ho. 39 

Brisbane st 
Lyle J. Leitch (of John Lyle & Sons), Kilmorie, 109 

Finnart st 
Lyle John & Sons, wholesale and retail wine and spirit 

merchants, and ship store dealers, 6 West Quay lane 

and 17 Sugarhouse lane 
Lyle John, yardsman, 3 Regent st 
Lyle Robert, jun. (of A. & R. Lyle & Co.), The Lodge, 69 

Newton st 
Lyle Robert, Dunavard, 72 Union st 
Lyle Robert Park (of the Lyle Shipping Co., Limited), 

Inglehome, 107 Finnart st 
Lyle Shipping Co., Limited, shipowners, 10 Clarence st 
Lyle Thomas, cowfeeder, Old Hillend 
Lyle Mrs Abram, Oakley, 51 Eldon st 
Lyle Mrs Elizabeth, 36 Crescent st 
Lyle Mrs Isabella, 27 Nicolson st 
Lyle Mrs R. G., 25 Brisbane st 
LYNCH John, rigger, 27 Trafalgar st 
Lynch Rev. Andrew, R.C. clergyman, 14 Patrick st 
LYON Archibald, baker, Upper Ingleston 
Lyon Archibald, iron-turner, 27 Ingleston st 
Lyon David, joiner and builder, 6 East Blackhall st. Ho. 

Mount park, 2 Hope st 
Lyon Dugald, joiner, 2 Hope st 
Lyon James, sugar broker, Sugar Exchange. Ho. 80 

Finnart st 
Lyon James, traveller, 3 Brachelston st 
Lyon James A., packing case maker, 13 Mearns st 
Lyon Peter, patternmaker, 18 St. Lawrence st 
Lyon Robert, ironmoulder, 3 Belville st 



MACADAM David L., clerk, 33 Nelson st 

M'ADAM Matthew, boatbuilder, 15 Hope st 

M'Adam Mrs, restaurateur, 5 West Blackhall st 

M'ADOREY Patrick, labourer, 12 Nile st 

M'AFFER Murdoch, foreman carpenter, 36 St. Lawrence st 

M'ALEER John, pilot, 3 Customhouse pi 

M'ALEES William, labourer, 50 East Hamilton st 

MACALISTER&Fyfe, ironmongers, shipchandlers, painters, 

and agents for the sale of yachts, 4 East breast 
Macalister Daniel, M.Inst. C.E., civil engineer, 20 Patrick st 
Macalister R. S., superintendent, Mercantile Marine Office, 

7 Virginia st. Ho. Glencairn, Kilmalcolm 
M'ALLISTER Alexander, carpenter, 15 Hope st 
M'Allister Archibald, shipmaster, 19 Mount Pleasant st 
M'Allister Donald, grocer and provision merchant, 11 

Brymner st and 24 Shaw st. Ho. 12 Brymner st 
M'Allister Duncan, dairyman, 11 Wellington st 
M'Allister James, engine driver, 41 West Bum st 
M'Allister John, boatbuilder, 2 Garvald st 
M'Allister John, flesher, 42 West Burn st. Ho. 11 

Wellington st 
M'Allister John, sawyer, 43 Lynedoch st 
M'Allister Malcolm, carpenter, 19 Ingleston pi 
M'Allister Malcolm, tugboatman, 16 Trafalgar st 
M'Allister Mrs Neil, 5 Regent st 
M'ALPIN & M'Lachlan, plumbers and gasfitters, 35 Regent 

M'Alpin Wm. (of M'Alpin & M'Lachlan), 35 Lynedoch st 
M'xALPINE Alexander, draughtsman, 20 Trafalgar st 
M'Alpine Daniel, carter, 36 Lynedoch st 
M' Alpine Daniel, carting contractor, 26 Duncan st 
M'Alpine Duncan, labourer, 1 Duncan st 
M'Alpine James, wine and spirit merchant, Victoria bar, 13 

Hamilton st. Ho. 3 Hope st 
M'Alpine William, carter, 26 Duncan st 
M'Alpine Miss M., dairy, 50 Holmscroft st 
M'ANALLY Henry, sen., shoemaker, 3 Lauriston st 
M'ANINCH Mrs Ann, confectioner, 7 Brymner st and 16 

Vennel. Ho. 2 Cross-shore st 


MACARA C. G., shipping and insurance agent, 4 East 

breast. Ho. 24 Kelly st 
Macara James, Aftonlea, 37 Finnart st 
Macara Mrs Renton, feuar, Aftonlea, 37 Finnart st 
M'ARLEY John, car driver, 16 Crescent st 
MACARTHUR Duncan J., clerk, 32 Nelson st, west 
M'ARTHUR Alexander, joiner, 3 Hill st 
M'Arthur & Orkney, consulting engineers, factory architects, 

and inspectors of machinery and structural work, 32 

Cathcart st 
M'Arthur Andrew, boilermaker, 29 Shaw st 
M'Arthur Archd. (of M'Arthur & Orkney), 12 Wellington st 
M'Arthur Archibald, ship and general blacksmith, 15 

Cathcart st. Ho. 38 Holmscroft st 
M'Arthur Charles, baker, 14 Hope st 
M'Arthur Colin, storekeeper, 66 Regent st 
M'Arthur Daniel, joiner, 13 Watt st 
M'Arthur Donald, labourer, 1 Bruce st 
M'Arthur Hugh, gas meter inspector, 24 South st 
M'Arthur James, engineer, 20 Inverkip st 
M'Arthur James, labourer, 9 Carwood st 
M'Arthur James, rigger, 24 Bruce st 
M'Arthur John, boilermaker, 2 Garvald st 
M'Arthur John, joiner, 13 East Crawford st 
M'Arthur John, plumber, 87 Wellington st 
M'Arthur Malcolm, compositor, 6 Mount Pleasant st 
M'Arthur Peter, carpenter, 28 Bruce st 
M'Arthur Robert, late H.M. Customs, 24 Lynedoch st 
M'Arthur William, blacksmith, 10 Carnock st 
M'Arthur William, boilermaker, 65 Belville st 
M'Arthur Mrs Christina, 41 West Blackhall st 
M'Arthur Mrs C, grocer, 16 Brisbane st. Ho. 14 do. 
M'Arthur Mrs Duncan, 37 West Blackhall st 
M'Arthur Mrs D., 77 Regent st 
M'Arthur Mrs John, 38 Brisbane st 
M'Arthur Mrs William, 13 Forsyth st 
M'Arthur Mrs, 24 Belville st 
M'Arthur Mrs, 61 Belville st 
M'ARTNEY Robert, cabdriver, 35 West Shaw st 
MACASKILL Malcolm, traveller, 27 Nelson st, west 
Macaskill E. & F., milliners and dressmakers, 92 Roxburgh 

st. Ho. 1 1 1 Dempster st 


MACAULAY Daniel, factor, Improvement Trust office, 

Municipal buildings. Ho. 22 Ardgowan sq 
Macaulay John (of Orr, Pollock & Co.), 58 Forsyth st 
Macaulay Michael, rafter, 101 Port-Glasgow rd 
Macaulay Miss Margaret, teacher of music. 58 Forsyth st 
M'AULAY Alexander, ironfinisher, 6 Trafalgar st 
M'Aulay James, plumber, 7 Boyd st 
M'Aulay James B., joiner, 20 Brisbane st 
M'Aulay John, blacksmith, 17 Lauriston st 
M'Aulay Matthew (of H.M. Customs), 32 Kelly st 
M'Aulay Peter, farmer, Bow farm, Inverkip rd 
M'Aulay Samuel, boilermaker, 78 Belville st 
M'Aulay Thomas Y. cooper, 22 Brisbane st 
M'Aulay W. G. & Co., purveyors and bakers, 20 Vennel, 31 

Cathcart st, and 18 Arcade 
M'Aulay W. G. (of W. G. M'x\ulay & Co.), 25 Bank st 
M'Aulay Mrs J., Oakfield east, Ratho st 
M'Aulay Mrs Peter, farmer, Craigs farm, Lyle rd 
M'AUSLAN Alexander, brakesman, 104 Drumfrochar rd 
M'Auslan Alexander, salesman, 64 Kelly st 
M'Auslan Robert (of Robert Lusk & Co.), 21 Brisbane st 
M'Auslan Robert L., grocer, 26 Lynedoch st. Ho. 6 Lyle st 
M'AUSLAN D Alex., grocer, 20 Nicolson st. Ho. 3 Argyle st 
M'Ausland Archibald, sen., 92 Dempster st 
M'Ausland John, ropespinner, 43 Wellington st 
M'Ausland John, seaman, 19 Captain st 
M'Ausland Peter, clerk, 8 Carwood st 
M'Ausland William, cooper, 81 Wellington st 
M'Ausland Miss, 54 Brougham st 
M'BAIN Mrs Hugh, 11 Lyle st 
M'BEARTY Duncan, lathsplitter, 5 Bank st 
MACBETH James, joiner, 11 Murdieston st 
Macbeth Miss, matron, Discharged Prisoners' Aid Society,. 

58 Ann st 
M'BETH Thomas, labourer, 8 Kilblain st 
MACBRAYNE John, shipping clerk, 19 Brisbane st 
M'BRIDE Alexander, fitter, 65 Holmscroft st 
M'Bride Archibald, boatbuilder, 13 Watt st 
M 'Bride Archibald, shoemaker, 18 Bearhope st 
M'Bride Archibald, tugboatman, 7 Newton st 
M'Bride Charles, shipmaster, 30 Ardgowan st 
M'Bride David, labourer, 5 Belville st 


M'Bride Donald, shipwright, 30 Roxburgh st 

M'Bride Duncan, carpenter, 5 Kilblain st 

M'Bride Henry, labourer, 95 Roxburgh st 

M'Bride James, teacher, 52 East Crawford st 

M'Bride John, grocer and provision merchant, 31 Regent st 
and 7 Main st. Ho. 8 Wellington st 

M'Bride John, joiner, 34 Ann st 

M'Bride John, labourer, 3 Ingleston st 

M'Bride Peter, joiner, 29 Dempster st 

M'Bride Peter, joiner, 9 Holmscroft st 

M'Bride Peter, timber measurer, 59 Holmscroft st 

M'Bride Thomas, boilermaker, 27 Ingleston st 

M'Bride William, carter, 34 Ingleston st 

M'Bride William, surgeon-dentist — consulting rooms and 
house, 9 George sq 

M'Bride Mrs Isabella, 32 Mount Pleasant st 

M'Bride Mrs, dressmaker, 30 Roxburgh st 

M'Bride Mrs, 30 Nelson st, west 

M'Bride Mrs, 81 Wellington st 

M'BRYDE John, shipmaster, 12 Brisbane st 

M'CAFFERTY John, labourer, 25 John st 

M'Cafferty John, lamplighter, 25 Vennel 

M'Cafferty John, licensed porter, 43 Shaw st 

M'CAIRN Mrs, broker, 8 East Blackhall st 

M'CALL Alexander, baker, 1 1 East Blackhall st 

M'Call Archibald, 14 Brisbane st 

M'Call Charles, commission agent, 39 Kelly st 

M'Call Donald, spirit merchant, 2 Charles st. Ho. 30 Rox- 
burgh st 

M'Call James (of Macalister & Fyfe, 26 Finnart st 

M'Call John, carpenter, 63 Belville st 

M'Call Thomas, riveter, 13 Crescent st 

M'Call William, baker, 4 Holmscroft st 

M'Call William, fitter, 16 Lynedoch st 

M'Call Mrs, 6 Antgua st 

MACCALLUM Henry, watchmaker, 40A Brisbane st 

Maccallum John, 29 Brougham st 

Maccallum P. & Sons, iron, steel, and metal merchants, 54 
Rue-end st and 1 Cathcart st 

Maccallum Mrs Daniel, 33 Ardgowan st, west 

M'CALLUM & Lochhead, sugar brokers and merchants, 
4 Brymner st 


M'Callum Archibald, riveter, 83 Roxburgh st 

M'Cailum Daniel, blacksmith, 4 Garvald st 

M'Callum Donald, riveter, 15 Hope st 

M'Callum Donald, Minerva villa, 31 Newton st 

M'Callum Dr Peter, L.F.P.S.G., 42 Mearns st 

M'Callum Dugald, 1 Hill st 

M'Callum Duncan, labourer, 63 Belville st 

M'Callum Duncan, railway porter, 52 West Blackhall st 

M'Callum Duncan, ropemaker, 13 West Stewart st 

M'Callum Duncan, tailor and clothier, 21 and 

23 Cathcart st. Ho. 5 Dempster st 
M'Callum Duncan, 1 1 Lyle st 
M'Callum George F. (of M'Callum & Lochhead), 53 

M'Callum Gilbert, engineer, 4 Mount Pleasant st 
M'Callum James, cooper, 11 Watt st 
M'Callum James, labourer, 43 Holmscroft st 
M'Callum Neil, sailmaker, 12 West Breast. Ho. 23 Nelson 

st, west 
M'Callum Niven, wine and spirit merchant, 46 Lynedoch st. 

Ho. 37 Bank st 
M'Callum Peter, steamboat agent, Customhouse quay. Ho. 

2 Antigua st 
M'Callum Robert, joiner, 64 Wellington st 
M'Callum Robert, riveter, 34 West Shaw st 
M'Callum William, sailmaker, 8 George sq 
M'Callum William, seaman, 4 Nelson st, Glebe 
M'Callum Misses, dressmakers and straw hatters, 1 1 Nelson 

st, west 
M'Callum Miss Mary, boys' dressmaker, 13 Nelson st, west 
M'Callum Mrs Duncan, Glenburn, 6 Newark st 
M'Callum Mrs, 6 Carwood st 
M'Callum Mrs, 22 Lyle st 
M'Callum Mrs, 18 Sir Michael st 
M'CAMMOND Mrs, 8 Margaret st 
M'CANN Michael, caulker, 9 Prospecthill st 
M'CARTNEY Henry, railway porter, 3 Brachelston st 
M'Cartney James, coachman. 3 Brachelston st 
M'Cartney William, brassfinisher, 12 Dalrymple st 
M'CARRIE Charles, labourer, 51 Main st 
M'CASKER John, rafter, 36 Lynedoch st 
M'CASKILL* Alexander, labourer, 5 Watt st 



M'Caskill John, sugar porter, in Dempster st 

M'CAUGHEY Thomas, hardware merchant, 53 Drum- 
frochar rd 

M'CHESNEY Hugh R., shipmaster, 7 Ardgowan st 

M'CLELLAND Hugh, engineman, it Belville st 

M'CLEMENT James, blacksmith, 10 Regent st 

M'Clement James, grocer, 19 Regent st. Ho. 10 do. 

M'Clement Miss Marion, wine and spirit merchant, 48 East 
Hamilton st. Ho. 12 East Blackhall st 

M'CLEVERTY John, engineer, 35 Roxburgh st 

M'CLOSKEY John, sawmiller. 3 Macdougall st 

M'CLOY Daniel, broker, 51 Crawfurd st 

M'Cloy Joseph, woolsorter. 63 Ann st 

M'CLURE John (of W. W. & J. M'Clure), Mayfleld, 66 
Union st 

M'Clure William, labourer, 18 Trafalgar st 

M'Clure William, M.A. (of W. W. & J. M'Clure), clerk of 
Lieutenancy of Renfrewshire, and clerk to the lower 
district committee of the County Council of Renfrew- 
shire, Mansion house, 1 Ardgowan sq. Ho. 77 Newton st 

M'Clure W. W. & J., solicitors, notaries public, and insur- 
ance agents, Mansion house, 1 Ardgowan sq 

M'Clure Mrs William, Mayfield, 66 Union st 

M'CLUSKEY Felix, brassfinisher, 63 Ann st 

M'Cluskey Miss Agnes, dairy, 43 Shaw st. Ho. 51 do. 

M'COAG Daniel, baker, 8 Holmscroft st 

M'COIG Duncan, carpenter, 18 Regent st 

M'COLL Alexander, carpenter, 37 Holmscroft st 

M'Coll Allan, carting contractor, 73 Ann st 

M'Coll Dugald, boilermaker, 61 Ann st 

M'Coll Dugald, labourer, 42 Ann st 

M'Coll Hugh, cartwright, 112 Drumfrochar rd 

M'Coll James, seaman, 1 1 Lynedoch st 

M'Coll John, blacksmith, 23 Lyle st 

M'Coll Neil, carpenter, 50 East Hamilton st 

M'Coll Neil, gardener, 105 Finnart st 

M'Coll Peter, joiner, 8 Trafalgar st 

M'Coll Peter, sailmaker, 17 Bearhope st 

M'Coll Mrs Donald, 7 Mearns st 

M'Coll Mrs Helen, 13 Holmscroft st 

M'Coll Mrs Jane, 6 Sinclair st 

M'CONNACHIE Mrs, 93 Dempster st 


M'CONALOGUE Thomas, butter and egg store, 49 Shaw st 
M'CONNELL Donald, dairyman, 24 Duncan st 
M'Connell John, engineer, 1 1 St. Lawrence st 
M'Connell John, mason, 83 Dempster st 
M'Connell Malcolm, labourer, 7 Bruce st 
M'Connell Mrs E., 9 Nelson st 

M'CORKELL George, labourer, 1 Kilblain buildings 
M'CORMACK Jas., restaurant, 37 West Blackhallst. Ho. do. 
M'CORMICK Andrew, riveter, 7 Lauriston st 
M'Cormick D. & Co., tin and coppersmiths, sheet-iron 

workers, and gasfitters, 8 Springkell st 
M'Cormick David, salesman, 24 Lynedoch st 
M'Cormick Donald (of D. M'Cormick & Co.), 24 Kelly st 
M'Cormick Donald, steamboat agent, Customhouse quay 
M'Cormick Henry, spirit merchant, 37 Rue-end st. Ho. 

Alma villa, 3 Cardwell rd, Gourock 
M'Cormick Hugh, dairyman, 28 Duncan st 
M'Cormick Hugh, steamboat agent, 8 Shaw pi 
M'Cormick John, baker, Palmerston buildings and 9 Brisbane 

st. Ho. 23 Kelly st 
M'Cormick John, labourer, 17 John st 
M'Cormick John, spirit merchant, 2 Harvie lane. Ho. 

Mileta cottage, 14 Bentinck st 
M'Cormick Joseph, fitter, 97 Port-Glasgow rd 
M'Cormick Robert, driller, 83 Belville st 
M'Cormick William, engineer, 6 Murdieston st 
M'Cormick William, salesman, 96 Dempster st 
M'CORQUODALE Archibald, iron-plater, 4 Inverkip st 
M'Corquodale Daniel, carpenter, 42 St. Lawrence st 
M'Corquodale Dugald, seaman, 32 Ann st 
M'Corquodale Duncan, brassfounder, 15 Antigua st 
M'Corquodale Hugh, porter, 5 Regent st 
M'Corquodale Neil, seaman, 105 Port-Glasgow rd 
M'Corquodale William, shipwright, 13 Watt st 
M'Corquodale Miss A., confectioner, 31 West Burn st 
M'Corquodale Miss, 5 Kelly st 
M'Corquodale Mrs, 5 Belville st 
M'Corquodale Mrs, 23 East Shaw st 
M'COVER Robert, engineer, 41 Sir Michael st 
M'COWAN & Biggart, analytical and consulting chemists, 

public analysts for Greenock, and Argyll and Bute, 29 

Cathcart st 



M'Cowan James, spinner, 4 Prospecthill st 

M'Cowan William, mason, 19 Lyle st 

M'Cowan Mrs John, 13 Hope st 

M'COWATT John, cartwright, 14 Crescent st 

M'Cowatt Mrs James, Redlands, Robertson st 

M'COWAT T., baker, 15 Cartsburn st. Ho. 35 Roxburgh st 

M'COY William J., wine and spirit merchant, 22 Vennel. 
Ho. 68 Holmscroft st 

M'CRACKEN George, goods porter, 56 Drumfrochar rd 

M'Cracken Hugh K., assistant inspector of poor, 53 Holms- 
croft st 

M'Cracken Joseph, engineer, 7 Hope st 

M'Cracken Robert, blacksmith, 14 Crescent st 

M'Cracken Samuel, labourer, 68 Wellington st 

M'Cracken Thomas, clerk, 6 Brisbane st 

M'Cracken William, riveter, 33 East Crawford st 

M'CRAE Armour, grocer, 36 Ann st. Ho. 40 Holms- 
croft st 

M'Crae Daniel & Co., candlemakers, grease, oil, and 
general merchants, 15 Charles st 

M'Crae David, labourer, 24 Antigua st 

M'Crae Duncan, sailmaker, 25 Bank st 

M'Crae John, joiner, 38 St. Lawrence st 

M'CRAINE Hugh, seaman, 65 Nicolson st 

M'Craine John, foreman, 20 St. Lawrence st 

M'Craine Malcolm, carter, 24 East Crawford st 

M'Craine Murdoch, watchman, 36 Holmscroft st 

M'CRAW James, prison warder, 5 Nelson st 

M'CREA James, carpenter, 29 Lyle st 

M'CREADIE Duncan, steam packet and insurance agent, 
3 Brymner st 

M'Creadie Hugh, grocer, 24 Tobago st. Ho. 33 West 
Stewart st 

M'Creadie James, plasterer, Jamaica lane, off Jamaica st. 
Ho. 33 West Stewart st 

M'Creadie James, 93 Roxburgh st 

M'Creadie Michael, grocer, 1 1 Main st 

M'Creadie Robert, plasterer, 16 Trafalgar st 

M'Creadie Mrs John, 1 Kilblain st 

M'Creadie Mrs, lodgings, 3 Arthur st 

M'CREADY John, engineer, 10 Carnock st 

M'Cready Robert, irondresser, 2 Garvald st 


M'CREARY Andrew, papermaker, 11 Mill st 
M'CREATH Daniel, sailmaker, 43 Crawfurd st 
M'Creath Gilbert, seaman, 4 Nelson st, Glebe 
M'CRINDLE James, grocer and provision merchant, 43 

Hamilton st. Ho. 12 Brisbane st 
M'Crindle William, storekeeper, 41 Ann st 
M'CRONE Archibald, mason, 25 Dempster st 
M'CUAIG James C., grocer and provision merchant, 25 

Nelson st, west. Ho. 9 South st 
M'Cuaig John, clerk, 3 Campsie ter 
M'Cuaig Magnus, furnishing ironmonger, 100 Roxburgh st. 

Ho. 10 Ardgowan st 
M'Cuaig Peter, engineer, 13 Belville st 
M'Cuaig Mrs Samuel, 27 Patrick st 
M'Cuaig Mrs, in Dempster st 
M'CUBBIN Mrs E., 29 Nelson st, west 
M'CUE Alexander, plasterer, 71 Wellington st 
M'Cue James, plasterer, 78 Wellington st. Ho. 76 do. 
M'Cue Patrick, stevedore, 46 Cathcart st 
MACCULLOCH Alexander, fleshier, 13 Cathcart st. Ho. 

Hill farm, Inverkip 
MacCulloch Colin, solicitor, Town Clerk, and clerk to 

Board of Police and Water Trust, Municipal buildings, 

6 Hamilton st. Ho. Fonthill, 1 Octavia ter 
M'CULLOCH Alexander, joiner, 27 Bank st 
M'Culloch Archibald, flesher (Port-Glasgow), 10 Brisbane st 
M'Culloch Hugh, carter, 61 Holmscroft st 
M'Culloch James, engine driver, 8 Watt st 
M'Culloch James, postman, 5 Prospecthill st 
M'Culloch John, nurseryman, seedsman, and florist, 3 Eldon 

st. Ho. 9 do. 
M'Culloch Samuel, labourer, 36 St. Lawrence st 
M'Culloch William M., of Post Office, n Murdieston st 
M'Culloch Miss E., greengrocer, 31 Roxburgh st 
M'Culloch Mrs A. G. S., 101 Brisbane st 
M'Culloch Mrs John, 64 Drumfrochar rd 
M'Culloch Mrs, lodgings, 14 Terrace rd 
M'Culloch Mrs, 76 Ann st 
M'Culloch Mrs, 53 Kelly st 
M'Culloch Mrs, 15 Laird st 
M'Culloch Mrs, 10 Lyle st 
M'Culloch Mrs, 17 Lyle st 


M'Culloch Mrs, 3 Mackenzie st 
M'Culloch Mrs, 4 Sinclair st 

MACCUNN James, traffic agent, superintendent of ware- 
houses, sheds, and timber storage enclosures, Greenock 

Harbour Trust, Municipal buildings. Ho. Thornhill, 

37 Ardgowan st 
M'CUNN Mrs James, 49 Brisbane st 
M'CURDY Archibald, flesher, 34 Charles st. Ho. 6 Sir 

Michael st 
M'Curdy Augustus, carpenter, 57 Holmscroft st 
M'Curdy Daniel, flesher, 45 Vennel. Ho. 4 Inverkip st 
M'Curdy John, carpenter, 90 Dempster st 
M'CUSKER Peter, rafter, 16 Dalrymple st 
MACCUTCHEON Hugh, feuar, 77 Holmscroft st 
M'CUTCHEON Ivie, carter, 5 Prospecthill st 
M'Cutcheon Mrs, broker, 8 Manse lane 
M'DADE Edward, labourer, 43 Holmscroft st 
M'Dade Mrs H., tobacconist. 34 Dalrymple st 
M'DERMID Mrs B., dairy, 1 Stanners st 
M'Dermid Mrs, 8 Pottery st 
MACDERMOTT James, grocer, 22 St. Lawrence st. Ho. 

MACDONALD, Adams & Co., shipowners, 11 William st 
Macdonald Angus, late detective inspector, 87 Dempster st 
Macdonald Angus (of D. Macrae & Co.), 50 Roxburgh st 
Macdonald Archibald K., teacher, 10 Wellington st 
Macdonald Donald, lathsplitter, 87 Dempster st 
Macdonald Donald (of Macdonald, Hutcheson & Co.), 

Stroove, Skelmorlie 
Macdonald Edmund, wine and spirit merchant, 41 Rue-end 

st. Ho. 47 Brougham st 
Macdonald Frank, golf club maker, 9 Brisbane st. Ho. do. 
Macdonald George (of J. C. Smith, Macdonald & Crawford), 

Erlsmere, 10 1 Finnart st 
Macdonald George, riveter, 65 Nicolson st 
Macdonald Hugh, currier, 1 1 Mearns st 
Macdonald Hugh R., draughtsman, 13 Kelly st 
Macdonald. Hutcheson & Co., sugar brokers, Commercial 

Bank buildings, Greenock, and 29 Mincing lane, 

London, E.G. 
Macdonald James (of Macdonald, Adams & Co.), Craig- 

bank, Gourock 


Macdonald J. & G., sugar merchants, Sugar Exchange 

Macdonald John, brassfinisher, 29 Lyle st 
Macdonald John, wine and spirit merchant, 12 East India 

breast. Ho. 38 Brymner st 
Macdonald John C, draughtsman, 38 South st 
Macdonald Neil, manager, Greenock Apothecaries Crated 

Water Co., 63 Holmscroft st 
Macdonald Peter, agent, Bank of Scotland. Ho. Duncrag, 

99 Finnart st 
Macdonald Ronald, wine and spirit merchant, 10 West 

breast, Ho. Langpark, Dunoon 
Macdonald William S. H. (manager, John Poynter, Son & 

Macdonald), Sherbrooke, Pollokshields 
Macdonald Miss Jessie, 6 Nelson st, west 
Macdonald Miss M., milliner, 7 Grey pi 
Macdonald Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 9 Rue-end st. 

Ho. 29 Lyle st 
Macdonald Mrs Frank, select registry, stationer, &c, and 

branch Post Office, 9 Brisbane st 
Macdonald Mrs Helen, 26 West Blackhall st 
Macdonald Mrs Mary, boot and shoe warehouse, 27 Regent 

st. Ho. do. 
Macdonald Mrs, 49 Holmscroft st 
M 'DONALD Alexander, boilermaker, 32 East Shaw st 
M'Donald Alexander, brassfinisher, 17 John st 
M'Donald Alexander, carpenter, 77 Wellington st 
M'Donald Alexander, coal merchant, Chapel st depot. Ho. 

36 M'Kenzie st 
M'Donald Alexander, gas meter inspector, 13 Watt st 
M'Donald Alexander, iron moulder, 76 Ann st 
M'Donald Alexander, labourer, 73 Regent st 
M'Donald Alexander, seaman, 9 East Crawford st 
M'Donald Charles, boilermaker, 10 Carnock st 
M'Donald David, labourer, 81 Port-Glasgow rd 
M'Donald Donald, carpenter, 47 Holmscroft st 
M'Donald Donald, foreman, 6 West Stewart st 
M'Donald Dugald, river pilot, 4 Robertson st 
M'Donald Duncan, boilermaker, 78 Belville st 
M'Donald Hugh, engineer, 15 Hope st 
M'Donald Hugh, joiner, it Murdieston st 
M'Donald James, boilermaker, 38 Holmscroft st 


M' Donald James, inspector of police, 23 Dempster st 

M'Donald James, salesman, 5 Ingleston st 

M'Donald John, coachman, 23 Eldon st 

M'Donald John, engineer, 20 Antigua st 

M'Donald John, joiner, 27 Trafalgar st 

M'Donald John, labourer, 8 Kilblain st 

M'Donald John, riveter, 28 West Burn st 

M'Donald John, 38 Brymner st 

M'Donald Lewis, warehouseman, 36 Nelson st, west 

M'Donald Kenneth, carpenter, 63 Holmscroft st 

M'Donald Malcolm, carpenter, 22 Bearhope st 

M'Donald Murdoch, carpenter, 20 Cathcart st 

M'Donald Murdoch, labourer, 80 Belville st 

M'Donald Neil, brassfinisher, 3 Bearhope st 

M'Donald Neil, carpenter, 1 Kilblain st 

M'Donald Neil, 40 Ann st 

M'Donald Norman, grocer, 19 Lyle st 

M'Donald Peter, clerk, 7 East Crawford st 

M'Donald Robert, baker, 92 Dempster st 

M'Donald Simon, brassfinisher, 5 r Lynedoch st 

M'Donald Thomas, carpenter, 75 Holmscroft st 

M'Donald William, boatman, 1 Holmscroft st 

M'Donald William, engineer, 10 Baker st 

M'Donald William, labourer, 7 Mill st 

M'Donald Miss, confectioner, 28 Ann st 

M'Donald Mrs Angus, 14 Brisbane st 

M'Donald Mrs Charles, 3 West Stewart st 

M'Donald Mrs J., 87, Belville st 

M'Donald Mrs John, 17 Robertson st 

M'Donald Mrs, boarding-house, 16 Laird st 

M'Donald Mrs, 13 Carwood st 

M'Donald Mrs, 37 W 7 est Blackhall st 

M'DONNELL Thomas, postman, 33 West Burn st 

M'DONOUGH John, drill instructor, 7 Bruce st 

MACDOUGALL Alexander James, solicitor and notary 

public, 30 West Burn st. Ho. Rosemount, off 

Bentinck st 
Macdougall Angus G., architect and surveyor, 97 Dempster st 
Macdougall Dugald, shipowner, ship and insurance broker, 

and commission agent, 1 Cross-shore st. Ho. Burnlea, 

3 Newark st 
Macdougall John, M.D., CM., Rosemount cottage, 5 Lyle st 


Macdougall John, writer, 30 West Burn st. Ho. Rosemount, 
off Bentinck st 

Macdougall Mitchell, commercial traveller, 8 South st 

Macdougall Mrs, 3 Campsie ter 

M'DOUGALL Alexander, M.A., surveyor of stamps and 
taxes for the Lower Ward of Renfrewshire and the 
County of Bute, and land valuation assessor and 
registrar of voters for the Lower Ward of Renfrewshire 
and the Burgh of Port-Glasgow, Customhouse buildings 

M'Dougall Alexander, seaman, 4 Inverkip st 

M'Dougall Allan, cookery, 1 Kilblain st 

M'Dougall Allan, flesher, 41 West Burn st 

M'Dougall Allan, shipmaster, 19 South st 

M'Dougall Allan, traveller, 42 Lynedoch st 

M'Dougall Donald, engine-driver, 61 Holmscroft st 

M'Dougall Donald, joiner, 25 Mount Pleasant st 

M'Dougall Dugald, carpenter, 31 Lyle st 

M'Dougall Duncan, baker, 5 Hamilton st. Ho. Mount 
Park cottage, 29 Bank st 

M'Dougall Duncan, flesher, 54 St. Lawrence st. Ho. 2 Old 

M'Dougall Duncan, mate, 108 Dempster st 

M'Dougall Duncan, police constable, 94 Dempster st 

M'Dougall Duncan, seaman, 13 Lauriston st 

M'Dougall Duncan, shoemaker, 34 Ann st. Ho. do. 

M'Dougall Duncan, tugboat master, 2 Lyle st 

M'Dougall George R., merchant, Springbank, 22 Fox st 

M'Dougall Hugh, cooper, 9 Hope st 

M'Dougall Hugh, plater, 6 Garwood st 

M'Dougall James, boatman, 5 Regent st 

M'Dougall John, clerk, 12 Trafalgar st 

M'Dougall John, engineer, 27 Ann st 

M'Dougall John, engineer, 29 Lynedoch st 

M'Dougall John, engineer, 3 Regent st 

M'Dougall John, labourer, 23 East Shaw st 

M'Dougall John, lathsplitter, 87 Wellington st 

M'Dougall John, wine and spirit merchant, 16 Stanners st. 
Ho. 29 Lynedoch st 

M'Dougall Neil, gardener, 12 Ardgowan st 

M'Dougall Neil, police constable, 53 Drumfrochar rd 

M'Dougall William, smith, 87 Wellington st 

M'Dougall & M'Cartney Misses, dressmakers, 19 Ann st 



M'Dougall Mrs Ann, 41 West Burn st 

M'Dougall Mrs Dougald, 23 Sir Michael st 

M'Dougall Mrs Duncan, 31 Lynedoch st 

M'Dougall Mrs, 51 Kelly st 

M'Dougall Mrs, 10 1 Port-Glasgow rd 

M'Dougall Mrs, 24 Trafalgar st 

M'DOWALL James, railway porter, 34 Nelson st, west 

M'Dowall Robert S., of postal telegraphs, 6 Nelson st, west 

M'Dowall Thomas, labourer, 12 Mill st 

M'Dowall William, sugar sampler, 1 Bank st 

M'Dowall William S., caulker, 18 Roxburgh st 

M'Dowall Mrs, 25 Bank st 

M'DUFF Peter, iron grinder, 23 Belville st 

MACEACHRAN Alexander, 22 Bank st 

M'EACHRAN Duncan, boilermaker, 8 Hope st 

M'Eachran Duncan, 10 Terrace rd 

M'Eachran James, wine and spirit merchant, 1 1 Arthur st. 

Ho. 1 1 Dempster st 
M'Eachran John, carter, 12 Watt st 
M'Eachran Robert, riveter, 15 Brougham st 
M'ELENY Edward, teacher of music, 17 West Blackhall st 
M'Eleny James, fruiterer, 1 Kilblain st. Ho. 4 Inverkip st 
M'Eleny John, tailor, 4 Watt st 
M'Eleny Joseph, coppersmith, 26 W T est Blackhall st 
M'Eleny Thomas, coppersmith, 17 West Blackhall st 
M'ELWEE William, accountant, 46 Kelly st 
M'EWAN Alexander, blacksmith, 5 Caddlehill st 
M'Ewan Colin, carpenter, 9 Holmscroft st 
M'Ewan Donald, riveter, 8 Kilblain st 
M'Ewan Edmund, shipping porter, 30 Brymner st 
M'Ewan John, rivet, nail, and chaplet maker, 1 1 Dellingburn 

st. Ho. 5 Armadale pi 
M'Ewan John, salesman, 4 Duff st 
M'Ewan John P., commercial traveller, 38 South st 
M'Ewan Joseph, labourer, 16 Dalrymple st 
M'Ewan Matthew, fireman, 32 Ann st 
M'Ewan Thomas, labourer, 9 Mill st 
M'Ewan William, riveter, 9 Carwood st 
M'Ewan Mrs Archibald, 20 Pottery st 
M'Ewan Mrs Archibald, 34 West Blackhall st 
M'EWEN James, ship surveyor, 3 Armadale pi 
M'Ewen Peter, mason, 35 Ingleston st 


M'EWING David, painter and paperhanger, 10 Arthur st. 

Ho. 48 East Crawford st 
M'Ewing Dugald, brassfounder, plumber, and gasfitter, 43 

Rue-end st and 1 Bank st. Ho. 49 Lynedoch st 
M'Ewing William, painter, 30 St. Lawrence st 
MACFADYEN Andrew, compositor, 13 Mount Pleasant st 
M'FADYEN Alexander, iron moulder, 19 Ingleston pi 
M'Fadyen Archibald, joiner and glazier, 7 West Blackhall 

st. Ho. 24 South st 
M'Fadyen Archibald, riveter, 85 Belville st 
M'Fadyen Archibald, tailor and clothier, 29 Regent st. Ho. 

15 Mount Pleasant st 
M'Fadyen Donald, labourer, 12 Arthur st 
M'Fadyen Duncan, labourer, 25 West Burn st 
M'Fadyen James, confectioner, 45 Main st 
M'Fadyen John, engine-driver, 27 Shaw st 
M'Fadyen John, plumber, 41 West Burn st 
M'Fadyen Lachlan, carpenter, 7 Brymner st 
M'Fadyen Neil, carpenter, 36 Crescent st 
M'Fadyen Miss, dressmaker, 36 Holmscroft st 
M'Fadyen Mrs, 3 Regent st 

M'FADZEAN James, engine-driver, 52 West Blackhall st 
MACFARLAN Alexander (J. Carswell & Son), 27 Regent st 
Macfarlan Robert, chartered accountant, 45 Brisbane st 
Macfarlan, Shearer & Co., meal, grain, seed, and oil 

merchants, Palmerston buildings 
Macfarlan Mrs Alexander, 75 Union st 
MACFARLANE Alexander, blacksmith, 47 Crawfurd st 
Macfarlane Arthur A., veterinary surgeon, 4 Laird st. Ho. 

Battery house, 123 Eldon st 
Macfarlane Dugald, timber measurer, 12 Lynedoch st 
Macfarlane Dugald, tobacconist and stationer, branch Post 

Office, 38 East Hamilton st 
Macfarlane John, clerk, 31 Roxburgh st 
Macfarlane John, slater, 77 Wellington st 
Macfarlane John A. & Co., grocers and wine merchants, 10 

West Blackhall st 
Macfarlane John M. & Co., produce and ship brokers, and 

commission merchants, Wallace buildings, Vennel 
Macfarlane John M. (of J. M. Macfarlane & Co.), Sycamore 

lodge, Campbell st 
Macfarlane Malcolm, 15 Robertson st 


Macfarlane Miss Jessie L., wine merchant, 66 Ann st. Ho. 

39 Bank st 
Macfarlane Miss M. A., milliner, 5 Kelly st 
Macfarlane Mrs J., fruit merchant, 31 Cathcart st. Ho. 

4 Mansionhouse lane 
Macfarlane Mrs John, 8 Wellington st 
Macfarlane Mrs Robert, 12 Ardgowan sq 
Macfarlane Mrs Robert, 4 Mansionhouse lane 
Macfarlane Mrs, Sycamore lodge, Campbell st 
M'FARLANE Alexander, gardener, 3 Watt st 
M'Farlane Alexander, painter, 77 Regent st 
M'Farlane x\ndrew, brassfinisher, 80 Belville st 
M'Farlane Andrew, grocer, 7 Brachelston st 
M'Farlane Archibald, gardener and florist, 21 Ardgowan st, 

west. Ho. 14 do. 
M'Farlane Archibald, wine and spirit merchant, 32 Arthur 

st. Ho. 5 Grey pi 
M'Farlane Colin, carpenter, 22 Antigua st 
M'Farlane Daniel, sailmaker, 43 Holmscroft st 
M'Farlane David, storekeeper, 6 West Blackhall st 
M"Farlane David, sugar porter, 4 Nelson st, Glebe 
M'Farlane Donald, salesman, 19 Dempster st 
M'Farlane Dugald, B.A., teacher, 14 Brisbane st 
M'Farlane Dugald, boatbuilder, 56 St. Lawrence st 
M'Farlane Duncan, carpenter, 29 Trafalgar st 
M'Farlane Duncan, engineer, 8 Holmscroft st 
M'Farlane Duncan G., draughtsman, 14 Lynedoch st 
M'Farlane George, joiner, 4 Hill st 
M'Farlane George, sawyer, 28 East Hamilton st 
M'Farlane Hugh, tinsmith, 66 Holmscroft st 
M'Farlane James & Co., heating engineers, ironmongers, 

smiths, tinsmiths, plumbers, and gasfitters, 20 Cathcart 

st. Works, 18 Cathcart st 
M'Farlane James (of James M'Farlane & Co.), 13 Lyne- 
doch st 
M'Farlane John, boilermaker, 29 Ingleston st 
M'Farlane John, carpenter, 6 Nelson st 
M'Farlane John, joiner, 5 Brachelston st 
M'Farlane Robert, cooper, 34 Ann st 
M'Farlane Robert, grocer, 14 Port-Glasgow rd. Ho. 58 

East Crawford st 
M'Farlane Robert, late police constable, 14 Bruce st 


M'Farlane Rev. R. H., minister of Primitive Methodist 

Church. Ho. 49 Brisbane st 
M'Farlane Thomas, engineer, 39 Ann st 
M'Farlane Thomas, rigger, 8 Kilblain st 
M'Farlane William, baker, 4 Inverkip st. Ho. 69 Roxburgh 

M'Farlane William, cooper, 85 Roxburgh st 
M'Farlane William, labourer, 69 Roxburgh st 
M'Farlane William, painter, 1 10 Dempster st 
M'Farlane Miss, dressmaker, 14 Ardgowan st, west 
M'Farlane Miss, grocer, 7 Antigua st 
M'P'arlane Miss, milliner, 62 Ann st 
M'Farlane Miss M., n Duncan st 
M'Farlane Mrs Daniel, 42 Ann st 
M'Farlane Mrs Donald, 12 Ardgowan st, west 
M'Farlane Mrs Duncan, 62 Ann st 
M'Farlane Mrs James, greengrocer, 11 Cartsburn st 
M'Farlane Mrs L., 10 Trafalgar st 
M'Farlane Mrs, grocer, 64 Drumfrochar rd 
M'Farlane Mrs, 73 Ann st 
M'Farlane Mrs, 114 Dempster st 
M'Farlane Mrs, 50 St. Lawrence st 
M'FEETERS Robert, joiner, 35 Ingleston st 
MACFEE H. N., carver, gilder, and photographer, 23 

Cathcart st 
MACFIE Alexander, traveller, 32 Mount Pleasant st 
Macfie Archibald, feuar, 5 1 Nicolson st 
Macfie John, commission agent, 14 Murdieston st 
Macfie John, jun., clerk, 4 Nelson st, west 
Macfie Miss Margaret, 4 Finnart st 
Macfie Mrs Daniel, 4 Nelson st, west 
Macfie Mrs William, 17 Brisbane st 
M'FIE Angus, engineer, 48 St. Lawrence st 
M'Fie Daniel, engineer, 31 Brougham st 
M'Fie Donald, labourer, 15 Dempster st 
M'Fie Duncan, carpenter, 48 St. Lawrence st 
M'Fie James, coppersmith, 19 Ingleston st 
M'Fie James, engineer, 3 Argyle st 
M'Fie James, joiner, 28 Wellington st 
M'Fie Matthew, baker, 69 Regent st 
M'Fie Robert, labourer, 23 Dempster st 
M'Fie Thomas, joiner, 16 Cathcart st 


M'Fie Thomas, moulder, 16 Antigua st 
M'GACHIE John, labourer, 16 John st 
M'GARRITY Robert, family bootmaker, 24 Union st 
M'GARVA Alexander, fireman, 1 1 Brachelston st 
M'GAUGHRAN John, broker, 7 Market st 
M'GAULEY William, blacksmith, 15 Antigua st 
M'GAVIN James, coal, lime, brick, cement, and oilmerchant, 

27 West Burn st. Ho. 7 Finnart st 
M'GEACHAN Robert, engineer, 3 Campsie ter 
M'Geachan William, joiner, 6 Brisbane st 
M'GEACHY James & Son, wholesale bedding 

manufacturers, Municipal building, and at 

20 Stockwell st, Glasgow, and 49 Moss st, 

Paisley. Ho. 191 Renfrew st, Glasgow 
M'GEORGE Archibald S., ironmoulder, 37 Roxburgh st 
M'George James, boot and yachting shoemaker, 58 Rue-end 

st. Ho. 41 Lynedoch st 
M'George William, clerk, 30 Roxburgh st 
M'GEE James, engineer, 13 Carwood st 
M'Gee Patrick, mason, 25 Mount Pleasant st 
M'GHEE Charles, tailor, 6 Hay st 
M'Ghee John, dairy. 18 John st. Ho. 16 do. 
M'Ghee Mrs A., 3 Customhouse pi 
M'GHIE James, joiner, 36 East Hamilton st 
M'GIBBON Charles, brassfinisher, 59 Belville st 
M'Gibbon David, coal agent, 3 Chapel st. Ho. 14 Hope 

M'Gibbon Thomas, shipmaster, 22 Pottery st 
M'GIE William, joiner, 5 Hope st 
M'GILL Archibald, carpenter, 13 Antigua st 
M'Gill James, engineer, 30 Lynedoch st 
M'Gill James, vanman, 17 Mount Pleasant st 
M'Gill John, engine driver, 30 Arthur st 
M'Gill John, salesman, 34 Kelly st 
M'Gill Hugh, plater, 9 Watt st 
M'Gill Neil, blacksmith, 18 Wellington st 
M'Gill Robert, joiner, 75 Regent st 
M'Gill Robert, labourer, 64 Holmscroft st 
M'Gill Robert M., engineer, 5 Prospecthill st 
M'Gill Mrs, lodgings, 29 Hamilton st 
M'GILLIVRAY Donald, janitor, Glebe Public School, 

Crawfurd st 


M'Gillivray Duncan, shipowner, and insurance agent, 10 

Cross-shore st. Ho. Craigden, 88 Finnart st 
M'Gillivray Mrs Alexander, feuar, 26 Brisbane st 
M'GILP Angus, pansman, 8 Crescent st 
M'Gilp Archibald, detective officer, 97 Roxburgh st 
M'Gilp Donald, labourer, 30 St. Lawrence st 
M'Gilp Henry, foreman carter, 65 Nicolson st 
M'Gilp Neil, joiner, 19 Ingleston st 
M'Gilp Miss, greengrocer, 13 Cartsburn st 
M'GILVRAY John, engineer, 60 Holmscroft st 
M'Gilvray John, general ironmonger and ship chandler, 25 

Rue-end st. Ho. 12 Lynedoch st 
M'Gilvray Malcolm, engineer, 78 Belville st 
M'Gilvray Mrs, 35 Lyle st 
M'Gilvray Mrs, 12 Lynedoch st 
M'GINLAY Charles, spirit merchant, 3 Shannon's close. 

Ho. 23 Roxburgh st 
M'Ginlay Michael, labourer, 8 Holmscroft st 
M'Ginlay Patrick, hallkeeper, 24 Trafalgar st 
M'GINNIGLE Mrs, 1 Campsie ter 
M'GIRR John, shipmaster, 19 Trafalgar st 
M'GIVERAN John, tailor and clothier, 26 Brymner st. 

Ho. 6 Lyle st 
M'Giveran Mrs, 41 Lynedoch st 
MACGLASHAN John, saddler, 19 Newton st 
M'GLASHAN Archibald, carter, 17 Nelson st 
M'Glashan Ebenezer, boilermaker, 11 East Blackhall st 
M'Glashan George, joiner, 3 Mackenzie st 
M'Glashan Mrs J. C, boot and shoe merchant, 20 Hamilton 

st. Ho. 89 Belville st 
M'GLINSHEY Patrick, boltmaker, 24 Lyle st 
M'GLONE Mrs, 14 Terrace rd 
M'GONIGLE James, labourer, 8 Hay st 
M'Gonigle John, glazier, 14 Dalrymple st 
M'GOWAN Alexander, broker, 46 Shaw st 
M'Gowan David, labourer, 13 Mill st 
M'Gowan John, rigger, 31 Roxburgh st 
M'Gowan Patrick, labourer, 22 Pottery st 
M'Gowan William, boilermaker, 67 Belville st 
M'Gowan Mrs, dressmaker, 5 Inverkip st 
M'GRANACHAN James, engineer, n Lauriston st 
M'Granachan Joseph, assistant pawnbroker, 35 West Burn st 


M'Granachan Patrick, fruit merchant, 12 Market st 
M'GRATH Mrs Margaret, spirit merchant, 5 Cowgate st. 

Ho. 48 Ann st 
M'GRATTAN Hugh, fisherman, 7 William st 
M'Grattan Hugh, jun., lighterman, 15 Nicolson st 
M'GRAW Mrs, 53 Main st 
MACGREGOR Dugald (of the Cathcart Rubber Co.), 15 

Brisbane st 
Macgregor John, B.L., Edin., solicitor and notary public, 

28 Hamilton st. Ho. Elmbank, 34 Esplanade 
Macgregor Lewis, clerk, 5 Holmscroft st 
Macgregor Peter, 15 Brisbane st 

Macgregor Robert M., cashier, G. & S.-VV. Ry., 47 Trafal- 
gar st 
Macgregor Mrs C, spirit dealer, 3 Shannon's close. Ho. 

12 Brymner st 
Macgregor Mrs R., 48 Lynedoch st 
M'GREGOR Alexander, baker, 9 Nelson st, west 
M'Gregor Alexander, carpenter, 87 Belville st 
M'Gregor Alexander, carter, 15 Lyle st 
M'Gregor Alexander, clerk, 89 Dempster st 
M'Gregor Andrew C., fitter, 1 Moffat st 
M'Gregor Charles (of J. D. M'Gregor & Co.), 71 Nicolson st 
M'Gregor D. & Co., chronometer makers to the Admiralty, 

opticians, nautical instrument makers, jewellers, nautical 

stationers, &c, 32 Brymner st; also at Glasgow, 

Liverpool, and London 
M'Gregor Daniel, insurance agent, 83 Dempster st 
M'Gregor Daniel, rigger, 21 Lynedoch st 
M'Gregor George R., insurance agent, 23 Trafalgar st 
M'Gregor Gregor G., clerk, P.O., 46 Ann st 
M'Gregor James, boilermaker, 22 Kelly st 
M'Gregor James, moulder, 3 Lauriston st 
M'Gregor James, papermaker, Overton 
M'Gregor James W., writing master, Greenock Academy. 

Ho. 10 South st 
M'Gregor J. D. & Co., funeral undertakers and carriage 

hirers, 48 Cathcart st, and Tontine stables, 24 West 

Blackhall st. (See Advt.) 
M'Gregor John, coachman, 3 York st 
M'Gregor John, joiner, 38 Holmscroft st 
M'Gregor John, turner, 1 Belville st 


M'Gregor John, wholesale and retail wine and spirit 

merchant, 23 and 25 Shaw st, and 13 Brymner st. 

Ho. Hawthornden, 1 Johnstone st 
M'Gregor John D., 2 South st 
M'Gregor Peter, engineer, 18 St. Lawrence st 
M'Gregor Peter, shipmaster, 22 West Stewart st 
M'Gregor Robert, plumber, 97 Roxburgh st 
M'Gregor Robert, sailmaker, 29 Lynedoch st 
M'Gregor Stephen, cooper, 12 Trafalgar st 
M'Gregor William, blacksmith, 13 Hope st 
M'Gregor William, joiner, 23 Hamilton st 
M'Gregor William, steward, 36 Crawfurd st 
M'Gregor Miss Agnes, grocer, 29 Brougham st. Ho. 18 

South st 
M'Gregor Miss E., boot and shoe merchant, 7 Cathcart st. 

Ho. 13 Hope st 
M'Gregor Miss, 15 Antigua st 
M'Gregor Miss, n Johnstone st 
M'Gregor Mrs, remnant warehouse, 36 West Burn st. Ho. 

1 1 Nelson st, west 
M'Gregor Mrs Alexander, 35 W T est Burn st 
M'Gregor Mrs Barbara, 14 Ardgowan st 
M'Gregor Mrs James, 44 Arthur st 
M'Gregor Mrs Robert, 28 Ardgowan st 
M'GUCKIN Mrs James, 7 East Shaw st 
M'GUFFIE John, joiner, 31 East Crawford st 
M'GUGAN Alexander, labourer, 41 Holmscroft st 
M'Gugan Angus, grocer, 22 West Blackhall st. Ho. 20 do. 
M'Gugan Archibald, joiner, 26 Brisbane st 
M'Gugan D., coal merchant, 5 Chapel st. Ho. 6 Hope st 
M'Gugan Duncan, painter and decorator, 35 West Burn st. 

Ho. 6 Hope st 
M'Gugan George, shipmaster, 34 West Blackhall st 
M'Gugan Mrs John, lodgings, 32 Brisbane st 
M'GUIRE Robert R., teacher, 29 Nelson st 
M'GURK James, potter, 20 Pottery st 
M'Gurk John, potter, 18 Port-Glasgow rd 
M'HARG Mrs E., 103 Port-Glasgow rd 
M'HENRY Henry, bootmaker, 28 West Burn st 
M'HUTCHEON Andrew, steward, 32 Mount Pleasant st 
M'Hutcheon ]y[rs Alexander, 14 Lyle st 
M'lLHAGGA James, riveter, 19 Ingleston st 


M'lLHENNEY Matthew, labourer, 22 Wellington st 
M'lLRAY James, naturalist, ro Cathcart Arcade 
MTLRAVY Thomas, labourer, 42 St. Lawrence st 
M'lLROY Alexander, labourer, 72 Ann st 
M'llroy William, boilermaker, 43 Lynedoch st 
M'lLVAIN Miss, 25 Kelly st 
MTLVAR Robert, labourer, 5 John st 
M'llvar Thomas, labourer, 22 Sugarhouse lane 
M'lLWAIN William J., salesman. 68 Holmscroft st 
MTLWEE Matthew, labourer, 1 Prospecthill st 
M'lLWRAITHS & Walker, solicitors and notaries public, 

Provident Bank buildings, 1 1 William st 
M'llwraith M., hosier, 23 Hamilton st. Ho. do. 
M'llwraith Miss, milliner, 40 Nicolson st 
M'llwraith Mrs R., 62 Regent st 
M'llwraith Mrs, 61 Nicolson st 
M'INDOE Miss, 51 Brisbane st 

MTNNES Alexander, M.A., Prospecthill house, 2 Mill st 
M'Innes Alexander, watchman, 66 East Hamilton st 
MTnnes Angus, labourer, 13 Belville st 
M'Innes Donald, carpenter, 7 Lauriston st 
MTnnes Donald, labourer, 9 East Blackhall st 
MTnnes Donald, labourer, 36 St. Lawrence st 
MTnnes Donald, railway porter, 19 Kelly st 
MTnnes Dugald, wine and spirit merchant, 15 Rue-end st. 

Wholesale stores, 3 Arthur st. Ho. Charing Cross 
MTnnes Duncan, felt worker, 5 Duff st 
MTnnes Hugh, baker, 19 Trafalgar st 
MTnnes James, clerk, 36 Mount Pleasant st 
MTnnes John, carpenter, 3 Mearns st 
MTnnes John, ironmoulder, 47 Mearns st 
MTnnes John, railway porter, 54 Wellington st 
MTnnes Lachlan, carpenter, 25 Brymner st 
MTnnes Robert, engine-driver, 15 Brougham st 
MTnnes William, cooper, 113 Dempster st 
MTnnes Mrs Daniel, 30 Kelly st 
MTnnes Mrs Duncan, 4 Sinclair st 
MTnnes Mrs, 15 Brachelston st 
MTnnes Mrs, 38 Brymner st 
MACINTOSH John, painter and decorator, 48 Ann st. 

Ho. 19 Mount Pleasant st 
Macintosh Neil, cashier, 32 Ardgowan st, west 


M'INTOSH Alexander, grocer, 24 South st 

M'Intosh Alexander, engineer, 9 Carwood st 

M'Intosh Alexander, joiner, 20 Bruce st 

M'Intosh Archibald, engineer, 10 Hay st 

M'Intosh David, engineer, 15 Antigua st 

M'Intosh Duncan, policeman, 19 Prospecthill st 

M'Intosh James, tobacconist and newsagent, 10 Brymner st. 

Ho. 65 Rue-end st 
M'Intosh John, carpenter, 5 Belville st 
M'Intosh John, missionary, 13 Mearns st 
M'Intosh John, shoemaker, 63 Ann st 
M'Intosh Thomas, salesman, 5 Prospecthill st 
M'Intosh William, drapery, dressmaking, and millinery ware- 
houses, 27 Ann st, and fancy goods 25 Ann st. 

Branches — 15 Lynedoch st, and 50 Shore st, Gourock. 

Ho. Rowardenan, 67 Octavia ter 
M'Intosh Miss Christina, dressmaker, 9 Mount Pleasant st 
M'Intosh Mrs Margaret, grocer, 44 Ann st. Ho. do. 
M'Intosh Mrs, 63 Nicolson st 
M'Intosh Mrs, 74 Wellington st 
MACINTYRE Alexander, 3 Argyle st 
Macintyre Alexander, timber merchant, 40 Vennel 
Macintyre Archd. C, chemist and druggist, 41 Roxburgh st. 

Ho. 72 Wellington st 
Macintyre Charles J., tobacconist, wholesale newsagent 

and stationer. " Daily Record ■" office, 3 Brougham st. 

Ho. do. 
Macintyre D. & M., hatters, hosiers, and glovers, 47 Hamilton 

st. Ho. 21 Lyle st 
Macintyre James, spirit merchant, 41 Ann st. Ho. 50 do. 
Macintyre James, steward, 25 Lyle st 
Macintyre John D., insurance broker, Wallace buildings. 

Ho. 22 Patrick st 
Macintyre Miss, dressmaker, 29 Nelson st 
Macintyre Mrs James, fish merchant, 43 Hamilton st. Ho. 

23 Finnart st 
M'INTYRE Alexander, irondresser, 18 St. Lawrence st 
M'Intyre Allan, carter, 5 West Stewart st 
M'Intyre Andrew, blacksmith, 103 Belville st 
M'Intyre Archibald, contractor, 36 Trafalgar st 
M'Intyre Colin, joiner, 2 Holmscroft st 
M'Intyre Colin, riveter, 35 Cathcart st 


M'Intyre Daniel, commercial traveller, 15 Nelson st, west 
M'Intyre Donald, cartwright and blacksmith, 13 Duncan st 

and 22 Bearhope st. Ho. 13 Duncan st 
M'Intyre Donald, porter, 51 Shaw st 
M'Intyre Dugald, smith, 21 Lyle st 
M'Intyre Duncan, blacksmith, 1 1 Lynedoch st 
M'Intyre Duncan, carpenter, 3 Holmscroft st 
M'Intyre Ewen, sergeant of police, 40 Ann st 
M'Intyre Hector, plasterer, 45 Trafalgar st 
M'Intyre James, moulder, 18 Antigua st 
M'Intyre John, blacksmith, 97 Dempster st 
M'Intyre John, blacksmith, 9 Jamaica st 
M'Intyre John, carter, 5 1 East Crawford st 
M'Intyre John, weigher, 77 Holmscroft st 
M'Intyre Robert, riveter, 21 Main st 

M'Intyre Thomas & Son, grain merchants, 4 and 6 Carts- 
burn st 
M'Intyre Thomas, grocer and feuar, 6 Cartsburn st. Ho. 

4 Robertson st 
M'Intyre William, joiner, 49 Trafalgar st 
M'Intyre William J., joiner, n Murdieston st 
M'Intyre Miss, 24 Wellington st 
M'Intyre Mrs Isabella, 3 Campsie ter 
M'Intyre Mrs, 15 Nelson st 
M'Intyre Mrs, Rosehill, Cardwell rd 
MTNULTY P. & Co., tailors and clothiers, 12 Kilblain st. 

Ho. 3 North Albion st, Glasgow 
M'lVER David R., joiner, 14 Ardgowan st, west 
M'lver Hector, carpenter, 1 1 Belville st 
MTver John, carpenter, 69 Roxburgh st 
MTver John, labourer, 5 Belville st 
M'lver Thomas, gardener, 17 Kelly st 
M'lver Mrs, 3 East Crawford st 
M'JANNET John, plumber, gasfitter, brassfounder, and 

bellhanger, 1 Newton st and 62 Inverkip st 
M'Jannet John, 2 South st 
M'Jannet & Livingston, grocers and provision merchants, 

81 Roxburgh st 
M'Jannet William, joiner, 10 Hill st 
MAC KAIL James, feuar, 4 Shaw pi 
Mackail J. G. & M., general grocers, tea and provision 

merchants, 45 Hamilton st 


Mackail John G. (of J. G. & M. Mackail), 26 Newton st 
MACKAY Daniel (of Peter Mackay & Son), 35 Brisbane st 
Mackay Edward, manager, Greenock Foundry, 8 George sq 
Mackay Godfrey, works foreman, Greenock Harbour Trust, 

3 Armadale pi 
Mackay J. & N., pawnbrokers, 63 Main st. Ho. Norwood, 

Mackay Peter & Son, slaters and contractors, 9 West Burn sq 
Mackay Thomas, baker, 21 West Blackhall st 
Mackay William Y., tobacco and cigar merchant, 37 West 

Blackhall st. Ho. 4 Bentinck st 
Mackay Mrs Charles S., 91 Eldon st 
Mackay Mrs Peter, Breadalbane house, 47 Esplanade 
Mackay Mrs, 38 Crawfurd st 
M'KAY Andrew, engineer, 27 Belville st 
M'Kay Alexander, boatman, 80 Belville st 
M'Kay Alexander, joiner, 14 Regent st 
M'Kay Alexander, sugar porter, 7 West breast 
M'Kay Archibald, goods porter, 58 Drumfrochar rd 
M'Kay Archibald, joiner, 19 Mount Pleasant st 
M'Kay Charles, cooper, 19 Lyle st 

M'Kay Duncan (of M'Kellar& M'Kay), 26 West Blackhall st 
M'Kay George, clerk, 8 Carwood st 
M'Kay James, railway porter, 6 Nelson st, Glebe 
M'Kay James, sculptor, 15 South st 
M'Kay John, engineer, 25 Belville st 
M'Kay John, joiner, 37 Roxburgh st 
M'Kay John, vanman, 41 Roxburgh st 
M'Kay John D., baker, 18 East Crawford st 
M'Kay Robert, blacksmith, 6 Lauriston st 
M'Kay Robert, plumber, 30 Roxburgh st 
M'Kay Robert, seaman, 15 South st 
M'Kay William, jun., slater, 26 West Blackhall st 
M'Kay William, ropespinner, 18 Bruce st 
M'Kay William, slater, 20 West Blackhall st 
M'Kay Miss Catherine, 24 West Stewart st 
M'Kay Mrs Archibald, spirit dealer, 41 Main st. Ho. do. 
M'Kay Mrs Jessie, tailoress, 13 West Stewart st 
M'Kay Mrs, 8 Hope st 
M'Kay Mrs, 19 Prospecthill st 
M'Kay Mrs, 33 Roxburgh st 
M'KEAN William, slater, 71 Ann st 


M'KECHNIE Allan, family and shipping butcher, poulterer, 
and game dealer, Clyde buildings, 19 West Blackhall st 
and 13 Union st. (See Advt.) 
M'Kechnie Allan, flesher, 1 Ford pi, Finnart st 
M'Kechnie Donald, labourer, 8 Hay st 
M'Kechnie Dugald, joiner, 71 Nicolson st 
M'Kechnie Duncan, feltworker, 19 Ingleston pi 
M'Kechnie James, fitter, 97 Port-Glasgow rd 
M'Kechnie James, steward, 47 Holmscroft st 
M'Kechnie John, flesher, 12 Ann st 
M'Kechnie John, joiner, 51 Belville st 
M'Kechnie John, labourer, 33 Lynedoch st 
M'Kechnie Nicol, carpenter, 26 Bruce st 
M'Kechnie Miss Helen, dressmaker, 42 Brisbane st 
M'Kechnie Miss, 31 Nelson st, west 
M'Kechnie Mrs Allan, Martin ter, 11 Finnart st 
M'Kechnie Mrs, 4 Carwood st 
M'Kechnie Mrs, 2 George sq 
M'KEE George, salesman, 95 Roxburgh st 
M'Kee Thomas, engineer, 35 Ingleston st 
M'Kee William, cellarman, 7 1 Roxburgh st 
M'KEEMAN William J., postman, 9 Lyle st 
MACKELLAR Henry H., joiner, 13 Union st 
Mackellar Peter, feuar, Parklea, 45 Finnart st 
Mackellar Mrs Alexander, Parklea, 45 Finnart st 
Mackellar Mrs C. B., poulterer and fruiterer, 31 Nicolson st. 

Ho. do 
M'KELLAR Andrew, cooper, 10 Jamaica st 
M'Kellar & M'Kay, confectioners, 12 Sugarhouse lane 
M'Kellar A. (of M'Kellar & M'Kay), 24 Trafalgar st 
M'Kellar Angus, carpenter, 2 East India breast 
M'Kellar Angus, carpenter, 5 Hope st 
M'Kellar Angus, flesher, 63 Holmscroft st 
M'Kellar Archibald, joiner, 78 Belville st 
M'Kellar Archibald, salesman, 63 Nicolson st 
M'Kellar Daniel, plumber, 17 Lauriston st 
M'Kellar David, patternmaker, 13 Ingleston st 
M'Kellar Donald, mate, 7 Brachelston st 
M'Kellar Donald, salesman, 21 Newton st 
M'Kellar Duncan, clerk, 14 Murdieston st 
M'Kellar Duncan, coppersmith, 4 Mearns st 
M'Kellar Duncan, moulder, 34 Crescent st 


M'Kellar Duncan, plumber, 26 Lynedoch st 

M'Kellar Gilbert, labourer, 60 Ann st 

M'Kellar Hugh, joiner, 87 Roxburgh st 

M'Kellar Hugh, shipowner, Glendower, 109 Eldon st 

M'Kellar James, blacksmith, 37 Bank st 

M'Kellar James, storekeeper, 7 Carwood st 

M'Kellar John, blacksmith, 5 Hope st 

M'Kellar John, joiner, 2 Nile st 

M'Kellar John, steward, 6 Beiville st 

M'Kellar Robert, blacksmith, 13 Brougham st. Ho. 28 

Ann st 
M'Kellar Miss, matron of Sailors' Home, 1 Dock breast 
M'Kellar Mrs John, 22 John st 
M'Kellar Mrs, lodgings, 27 Nicolson st 
M'Kellar Mrs, 29 Regent st 

M'KELVIE David B. (of J. M'Kelvie & Sons), 12 Forsyth st 
M'Kelvie David, salesman, 69 Roxburgh st 
M'Kelvie James & Sons, booksellers, stationers, lithographers, 

bookbinders, and account book manufacturers, 34 

Hamilton st and 22 West Burn st 
M'Kelvie John, iron moulder, 20 Lynedoch st 
M'Kelvie John, newsagent, 44 Vennel 
M'Kelvie Mrs James, 28 Ardgowan st, west 
M'KENDRICK Daniel, shoemaker, 33 Rue-end st. Ho. 

6 John st 
M'Kendrick James, stonecutter, 9 Hill st 
M'Kendrick Robert, riveter, 14 Crescent st 
M'KENNA Bernard, mason, 40 Inverkip st 
M'Kenna James, licensed porter, 65 Rue-end st 
M'Kenna John, detective officer, 5 Bank st 
M'Kenna John, lithographer, Eddlewood st 
MACKENZIE Alexander, steward, 32 Mount Pleasant st 
Mackenzie & Walker, grain merchants, millers, and bakers, 

Shaws Water Grain Mills. Dellingburn sq 
Mackenzie Archibald, blockmaker, 95 Beiville st 
Mackenzie John, grocer and provision merchant, 3c Charles 

st. Ho. 15 South st 
Mackenzie Joseph M., watchmaker and jeweller, 

61 Rue-end st. Ho. 4 Mearns st 
Mackenzie Peter, shipmaster, 17 Newton st 
Mackenzie Miss Annie G, wine and spirit merchant, 30 

Cathcart st. Ho. 3 Grey pi 


Mackenzie Mrs Donald, 1 1 Garwood st 

Mackenzie Mrs Robina, 25 West Blackball st 

Mackenzie Mrs W. J., 7 Newton st 

Mackenzie Mrs, 9 Nelson st, west 

M'KENZIE Alexander, engineer, 15 Antigua st 

M'Kenzie Alexander, engineer, 30 South st 

M'Kenzie Alexander, mercantile clerk, 25 Mount Pleasant st 

M'Kenzie Angus, carpenter, 19 Lyle st 

M'Kenzie Colin, cooper, 51 Lynedoch st 

M'Kenzie Daniel, plater, 45 Holmscroft st 

M'Kenzie David, teacher, 89 Belville st 

M'Kenzie David C, grocer, 21 Rue-end st ; and assistant 

registrar, East District, Municipal buildings. Ho. 29 

Dempster st 
M'Kenzie Donald, engineman, 36 St. Lawrence st 
M'Kenzie Donald, joiner, 7 Hope st 
M'Kenzie Donald, joiner, 30 Lynedoch st 
M'Kenzie Duncan, checker, 13 Springkell st 
M'Kenzie Duncan, engineer, 60 Ann st 
M'Kenzie Duncan, flesher, 28 Newton st 
M'Kenzie Frederick, grocer, 95 Dempster st 
M'Kenzie Hugh, seaman, 9 Hill st 
M'Kenzie J. D. B., coal merchant, 14 Laird st. Ho. 37 

Kelly st 
M'Kenzie John, blacksmith, 11 Lyle st 
M'Kenzie John, carpenter, 10 Antigua st 
M'Kenzie John, caulker, 32 Inverkip st 
M'Kenzie John, skinner, 24 East Crawford st 
M'Kenzie Joseph H., clerk, 30 South st 
M'Kenzie Malcolm, blacksmith, 40 St. Lawrence st 
M'Kenzie Murdoch, engineer, 8 Hay st 
M'Kenzie Murdoch, seaman, 10 Hay st 
M'Kenzie Peter, wine and spirit merchant, 11 Hamilton st. 

Ho. 24 Wellington st 
M'Kenzie Robert, manager, 62 East Crawford st 
M'Kenzie Roderick, engineer, 8 Carwood st 
M'Kenzie Roderick, prison warder, 5 Nelson st 
M'Kenzie Simon, tailor, 38 Lynedoch st 
M'Kenzie Thomas, ironplaner, 65 Belville st 
M'Kenzie Thomson, engineer, 75 Wellington st 
M'Kenzie Walter, clerk, P.O., 48 Ann st 
M'Kenzie William, boilermaker, 97 Port-Glasgow rd 


M'Kenzie William, coachman, 51 Eldon st 

M'Kenzie William, engineer, 16 Trafalgar st 

M'Kenzie William, painter, 55 Holmscroft st 

M'Kenzie William., spirit merchant, 45 Dalrymple st. Ho. 

13 Lyle st 
M'Kenzie Catherine, upholsteress, 14 Ardgowan st 
M'Kenzie Miss Annie, dressmaker, 66 Regent st 
M'Kenzie Miss, boys' dressmaker, 14 Ardgowan st 
M'Kenzie Miss, 9 Bentinck st 
M'Kenzie Mrs Alexander, 15 Ingleston st 
M'Kenzie Mrs C, 5 Orchard st 
M'Kenzie Mrs Duncan, 18 South st 
M'Kenzie Mrs G., 60 Regent st 
M'Kenzie Mrs, bookseller, 66 Vennel 
M'Kenzie Mrs, 51 Belville st 
M'Kenzie Mrs, 99 Belville st 
M'Kenzie Mrs, 22 Lyle st 
M'Kenzie Mrs, 30 Lynedoch st 
M'Kenzie Mrs, 54 St. Lawrence st 

M'KERLIE William, boilermaker, 32 East Hamilton st 
M'KERNAN Mrs, 45 Hamilton st 
M'KERRELL Donald, carpenter, 5 Mount Pleasant st 
M'Kerrell William, carpenter, 45 Crawfurd st 
M'KIE Samuel, cooper, 8 Wellington st 
M'Kie Miss Margaret, 6 West Stewart st 
M'KILL Robert, cabinetmaker, 17 Bruce st 
M'KILLOP Alfred, steam packet agent, Customhouse quay. 

Ho. 26 Robertson st 
M'Killop Donald, shoemaker, 26 West Blackhall st 
M'Killop George, joiner, 9 Argyle st 
M'Killop John, tailor, 32 Tobago st 
M'Killop Mrs Donald, 44 Ann st 
M'KIM Alexander, boilermaker, 8 Hill st 
M'Kim John, blacksmith, 71 Wellington st 
M'Kim John (of Fergus & M'Kim), Croft lodge, Rothesay 
M'KINLAY Archibald, carpenter, 10 Nicolson st 
M'Kinlay Donald, brassfinisher, 96 Dempster st 
M'Kinlay James, policeman, 15 Bank st 
M'Kinlay John, carter, 4 Crawford lane 
M'Kinlay John, jun., engineer, Overton 
M'Kinlay John, millwright, Overton 
M'Kinlay John, vanman, 83 Dempster st 


M'Kinlay Peter C, ironmonger and cutler, i Grey pi. Ho. 

35 West Stewart st 
M'Kinlay Thomas, engineer, 8 Hill st 
M'Kinlay Thomas, fireman, 104 Dempster st 
M'Kinlay William, carter, 1 Bruce st 
M'Kinlay William; fitter, 7 Bruce st 
M'Kinlay William, teacher, 95 Dempster st 
M'Kinlay Mrs, 12 Ardgowan st, west 
M'KINNEY John, slater, 17 Tobago st 
M'Kinney Samuel, hammerman, 24 Antigua st 
MACKINNON Alexander, grocer and wine merchant, 2 

Tobago st. Ho. 25 Newton st 
Mackinnon Daniel, engineer, 46 Kelly st 
M'KINNON Alexander, butcher, 4 Grey pi. Ho. 51 

Lynedoch st 
M'Kinnon Alexander, caulker, 31 Dempster st 
M'Kinnon Alexander, tugboat owner, Palmerston buildings. 

Ho. 2 Lyle st 
M'Kinnon Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 4 Shaw st. 

Ho. 16 Antigua st 
M'Kinnon Andrew, boilermaker, 21 Antigua st 
M'Kinnon Archibald, carpenter, 39 Lynedoch st 
M'Kinnon Charles, boilermaker, 62 Regent st 
M'Kinnon Charles, platelayer, 51 Lynedoch st 
M'Kinnon Daniel, tobacconist, 18 Cartsburn st. Ho. 16 

Hope st 
M'Kinnon David, carpenter, 34 St. Lawrence st 
M'Kinnon David, engineer, 3 Holmscroft st 
M'Kinnon Donald, carter, 23 East Shaw st 
M'Kinnon Donald, clerk, 30 St. Lawrence st 
M'Kinnon Donald, seaman, 10 Hill st 
M'Kinnon Donald, wine and spirit merchant, 6 East Shaw 

st and 43 Crawfurd st. Ho. 75 Newton st 
M'Kinnon Dugald, engineer, 44 Lynedoch st 
M'Kinnon Dugald, foreman engineer, 71 Regent st 
M'Kinnon Duncan, carpenter, 10 Hope st 
M'Kinnon Hugh, hairdresser, 57 Inverkip st 
M'Kinnon John, checker, 5 Brachelston st 
M'Kinnon John, joiner, 5 Orchard st 
M'Kinnon John, labourer, 1 Holmscroft st 
M'Kinnon John, manager, Stevedore Co., 7 Newton st 
M'Kinnon Lachlan, carpenter, 16 Hope st 


M'Kinnon Lachlan, storekeeper, 54 Wellington st 

M'Kinnon Malcolm, draughtsman, 25 Trafalgar st 

M'Kinnon Neil, chimney-sweeper, 7 Cowgate st 

M'Kinnon Neil, engine-driver, 65 Belville st 

M'Kinnon Neil, tailor, 20 South st 

M'Kinnon Norman, carpenter, 5 West Blackhall st 

M'Kinnon Robert, brassfinisher, 9 Carwood st 

M'Kinnon Mrs M., 32 St. Lawrence st 

M'Kinnon Mrs Robert, 22 Wellington st 

M'Kinnon Mrs, laundress, 13 South st 

M'Kinnon Mrs, 18 Roxburgh st 

M'KIRDY George, engineer, 14 Wellington st 

M'Kirdy James, carpenter, 22 South st 

M'Kirdy James, irondresser, 62 Ann st 

M'Kirdy John, fireman, 28 East Hamilton st 

M'Kirdy John, merchant, 3 Brymner st. Ho. 78 Union st 

M'Kirdy Thomas, engineer, 83 Belville st 

M'Kirdy Mrs, greengrocer, n Laird st 

M'Kirdy Mrs, 78 Union st 

M'KISSOCK James, carpenter, 36 Lynedoch st 

M'Kissock William, carpenter, 31 Lyle st 

M'KIVER William M. & Co., ship store merchants, bonded 

and free, Commercial Bank buildings 
M'Kiver Miss, 39 Finnart st 
M'KNIGHT James L., butcher, 17 Kelly st 
MACLACHLAN Alexander, carpenter, 63 Nicolson st 
Maclachlan Alexander, traveller, 16 Laird st 
Maclachlan Mrs D., 3 Robertson st 
M'LACHLAN A. G., grain and potato merchant, 12 West 

breast. Ho. 37 Lynedoch st 
M 'Lachlan Alexander, engineer, 5 William st 
M 'Lachlan Alexander, slater, 23 West Blackhall st 
M'Lachlan Andrew, gardener, Dungourney, 13 Newark st 
M'Lachlan Angus, joiner, 23 Belville st 
M'Lachlan Archibald, seaman, 60 Ann st 
M'Lachlan Donald, blacksmith, 23 Belville st 
M'Lachlan Dugald, police constable, 7 Prospecthill st 
M'Lachlan Duncan, clerk, 10 1 Belville st 
M'Lachlan Duncan, hairdresser, 27 Sugarhouse lane. Ho. 

60 Ann st 
M'Lachlan Duncan, ostler, 3 Mill st 
M'Lachlan James, brassfinisher, 28 East Hamilton st 


M'Lachlan James, fireman, 5 Brachelston st 
M'Lachlan James, joiner, 99 Port-Glasgow rd 
M'Lachlan Jas. (of M'Alpin & M'Lachlan), 89 Roxburgh st 
M'Lachlan James, slater, 14 Kilblain st. Ho. 10 Watt st 
M'Lachlan John, boatman, 20 Antigua st 
M'Lachlan John, farmer, Drums, Wood st 
M'Lachlan John, joiner, 47 Mearns st 
M'Lachlan John, labourer, 38 Main st 
M'Lachlan John, sailmaker, 19 Bruce st 
M'Lachlan Walter, engineer, Ford cottage, 1 Finnart st 
M'Lachlan Walter, rigger, 24 Hamilton st 
M'Lachlan William, engineer, 63 Nicolson st 
M'Lachlan William, joiner, 105 Belville st 
M'Lachlan William, joiner, 103 Port-Glasgow rd 
M'Lachlan Mrs John, 9 Nelson st, west 
M'Lachlan Mrs, tobacconist, 35 Ann st. Ho. 108 Dempster'st 
M'Lachlan Mrs, 72 Wellington st 
M'Lachlan Mrs, 5 William st 
M'LAREN Alexander D., 30 Brisbane st 
M'Laren Archibald, engineer, 66 Ann st 
M'Laren Donald, plumber, 106 Dempster st 
M'Laren Duncan, clerk, 53 Brisbane st 
M'Laren John, engineer, 61 Ann st 
M'Laren John, engineer, 78 Belville st 
M'Laren John, policeman, 78 Dempster st 
M'Laren Mrs, 51 Lynedoch st 
M'Laren Mrs, 49 Mearns st 

M'LARTY & Co., engineers, 10 Patrick st (and Penang) 
M'Larty F. M. (of M'Larty & Co.), 7 Margaret st 
M'Larty John, carter, 17 Lyle st 
M'Larty John, engineer, 68 Drumfrochar rd 
M'Larty John, moulder, 19 Wellington st 
M'Larty John, sailmaker, 114 Dempster st 
M'Larty Neil, joiner, 112 Dempster st 
M'Larty Nicholas, seaman, 47 Crawfurd st 
M'Larty William, carter, 41 Holmscroft st 
M'Larty Miss L., dressmaker, 60 Holmscroft st 
M'Larty Mrs, greengrocer, 26 Bruce st 
M'Larty Mrs, ladies' nurse, 2 Murdieston st 
M'LAUCHLAN Angus, engineer, 6 Belville st 
M'Lauchlan John (manager Clyde Pottery), Ivybank, 


M'Lauchlan Patrick, fishmonger, 17 Ann st and 4 Manse 

lane. Ho. 22 Ann st 
M'Lauchlan Patrick, fishmonger, 1 Inverkip st 
M'LAUGHLAN Daniel, fitter, 7 East Crawford st 
M'Laughlan James, egg merchant, 3 Duff st 
M'LAUGHLAND George, blacksmith, 4 Watt st 
M'LAUGHLIN Daniel, butter and egg merchant, 45 Vennel. 

Ho. 34 Ann st 
M'Laughlin Daniel, marine store dealer, 3 East Blackhall st. 

Ho. 6 do. 
M'Laughlin Edward, butter and egg dealer, 27 Vennel 
M'Laughlin John, labourer, 45 Shaw st 
M'Laughlin Michael, postman, 51 Shaw st 
M'Laughlin Patrick, bottler, 29 Nelson st 
M'Laughlin Patrick, butter and egg dealer, 15 Tobago st 
M'Laughlin Patrick, ironworker, 12 Dalrymple st 
M'Laughlin Peter, machinist, 53 Main st 
M'LAY Thomas, boilermaker, 7 Belville st 
M'Lay William, cooper. 7 Lauriston st 
M'LEA James S. & Co., commission agents, 2 Cathcart st 
M'Lea William, baker, 11 Hill st 
MACLEAN Alexander S., M.I.M.E., insurance broker, 

pig-iron and coal merchant, 31 Bank st 
Maclean Archibald, hotel-keeper, Buck Head Hotel, 2 

Watson's lane and 25 Hamilton st. (See Advt.) 
Maclean James & Co., plumbers and gasfitters, 7 Duff st 
Maclean James (of James Maclean & Co.), 7 Ardgowan st 
Maclean James (of Maclean, Todd & Co.), Craigduart, 3 

Octavia ter 
Maclean John, checker, 35 Roxburgh st 
Maclean John, painter and decorator, 3 Kilblain st. Ho. 

Bay villa, Cove rd, Gourock 
Maclean Ronald, blacksmith and engineer, 8 Baker st. Ho. 

27 Mearns st 
Maclean, Todd & Co., timber merchants and commission 

agents, 67 Rue-end st 
Maclean Misses F. & C, milliners and dressmakers, 20 

Lynedoch st, 
M'LEAN Alexander, engineer, 53 Drumfrochar rd 
M'Lean Alexander, labourer, 3 Mackenzie st 
M'Lean Alexander, labourer, 41 Nicolson st 
M'Lean Alexander, shipmaster, 23 West Blackhall st 


M'Lean Alexander, watchmaker, 1 1 Ann st 

M'Lean Allan, carpenter, 76 Dempster st 

M'Lean Allan, clerk, 29 Dempster st 

M'Lean Allan, glazier, 13 West Stewart st 

M'Lean Andrew Y., plumber, 115 Dempster st 

M'Lean Angus, shoemaker, 64 Holmscroft st 

M'Lean Archibald, labourer, 15 Antigua st 

M'Lean Charles, carpenter, 24 St. Lawrence st 

M'Lean Daniel, brassfinisher, 50 Roxburgh st 

M'Lean Donald, boilermaker, 39 Ann st 

M'Lean Donald, boilermaker, 13 Hope st 

M'Lean Donald, boilermaker, 14 Inchgreen st 

M'Lean Donald, carpenter, 6 Holmscroft st 

M'Lean Donald, fitter, Gibbshill ter, Port-Glasgow rd 

M'Lean Donald, seaman, 12 Lyle st 

M'Lean Dugald, blacksmith, 6 Holmscroft st 

M'Lean Dugald, tinsmith, 29 Cathcart st 

M'Lean Dugald, tobacconist, 19 Hamilton st. Ho. 15 West 
Stewart st 

M'Lean Duncan, assistant collector of town assessments, 81 
Holmscroft st 

M'Lean Duncan, carpenter, 69 Regent st 

M'Lean Duncan, carriage-hirer, 5 Newton st 

M'Lean Duncan, joiner, 9 Prospecthill st 

M'Lean George, fireman, ^^ East Crawford st 

M'Lean Hector, joiner, 54 Drumfrochar rd 

M'Lean Hector, mason, 5 Mill st 

M'Lean Hector, riveter, 52 East Hamilton st 

M'Lean Henry, potter, 20 Pottery st 

M'Lean Hugh, boilermaker, 26 West Blackhall st 

M'Lean Hugh, coal dealer, 42 Roxburgh st 

M'Lean Hugh, gardener, 10 Murdieston st 

M'Lean James & Co., timber merchants, sawmillers, manu- 
facturers of wooden mouldings, 27 and 64 Main st 

M'Lean James, caulker, 34 St. Lawrence st 

M'Lean James, cooper, 27 Nelson st, west 

M'Lean James, riveter, 10 Chapel st 

M'Lean John, boatbuilder, 26 East Crawford st 

M'Lean John, carpenter, 13 Belville st 

M'Lean John, carpenter, 80 Belville st 

M'Lean John, carpenter, 48 Lynedoch st 

M'Lean John, caulker, 5 Orchard st 


M'Lean John, cooper, 43 Crawfurd st 

M'Lean John, cooper, 5 Kilblain st 

M'Lean John, engineer, 21 Ingleston st 

M'Lean John, fireman, 7 Lauriston st 

M'Lean John, flesher, 14 Arthur st. Ho. 6 Chapel st 

M'Lean John, joiner, 4 Garvald st 

M'Lean John, joiner, 2 Shaw pi 

M'Lean John, labourer, 26 Bruce st 

M'Lean John, late of P.O., East Oakfield, Ratho st 

M'Lean John (of fire brigade), Wallace sq 

M'Lean John, salesman, 3 1 Lynedoch st 

M'Lean John, salesman, 36 Mount Pleasant st 

M'Lean John, seaman, 17 Lauriston st 

M'Lean John, steward, 68 Wellington st 

M'Lean John, sugar porter, 76 Dempster st 

M'Lean Kenneth, keeper of Sugar Exchange, 14 Lyle st 

M'Lean Malcolm, joiner, 68 Wellington st 

M'Lean Malcolm, yachtsman, 37 Roxburgh st 

M'Lean Neil, boilermaker, 45 Lynedoch st 

M'Lean Neil, engineer, 10 Hay st 

M'Lean Neil, labourer, 5 Armadale pi 

M'Lean Neil, seaman, 18 Cathcart st 

M'Lean Neil, 13 Nelson st 

M'Lean Norman, postman, 8 Murdieston st 

M'Lean Peter, tinsmith, 8 Murdieston st 

M'Lean Robert, baker, 85 Wellington st 

M'Lean Robert, boilermaker, 27 Nicolson st 

M'Lean Thomas, coach proprietor, 5 Cartsburn st. Ho. 63 

Rue-end st 
M'Lean William, stableman, 21 Belville st 
M'Lean Miss C, dairy, 27 Vennel 
M'Lean Miss K., milliner, 45 Roxburgh st 
M'Lean Miss, 13 Ardgowan st, west 
M'Lean Miss, 24 St. Lawrence st 
M'Lean Miss, 52 Wellington st 
M'Lean Misses (J. & M.), ladies' and children's outfitting 

warehouse, 14 West Blackhall st. Ho. 1 Kelly st 
M'Lean Mrs Catherine, 6 Nelson st, Glebe 
M'Lean Mrs F., dressmaker, 2 Finnart st 
M'Lean Mrs F., 3 Mackenzie st 
M'Lean Mrs Hugh, 6 Chapel st 
M'Lean Mrs Hugh, 11 West Stewart st 


M'Lean Mrs James, 8 Shaw pi 

M'Lean Mrs John, 23 East Shaw st 

M'Lean Mrs Mary, 14 Lyle st 

M'Lean Mrs M., 7 Brymner st 

M'Lean Mrs William. 13 Watt st 

M'Lean Mrs, funeral undertaker, 41 Hamilton st 

M'Lean Mrs, sick nurse, 2 Kilblain st 

M'Lean Mrs, 21 Belville st 

M'Lean Mrs, 78 Belville st 

M'Lean Mrs, 29 Main st 

M'Lean Mrs, 81 Roxburgh st 

M'LEAY Duncan, boot and shoe maker, 28 Lynedoch st. 
Ho. 48 do. 

M'LEISH Daniel, plumber, 16 Kelly st 

M'Leish Peter, engineer, 17 Dempster st 

M'Leish Sarah, grocer, 49 Holmscroft st 

M'LELLAN Andrew, draper, hatter, and outfitter, 53 Rue- 
end st. Ho. 32 Nelson st, west 

M'Lellan Archibald, fireman, 35 Wellington st 

M'Lellan Duncan, dairy, 15 Bruce st 

M'Lellan John, depute harbour-master, Customhouse quay. 
Ho. 24 Bank st 

M'Lellan John, vanman, 22 West Stewart st 

M'Lellan Malcolm, clerk, P.O., 35 Wellington st 

M'Lellan Moses, coachman, 84 Eldon st 

M'Lellan Peter, grocer and provision merchant, 18 Lyne- 
doch st and 63 Ann st. Ho. 39 Brisbane st 

M'Lellan Robert, joiner, 5 Cathcart st 

M'Lellan Thomas, engineer, 4 Lyle st 

M'Lellan Walter, inspector of police, 5 Holmscroft st 

M'Lellan Walter, sawyer, 60 East Hamilton st 

M'LELLAND John, engineer, 106 Dempster st 

M'Lelland John, iron-driller, 32 Arthur st 

M'Lelland Matthew, engine-keeper, n Mill st 

M'Lelland Matthew, jun., boilermaker, 41 Crawfurd st 

M'Lelland William, grocer, 35 Lynedoch st 

M'Lelland William, labourer, 114 Drumfrochar rd 

M'Lelland William, sailmaker, 53 Brisbane st 

M'Lelland W. M., clerk, 29 Finnart st 

M'LENNAN Donald, wine and spirit merchant, 33 Shawst. 
Ho. 26 Trafalgar st 

M'Lennan George, policeman, 38 Holmscroft st 


M'Lennan Kenneth, railway inspector, 59 Ann st 

MACLEOD & Grylls Misses, teachers, 61 Finnart st 

M'Leod Angus, carpenter, 18 Hope st 

M'Leod Angus, carter, 73 Regent st 

M'Leod Angus, joiner, 28 Lynedoch st 

M'Leod Colin, carpenter, 3 Orchard st 

M'Leod Colin, shipmaster, 23 Newton st 

M'Leod Donald, joiner, 71 Ann st 

M'Leod Donald, mason, 64 Wellington st 

M'Leod Donald, shoemaker, 21 Rue-end st. Ho. 1 St. 

Andrew st 
M'Leod Donald R, missionary, 15 Brachelston st 
M'Leod Duncan, labourer, 9 Carwood st 
M'Leod Henry, engineer, 25 Nelson st 
M'Leod John, blacksmith, 30 St. Lawrence st 
M'Leod John, carpenter, 11 East Blackhall st 
M'Leod John, carpenter, 9 Lynedoch st 
M'Leod John, coppersmith, 24 Wellington st 
M'Leod John, fish merchant, 25 Regent st 
M'Leod John, hamcurer, 23 Roxburgh st 
M'Leod John, patternmaker, 56 St. Lawrence st 
M'Leod John, seaman, 106 Dempster st 
M'Leod John, 4 Mount Pleasant st 
M'Leod Murdoch, joiner, 39 Bank st 
M'Leod Neil, watchman, 85 Belville st 
M'Leod Norman, moulder, 13 Belville st 
M'Leod Norman, porter, 36 Nelson st 
M'Leod Norman, stamper, P.O., 20 Roxburgh st 
M'Leod Robert, labourer, 21 Bruce st 
M'Leod Robert, plumber, 65 Nicolson st 
M'Leod Robert, yardsman, 7 Hope st 
M'Leod Roderick, labourer, 7 Hill st 
M'Leod Roderick, stamper, P.O., 6 Mount Pleasant st 
M'Leod William, irondresser, 10 Carnock st 
M'Leod Mrs A., lodgings, 41 West Blackhall st 
M'Leod Mrs Aulay, 18 Nicolson st 
M'Leod Mrs M., tobacconist, 11 Ann st 
M'Leod Mrs Roderick, 77 Holmscroft st 
M'Leod Mrs Roderick, 8 Mount Pleasant st 
M'Leod Mrs, ladies' nurse, 23 Roxburgh st 
M'Leod Mrs, 1 1 Regent st 
M'Leod Mrs, 45 Holmscroft st 


M'LERNAN James, teacher (St. Mary's School, Bearhope 

st), 57 Holmscroft st 
M'Lernan John, teacher, 12 Ardgowan st 
M'LINTOCK Robert, patternmaker, 10 Antigua st 
M'LONAN John, watchman, 34 Mount Pleasant st 
M'LUCKIE Thomas, printer, 26 West Blackmail st 
M'LUSKIE Felix, labourer, 17 John st 
M'Luskie John, joiner, 17 Bearhope st 
M'LYMONT William, engine-driver, 53 Holmscroft st 
M'MACHON William, fireman, 23 Sir Michael st 
M'MASTER Alexander, joiner, 97 Dempster st 
M'Master Duncan, seaman, 7 Watt st 
M'Master Hugh, brassfinisher, 6 Hay st 
M'Master James, coal merchant, 9 Mill st 
M'Master Peter, wine and spirit merchant, 3 St. Andrew sq 

and 2 Springkell st. Ho. 9 Antigua st 
M'Master Robert, baker, 6 Nelson st, Glebe 
M'Master William, engine-driver, 26 West Blackhall st 
M'Master Miss, 26 Patrick st 
M'MATH Joseph, engineer, 10 Belville st 
M'Math William, tramway guard, 38 Holmscroft st 
M'MEEKIN Mrs, 8 Nicolson st 
M'MEIKAN John, carpenter, 65 Roxburgh st 
M'MENAMIE Charles, dairyman, 36 Ann st. Ho. do. 
M'Menamie James, slater and plasterer, 1 Bruce st. Ho. 7 

Holmscroft st 
M'MENEMY Robert, plater, 33 East Crawford st 
MACMICHAEL Rev. David C, B.D., minister of Gaelic 

Parish Church, West Stewart st. Ho. 19 Caddlehill st 
M'MICHAEL Mrs, 4 Robertson st 
MACMILLAN John, hairdresser, 26 Charles st. Ho. 39 

Kelly st 
Macmillan John, ironmoulder, 52 St. Lawrence st . 
Macmillan Rev. Hugh, D.D., LL.D., F.R.S.E., minister of 

Free West Church, Ardgowan st, west. Ho. 70 

Union st 
Macmillan Mrs John, 8 Margaret st 
M'MILLAN Alexander, joiner, 5 Caddlehill st 
M'Millan & Mitchell, refreshment rooms, 12 Rue-end st 
M'Millan Andrew, caulker, 6 Carnock st 
M'Millan Andrew, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 20 

Brisbane st. Ho. do. 


M'Millan Andrew, grocer, 52 Holmscroft st 

M'Millan Angus, ship surveyor, 4 Finnart st 

M'Millan Daniel, boilermaker, 25 West Blackhall st 

M'Millan Daniel, river pilot, 9 Kelly st 

M'Millan David, flesher, 37 Cathcart st. Ho. 7 Prospect- 
hill st 

M'Millan David, potter, 24 Pottery st 

M'Millan Donald, carpenter, 65 Roxburgh st 

M'Millan Donald, oyster dealer, 30 West Burn st. Ho. 5 
Inverkip st 

M'Millan Dugald, carpenter, 19 Dempster st 

M'Millan Dugald, labourer, 13 Lauriston st 

M'Millan Duncan, engine-driver, 6 Lauriston st 

M'Millan Edward, tailor, 45.Crawfurd st 

M'Millan George, engineman, 45 Wellington st 

M'Millan Hugh, bathmaster, West End baths, 3 Campbell st 

M'Millan Hugh, lathsplitter, 34 West Burn st 

M'Millan Hugh, police constable, 37 Roxburgh st 

M'Millan James, carter, 7 East Crawford st 

M'Millan James, miller, 44 Lynedoch st 

M'Millan James, sawyer, 13 Mearns st 

M'Millan James, wine and spirit merchant, " Bird's Eye," 
31 Hamilton st. Ho. 29 Brisbane st 

M'Millan John, carpenter, 5 Virginia st 

M'Millan John, ironmoulder, 52 St. Lawrence st 

M'Millan John, labourer, 15 East Shaw st 

M'Millan John, salesman, 2 Kilblain st 

M'Millan John, shoemaker, 17 Kelly st 

M'Millan John, timber measurer, 19 Nelson st, west 

M'Millan John, wine and spirit merchant, 69 Vennel. Ho. 
28 Brisbane st 

M'Millan Lachlan, mason, 14 South st 

M'Millan Malcolm, carter, 7 Brachelston st 

M'Millan Malcolm, policeman, 1 Holmscroft st 

M'Millan Matthew, advertising contractor and west coast 
billposter, 21 and 23 Cathcart st 

M'Millan Peter, butcher, 32 East Shaw st 

M'Millan Robert, joiner, 19 Trafalgar st 

M'Millan Terrance, broker, 29 Dalrymple st. Ho. 31 do. 

M'Millan Thomas, sawyer, 1 M'Lean's land, Ladyburn 

M'Millan William, fitter, 4 Hill st 

M'Millan William, joiner, 4 Mearns st 


M'Millan William (of H.M. Customs), 27 Dempster st 
M'Millan William, stereotyper, 72 Wellington st 
M'Millan William, tailor, 45 Holmscroft st 
M'Millan William B., manager (M. M'Millan, advertising 

contractor), 12 Union st 
M'Millan Miss Susan, 30 Kelly st 
M'Millan Miss, milliner, 25 West Blackhall st. Ho. 2 

Finnart st 
M'Millan Miss, 12 Union st 
M'Millan Mrs Andrew, 9 Ardgowan st 
M'Millan Mrs John, 7 Boyd st 
M'Millan Mrs John, 2 Holmscroft st 
M'Millan Mrs John, 18 Vennel 
M'Millan Mrs M., lodgings, 45 Lynedoch st 
M'Millan Mrs, 64 Holmscroft st 
M'Millan Mrs, 8 Hope st 
M'Millan Mrs, 15 Main st 
M'Millan Mrs, 35 Wellington st 
M'MORLAND R. S., coal and lime merchant, Arcade, 20 

Cathcart st. Ho. 64 Esplanade 
M'MUNAGLE Charles, fishmonger, 1 Mount lane 
M'MURRAY James, carting foreman, Caledonian Railway, 

35 Regent st 
M'Murray L. & R., grocers, 11 Belville st. Ho. do. 
M 'Murray Robert, riveter, 73 Holmscroft st 
M'MURRICH Thomas D., collector of police and other 

assessments, collecting hall, Municipal buildings. Ho. 

18 Robertson st 
M'MURTRIE Robert, late R.N., 58 Kelly st 
MACNAB Archibald (of Duncan Macnab & Son), 25 

Tobago st 
Macnab Duncan & Son, hay, straw, and grain merchants, 

25 Tobago st and 2 Bearhope st 
Macnab Miss, Glen villa, 96 Newton st 
M'NAB Donald, sawyer, 56 St. Lawrence st 
M'Nab John, carpenter, 9 Kelly st 
M'Nab John, cooper, 73 Regent st 
M'Nab Robert W. T. (of Post Office), 18 Bearhope st 
M'Nab William, joiner, 38 Nicolson st 
M'Nab Mrs, 44 Crawfurd st 
MACNAIR John, joiner, 8 Lyle st 
M'NAIR John D., plumber, 10 South st 


M'Nair Robert, carpenter, 18 Bogle st 

M'Nair Thomas, boltmaker, 19 Nelson st, west 

M'Nair William S., slater, 15 Brachelston st 

M'NAIRN Joseph, tanner, 6 Sinclair st 

M'NALLY John St. V., Nautical and Engineering Academy, 

17 West Blackhall st 
MACNAUGHT Archibald (of Macnaught Brothers), 

Richmond villa, 33A Newton st. Telephone No. 184 
Macnaught Brothers, chemists and druggists, 4 West 

Blackhall st ; stores 7 do. Telephone No. 184 
Macnaught Duncan, painter, 32 Brisbane st 
Macnaught John W., oil merchant, &c, 56 Vennel, 47 Shaw 

st, and 38 East Hamilton st. Ho. 26 Newton st 
Macnaught Misses H. & R., oil and colour store, 34 Inverkip 

st. Ho. Redlands, Robertson st 
Macnaught Mrs William, 17 Newton st 
M'NAUGHT David C, draper and clothiers, 9 Cathcart st 

and Municipal buildings 
M'Naught James, dairy, Upper Ingleston 
M'Naught John, carting foreman, G. &S.-W. Ry., 7 South st 
M'Naught Peter, cartwright, 80 Dempster st 
M'Naught Robert, clerk, 3 Brachelston st 
M'Naught Mrs, 22 Bearhope st 
MACNAUGHTAN Mrs James, 18 Kelly st 
MACNAUGHTON Archibald, labourer, 5 York st 
Macnaughton Mrs Daniel, White Hart hotel, 50 Cathcart st 

(See Advt.) 
M'NEE Archibald, cooper, 2 Wemyss Bay st 
M'Nee James, glass stainer, 19 Trafalgar st 
M'Nee Mrs Joseph, wine and spirit merchant, 20 Cathcart 

st. Ho. 16 do. 
M'NEIL Alexander, signalman, 92 East Hamilton st 
M'Neil Andrew, rigger, 68 Inverkip st 
M'Neil Archibald, carpenter, 5 Mount Pleasant st 
M'Neil Archibald, joiner, 6 Mount Pleasant st 
M'Neil Archibald, labourer, 1 Duncan st 
M'Neil Archibald, traveller, 14 Ardgowan st 
M'Neil Archibald, woolsorter, 5 Prospecthill st 
M'Neil Charles, boilermaker, 16 Hope st 
M'Neil Daniel, boatman, 20 Trafalgar st 
M'Neil Daniel, riveter, 22 St. Lawrence st 
M'Neil David, groom, 24 Bank st 


M'Neil Dugald, plater, i Hope st 

M'Neil Henry, engineer. 34 East Hamilton st 

M'Neil James, carpenter, 9 Carwood st 

M'Neil James, carpenter, 7 East Crawford st 

M'Neil James, jun., & Co., drapers, 39 West Burn st 

M'Neil James, jun. (of James M'Neil & Co.), 49 Brisbane st 

M'Neil James, labourer, 66 Ann st 

M'Neil James, labourer, 4 Sinclair st 

M'Neil James, warehouseman, 74 Ann st 

M'Neil James, woolcarder, 124 Drumfrochar rd 

M'Neil John, brassfinisher, 6 Hope st 

M'Neil John, bootmaker, 1 Union st 

M'Neil John, butcher, 5 Ann st and 16 Kelly st. Ho. 

Auchneagh house, Inverkip rd 
M'Neil John, carpenter, 6 St. Andrew sq 
M'Neil John, tobacconist and stationer, 112 Drumfrochar rd 
M'Neil Joseph, woolsorter, 25 Mount Pleasant st 
M'Neil Thomas, brickbuilder, Belleaire cottage, 17 Newark st 
M'Neil Thomas, joiner, 8 Murdieston st 
M'Neil Thomas, labourer, 14 John st 
M'Neil Thomas, watchmaker and jeweller, 34 Brymner st 
M'Neil William, engineer, 124 Drumfrochar rd 
M'Neil William, labourer, 58 Drumfrochar rd 
M'Neil William, seaman, 35 Wellington st 
M'Neil William, sugarboiler, 48 St. Lawrence st 
M'Neil William, woolsorter, 52 Wellington st 
M'Neil Miss, tobacconist and newsagent, 29 Roxburgh st 
M'Neil Mrs Neil, ladies' nurse, 6 Hope st 
M'Neil Mrs Thomas, 32 Ardgowan st, west 
M'Neil Mrs, 6 Sinclair st 

M'NEILL Alexander, carpenter, 9 East Blackhall st 
M'Neill Alexander, hotel proprietor, Waverley hotel, 40 

West Blackhall st. (See Advt.) 
M'Neill Alexander, pavement and cement merchant, 11 

Patrick st. Ho. 13 Nelson st, west. (See Advt.) 
M'Neill Alexander G., clerk, 45 Brisbane st 
M'Neill Duncan, cowfeeder, 1 South st 
M'Neill Malcolm, boilermaker, 41 Ann st 
M'Neill Robert, mercantile clerk, 26 Newton st 
M'Neill Mary Ann, provision dealer, 3 Inverkip st. Ho. do. 
M'Neill Miss, milliner, 27 Regent st 
M'Neill Mrs, 71 Roxburgh st 


MACNEILAGE, Adam & Co., insurance and commission 

agents, 46 Brymner st 
Macneilage John K. (of Macneilage, Adam & Co.), 12 

Cardwell rd, Gourock 
M'NEILAGE Alexander, chemist and druggist, 46 Ann st. 

Ho. 41 do. 
M'Neilage George R., shoemaker, 59 Inverkip st. Ho. 

Kempock pi, Gourock 
M'Neilage John, baker, 17 Antigua st. Ho. 21 do. 
M'Neilage John, cooper, 62 Ann st 
M'Neilage Miss, agent cosmopolitan system of dress-cutting, 

29 Regent st 
M'Neilage Mrs, 29 Regent st 
M'NELLAN John, moulder, 7 Serpentine walk 
M'NELLIS Mrs, greengrocer, 5 Tobago st 
M'NEUR John, joiner, 67 Belville st 
M'NICOL Donald, coal merchant, 34 East Shaw st 
M'Nicol John, fireman, 14 Dalrymple st 
M'Nicol John, mason, 17 Brachelston st 
M'Nicol Mrs, 61 Belville st 

M'NICOLL Charles, engine-keeper, 7 Lauriston st 
M'Nicoll John, riveter, 7 Lynedoch st 
M'Nicoll Malcolm, surfaceman, 18 Port-Glasgow rd 
MACNISH Archibald, gardener, 31 Brougham st 
Macnish John, florist and fruiterer, Brookfield gardens, 64 

Eldon st. Ho. 23 Brougham st 
MACNIVEN Angus, grocer and provision merchant, 50 

Ann st. Ho. 18 Wellington st 
M'NIVEN Alexander, spirit merchant, 22 West Blackhall 

st and 60 Lynedoch st. Ho. 30 Newton st 
M'Niven Donald, flesher, 95 Roxburgh st. Ho. 28 Newton st 
M'Niven Donald, sen., vanman, 8 Wellington st 
M'NUTT Alfred, carpenter, 42 Roxburgh st 
M'Nutt Samuel, carriage hirer, 16 Bruce st 
MACONIE John (of G. & J. M'Onie), Cleggan, 32 Bank st 
M'ONIE G. & J., engineers, founders, and patent windlass 

makers, Ladyburn engine works, Port-Glasgow rd 
M'Onie George (of G. & J. M'Onie), 26 Mearns st 
MACPHAIL John, coal merchant, Exchange buildings, 27 

Cathcart st ; depot, 5 Chapel st. Ho. 5 Kelly st 
M'PHAIL Archibald, seaman, 12 Murdieston st 
M'Phail Charles, cooper, 15 Regent st 


M'Phail Colin, iron-plater, 3 Virginia st 

M'Phail Colin, saw sharper, 21 Main st 

M'Phail John, carpenter, 4 Carwood st 

M'Phail John, sailmaker, 2 Holmscroft st 

M'Phail John, seaman, 3 Prospecthill st 

M'Phail Neil, porter, 25 Trafalgar st 

M'Phail Peter, salesman, 115 Dempster st 

M'Phail William, licensed porter, 6 Boyd st 

M'Phail Miss Mary, Eddlewood pi 

M'Phail Mrs A., 19 Trafalgar st 

M'Phail Mrs Jessie, 5 Newton st 

M'Phail Mrs J., 7 Crescent st 

M'Phail Mrs, 79 Dempster st 

M'PHEE Duncan, engineer. 63 Belville st 

MACPHERSON Alexander & Co., engineers and ship- 
builders' ironmongers, machinery merchants, and 
commission agents, 2 Open Shore 

Macpherson Alexander (of Alexander Macpherson & Co.), 
Clydemount, Gourock 

Macpherson David S. (of Welsh, Walker & Macpherson's), 
17 Ardgowan sq 

Macpherson Hugh, 17 Ardgowan sq 

Macpherson John, clerk, 38 Holmscroft st 

Macpherson John, jun., the Clanneries family boot ware- 
house, 29 Hamilton st. Ho. 9 Mearns st 

Macpherson Rev. John F., B.D., minister of South Parish 
Church, Ann st. Ho. 46 Margaret st 

Macpherson Robert (of Welsh, Walker & Macpherson), 56 
Forsyth st 

Macpherson Harriet, tobacconist, 100 Roxburgh st 

Macpherson Mrs, ladies' nurse, 58 Kelly st 

M'PHERSON Alexander, boilermaker, 36 Crescent st 

M'Pherson Alexander, engineer, 15 Lauriston st 

M'Pherson Alexander, salesman, 23 Trafalgar st 

M'Pherson Angus, tea merchant, 35 Kelly st 

M'Pherson Donald, boatbuilder, 27 Dempster st 

M'Pherson Donald, porter, 9 East Blackhall st 

M'Pherson Donald K., sanitary engineer, slater, and general 
jobber, 3 Newton st. Ho. 15 Mount Pleasant st 

M'Pherson James, boatbuilder, 67 Nicolson st 

M'Pherson James, boilermaker, 16 Antigua st 

M'Pherson James, labourer, 7 Lynedoch st 


M'Pherson John, boilermaker, 62 Regent st 

M'Pherson Malcolm, 3 Bank st 

M'Pherson Richard, sailmaker. 45 Holmscroft st 

M'Pherson Mrs Janet, lodgings, 73 Nicolson st 

M'Pherson Mrs, 15 Brachelston st 

M'Pherson Mrs, 36 East Crawford st 

MACQUARRIE Miss E., underclothing establishment, 10 

West Blackhall st. Ho. 6 Finnart st 
MacQuarrie Mrs Donald, 6 Finnart st 
MACQUATT William, fireman, 8 Carwood st 
MACQUEEN Alexander, shoemaker, 29 Roxburgh st 
M'QUEEN Charles, engineer, 26 East Crawford st 
M'QUILKAN Dun., grocer, 2 8 Charles st. Ho. 21 Trafalgar st 
M'QUISTAN Finlay (secretary, Connal & Co., Limited, 

Glasgow), 80 Union st 
M'Quistan Mrs, 44 Brisbane st 
M'QUOID William, joiner and builder, 31 Sir Michael st. 

Ho. 3 Mearns st 
M'Quoid Thomas, provision merchant, 1 John st 
M'Quoid Miss, grocer, 8 Mount Pleasant st 
M'Quoid Mrs, 7 Hope st 
MACRAE J., baker, 15 East Shaw st and 7 William st. 

Ho. 25 Trafalgar st 
M'RAE Alexander, engineer, 30 Nelson st 
M'Rae Neil, carpenter, 6 Watt st 
M'Rae William, carrier, 1 Kilblain buildings 
M'Rae Miss, milliner and straw hat maker, 14 Lyle st 
M'ROBERT Joseph, railway porter, 3 Brachelston st 
M'Robert Robert, hammerman, 22 Trafalgar st 
M'RONALD Mrs Alexander, 29 Rue-end st 
M'SHEEN John, engineer, 65 Rue-end st 
M'SHEFFREY Neil, butcher, 41 West Burn st. Ho. 5 

Kilblain st 
M'STRAVICK Robert, painter, 22 Lynedoch st 
MACSYMON & Company, Limited, general grocers, whole- 
sale retailers of home and foreign produce, sugarbrokers, 
shipstore dealers, ship chandlers, sailmakers, and general 
ship and yacht furnishers, Argyle st. Branches — 26 
Cathcart st, 46 Brymner st, 67 Roxburgh st, 1 West 
Blackhall st, 10 Church st, Port-Glasgow, and 43 
Kempock, Gourock. Free stores, George sq. Bonded 
stores, Nelson st ; also at Liverpool 


M'TAGGART Archibald, joiner, 67 Rue-end st 

M'Taggart George, steward, 50 Ann st 

M'Taggart Malcolm, blacksmith, 48 St. Lawrence st 

M'Taggart Malcolm, labourer, 19 Regent st 

M'Taggart Mrs C., grocer, 48 St. Lawrence st 

M'Taggart Mrs D., dining rooms. 8 Cathcart st. Ho. 16 do. 

M'TAVISH Agnes, joiner, 9 Murdieston st 

M'Tavish Duncan, tugboat-master, 2 Kilblain st 

M'Tavish John, carpenter, 25 Bruce st 

M'Tavish John, mason, 70 Wellington st 

M'Tavish Mrs D., 22 Robertson st 

M'Tavish Mrs, 71 Regent st 

M'VEAN Duncan, joiner, [4 South st 

M'Vean John, policeman, 16 Dalrymple st 

M'Vean Mrs, 28 Crawfurd st 

M'VEY Alexander, packer, 9 Nicolson st 

MACVICAR Alex, (of Macvicar & Son), 12 Ardgowan st 

Macvicar & Son, tailors and clothiers, 39 West Burn st 

M'VICAR Angus, storeman, 24 West Stewart st 

M'Vicar Archibald, brakesman, 60 Drumfrochar rd 

M'Vicar Charles, slater, 19 Nelson st, west 

M'Vicar Duncan, labourer, 19 Ingleston pi 

M'Vicar James, mate, 29 Roxburgh st 

M'Vicar Robert, sawyer, 15 Main st 

M'Vicar Miss, 14 Lynedoch st 

M'Vicar Miss, 24 West Stewart st 

M'Vicar Mrs Mary, 73 Nicolson st 

M'Vicar Mrs, 47 Holmscroft st 

M'Vicar Mrs, 17 Lyle st 

M'Vicar Mrs, 12 Robertson st 

M'VIE Joseph, mason, 13 Watt st 

M'WALTER Robert, joiner, 5 Antigua st 

M'WHINNIE Andrew, fitter, 30 East Hamilton st 

M'Whinnie Frederick, labourer, 8 East Blackhall st 

M'Whinnie Hugh, blacksmith, 36 East Hamilton st 

M'Whinnie Hugh, caulker, 5 Ratho st 

M'Whinnie Hugh, foreman, 68 East Hamilton st 

M'Whinnie Miss, 26 East Hamilton st 

M'WHIRTER John, sugarboiler, 21 Wellington st 

M'Whirter William, teacher, 7 Caddlehill st 

M'Whirter Mrs Hugh, 12 Wellington st 

M'Whirter Mrs, 26 South st 


M'WILLIAM Misses, teachers, 9 South st 
M 'William Mrs John, 6 Finnart st 


MACHELL William, foreman, 25 Nelson st, west 

Machell Miss, newsagent, 25 Nelson st, west 

MACKIE Bernard, fireman, 25 Vennel 

Mackie Henry, labourer, 9 East Crawford st 

Mackie James, boilermaker, 35 Lyle st 

Mackie James engineer, 3 Regent st 

Mackie Matthew, traveller, 13 Crescent st 

Mackie Thomas, sergeant of Police, 27 Bruce st 

Mackie William, assistant manager, Greenock Gas Works, 

Lilybank, Chapelton, Port-Glasgow 
Mackie Miss Isabella, tobacconist, 33 Charles st 
MADDEN Thomas, painter, 5 Regent st 
Madden William, engineer, 38 Brymner st 
MAGURA Robert, upholsterer, 66 Holmscroft st 
Magura Mrs, 6 Murdieston st 
MAHAN David, wood-turner, 57 Regent st 
Mahan Robert, joiner, 94 Dempster st 
MAIN, Boag & Black, slaters and plasterers, 31 Sugarhouse 

Main John, labourer, 6 Roslin st 
Main John, salesman, 1 1 West Stewart st 
Main Robert (of Main, Boag & Black), 10 Watt st 
MAIR C. S. & Marquis, grain and forage importers and 

merchants, grain crushers and hay cutters, 40 Rue-end 

st and 68 Gordon st, Glasgow 
MAITHER John, carpenter, 1 1 Antigua st 
MAITLAND Alexander, town foreman, gas works, 52 

Eldon st 
Maitland Archibald, gas meter inspector, 73 Holmscroft st 
Maitland George, dairyman, 4 Holmscroft st 
Maitland James, gasfitter, 66 Drumfrochar rd 
Maitland William, shoemaker, 24 Cartsburn st 
Maitland Mrs Janet, 28 Wellington st 
MALCOLM & Co., fish curers, fish merchants, wholesale 

drysalters, produce dealers, and importers, 2 1 Shaw st 
Malcolm Archibald, iron shipbuilder, 30 South st 


Malcolm George, engineer, 1 24 Drumfrochar rd 

Malcolm George, joiner, 24 Wellington st 

Malcolm John, insurance agent, 21 Newton st 

Malcolm John, labourer, 3 Brachelston st 

Malcolm John, sugar boiler, 4 Boyd st 

Malcolm Joseph, sailmaker, 6 Nelson st, Glebe 

Malcolm Robert, boilermaker, 23 Hamilton st 

Malcolm William, labourer, 116 Drumfrochar rd 

Malcolm Mrs James, 13 Brisbane st 

Malcolm Mrs, milliner, 63 Rue-end st. Ho. 24 Robertson st 

MALLON William, gardener, 17 Kelly st 

MANEELEY David, seaman, 6 Hill st 

MANN Alexander, sailmaker, 26 West Blackhall st 

Mann Thomas, labourer, 33 Ingleston st 

MANSIONHOUSE, 1 Ardgowan sq 

MANSON Gordon, carpenter, 7 Mount Pleasant st 

Manson Rose, collector, 27 Nelson st, west 

Manson Miss Helen, 27 Shaw st 

MARK Hugh, labourer, 58 Lynedoch st 

Mark William, labourer, 56 Lynedoch st 

MARKER William, millworker, 7 Nile st 

MARLEY Patrick, groom, 3 York st 

Marley Miss, 8 Regent st 

MARQUIS & Millar, writers and notaries public, 18 Hamil- 
ton st 

Marquis James (of Marquis & Millar), 16 Albert rd, Gourock 

Marquis Mrs Janet, 27 Nelson st, west 

MARR George (of H.M. Customs), 14 Ardgowan st 

Marr James, jeweller, 19 Nelson st 

Marr Richard, labourer, 36 East Hamilton st 

Marr William, engine-driver, 56 Kelly st 

MARSH John, labourer, 79 Dempster st 

MARSHALL Andrew, sailmaker, 32 Tobago st 

Marshall Charles D., foreman carpenter, 105 Port-Glasgow rd 

Marshall Claude W., M.B., CM., physician and surgeon, 8 
Ardgowan sq 

Marshall James, blacksmith, 16 Lynedoch st 

Marshall James, engineer, 27 Patrick st 

Marshall James (of Ross & Marshall), 3 Shaw pi 

Marshall Kennedy, labourer, 7 Belville st 

Marshall Robert, checker, 5 Hope st 

Marshall Robert, engineer, 13 Murdieston st 


Marshall Robert, gardener, 53 Kelly st 
Marshall William, engineer, 5 Virginia st 
Marshall William, labourer, 13 Ingleston st 
Marshall William (of J. Carswell & Son), 18 Eldon st 
Marshall William, provision merchant and commission agent, 

9 West Stewart st 
Marshall William Johnstone, M.D. and L.R.C.S., Edin., 

physician and surgeon, 8 Ardgowan sq 
Marshall Miss, 42 East Crawford st 
Marshall Mrs Janet, stationer, 57 Inverkip st. Ho. 25 

Newton st 
Marshall Mrs William, 18 Eldon st 
Marshall Mrs, 14 Lynedoch st 
MARTIN & Co., tobacconists. Branch Post Office, 30 

Cathcart st 
Martin Alexander, joiner, 45 Wellington st 
Martin Alexander, labourer, 3 East Crawford st 
Martin Duncan T., railway booking clerk, 44 Brisbane st 
Martin George, plater, 66 Regent st 
Martin James, engineer, 2 1 Lynedoch st 
Martin James, flesher, 21 Kelly st. Ho. 8 Robertson st 
Martin James, labourer, 7 Boyd st 
Martin James, policeman, 15 Regent st 
Martin James, 6 Hill st 

Martin John, coal merchant, 66 Holmscroft st 
Martin John, tailor and clothier, 5 Hamilton st. Ho. 27 

Dempster st 
Martin Joseph, clerk, 10 Kelly st 
Martin Robert, provision merchant, 28 Charles st. Ho. 2 

Princes st 
Martin William, woolsorter, 27 Dempster st 
Martin Miss, 17 Brachelston st 
Martin Mrs Sarah, 25 West Blackhall st 
Martin Mrs William, fishmonger, 16 Cathcart st. Ho. 19 do. 
Martin Mrs W 7 illiam, 23 Finnart st 
Martin Mrs, 61 Ann st 

MASON Joseph W., blacksmith, 7 Murdieston st 
Mason Robert (of James Richardson & Co.), Nellieslee, 25 

Newark st 
Mason Thomas, engineer, 50 Brougham st 
MASSEY Alexander, provision merchant, 19 West Blackhall st 
MASSIE Alexander, prison warder, 5 Nelson st 


MASSICKS James, blacksmith, 67 Rue-end st 
MASSON Andrew, sawmaker, 28 Lynedoch st 
Masson Robert, storekeeper, 104 Dempster st 
Masson Miss B., agent Anglo- Parisian system of dress- 
cutting, 7 Eldon st 
MASTER of Works office, Municipal buildings, Wallace pi 
MATHER James, caulker, 13 Belville st 
MATHEWSON Robert C, draughtsman, 18 Wellington st 
MATHIE John, carpenter, 82 Belville st 
MATHIESON Archibald, joiner, 5 Newton st 
Mathieson David, grocer, 9 South st. Ho. do. 
Mathieson Donald, hotel-keeper, Royal hotel, 3 East breast 

(See Advt.) 
Mathieson Hugh, plater, 40 East Hamilton st 
Mathieson John, ironmonger, 42 Brymner st. Ho. 9 

Antigua st 
Mathieson John, tailor, 76 Dempster st 
Mathieson John L., joiner, 5 Lauriston st 
Mathieson Lindsay, grocer, 20 Cartsburn st and 6 John st. 

Ho. 9 South st 
Mathieson Lindsay, joiner, 108 Dempster st 
Mathieson Robert, blacksmith, 30 Arthur st 
Mathieson Robert, painter and decorator, Park buildings, 28 

Nicolson st. Ho. 34 Nelson st, west 
Mathieson Robert D., boilermaker, 14 Regent st 
Mathieson Mrs, ladies' nurse, 49 Holmscroft st 
MATTHEWS Alexander, fish merchant, 31 Trafalgar st 
Matthews Peter, sergeant, county police, 9 Watt st 
Matthews William, labourer, 29 Ingleston st 
MAVEN James D., engineer, 30 Lynedoch st 
MAXTON Miss, 78 Finnart st 
MAXWELL David, lithographer, 65 Nicolson st 
Maxwell Hamilton, insurance agent, 23 Dempster st 
Maxwell Robert, boilermaker, 65 Belville st 
Maxwell Robert, railway porter, 31 Dempster st 
Maxwell Thomas, draper, 64 Vennel. Ho. 18 Inverkip st 
MAY George W., painter, 70 Wellington st 
May James P., mill manager, Overton 
MAYORS Thomas H., furniture manufacturer, 35 Nicolson 

st. Ho. 34 Nelson st, west 
Mayors Mrs R. G., 6 Watt st 
MAYPOLE Dairy Co., 27 Cathcart st — A. Forbes, manager 


MEARNS Patrick, rafter, 45 Rue-end st 

Mearns William, tailor, 13 Nelson st 

Mearns Mrs James, 15 Newton st 

MECHAN Thomas, boilermaker, 7 William st 

Mechan Thomas, salesman, 10 Terrace rd 

MECHANICS' Institution, library, reading-room, and public 

baths, 11 Tobago st and 13 Sir Michael st 
MEDICAL Aid Society's Home, 15 Caddlehill st 
Medical Association, 47 Regent st 
MEECHAN Mrs, confectioner, 24 Sir Michael st 
MEIKLE Daniel, baker, 7 Caddlehill st 
Meikle Daniel, engineer, 63 Belville st 
MEIKLEJOHN Alexander, engineer, 1 East William st 
Meiklejohn George, brassfinisher, 6 Hope st 
MELDRUM George, engineer, 20 Antigua st 
MELROSE John, sailmaker, 12 Lyle st 
Melrose Matthew, hammerman, 3 Trafalgar st 
Melrose William, chemist, 8 Lyle st 
Melrose William, painter, 18 Bruce st 
Melrose Mrs, 14 Wellington st 
MELVILLE John, warehouseman, 25 Bruce st 
Melville William, painter and decorator, oil and colour 

merchant, 3 Manse lane. Ho. 51 Brisbane st 
Melville William, provision merchant, 32 Charles st. Ho. 

7 Newton st 
MENARD Josue, 13 Ardgowan st, west 
MENZIES Alexander (of J. & J. Denholm), 21 Brisbane st 
Menzies & Co., bookstall, G. & S.-W. Railway, Princes Pier 
Menzies Daniel, shipping agent, 28 Ardgowan st 
Menzies Hugh, joiner, 62 Drumfrochar rd 
Menzies George, joiner, 10 Shaw pi 
Menzies John (of W. & J. Menzies), 5 Newton st 
Menzies Robert, pansman, 43 Lynedoch st 
Menzies Robert, watchmaker and jeweller, 27 West Burn st. 

Ho. 64 Kelly st 
Menzies W. & J., dairymen, 42 Ann st, 12 Cathcart st, and 

9 Newton st 
Menzies William (of Boston, Menzies & Morton), Overvale, 

Menzies William (of W. & J. Menzies), 44 Ann st 
Menzies Miss R., tobacconist, 23 Vennel 
Menzies Mrs John, 14 West Blackhall st 


MERAC David, coachman, 15 Margaret st 

MERCANTILE Marine Office, 7 Virginia st 

MERRYLEES James, tailor and clothier, 40 Cathcart st 

METHODIST Chapel, 4 Ardgowan st, west 

MEYER Mrs, 56 Finnart st 

MIDDLE (Free) Church, 10 George sq 

Middle Parish Church, Cathcart sq 

MIDDLETON Daniel, L.Mus., L.C.M., Mem.I.S.M., 

professor of music, Bute villa, 16 Finnart st 
Middleton David, boilermaker, 60 Ann st 
Middleton James, engineer, 26 South st 
Middleton John F., engine-driver, 49 Lynedoch st 
MILL Alexander, grocer and wine merchant, 95 Roxburgh 

st. Ho. Thrushhill, Gourock 
Mill Mrs Charles, 2 Ford pi, Finnart st 
MILLAR Alexander, pawnbroker, 38 Hamilton st. Ho. 

29 Ann st 
Millar & Mackay, sculptors, 17 Bank st 
Millar Andrew, joiner, 19 Belville st 
Millar Arthur A., wine and spirit merchant and commission 

agent, 17 Regent st and 3 West Quay lane. Ho. 8 

Bedford st 
Millar Charles, patternmaker, 19 Prospecthill st 
Millar David, joiner, 61 Holmscroft st 
Millar George, engineer, 13 Hope st 
Millar Henry, flesher, 94 Dempster st 
Millar Hugh P., clerk, 77 Wellington st 
Millar James, cartwright, 18 Duncan st 
Millar James, ironmonger, 22 Kelly st 
Millar James, joiner, 15 Dempster st 
Millar James (of Marquis & Millar), 46 Regent st 
Millar James, teacher, 7 Caddlehill st 
Millar John, brassfinisher, 5 John st 
Millar John, engine-driver, 9 Murdieston st 
Millar John, engineer, 33 Kelly st 
Millar John, farmer, Balwharly, Balwharly rd 
Millar John, house factor and insurance agent, 17 West 

Blackhall st. Ho. 46 Kelly st 
Millar John, labourer, 29 Trafalgar st 
Millar John, mason, 47 Holmscroft st 
Millar John (of Millar & Mackay), 15 Dempster st 
Millar John, vanman, 10 Nile st 



Millar Peter, joiner, 18 Bearhope st 

Millar Peter, salesman, 91 Dempster st 

Millar Robert, feuar, 18 Robertson st 

Millar Robert, glazier, 12 Trafalgar st 

Millar Robert, joiner, 60 Kelly st 

Millar Rodger, ironturner, 57 Regent st 

Millar Thomas, waterman, 116 Drumfrochar rd 

Millar William, labourer, 62 Ann st 

Millar William H., spirit merchant, 18 Sir Michael st. Ho. 
28 Trafalgar st 

Millar Mrs A., 29 Ann st 

Millar Mrs Robert, 71 Ann st 

Millar Mrs R., 10 Antigua st 

Millar Mrs R., 15 Newton st 

Millar Mrs S. H., Ashburn, 8 Bedford st 

Millar Mrs, 13 Cathcart st 

Millar Mrs, 7 Dempster st 

MILLER Allan, boilermaker, 22 Bank st 

Miller & Co., joiners, builders, timber merchants, and saw- 
millers, 64 Inverkip st 

Miller Andrew, engineer, 9 Dempster st 

Miller Andrew, wine and spirit merchant, 38 Main st. Ho. do. 

Miller Angus, foreman carpenter, 5 Armadale pi 

Miller Archibald (of J. & A. Miller), 8 Ardgowan st 

Miller Charles, labourer, 79 Port-Glasgow rd 

Miller Frank William, draper, Municipal buildings, Hamilton 
st. Ho. 8 George sq 

Miller Henry, seaman, 67 Regent st 

Miller James, basketmaker, 8 Kilblain st 

Miller James, clerk, 25 Newton st 

Miller James, line and twine maker, 4 South st 

Miller J. & A., joiners and builders, 20 West Blackhall st 

Miller John, baker, 1 1 Brachelston st 

Miller John (of J. & A. Miller), 19 Nelson st, west 

Miller John (of Miller & Co.), 34 Brisbane st 

Miller John, Trinity and deep-sea pilot, 8 Regent st 

Miller Johnstone, gardener, 8 Nile st 

Miller Malcolm, joiner, 6 Hay st 

Miller Nicol, mason, 31 Nelson st 

Miller Peter, machinist, 10 Hill st 

Miller Robert, engineer and boilermaker, 26 and 28 Arthur 
st. Ho. 58 Esplanade 


Miller Robert, evangelist, 6 Antigua st 

Miller Robert, flesher, 14 Bruce st 

Miller Thomas & Son, biscuit merchants and manufacturing 

confectioners, 13 and 15 Charles st 
Miller Thomas jun. (of Thomas Miller & Son), 18 Finnart st 
Miller Thomas, plumber, 27 Dempster st 
Miller Thomas, provision merchant, Park buildings, 1 1 West 

Blackhall st. Ho. 25 Robertson st 
Miller Thomas, sen. (of Thomas Miller & Son), 18 Finnart st 
Miller William, engineer, 1 M 'Lean's land, Ladyburn 
Miller William, prison warder, 5 Nelson st, west 
Miller William, seaman, 10 Regent st 
Miller William, steamboat agent, Customhouse quay. Ho. 

33 West Stewart st 
Miller William F., wine and spirit merchant, "John o' 

Groat's" bar, 26 East Shaw st. Ho. 27 Trafalgar st 
Miller William S., watchmaker and jeweller, 3 Hamilton st. 

Ho. 35 Lynedoch st 
Miller Mrs Robert, 1 1 Carwood st 
Miller Mrs Walter, 27 West Burn st 
MILLIGAN Alexander, moulder, 8 Hope st 
Milligan John, customs' officer, 113 Dempster st 
Milligan William, engine-driver, 27 Bruce st 
MILLIKEN Mrs, 8 Mount Pleasant st 
MILLOY Hugh, joiner, 8 Mount Pleasant st 
MILLS James, carpenter, 75 Wellington st 
Mills John, carpenter, 11 Lauriston st 
Mills John, ship surveyor, 10 Brisbane st 
Mills Robert, engineer and blacksmith, 5 and 6 Dock breast. 

Ho. 5 Shaw pi 
Mills Robert, plater, 34 St. Lawrence st 
Mills Mrs J., 1 Bruce st 
MILNAY John, fitter, 62 Regent st 
MILNE Dugald, boilermaker, 15 Lyle st 
Milne Francis, railway guard, 60 Ann st 
Milne John, blacksmith, 3 Campsie ter 
Milne Peter, missionary, 95 Dempster st 
Milne William, riveter, 97 Port-Glasgow rd 
MINTO George, commission agent, 27 Patrick st 
MITCHELL & Co., type-writers, 5 West Blackhall st 
Mitchell Andrew, cartwright, 9 Nicolson st 
Mitchell Andrew, jun., blacksmith, 9 Nicolson st 


Mitchell Archibald, carter, 71 Wellington st 

Mitchell Archibald, joiner, 4 Carwood st 

Mitchell Archibald, mason, 14 Murdieston st 

Mitchell Daniel, carpenter, 30 Bruce st 

Mitchell Dugald, engineer, 24 Lynedoch st 

Mitchell James, plumber (registered) and gasfitter, 5 West 

Stewart st 
Mitchell James C, tobacconist, 23 Rue-end st. Ho, 16 

Lynedoch st 
Mitchell John, boilermaker, 1 Crescent st 
Mitchell John, coach and van builder, 5 Brougham st. Ho. 

23 West Stewart st 
Mitchell John, cooper, 76 Ann st 
Mitchell John, draughtsman, 15 Dempster st 
Mitchell John, engineer, 6 Lyle st 
Mitchell John, gardener, 5 Brachelston st 
Mitchell John, joiner, 65 Belville st 
Mitchell John, joiner, 29 Cathcart st 
Mitchell Matthew, plumber, 29 Ardgowan st 
Mitchell Peter, blacksmith, 31 West Burn st 
Mitchell Robert, salesman, Lightburn cot, Balwharly rd 
Mitchell Thomas, boilermaker, 13 Ingleston st 
Mitchell Thomas, clothier and draper, 23 Cathcart st. Ho. 

27 Lyle st 
Mitchell Walter, dairyman, Barnhill, East William st 
Mitchell William, shorthand writer and reporter, Sheriff 

Court house, Nelson st, and 5 West Blackhall st. Ho. 

29 Nelson st, west 
Mitchell William H., tobacconist, 9 Hamilton st. Ho. 18 

Lynedoch st 
Mitchell William J., labourer, 15 Mill st 
Mitchell Miss E., grocer and branch Post Office, 40 Nelson 

st. Ho. 46 Kelly st 
Mitchell Mrs Andrew, 27 Regent st 
Mitchell Mrs James, 16 Lynedoch st 
MOFFAT Alexander, blacksmith, 10 East Blackhall st 
Moffat Alexander, engineer, 21 Wellington st 
Moffat David, carpenter, 3 East Crawford st 
Moffat David, moulder, 16 Mearns st 
Moffat Gilbert, 36 Brisbane st 
Moffat John, goods guard, 12 Belville st 
Moffat John, shipwright, 7 Lauriston st 


Moffat Robert, baker, 16 Lynedoch st. Ho. 13 do. 

Moffat William, moulder, 10 Baker st 

Moffat Misses J. & M., milliners, 39 West Blackhall st. 

Ho. 36 Brisbane st 
MOGGY Samuel, labourer, 71 Roxburgh st 
MOIR George, spirit merchant, Gardeners' Arms, 10 Market 

st. Ho. 30 Kelly st 
Moir Robert W., river pilot, 24 Union st 
Moir William D., commission agent and cigar importer, 

Lilybank, Cardwell rd 
MOLSEED Andrew (of Post Office), 10 Jamaica st 
Molseed James, painter, 22 West Stewart st 
MONAGHAN William, shoemaker, 5 Ropework st 
MONTAGUE George, insurance agent and stationer, 7 

Cross-shore st. Ho. 45 Shaw st 
MONTEITH James, gas stoker, 27 Belville st 
MONTGOMERIE John, goods superintendent, Caledonian 

Railway Co. Office, Railway cottage, Bogle st. Ho. 

15 Forsyth st 
MONTGOMERY Andrew S., 52 Kelly st 
Montgomery Henry, sawyer, 30 Arthur st 
Montgomery Robert, engineer and brassfounder, 9 East 

Stewart St. Ho. 14 St. Lawrence st 
Montgomery Robert, riveter, 81 Port-Glasgow rd 
Montgomery Thomas, watchmaker, 14 St. Lawrence st 
Montgomery William, engineer, 2 Garvald st 
MOODIE Alexander, 60 Eldon st 
Moodie Allan, grocer and provision merchant, 1 Belville st. 

Ho. 73 do. 
Moodie Allan, janitor, Belville Street Public School, 73 

Belville st 
Moodie Robert, greenkeeper, 1 1 Murdieston st 
Moodie William, slater, 69 Regent st 
MOODY David, brassfinisher, 13 East Crawford st 
Moody Mrs, greengrocer, 23 Nelson st 
MOON Francis (retired supervisor of I.R.), 38 Brisbane st 
MOONEY James, labourer, 6 Boyd st 
Mooney James, sugar boiler, 58 Kelly st 
MOORE James, gardener, 15 Newton st 
Moore Joseph, engineer, 5 Belville st 
Moore Samuel, labourer, 80 Belville st 
Moore William, painter, 85 Belville st 


Moore Zachariah, caulker, 17 John st 

MOOR HOUSE Martin, engineer, 82 Belville st 

MORE Mrs James, 24 Brisbane st 

MORELAND James, butcher, 70 Ann st 

MORGAN Andrew, engineer, 8 Kelly st 

MORI Enrico, confectioner, 41 West Burn st 

MORIES Alexander S. (of James M'Lean & Co.), Eversley, 

Mories James S. (of John Mories & Co.), 51 Newton st 
Mories John & Co., timber measurers, 2 Cathcart st 
MORISON George, grocer and tea dealer, 27 Cathcart st. 

Ho. Hayfield, 43 Finnart st 
Morison J. B. & Co., general grocers and wine 

merchants, 29 West Blackhall st, 13 Finnart 

st, and Lilybank, Cardwell rd 
Morison J. B. (of J. B. Morison & Co.), 55 Forsyth st 
Morison John, accountant and house factor, 29 West Burn 

st. Ho. 23 Brisbane st 
Morison John A., timber merchant, coal and commission 

agent, 4 Bogle st. Ho. 7 Roxburgh st 
Morison Neil, clothier, 33 West Burn st 
MORNING Robert, potter, 52 East Hamilton st 
MORRELL John, labourer, 9 Crescent st 
MORRIN William, missionary, 12 Wellington st 
MORRIS John, potter, r8 Port-Glasgow rd 
Morris John, salesman, 69 Nicolson st 
Morris Moses, draper, 32 Ann st 
Morris Patrick, machinist, 86 Belville st 
Morris Robert, grocer, 23 Vennel. Ho. 33 Nelson st 
Morris Thomas J., brakesman, 61 Ann st 
Morris Mrs, broker, 20 Tobago st 
Morris Mrs, 55 Holmscroft st 
->&£QRRISON A. & D., ship carpenters, blockmakers, and 

joiners, 3 Clarence st 
Morrison Alexander (of A. & U. Morrison), 32 West Stewart st 
Morrison David, labourer,*! i o^Dempster st 
Morrison David, labourer, 66 Drumfrochar rd 
Morrison Donald, flesher, 19 Newton st 
Morrison Donald, railway porter, 8 Watt st 
Morrison Dugald, carter, 13 Brachelston st 
Morrison Duncan D., plumber (registered) and gasfitter, 10 

Charles st. Ho. 10 Argowan st, west 


Morrison Finlay D., writer, 32 Cathcart st. Ho. Alt-na-craig, 

Lyle rd 
Morrison Hugh, machineman, 5 Caddlehill st 
Morrison James & Co., tailors, clothiers, and yachting 

outfitters, 4 East breast 
Morrison James, carpenter, Gibbshill ter, Port-Glasgow rd 
Morrison James, fish merchant, 49 Shaw St. Ho. 5 1 do. 
Morrison James, flesher, 7 West Blackhall st 
Morrison James (of James Morrison & Co.), 14 Brisbane st 
Morrison James, pastry baker, 20 Trafalgar st 
Morrison James D., coal merchant, 3 Clarence st. Ho. 32 

West Stewart st 
Morrison John & Sons, lithographers, bookbinders, and 

stationers, 67 Rue-end st 
Morrison John, engineer, 25 Regent st 
Morrison John, headmaster Duncan Street Public School, 7 

Caddlehill st 
Morrison John, labourer, 1 St. Andrew st 
Morrison John, seaman, 22 Lynedoch st 
Morrison John F. (of John Morrison & Son), 29 Mearns st 
Morrison Neil, labourer, 6 Hill st 
Morrison Peter, carpenter, 27 Nicolson st 
Morrison Robert, engine driver, 52 West Blackhall st 
Morrison Robert, labourer, 5 Bearhope st 
Morrison Robert, labourer, 39 Holmscroft st 
Morrison Robert, moulder, 18 Hope st 
Morrison Robert, 4 Hill st 
Morrison Thomas, salesman, 1 Kilblain st 
Morrison William, broker, 23 Tobago st. Ho. 31 Nicolson st 
Morrison William, carpenter, 25 Bank st 
Morrison William, clerk, 101 Belville st 
Morrison William, engineer, 25 Lynedoch st 
Morrison William C, clerk, 52 Kelly st 
Morrison William D., clerk, 5 Hill st 
Morrison Miss Mary, 41 Nicolson st 
Morrison Miss, 34 Brisbane st 
Morrison Misses, 2 Esplanade 
Morrison Mrs David, Redlands, Robertson st 
Morrison Mrs James, 29 Mearns st 
Morrison Mrs William, greengrocer, 15 Regent st 
Morrison Mrs, 5 Roxburgh st 
MORROW Andrew, cabinetmaker, 7 Caddlehill st 


MORTON & Kidd, wholesale and retail ironmongers, steel, 

iron, and metal merchants, blacksmiths, and agents for 

Milner's fireproof safes, 24 Hamilton st. Workshops, 

2 Hunter pi 
Morton Archibald, checker, 5 Watt st 

Morton Ernest (of Jas. Morton & Sons, Glasgow), 2 Eldon st 
Morton George (of Boston, Menzies & Morton), 86 Union st 
Morton James & Sons, iron and steel merchants, 8 Princes 

sq, Buchanan st, Glasgow 
Morton Robert (of Morton & Williamson, consulting 

engineers, Glasgow), 2 Eldon st 
Morton Robert, skinner, 66 East Hamilton st 
Morton William, locomotive foreman, G. & S.-W. Railway, 

32 West Stewart st 
Morton & Young, tea dealers, 30 Hamilton st 
Morton Miss, 9 Ardgowan sq 
Morton Mrs, tobacconist, 36 Hamilton st. Ho. 27 West 

Blackhall st 
MOSSMAN William, joiner, 68 Regent st. Ho. 11 Ann st 
MOUNT Michael, boatman, 1 7 Shaw st 
Mount Park Free Church, Trafalgar st 
Mountpark Steamship Co., Limited— J. & J. Denholm, 

Mount Pleasant U.P. Church, 23 Mount Pleasant st 
MOUNTFORD Jabez, curator, Mechanics' Institute, n 

Tobago st 
MO WATT Graham, joiner, 30 Bruce st 
MUIR Allan, baker and confectioner, 15 West Blackhall st. 

Ho. 22 Union st 
Muir Gavin, foreman, Cereals Co., 7 Ingleston st 
Muir George, flesher, 13 West Blackhall st. Ho. 49 

Brougham st 
Muir Henry, greengrocer, 5 Inverkip st 
Muir James, agent, Wilson's, and Clyde Coal Co., Limited, 

5 Chapel st. Ho. 58 Kelly st 
Muir James, brassfinisher, 23 Roxburgh st 
Muir James, 4 Duff st 

Muir James D. (of J. & J. Muir), 47 Brougham st 
Muir J. & J., provision merchants, 25 Vennel 
Muir John, engineer, 5 Lauriston st 
Muir John, ironplater, 5 East Crawford st 
Muir John, joiner, 8 Hay st 


Muir John, papermaker, 61 Ann st 

Muir John, policeman, 106 Dempster st 

Muir John L. (of J. & J. Muir), 5 Robertson st 

Muir R. G. (of Muir & Weir), 8 Wellington st 

Muir Robert & Sons, millers and grain merchants, 6 East 

Stewart st. Ho. 2 St. Andrew sq 
Muir Robert, blacksmith, 85 Wellington st 
Muir Robert, engineer, 14 Hope st 
Muir Robert (of Leitch & Muir), 63 Eldon st 
Muir Robert W. (of T. O. Hunter & Co.), 32 Brisbane st 
Muir Simon, gas-meter inspector, 68 Kelly st 
Muir Thomas, ironmoulder, 17 Belville st 
Muir & Weir, sack and bag manufacturers, Upper Ingleston 
Muir William, bread and biscuit baker, 12 Cathcart st. Ho. 

2 St. Andrew sq 
Muir William, engineer, 74 Wellington st 
Muir William, feuar, 32 Brisbane st 
Muir William, joiner, 4 Antigua st 
Muir William, lathsplitter, 87 Wellington st 
Muir William, papermaker, 8 Nile st 
Muir Miss A., grocer, 14 South st. Ho. 68 Kelly st 
Muir Mrs Alexander, 18 Bogle st 
Muir Mrs J. T., 23 Trafalgar st 
Muir Mrs Matthew, 9 Argyle st 
Muir Mrs R., feuar, 47 Brougham st 
Muir Mrs, 7 Lynedoch st 

MUIR HEAD Alexander, baker, 26 Wellington st 
MULHOLLAND Richard, machinist, 3 Ingleston st 
Mulholland Robert, iron planer, 3 Mackenzie st 
MULLEN John, shipmaster, 17 South st 
MUMME Carl, shipbuilder, Dungallon, 30 Newark st 
MUNDIE James, boatman, 10 Terrace rd 
Mundie Peter, cooper, 28 Lynedoch st 
MUNN Archibald, feltworker, 18 St. Lawrence st 
Munn Arthur, cooper, 5 Hope st 
Munn Hugh, seaman, 22 Bearhope st 
Munn John, fireman, 31 Lyle st 
Munn Robert, pilot, 60 Regent st 
Munn Stewart, sailmaker, 66 Holmscroft st 
Munn William, 18 South st 
Munn Miss Agnes, 13 Kelly st 
Munn Mrs, 32 West Blackhall st 


MUNRO Alexander, way inspector, Caledonian Railway, 

97 Roxburgh st 
Munro Colin, cooper, 23 Lynedoch st 
Munro Colin, grocer, 42 Crawfurd st 
Munro Daniel, porter, 5 Hill st 
Munro Donald, blacksmith, 16 Port-Glasgow rd 
Munro Duncan, clerk and insurance agent, 1 Ford pi, 

Finnart st 
Munro George, carpenter, 6 Nelson st, Glebe 
Munro Hector, labourer, 1 Kilblain buildings 
Munro Hugh, skinner, 16 Port-Glasgow rd 
Munro James, cook, 83 Dempster st 
Munro James, salesman, 28 Wellington st 
Munro James, seaman, 5 Duff st 
Munro John, blacksmith, 17 Bruce st 
Munro William, messenger-at-arms, and Sheriff 

officer, 13 Hamilton st. Ho. 26 South st 
Munro Miss, dressmaker, 23 Lynedoch st 
Munro Mrs C, 15 Nelson st ' 
Munro Mrs William, 24 Union st 
MURCHIE Robert (violonist), painter, paperhanger, and 

decorator, 29 Regent st. Ho. 7 Lyle st 
Murchie Mrs, 12 Watt st 

MURDOCH David, carpenter, 33 East Crawford st 
Murdoch James, draughtsman, 15 Lynedoch st 
Murdoch James, fireman, 114 Dempster st 
Murdoch James, shipbuilder (Port-Glasgow), Elmhurst, 42 

Newark st 
Murdoch Samuel, roadman, 32 Inverkip st 
Murdoch Samuel, tailor, 21 Bearhope st 
Murdoch William, joiner, 9 Carwood st 
Murdoch Miss, matron, Medical Aid Home, 15 Caddlehill st 
Murdoch Mrs, lodgings, 7 Kelly st 
Murdoch Mrs Jane, 68 East Hamilton st 
Murdoch Mrs, 6 West Stewart st 
MURPHY Bernard, blacksmith, 45 Hamilton st 
Murphy David, lather, 95 Roxburgh st 
Murphy Edward, broker, 26 Dairy m pie st 
Murphy James, labourer, 2 Springkell st 
Murphy William J., labourer, 70 Ann st 
Murphy Mrs Robert, marine store dealer, 10 Cartsburn st. 

Ho 17 Brougham st 


Murphy Mrs, newsagent, 10 Manse lane 

MURRAY A. Douglas (of Alexander Cameron & Murray), 

organising secretary, Greenock Unionist Five Hundred, 

Bellvue, Barrhill rd, Gourock 
Murray Alexander, carpenter, 32 East Crawford st 
Murray Alexander, grocer, 94 Dempster st 
Murray Alexander, joiner, 9 Lynedoch st 
Murray Alexander, riveter, 18 Cathcart st 
Murray Alexander B., compositor, 85 Wellington st 
Murray Alexander C, storekeeper, 68 Inverkip st 
Murray Andrew S., blacksmith, 19 Antigua st 
Murray Charles, 60 Kelly st 
Murray Donald, carpenter, 41 Holmscroft st 
Murray George, joiner, 79 Port-Glasgow rd 
Murray George (of M. F. Dunlop & Murray), 5 Robertson st 
Murray Hugh, 28 Brisbane st 
Murray James, carter, 19 Ingleston pi 
Murray James, general turner and timber merchant, 30 

Market st. Ho. 4 Robertson st 
Murray James, gilder, 20 Pottery st 
Murray James, tanner, 36 East Hamilton st 
Murray James, tinsmith, 30 West Blackhall st 
Murray James D. (of A. Leisk, jun., & Co.), 12 Laird st 
Murray John, accountant and auditor, 14 West Blackhall st 
Murray John mason, 7 Mount Pleasant st 
Murray Joseph, labourer, 19 Ingleston pi 
Murray Michael, irondriller, 47 Crawfurd st 
Murray Neil, postman, 71 Ann st 
Murray Robert, engineer, 3 Antigua st 
Murray Robert S. (of Fyfe & Murray), 27 Union st 
Murray Samuel, watchman, 19 Ingleston pi 
Murray Thomas, railway porter, 52 West Blackhall st 
Murray Timothy B., bonded warehouse keeper, 1 West quay ; 

wholesale wine and spirit merchant — office and store, 

5 Mansionhouse lane. Ho. 10 Wellington st 
Murray William, ironmoulder, 24 Wellington st 
Murray Miss, 22 Robertson st 
Murray Mrs C, 30 Wellington st 
Murray Mrs Jessie, 68 Kelly st 
Murray Mrs William, 25 Bruce st 
Murray Mrs, dressmaker, 56 Kelly st 
Murray Mrs, 1 East William st 


MUSHET Mrs, 9 Watt st 

MUSEUM (Antiquarian), Watt Institution, Kelly st 


NAIRN Alexander, painter, 12 Ann st 

Nairn Andrew, painter, 5 Bearhope st 

NAPIER James, engineer, 25 Regent st 

Napier Line Steamers, for Sweden— T. O. Hunter & Co., 

agents, 13 Hamilton st 
Napier William, governor, H.M. prison, 3 Nelson st, west. 

Ho. do. 
Napier Mrs Ann, 7 Holmscroft st 
NASMITH Thomas, carter, 3 Regent st 
NATIONAL Bank of Scotland (Limited), 29 Cathcart st— 

J. Campbell Hart, agent 
National Pawnbroking Office, 22 Arthur st and 21 Stanners st 
National Telephone Co. (Limited), Municipal buildings, 

Wallace sq 
NEIL Thomas, carpenter, 33 Ingleston st 
Neil Thomas, patternmaker, 22 Antigua st 
Neil William, ironmoulder, 4 Lynedoch st 
Neil Mrs Robert, greengrocer, 9 Newton st. Ho. 19 Nelson 

st, west 
NEILL & Co., warehouse keepers, Dellingburn st 
Neill, Dempster & Neill, sugar refiners, 78 Drumfrochar rd 
Neill George D. (of Neill, Dempster & Neill), 26 Forsyth st 
Neill Hugh R. & Co., grocers, wine merchants, Italian 

warehousemen, and contractors to the R.N., 27 West 

Blackhall st 
Neill Hugh R. (of Hugh R. Neill & Co.), 44 Brisbane st 
Neill James, riveter, 4 Garvald st 
Neill John (of Neill, Dempster & Neill), Glenfield, 1 

Bedford st 
Neill John, watchmaker, 5 Caddlehill st 
Neill R. & S., Clerk & Orkney, writers and notaries public, 

2 Argyle st 
Neill Robert, blacksmith, 3 East Crawford st 
Neill Tom, Towerlands, 9 Octavia ter 
Neill William J. (of Neill, Dempster & Neill), Lawthorn, 13 

Octavia ter 


Neill Miss Agnes, farmer, South Hillend, East Crawford st 

Neill Mrs James, 53 Union st 

Neill Mrs John, 26 Newark st 

Neill Mrs, 11 East Blackhall st 

NEILSON Andrew, engine driver, 6 Garwood st 

Neilson Duncan, hole borer, 9 Carwood st 

Neilson John, boilermaker, 14 Bruce st 

Neilson William (of Robert Lusk & Co.), 30 Brisbane st 

NELLIS Edward, baker, 64 Holmscroft st 

NELIS John, insurance agent, 112 Dempster st 

NELSON Alexander, joiner, 14 Murdieston st 

Nelson Archibald, joiner, 75 Regent st 

Nelson James, bookbinder, 65 Holmscroft st 

Nelson James & Son, Ltd., butchers, 38 Hamilton st 

Nelson Thomas, ironturner, 64 Ann st 

Nelson Mrs, furnishings, 44 Lynedoch st. Ho. 39 do. 

NESS David, blacksmith, 38 East Hamilton st 

Ness James, blacksmith, 61 Ann st 

NEW Assembly Rooms, 21 West Stewart st 

New Zealand Shipping Co., Limited, Arcade — Andrew 

Picken & Co., agents 
NEWALL Charles, grocer and provision merchant, 44 

Lynedoch st. Ho. 5 Dempster st 
Newall Mrs, 5 Dempster st 
NEWCOMEN Steamship Co., Limited, 2 WestJ Quay— 

Leitch & Muir, managers 
NEWELL Mrs, 14 Eldonst 

NEWNHAM Alfred, chief officer, R.N., 3 Campsie ter 
NICCOL David, marine engineer, 37 Kelly st 
Niccol Robert, author on sugar refining, 10 South st 
NICHOLSON David, police sergeant, 7 Prospecthill st 
Nicholson Lachian J., ship's cook, 48 Ann st 
Nicholson William, clerk, 49 Mearns st 
NICOL Alexander, cooper, 38 Lynedoch st 
Nicol Andrew, carpenter, 65 Roxburgh st 
Nicol Charles, carpenter, 2 Holmscroft st 
Nicol David, blacksmith, 6 Carwood st 
Nicol Duncan & Co., coal merchants, 55 Rue-end st, 20 

Brougham st, and James Watt dock 
Nicol Duncan (of Duncan Nicol & Co.), 2 Octavia ter 
Nicol Gavin, tailor and clothier, 35 West Burn 

st. Ho. 64 Kelly st 


Nicol James, blacksmith, 3 Orchard st 

Nicol James, carpenter, 31 Lyle st 

Nicol James, engineer, 9 Ardgowan st, west 

Nicol John, joiner, 83 Wellington st 

Nicol John S. (of Duncan Nicol & Co.), Fairmount, 40 

Nicol Walter, blacksmith, 6 Lyle st 
Nicol William, blacksmith, 9 Dempster st 
Nicol Mrs D., 2 Octavia ter 
Nicol Mrs, dressmaker, 13 Nelson st, west 
NICOLL James, accountant and stockbroker, 2 Bank st. 

Ho. 32 Margaret st 
Nicoll William, manager at Clyde Foundry, East Hamilton 

st. Ho. 12 Octavia cottages 
Nicoll M., midwife, 5 Duncan st 
Nicoll Mrs James, 32 Margaret st 
NICOLSON Alexander, boatman, 36 Crawfurd st 
Nicolson Alexander, jun., boatman, 4 Nelson st, Glebe 
Nicolson Alexander, cashier, 40 Holmscroft st 
Nicolson Alexander, salesman, 25 Mount Pleasant st 
Nicolson Alexander N., clothier, 7 Cathcart st. Ho. 5 

Dempster st 
Nicolson Angus, seaman, 16 Hope st 
Nicolson David, moulder, 22 Bearhope st 
Nicolson Donald, salesman, 32 Kelly st 
Nicolson Donald, yardman, 64 Wellington st 
Nicolson James, clerk, 26 West Blackhall st 
Nicolson James, coachman, 19 Ingleston pi 
Nicolson James, joiner, 82 Belville st 
Nicolson John, brassfinisher, 20 St. Lawrence st 
Nicolson John, labourer, 33 Lynedoch st 
Nicolson Norman, wine and spirit merchant, 22 Cathcart st. 

Ho. 3 Antigua st 
Nicolson Samuel, 3 Antigua st 
Nicolson William, carter, 7 Kilblain st 
Nicolson William G., plater, 42 St. Lawrence st 
Nicolson William I., engineer, 33 Nelson st, west 
NIMMO Robert, boilermaker, 9 Lynedoch st 
Nimmo Mrs Andrew, 1 7 Ardgowan sq 
NISBET Alexander, engineer, 8 South st 
Nisbet Samuel, engine driver, 24 Bruce st 
Nisbet Thomas, engineer, 62 Kelly st 


NIVEN Alexander, hosier, glover, and shirtmaker, 6 West 

Blackhall st. Ho. 6 Brisbane st 
Niven Archibald (of Boyd & Niven), 62 Finnart st 
Niven Archibald R, clerk, 35 Kelly st 
Niven G. W., bookseller, stationer, and bookbinder, 27 

Brymner st. Ho. 23 Newton st 
Niven James, tailor's cutter, 8 Lyle st 
Niven John, blacksmith. 59 Holmscroft st 
Niven John, shiprigger, 6 Water st, Port-Glasgow. Ho. 

Creberlee, Bogston 
Niven Robert, riveter, 54 East Hamilton st 
Niven Miss Isabella, 89 East Hamilton st 
Niven Mrs. 13 Ardgowan st, west 
Niven Mrs, Craigend villa, 15 Johnstone st 
NIXON Henry, inspector of poor, Port-Glasgow. Ho. 30 

Ardgowan st, west 
Nixon James, clerk of works, 12 Trafalgar st 
Nixon Mrs William, 13 Holmscroft st 
NOBLE Alexander, tanner, 31 East Crawford st 
Noble George, engineer, 30 St. Lawrence st 
Noble John, clerk, 2 South st 
Noble John, craneman, 63 Ann st 
Noble Thomas, restaurant keeper, 32 East Hamilton st. 

Ho. 20 Bank st 
Noble Tom, H.M. Customs, 17 South st 
NOON John, potter, 20 Pottery st 
NORMAN Louis, photographer, 2 Campsie ter 
NORRIE James, carpenter, 50 East Hamilton st 
Norrie William, lithographer, 3 Argyle st 
NORTH British Daily Mail and Glasgow Weekly Mail 

newspapers. Greenock branch office, Municipal 

buildings, Hamilton st — D. Loudoun, agent and 

correspondent. Ho. 44 Brisbane st 
North British Railway Company, carriers, Lynedoch st, 

Albert Harbour, James Watt Dock, and Inchgreen 

stations — Wm. Chisholm, agent 
NORTHERN Pawnbroking Salerooms, 65 Rue-end st. R. 

Johnstone, proprietor 
NUTT James, joiner, 58 Kelly st 
Nutt William, joiner, 13 Newton st 



OAKDEN Mrs A. E., matron, House of Refuge 

OATES James, joiner, 7 Hope st 

O'BRIAN Mrs M., 13 West Stewart st 

O'BRIEN Catherine, licensed broker, 33 Dalrymple st. 

Ho. 67 Roxburgh st 
O'Brien E. & M., glass and china merchants, 61 Vennel and 

6 Sir Michael st. Ho. 18 Kelly st 
O'DONNELL John, flesher, 1 1 Cross-shore st, 6 Sir Michael 

st, and 1 Stanners st. Ho. 8 Cross-shore st 
O'Donnell John, labourer, 15 East Shaw st 
OGG William, engineer, 7 Ingleston st 
OGILVIE Mrs John, 12 Nile st 

O'HARA William, spirit dealer, 61 Main st. Ho. 9 Shaw pi 
OHLMS W T illiam, hairdresser and perfumer, 7 West Black- 
hall st. Ho. 18 South st 
O'KANE Jeremiah, butter and egg dealer, 9 Duff st. Ho. 

5 1 Shaw st 
OLD Equitable Loan Office, pawnbrokers, 39 Hamilton st — 

manager, William Graham 
OLDING Alfred, fitter, 86 Belville st 
Olding William, labourer, 93 Belville st 
OLIVER James, blacksmith, 57 Belville st 
Oliver James, ironmoulder, 19 Lyle st 
Oliver Samuel, engineer, 104 Dempster st 
Oliver William, engineer, 89 Dempster st 
Oliver William, skinner, 11 East Crawford st 
O'NEILL Francis, compositor, 85 Wellington st 
O'Neill Henry, hairdresser, 44 Vennel 
O'Neill Hugh, compositor, 83 Wellington st 
O'Neill James, painter, 32 Inverkip st 
O'Neill John, tailor, 13 Crawfurd st 
O'Neill Mrs S., pawnbroker, 8 Stanners st. Ho. 32 West 

Stewart st 
ORANGE Hall, 1 East Blackhall st 
ORCHARD Storage Co., storekeepers, 19 Rue-end st 
Orchard Sugar Refining Co., sugar refiners, 22 Ingleston st 
ORIENT Line Royal Mail Steamers, Arcade — Andrew 

Picken & Co., agents 
ORKNEY Alexander (of M'Arthur & Orkney), 6 Glen st 


Orkney Robert (of R. & S. Neill, Clerk & Orkney), 63 
Octavia ter 

Orkney William, hammerman, 32 Arthur st 

Orkney William, joiner, 17 Lynedoch st 

Orkney Miss M. N., 62 Union st 

ORMISTON James, manager, 43 Lynedoch st 

ORR Alexander, carter, 89 Roxburgh st 

Orr Allan, joiner, 29 Ann st 

Orr Daniel (of John Orr & Son), 41 Dempster st 

Orr Duncan, teacher, 12 Brisbane st 

Orr Hugh, boatbuilder, 38 Lynedoch st 

Orr, Hunter & Co., Limited, rope manufacturers, and sail- 
makers — Office, t Brymner st. Works — Greenock 
Ropework, 43 Wellington st. Sail Loft — Palmerston 

Orr James (of William Orr & Co.), 7 Kilblain st 

Orr James, seaman, 1 1 Lynedoch st 

Orr James, smith, 6 Antigua st 

Orr John & Sons, grocer and wine merchant, 13 Ann st 

Orr John, blacksmith, 16 Port-Glasgow rd 

Orr John, boatman, 3 Virginia st 

Orr John, joiner, 12 Trafalgar st 

Orr John, jun., 45 Regent st 

Orr John E., engineer, 29 Regent st 

Orr Joseph, labourer, 22 Arthur st 

Orr, Pollock & Co., newspaper proprietors and letterpress 
printers, 14 Charles st and 15 Sugarhouse lane 

Orr Robert, railway porter, 35 Lynedoch st 

Orr Ryrie, M.A. (of Orr, Pollock & Co.), Burndale, 

Orr Thomas, jun., yacht, launch, and boat builder, 2 and 4 
East Blackhall st. Ho. Victoria cottage, Balwharly rd 

Orr Thomas C, boatbuilder, 5 St. Andrew st. Ho. 2 
Antigua st 

Orr William & Co., carting contractors, 7 Kilblain st 

Orr William, brassmoulder, 2 Garvald st 

Orr William, farmer, Craigieknowes 

Orr William (of William Orr & Co.), 7 Kilblain st 

Orr William, retired shipmaster, 14A Ardgowan sq 

Orr William C, engineer, 41 Ann st 

Orr William H., flesher, 35 Lynedoch st 

Orr Miss Ellen M., boys' dressmaker, 3 Kelly st 


Orr Miss M. F., 14 Crescent st 

Orr Miss, greengrocer, 39 Ann st 

Orr Miss, 73 Ann st 

Orr Miss, 24 Brisbane st 

Orr Miss, 24 Lyle st 

Orr Mrs John, feuar, 41 Dempster st 

O'SHEA Ambrose, chimney sweep, 3 Argyle st 

OSTLER Robert, spirit merchant, 2 Carnock st. Ho. 29 

Regent st 
OSWALD Mrs John, 25 Trafalgar st 
OTTO Charles, seaman, 23 Nicolson st 
OWEN Robert, car driver, 1 1 East Blackhall st 
Owen Robert, boot and shoe merchant, 9 Rue-end st and 2 

Cartsburn st. Ho. 2 Watt pi 
Owen & Pride Misses, milliners and straw hatters, Luton 

house, 36 Brymner st. Ho. 7 Kelly st 
OWENS Thomas, mason, Overton 

PACE Andrew, gardener, 100 Brisbane st 

PACIFIC Steam Navigation Company — Agents, Andrew 

Picken & Co., Arcade 
PAGE Thomas, moulder, 49 Mearns st 
TAGET Mrs John, Greenbank house, 48 Kelly st 
Paget M. J., draper, 29 Charles st 
Paget Robert, nurseryman and florist, 25 Union st. Ho. 28 

West Blackhall st 
PAINTERS' (House and Ship) Protection Society. 13 East 

Shaw st 
PAISLEY George, patternmaker, 36 Lynedoch st 
PALMER John, patternmaker, 33 East Crawford st 
Palmer Robert, janitor, Shaw Street Public School 
Palmer Thomas, irondresser, 22 St. Lawrence st 
PARISH Council Offices, 36 Nicolson st 
PARK Alexander, carter, 58 Lynedoch st 
Park Alexander, plumber, 15 East Shaw st 
Park Archibald, lamplighter, 97 Port-Glasgow rd 
Park Boyd, 57 Regent st 
Park Boyd P., grocer, 53 Main st and 17 Kelly st. Ho. 57 

Regent st 


Park John, blacksmith, locksmith, bellhanger, and general 
furnishing ironmonger — warehouse, 28 Roxburgh st ; 
workshop, 1 2 Trafalgar st 

Park John, flesher, 16 Robertson st 

Park Matthew, saddler, 58 Rue-end st and 33 Nicolson st. 
Ho. 57 Regent st 

Park Robert, policeman, 85 Dempster st 

Park Robert, steamboat master, 30 Brymner st 

Park William (of Greenock Towing Co.), 10 Jamaica st 

Park William U., M.A., Cantab., mathematical master, 
Greenock Academy. Ho. 52 Brougham st 

Park Miss, boys' dressmaker, 16 South st 

Park Mrs James, feuar, 44 Brisbane st 

Park Mrs John, 9 Wellington st 

PARKER Hugh, steamboat porter, 21 Dempster st 

Parker James, boilermaker, 5 Ingleston st 

Parker James A., clerk, 24 Robertson st 

Parker John, shoemaker, 20 St. Lawrence st and 22 
Lynedoch st 

Parker Joseph, mussel merchant, 7 West breast 

Parker Lachlan, moulder, 5 Ingleston st 

Parker Matthew, joiner, 91 Dempster st 

Parker Maurice, mussel agent, 14 Cathcart st 

Parker Richard S., slater, 5 Nile st 

Parker Mrs, 6 Finnart st 

PARKHILL M., labourer, 63 Holmscroft st 

PARLANE Wiliam, joiner, 10 Carwood st 

PARNHAM John, pointsman, 64 Wellington st 

PARTRIDGE Robert, marker, no Dempster st 

PATERSON A. & Son, ham curers and provision merchants 
(wholesale), 39 Hamilton st. Ho. 25 W T est Bum st 

Paterson A. & W., boot and shoe manufacturers, 41 Hamilton 
st, 15 Cathcart st, and 7 Grey pi 

Paterson Alexander, patternmaker, 95 Belville st 

Paterson & Anderson, accountants, stockbrokers, house fac- 
tors, and insurance agents, 13 Hamilton st 

Paterson Andrew, carter, 18 Dalrymple st 

Paterson Charles, boot and shoe merchant, 31 Cathcart st 
and 5 Grey pi 

Paterson Charles, traveller, 34 Mount Pleasant st 

Paterson Charles M., tanner and bag merchant, 19 Carts- 
burn st and 23 Stanners st. Ho. 86 Union st • 


Paterson Daniel, bank teller, The Clydesdale Bank, Limited. 

Ho. 25 Esplanade 
Paterson D. A., boot and shoe merchant, 31 Cathcart st. 

Ho. 25 Robertson st 
Paterson D. H., timekeeper, 21 Brisbane st 
Paterson Donald, clerk, 5 1 Kelly st 
Paterson Gavin, joiner and builder, 31 Roxburgh st. Ho. 

81 Holmscroft st 
Paterson George, plumber, 4 Mearns st 
Paterson James, engineer, 7 Belville st 
Paterson James (of J. Little & Co.), 33 Finnart st 
Paterson James (of Paterson & Anderson), secretary Greenock 

Traders' Association, Greenock Model Building Society, 

Greenock Building Company, Limited, and Clydesdale 

Glass Insurance Company, Limited, 7 Belville st 
Paterson James, Seafield cottage, 32 Eldon st 
Paterson J. & H. M., naval architects, 32 Eldon st. Ho. do. 
Paterson John, cabinetmaker, 7 Caddlehill st 
Paterson John, engineer, 3 Hope st 
Paterson John, engineer, 2 Mearns st 
Paterson John, labourer, 3 Brachelston st 
Paterson John, ship draughtsman, 21 Nelson st, west 
Paterson Lachlan, general draper, 13 West Blackhall st. 

Ho. 5 1 Brisbane st 
Paterson Robert, clerk, 30 Lynedoch st 
Paterson Robert, coppersmith, 12 Dalrymple st 
Paterson Robert, fitter, 95 Roxburgh st 
Paterson Robert, seaman, 19 Bruce st 
Paterson R. R. & Co., shipowners, 32 Cathcart st. Ho. 

Silwood, 33 Margaret st 
Paterson Walter, watchmaker and jeweller, 25 Hamilton st. 

Ho. 15 Brisbane" st 
Paterson William, carpenter, 14 West Blackhall st 
Paterson W 7 illiam, engineer, 20 Roxburgh st 
Paterson William, grocer and provision merchant, 30 Vennel. 

Ho. 5 Roxburgh st 
Paterson William, slater, Hunter pi. Ho. 32 Nelson st, west 
Paterson William, tailor, 28 Bruce st 
Paterson Mrs D. G., 37 Bank st 
Paterson Mrs Robert R., 33 Margaret st 
Paterson Mrs, 13 Holmscroft st 
PATON Alex., hairdresser, 28 Brymner st. Ho. 29 Cathcart st 


Paton Alexander, jun., grocer and provision merchant, 36 

Ingleston st. Ho. 32 Crescent st 
Paton Alexander, labourer, 75 Wellington st 
Paton Alexander, tanner, 32 Crescent st 
Paton Allan Park, Home cottage, 1 Rosneath st 
Paton Archibald John (of Ross, Corbett & Co.). Rock villa, 

38 Eldon st 
Paton George, painter, no Dempster st 
Paton George William (of Ross, Corbett & Co.), Ashgrove, 

Paton Henry, labourer, 3 Broomhill st 
Paton James, M.D., CM., physician and surgeon, 3 

Ardgowan sq 
Paton James, photographer, 59 Esplanade. Ho. do. 
Paton James, storekeeper, 10 Holmscroft st 
Paton John, photographer, 59 Esplanade. Ho. do. 
Paton Samuel, blacksmith, 15 Main st 
Paton William, boilermaker, 41 Roxburgh st 
Paton Mrs, 18 East Crawford st 
Paton Mrs, 10 Jamaica st 

PATRICK A. & Son, boot and shoemakers, 6 West Black- 
hall st. (See Advt.) 
Patrick Alexander, engineer. 21 Belville st 
Patrick Alexander, engineer, 3 Carnock st 
Patrick Alexander, engineer, 19 Nelson st, west 
Patrick Alexander, joiner, 36 Crescent st 
Patrick David, engineman, 36 Holmscroft st 
Patrick Henry N., M.A., P.H.W., teacher Greenock Academy 
Patrick James, engine driver, 31 East Crawford st 
Patrick James, engineer, 56 Lynedoch st 
Patrick James, railway plant inspector, 67 Roxburgh st 
Patrick John, cooper, 43 Holmscroft st 
Patrick Neil M., agent Glasgow Evening and Weekly 

Citizen newspapers, 4 Mansionhouse lane. Ho. 18 

Hope st 
Patrick Robert, engineer and ironfounder, Cartsburn st. 

Ho. 33 Regent st 
Patrick Robert, engineer, 10 Carnock st 
Patrick William, clerk, 28 Ardgowan st, west 
Patrick William, engineer, 97 Roxburgh st 
Patrick Mrs Adam, Millerston, 47 Finnart st 
Patrick Mrs Ann, 14 Wellington st 


Patrick Mrs F., tobacconist, 26 Inverkip st 

Patrick Mrs, 99 Belville st 

PATTEN & Prentice, solicitors and notaries public, 18 

Kilblain st 
Patten John (of Patten & Prentice), Clydebank house, 

2 Johnstone st 
PATTERSON David, labourer, 1 Mill st 
Patterson George H.. warehouseman, 7 Newton st 
Patterson T. L. (manager, John Walker & Co.), Maybank, 

59 Finnart st 
Patterson Mrs, 20 Bearhope st 

PATTISON David, flesher, 9 South st. Ho. 71 Nicolson st 
Pattison Duncan, cooper, 62 Ann st 
Pattison George, sailmaker. 25 Trafalgar st 
Pattison John, boilermaker, 62 Ann st 
Pattison John, labourer, 1 1 Belville st 
Pattison Robert, police sergeant, 13 Nelson st, west 
Pattison Mrs, 42 Holmscroft st 
Pattison Mrs, 41 Roxburgh st 
PAUL Andrew, boilermaker, 95 Dempster st 
Paul Andrew, moulder, 53 Main st 
Paul James, blacksmith. 5 Hope st 
Paul James, millworker, 124 Drumfrochar rd 
Paul James, watchman, 13 Charles st 
Paul John, accountant and property agent, 14 Hamilton st. 

Ho. 28 Esplanade 
Paul John, feuar, Ardfillayne, Dunoon 
Paul John, jun., wine and spirit merchant, 8 Shaw st and 

4 William st 
Paul John, lather, 8 Carwood st 
Paul John, policeman, 28 Wellington st 
Paul W. B. (late sugar refiner), insurance agent, 34 

Margaret st 
Paul William, carter, 15 Arthur st 

Paul William, dairy, 26 Lynedoch st. Ho. Upper Ingleston 
Paul Miss, dressmaker, 23 West Blackhall st 
Paul Mrs A., restaurant and dining rooms, 53 Main st. 

Ho. do. 
Paul Mrs R., feuar, 4 Robertson st 
Paul Mrs, 77 Wellington st 
PAXTON Mrs William, 5 Orchard st 
PEACE Mrs John, 23 West Blackhall st 


Peace Mrs, feuar, 30 Brisbane st 

PEACOCK John, church officer, 17 Brougham st 

Peacock John, 71 Ann st 

Peacock Miss, servants' registry, 1 7 Brougham st 

Peacock Mrs, 26 Hamilton st 

PEARCE Frederick, collector, Pearl Life Assurance Co., 

Limited, 13 Newton st 
Pearce Walter, superintendent, Pearl Life Assurance Co., 

Limited, 41 Cathcart st. Ho. do. 
PEARSON Daniel, grocer, 3 Kilblain st. Ho. do. 
Pearson William, ironfinisher, 63 Belville st 
Pearson Mrs James, dairy, 23 Mearns st 
Pearson Mrs John, grocer, 7 East Crawford st. Ho. do. 
Pearson Mrs, 3 Kilblain st 
PE ASTON Alexander, blacksmith, 53 Kelly st 
Peaston James D., seaman, 64 Drumfrochar rd 
Peaston Walter C, slater, 41 Roxburgh st 
PEAT John, foreman, Harthill cottage, Balwharly rd 
PEDDIE John, boilermaker, 36 Lynedoch st 
Peddie Robert, engineer, 13 Lauriston st 
Peddie William, painter, 3 Brougham st. Ho. 10 Watt st 
PEDEN John, jun., analytical chemist, n Duff st. Ho. 30 

Ardgowan st, west 
Peden John, labourer, 1 1 Belville st 
Peden John, labourer, 82 Belville st 
Peden John, smith, it Dempster st 

PEEK Mrs, Western Temperance Hotel, 9 Brougham st 
PEEL Thomas, shoemaker, 27 Trafalgar st 
PEILE Horatio R. B., factor to Sir M. R. Shaw Stewart, 

Bart., Mansion house, 1 Ardgowan sq. Ho. Inverkip 
PENDER Mrs, 35 Wellington st 
PENINSULAR & Oriental Steam Navigation Co.— T. O. 

Hunter & Co., agents, 13 Hamilton st 
PENNELL Joseph & Co., Ltd., tentmakers, sailmakers, 

and ship and yacht furnishers, Glebe Sailwork, Albert 

Pennell Miss, 21 Patrick st 
PENTLAND Mrs, 22 South st 
PERCIVAL Hugh, 4 Trafalgar st 
Percival Samuel, hammerman, 24 Pottery st 
PERRIE Robert, sugarboiler, 12 Ann st 
PERRY Mrs, confectioner, 4 Holmscroft st 


PETERS Rev. David S., M.A., minister of Mid Parish 

Church. The Manse, i Houston st 
PETERSEN Charles, rafter, 51 Rue end st 
Petersen, Honeyman &: Co., shipbrokers and shipowners, 

46 Brymner st 
PETRIE James, sack manufacturer, jute and cotton 

merchant, and Government contractor, 4 George sq. 

Ho. 5 do. 
Petrie Peter, engineer, 84 Belville st 
PETTERSEN P. E. (of Roberts & Berntsen), 36 West 

Stewart st 
PETTIGREW James, grocer, 68 East Hamilton st. Ho. do. 
Pettigrew John, superintendent engineer, P. & O. Company 

(Caird & Co., Limited). Ho. 149 Eldon st 
Pettigrew Robert, carpenter, 29 Regent st 
PHANCO Bernard, skinner, 66 East Hamilton st 
PHELAN Rev. Patrick, Episcopal clergyman, Avoca 

cottage, Balwharly rd 
PHILIP Thomas, physician and surgeon, M.D., C.M., 27 

Hamilton st. Ho. 42 Finnart st 
PHILIPS James, blacksmith, 38 Crawfurd st 
Philips James, potter, 22 Pottery st 
Philips Robert, general dealer, 26 West Blackball st 
PHILLIPS David & Son, slaters and slate merchants, 5 

Tobago st 
Phillips David, jun. (of D. Phillips & Son), 12 Ardgowan st, 

Phillips David, sen. (of D. Phillips & Son), 30 Brisbane st 
Phillips James, labourer, 13 Ingleston st 
Phillips John, plumber, 56 Lynedoch st 
Phillips John, salesman, 1 Kilblain st 

Phillips John S., fish merchant, 16 Kelly stand 32 Charles st 
Phillips Patrick, spirit dealer, 13 Cross-shore st. Ho. 22 

Crescent st 
Phillips Robert, plumber, 23 Lyle st 
Phillips Thomas, principal surveyor to Lloyd's register, 14 

Cross-shore st. Ho. 25 Brisbane st 
Phillips William, traveller, 9 Ardgowan st, west 
Phillips Miss, dressmaker, 23 Lyle st 
Phillips Mrs Margaret, fishmonger, 3 West Blackhall st. 

Ho. 3 Kilblain st 
Phillips Mrs, 1 Ratho st 


PIC KEN Andrew, agent for the Scottish Amicable Life 

Assurance Society, Arcade 
Picken Andrew & Co., merchants, commission, 

passenger, and insurance agents, Arcade. 

Telephone No. 76. (See Advt.) 
Picken Andrew (of Andrew Picken & Co. and Robert Ewing 

& Co.), Woodside, 41 Eldon st 
Picken John, sawyer, 91 Port-Glasgow rd 
Picken Walter Bone, cutter, 5 Dempster st 
PICKETT W. J., machinist, 18 St. Lawrence st 
PIGGOTT Mrs, 14 Crescent st 
PILOT Office (deep sea), Princes pier 
Pilot Office (river), Princes pier 
PINKERTON Ebenezer, steward, 8 Murdieston st 
Pinkerton Daniel, carter, 36 Holmscroft st 
PIRRIE Mrs, 5 Hope st 
PLANT Mrs Ann, 7 Brisbane st 
PLATT Samuel, labourer, 10 John st 
Piatt William, labourer, 34 St. Lawrence st 
Piatt Mrs Jane, 10 Kelly st 
PLYMOUTH and Glasgow Steamship Office, Customhouse 

buildings — Allan Swan, agent 
POHLMANN Mrs, furnishings, 42 Nelson st, west. Ho. 

2 South st 
POLICE Office, Dalrymple st 
POLLARD Matthew, shoemaker, 82 Belville st 
POLLOCK A. Andrew, ironmonger, 17 Jamaica st 
Pollock John, wine and spirit merchant, 27 Rue-end st. 

Ho. 38 St. Lawrence st 
Pollock Robert, labourer, 22 John st 
Pollock Samuel, labourer, 27 Ingleston st 
Pollock Thomas, compositor, 66 Kelly st 
Pollock Miss Jane, grocer, 14 Regent st. Ho. 6 Antigua st 
Pollock Miss, 25 Bruce st 

Pollock Mrs John M., Finnart Lee, 73 Newton st 
Pollock Mrs Thomas, 23 Nelson st, west 
POLONIS George, grocer, 105 Belville st 
Polonis Hugh, carpenter, 10 Carwood st 
Polonis James, engineer, 4 Old Hillend 
Polonis William, wine and spirit merchant, 9 Port-Glasgow 

rd. Ho. Greenfield cottage, Ladyburn 
Polonis Mrs, 35 Lynedoch st 


POLSON Hector, engineer, 50 Ann st 

Poison Misses, 36 South st 

POOLE & Howie, tailors and clothiers, 39 Cathcart st 

Poole Walter (of Poole & Howie), 26 South st 

POORS' Rate Office, 36 Nicolson st 

PORTEOUS Robert, storekeeper, 1 7 Antigua st 

Porteous William, policeman, 43 Shaw st 

PORTER John, engineer, 10 Carnock st 

Porter M., provision merchant, 73 Roxburgh st 

Porter Mrs Mary, 56 Kelly st 

PORTERFIELD Mrs Margaret, 17 Kelly st 

POSTE Henry, bricklayer, 33 Lyle st 

POSTMENS' Federation — Duncan Buchanan, secretary, 

9 Antigua st 
POST Office, Wallace sq, off Hamilton st 
POTBURY John (late H.M.C.), Berryburn, Cardwell rd 
POTTER Miss, 14 Brisbane st 
POTTIE J. D., M.R.C.V.S., veterinary surgeon, horse and 

cattle insurance inspector, 60 Vennel and 37 West 

Burn st. Ho. 36 Brisbane st 
POULTER George Thomas, professor of music, 18 Ard- 

gowan sq 
POWELL Edward P., Lieut. R.N., divisional officer, H.M. 

Coast Guard, 24 Finnart st 
POYNTER John, Son & Macdonalds, manufacturing 

chemists, Shaws Water Chemical Works, 21 Delling- 

burn st 
PRATT John & Co., art photographers, 32 Cathcart st 
Pratt John G. (of John Pratt & Co.), 49 Trafalgar st 
PRENTICE Alexander Reid (of Patten & Prentice), 74 

Finnart st 
Prentice D. & A., general drapers, silk mercers, clothiers, 

milliners, dress and mantle makers, 24 Hamilton st 
Prentice David (of D. & A. Prentice), Cadzow villa, 66 

Finnart st 
Prentice James, butcher, 3 Brougham st. Ho. 21 Trafalgar st 
Prentice John, house factor, 32 Nicolson st. Ho. 48 

Eldon st 
Prentice Thomas & Co., wholesale wine, spirit, and tea 

merchants, 23 Nicolson st 
Prentice Thomas (of T. Prentice & Co.), Willow Park, 45 

Ardgowan st, west 


Prentice Mrs Adam, 22 Bank st 

PRESTON & Co., tobacconists, 17 West Blackhall st. Ho. 

Retreat, Dunoon 
Preston James, cabinetmaker and wood turner, 13 Nicolson 

st. Ho. 23 Newton st 
Preston Richard, carter, 19 Bruce st 
PROCTER Archibald, engineer, 36 East Hamilton st 
PROCURATOR (County) Fiscal's Office, County buildings, 

1 Nelson st, west 
PROVIDENT Bank, 11 William st. (See Advt.) 
PROWSE James, engineer, 28 South st 
PULLAR J & Sons, Pullar's Dye Works, Perth, dyers and 

cleaners to the Queen, 4 Albert pi, 21 West Blackhall st 
PURCELL John, labourer, 1 East Blackhall st 
PURDIE James, stationmaster and goods agent. Upper 

Greenock Station. Ho. 39 Wellington st 
Purdie John, cabinetmaker, 6 Nelson st, Glebe 
Purdie P. & G., boot and shoe manufacturers, 37 Hamilton 

st, and 193 Argyle st, Glasgow. Ho. Bellevue, Dum- 

PURVIS F. P., shipbuilder, Port-Glasgow. Ho. Don villa, 

Cardwell rd 
PURVES William, river pilot, 47 Brisbane st 
Purves Mrs, 40 Brisbane st 
PYE Alexander, joiner, 44 Lynedoch st 

QUEEN Bernard, labourer, 6 Watt st 

QUEENSLAND Royal Mail Line of Steamers from Lon- 
don — T. O. Hunter & Co., agents 

QUIN Daniel, stoker, 27 Vennel 

Quin John & Son, umbrella and parasol manufacturers, 7 
West Blackhall st 

Quin William A. (of John Quin & Son), 42 Brisbane st 

Quin Mrs John, 56 Regent st 

QUINN Patrick, policeman, 5 West Stewart st 

RAE Donald, postman, 53 Holmscroft st 

Rae George A., commercial traveller, 19 Newton st 



Rae James, spirit merchant, 4 Watson's lane. Ho. 13 

Brisbane st 
Rae Thomas, stationer, printer, and account book manu- 
facturer, 32 Hamilton st. Ho. 12 Robertson st 
Rae William, feuar, 24 Belville st 
Rae Mrs John, 41 Holmscroft st 
RAEBURN William, engineer, 99 Port-Glasgow rd 
RAILWAY Goods Depot, 4 Regent st 
Railway Station (Caledonian), 25 Cathcart st 
Railway Station (Caledonian), Greenock west, Inverkip st 
Railway Station (G. & S -W.), Brougham st 
Railway Station (G. & S.-W.), Lynedoch st 
Railway Station (Upper Greenock), head of Lynedoch st 
RALSTON John, shipmaster, 2 Ford pi, Finnart st 
Ralston William, boilermaker, 23 Lynedoch st 
RAMAGE Hugh, joiner, dealer in foreign and British birds, 

16 East India breast. Ho. 2 do. 
Ramage John, chief yardsman, 19 Nelson st, west 
Ramage William, treasurer, Parish Council Office. Ho. 

Berryburn, Cardwell rd 
Ramage Mrs Charles, 10 Lyle st 
Ramage Mrs John S., 22 Kelly st 
RAMSAY Alexander, clothier, 39 West Burn st. Ho. 22 

South st 
Ramsay & Smith, sugar merchants, Exchange, Terrace rd 
Ramsay Charles G. (of J. V. Drake & Co.), 49 Octavia ter 
Ramsay G. A., joiner, builder, and valuator, 16 Nicolson st. 

Ho. Aurora bank, 37 Fox st 
Ramsay Hope Stewart, accountant, Post Office buildings, 

Ho. 23 Ardgowan st, west 
Ramsay Hugh & Co., ship joiners, block manufacturers, and 
turners, 29 Main st. Ho. 3 Macdougall st. (See Advt). 
Ramsay John, blockmaker, 3 East Crawford st 
Ramsay John, late of H.M. Customs, 5 Glen st 
Ramsay John, railway porter, 90 Dempster st 
Ramsay John, sheriff officer, 1 3 Hamilton st. Ho. 1 7 Bruce st 
Ramsay Mitchell, engineer, 14 Lynedoch st 
Ramsay Robert, millwright, 33 Dempster st 
Ramsay Mrs J., 11 Margaret st 
RANKIN Allan, seaman, 21 Antigua st 
Rankin & Blackmore, engineers, boilermakers, and iron- 
founders, Eagle foundry, 24 Baker st 


Rankin Finlay, engineer, 45 Trafalgar st 

Rankin George J., stationer, 22 Brymner st. Ho. 15 

Brachelston st 
Rankin Hugh, brassfinisher, 6 Lyle st 
Rankin Hugh, labourer, 17 Prospecthill st 
Rankin James, engineer, 10 Lynedoch st 
Rankin John F. (of Rankin & Blackmore), 21 Octavia ter 
Rankin Matthew (of Rankin & Blackmore), 21 Octavia ter 
Rankin Neil, policeman, 35 Lyle st 
Rankin Isabella, fruit merchant, 40 Cathcart st. Ho. 23 

Newton st 
Rankin Mrs John, 19 Trafalgar st 
Rankin Mrs, Levenbank, 46 Esplanade 
RATCLIFFE Mrs Thomas, 85 Dempster st 
Ratcliffe Mrs, 30 Ann st 
RECEPTION House, 35 Crawfurd st 
REDDIE Thomas Roy, manager of Greenock Rubber Co. 

Ho. 23 Brisbane st 
REDHEAD Thomas, stoker, 11 Nicolson st 
REDMOND James, labourer, 25 Vennel 
REDPATH Andrew, confectioner, 28 Crawfurd st 
REFORMED Presbyterian Church, 31 West Stewart st 
REFUGE Assurance Co., Limited, 32 Cathcart st — Walter 

Wilson, superintendent 
REFFELL William, carpenter, 6 Murdieston st 
REGISTRAR for East District, Municipal buildings, 

Wallace sq 
Registrar for West District, Municipal buildings, Wallace sq 
REID iUexander, riveter, 68 Inverkip st 
Reid Archibald, house, ship, and general smith, and chain 

agent, 14 Bogle st. Ho. 16 Wellington st 
Reid David, Boilermaker, 1 Hill st 
Reid Duncan, engineer, 30 Nelson st, west 
Reid Duncan, gateman, 30 East Hamilton st 
Reid Duncan, seaman, 17 Tobago st 
Reid Hugh, late policeman, Police buildings 
Reid James, carpenter, 1 1 Carwood st 
Reid James, carpenter, 10 Inchgreen st 
Reid James, clerk, 50 South st 
Reid James, engineer, 10 Wellington st 
Reid James, fireman, 6 Lauriston st 
Reid James, labourer, 3 Mackenzie st 


Reid James (of Fleming, Reid & Co.), Monfode, 67 Finnart st 

Reid John, coachman, 18 Bentinck st 

Reid John, policeman, 9 Murdieston st 

Reid John, salesman, 1 1 Belville st 

Reid John W., clerk, 52 Kelly st 

Reid Matthew, B.D., minister of Well Park Free Church 

Well Park Manse, 3 Lynedoch st 
Reid R. A., 39 Newton st 
Reid R. G., jun., patternmaker, 15 Dempster st 
Reid Richard G., 29 Bank st 
Reid Robert, engineer, 1 7 Dempster st 
Reid Thomas, boilermaker, 44 Lynedoch st 
Reid Thomas, saddler, 28 Bruce st 
Reid William, carpenter, 105 Port-Glasgow rd 
Reid William, carter, 74 Ann st 
Reid William, fireman, 84 Belville st 
Reid William, labourer, 67 Rue-end st 
Reid William, tugboatmaster, 13 Charles st 
Reid William C, traveller, 33 Ardgowan st, west 
Reid Miss Janet, 6 Ardgowan st, west 
Reid Miss Marion, 81 Roxburgh st 
Reid Mrs H., 33 Ardgowan st, west 
Reid Mrs, 12 Laird st 

Reid Mrs, dressmaker, 4 Mansionhouse lane 
Reid Mrs, 54 Drumfrochar rd 
RENDALL Mrs Robert, 24 Patrick st 
RENFREW (1st) and Dumbarton Artillery Volunteers. 

Headquarters office, 18 West Burn st 
Renfrew Alexander, river pilot, 18 Kelly st 
Renfrew James, draper, 97 Port-Glasgow rd. Ho., 105 do. 
RENNIE Andrew, patternmaker, 19 Belville st 
Rennie David, 2 Robertson st 
Rennie George, greengrocer, 60 Lynedoch st 
Rennie James, 4 Antigua st 
Rennie John, engineer, 7 Ratho st 
Rennie John, skinner, 66 East Hamilton st 
Rennie Robert, wholesale and retail wine and spirit merchant 

and bonded warehouse proprietor, 20 West Burn st ; 

branches 9 Inverkip st and 8 Cartsburn st. Ho. 36 

Union st 
Rennie Thomas, curator of Watt Institution Museum. Ho. 

10 Kelly st 


Rennie William J., Manager Greenock Distillery, 27 Tobago 

st. Ho. 55 Finnart st 
Rennie Mrs, 2.2 South st 
Rennie Mrs James, dressmaker, 12 Patrick st 
Rennie Mrs John, 55 Finnart st 
Rennie Mrs Robert, dairy, 8 Sir Michael st 
REVIE Mrs James, 19 Trafalgar st 
REWCASTLE William, dairy, 3 Kilblain st 
REYNOLDS Peter, boot and shoemaker, 8 Inverkip st 
RICE Benjamin, skinner, 6 Sinclair st 
RICHARDSON David (of James Richardson & Co.), 

Hartfield, Cove 
Richardson James & Co., merchants, 2 Church pi 
Richardson James, engineer, 32 Crescent st 
Richardson John, missionary, 7 Dempster st 
Richardson Robert, carpenter, 11 Lynedoch st 
Richardson William, coffee rooms, 5 Main st 
Richardson William, engineer, 10 Carnock st 
Richardson Robert, moulder, 36 St Lawrence st 
Richardson Mrs James, 27 Finnart st 
RICHMOND Alexander (of M.M. office), 56 Regent st 
Richmond James, tailor, 115 Dempster st 
Richmond J. &. W., cab proprietors, Lower Robertson st 
Richmond John, brickbuilder, 1 1 Dempster st 
Richmond John (of J. & W. Richmond), 85 Finnart st 
Richmond Mrs, 47 Brisbane st 
Richmond Mrs Archibald F., 21 Patrick st 
Richmond Mrs Hugh, dairy, 85 Finnart st 
RIDDELL John, joiner, 112 Drumfrochar rd 
RID DOC H Joseph, engraver, 2 Hamilton st 
RILLEY William, labourer, 16 Serpentine walk 
RIPPINGALE Joseph, labourer, 19 Dempster st 
RIPPON Charles, insurance agent, 92 Dempster st 
Rippon Cornelius W., drill instructor, 97 Belville st 
RISK Mrs James, 26 Wellington st 
RITCHIE Alexander D., blacksmith, 53 Kelly st 
Ritchie Andrew, clerk, 35 Regent st 
Ritchie Andrew, M.A., minister of Nelson Street E.U. 

Church. Ho. 60 Forsyth st 
Ritchie George, Inspecting Officer Burgh School Board, 

Municipal buildings. Ho. 12 Ardgowan st, west 
Ritchie Hugh, blacksmith, 22 Bearhope st 


Ritchie Hugh, clerk, 22 South st 

Ritchie Hugh, late of H.M. Customs, 14 Robertson st 

Ritchie James, butcher, 2 1 Regent st. Ho. 49 Trafalgar st 

Ritchie John, foreman painter, 13 Watt st 

Ritchie John, H.M. Customs, 10 Murdieston st 

Ritchie John, hotel-keeper, 24 Cathcart st and 31 Brymner st 

Ritchie John, quarryman, 31 Trafalgar st 

Ritchie John, storekeeper, 34 West Blackhall st 

Ritchie Robert, blacksmith, 3 Mearns st 

Ritchie Robert, carpenter, 13 Mount Pleasant st 

Ritchie Robert, carter, 3 Bruce st 

Ritchie Robert Brown, engineer, 36 Finnart st 

Ritchie Thomas, blacksmith, 69 Nicolson st 

Ritchie Thomas, engineer, 66 Kelly st 

Ritchie Thomas, mason, 63 Holmscroft st 

Ritchie William, joiner, 18 Inverkip st 

Ritchie Miss, draper, 62 Vennel 

Ritchie Mrs Alex., grocer, 26 Inverkip st. Ho. 11 South st 

Ritchie Mrs Anna, 14 Brisbane st 

Ritchie Mrs, 6 Hope st 

RITSON Thomas, station superintendent, Cathcart Street 

Station. Ho. Hunter villa, Gourock 
ROBB Andrew, salesman, 7 Carwood st 
Robb James, clerk, 4 Carwood st 
Robb James, shoemaker, 46 Inverkip st and 21 Regent st. 

Ho. 5 Mount Pleasant st 
ROBBIE John, policeman, 83 Dempster st 
ROBERTS & Berntsen, ship brokers, 27 Cathcart st 
Roberts Edward, potter, 4 Sinclair st 
Roberts Mrs, 12 Margaret st 
ROBERTSON A. B., cycle merchant and repairer, 11 

Cathcart st. Ho. 5 Virginia st 
Robertson Adam, skinner, 26 East Crawford st 
Robertson Adam M., hairdresser, 15 Ann st 
Robertson Alexander, clerk, 13 Nelson st, west 
Robertson Alexander, jun., potter, 12 Pottery st 
Robertson Alexander, potter, 20 Pottery st 
Robertson Alexander, sen., potter, 22 Pottery st 
Robertson Andrew, cooper, 26 Bruce st 
Robertson Archibald, engineer, 59 Ann st 
Robertson Charles, slater, 6 Buccleuch st. Ho. 2 Nelson 

st, west 



Robertson Charles, Eddlewood pi 

Robertson Colin, flesher, 65 Ann st. Ho. 64 do. 

Robertson David, cabinetmaker, 83 Roxburgh st 

Robertson David, ironmonger, 5 Mount Pleasant st 

Robertson David, joiner, 38 Lynedoch st 

Robertson David, labourer, 47 Crawfurd st 

Robertson David, mason, 3 Kilblain st 

Robertson Donald, foreman railway porter, 22 Brisbane st 

Robertson Duncan, carpenter, 9 Carwood st 

Robertson Duncan, labourer, 32 Crescent st 

Robertson Edward, engineer, 9 Holmscroft st 

Robertson George, engineer, 24 Lyle st 

Robertson Hugh, Rosebank, Cardwell rd 

Robertson James, caulker, 4 Carwood st 

Robertson James, mechanic, 62 Ann st 

Robertson James, salesman, 39 Kelly st 

Robertson James, skinner, 46 East Hamilton st 

Robertson James, 6 Finnart st 

Robertson John, engineer, 5 Prospecthill st 

Robertson John, engineer, 27 Regent st 

Robertson John, flesher, 52 Holmscroft st. Ho. 13 Newton st 

Robertson John, Greenock, Gourock, and Glasgow carrier. 

Receiving offices, 3 Hamilton st and 16 West Blackhall 

st, and at 62 and 90 Argyle st, 65 West Howard st, 

and 43 Virginia st, Glasgow. Ho. 3 Trafalgar st 
Robertson John, joiner, 26 Lynedoch st 
Robertson John, joiner, 18 St. Lawrence st 
Robertson John, joiner, 74 Wellington st 
Robertson John, mason, 73 Regent st 
Robertson John, plater, 61 Ann st 
Robertson John, shunter, 115 Dempster st 
Robertson John, slater, 1 Duncan st 

Robertson John K., physician and surgeon, 20 Ardgowan sq 
Robertson & M'Dougall, warehouse-keepers and commission 

agents, 4 East breast — C G. Macara, agent 
Robertson Lachlan, Glasgow and Greenock carrier, 1 Manse 

Robertson Neil, biscuit and confection agent, 59 Vennel. 

Ho. 67 Rue-end st 
Robertson Neil, blacksmith, 41 Sir Michael st 
Robertson Rev. W. Lewis, M.A., minister of St. Thomas' 

Free Church, Grey pi. Ho. 64 Finnart st 


Robertson Robert, boilermaker, 81 Belville st 
Robertson Robert, coal merchant, 50 Roxburgh st 
Robertson Robert William, City buildings, Cathcart st. 

Ho. Rockingham, Kilcreggan 
Robertson Robert W., watchmaker and jeweller, 31 

Roxburgh st. Ho. 25 Lyle st 
Robertson Samuel, moulder, 3 Regent st 
Robertson Thomas, brassfinisher, 81 Roxburgh st 
Robertson Thomas, coachman, 15 Newark st 
Robertson Thomas, master rigger, 23 West Stewart st 
Robertson Thomas (of Scottish Chemical Co.). Ho. Kenil- 

worth, Kilcreggan 
Robertson Wellwood M., joiner, 1 Hope st 
Robertson William, carpenter, 9 East Blackhall st 
Robertson William, general and furnishing ironmonger, 27 

West Blackhall st. Ho. 19 Fox st 
Robertson William, hammerman, 1 1 Lynedoch st 
Robertson William, iron merchant and contractor, 49 Main 

st. Ho. 29 Rue-end st 
Robertson William, labourer, 7 Bruce st 
Robertson William, salesman, 97 Belville st 
Robertson Mrs Donald, 6 Watt st 

Robertson Mrs J. H., tobacconist, 40 West Blackhall st 
Robertson Mrs John, 19 Fox st 
Robertson Mrs John, 10 Nicolson st 
Robertson Mrs John, 51 Union st 
Robertson Mrs S., 24 Robertson st 
Robertson Mrs Sarah, furniture dealer, 12 Tobago st. Ho. 

6 Trafalgar st 
Robertson Mrs Walter, 2 East India breast 
Robertson Mrs, greengrocer, 32 East Hamilton st. Ho. 22 

St. Lawrence st 
Robertson Mrs, matron of Reception House, 35 Crawfurd st 
Robertson Mrs, 116 Drumfrochar rd 
Robertson Mrs, 12 Lynedoch st 

ROBINSON Alexander, V.S., Holly Lodge, Cardwell rd 
Robinson Archibald M'C, baker, 31 Ann st. Ho. 10 

Holmscroft st 
Robinson Gerrard, carver, 85 Roxburgh st 
Robinson James, hairdresser, 53 Vennel 
Robinson James, plater, 23 Belville st 
Robinson John, ironmoulder, 9 Holmscroft st 


ROBSON Benjamin, engineer, 32 St. Lawrence st 

Robson James, riveter, 15 Main st 

Robson John (of Smillie & Robson), 13 Kelly st 

RODDEN Mrs, 34 Ingleston st 

RODERICKS George, labourer, 24 West Blackhall st 

RODGER Alexander, plater, 85 Roxburgh st 

Rodger D. & Co., drapers, 19 Hamilton st 

Rodger David, joiner, 39 Lynedoch st 

Rodger James, coachsmith, 65 Roxburgh st 

Rodger James, fireman, 8 Watt st 

Rodger John, bank agent, The Clydesdale Bank (Limited), 

7 Hamilton st. Ho. 36 Forsyth st 
Rodger John, blacksmith, 16 William st. Ho. 40 Brisbane st 
Rodger John, boilermaker, 29 Dempster st 
Rodger John, cooper, 31 Nelson st, west 
Rodger John, foreman fitter, 21 Newton st 
Rodger John, labourer, 1 M'Lean's land, Ladyburn 
Rodger John, mason, 14 Regent st 
Rodger Thomas, earthenware painter, 2 Macdougall st 
Rodger Walter W. B., civil engineer, J. P., Bagatelle, 23 

Eldon st 
Rodger W. W. B., major commanding Clyde Vol. Div., 

R.E., Fort Matilda. Ho. Bagatelle, 23 Eldon st 
Rodger William, engineer, 64 Drumfrochar rd 
Rodger William, labourer, 9 Belville st 
Rodger William C, slater, 89 Roxburgh st 
Rodger Mrs Alexander, 35 Newton st 
RODGERSON William, seaman, 5 York st 
ROE George, labourer, 77 Regent st 
Roe James, labourer, 57 Belville st 
Roe Richard, carpenter, 6 Carwood st 
ROED, M'Nair, & Co., shipbrokers, 3 Brymner st 
ROGER James H., wine and spirit merchant, 21 Shaw st 
ROGERS & Boffey, merchant tailors, hatters, and outfitters, 

26 West Blackhall st 
ROGERSON Robert, tailor, 2 Holmscroft st 
ROLLING William R. (E.R.N.), 6 Brisbane st 
RONALD James, watchmaker and jeweller, 23 Cathcart st. 

Ho. 17 Robertson st 
Ronald William, spirit dealer, 17 Bearhope st. Ho. 1 Ford 

pi, Finnart st 
ROONEY Thomas, porter, 45 Cathcart st 


RORISON Thomas, engineer, 62 Kelly st 

Rorison Thomas D. (of the Greenock & Glasgow Electro 

Co.), 24 Roxburgh st 
ROSE Alexander, policeman, 3 Argyle st 
Rose David, gardener, 15 Brachelston st 
Rose Miss Mary, 38 Nelson st, west 
Rose Mrs Agnes, tea and coffee rooms, 1 West Burn sq. 

Ho. 9 Jamaica st 
Rose Mrs Neil, grocer, 93 Roxburgh st. Ho. 1 Ford pi, 

Finnart st 
ROSS Alexander (of Ross & Marshall), Brownfield, Bishop- 
Ross Alexander, prison warder, 5 Nelson st, west 
Ross Bailie C., tinsmith and gasfitter, 17 Brymner st. Ho. 

6 Kelly st 
Ross, Corbett & Co., sugar merchants and commission 

agents, 46 Brymner st 
Ross David, sailmaker, 6 Hope st 
Ross Finlay, sen., feuar, 25 Bank st 
Ross Frederick, rigger, 26 West Blackhall st 
Ross Hew R. (secretary, R Thorne & Sons, Limited). Ho. 

Floral bank, Cove gardens, Gourock 
Ross Hugh M., sugar broker, 29 Cathcart st. Ho. 63 

Ross James, blacksmith, 13 Lauriston st 
Ross James, brassfinisher, 9 Crescent st 
Ross James, mason, 6 Carwood st 
Ross John, blacksmith, 20 St. Lawrence st 
Ross John, engineer, 25 Brymner st 
Ross John, rigger, 40 St. Lawrence st 
Ross John, wholesale ironmonger and iron merchant, 3 

Brymner st. Ho. Springfield, Innellan 
Ross John A., officer, H.M. Customs, 64 Kelly st 
Ross Malcolm G., joiner, 59 Ann st 
Ross & Marshall, coal merchants, shipping agents, and 

stevedores, India pi and 7 Dock breast 
Ross Peter Lamont, stevedore, 2 George sq 
Ross Samuel, tobacco manufacturer, 13 Cathcart st. Ho. 

16 do. 
Ross William, blacksmith, 32 East Hamilton st 
Ross William, labourer, 12 Ann st 
Ross William, labourer, 57 Belville st 


Ross William, merchant and sugar broker, 29 Cathcart St. 

Ho. 63 Esplanade 
Ross William, surfaceman, 20 Wellington st 
Ross William H., labourer, 64 Ann st 
Ross Miss Edith, contralto vocalist, 8 Brougham st 
Ross Mrs Evan, provision merchant, 18 Cartsburn st 
Ross Mrs, 82 Roxburgh st 
Ross Mrs, 12 South st 
ROUGVIE James (of James Rougvie & Co., Glasgow), 

sugar merchant, 1 7 Ardgowan sq 
Rougvie Misses M. & K., ladies' and children's warehouse, 

5 Grey pi. Ho. 50 Brougham st 
ROWAN Alexander (of J. G. Rowan & Co.), Ravenswood, 

Ashton, Gourock 
Rowan George (of J. G. Rowan & Co.), 67 Union st 
Rowan James, baker, 7 1 Regent st 
Rowan J. G. & Co., merchant tailors, boys' outfitters, 

hatters and hosiers, 28 Hamilton st 
Rowan J. G. & Co., warehousemen, house and ship 

furnishers, Cathcart sq 
Rowan John (of J. G. Rowan & Co.), Clyde view, 55 Esplanade 
Rowan John, shoemaker, 7 Nicolson st 
Rowan William, sugarboiler, 59 Belville st 
Rowan William A., cashier, 6 West Blackhall st 
Rowan Mrs Thomas B., 50 Eldon st 
ROWE George, compositor, 24 Trafalgar st 
Rowe George B., plumber, 87 Roxburgh st 
Rowe Robert, labourer, 21 Main st 
ROWLEY Edward, engineer, 1 1 Murdieston st 
Rowley Thomas, engineer and shipwright, surveyor Board 

of Trade, Virginia st. Ho. Eldon pi 
ROXBURGH John, engineer, 25 Lynedoch st 
Roxburgh Street Sugar Refining Co., 40 Sir Michael st 
ROY James D., railway guard, 17 Mount Pleasant st 
Roy John, engineer, 15 South st 
Roy John, joiner, 53 Holmscroft st 
ROYAL Bank of Scotland, 38 Cathcart st— D. M. Latham, 

Royal Bank of Scotland (west end), 9 West Blackhall st 
Royal Hotel, 3 East Breast. (See Advt. ) 
Royal Naval Reserve Battery, Fort Matilda. Chief Officer 

— Alfred Newnham. Ho. 3 Campsie ter 


Royal Naval Reserve Office, 7 Virginia st 

RUNCIE Mrs, 42 Lynedoch st 

RUSHTON James, mill worker, 19 Prospecthill st 

RUSSELL Andrew, draper, 18 West Blackhall st. Ho. 21 

Brisbane st. (See Advt.) 
Russell Bernard, engineer, 25 Bank st 
Russell & Co., shipbuilders, Main st, Greenock. Head 

office, Kingston yard, Port-Glasgow. 
Russell David, M.B., CM., physician and surgeon, 13 

Newton st 
Russell Henry, joiner, 1 1 Regent st 
Russell Henry, painter, 85 Dempster st 
Russell James, carpenter, 13 Hamilton st 
Russell James, shipowner, 73 Union st 
Russell John, rigger, 28 West Burn st 
Russell John, riveter, 51 Main st 
Russell John, salesman, 28 Wellington st 
Russell Joseph, the Knowe, Port-Glasgow rd 
Russell Joseph William, engineer, Linden Bank, 39 

Russell W. C., wholesale wine and spirit merchant, 27 

Cathcart st and branches. Ho. 35 Regent st 
Russell Robert, boatman H.M.C., 64 Kelly st 
Russell Robert, labourer, 74 Ann st 
Russell Thomas, labourer, 13 East Crawford st 
Russell William F., coal exporter, 3 Brymner st 
Russell Mrs A., 13 Kelly st 
Russell Mrs J. R., spirit dealer, 21 Port-Glasgow rd. Ho. 

19 do. 
Russell Mrs, greengrocer, 50 East Hamilton st. 
RUTHERFORD George, law clerk. 44 Newton st 
Rutherford Samuel, gas worker, 8 Inchgreen st 
RYAN Michael, coppersmith, 35 Regent st 

SAILORS' Home, 1 Dock breast 

St. Andrew Bonded Warehouse, 4 and 6 St. Andrew st — 

R. Thorne & Sons (Limited), proprietors 
St. Andrew Square U.P. Church, St. Andrew sq 
St. Andrew's Free Church, 44 Ardgowan st 


St. George's Hall, 10 George sq— Robert MacSymon, 

St. John's Episcopal Church, 10 Union st 
St. Lawrence's Mission-house, 1 1 St. Lawrence st 
St. Lawrence's Roman Catholic Chapel, i Rue-end st 
St. Lawrence's Roman Catholic School, Belville st 
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Chapel, 14 Patrick st 
St. Paul's Established Church, Newark st 
St. Thomas' Free Church, Grey pi 
SALMON W. B. & Young, coal merchants and insurance 

agents, 2 Bank st 
SALTON James, skinner, 4 Sinclair st 
SALVATION Army Barracks, 30 Nicolson st 
SANDEMAN A. & E., sugar merchants, Sugar Exchange 
SANDERS Joseph John, spirit merchant, 23 Nicolson st. 

Ho. 21 Caddlehill st 
SANDERSON James, engineer, 10 Carwood st 
SANDFORD Mrs John, 50 St. Lawrence st 
SANDS William, moulder, 15 Regent st 
Sands William, salesman, 18 Wellington st 
Sands Mrs, greengrocer, 65 Roxburgh st 
SANITARY Office, Municipal buildings, Dalrymple st 
SAVAGE Thomas, tailor and clothier, 49 Cathcart st. Ho. 

26 Wellington st 
SAWERS Mrs Robert, 97 Roxburgh st 
SAYERS Alexander, cooper, 27 Nicolson st 
SCHILP Frederick, 6 Trafalgar st 
Schilp John, labourer, 26 West Blackhall st 
SCHOOL "Board (Burgh) Offices, Municipal buildings— 

G. Williamson, clerk 
SCHOSTAL Mrs J., greengrocer, 12 Ann st 
SCHROEDER Charles, mate, 13 Nelson st, west 
SCOBIE James, ship's husband, 57 Brisbane st 
SCOTCH Girls' Friendly Society, 5 George sq. Miss 

Elliott, matron 
SCOTSMAN Newspaper (daily and weekly) office, Sugar 

Exchange Buildings 
SCOTT Alexander, baker, 1 Prospecthill st. Ho. do. 
Scott Alexander, carting contractor, 22 and 24 Mearns st. 

Ho. Berryyards farm, Upper Greenock 
Scott Alexander, clerk, 15 Robertson st 
Scott Alexander, engineer, 67 Belville st 


Scott Alexander, Western Firewood Co., 3 Inverkip rd. Ho. 

39 Kelly st 
Scott Alexander, Dennistoun, 41 Newark st 
Scott Alexander & Sons, sugar refiners, Berryyards Refinery, 

Lynedoch st 
Scott & Co., engineers and shipbuilders. Engine works, 

Greenock foundry. Shipbuilding yards, Cartsdyke and 

46 Main st. Dockyard, Cartsburn. Graving dock, 2 

Rue-end st 
Scott & Douglas, coachbuilders, 12 West Stewart st 
Scott Andrew, checker, 42 Ann st 
Scott B. S., 38 Brisbane st 
Scott Charles, labourer, 21 Bruce st 
Scott David, salesman, 58 Kelly st 
Scott David F. B., shipmaster, 25 Finnart st 
Scott George, joiner, 112 Drumfrochar rd 
Scott George, salesman, 92 Dempster st 
Scott Heaton, overlooker, 7 Mill st 
Scott Henry, moulder, 1 1 East Blackhall st 
Scott Hugh, blacksmith, 19 Prospecthill st 
Scott Institution, 39 Dempster st 
Scott Ivie, family grocer and wine merchant, 31 Brougham st. 

Ho. 49 do. 
Scott Ivie, grocer and provision merchant, and branch Post 

Office, 72 Eldon st 
Scott James, farmer, Murdieston 
Scott James, joiner, 7 1 Nicolson st 
Scott James, overlooker, 124 Drumfrochar rd 
Scott John, baker, 55 Vennel. Ho. 41 Sir Michael st 
Scott John, blacksmith, 62 Drumfrochar rd 
Scott John, carpenter, [03 Belville st 
Scott John, caulker. 9 Lynedoch st 
Scott John, CB. (of Scott & Co. and Greenock Foundry 

Co.), Seafield house, 34 Brougham st, and Hawkhill, 

Scott John, engineer, 48 St. Lawrence st 
Scott John, foreman, 20 Mearns st 
Scott John, jun., stevedore, 13 Brachelston st 
Scott John, labourer, 34 Crescent st 
Scott John, road superintendent, 68 Kelly st 
Scott John, skinner, 3 East Crawford st 
Scott John, stevedore, 33 Lyle st 


Scott John T., i Campsie ter 

Scott Joseph, boilermaker, 21 Ingleston pi 

Scott Joseph, master mariner, 13 Lyle st 

Scott Joseph D. (of Alexander Scott & Sons), Barima bank, 

39 Fox st 
Scott Peter & Co., ship and insurance brokers and com- 
mission agents, 4 Brymner st 
Scott Peter, family grocer and wine merchant, 17 West 

Blackhall st, and provision merchant, 36 East Hamilton 

st. Ho. 29 Brougham st 
Scott Peter, inspector of buildings, 7 Ratho st 
Scott Peter (of Peter Scott & Co.), 8 Ashton rd, Gourock 
Scott Robert, mason, 79 Wellington st 
Scott Robert Sinclair (of Scott & Co. and Greenock Foundry 

Co.), Burnside, Largs 
Scott Thomas, joiner, 28 Crawfurd st. Ho. 33 West 

Stewart st 
Scott Thomas, mechanic, 17 Ingleston st 
Scott William, ironmoulder, 4 Prospecthill st 
Scott William, labourer. 1 1 Belville st 
Scott William James, clerk, 68 Inverkip st 
Scott Miss Bethia, millinery and toy shop, 85J Belville st 
Scott Miss B. H., dress and mantle maker, 23 Nelson st, 

west. Ho. do. 
Scott Miss Margaret, 33 Ardgowan st, west 
Scott Miss, dairy, 1 Inverkip rd 
Scott Miss, 66 Wellington st 
Scott Mrs, wine and spirit merchant, 62 Wellington st. Ho. 

15 Finnart st 
Scott Mrs Alexander, 9 Kelly st 
Scott Mrs Alexander, 33 West Stewart st 
Scott Mrs D., grocer, 8 St. Lawrence st. Ho. 22 do. 
Scott Mrs Isabella, 27 Ann st 
Scott Mrs James, 6 Inverkip st 
Scott Mrs James, 27 Regent st 
Scott Mrs Jane, 85J Belville st 
Scott Mrs Robert, 2 1 Trafalgar st 
Scott Mrs, 23 East Shaw st 
SCOTTISH Alliance Insurance Co., Ltd. — agents, Andrew 

Picken & Co., Arcade 
Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society — agent, Andrew 

Picken, Arcade 


Scottish Chemical Co., chemical manufacturers, Custom- 
house pi 
Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society, 46 Cathcart st. — 

James Wood, district manager 
Scottish Preserves Co. (Limited), preserve manufacturers, 13 

Clarence st 
Scottish Referee (newspaper), branch office, r Watt pi 
SEAFORTH Shipping Co. (Limited), 4 Brymner st. Peter 

Scott, manager 
SEALY Mrs Henry, 13 Lauriston st 
SEATH James, woolsorter, 62 Drumfrochar rd 
Seath Robert, gardener, 17 West Blackhall st 
SEATON William C, P.O., 96 Dempster st 
SELKIRK Thomas, plumber, 12 Laird st 
SELLERS Mrs R., 23 Hamilton st 
SERENA Ship Co., Limited— MacDonald, Adams & Co., 

managers, 1 1 William st 
SERIGHT William, medical practitioner, 20 Ann st. Ho. 

13 Brisbane st 
SERVICE Alexander, engineer, 29 Mearns st 
Service Archibald, blacksmith, 30 Wellington st 
Service David, contractor, 2 Cross-shore st 
Service George, brassfinisher, 20 Lyle st 
Service John, baker, Regent Street Baking Factory. Ho. 

56 Regent st 
Service Matthew, carpenter, 32 Crescent st 
Service William, brassmoulder, 33 Bank st 
Service Mrs D., 6 Antigua st 
Service Mrs John, 56 Regent st 

SHAND John, commission agent, 38 East Crawford st 
Shand Rev. Alexander Erskine, M.A., minister of the North 

Parish Church. Ho. 1 Ardgowan st, west 
Shand Robert, quay foreman, 82 Roxburgh st 
Shand Thomas, tobacconist and stationer, 59 Rue-end st. 

Ho. 38 East Crawford st 
Shand William, engineer, 38 Mearns st 
SHANKLAND Dugald & Co., merchants and shipowners, 

21 Cathcart st 
Shankland Dugald (of Dugald Shankland & Co.), Gowanhill, 

8 Madeira st 
Shankland James H., shipowner, 21 Cathcart st. Ho. 

Glenlea, 9 Newark st 


Shankland Robert & Co., shipowners, 21 Cathcart st 

Shankland Mrs Robert, The Craigs, 2 1 Newark st 

Shankland Mrs Thomas, 30 West Blackhall st 

Shankland Mrs, 1 2 Laird st 

SHANNON James, 14 Eldon st 

Shannon W. & S. (of Greenock Clothing Co.), 14 Eldon st 

Shannon William, labourer, 75 Regent st 

Shannon Mrs, 60 Drumfrochar rd 

SHARER Alfred, commission merchant, 77 Port-Glasgow rd 

SHARP James C, 13 Caddlehill st 

Sharp James, labourer, 6 Duff st 

Sharp John, cooper, 60 Ann st 

Sharp John, grocer and provision merchant, 25 Rue-end st. 

Ho. 31 Regent st 
Sharp John, labourer, 8 Cross-shore st 
Sharp William, feuar, 42 Eldon st 
Sharp William, spirit dealer, 17 John st. Ho. do. 
Sharp Mrs John, 53 Brisbane st 
Sharp Mrs, 29 Ann st 
Sharp Mrs, 5 Carwood st 
SHAW Daniel, labourer, 34 Crescent st 
Shaw James, carpenter, 6 Hay st 
Shaw John, blacksmith, 17 Lauriston st 
Shaw John, patternmaker, 10 1 Port-Glasgow rd 
Shaw Neil, cowfeeder, 6 Prospecthill st 
Shaw, Savill & Albion Co., Limited — agents, Andrew Picken 

& Co., Arcade 
Shaw Thomas, engineer, 56 St. Lawrence st 
Shaw William, slater, 34 Arthur st. Ho. 33 Ingleston st 
Shaw William N., librarian, Greenock Library, 9 Union st 
Shaw Miss Mary, teacher, Mearns Street School. Ho. 30 

Newton st 
Shaw Mrs J., 93 Belville st 
Shaw Mrs Neil, 6 Trafalgar st 
Shaw Mrs S. A., dressmaker, 30 Kelly st 
Shaw Mrs S., tobacconist, 26 Charles st 
SHAWS Water Chemical W'orks, 21 Dellingburn st — John 

Poynter, Son & Macdonalds 
SHEARER Alexander, jun., writer and notary public, 18 

Hamilton st. Ho. 2 Glen st 
Shearer Archibald (of Macfarlan, Shearer & Co.) 7 

Bentinck st 


Shearer Hugh, wholesale grocer, Sugar Exchange buildings, 

Mansionhouse lane and 52 Shaw st. Ho. 15 Fox st 
Shearer James, goods superintendent, Albert Harbour, 

Lynedoch, James Watt Dock, and Inchgreen stations 

(G. & S.-W. Railway). Ho. 25 Brougham st 
Shearer James, Greenock S.S. Co., Ltd. Ho. Park pi, 

Shearer James (of Shearer's Vaults, 21 Ann st), 13 Ardgowan 

st, west 
Shearer James, painter, 45 Wellington st 
Shearer James, salesman, 17 West Stewart st 
Shearer John, cabinetmaker, 7 Murdieston st 
Shearer John, engineer, 55 Belville st 
Shearer Robert B., M.A., LL.B. (of W. & R. B. Shearer), 

Hartfell, 97 Finnart st 
Shearer Thomas, clerk, 8 Murdieston st 
Shearer W. & R. B., writers and notaries public, 1 Bank st 
Shearer Mrs J., 23 Roxburgh st 
Shearer Mrs Janet, wine and spirit merchant, 21 Ann st. 

Ho. 24 Wellington st 
SHEARLAW Joseph, carpenter, 10 Mearns st 
SHELDON Abraham, wine merchant, 1 Ropeworkst. Ho. 

52 Brougham st 
SHENNAN Mrs, seminary and private teaching, Lilybank, 

Cardwell bay 
SHEPHERD William & Co., cycle and sewing machine 

depot, 33 Nicolson st. Ho. 25 West Blackhall st 
Shepherd William, ironmonger, 9 William st. Ho. 19 

Finnart st 
SHERIDAN John B., flesher, 35 Ann st. Ho. 9 

Murdieston st 
Sheridan Joseph, butcher, 59 Inverkip st. Ho. 31 Nelson 

st, west 
Sheridan Robert, superintendent of cemetery and parks. 

Office, Cemetery. Ho. 4 South st 
Sheridan William, carter, 41 Holmscroft st 
Sheridan Miss, 18 Regent st 

SHERIFF Court Hall, County buildings, 1 Nelson st, west 
Sheriff Joseph (of J. D. M'Gregor & Co.), 39 Bank st 
SHIELDS Archibald, joiner, 31 Roxburgh st 
Shields James, confectioner, 40 Inverkip st 
Shields Richard, labourer, 9 Cathcart st 



Shields Mrs, 3 Brachelston st 

SHIPPING Federation, Ltd., 55 Rue-end st— Richard 

Waugh, reg. 
Shipping Office for seamen, 7 Virginia st 
SHORT John, tinsmith and gasfitter, 12 Brymner st 
SHORTHAND and Typewriting Offices, 5 West Blackhall st 

—Mitchell & Co. 
SIEGER Engelbert, wine and spirit merchant, 41 West 

Blackhall st. Ho. 7 Grey pi 
SILLARS Andrew, brassfinisher, 27 Belville st 
SIM John, grocer, 32 Lynedoch st. Ho. 42 Mearns st 
Sim William, pointsman, 5 East Crawford st 
Sim Mrs, 1 Ker st 

SIME Robert J., gatekeeper, 77 Holmscroft st 
Sime Thomas, teacher, 9 Ardgowan st, west 
SIMPSON Alexander, blacksmith, 37 Trafalgar st. Ho. 28 

Wellington st 
Simpson David, foreman, 60 Drumfrochar rd 
Simpson George, engineer, 46 East Hamilton st 
Simpson George, woolsorter, 7 Mill st 
Simpson Gordon, headmaster, Ann Street Public School. 

Ho. 23 Brisbane st 
Simpson Hugh, caulker, 37 Holmscroft st 
Simpson James, flesher, 1 Belville st. Ho. 36 Crescent st 
Simpson James, hairdresser, 6 Brymner st. Ho. 60 Kelly st 
Simpson James, postman, 1 1 West Stewart st 
Simpson John, engineer, 5 Hope st 
Simpson John, labourer, 35 Ingleston st 
Simpson John, poulterer, 20 Bearhope st 
Simpson John A. & Co., pavement, cement, lime, 

coal, stucco, and fire-clay merchants, 6 

Tobago st. Depot and Office, 10 Brougham 

st. (See Advt.) 
Simpson John A. (of John A. Simpson & Co.), 20 Brisbane st 
Simpson Richard, foreman, 49 Trafalgar st 
Simpson Richard, jun., brassfinisher, 60 Drumfrochar rd 
Simpson Richard, sailmaker, 3 Armadale pi 
Simpson Thomas, boilermaker, 12 Belville st 
Simpson William, funeral undertaker and agent United 

Scottish Reform Friendly Society, 49 Vennel. Ho. do. 
Simpson William, labourer, 76 Ann st 
Simpson Mrs D. M., 32 Brisbane st 


Simpson Mrs James, i Springkell st 

Simpson Mrs M., 8 South st 

Simpson Mrs, 16 Bruce st 

Simpson Mrs, 45 Holmscroft st 

SIMS Mrs Elizabeth, midwife, 30 Wellington st 

SINCLAIR Alexander, coppersmith, 18 Antigua st 

Sinclair Alexander, engineer, 46 Ann st 

Sinclair & Co., accountants, house factors, insurance agents, 

and warehouse keepers, 46 Cathcart st 
Sinclair Angus & Co., smiths, bellhangers, and gasfitters, 21 

Cathcart st. Ho. 33 Kelly st 
Sinclair Angus, blacksmith, 7 Newton st 
Sinclair Archibald, riveter, 5 Inverkip st 
Sinclair Archibald M., storeman, 34 Crescent st 
Sinclair Daniel M'E., insurance agent, 35 Wellington st 
Sinclair Donald, carpenter, 61 Holmscroft st 
Sinclair Duncan B., blacksmith, 9 Lynedoch st 
Sinclair George (late H.M.C.), Finnart rd 
Sinclair Hugh, seaman, 26 East Crawford st 
Sinclair James, hairdresser, 36 East Hamilton st. Ho. 13 

Springkell st 
Sinclair James R. C (of J. & R. Young & Co.), 9 Brisbane st 
Sinclair John, carpenter, 12 Serpentine walk 
Sinclair John, carpenter, 13 Springkell st 
Sinclair John, engine-driver, 1 1 East Crawford st 
Sinclair John, foreman plater, 3 George sq 
Sinclair John, gasfitter, 22 West Blackhall st 
Sinclair John, insurance agent, 19 Mount Pleasant st 
Sinclair John, jun., grocer, 15 Brachelston st 
Sinclair John A. S., police constable, 33 Roxburgh st 
Sinclair Malcolm, engine-driver, 13 Lauriston st 
Sinclair Matthew, steward, 42 Ann st 
Sinclair Neil, labourer, 40 Nicolson st 
Sinclair Robert, fishmonger, 41 West Burn st. Ho. 22 

Crawfurd st 
Sinclair Robert, joiner, 10 Hope st 
Sinclair Robert & Co., shirt manufacturers, Waverley lane, 

also Glasgow and Londonderry 
Sinclair Robert H. (of Sinclair & Co.), 18 Bentinck st 
Sinclair Walter, salesman, 36 West Blackhall st 
Sinclair William, agent for G. & J. Burns, Glasgow, Excise 

buildings. Ho. 1 Kelly st 


Sinclair William, baker, 9 Hope st 

Sinclair William, brakesman, 17 Antigua st 

Sinclair Wm. G. 3 Sheriff-officer and J. P. Con- 
stable, 6 West Blackhall st. Ho. 71 Welling- 
ton st 

Sinclair Miss, 3 Ford pi, Finnart st 

Sinclair Mrs Duncan, to Murdieston st 

Sinclair Mrs J., 15 Mount Pleasant st 

Sinclair Mrs Peter, 71 Wellington st 

Sinclair Mrs P., 59 Brisbane st >/^ 

Sinclair Mrs, 17 Cartsburn st 

Sinclair Mrs, 21 Ingleston pi 

Sinclair Mrs, 6 Murdieston st 

Sinclair Mrs, 7 Murdieston st 

Sinclair Mrs, 5 Regent st 

SINGER Manufacturing Co., sewing machine manufac- 
turers, 26 West Blackhall st 

SISSENER H., shipmaster, 31 Brougham st 

SKEDD William, tweed finisher, 126 Drumfrochar rd 

SKILLEN 'Samuel, yardsman, 13 Watt st 

SKINNER Thomas & Co., ship and insurance brokers, 13 
William st 

Skinner Mrs, grocer, 16 Cartsburn st. Ho. 30 St. Lawrence 

Skinner Mrs Margaret, 10 Forsyth st 

SKIVINGTON W. Gordon, 6 Kelly st 

Skivington Mrs E., spirit merchant, 50 Shaw st. Ho. 6 
Kelly st 

SLATER James, B. A., Kilblain Academy. Ho. 14 Princes st 

SLAVEN James, assistant superintendent-Refuge Assurance 
Co., 3 Ingleston st 

Slaven John, labourer, 52 West Blackhall st 

SLIGO Steam Packet Company, Old Steamboat quay 

SLOAN Archibald, blacksmith, 9 Belville st 

Sloan James, grocer and provision merchant, 1 Ann st. 
Ho. 10 Wellington st 

Sloan Patrick, labourer, 56 Drumfrochar rd 

Sloan Samuel, church officer, 14 Mearns st 

Sloan Thomas C, labourer, 12 Roxburgh st 

SMALL George, coachbuilder, 32 Kelly st 

Small William, caulker, 36 Crawfurd st 

Small Mrs, 7 Holmscroft st 


SMART & Rolland, drapers, 31 Charles st 

Smart John, joiner, 6 Watt st 

Smart James R., sugar merchant (A. Hogg & Co., 60 
Virginia st, Glasgow). Ho. 169 Eldon st 

SMEATON Mrs, 70 Wellington st 

SMELLIE Edward, joiner, 99 Port-Glasgow rd 

Smellie Wm. J., joiner, 62 Kelly st 

SMILLIE & Robson, wholesale and retail fruit and vege- 
table merchants and florists, 39 Hamilton st, and 3 
Manse lane 

Smillie James, confectioner, 66 Drumfrochar rd 

Smillie William (of Smillie & Robson), 10 Ardgowan st, west' 

SMITH A. C. & Co., sugar merchants, 4 Brymner st 

Smith, Adam P. (of Smith & M'Cuaig), 29 Patrick st 

Smith Alexander, baker, 81 Belville st. Ho. 5 Trafalgar st 

Smith Alexander, carter, 20 Mearns st 

Smith Alexander, machinist, Gibbshill ter, Port-Glasgow rd 

Smith Alexander, telegraphist, 31 Dempster st 

Smith Alexander, Sunnyside, 4 Bedford st 

Smith Alexander W. C, telegraph linesman, 33 Royal st, 

Smith Andrew, joiner, 45 Roxburgh st 

Smith Angus, carter, 4 Holmscroft st 

Smith Angus, F.C.S., analytical chemist, 10 Ardgowan st, w 

Smith Bryce, engineer, 26 East Crawford st 

Smith David, tailor, 63 Ann st 

Smith Donald, brassfinisher, 3 Antigua st 

Smith Donald, labourer, 68 Drumfrochar rd 

Smith Duncan, carpenter, 67 Nicolson st 

Smith Duncan, carter, 22 Trafalgar st 

Smith Gavin L., boilermaker, 36 East Hamilton st 

Smith George, joiner, 15 Antigua st 

Smith Harry & Co., plumbers and gasfitters, 78 Belville st. 
Ho. 3 Antigua st 

Smith Henry, engineer, 6 Holmscroft st 

Smith Hugh, foreman bookbinder, 17 South st 

Smith Hugh, labourer, 99 Port-Glasgow rd 

Smith James blacksmith, 7 Duncan st. Ho. 1 Inverkip rd 

Smith James, bookbinder and bookseller, 35 Nicolson st 

Smith James, consulting engineer, 42 Brisbane st 

Smith James, engine-driver, 5 Lauriston st 

Smith James, engineer, 29 Trafalgar st 



Smith James, engineer, 23 Trafalgar st 

Smith James, fireman, 30 Brymner st 

Smith James, grocer, 11 Market st. Ho. 26 Trafalgar st 

Smith James, plumber, 61 Nicolson st 

Smith James, policeman, 95 Roxburgh st 

Smith James, yardsman, 97 Port-Glasgow rd 

Smith J. C, Macdonald & Crawford, solicitors and notaries 

public, 26 Hamilton st 
Smith John & Co., coachbuilders, 38 Nicolson st 
Smith John, bar officer and keeper, Sheriff Court buildings, 

1 Nelson st, west. Ho. do. 
Smith John, boot and shoe maker, 46 Hamilton st. Ho. 34 

West Stewart st 
Smith John, cabinetmaker, 64 Holmscroft st 
Smith John, engineer, 13 Antigua st 
Smith John, engineer, 6 Belville st 
Smith John, engineer, 23 Ingleston st 
Smith John, engineer, 32 Mount Pleasant st 
Smith John, fitter, 7 East Crawford st 
Smith John, hairdresser, 9 Duff st. Ho. 21 Dempster st 
Smith John, joiner, 19 Ingleston st 
Smith John, joiner, 21 Wellington st 

Smith John, licensed broker, 22 Ann st. Ho. 10 Shaw pi 
Smith John, mason and sculptor, 26 West Blackhall st 
Smith John (of Fleming & Smith), 26 South st 
Smith John (of John Smith & Co.), 4 Nelson st, west 
Smith John, upholsterer, 17 Brachelston st 
Smith Joseph, commision agent, 3 Kilblain st 
Smith Joseph, joiner, 21 Bearhope st 
Smith Joseph, policeman, 2 Holmscroft st 
Smith Joseph, rigger, 1 Kilblain st 
Smith J. & M., grocers, 81 Belville st 
Smith & M'Cuaig, joiners, builders, and fire assessors, 30 

Charles st 
Smith M. Heckstall, ship-yard manager, 18 Eldon st 
Smith Owen, dairyman, 54 Holmscroft st 
Smith Peter, blockmaker, 3 Bank st 
Smith Peter, traveller, 14 Robertson st 
Smith Peter, weigher, 12 Wellington st 
Smith Philip, policeman, 9 Nicolson st 
Smith Rev. John B. (of Union Street U.P. Church), 24 

Margaret st 


Smith Richard, aerated water manufacturer, 32 Sugarhouse 

lane. Ho. 29A Newton st 
Smith Robert, boilermaker, 89 Belville st 
Smith Robert, boilermaker, 1 8 Trafalgar st 
Smith Robert, commercial traveller, 29 Patrick st 
Smith Robert, labourer, 10 Hill st 
Smith Robert, labourer, 41 Holmscroft st 
Smith Robert, plainer, 5 Hill st 
Smith Robert, stationer, lithographer, and printer, Municipal 

buildings. Ho. 54 Brougham st 
Smith Robert, storekeeper, 42 St. Lawrence st 
Smith Robert M., correspondent "Glasgow Herald," 29 

Cathcart st 
Smith Thomas, grocer, 73 Holmscroft st 
Smith Thomas, grocer and provision merchant, 6 Inverkip st 
Smith Thomas, moulder, 64 Ann st 
Smith Thomas, police constable, 21 Wellington st 
Smith Thomas, potter, 50 East Hamilton st 
Smith Thomas, potter, 52 East Hamilton st 
Smith Thomas, sheriff officer and J. P. constable, 25 West 

Burn st. Ho. 1 1 Murdieston st 
Smith Thomas, ship smith and galvanizer, New Dock lane 

and 20 Shaw st. Ho. 5 Roxburgh st. (See Advt.) 
Smith Thomas C, patternmaker, 21 Ingleston st 
Smith Thomas W., goldsmith and jeweller, 14 West Black- 
hall st 
Smith William, blacksmith, Garvel Park house 
Smith William, insurance agent, 12 Trafalgar st 
Smith William, plater, toi Belville st 
Smith William, plater, 33 Ingleston st 
Smith William, salesman, 46 Ann st 
Smith William, seamen's chaplain, 36 West Stewart st 
Smith William, storekeeper, 2 Macdougall st 
Smith William, tailor, 24 West Burn st. Ho. 22 Wellington 

Smith William, Town Chamberlain, Municipal buildings, 

Wallace sq. Ho. 2 Esplanade 
Smith Miss Alice, 12 Robertson st 
Smith Miss Isabella, 13 Brisbane st 
Smith Miss, dressmaker, 95 Roxburgh st 
Smith Miss, grocer, 30 Mount Pleasant st 
Smith Miss, 17 Brisbane st 


2 3 I 

Smith Miss, 9 Nelson st, west 

Smith Mrs Allan B., 29 Patrick st 

Smith Mrs Archibald, 1 Duncan st 

Smith Mrs Catherine, 7 Newton st 

Smith Mrs James, 27 Ingleston st 

Smith Mrs James, 9 Ratho st 

Smith Mrs J., 9 Watt st 

Smith Mrs J. H., 24 Kelly st 

Smith Mrs John, spirit merchant, 30 East Hamilton st. 

Ho. Oakfield, East Ratho st 
Smith Mrs John, 8 Brisbane st 
Smith Mrs Margaret, 27 Belville st 
Smith Mrs Robert, midwife, 22 Ann st 
Smith Mrs Samuel, 1 1 Lynedoch st 
Smith Mrs Thomas, 18 Bedford st 
Smith Mrs W., 26 Trafalgar st 
Smith Mrs W. B., 15 Laird st 
Smith Mrs, confectioner, 42 Roxburgh st 
Smith Mrs, midwife, 1 1 Antigua st 
Smith Mrs, 13 Crescent st 
Smith Mrs, 13 Duncan st 
Smith Mrs, 9 Lyle st 
Smith Mrs, 2 Old Hillend 
Smith Mrs, 65 Union st 
Smith Mrs, 24 Wellington st 
SMYTH Alexander, surgeon-dentist, 14 West Blackhall st. 

Ho. 239 Buchanan st, Glasgow 
SNODDY James, joiner, 15 Mount Pleasant st 
SOANES Benjamin, painter, 41 Lynedoch st 
SOMMERVILLE Andrew, medical herbalist, 33 West Burn 

st. Ho. 113 Dempster st 
Sommerville William, carpenter, 9 Holmscroft st 
SOMERVILLE Duncan, riveter, 15 Main st 
Somerville John, engineer, 15 Antigua st 
Somerville William, engineer, 34 St. Lawrence st 
Somerville William, seaman, 7 West breast 
SORELY Peter, sawyer, 57 Belville st 
SORLEY William, weigher, 28 Trafalgar st 
SORRIE Mrs Peter, 5 Antigua st 
SOUTAR William, painter, 4 Trafalgar st 
SOUT H Peter, rigger, 3 Bank st 
SOUTTER H. ID., bookbinder, 29 Roxburgh st 


SPEIRS Archibald H., joiner, 8 Watt st 

Speirs James & Son, sugar samplers, 30 Cathcart st 

Speirs James, riveter, 3 Hill st 

Speirs Robert, engineer, 9 Dempster st 

Speirs William (of James Speirs & Son), 4 Glen st 

SPENCE David, carpenter, 6 Carnock st 

Spence David, labourer, 82 Belville st 

Spence Henry, riveter, 7 Crescent st 

Spence James, baker, 39 Sir Michael st 

Spence James, boilermaker, 2 Holmscroft st 

Spence James, engineer, 50 St. Lawrence st 

Spence Joseph, labourer, 2 Lauriston st 

Spence William, carpenter, 1 2 Murdieston st 

Spence William, ropespinner, 47 Mearns st 

Spence Margaret, provision merchant, 5 Hamilton st. Ho. 
10 Regent st 

SPENCER James, engineer, 36 Crescent st 

Spencer William, engineer, 34 Crescent st 

SPIERS Miss, 3 Houston st 

SPITTAL James, tailor, Eddlewood pi 

SPRAGG James, cook, R.N., 14 Dalrymple st 

SPROAT James, engine driver, 15 Brougham st 

SPROUL John, engineer, 10 Carnock st 

SPRUNT William, joiner, 30 Bruce st 

STABLES George, labourer, 23 Hamilton st 

STALLWOOD Ralph, french polisher and cane worker, 15 
Cathcart st. Ho. 26 West Blackhall st 

STALKER Duncan, flesher, 63 Rue-end st. Ho. 9 Royal 
st, Gourock 

STARK Robert, blacksmith, 75 Wellington st 

Stark Walker, blacksmith, 25 Mount Pleasant st 

Stark Mrs Thomas, 63 Union st 

STATE Line Royal Mail Steamers — agents, Andrew Picken 
& Co., Arcade 

STEAD & Simpson, Limited, boot and shoe manufacturers, 
14 Hamilton st. Factories — Leeds, Leicester, North- 
ampton, and Daventry. 160 branches throughout the 

STEEL Edward, engine-driver, 11 Carwood st 

Steel Hugh, feuar, Clydebank, 38 Esplanade 

Steel Matthew, general engraver, 15 Cathcart st 

Steel Robert, labourer, 18 Ingleston st 


Steel Robert, moulder, 4 Carwood st 

Steel Walter S., mason, 2 Campsie ter 

Steel William, builder, 10 Jamaica st. Ho. 21 Union st 

Steel William, coal merchant, 46 Trafalgar st. Ho. 66 

Drumfrochar rd 
Steel William, gardener, 89 Roxburgh st 
Steel William, wine and spirit merchant, 14 John st. Ho. 

32 St. Lawrence st 
Steel Mrs Alex., 19 Prospecthill st 
Steel Mrs Annie, 40 Nicolson st 
Steel Mrs John, 10 Ardgowan st, west 
Steel Mrs Thomas. Clyde house, Roseneath st 
Steel Mrs, 39 Bank st 
STEELE James, labourer, 8 John st 
Steele Robert, labourer, 6 Duff st 
Steele Robert, labourer, 6 St. Lawrence st 
Steele Stewart, carpenter, 3 Carnock st 
Steele Stewart, carter, 17 Belville st 
Steele Miss, 40 Finnart st 
Steele Miss, 65 Union st 
STEEN Mrs John, 17 Brisbane st 
STEIN KE Herman, mate, 6 Watt st 
STEPHEN William, engine-driver, 93 Belville st 
STERICKER A. C, music teacher and organist, Finnart 

U.P. Church. Ho. Glen cottage, 18 Bedford st 
STEVENS Alexander, janitor, Parish Council buildings, 36 

Nicolson st 
Stevens Edward, hairdresser, 3 Inverkip st 
STEVENSON Adam, stair railer, 42 Vennel. Ho. 22 

Brisbane st 
Stevenson Alexander, joiner and builder, 39 Wellington st. 

Ho. 5 Caddlehill st 
Stevenson Alexander A., general grocer and tea merchant, 

85 Finnart st and 24 Union st. Ho. 15 Finnart st 
Stevenson Barclay, engineer, 34 Kelly st 
Stevenson Bernard, labourer, 112 Drumfrochar rd 
Stevenson David, joiner, 5 Caddlehill st 
Stevenson Duncan, gasfitter, 85 Belville st 
Stevenson F. C, London Imperial Boot Co., 

first-class bootmaker, 19 West Blackhall st, 

263 Sauchiehall st, Glasgow, and London. 

Ho. Burnbank Gardens, Glasgow 


Stevenson George, baker, 26 Lynedoch st 

Stevenson Hugh, draper, 38 Hamilton st. Ho. 36 Brisbane st 

Stevenson James, joiner, 83 Wellington st 

Stevenson John, coachman, 3 Holmscroft st 

Stevenson John, seaman, 3 Kilblain st 

Stevenson John B., chief engineer, 27 Robertson st 

Stevenson Peter, gardener, 38 Nelson st, west 

Stevenson Robert, boilermaker, 10 Hill st 

Stevenson Robert, engine-driver, 1 1 West Stewart st 

Stevenson Robert, telephone lineman, 18 Trafalgar st 

Stevenson William, gardener, 12 Watt st 

Stevenson William, labourer, 6 Hill st 

Stevenson William S., cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 7 West 

Stewart st. Ho. 1 1 Nelson st, west 
Stevenson Miss, 20 Brisbane st 
Stevenson Miss, 3 Madeira st 
Stevenson Miss, 7 Margaret st 

Stevenson Misses, millinery and dressmaking, 24 Union st 
Stevenson Mrs C, 103 Belville st 
Stevenson Mrs James, 8 Brisbane st 
STEWART Adam, boilermaker, 20 Serpentine walk 
Stewart Alexander, patternmaker, 6 Old Hillend 
Stewart Alexander, seaman, 45 Trafalgar st 
Stewart Alexander, superintendent engineer (Glasgow Patents 

Co., Glasgow), 21 Brisbane st 
Stewart Alexander, yachtsman, 9 Watt st 
Stewart Andrew, baker, 8 Holmscroft st 
Stewart Andrew (of Orchard Sugar Refining Co.), Annieslea, 

14 Newark st 
Stewart Archibald, seaman-, 1 1 Watt st 
Stewart Arthur, labourer, 18 Bruce st 
Stewart Charles, carter, 36 Ingleston st 
Stewart Charles, H.M.C., 16 Robertson st 
Stewart Charles, moulder, 5 East Crawford st 
Stewart Daniel B., smith, tinsmith, gasfitter, 

plumber, and bellhanger, and house and ship 

furnishing ironmonger, 14 West Blackhall st. 

Ho. 7 Margaret st. (See Advt.) 
Stewart David, beltmaker, 29 Belville st 
Stewart David, engineer, 29 Cathcart st 
Stewart David, ironmoulder, 45 Roxburgh st 
Stewart Denniston, engineer, 27 Lyle st 


Stewart Duncan, carpenter, 26 West Blackhall st 

Stewart Francis, confection manufacturer, Harvie lane. Ho. 
69 Nicolson st 

Stewart James, carpenter, 1 Kilblain st 

Stewart James, carter, 80 Dempster st 

Stewart James, carter, 20 Inverkip st 

Stewart James, coal merchant, 13 Stanners st 

Stewart James, engineer, 19 Trafalgar st 

Stewart James, foreman labourer, 4 Watt st 

Stewart James, labourer, 44 Arthur st 

Stewart James, labourer, 3 Carnock st 

Stewart James, labourer, 2 Crawford lane 

Stewart James, labourer, 41 Crawfurd st 

Stewart James, nautical instrument maker, 7 Belville st 

Stewart James, sawyer, 1 1 Lauriston st 

Stewart James B., I. A., architect and surveyor, 2 Hamilton 
st. Ho. 18 Bentinck st 

Stewart James D., salesman, 15 Dempster st 

Stewart James K., grain, hay, straw, and provision merchant, 
28 and 30 Shaw st. Ho. 82 Union st 

Stewart John, feuar, 62 Eldon st 

Stewart John, manager, R. & J. Dick, 22 Cathcart st. Ho. 
Eddlewood pi 

Stewart John, moulder, 44 Lynedoch st 

Stewart John, plumber, 8 South st 

Stewart John, riveter, 41 West Burn st 

Stewart John, salesman, Eddlewood pi 

Stewart John, ship-store merchant, 4 Bogle st. Ho. Glen- 
garden, Fox st 

Stewart John, tailor and clothier, 32 Ann st. Ho. 48 do. 

Stewart John, tailor and clothier, 26 Hamilton st. Ho. 26 
Mearns st 

Stewart John, tobacconist, 49 Cathcart st. Ho. 5 Caddie- 
hill st 

Stewart Joseph, labourer, 74 Ann st 

Stewart M. & J., confectioners, 63 Inverkip st 

Stewart Malcolm, miller, 113 Dempster st 

Stewart Robert, pansman, 21 Lyle st 

Stewart Robert, patternmaker, 37 Lynedoch st 

Stewart Robert, salesman, 1 1 Brachelston st 

Stewart Samuel, engineer and manager, Greenock Gas 
Works. Ho. Knocknair, Bogston 


Stewart Samuel, labourer, 34 St. Lawrence st 

Stewart Thomas, brassfinisher, 1 Hope st 

Stewart Thomas, carpenter, 6 Chapel st 

Stewart Thomas, railway clerk, 35 Wellington st 

Stewart Thomas, surgeon dentist, 43 Brougham st and 
Argyle st, Dunoon 

Stewart Thomas H., missionary, St. Andrew's Free Church. 
Ho. 4 Finnart st 

Stewart Thomas O. (of Fisher & Co.), 42 Mearns st 

Stewart William, cork manufacturer, 33 Hamilton st. Ho. do. 

Stewart William, engineer, 9 Mount Pleasant st 

Stewart William, engineer, 99 Port-Glasgow rd 

Stewart William, gardener, 12 Watt st 

Stewart William, goldsmith and watchmaker, 14 West Black- 
hall st. Ho. 2 George sq 

Stewart William, iron shipbuilder, 18 East Crawford st 

Stewart William, joiner, 115 Dempster st 

Stewart William, plater, 8 Watt st 

Stewart William, vanman, 30 Wellington st 

Stewart William R., waiter, 112 Dempster st 

Stewart Agnes T., pawnbroker, 28 Inverkip st and 33 West 
Shaw st 

Stewart, Miss Jessie, 5 1 Union st 

Stewart Miss Mary, wine and spirit merchant, 6 Market st. 
Ho. 29 Cathcart st 

Stewart Mrs C, wine and spirit merchant, 93 Roxburgh st. 
Ho. 21 Brisbane st 

Stewart Mrs D., 21 Newton st 

Stewart Mrs Elizabeth, 28 Brisbane st 

Stewart Mrs Isabella, 99 Belville st 

Stewart Mrs J., 7 Holmscroft st 

Stewart Mrs John, spirit merchant, 34 Dalrymple st 

Stewart Mrs William M. A., dressmaker, 53 Brisbane st 

Stewart Mrs, confectioner, 77 Regent st 

Stewart Mrs, grocer, 4 Hill st 

Stewart Mrs, 5 Dempster st 

Stewart Mrs, 77 Holmscroft st 

Stewart Mrs, 39 Regent st 

Stewart Mrs, 6 Watt st 

Stewart Mrs, 35 Wellington st 

Stewart Mrs, 4 West Stewart st 

Stewart Mrs, 7 William st 


STIRLING John, shoemaker, 17 Mount Pleasant st 

Stirling Joseph, labourer, 6 Lauriston st 

Stirling William, labourer, 5 Armadale pi 

Stirling Miss, matron, Friendless Girls' Home, Brachelston st 

Stirling Mrs A., grocer, 17 Shaw st 

Stirling Mrs, 17 Bearhope st 

STIRRATT James, blacksmith, 30 East Hamilton st 

Stirratt Mrs, 34 East Hamilton st 

STODTER Mrs William, 65 Rue-end st 

STOKES Mrs William, 19 Cathcart st 

STONE Archibald, engraver, 13 Lyle st 

Stone James, engineer, 15 Belville st 

Stone John, moulder, 12 St. Lawrence st 

Stone Peter, engine driver, 25 Belville st 

STOODLEY Mrs Benjamin, 21 Ingleston st 

STORER Andrew, printer (of J. Storer & Sons), 60 Kelly st 

Storer Daniel, printer (of J. Storer & Sons), 9 Nelson st, west. 

Storer J. & Sons, printers and stationers, 12 Kilblain st 

STORM James, mate, 9 Lvle st 

STORMS Mrs A., 5 West Stewart 

STORRIE Robert, goods guard, 10 Carwood st 

STORY Henry, draughtsman, 9 Dempster st 

STOVE Thomas, shipwright, 27 Regent st 

STOWAR Thomas, warrant officer, R.N., 22 Wellington st 

STRACHAN Andrew, shoemaker, 41 West Burn st. Ho. 

8 Mount Pleasant st 
Strachan Daniel, caulker, 1 1 Crescent st 
Strachan George, architect and inspector of buildings,. 

Dhufield, Cardwell rd 
Strachan James, joiner, 73 Ann st 
Strachan John, provision merchant, 14 Arthur st. Ho. 7 

Mount Pleasant st 
Strachan William, engineer, 59 Belville st 
Strachan William, timber merchant, wright, and builder, 19 

Mearnsst. Ho. Norwoodville, Nithsdale drive, Pollok- 

shields, Glasgow 
Strachan Mrs Elizabeth, 69 Nicolson st 
STRAINE George, musicseller, piano tuner, and dealer, 31. 

Nicolson st. Ho. 25 Newton st 
Straine George W., piano tuner, 78 Holmscroft st 
Straine Moses, cooper, 106 Drumfrochar rd 
Straine Robert, labourer, 12 Ann st 


STRANG Rev. Robert Candlish, M.A., minister of Craw- 

furdsburn Free Church, The Manse, Ratho st 
STRAWB RIDGE John, labourer, 20 Crescent st 
STRONACH William, solicitor, 25 West Burn st. Ho. 19 

Bentinck st 
STRONG Mrs, broker, 9 Market st 

STRUTHERS Alexander, fruiterer, 2 Mount Pleasant st 
Struthers M. L., curator, Temperance and Young Men's 

Christian Institutes, 17 West Stewart st 
Struthers Rev. J. P., M.A., minister of Reformed Presby- 
terian Church, West Stewart st. Ho. 52 Eldon st 
Struthers William, clerk, 24 Robertson st 
STURGEON James, gardener, 68 Holmscroft st 
STURROCK Peter K., engineer, 11 Carwood st 
SUGDEN Herbert James, Wesleyan minister, Manse, 62 

Newton st 
SURGENOR William, labourer, 50 Roxburgh st 
Surgenor William, sawyer, 3 Mackenzie st 
SUTHERLAND Alexander, slater, 12 Mill st 
Sutherland Alexander M., compositor, 21 Trafalgar st 
Sutherland Donald, joiner, 16 Antigua st 
Sutherland Duncan (at Glasgow and Greenock Shipping 

,,Co.), 62 Kelly st 
Sutherland George, clerk, 27 Robertson st 
Sutherland Peter, mason, 83 Roxburgh st 
Sutherland James, engineer, 45 Holmscroft st 
Sutherland William, lathsplitter, 44 Lynedoch st 
Sutherland William, tugboatman, 13 Ingleston st 
SUTTIE John, engineer, 7 Ratho st 
SWAN Allan, steamship agent, Customhouse buildings. 

Ho. 49 Brougham st 
Swan Archibald M., salesman, 26 West Blackhall st 
Swan David, shipmaster, 83 Finnart st 
Swan George W., weigher, 21 Nelson st, west 
Swan John, librarian, Sailors' Home, 17 Newton st 
Swan Robert, engineer, 10 Mearns st 
Swan Robert, feuar, Glenmaze, 9 Finnart st 
Swan Robert D., clerk, 11 Brachelston st 
Swan William, flesher, 18 Cartsburn st. Ho. 8 Antigua st 
Swan Miss, 45 Newton st 
Swan Mrs, grocer, 1 7 Dempster st 
SWANSTON Rev. David, 75 Wellington st 


Swanston William D., carpenter, 6 Carwood st 

SWEENEY George, painter, 22 Antigua st 

Sweeney Thomas, painter, 14 West Blackhall st 

SWEENIE Hugh, carter, 4 Holmscroft st 

Sweenie Joseph, postman, 20 Bearhope st 

SWORD George M., salesman, 13 Bruce st 

Sword Miss, 36 Eldon st 

SYDENHAM John, R.N., 43 Crawfurd st 

SYME John, jun., fireman, 2 Garvald st 

Syme John, sen., engineman, 85 Belville st 

Syme Mrs James, 4 Garvald st 

Syme Mrs, 13 Brachelston st 

SYMINGTON Archibald, engineer, 10 Lyle st 

Symington David, 33 Nelson st, west 

Symington Martin T. P., 33 Nelson st, west 

Symington John, coal merchant, 10 Patrick st. Ho. 3 Watt st 

Symington Rev. Andrew, Martyrs' Free Church, West Shaw 

st. Ho. 13 Ardgowan st, west 
Symington Mrs, 31 Nicolson st 

TAFF Matthew, timekeeper. Overton • ■> 

TAFT Andrew, labourer, 14 Dalrymple st 

TAINSH John (of MacSymon & Co., Limited), 35 Brisbane 

TAIT Alexander, bank and insurance agent, Royal Bank of 
Scotland, west-end, 9 West Blackhall st. Ho. Clare- 
mount, Gourock 

Tait Charles, submarine diver, 6 Old Hillend 

Tait James, tanner, 1 1 East Crawford st 

Tait John, engineer, 97 Belville st 

Tait John, moulder, 36 Crescent st 

Tait Thomas, marine engineer, 34 Nelson st, west 

Tait William, carpenter, 4 Garvald st 

Tait William, policeman, 5 Regent st 

Tait Mrs, 7 1 Regent st 

TAITT Alexander J. W., 11 Bentinck st 

Taitt Robert G., harbour master, Customhouse quay. Ho. 
28 Ardgowan st, west 

TANNAHILL James, agent for Commercial Bank. Ho. 
Ardvourlie, 66 Esplanade 


Tannahill John, papermaker, Overton 

TANNOCK Quintin, plasterer, 5 Sir Michael st. Ho. 17 

Ardgowan st, west 
TARBET James (late sailmaker), 20 Union st 
Tarbet John, clerk, Gibbshill ter, Port-Glasgow rd 
Tarbet John, sugarboiier, 89 Dempster st 
Tarbet Robert, cooper, 108 Drumfrochar rd 
Tarbet Thomas, smith, 126 Drumfrochar rd 
Tarbet William, joiner, 70 Holmscroft st 
Tarbet William, joiner, 30 Nelson st, west 
Tarbet Miss M., greengrocer, no Drumfrochar rd 
Tarbet Miss, Redlands, Robertson st 
Tarbet Mrs, 85 Dempster st 
TASKER Mrs Andrew, 40 Union st 
TAYLOR A. & G., photographers, 17 Hamilton st. — Geo. 

Gibson, manager, 46 Kelly st 
Taylor & Co., Berlin wool respository, 4 West Blackhall st. 

Ho. 54 Brougham st 
Taylor Adam, engineer, 50 Ann st 
Taylor Alexander, carpenter, 17 Lyle st 
Taylor Alexander, engineer, 16 Wellington st 
Taylor Archibald, engineer, 66 Ann st 
Taylor Archibald, smith, 75 Holmscroft st 
Taylor Brothers, drapers, 32 Hamilton st 
Taylor Charles, book-keeper, 1 1 Antigua st 
Taylor Charles, engineer, 7 Nile st 
Taylor Daniel, pansman, 66 Ann st 
Taylor David, flesher, 93 Roxburgh st 
Taylor Henderson, fireman, 19 Belville st 
Taylor H. J., superintendent P. & O. Co. (Caird & Co., Ltd., 

Dalrymple st). Ho. 55 Forsyth st 
Taylor James, boilermaker, 35 Roxburgh st . 
Taylor James, carpenter, 15 Nelson st, west 
Taylor James, engineer, 124 Drumfrochar rd 
Taylor James, head-master, St. Lawrence's School. Ho. 15 

Lynedoch st 
Taylor James, smith, 97 Belville st 
Taylor James H., blacksmith, 32 Ingleston st 
Taylor James R. (of Taylor Bros.), 49 Brisbane st 
Taylor John, accountant, Clydesdale Bank, Limited, 7 

Hamilton st. Ho. do. 
Taylor John, joiner, 4 Kilblain st 


Taylor John, plumber, 87 Dempster st 

Taylor John, shoemaker, 15 Ann st 

Taylor John G., timekeeper, 2 Antigua st 

Taylor John K., clerk, 25 Dempster st 

Taylor Matthew, tailor, 70 Ann st 

Taylor Rev. Alexander, missionary rector, St. Mary's R.C. 

Church, 14 Patrick st 
Taylor Robert, boatman, 56 Lynedoch st 
Taylor Robert, bricklayer, 19 Welliagton st 
Taylor Robert, gateman, 7 Shaw pi 
Taylor Robert, shipbuilder, 39 Kelly st 
Taylor T. D., surveyor, Board of Trade, Virginia st. Ho. 

79 Finnart st 
Taylor Thomas H., collector of Inland Revenue, Excise 

buildings. Customhouse. Ho. 50 Esplanade 
Taylor William, blacksmith, 78 Belville st 
Taylor William, boilermaker, 10 Trafalgar st 
Taylor William, firemaster, Municipal buildings, Wallace sq. 

Ho. do. 
Taylor William, moulder, 87 Belville st 
Taylor William, teacher, 54 Union st 
Taylor W. J. (of Brewers' Sugar Co.), 55 Forsyth st 
Taylor Miss A., milliner, Lome pi, 54 Brougham st 
Taylor Mrs A., 9 Argyle st 
Taylor Mrs Alexander, 5 Antigua st 
Taylor Mrs Alexander, 8 Hay st 
Taylor Mrs James M., 10 Ardgowan st, west 
Taylor Mrs Jane, 23 West Stewart st 
Taylor Mrs W. E., 8 Esplanade 
Taylor Mrs, 95 Belville st 
Taylor Mrs, 65 Holmscroft st 
Taylor Mrs, 13 Springkell st 
Taylor Mrs, 8 Trafalgar st 
Taylor Mrs, 6 Watt st 

TELFER Colin, labourer, 91 Port-Glasgow rd 
Telfer Henry, engineer, 36 Mount Pleasant st 
Telfer James, timber measurer, 15 Dempster st 
Telfer J. & J., bootmakers, 38 Hamilton st and 12 Charles st 
Telfer John (of J. & J. Telfer), 19 Newton st 
Telfer Thomas, stationmaster, Greenock west. Ho. 82 

Roxburgh st 
Telfer William, engineer, 2 Garvald st 


Telfer Mrs C, grocer, i Prospecthill st. Ho. do. 
Telfer Mrs, 21 Lyle st 
TELFORD Edward, caulker, 3 Mill st 
Telford William, ironmoulder, 19 Belville st 
TEMPERANCE Institute, 19 West Stewart st 
TEMPLETON Duncan, brassfinisher, 30 St. Lawrence st 
Templeton James, cellarman, 12 Ann st 
Templeton James, shoemaker, 54 East Hamilton st 
Templeton John, fireman, 7 Brachelston st 
Templeton Matthew D., manager, 6 Finnart st 
Templeton Robert P., traveller, 69 Nicolson st 
Templeton William, railway guard, 53 Kelly st 
TENNANT William, engineer, 8 Carwood st 
Tennant William, patternmaker, 87 Belville st 
Tennant Mrs, ladies' nurse, 1 1 West Stewart st 
THEATRE Royal, 38 West Blackhall st. Lessee and 

manager, Alexander Wright 
THEXTON Robert, F.E.I.S., teacher, Shaw Street School. 

Ho. 21 Brisbane st 
THE Bank of Scotland, 47 Cathcart st — P. Macdonald, agent 
The Brewers' Sugar Company (Limited), sugar refiners, 

West Burn sq 
The British Linen Company Bank, 13 William st — James 

Glen, agent 
The British Marine Salvage Co. (Limited), stores, James 

Watt Basin — John Wilkie, storekeeper 
The Brunei Ship Co. (Limited) — managers, Leitch & Muir, 

2 West quay 
The Burmah Steamship Co. (Limited), shipowners, 46 

Brymner st 
The Cartsburn Sugar Refining Co., sugar refiners, Crescent st 
The Cathcart Rubber Co., waterproof manufacturers and 

India rubber merchants, 49 Cathcart st 
The Cathcart Steamship Co. (Limited) — J. & J. Denholm, 

managers, Exchange buildings 
The Cereals Co. (Limited), flake, maize, and rice manufac- 
turers, West Burn sq 
The Cheque Bank, Limited, 13 Hamilton st — agents, 

Paterson & Anderson 
The Christian Mission Music Hall Service and 

Evangelistic Mission, 39 Hamilton St.— W. 

Lyon Fisher, A.M.I.M.E., Hon. Treas. 



The Clyde and St. Lawrence Shipping Co. (Limited), 63 
Rue-end st 

The Clyde Pottery Co., manufacturers of earthenware, Port- 
Glasgow rd 

The Clyde Stevedore Co., India pi, 7 Dock breast 

The Clydesdale Bank (Limited), East-end branch, 53 Rue- 
end st — William Bruce, agent 

The Clydesdale Bank (Limited), 7 Hamilton st — John 
Rodger, agent 

The Commercial Bank of Scotland (Limited), 36 Cathcart 
st — James Tannahill, agent 

The Crescent Confectionery Co., Hunter pi 

The Drummond Patent Glass Wash-Board Co., Limited, 17 
West Blackhall st. Glasgow agency at 89 Abercromby st 

The Eureka Clothing Co., 29 Cathcart st 

The Greenock and District Argus Traders' Association 
(Limited), 17 West Blackhall st 

The Greenock and Glasgow Electro Co., electricians and 
electro-platers, 13 Nicolson st 

The Greenock and Port-Glasgow Tramways Co., 33 Cathcart 
st — Louson Walker, C.A., secretary 

The Greenock Apothecaries' Crated Water Company 
(Limited), aerated water manufacturers, 1, 3, and 5 Laird 
st and 16 Ropework st — Neil Macdonald, manager 

The Greenock Apothecaries' Company, wholesale and retail 
chemists and druggists, 28 Hamilton st 

The Greenock Bagging Co., 46 Cathcart st 

The Greenock East-end Co-operative Society (Limited), 
grocery, drapery, and boot and shoemakers, 18 East 
Crawford st and 105 Port-Glasgow rd 

The Greenock Equitable Loan Co., pawnbrokers, 24 
Hamilton st — Alex. Waddell, manager 

The Greenock Foundry Co., engineers, boilermakers, and 
ironfounders. East Stewart st 

The Greenock Herald, 40 Cathcart st 

The Greenock Heritable Co. (Limited), 33 Cathcart st— 
Louson Walker, C.A., secretary and manager. 

The Greenock Mineral Water Co., aerated water manu- 
facturers, Waverley lane 

The Greenock Model Lodging House Co. (Limited), 33 
Cathcart st — Robert Macpherson, C.A., secretary 

The Greenock Plate Glass Insurance Co., 19 Cathcart st 


The Greenock Provident Investment Co., Post Office 

buildings — James Anderson, managing director ; 

Robert Dixon, secretary 
The Greenock Rubber Co., India rubber and waterproof 

manufacturers, 13 Hamilton st 
The Greenock Steamship Co. (Limited), steamship owners, 

1 Cross-shore st— D. MacDougall, managing director 
The Greenock Stevedore Co. (Limited), 8 Roslin st— J. 

M'Kinnon, manager 
The Greenock Telegraph, 14 and 16 Charles st 
The Greenock Towing Co., 8 Brymner st 
The Grianaig Shipping Co. (Limited), 1 Cathcart st— Adam 

Hamilton & Co., managers 
The Gulf Line Association (Limited), steamship owners, 1 

Cross-shore st 
The Lady Armstrong Steamship Co. (Limited), 1 Cathcart 

st — Adam Hamilton & Co., managers 
The Little Sisters of the Poor, Home for the aged, 44 Union st 
The Lyle shipping Co. (Limited), shipowners, 10 Clarence st 
The Mount Park Steamship Co. (Limited)— J. & J. Denholm, 

managers, Exchange buildings 
The National Bank of Scotland (Limited), 29 Cathcart st — 

J. C. Hart, agent 
The National Telephone Co. (Limited), Municipal buildings 

— Stores, Bell entry 
The Newcomen Steamship Co. (Limited) — managers, Leitch 

& Muir, 2 West quay 
The Old Equitable Loan Office, pawnbrokers, 39 Hamilton 

st — William Graham, manager 
The Postmen's Federation (Greenock branch)— D.Buchanan, 

9 Antigua st 
The Prudential Assurance Co. (Limited), 8 West Blackhall 

st. (See Advt.) 
The Robert Duncan Ship Co. (Limited)— Managers, Leitch 

& Muir, 2 West quay 
The Royal Bank of Scotland, 38 Cathcart st— D. M. 

Latham, agent 
The Royal Bank of Scotland (West-end branch, 9 West 

Blackhall st) — Alexander Tait, agent 
The Scotsman Newspaper (branch office), Sugar Exchange 

The Scottish Preserves Co. (Limited), 13 Clarence st 


The Shipping Federation (Limited), Registry of Seamen, 

&c, 55 Rue-end st — Richard Waugh, registrar 
The Singer Manufacturing Co., sewing machine manufac- 
turers, 26 West Blackhall st 
The Skelmorlie and Wemyss Bay Gas Co. (Limited), 33 

Cathcart st— Louson Walker, C.A., secretary 
The Union Bank of Scotland (Limited), 1 Hamilton st — 

F. G. Bruce, agent 
The Unionist Club, 29 Hamilton st 
The United Kingdom Provident Institution for Mutual Life 

Assurance — Robert Davie, jun., agent, 63 Rue-end st 
The Wellpark Steamship Co. (Limited)— -J. & J. Denholm, 

managers, Exchange buildings 
THIRD Joseph, ropespinner, 67 Nicolson Street 
THOM A. & W. C, wholesale grocers, wine and spirit 

merchants, 13 Union st 
Thom Alexander C, 13 Union st 
Thorn Archibald B. (of A. & W. C. Thom), Aurora Bank 

37 Fox st 
Thom W. A., solicitor and notary public, auditor to Faculty 

of Procurators, 13 Hamilton st. Ho. 38 Brisbane st 
Thom W. C. (of A. & W. C. Thom), 13 Union st 
THOMAS Joseph, Irondresser, 51 Lynedoch st 
THOMPSON John, constable, G. & S.-W. Railway, 22 

Trafalgar st 
Thompson Joseph, fitter, 16 Antigua st 
Thompson William, general dealer, 48 Ann st Ho. do. 
Thompson William, telegraphist, 80 Dempster st 
THOMS Daniel, mariner, 5 West Blackhall st 
THOMSON Alexander, brakesman, 7 Hill st 
Thomson Alexander, caulker, 12 Ann st 
Thomson Alexander, caulker, 3 Hill st 
Thomson Alexander, engineer, 23 Lynedoch st 
Thomson Alexander, shoemaker, 26 West Blackhall st 
Thomson Alexander, superintendent of Industrial School, 

13 Captain st. Ho. do. 
Thomson Archibald, tugboatman, 24 Lyle st 
Thomson Angus, shoemaker, 50 Ann street 
Thomson & Co., cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 39 West 

Blackhall st. (See Advt.) 
Thomson Charles, plumber, gasfitter, and zinc worker, 17 

Kelly st. Ho. 29 Nelson st, west 


Thomson Colin, accountant, house factor, and insurance 

agent, 2 Robertson st 
Thomson David, car driver, 24 Hamilton st 
Thomson Dugald, draper, 13 Rue-end st. Ho. 29 Bank st 
Thomson Dugald, telegraph lineman, 77 Wellington st 
Thomson Duncan, brassmoulder, 10 Hay st 
Thomson Duncan, compositor, 106 Dempster st 
Thomson Duncan, patternmaker, 7 Lauriston st 
Thomson Duncan C., shoemaker. 70 Eldon st. Ho. 68 do. 
Thomson George, cooper, 7 Union st 
Thomson George, joiner, 32 Nelson st, west 
Thomson Henry, plumber, gasfitter, and bellhanger, 39 

Nicolson st. Ho. 59 Holmscroft st. 
Thomson Hugh, patternmaker, 4 Garwood st 
Thomson James, boilermaker, 18 Antigua st 
Thomson James, coachman, 4 Bentinck st 
Thomson James, engineer, 57 Belville st 
Thomson James, engineer, 17 Lynedoch st 
Thomson James, labourer, 89 East Hamilton st 
Thomson James (of Crawford & Thomson), 42 Regent st 
Thomson James, painter, 47 Trafalgar st 
Thomson James, policeman, 7 Brachelston st 
Thomson James, riveter, 3 East William st 
Thomson James, seaman, 19 Ingleston st 
Thomson James, shipwright, 2 Macdougall st 
Thomson James, 7 Newton st. 
Thomson James, The Hill 
Thomson John & Co., coal merchants, Regent st Mineral 

Thomson John, blacksmith, 1 Holmscroft st 
Thomson John, boilermaker, 58 Drumfrochar rd 
Thomson John, clerk, 10 Antigua st 
Thomson John, engineer, 1 1 Carwood st 
Thomson John, fitter, 17 Lauriston st 
Thomson John, joiner, 5 Bearhope st 
Thomson John, joiner, 80 Belville st 
Thomson John, joiner, 9 East Blackhall st 
Thomson John (of John Thomson & Co.), 39 Kelly st 
Thomson John, riveter, 15 Mill st 
Thomson John, smith and boilermaker. 2 West Burn st. 

Ho, Finnart Lea, Kilmun 
Thomson John Banks, teacher (IndustrialSchool), 35 Kellyst 


Thomson John S., spirit merchant, 25 Sugarhouse lane 

Ho. 41 West Blackhall st 
Thomson Michael, joiner, 19 Brisbane st 
Thomson Michael, postman, 90 Dempster st 
Thomson Neil, plumber, 28 Bruce st 
Thomson Peter, boilermaker, 24 St. Lawrence st 
Thomson Peter, carpenter, 5 Ratho st 
Thomson Peter, engineer, 82 Belville st 
Thomson Peter, sugarboiler, 9 Antigua st 
Thomson Rev. James, assistant, West Parish Church. Ho 

2-1 Brisbane st 
Thomson Rev. James B., minister of Greenbank U.P 

Church. Ho. 2c Bentinck st ' 
Thomson Rev. Thomas R., minister, East Parish Church 

Ho. Dunure, 71 Brisbane st 
Thomson Robert, boilermaker, 30 Bruce st 
Thomson Robert, engineer, 17 Dempster st 
Thomson Robert, engineer, 106 Dempster st 
Thomson Robert, engineer, 5 Hope st 
Thomson Robert, fancy goods warehouse, 27 Hamilton st. 

Ho. 7 Glen st 
Thomson Robert, joiner, 18 Hope st 
Thomson Robert, labourer, 54 East Hamilton st 
Thomson Robert (of Thomson & Co.), 8 Robertson st 
Thomson Robert, 34 West Stewart st 
Thomson Robert A., joiner, 14 South st 
Thomson Thomas, vanman, 61 Holmscroft st 
Thomson W., cooper, 58 Drumfrochar rd 
Thomson William, coppersmith, 15 Hope st 
Thomson William, labourer, 9 East Crawford st 
Thomson William, mason, 2 Crawford lane 
Thomson William (of R. Cowan & Co.), Ringdove villa, 60 

Finnart st 
Thomson William, policeman, 9 Murdieston st 
Thomson William, railway guard, 15 Brougham st 
Thomson W. D., general secretary Greenock Total Abstinence 

Society, Temperance Institute. Ho. 34 West Stewart st 
Thomson W. R. M. & Co., patent agents and 

consulting engineers. 96 Buchanan st, Glas- 
gow. (See Advt.) 
Thomson Miss Catherine, 4 West Stewart st 
Thomson Mrs Duncan, 27 Bank st 


Thomson Mrs D., 4 Mearns st 

Thomson Mrs H., 55 Belville st 

Thomson Mrs R., 31 Roxburgh st 

Thomson Mrs, draper, 62 Ann st 

Thomson Mrs, 19 Antigua st 

Thomson Mrs, 15 Nicolson st 

THORBURN Arthur, engineer, 8 Robertson st 

Thorburn James G. (of Cartsburn Sugar Refinery), Wood- 
burn, 4 Newark st 

Thorburn John, tramway guard, 5 Rue-end st 

Thorburn Robert E., tea and sugar merchant, commission 
and wholesale agent, 31 Nicolson st. Ho. 53 Forsyth st. 
(See Advt.) 

Thorburn Walter, general commission merchant, 28 Cath- 
cart st 

Thorburn Mrs, 53 Forsyth st 

THORNE R. & Sons, Limited, distillers, wholesale wine and 
spirit merchants, importers, and bonded warehouse 
proprietors, 6 Manse lane and St Andrew st ; Custom- 
house docks, Dublin ; 74 Great Tower st, London, E C. ; 
and 30 North John st, Liverpool. Distilleries : — 
Greenock Distillery and Aberlour-Glenlivet Distillery, 
Aberlour, Strathspey 

Thorne Robert (of R. Thorne & Sons, Limited), Clevelands, 
36 Newark st 

Thorne Thomas M. (of R. Thorne & Sons, Limited), Ward- 
wood, 5 1 Octavia ter 

TIERNEY Alexander H., tobacconist, 40 Hamilton st. 
Ho. 1 Ford pi, Finnart st 

Tierney W. B., 10 Lyle st 

Tierney Mrs John, 1 Ford pi, Finnart st 

TIFFIN Joseph, clerk, 10 Mearns st 

TILL J. L, shipmaster, 8 Brisbane st 

TIMES (Glasgow), Evening. Branch office, 29 Cathcart st, 
J. C. Fisher, agent 

TINNIE James, miller, 22 Trafalgar st 

TINNOCK John, riveter, 17 Cathcart st 

TODD David, tramway guard, 5 Virginia st 

Todd James, labourer, 76 Dempster st 

Todd John, blacksmith, 26 Wellington st 

Todd John, mason and builder, 27 Nelson st, west 

Todd William, carter, 45 Holmscroft st 


Todd William, mason, 35 Wellington st 

Todd Miss Jessie, 59 Brisbane st 

Todd Mrs John, 40 Lynedoch st 

Todd Mrs Marion, 25 Nelson st 

Todd Mrs, newsagent, 41 Ann st 

TOMKINS John, railway porter, 16 Kilblain st 

TONNER John, wine and spirit merchant, 32 Ropework 

lane, Port-Glasgow. Ho. 32 South st 
TONTINE Hotel, 5 Ardgowan sq. (See Advt.) 
TOOK William, rigger, 2 Ropework st 
TOOLE Thomas, fitter, 21 Lyle st 
TORRENCE William, labourer, 3 Belville st 
TOSH David, slater, iron ship cement worker, and slate and 

cement merchant, fitter of lightning conductors, and 

chimney stalk repairer, 3 Brougham st. Ho. 21 

Bentinck st 
Tosh Joseph, baker, 75 Wellington st 
Tosh Mrs, 108 Dempster st 
Tosh Mrs, 36 Ingleston st 
TOUGH Alexander (of Alex. Tough & Son), Hughenden, 

61 Brisbane st 
Tough Alex. & Son, rope manufacturers, Clyde Ropework, 

Drumfrochar rd. Warehouse, Palmerston buildings 
Tough James, moulder, 17 Belville st 
Tough Robert, draughtsman, 18 Bentinck st 
TOWN Hall, Municipal buildings 
TOWNEND Mrs, 2 George sq 
TOWNLEY William, railway checker, 51 Shaw st 
TRACEY William, potter, 52 East Hamilton st 
Tracey Mrs, 45 Lynedoch st 
TRADES Council Hall, 10 William st 
TRAIN Lawrence, machinist, 4 Mount Pleasant st 
TRAVERS Thomas, railway porter, 17 Kelly st 
TREVETHEN Thomas, rigger, 19 Trafalgar st 
TRINITY U.P. Church, 31 Union st 
TROTTER John, engine-driver, 41 West Blackhall st 
Trotter Robert, stoker, 5 Prospecthill st 
Trotter William, stereotyper, 62 Kelly st 
TUCKER David, hairdresser, 53 Main st. Ho. 54 St. 

Lawrence st 
Tucker John, grocer and provision merchant, and East 

Parish Session Clerk, 55 Belville st 


Tucker John, moulder, 3 John st 

Tucker Matthew, moulder, 2 1 Belville st 

TULLOCH Frank, policeman, 6 Mearns st 

Tulloch Frederick, vanman, 60 Wellington st 

Tulloch James, brassfinisher, 37 Holmscroft st 

Tulloch John, blacksmith, 37 Roxburgh st 

Tulloch Mrs, ladies' nurse, 24 Brisbane st 

TULLY James M., salesman, 12 Ardgowan st, west 

TURN BULL Alex. J., C.E., master of works and burgh 

surveyor, Municipal buildings. Ho. Lynewood, 83. 

Brisbane st 
Turnbull & Sons, photographers, 37 Hamilton st. Ho. 

Turnbull Donald, joiner, 4 Prospecthill st 
Turnbull George, coachman, 32 Kelly st 
Turnbull Jonathan, ship carpenter, joiner, and blockmaker, 

49 Rue-end st. Ho. 15 Lynedoch st 
Turnbull Martin & Co,, steamship owners and ship brokers,. 

12 Bogle st 
Turnbull William, carpenter, 15 Belville st 
Turnbull William M., engineer, 2 Lyle st 
Turnbull Miss, 3 Kelly st 

TURNER Andrew, moulder, 40 St. Lawrence st 
Turner Archibald, labourer, 10 Hay st 

Turner A. T. (of postal telegraphs), 4 Florence pi, Finnart st 
Turner James William, writer and notary public, 17 West 

Blackhall st. Ho. 9 Fox st, and Stoneywood, Toward 
Turner John, engineer, 56 St. Lawrence st 
Turner Robert, engine driver, 6 Inverkip st 
Turner Samuel, boilermaker, 85 Belville st 
Turner Samuel, boilermaker, 66 East Hamilton st 
Turner Thomas, cowfeeder, 14 Drumfrochar rd 
Turner William M'D., badge porter, 28 East Shaw st 
Turner Mrs James, 32 Esplanade 
Turner Mrs John, 3 Shaw pi 
Turner Mrs, grocer, 8 Antigua st 
TURVEY George, 31 Brougham st 

TWEDDEL James (of Robert Cowan & Co.), 24 Kelly st 
TWEEDDALE James, grocer and provision merchant, 68 

Vennel. Ho. 28 South st 
TWEEDIE R., life inspector, Refuge Assurance Co., Ltd., 

12 Lyle st 



TVVEEDLIE Robert Lamont, janitor, Public School, 46 

Mearns st 
TWEEDLY William, plumber, 15 Mount Pleasant st 
TWIGG Edward, gunmaker and cutler, 33 Hamilton st. 

Ho. Richmond villa, 33 Newton st 
TYPEWRITING and Shorthand Offices, 5 West Blackhall 

st— Mitchell & Co. 
TYRE John, painter, 4 John st 
TYTLER Matthew, glazier and glass merchant, 12 Laird st. 

Ho. 2 Orangefield pi 


ULLISSEE D., confectioner. 20 West Blackhall st 

UNION Bank of Scotland, Limited, 1 Hamilton st — F. G. 
Bruce, agent 

Union John, ironmoulder, 51 Belville st 

UNITED Presbyterian Church, St. Andrew sq 

United Presbyterian Church, Sir Michael st 

United Presbyterian Church, 3 Union st 

United States Consular Agent, James A. Love, 2 Hamilton st 

URIE A. (of R. & A. Urie), 40 Brisbane st 

Urie Hugh, brassfinisher, 12 Lyle st 

Urie John, engineer, 6 Carwood st 

Urie R. & A., glass and china merchants, 16 West Black- 
hall st 

Urie R. D., photographer, 32 Hamilton st. Ho. do. 

Urie Thomas, seaman, 7 Dempster st 

URQUHART Alexander, irondresser, 17 John st 

Urquhart Alexander, patternmaker, 47 Mearns st 

Urquhart John, seaman, 12 Lynedoch st 

Urquhart Robert, goods porter, 5 Lynedoch st 

Urquhart Robert, police sergeant, 24 Trafalgar st 

Urquhart William, teacher of languages, 23 Kelly st 

Urquhart Mrs William, 27 Lynedoch st 

Urquhart Mrs William B., 23 Kelly st 

UTER Alfred E., mate, i8a Trafalgar st 

UTHLEB Hermann, baker, 95 Dempster st 


VACUUM Oil Co.; representative, Robert Davie, 
jun.; 63 Rue-end St., and Royal Exchange 

VALLANCE William, engineer, 19 Ingleston st 

Vallance Miss Janet, greengrocer, 19 Regent st. Ho. do. 

VANDALLE Mrs L., 31 Ardgowan st, west 

VANHOEVE Mrs John, 26 Trafalgar st 

VANVASHAN Mrs, 41 Crawfurd st 

VASS John, draughtsman, 1 1 Belville st 

Vass Mrs, 1 1 Belville st 

VICTORIA Bar, 13 Hamilton st 

VIRTUE Alexander, brakesman, 7 Holmscroft st 

Virtue Mrs Alexander, 42 Holmscroft st 

Virtue Mrs Jane, 3 Macdougall st 

VIVIAN & Sons, brass and tube makers, copper and yellow- 
metal merchants, Birmingham, London, and Swansea — 
John Jamieson, agent, 2 Cathcart st 

VOSPER Seivous, brassmoulder, 6 Hope st 


WADDEL John, joiner, 3 Lauriston st 

Waddel William, slater, 36 Holmscroft st 

WAD DELL iVlexander, manager, Greenock Equitable Loan 

Co., 97 Dempster st 
Waddell R. D., saugage-maker, 16 West Blackhall st 
Waddell Mrs, 29 Ann st 
WADE David, labourer, 14 Mill st 
Wade James, labourer, 12 Mill st 
Wade John, coal merchant, 5 South st. Ho. 6 Sugarhouse 

Wade William J., labourer, 24 East Crawford st 
WADSWORTH Francis H., master mariner, 19 Bentinck st 
WALDRON James, 25 West Stewart st 
WALKER Alexander, boilermaker, 86 Belville st 
Walker Alexander, joiner, 7 Orangefield pi 
Walker Alexander (of Czarnikow & Co.), 162 Hill st, 

Garnethill, Glasgow 



Walker Anderson, labourer, 7 Prospecthill st 

Walker Andrew, coal merchant, 67 Nicolson st 

Walker Archibald, carpenter, 15 Main st 

Walker Archibald, joiner, 5 Watt st 

Walker Benjamin, moulder, 9 Hill st 

Walker Colin, painter, 6 Sir Michael st 

Walker David, fireman, 1 1 Belville st 

Walker Duncan C, baker, 17 Nelson st, west 

Walker Frederick M., shipowner, Mathurst, 55 Octavia ter 

Walker Henry, insurance agent, 20 Crescent st 

Walker Hugh William (of John Walker & Co.), Bellevue, 

Johnstone st 
Walker H. Richard (of John Walker & Co.), Chaseley, 117 

Eldon st 
Walker James, iron fitter, 33 Lyle st 
Walker John & Co., sugar refiners, 3 Princes st 
Walker John, carting contractor, 10 Buccleuch st. Ho. 57 

Regent st 
Walker John (of John Walker & Co.), 6 Finnart ter 
Walker John, wine and spirit merchant, 17 Cathcartst. Ho. 

16 Robertson st. (See Advt.) 
Walker John G., joiner, 10 Regent st 
Walker John R., salesman, 39 Bank st 

Walker John William (of John Walker & Co.), 61 Union st 
Walker Louson, chartered accountant (of W 7 elsh, W T alker & 

Macpherson), Westhorpe, 44 Newark st 
Walker Robert, joiner, 12 Laird st 
Walker Robert, joiner, 2 Kilblain st 
Walker Robert, labourer, 25 Trafalgar st 
Walker Robert, R.P.C., plumber and zincworker, 32 Rox- 
burgh st. Ho. 27 Dempster st 
Walker Robert Steuart (of M'llwraiths & Walker), Enner- 

dale, 99 Brisbane st 
Walker William & Co., shipping, insurance, and commission 

agents, Post Office buildings, Wallace pi 
Walker William, baker, 7 Brachelston st 
Walker William, clerk, 17 South st 
Walker William, flesher, 33 West Burn st. Ho. 93 

Dempster st 
Walker William, L.R.C.P.S.E., &c, physician and surgeon, 

consulting rooms, 31 Rue-end st. Ho. 14 Union st. 
Walker William (of William Walker & Co.), 49 Brisbane st 


Walker W., chemist and druggist, 31 Rue-end st. Ho. 14 

Union st 1 
Walker Miss, 92 Dempster st 
Walker Mrs George, 2 Ford pi, Finnart st 
Walker Mrs Janet, 22 Trafalgar st 
Walker Mrs, Chaseley, 117 Eldon st 
Walker Mrs, 36 Holmscroft st 
Walker Mrs, 14 Lynedoch st 
Walker Mrs, 3 Regent st 
Walker Mrs, 31 Regent st 

WALLACE A. C, engineer, 34 West Blackhall st 
Wallace & Connell, plumbers and brassfinishers, 4 East 

Blackhall st 
Wallace Charles, blacksmith, 17 Lauriston st 
Wallace David, bookbinder, 18 Wellington st 
Wallace David, moulder, 30 Lynedoch st 
Wallace, Forbes & Co., coal merchants, 4 Bogle st 
Wallace George, labourer, 65 Holmscroft st 
Wallace James, A.M., M.D., L.R.C.S.E., &c, physician 

and surgeon, 16 Union st 
Wallace James & Co., clothiers, 27 Cathcart st 
Wallace James, compositor, 19 Wellington st 
Wallace James, monumental works, 26 Roxburgh st. Ho. 

16 Wellington st 
Wallace James (of James Wallace & Co.), 8 Shaw pi 
Wallace John, butcher, 1 Kilblain st 
Wallace John, gardener, 34 Brougham st 
Wallace Robert, furnishings, 8 Kilblain st 
Wallace Samuel, labourer, 5 Belville st 
Wallace William, brakesman, 9 Mill st 
Wallace William, moulder, 34 Ingleston st 
Wallace William, policeman, 69 Regent st 
Wallace Miss, provision merchant, 64 Vennel. Ho. 30 

South st 
Wallace Mrs Ann, licensed grocer, 16 Antigua st. Ho. 

Wallace Mrs W., 7 Ratho st 
WALLER Joseph, plumber, 80 Dempster st 
WALLS Edmund, potter, 22 Pottery st 
Walls John H., steward, 36 Lynedoch st 
WALSH John, slater, 12 Dalrymple st 
Walsh Miss R., masseuse, 21 Nelson st, west 



WALTON John D., sugar broker, Sugar Exchange. Ho. 

65 Union st 
WARD James, sailmaker, 3 Brougham st 
Ward John Joseph, insurance agent, 20 St. Lawrence st 
Ward Richard, agent, Gourock Ropework Co., 15 Bentinck st 
Ward Walter, civil servant, 42 Brisbane st 
W T ARDEN Allen, shipmaster, 49 Newton st 
Warden Andrew, watch and clockmaker, 45 Hamilton st. 

Ho. 65 Holmscroft st 
Warden John, 6 Union st 
Warden Mrs M., 18 Bentinck st 
WARDLE George (of Fulton & Co.), 34 Finnart st 
WARDROP John, ship steward, 9 Argyle st 
Wardrop Miss, Westbourne High School, 161 Eldon st 
WARK Mrs D., 9 Prospecthill st 
Wark Mrs, 9 Murdieston st 

WARNOCK Andrew, engine driver, 7 East Crawford st 
WARRICK William, skinner, 6 Sinclair st 
WARWICK John, smith, 3 Moffat st 
WATERFORD Steamship Office, 9 Customhouse buildings 

— Allan Swan, agent 
WATERSTON John, blacksmith, 12 Arthur st 
Waterston Miss, 25 Lynedoch st 
WATSON Alexander, engineer, 105 Port-Glasgow rd 
Watson Alexander F., joiner, 1 Hill st 
Watson Alexander L., 15 Finnart st 
Watson Andrew, gardener, 1 1 1 Dempster st 
Watson Andrew, mason, 64 Wellington st 
Watson Daniel, joiner, 6 Lauriston st 
Watson Daniel, joiner, 24 Wellington st 
Watson David, manager (John Jamieson & Co.), 34 Mount 

Pleasant st 
Watson Duncan, engineer, 92 Dempster st 
Watson Gilbert, plumber, 9 Crescent st 
Watson George, gardener, 1 1 1 Dempster st 
Watson Hugh M'P., gasfitter and bellhanger, 12 Sugarhonse 

lane. Ho. 6 Brisbane st 
Watson James, boilermaker, 6 Hay st 
Watson James, carter, 67 Regent st 
Watson James, mason, 5 Nile st 

Watson James, teacher, Hillend Public School. Ho. 25 
Brisbane st 


Watson James, Riverlea, 57 Octavia ter 

Watson James F., wine and spirit merchant, 25 Vennel. 

Ho. 8 Robertson st 
Watson James J., sugarboiler, 85 Dempster st 
Watson John, bill inspector, 36 West Blackhall st 
Watson Matthew, hairdresser, 7 Hamilton st. Ho. 17 

Brisbane st 
Watson Robert, green keeper, 5 Dempster st 
Watson Robert F., clerk, 52 Eldon street 
Watson Thomas, grocer, 12 Ann st. Ho. 30 Roxburgh st 
Watson Thomas, 15 Finnart st 
Watson Thomas C, compositor, 5 Prospecthill st 
Watson William, engineer, 2 1 Roxburgh st 
Watson William, labourer, 53 Belville st 
Watson Miss, 53 Belville st 
Watson Miss, 15 Lynedoch st 
Watson Mrs, baby linen warehouse, 19 West Blackhall st. 

Ho. 23 Kelly st 
Watson Mrs Frederick, 33 Union st 
Watson Mrs J., 33 Roxburgh st 
Watson Mrs N., 6 Murdieston st 
WATT James H., engineer, 62 Regent st 
Watt James, baker, 18 Roxburgh st 
Watt John, detective officer, 23 Dempster st 
Watt John, wine merchant, no Drumfrochar rd. Ho. 52 

South st 
Watt Museum Institution, Kelly st 
Watt Neil, joiner, 4 Moffat st 
Watt Robert, baker, 20 Cartsburn st 
Watt William, wholesale and retail wine and spirit merchant, 

and bonded warehouse proprietor, 47 Vennel and Cus- 

house buildings. Ho. 32 Forsyth st 
WATTERS John S., furniture and hardware dealer, 32 

Vennel. Ho. 20 West Stewart st 
Watters Stewart, mariner, 49 Trafalgar st 
Watters William, gatekeeper, 5 Watt st 
Watters William, ironmoulder, 3 Orchard st 
Watters William, jun., dealer, 43 West Burn st. Ho. 5 Watt st 
Watters Mrs Stewart, 99 Belville st 
WAUGH James, licensed boatman, 7 Nicolson st 
Waugh Richard, registrar, The Shipping Federation (Ltd.). 

Ho. 29 Shaw st 


WAVERLEY Book Bazaar, 27 Brymner st— G. W. Niven 
Waverley Temperance Hotel, 40 West Blackhall st. (See Advt. ) 
WEATHERHEAD George, bank teller, Commercial Bank. 

Ho. 6 Finnart st 
WEBSTER Alexander, cooper, 9 Hope st 
W 7 ebster Charles, engineer, 3 Hill st 
Webster George,, blacksmith, 27 Lynedoch st 
Webster Thomas, pointsman, 22 Lyle st 
Webster William, labourer, 38 Lynedoch st 
Webster Miss, greengrocer, 23 Regent st 
Webster Mrs Alexander, 9 Argyle st 
WEIR Archibald, carpenter, 1 1 Ann st 
Weir Duncan, carpenter, 52 Regent st 
Weir James, blacksmith, 2 Brougham st 
Weir James C, secretary, Greenock Central Co-operative 

Society (Limited), 18 Roxburgh st 
Weir John, blacksmith, 65 Belville st 
Weir John, 1 1 Nicolson st 
Weir Robert, blacksmith, 62 Kelly st 
Weir Thomas, patternmaker, 15 Lauriston st 
Weir Thomas, plumber, 6 Brisbane st 
Weir Miss, furnishings, 1 1 Ann st 
Weir Miss A., 18 Bearhope st 
Weir Misses M. & C, drapers and milliners, 21 West' 

Blackhall st. Ho. 27 M earns st 
Weir Mrs A., 85 Roxburgh st 
Weir Mrs John, 30 Roxburgh st 
WELLINGTON Park Pleasure Grounds. Entrance— 

Drumfrochar rd 
WELL Park Free Church, 3 Lynedoch st . 

Well Park Parish Church, Regent st 
Well Park Promenade. Entrances — Regent st, Bank st, Sir 

John's brae, and Lynedoch st 
WELLS James, carpenter, 22 Sugarhouse lane 
Wells Robert, boilermaker, 48 Lynedoch st 
WELSH James, labourer, 52 East Hamilton st 
Welsh Patrick, labourer, 3 Crescent st 
Welsh Robert, joiner, 15 Belville st 
Welsh Robert, joiner, 13 Lyle st 
Welsh, Walker & Macpherson, chartered accountants, house 

factors, stockbrokers, and insurance agents, 33 Cath- 

cart st 


Welsh William, labourer. 7 William st 

Welsh Mrs, 66 Ann st 

WESLEYAN Methodist Chapel, 4 Ardgowan st, west 

WEST India and Pacific Co., Limited— Agents, Andrew 
Picken & Co., Arcade 

West Joseph, clerk, 5 1 Holmscroft st 

West-end Baths, Limited, 5 Campbell st— J. Tannahill, hon. 

West-end Laundry, 1 Kelly st 

West Free Church, 1 1 Ardgowan st, west 

West Parish Church, Nelson st, west 

West Robert D., salesman, 3 Holmscroft st 

WESTMACOTT Henry W., draper, 38 Lynedoch st 

WESTON Robert, labourer, 7 Crescent st 

WHEAT Sheaf Hotel, 6 Church pi 

WHITE Andrew, salesman, 8 Nile st 

White Archibald, confectioner, 20 Inverkip st 

White Archibald, engineer, 25 Brymner st 

White David, spirit merchant, 8 Inverkip st. Ho. Ford 
cottage, 1 Finnart st 

White & Ferguson, china warehouse, 42 Ann st. Ho. do. 

W 7 hite George, baker, 42 Holmscroft st 

White Hart Hotel, 50 Cathcart st. (See Advt.) 

White James, grocer, 70 Ann st. Ho. 11 Roxburgh st 

White James, salesman, 113 Dempster st 

White James, tugboatman, 49 Shaw st 

White Samuel, grocer, 43 Vennel. Ho. 18 Bearhope st 

White Star Line Steamers, Liverpool to New York — Ross, 
Corbett & Co., agents, 46 Brymner st 

White William, sailmaker, 36 St. Lawrence st 

White William, seaman, 30 Wellington st 

White William & Son, engineers, launch builders, brass- 
founders, &c, 34 Roxburgh st. Ho. 32 Nelson st, west 

White Miss, fruiterer, 71 Regent st 

White Miss, Campfield house, Cardwell rd 

White Miss Jane, 24 Lyle st 

White Mrs James, 5 1 Holmscroft st 

White Mrs John, 104 Drumfrochar rd 

WHITEFORD Andrew, gasfitter, 15 Roxburgh st 

Whiteford David E., engineer, 9 Hope st 

Whiteford James, M.D., L.R.C.S.E., consulting rooms, 29 
Hamilton st. Ho. 6 Forsyth st 


2 59 

Whiteford James H., house painter and decorator, 3 Argyle 

st. Ho. 52 Kelly st 
Whiteford James H. G., B.A., M.B., CM., physician and 

surgeon, consulting rooms, 29 Hamilton st. Ho. 

Glendonwyn, 10 Eldon st 
Whiteford James, joiner, 10 Kelly st 
Whiteford John, brassflnisher, 13 Crescent st 
Whiteford Robert, bandmaster, 1st R. & D. Artillery 

Volunteers, 5 Orangefield pi 
Whiteford William, fitter, 108 Dempster st 
Whiteford William, flesher, 4 Holmscroft st 
Whiteford William, joiner, 93 Roxburgh st 
Whiteford William, woodturner, 1 1 Regent st 
WHITEHEAD Thomas, gardener, 17 Newark st 
WHITEHILL Daniel, carpenter, 24 Cartsburn st 
Whitehill John, boilermaker, 7 Hope st 
WHITELAW Adam, smith, 22 Lyle st 
Whitelaw Alexander & Co., brickbuilders, brickmakers, and 

contractors, 76 Drumfrochar rd. Works, Dargarel, 

Whitelaw Hugh N. (cashier at David J. Dunlop & Co.'s), 

Glenhuntly cottage, Port-Glasgow 
Whitelaw John, carver, gilder, mirror and picture-frame 

maker, 13 Nicolson st. Ho. 7 Caddlehill ter 
Whitelaw Robert, clerk, 81 Roxburgh st 
Whitelaw Robert, 15 Brachelston st 
Whitelaw Thomas, coppersmith, 14 Mearns st 
Whitelaw Miss, 49 Mearns st 
Whitelaw Mrs, draper, 87 Roxburgh st 
WHITESIDE Alexander, draper, 86 Roxburgh st. Ho. 

82 do. 
Whiteside David, grocer, 3 Mackenzie st. Ho. do. 
WHITSON Robert, jun., brassflnisher, 18 Trafalgar st 
WHYTE Allan, seaman, 67 Roxburgh st 
Whyte Archibald, engine-driver, 23 Lynedoch st 
Whyte Archibald, H.M. Customs, 31 Trafalgar st 
Whyte Archibald, jun., brassflnisher, 29 Trafalgar st 
Whyte Donald, Customs' boatman, 10 Jamaica st 
Whyte George, machinery and iron merchant, 13 John st. 

Ho. 27 Lyle st 
Whyte George, painter, 12 Lynedoch st 
Whyte James, sailmaker, 5 East breast. Ho. 16 Wellington st 


Whyte John, painter, 25 Regent st 

Whyte Matthew, engineer, 24 Belville st 

Whyte Thomas, carpenter, 61 Belville st 

Whyte Thomas, engineer, 2 1 Ingleston st 

Whyte Thomas, tinsmith, gasfitter, sheet iron, copper, and 

brass worker, 17 Brymner st. Ho. 14 Wellington st 
Whyte Walter, engineer, 28 Mearns st 
WIGHT George, engine-driver, 7 Carwood st 
WIGHTMAN Alexander, machineman, 50 St Lawrence st 
WILD William, patternmaker, 24 St. Lawrence st 
Wild Mrs, 10 Lyle st 

WILKIE Alexander, blacksmith, 51 Kelly st 
Wilkie Alexander, carpenter, 33 Lyle st 
Wilkie Archibald, boilermaker, 6 West Stewart st 
Wilkie James, mason, 64 Kelly st 
Wilkie John, engineer and storekeeper, British Marine 

Salvage Co. Ho. 17 Antigua st 
Wilkie John, joiner, 19 Lyle st 
Wilkie Malcolm, carpenter, 66 Regent st 
Wilkie Mrs, ladies' nurse, 55 Holmscroft st 
Wilkie Mrs, 45 Hamilton st 
WILKIN Thomas, vanman, 33 West Stewart st 
WILKINSON Robert, iron plater, n Antigua st 
Wilkinson Cecil, schoolmaster, 81 Holmscroft st 
Wilkinson Miss, dressmaker, 13 Nelson st, west 
Wilkinson Mrs Samuel, 7 East Crawford st 
Wilkinson Mrs, 10 Brisbane st 
WILKISON Allan, 6 Chapel st 
WILLCOX Edward, machinist, 22 John st 
WILLIAMS Arthur, seaman, 16 Dalrymple st 
Williams J. & E., sugarbrokers, Sugar Exchange and London 
Williams George, sugar porter, 65 Nicolson st 
Williams Richard, R.N., 96 Dempster st 
Williams William, boilermaker, 4 Garvald st 
Williams William, engineer, 79 Belville st 
Williams Mrs George, 1 Ardgowan st, Glebe 
Williams Mrs William, 6 Chapel st 
WILLIAMSON Alexander, accountant, stockbroker, and 

house factor, 49 Cathcart st. Ho. 1 1 Antigua st 
Williamson Alexander, carpenter, 3 Virginia st 
Williamson Alexander, marine superintendent, G. & S.-W. 

Railway Co., Princes Pier. Ho. 55 Esplanade 


Williamson Alexander, labourer, 1 1 Mill st 
Williamson Anderson, mercantile clerk, 22 Robertson st 
Williamson & Gray, joiners and builders, 5 1 Vennel 
Williamson Charles, clerk, 34 Nelson st, west 
Williamson George, engineer, 28 East Hamilton st 
Williamson George, writer and notary public, clerk (Burgh) 
School Board, Special Local Secretary Science and Art 
Department, and Secretary to Greenock Infirmary, 
Municipal buildings, Wallace pi. Ho. 37 Newton st 
Williamson James, engineer, 49 Trafalgar st 
Williamson James, marine superintendent, Caledonian 

Steam Packet Co., Gourock. Ho. 59 Octavia ter 
Williamson James, salesman, 3 1 Lyle st 
Williamson John, cooper, 63 Ann st 
Williamson John, optician, 10 Lynedoch st 
Williamson John, river pilot, 35 West Stewart st 
Williamson John, timekeeper, 2 Wemyss Bay st 
Williamson Peter S., commission and produce merchant, 9 

Highland Close. Ho. 29A Newton st 
Williamson Robert, blacksmith, 1 1 Antigua st 
Williamson William, labourer, 19 Prospecthill st 
Williamson William, steward, 74 Wellington st 
Williamson Mrs George, 35 Lynedoch st 
Williamson Mrs John, dressmaker, 14 Brisbane st 
Williamson Mrs, 35 Brisbane st 
WILLS Peter, dyer, 71 Ann st 
WILSON Alexander, boilermaker, 17 Lynedoch st 
Wilson Alexander, flesher, 33 Ann st. Ho. 78 Holmscroft st 
Wilson Alexander, labourer, 16 Crescent st 
Wilson Alexander M. (of A. & J. Wilson), 2 Shaw pi 
Wilson Archibald, sugarboiler, 20 Bearhope st 
Wilson A. & J., furnishing ironmongers and ship chandlers, 

65 Rue-end st 
Wilson David, blacksmith, n Lauriston st 
Wilson David, engineer, 24 Bruce st 
Wilson David, engineer, 64 Drumfrochar rd 
Wilson David, fitter, 59 Holmscroft st 
Wilson David, grain merchant, 46 Rue-end st. Ho. 51 do. 
Wilson Donald, meter inspector, 30 Brymner st 
Wilson Edward & Son, wholesale drysalters, produce mer- 
chants, and salt importers, 25 Charles st 
Wilson George, dispensing chemist, 40 Cathcart st 


Wilson Edward, jun., merchant (of Edward Wilson & Son), 

Woodthorpe, 21 Esplanade 
Wilson Edward (of Edward Wilson & Son), Woodthorpe, 21 

Wilson Hugh, joiner, 31 Dempster st 
Wilson James, boilermaker, 3 Lauriston st 
Wilson James, ladies' and gent.'s tailor and clothier, 17 

Hamilton st. Ho. 19 Dempster st 
Wilson James (of A. & J. Wilson), 29 Mearns st 
Wilson James, patternmaker, 25 Belville st 
Wilson James, salesman, 79 Wellington st 
Wilson James D., gamekeeper, Murdieston cot 
Wilson James L., timekeeper, 66 East Crawford st 
Wilson James P., joiner, 15 Brachelston st 
Wilson J. & R., bakers, 14 Ann st 
Wilson John, brassfinisher, 58 Drumfrochar rd 
Wilson John, caulker, 4 Old Hillend 
Wilson John, engineer, 14 Ann st 
Wilson John, fitter, 23 Ingleston st 
Wilson John, general drapery warehouse, 36 and 38 Charles 

st. Ho. 3 George sq 
Wilson John, head-master, Glebe Public School, 27 Newton st 
Wilson John, joiner, 2 Mearns st 
Wilson John, labourer, 1 Mill st 
Wilson John (of J. & R. Wilson), 16 Wellington st 
Wilson John, painter, 13 Murdieston st 
Wilson John, plumber, 85 Wellington st 
Wilson John, riveter, 38 Main st 
Wilson John, riveter, 1 Ratho st 
Wilson M., aerated water manufacturer, 38 Vennel. Ho. 26 

Patrick st 
Wilson Michael, coal merchant and insurance agent, 29 

West Burn st. Ho. 81 Holmscroft st 
Wilson Michael, ironmonger, 8 Lynedoch st. Ho. 39 Bank st 
Wilson Peter, labourer, 73 Ann st 
Wilson Peter C. C, telegraphist, 22 Trafalgar st 
Wilson Rev. William, minister of Wellpark Parish Church. 

Ho. 17 Finnart st 
Wilson Robert, caulker, 2 Garvald st 
Wilson Robert, compositor, 21 Antigua st 
Wilson Robert, headmaster, Highlanders' Academy. Ho. 9 

Wellington st 


Wilson Robert, labourer, 6 Inverkip st 

Wilson Robert, plumber, 5 2 Holmscroft st 

Wilson Robert, teacher, 13 Lyle st 

Wilson Thomas, baker, 8 Nicolson st 

Wilson Thomas, checker, 126 Drumfrochar rd 

Wilson Thomas, coachman, 7 Houston st 

Wilson Thomas, cooper, 2 Crawford lane 

Wilson Thomas, mason, 85 Wellington st 

Wilson Thomas, secretary and general manager of the 

Greenock Harbour Trust, and clerk to Clyde Pilot 

Board, Municipal buildings. Ho. 49 Esplanade 
Wilson Walter, eating-house, 19 Tobago st 
Wilson Walter, superintendent of assurance agents, Refuge 

Assurance Co., Limited, City buildingsr 32 Cathcartst. 

Ho. 43 Royal st, Gourock 
Wilson William, baker, 27 Rue-end st. Ho. Lilyhurst, ib 

Lynedoch st 
Wilson William, hatter, hosier, and outfitter, Paragon house, 

43 and 45 Cathcart st. Ho. Redlands, Robertson st 
Wilson William, joiner, 3 Lauriston st 
Wilson William, jun., accountant, house factor, and insurance 

agent, 26 Hamilton st 
W 7 ilson William A., M.D., CM., physician and surgeon. 

Consulting rooms, 27 West Burn st. Ho. Thorncliffe, 

54 Brisbane st 
Wilson Misses A. & E., 6 Brisbane st 
Wilson Miss Andrew, 42 Regent st 
Wilson Mrs I)., 19 Brisbane st 
Wilson Mrs J. G., 3 Macdougall st 
Wilson Mrs J., 22 St. Lawrence st 
Wilson Mrs Jane, 3 George sq 
Wilson Mrs John, 9 Trafalgar st 
W 7 ilson Mrs Margaret, 26 Hamilton st 
Wilson Mrs. 16 Kilblain st 
Wilson Mrs, 17 Lynedoch st 
Wilson Mrs, 2 Murdieston st 
WILSON'S & Clyde Coal Co. (Limited), coalmasters, 5 

Chapel st 
WIMBS Michael, confectioner, 18 Arthur st 
WINGATE & Co., boot and shoe merchants, 29 West Burn st 
Wingate John, machinist, 43 Lynedoch st 
Wingate John S., accountant, 72 Eldon st 


Wingate Mrs, 67 Belville st 

WINK J. & Co., cabinetmakers, upholsterers, and bedding 

manufacturers, 29 West Burn st 
Wink John (of J. Wink & Co.), 19 Nelson st, west 
WINTER William, engineer, 33 East Crawford st 
WINTON David, coal agent, 79 Dempster st 
WISHART John, cabinetmaker, 43 West Blackhall st 
WITH Harold G. (of Petersen, Honeyman & Co.), 12 

Patrick st 
WITTER Arthur J., clerk, H.M., Customs, 52 Kelly st 
WOHLGEMUTH John, mate, 18 Bogle st 
WOLLTMAN Martin, sugar boiler, 31 Ingleston st 
WOOD Allan, cooper, 37 Sir Michael st 
Wood James & William, Ltd., coalmasters, 14 Brougham st 
Wood James, district manager, Scottish Legal Life Assurance 

Society, 46 Cathcart st. Ho. 89 Dempster st 
Wood James, fireman, 7 Watt st 
Wood James (of J. & W. Wood), Bathville, Bathgate 
Wood John, coal merchant, Upper Greenock Goods Depart- 
ment. Ho. 47 Mearns st 
Wood Joseph, brakesman, 6 Hay st 
Wood Robert C, ship's husband, 26 Brisbane st 
Wood William, assistant firemaster, Wallace sq 
Wood William, joiner, 99 Port-Glasgow rd 
Wood William, labourer, 36 Ingleston st 
Wood William (of J. & W. Wood), Ardgowan, Kilmalcolm 
Wood William, smith and cartwright, 5 Bogle st Ho. 10 

Lynedoch st 
Wood Mrs Robert, 29 Ardgowan st, west 
Wood Mrs Thomas, 16 Robertson st 
Wood Mrs William, 15 Brisbane st 
WOODBURN William D., L.D.S., &c, surgeon-dentist, 

22 Eldon st 
Woods Daniel, fireman, 52 East Hamilton st 
Woods Henry, ironturner, 35 West Shaw st 
Woods Miss, dressmaker, 1 1 Nelson st, west 
WOORELL Mrs Mary, 34 West Blackhall st 
WOTHERSPOON Mrs, fishmonger, 24 Lynedoch st. Ho. 

13 do. 
WRAY Peter, 43 Lynedoch st 
WREDE & Co., sugar brokers and commission merchants, 

City buildings, 32 Cathcart st 


Wrede, F. L., shipbroker, 25 Bentinck st 

Wrede John C. (of Wrede & Co.), South hill, 20 East 
Crawford st 

WRIGHT Alexander, theatrical manager, Theatre Royal, 
Glen Park, 21 Eldon st 

Wright Alexander, gas meter maker, 17 Newton st 

Wright David, dyer, 59 Ann st 

Wright David, fish merchant, 57 Holmscroft st 

Wright David, mechanic, 61 Ann st 

Wright George, tailor, 92 Dempster st 

Wright James, joiner, 32 West Blackhall st 

Wright James (of Peter Wright & Son), Commonhead house, 
Larkfield rd, Ravenscraig 

Wright James, sergeant-major, Volunteers, 14 South st 

Wright John, policeman, 33 Roxburgh st 

Wright Joseph, umbrella manufacturer, 16 Hamilton st. ; 
Glasgow warehouses, 106 Argyle st, 48 Argyle arcade, 
71 Union st, branch, 405 New City rd, umbrella maker 
to the Queen, members of the Royal Family, and all 
the notables of the day ; sole manufacturer of the 
" Royal Drooko " umbrella (registered) ; umbrellas 
suitable for presentation ; umbrellas re-covered in one 
hour ; factory and office, 219A Argyle st ; telephone No. 
4954. Ho. Elmbank house, East Kilbride. (See Advt.) 

Wright Peter & Son, slaters and cement workers, slate and 
cement merchants, 32 Inverkip st 

Wright Robert, engineer, 24 Antigua st 

Wright Robert, tailor and clothier, 34 West Blackhall st. 
Ho. 36 Nelson st, west. (See Advt.) 

Wright Thomas, carter, 1 1 East Blackhall st 

Wright W. Bruce, chemist and druggist, 9 Lynedoch st. 
Ho. 87 Roxburgh st 

Wright William & Co., drapers and hosiers, 4 Argyle st. 
Ho. 42 Holmscroft st 

Wright William, coal merchant, 29 Belville st 

Wright W. J., solicitor and notary public, 27 West Burn st. 
Ho. 75 Union st 

Wright Mrs, 85 Dempster st 

Wright Mrs, 75 Union st 

WYLIE Alexander, brassfinisher, 7 Hill st 

Wylie Alexander, engine driver, 10 Jamaica st 

Wylie David, engineer, 5 Belville st 


Wylie Henry, woodturner, 10 Hope st 
Wylie James, carpenter, 3 Ingleston st 
Wylie James, engineer, grocer, and branch Post Office, 84 

Belville st. Ho. 97 do. 
Wylie John, gateman, 6 Pottery st 
Wylie Joseph, boilermaker, 9 Lynedoch st 
Wylie Robert, engine-driver, 50 Holmscroft st 
Wylie Mrs Hugh, 34 West Blackball st 
Wylie Mrs John, tobacconist, 83 Roxburgh st 
WYLLIE James, bookkeeper, 62 Drumfrochar rd 
Wyllie James, draughtsman, Raith cottage, Balwharly rd 
Wyllie Miss, tailoress, 22 Arthur st 
Wyllie Mrs, grocer, 9 Serpentine walk 
WYNESS George, storeman. 1 7 Brachelston st 
Wyness Thomas, police sergeant, 14 Murdieston st 
Wyness Mrs Helen, 27 Nelson st, west 
WYSE Alexander, confectioner, 29 Hamilton st. Ho. do. 
Wyse Alexander, joiner, 34 Mount Pleasant st 

YEATS George, cutler, 48 Rue-end st 

YEO Mrs D. D., 69 Nicolson st 

YEOMAN Alexander, carpenter, 1 Harvie lane 

YIELDER Richard, restaurateur and purveyor, 41 Hamilton 

st. Ho. Cavers bank, Paisley 
YORK Henry F,, shipmaster, 5 Shaw pi 
YORSTON Miss, spirit dealer, 81 Roxburgh st 
YOUNG Adam (of Young, Adam & Co.), 19 Roxburgh st 
Young, Adam & Co., confectioners, oatcake, and biscuit 

factory, 24 Tobago st 
Young Andrew, headmaster, Mearns Street Public School. 

Ho. 15 Robertson st 
Young Archibald, joiner, 68 Kelly st 
Young Brothers, shipbrokers, Palmerston buildings. Ho. 

Young David, inspector of weights and measures, and 

inspector under the "Sale of Food and Drugs Acts,"' 

Municipal buildings, Wallace sq. Ho. 24 Patrick st 
Young David (of Morton & Young), 2 Wellington st 
Young David R., plumber, 10 Hope st 
Young George, salesman, 17 Brachelston st 


Young & Gillies, live stock salesmen, Auction Mart, 2 

Laird st. Ho. 24 Nelson st 
Young Hamilton, clerk, 9 Watt st 
Young Hamilton, engine-driver, 52 West Blackhall st. 
Young Hugh M., recorder of weights, 3 Ford pi, Finnart st 
Young Hugh S , salesman, 21 Trafalgar st 
Young James, chartered accountant (Welsh, Walker & 

Macpherson), 9 Ardgowan sq 
Young James, shipmaster, 27 Robertson st 
Young J. & Co., drapers, 35 Hamilton st. Ho. 26 

Robertson st 
Young J. & J., bakers, 42 Lynedoch st. Ho. do. 
Young J. & R. & Co., shipbrokers, steam and sail, 32 

Cathcart st 
Yonng John A., janitor, 49 Ann st 
Young John, joiner, 2 Garvald st 
Young John, watchman, 1 Ratho st 
Young J. S. (of W. B. Salmon & Young,) 57 Esplanade 
Young Rev. John, minister of Trinity U.P. Church. Ho. 9 

Ardgowan sq 
Young Robert, dairy, 40 Lynedoch st 
Young Robert, skinner, 24 Lyle st 
Young Stewart, moulder, 21 Wellington st 
Young Thomas, labourer, 26 East Hamilton st 
Young Thomas, saw sharper, 1 Springkell st 
Young William salesman, 97 Roxburgh st 
Young William, shipping clerk, 30 Roxburgh st 
Young William, 81 Finnart st 
Young William J., feuar, 19 Roxburgh st 
Young Miss Christina, 15 Nelson st, west 
Young Mrs A., confectioner, 29 Brougham st. Ho. 29 

Newton st 
Young Mrs Agnes, 29A Newton st 
Young Mrs Thomas, 9 Cathcart st 
Young Mrs, confectioner, 20 Hamilton st 
Young Mrs, midwife, 2 Mearns st 
YOUNGER Robert L., 22 Fox st 
YUILL James, coal merchant, 25 Crawfurd st. Ho. 9 

Laird st 
Yuill W T alter, art teacher, School of Art, Town Hall. Ho. 

21 Lyle st 
Yuill Mrs, 3 Virginia st 



33 Cathcart Street, Greenock. 

56 & 58 St. Enoch Square, 

124 Union Street, and 609 & 611 New City Road, GLASGOW. 
St. Mirren Street, Cross, PAISLEY. 


(0 $ 







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* ? < 




. . . AND . . . 


. . . AT . . . 






■o o 

2 2. 

3 2 o 

2. § % 

«+ 2. "o 

e- © w 


J» <D 

Established in 1879 FOR THE Preparation and Supply of 


Photographic and other Chemicals, 
Surgical and Agricultural Requisites, 
And Patent and Proprietary Medicines, 


For Drugs and Chemicals in Quantity for Home or Exportation. 

trades' directory. 269 


(Arra?iged by Profession.) 


Alexander & Dixon, Post Office buildings (west side) 

Banks & Miller, 45 Hamilton st 

Blair William, 1 Watt pi 

Bone & Buchanan, Municipal buildings 

Campbell Dugald, 49 Cathcart st 

Chalmers William, 5 West Blackhall st 

Hardie & Allan (C.A.), 2 Watt pi 

Macfarlan Robert, 45 Brisbane st 

Morison John, 29 West Burn st 

Murray John, 14 West Blackhall st 

Nicoll James, 2 Bank st 

Paterson & Anderson, 1 3 Hamilton st 

Paul John, 14 Hamilton st 

Ramsay Hope Stewart, Post Office buildings 

Sinclair & Co., 46 Cathcart st 

Thomson Colin, 2 Robertson st 

Welsh, Walker & Macpherson, 33 Cathcart st 

Williamson Alexander, 49 Cathcart st 

Wilson William, 26 Hamilton st 

^Erated Water Manufacturers. 

Comrie Brothers, 14 Cathcart st 

Fowlis Brothers, 61 Nicolson st 

Greenock Apothecaries' Crated Water Co., 1 Laird st 

Greenock Mineral Water Co., Waverley lane 

Lawson Brothers, 14 Chapel st 

Smith Richard, 32 Sugarhouse lane 

Wilson M., 38 Vennel 



Boston, Menzies & Morton, 1 1 William st 
Buchanan William G., 17 Hamilton st 
Grant Patrick, 10 Kelly st 
M'Arthur & Orkney, 32 Cathcart st 
Paterson J. & H. M. (naval), 32 Eldon st 
Stewart James B., 2 Hamilton st 
Strachan George, Dhuneld, Cardwell rd 

Auctioneers and Appraisers. 

Bowman James & Sons, 33 West Blackhall st 
Cameron Dugald, 12 Sugarhouse lane 
Chalmers Robert & Son, 12 Charles st 
Cook Robert, 33 Market st 
Cook Robert, jun., 26 West Blackhall st 
Young & Gillies, 2 Laird st 

Bag Merchants. 

Bannigan Mrs Dennis, 18 Cathcart st 

London and Greenock Bag and Sack Co., 5 Jamaica st 

Muir & Weir, Upper Ingleston 

Paterson Charles M., 19 Cartsburn st 

Petrie James, 4 George sq 

The Greenock Bagging Co., 46 Cathcart st 


Brock Robert, 9 Crescent st 

Brown Archibald, 8 West Blackhall st and 13 Finnart st 

Brown James, 50 Holmscroft st 

Brown John, 45 Hamilton st, 1 1 Union st and 5 Rue-end st 

Clark Archibald, 37 Ann st 

Craig John, 28 Lynedoch st 

Cunningham Robert, 40 Nelson st, west 

East-end Co-operative Society, 18 East Crawford st 

trades' directory. 


Galbreath John, jun., 41 West Blackhall st 

Greenock Central Co-operative Society, 18 Roxburgh st 

Henry Charles, rj Kilblain st and 24 Ann st 

Hutton Brothers, 18 Cathcart st 

Kirkwood Adam, 87 Roxburgh st 

Kirkwood Alexander, 92 Roxburgh st 

M'Aulay W. G. & Co., 20 Vennel, and Branches 

M'Cormick John, Palmerston buildings, and 9 Brisbane st 

M'Cowat Thomas, 15 Cartsburn st 

M'Dougall Duncan, 5 Hamilton st 

M'Farlane William, 4 Inverkip st 

Mackay Thomas, 21 West Blackhall st 

Mackenzie & Walker, Dellingburn sq 

M'Neilage John, 17 Antigua st 

Macrae James, 15 East Shaw st and 7 William st 

Moffat Robert, 16 Lynedoch st 

Muir Allan, 15 West Blackhall st 

Muir William, 12 Cathcart st 

Robinson Archibald M'C, 31 Ann st 

Scott Alexander, 1 Prospecthill st 

Scott John, 55 Vennel 

Service John, Regent st 

Smith Alexander, 81 Belville st 

Watt Robert, 20 Cartsburn st 

Wilson J. & R., 14 Ann st 

Wilson William, 27 Rue-end st 

Young Adam & Co., 24 Tobago st 

Young J. & J., 42 Lynedoch st 

Basket Makers. 

Docker Edward, 24 St Lawrence st 
Miller James, 8 Kilblain st 

Basket and Toy Warehouse Keepers. 

Fleming & Smith, 14 Cathcart st 
Fleming Miss, 13 West Blackhall st 
Gardiner Mrs Archibald, 16 West Blackhall st 
Herbert R. W., 7 Grey pi 


Kerr Hugh, 16 West Blackhall st 

Logan Francis, 16 Lynedoch st and 79 Roxburgh st 

Lowe Miss, 37 West Burn st 

M'Intosh William, 25 Ann st 

Scott Miss Bethia, 85J Belville st 

Thomson Robert, 27 Hamilton st 

Beam and Scale Makers. 

Edmiston George, 4 Dalrymple st 
Henry A. & Co., 39 Cathcart st 

Bedding Manufacturers. 

Bedding Warehouse, 28 Cathcart st 

Hodge Mitchell & Son, 12 West Blackhall st 

Kidd Brothers, 6 Grey pi 

M'Geachy James & Son (wholesale), Municipal buildings 

Rowan J. G. & Co., Cathcart sq 

Wink J. & Co., 29 West Burn st 

M'Millan Matthew, 21 and 23 Cathcart st 


Brough John, 4 Chapel st 
Buchanan Archibald, 7 East Stewart st 
Buchanan H. & Co., n West breast 
Campbell John, 1 1 Ropework st 
Chalmers Alexander, 30 Nicolson st 
Cook Archibald, 4 Charles st 
Connie John, 31 Hamilton st 
Dewar & Co., 26 Charles st 
Findlay & Co., 29 West Burn st 
Hall Joshua, 39 Nicolson st 



Henry A. & Co., 39 Cathcart st 

Lamont James, 3 Dellingburn st 

M'Arthur Archibald, 15 Cathcart st 

M'Farlane James & Co., 20 Cathcart st 

M'Intyre Donald, 13 Duncan st and 22 Bearhope st 

M'Kellar Robert, 13 Brougham st 

Maclean Ronald, 8 Baker st 

Mills Robert, 5 Dock breast 

Morton & Kidd, 2 Hunter pi 

Park John, 28 Roxburgh st 

Reid Archibald, 14 Bogle st 

Rodger John, 16 William st 

Simpson Alexander, 37 Trafalgar st 

Sinclair Angus & Co., 21 Cathcart st 

Smith James, 7 Duncan st 

Smith Thomas, New Dock lane and 20 Shaw st 

Stewart Daniel B., 14 West Blackhall st 

Thomson John, 2 West burn st 

Wood William, 5 Bogle st 


Jones Paul & Son, Battery park, Eldon st 
Lambie J. M. & Sons, Macdougall st 
Lambie J. M. & R., 5 Ratho st 
Lambie Robert, Macdougall st 
Orr Thomas C, 5 St. Andrew st 
Orr Thomas, jun., 2 East Blackhall st 
'Ramsay Hugh & Co., 29 Main st 
Turnbull Jonathan, 49 Rue-end st 


Baird Robert A., Municipal buildings 
M'Kelvie James & Sons, 34 Hamilton st 
Morrison John & Sons, 67 Rue-end st 
Niven G. W., 27 Brymner st 
Smith James, 35 Nicolson st 

274 trades' directory. 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Arthur Thomas, 23 Sir Michael st 

Baird Robert A., Municipal buildings 

Baxter Brothers (wholesale), 29 Shaw st 

Black James W., 17 West Blackhall st 

Blackwood Misses C & J., 1 Lauriston st 

Boyd James, 1 Ann st 

Campbell Alexander & Son (wholesale) 46 Hamilton st 

Chalmers Miss M., 73 Nicolson st 

Craig Hugh, 29 Regent st 

Dunn Andrew, 35 Cathcart st 

Flockhart Mrs John, 8 West Blackhall st 

Foulds Mrs, 30 Cathcart st 

Fulton & Co., 3 Grey pi 

Griffiths Jane, 31 West Blackhall st 

Haig Mrs James, 34 West Burn st 

Herbert R. W., 7 Grey pi 

Innes William, 40 Hamilton st 

Laing M., 17 Rue-end st 

Logan Francis, 16 Lynedoch st and 79 Roxburgh st 

M'Donald Mrs Frank, 9 Brisbane st 

MacFarlane Dugald, 38 East Hamilton st 

M'Gregor D. & Co., 32 Brymner st 

Macintyre Charles J., 3 Brougham st 

M'Kelvie James & Sons, 34 Hamilton st 

M'Kenzie Mrs, 66 Vennel 

Machell Miss, 25 Nelson st, west 

Marshall Mrs Janet, 57 Inverkip st 

Montague George, 7 Cross-shore st 

Morrison John & Sons, 67 Rue-end st 

Niven G. W., 27 Brymner st 

Rae Thomas, 32 Hamilton st 

Rankin George J., 22 Brymner st 

Boot and Shoemakers. 

Armour Matthew, 56 Kelly st 
Blink J., 22 Hamilton st 
Borland Alexander, 8 William st 



Brown David, 18 Brisbane st 

Campbell Robert, 68 Drumfrochar rd 

Collier Simon & Son, 21 Hamilton st 

Cowley Charles, 42 West Burn st 

Dick R. & J., 22 Cathcart st 

Dickson James, 67 Rue-end st 

Docherty James, 49 Rue-end st 

Dunbar James, 29 Sugarhouse lane 

Edgar John, 32 East Shaw st 

Ellis James, 44 Brymner st 

Fisher John, 96 Roxburgh st 

Freedman A., 19 Cathcart st 

Gray John & Co., 16 Hamilton st 

Greenock (Central) Co-Operative Society, 16 Roxburgh st 

Greves Alexander, 40 West Burn st 

Hargan James, 9 West Blackhall st and 8 W r est Stewart st 

Kennedy John, 26 Hamilton st 

Lang James, 20 Tobago st 

M'Anally Henry, 3 Lauriston st 

Macdonald Mrs Mary, 27 Regent st 

M'Dougall Duncan, 34 Ann st 

M'Garrity Robert, 24 Union st 

M'George James, 58 Rue-end st 

M'Glashan Mrs J. C, 20 Hamilton st 

M'Gregor Miss E., 7 Cathcart st 

M'Henry Henry, 28 West Burn st 

M'Kendrick Daniel, 33 Rue-end st 

M'Killop Donald, 26 West Blackhall st 

M'Leay Duncan, 28 Lynedoch st 

M'Leod Donald, 21 Rue-end st 

M'Neil John, 1 Union st 

M'Neilage George R., 59 Inverkip st 

Macpherson John, jun., 29 Hamilton st 

M'Queen Alexander, 29 Roxburgh st 

Owen Robert, 9 Rue-end and 2 Cartsburn st 

Parker John, 20 St. Lawrence st and 22 Lynedoch st 

Paterson A. & W., 41 Hamilton st and branches 

Paterson Charles, 3 1 Cathcart st and 5 Grey pi 

Patrick Adam & Son, 6 West Blackhall st 

Purdie P. & G., 37 Hamilton st 

Reynolds Peter, 8 Inverkip st 

Robb James, 46 Inverkip st and 21 Regent st 

276 trades' directory. 


Smith John, 46 Hamilton st 
Stead & Simpson, Limited, 14 Hamilton st 
Stevenson F. C, 19 West Blackhall st 
Strachan Andrew, 41 West Burn st 
Telfer J. & J., 38 Hamilton st 
Thomson Duncan C, 70 Eldon st 
Wingate & Co., 29 West Burn st 


Adam William & Co., 2 and 3 Dock breast 
Barr & Co., Orchard and Ingleston sts 
Carson Henry, 26 Crawfurd st 
Duff James & Sons, 47 Rue-end st 
Duncan & Sharp, Ladyburn 
Fairgrieve Andrew & Sons, 6 West breast 
Foulds Matthew, 2 East India breast 
Logan Francis & Sons, 21 Nicolson st 
M'Ewing Dugald, 43 Rue-end st and 1 Bank st 
M'Jannet John, 1 Newton st and 62 Inverkip st 
Montgomery Robert, 9 East Stewart st 
Stewart Daniel B., 14 West Blackhall st 
Wallace & Connell, 4 East Blackhall st 
White William & Son, 34 Roxburgh st 

Armitage & Co., 8 Captain st 


Barbour Richard, 15 Market st 
Bradley Anthony, 58 Vennel 
Burns Mrs, 3 Ann st 
Cannon Martin, 52 Shaw st 
Colligan Patrick & Co., 22 Shaw st 
Douglas David, 2 Vennel 
Egelson James, 60 Main st 
Hammond Mrs Mary, 20 Charles st 

trades' directory. 277 

Henderson Arthur, 34 Ann st 
Kelso Charles, 6 Inverkip st 
Kelvin Mrs, 18 Tobago st 
Lafferty Mrs, 8 Smith's lane 
Lamont Miss Isabella, 71 Vennel 
Logan Miss L., 4 Tobago st 
Loughran William, 3 Lindsay's lane 
M 'Cairn Mrs, 8 East Blackhall st 
M'Cloy Daniel, 51 Crawfurd st 
M'Cutcheon Mrs, 8 Manse lane 
M'Gaughran John, 7 Market st 
M'Gowan Alexander, 46 Shaw st 
M'Laughlin Daniel, 3 East Blackhall st 
M'Millan Terrance, 29 Dalrymple st 
Morris Mrs, 20 Tobago st 
Morrison William, 23 Tobago st 
Murphy Edward, 26 Dalrymple st 
Murphy Mrs Robert, to Cartsburn st 
O'Brien Catherine, 33 Dalrymple st 
Smith John, 22 Ann st 
Strong Mrs, 9 Market st 
Watters John S., 32 Vennel 

Builders and Masons. 

Adam James, 10 Tobago st 

Agnew James, 32 Crawfurd st 

Aitkenhead Robert & Sons, 37 Trafalgar st 

Austin & Kinnaird, 19 Bogle st 

Baird William, 7 Brougham st 

Black James & Co., 5 and 7 West Stewart st 

Carnaghan James, 3 Argyle st 

Denney & Crawford, 52 Kelly st 

Houston R. & W. & Co., 69 Belville st 

Kirk J. & R., 5 Campbell st 

Kirkwood Thomas, 8 Jamaica st 

Kirkwood William, 79 Holmscroft st 

Lyon David, 6 East Blackhall st 

M'Quoid William, 31 Sir Michael st 

Miller & Co., 64 Inverkip st 

Miller J. & A., 20 West Blackhall st 

278 trades' directory. 

Paterson Gavin, 31 Roxburgh st 

Ramsay G. A., 16 Nicolson st 

Steel William, 10 Jamaica st 

Stevenson, Alexander, 39 Wellington st 

Strachan William, 19 Mearns st 

Todd John, 27 Nelson st, west 

Whitelaw Alexander & Co., 76 Drumfrochar rd 

Williamson & Gray, 51 Vennel 

Cabinetmakers and Upholsterers. 

Auld James, 14 Kilblain st 

Black James & Son, 10 Terrace rd 

Blair Robert & Sons, 32 and 34 Nicolson st 

Greenock Cabinetmaking Co., Limited, 10 Nicolson st 

Hardie William, 11 Kilblain st 

Hodge Mitchell & Son, 12 West Blackhall st 

Kidd Brothers, 6 Grey pi 

Mayors Thomas H., 35 Nicolson st 

Preston James, 13 Nicolson st 

Rowan J. G. & Co., Cathcart sq 

Stevenson William S., 7 West Stewart st 

Thomson & Co., 39 West Blackhall st 

Wink J. & Co., 29 West Burn st 

M'Crae Daniel & Co., 15 Charles st 

Carriage Hirers. 

Crookshanks Joseph, 43 West Blackhall st and branches 
Holms John, 48 Forsyth st 

M'Gregor J. D. & Co., 48 Cathcart st and 24 West Black- 
hall st 
M'Lean Duncan, 5 Newton st 
M'Lean Thomas, 5 Cartsburn st 
M'Nutt Samuel, 16 Bruce st 
Richmond J. & W., Robertson st 


Carvers and Gilders. 

Bisset James G., 4 Grey pi 
Buchan John, 24 Brymner st 
Humphreys Joseph, 17 Sugarhouse lane 
Laurie & Fleming, 1 Bank st 
Macfee H. N., 23 Cathcart st 
Whitelaw John, 13 Nicolson st 


Campbell John, 1 1 Ropework st 

Cook Archibald, 4 Charles st 

Reid Archibald, 14 Bogle st 

Smith Thomas, New Dock lane and 20 Shaw st 

Chemists and Druggists. 

Apothecaries' Company (wholesale), 28 Hamilton st 

Armitage George, 30 Hamilton st 

Baine John A., 3 Grey pi 

Chalmers Robert, 41 Roxburgh st 

Cockburn Charles T., 33 Cathcart st 

Duncan Samuel, 19 West Blackhall st 

East-end Medical Hall, 63 Rue-end st 

Farquhar John M'K., 10 West Blackhall st 

Farquhar J. M. & Co., 14 Lynedoch st^ 

Fisher Thomas, 97 Roxburgh st 

Kerr James, 6 Hamilton st and 1 Lauriston st 

M'Cowan & Biggart (analytical), 29 Cathcart st 

Macnaught Brothers, 4 West Blackhall st 

M'Neilage Alexander, 46 Ann st 

Peden John, jun. (analytical), 1 1 Duff st 

Poynter John, Son & Macdonalds (manufacturing), 21 

Dellingburn st 
Walker W., 31 Rue-end st 
Wilson George, 40 Cathcart st 
Wright W. B., 9 Lynedoch st 

280 trades' directory. 

Chimney Sweeps. 

Bowling William, 19 Crawfurd st 
M'Kinnon Neil, 7 Cowgate st 
O'Shea Ambrose, 3 Argyle st 

China Merchants. 

Carse William, 46 Vennel 
Case John, 29 West Burn st 
Dartigues L. & Co., 27 Cathcart st 
Fleming & Smith, 14 Cathcart st 
Hendry Mrs S., 23 Hamilton st 
O'Brien E. & M., 61 Vennel 
Urie R. & A., 16 West Blackhall st 
White & Ferguson, 42 Ann st 


Buchanan Archibald, 7 East Stewart st 
Mitchell John, 5 Brougham st 
Scott & Douglas, 12 West Stewart st 
Smith John & Co., 38 Nicolson st 

Coal Merchants. 

Boyd Bryce, 26 Lyle st 

Brown James, 3 East Blackhall st 

Burnside James, Dellingburn st 

Campbell James & Co., 23 Cathcart st 

Craig John & Co., 3 Brymner st 

Dixon William (Limited), Dellingburn sq 

Gallacher James, 5 Nile st 

Hamilton M'Culloch & Co., 3 Chapel st 

Hendry Mrs A., 22 Kelly st 

Kane John, 15 Bearhope st 

Keefe John, 3 Newton st 

Leitch Nicol, 12 Brougham st 

trades' dirfxtory. 281 

Lindsay & Crookston, 32 Cathcart st and 12 Brougham st 

M'Gavin James, 27 West Burn st 

M'Gibbon David, 3 Chapel st 

M'Gugan D., 5 Chapel st 

M'Kenzie J. B. D., 14 Laird st 

Maclean Alexander S., 31 Bank st 

M'Master James, 9 Mill st 

M'Morland R. S., 20 Cathcart st 

M'Nicol Donald, 34 East Shaw st 

Macphail John, 27 Cathcart st 

Martin John, 66 Holmscroft st 

Morison John A., 4 Bogle st 

Morrison James D., 3 Clarence st 

Nicol Duncan & Co., 55 Rue-end stand branches 

Robertson Robert, 50 Roxburgh st 

Ross & Marshall, 7 Dock breast 

Salmon W. B. & Young, 2 Bank st 

Simpson John A. & Co., 6 Tobago st and 10 Brougham st 

Steel William, 46 Trafalgar st 

Stewart James, 13 Stanners st 

Symington John, 10 Patrick st 

Thomson John & Co., Regent st 

Wade John, 5 South st 

Walker Andrew, 67 Nicolson st 

Wallace, Forbes & Co., 4 Bogle st 

Wilsons & Clyde Coal Co., 5 Chapel st 

Wilson Michael, 29 West Burn st 

Wood James & William, 14 Brougham st 

Wood John, Upper Greenock Railway Station 

Yuill James, 25 Crawfurd st 

Commission Agents. 

Borthwick James, 27 West Blackhall st 
Buchanan James, 34 West Burn st 
Campbell James & Co., 23 Cathcart st 
Campbell Nicol M., 1 Finnart st 
Campbell Peter, jun., & Co., 89 Roxburgh st 
Connell James, 20 Cathcart st 
Cunningham Charles, 49 Cathcart st 
Cunningham D. & Co., 32 Cathcart st 

282 trades' directory. 

Cunningham Thomas, 53 Belville st 

Denholm J. & J., 27 Cathcart st 

Downie James, 68 Kelly st 

Durkin Henry R., 4 East Breast 

Edelsten Richard, 29 Brougham st 

Ewing Robert & Co., Arcade 

Fergus James, 32 Ardgowan st, west • 

Fyfe Henry, 1 Brymner st 

Hyndman John G., 4 East breast 

Jamieson James S. & Co., 18 Hamilton st 

M'Call Charles, 39 Kelly st 

Macdougall Dugald, 1 Cross-shore st 

Macfarlane John M. & Co., Wallace buildings, Vennel 

Macfie John, 14 Murdieston st 

M'Lea James S. & Co., 2 Cathcart st 

Maclean, Todd & Co., 67 Rue-end st 

M'Neilage & Adam, 46 Brymner st 

Macpherson Alexander & Co., 2 Open shore 

Marshall William, 9 West Stewart st 

Millar Arthur A, 17 Regent st 

Minto George, 27 Patrick st 

Moir Wm. D., Lilybank, Cardwell rd 

Morison John A., 4 Bogle st 

Picken Andrew & Co., Arcade 

Robertson & Macdougall, 4 East Breast 

Ross, Corbett & Co., 46 Brymner st 

Scott Peter & Co., 4 Brymner st 

Shand John, 38 East Crawford st 

Sharer Alfred, 77 Port-Glasgow rd 

Smith Joseph, 3 Kilblain st 

Thorburn Robert E., 31 Nicolson st 

Thorburn Walter, 28 Cathcart st 

Walker William & Co., Post Office buildings 

Williamson Peter S., 9 Highland Close 

Wrede & Co., 32 Cathcart st 


Alexander M. & Co. (wholesale), 10 West Blackhall st and 

54 Vennel 
Anderson Mrs, 52 Ann st 
Anthem John, 41 West Blackhall st 

trades' directory. 283 

Armour M. & J., 9 Hamilton st 

Barclay Mrs, 66 Vennel 

Chamberlain C, 68 Inverkip st 

Clark Miss M., 103 Port-Glasgow rd 

Cuthbertson James R. (manufacturing), 2 Grey pi 

Douglas Mrs J., 72 Ann st 

Evans John, 17 Ann st and 24 West Blackhall st 

Ferguson George, 31 Cathcart st 

Ferguson Peter, 31 East Crawford st 

Ferguson Mrs E., 35 West Blackhall st 

Gallacher Edward, 61 Dalrymple st 

Gallacher Mrs, 1 Lauriston st 

Galloway Mrs, 14 West Blackhall st 

Gibb Miss, 54 Ann st 

Gotti Guiseppe, 24 West Burn st 

Grana A., 26 West Blackhall st 

Grubb Miss E., 49 Cathcart st 

Hosie Andrew, 1 Cartsburn st 

Hutton Brothers, 18 Cathcart st 

Leggate Mrs, 12 Pottery st 

M'Aninch Mrs Ann, 7 Brymner st and 16 Vennel 

M'Corquodale Miss A., 31 West Burn st 

M'Donald Miss, 28 Ann st 

Macfadyen James, 45 Main st 

M'Kellar & M'Kay, 12 Sugarhouse lane 

Meechan Mrs, 24 Sir Michael st 

Miller Thomas & Son (wholesale), 15 Charles st 

Mori Enrico, 41 W T est Burn st 

Robertson Neil, 59 Vennel 

Shields James, 40 Inverkip st 

Smillie James, 66 Drumfrochar rd 

Smith Mrs, 42 Roxburgh st 

Stewart Francis (wholesale), Harvie lane 

Stewart M. & J., 63 Inverkip st 

Stewart Mrs, 77 Regent st 

The Crescent Confectionery Company, Hunter pi 

Ullissee D., 20 West Blackhall st 

White Archibald, 20 Inverkip st 

Wimbs Michael, 18 Arthur st 

Wyse Alexander, 29 Hamilton st 

Young Mrs, 20 Hamilton st 

Young Mrs A., 29 Brougham st . 

284 trades' directory. 


Adam William, 3 Bogle st 
Craig James, 39 Baker st 
Drummond John, 52 Rue-end st 


Adam William & Co., 2 and 3 Dock breast 
Barr & Co., Orchard and Ingleston sts 
Duff James & Sons, 47 Rue-end st 
M'Cormick D. & Co., 8 Springkell st 

Cork Cutter. 
Stewart William, 33 Hamilton st 

Cutlers and Gunsmiths. 

Climie Robert & Son, 20 West Blackhall st 
Cormie John, 4 Shaw st 
M'Kinlay Peter C, 1 Grey pi 
Twigg Edward, 33 Hamilton st 


Aitken James R., 5 West Blackhall st 
Brown J. R. & A. R., 30 Cathcart st 
Fisher W. Bowman, 6 George sq 
M'Bride William, 9 George sq 
Smyth Alexander, 14 West Blackhall st 
Stewart Thomas, 43 Brougham st 
Woodburn William D., 22 Eldon st 


Curtis Charles H. & Co., 32 Cathcart st 
Thome R. & Sons, Ltd., 6 Manse lane 

trades' directory. 285 

Drapers. &c. 

Anderson H. & Son, 38 Hamilton st 

Anderson John, 32 Cathcart st 

Blake Mrs, 7 Grey pi 

Brown Mrs W. S., 23 Roxburgh st 

Campbell James, 20 Arthur st 

Campbell John F., 56 Vennel 

Carse Mrs, 40 East Hamilton st 

Clark Mrs, 37 and 43 Ann st 

Cowan Robert & Co., 2 West Blackhall st 

Crawford P. R. & Co., 3 West Blackhall st 

East-end Co-operative Society, 18 East Crawford st 

Gilchrist William, 8 and 12 William st 

Grand Colosseum Warehouse Co., 26 West Blackhall st 

Grant John & Co., Municipal buildings, Hamilton st 

Greenock Central Co-operative Society, 20 Roxburgh st 

Laurie & Harley, 1 1 West Blackhall st 

Livingston A. & E., 31 Ann st 

M'Intosh William, 27 Ann st and branches 

M'Lellan Andrew, 53 Rue-end st 

M'Naught David C, 9 Cathcart st and 6 Hamilton st 

M'Neil James, jun., & Co., 39 West Burn st 

Maxwell Thomas, 64 Vennel 

Miller Frank Wm., Municipal buildings, Hamilton st 

Mitchell Thomas, 23 Cathcart st 

Niven Alexander, 6 West Blackhall st 

Paget M. J., 29 Charles st 

Paterson Lachlan, 13 West Blackhall st 

Prentice D. & A., 24 Hamilton st 

Renfrew James, 97 Port-Glasgow rd 

Ritchie Miss, 62 Vennel 

Rodger D. & Co., 19 Hamilton st 

Rowan J. G. & Co., Cathcart sq 

Russell Andrew, 18 W T est Blackhall st 

Smart & Rolland, 31 Charles st 

Stevenson Hugh, 38 Hamilton st 

Taylor Brothers, 32 Hamilton st 

Thomson Dugald, 13 Rue-end st 

Thomson Mrs, 62 Ann st 

W T eir Misses M. & C, 21 W T est Blackhall st 

286 trades' directory. 

Whitelaw Mrs, 87 Roxburgh st 
Whiteside Alexander, 86 Roxburgh st 
Wilson John, 36 Charles st 
Wright Wm. & Co., 4 Argyle st 
Young J. & Co., 35 Hamilton st 


Adam Miss, 19 Regent st 

Barr Miss (boys'), 13 Mount Pleasant st 

Blake Miss, 31 Nelson st 

Blake Mrs, 7 Grey pi 

Boden Miss, 24 Trafalgar st 

Brodie Miss, 13 Launston st 

Buchanan Mrs, 39 Brisbane st 

Bushe Miss, 53 Kelly st 

Carmichael Miss M. C, 47 Brisbane st 

Crawford P. R. & Co., 3 West Blackhall st 

Cross Misses, 19 Brisbane st 

Cuthbert Misses, 33 Roxburgh st 

Dickie Mrs, 26 Lynedoch st 

Downie Miss, 68 Kelly st 

Fallon Miss C, 66 Wellington st 

Ferguson Mrs, 10 Antigua st 

Fisher Miss, 42 Lynedoch st 

Galbraith Miss Margaret, 40 Nicolson st 

Gillies Miss, 56 Kelly st 

Goodson R. & Co., 2 Hamilton st 

Gordon Misses, 19 Ardgowan st 

Graham Miss, 37 Lynedoch st 

Grant Misses C. & J., 27 Brougham st 

Hamilton Miss, 23 West Blackhall st 

King Mrs, 48 Lynedoch st 

Laurie & Harley, 1 1 West Blackhall st 

Livingston A. & E., 31 Ann st 

Loudon Mrs, 23 Nelson st 

Macaskill E. & F., 92 Roxburgh st 

M 'Bride Mrs, 30 Roxburgh st 

M'Callum Miss Mary (boys'), 13 Nelson st 

M'Callum Misses, 1 1 Nelson st, west 

trades' directory. 287 

Macdonald Miss, 9 Rue-end st 

M'Dougall & M'Cartney Misses, 19 Ann st 

M'Fadyen Miss, 36 Holmscroft st 

M'Farlane Miss, 14 Ardgowan st, west 

M'Gowan Mrs, 5 Inverkip st 

M'Intosh William, 27 Ann st and branches 

M'Intosh Miss Christina, 9 Mount Pleasant st 

Macintyre Miss, 29 Nelson st 

M'Kay Mrs Jessie (boys'), 13 West Stewart st 

M'Kechnie Miss, 42 Brisbane st 

M'Kenzie Miss (boys'), 14 Ardgowan st 

M'Kenzie Miss Annie, 66 Regent st 

M'Larty Miss L., 60 Holmscroft st 

Maclean Misses F. & C, 20 Lynedoch st 

M'Lean Mrs F., 2 Finnart st 

M'Neilage Miss, 29 Regent st 

Masson Miss B., 7 Eldon st 

Munro Miss, 23 Lynedoch st 

Murray Mrs, 56 Kelly st 

Nicol Mrs, 13 Nelson st, west 

Orr Miss Ellen M. (boys'), 3 Kelly st 

Park Miss (boys'), 16 South st 

Paul Miss, 23 West Blackhall st 

Phillips Miss, 23 Lyle st 

Prentice D. & A., 24 Hamilton st 

Reid Mrs, 4 Mansionhouse lane 

Rennie Mrs James, 1 2 Patrick st 

Rowan J. G. & Co., Cathcart sq 

Russell Andrew, 18 West Blackhall st 

Scott Miss B. H., 23 Nelson st 

Shaw Mrs S. A., 30 Kelly st 

Smith Miss, 95 Roxburgh st 

Stewart Mrs William M. A., 53 Brisbane st 

Wilkinson Miss, 13 Nelson st, west 

Williamson Mrs John, 14 Brisbane st 

Woods Miss, 1 1 Nelson st 


Wilson Edward & Son, 25 Charles st 
Malcolm & Co., 21 Shaw st 


Dyers and Renovators. 

Bell Archibald & Sons, 4 Argyle st 
Brand & Mollison, 2 Cathcart sq 
Pullar J. & Sons, 21 West Blackhall st 


Boag Andrew, 3 Bank st 
Riddoch Joseph, 2 Hamilton st 
Steel Matthew, 15 Cathcart st 

Engineers, Machine-makers, and Founders. 

Black P. M. (consulting), 28 Hamilton st 

Blake, Barclay & Co., Macdougall st 

Caird & Co. (Limited), Arthur st and Dalrymple st 

Crawford & Thomson, 48 Trafalgar st 

Dunlop David J. & Co., Inch works, Port-Glasgow 

Gilmour R. S., 12 Brougham st 

Greenock Foundry Co., East Stewart st 

Hastie John & Co., 48 Nicolson st 

Houston J. & R., Upper Ingleston 

Kincaid & Co. (Limited), East Hamilton st 

M'Larty & Co., 10 Patrick st 

Maclean Ronald, 8 Baker st 

M'Onie G. & J., Ladyburn, Port-Glasgow rd 

Miller Robert, 28 Arthur st 

Mills Robert, 5 Dock breast 

Montgomery Robert, 9 East Stewart st 

Patrick Robert, Cartsburn st 

Rankin & Blackmore, 24 Baker st 

Thomson W. R. M. & Co., 96 Buchanan st, Glasgow 

White William & Son, 34 Roxburgh st 

Felt Manufacturers. 

Greenock Felt Work Co., 10 East Hamilton st 
Jamieson John, 2 Cathcart st 


Fish Curers. 

Malcolm & Co., 21 Shaw st 


Diver Daniel, 45 Vennel 

Foggarty James, 40 Ann st 

Fry Robert, 69 Nicolson st 

Fry William, 40 Nelson st 

Gallacher Mrs A., 12 Arthur st 

Gillan James, 94 Roxburgh st 

Gilmore A. & Son, 21 West Blackhall st 

Hay William, West breast 

Heron John, 26 Vennel 

Macintyre, Mrs James, 43 Hamilton st 

M'Lauchlan Patrick, 17 Ann st and 4 Manse lane 

M'Lauchlan Patrick, 1 Inverkip st 

M'Leod John, 25 Regent st 

M'Munagle Charles, 1 Mount lane 

Martin Mrs William, 16 Cathcart st 

Morrison James, 49 Shaw st 

Phillips John S., 32 Charles st and 16 Kelly st 

Philips Mrs M., 3 West Blackhall st 

Sinclair Robert, 41 West Burn st 

Wotherspoon Mrs, 24 Lynedoch st 

Wright David, 57 Holmscroft st 


Adams Mrs James, 20 Ann st 
Banks John, 3 Prospecthill st 

Barr & Macfarlane, 47 Hamilton st and 22 Lynedoch st 
Blair Archibald, 25 Regent st 
Blair John, 33 Rue-end st 
Boston James, jun., & Co., 5 West Blackhall st 
Byers John, 2 1 Tobago st 
Cameron Alexander, 7 John st 
Cameron John, 32 Lynedoch st 
Crawford James, 83 Roxburgh st 

290 trades' directory. 

Docherty Mrs George, 5 William st 

Duff John, 30 East Hamilton st 

Duff William, 84 Belville st 

Eastmans (Limited), 17 Hamilton st and 19 Cathcart st 

Faid Robert, 46 Ann st 

Ferguson William, 9 Newton st 

Fleming Henry, 27 Charles st 

Gordon John, 9 Main st 

Gordon John, 61 Vennel 

Gordon Mrs G., 52 East Hamilton st 

Greenock Central Co-operative Society, 18 Roxburgh st 

Henderson Robert, 38 Lynedoch st 

Hunter William, 33 Hamilton st 

King Robert, 25 Rue-end st 

Livingston Duncan, 23 Rue-end st 

M'Allister John, 42 West Burn st 

MacCulloch Alexander, 13 Cathcart st 

M 'Curdy Archibald, 34 Charles st 

M'Curdy Daniel, 45 Vennel 

M'Dougall Allan, 41 West Burn st 

M'Dougall Duncan, 54 St. Lawrence st 

M'Kechnie Allan, 19 West Blackhall st and 13 Union st 

M'Lean John, 14 Arthur st 

M'Millan David, 37 Cathcart st 

M'Neil John, 5 Ann st and 16 Kelly st 

M'Niven Donald, 95 Roxburgh st 

M'Sherfery Neil, 41 West Burn st 

MacSymon & Co., Limited, Argyle st 

M'Kinnon Alexander, 4 Grey pi 

Martin James, 21 Kelly st 

Morrison James, 7 West Blackhall st 

Muir George, 13 West Blackhall st 

Nelson James & Son, Limited, 38 Hamilton st 

O'Donnell John, 1 1 Cross-shore st and branches 

Pattison David, 9 South st 

Prentice James, 3 Brougham st 

Ritchie James, 21 Regent st 

Robertson Colin, 65 Ann st 

Robertson John, 52 Holmscroft st 

Sheridan, John B., 35 Ann st 

Sheridan Joseph, 59 Inverkip st 

Simpson James, 1 Belville st 


Stalker Duncan, 63 Rue-end st 
Swan William, 18 Cartsburn st 
Walker William, 33 West Burn st 
Wilson Alexander, 33 Ann st 


Baird T. & Co., 27 Brougham st 

Bell I. & Co., 35 West Blackhall st 

Devlin M., 1 Grey pi 

Duncan Thomas, 8 Grey pi 

Ewing Miss E. L., 13 Union st 

Hamilton Mrs Janet, 40 Ann st 

Heitman A. C, 23 Brymner st 

Henderson Robert, 19 Hamilton st 

Kerr Miss, 22 Lynedoch st 

Laing Robert, 33 Hamilton st 

M'Eleny James, 1 Kilblain st 

Macfarlane Mrs J., 31 Cathcart st 

M'Granachan Patrick, 12 Market st 

MacKellar Mrs C. B., 31 Nicolson st 

Macnish John, 64 Eldon st 

Rankin Isabella, 40 Cathcart st 

Smillie & Robson, 39 Hamilton st and 3 Manse lane 

Struthers Alexander, 2 Mount Pleasant st 

White Miss, 71 Regent st 

Funeral Undertakers. 

Chalmers Archibald, 36 Roxburgh st 

Crookshanks Joseph, 43 West Blackhall st 

M'Gregor J. D. & Co., 48 Cathcart st and 24 West Black 

hall st 
M'Lean Mrs, 41 Hamilton st 
Simpson William, 48 Vennel 

Furnishing Warehouse-keepers. 

Bell Mrs, 59 Inverkip st 

Brymner Mrs James, 103 Port-Glasgow rd 

292 trades' directory. 

Burns Miss J. T., 29 West Blackhall st 

Campbell Misses, 7 Rue-end st 

Chalmers Miss, 26 East Hamilton st 

Cuthbert Misses, 33 Roxburgh st 

Ferguson Mrs, 44 Inverkip st 

Gilchrist Misses, 25 West Blackhall st 

Laird M. & J., 38 Hamilton st 

M'Gregor Mrs, 36 West Burn st 

Maclean Misses J. & M., 14 West Blackhall st 

Macquarrie Miss E., 10 West Blackhall st 

Nelson Mrs, 44 Lynedoch st 

Pohlman Mrs, 42 Nelson st 

Rougvie Misses M. & K., 5 Grey pi 

Stevenson Misses, 24 Union st 

Taylor & Co., 4 West Blackhall st 

Wallace Robert, 8 Kilblain st 

Watson Mrs, 19 West Blackhall st 

Weir Miss, 1 1 Ann st 


Barclay John S., 2 West breast 

Blair Robert, 12 Kilblain st 

Boyd James, 31 Nicolson st 

Brown Alexander & Son, 5 Kilblain st 

Bushe Joseph, 5 Union st 

Carson Henry, 26 Crawfurd st 

Chalmers Alexander, 30 Nicolson st 

Crawford John, 1 1 Market st 

Crawford & Kerr, 6 Bogle st 

Dewar & Co., 26 Charles st 

Duff James & Sons, 47 Rue-end st 

Duncan & Sharp, Ladyburn 

Fairgrieve Andrew & Sons, 6 West breast 

Ferguson William, 14 West Burn st and 2 Inverkip st 

Findlay & Co., 29 West Burn st 

Foulds Matthew, 2 East India breast 

Fulton D. & R., 34 West Blackhall st 

Henry A. & Co., 39 Cathcart st 

Logan Francis & Sons, 21 Nicolson st 

M'Alpin & M'Lachlan, 35 Regent st 

M'Cormick D. & Co., 8 Springkell st 



M'Ewing Dugald, 43 Rue-end st and 1 Bank st 

M'Farlane James & Co., 20 Cathcart st 

M'Jannet John, 1 Newton st and 62 Inverkip st 

Maclean James & Co., 7 Duff st 

Mitchell James, 5 West Stewart st 

Morrison Duncan D., 10 Charles st 

Ross Baillie C, 17 Brymner st 

Sinclair Angus & Co., 21 Cathcart st 

Smith Harry & Co., 78 Belville st 

Stewart Daniel B., 14 West Blackhall st 

Thomson Charles, 17 Kelly st 

Thomson Henry, 39 Nicolson st 

Walker Robert, 32 Roxburgh st 

Watson Hugh M'R, 12 Sugarhouse lane 

Whyte Thomas, 1 7 Brymner st 


Briton Thomas, 19 Sugarhouse lane 
Chalmers Archibald, 36 Roxburgh st 
Crawford William, 18 Vennel 
Graham James, 19 Cathcart st and 5 Grey pi 
M'Fadyen Archibald, 7 West Blackhall st 
Tytler Matthew, 12 Laird st 

Grain Merchants. 

Borthwick Thomas, 10 Cross-shore st 
Chalmers Hume, 4 Church pi 
Chalmers John, 4 Princes st 
Easton Robert & Co., 12 Charles st 
Gatherer Peter, 21 and 23 Crawfurd st 
Gillespie & Hunter, 28 Sugarhouse lane 
Hill Matthew, 16 Chapel st 
Howie Matthew, 5 West Breast 
Macfarlan, Shearer & Co., Palmerston buildings 
MTntyre Thomas & Son, 4 and 6 Cartsburn st 
Mackenzie & Walker, Dellingburn sq 
M'Lachlan A. G., 12 West Breast 
Macnab Duncan & Son, 25 Tobago st 

294 trades' directory. 

Mair C. S. & Marquis, 40 Rue-end st 
Muir Robert & Sons, 6 East Stewart st 
Stewart James K., 28 and 30 Shaw st 
Wilson David, 46 Rue-end st 


Allan Joseph, 1 Inverkip st 
Anderson Miss C, 16 Kelly st 
Bain Mrs William, 9 Brisbane st 
Barr James, 34 Shaw st 
Buchanan Miss, 61 Belville st 
Buntain Miss, 8 Carnock st 
Clark Joseph, 5 1 Vennel 
Climie Miss Jane, 1 Kelly st 
Cochrane Mrs, 1 1 Murdieston st 
Conway Andrew, 18 Sir Michael st 
Ferguson Miss M., 73 Roxburgh st 
Ferns Mrs James, 54 St. Lawrence st 
Gillies Mrs, 88 Roxburgh st 
Hill Miss Jessie, 12 Robertson st 
Irvine M., 59 Inverkip st 
Johnston Mrs E., 5 John st 
Kelly Miss J., 1 East Crawford st 
Kerr Mrs William, 32 St. Lawrence st 
Kincaid Miss, 82 Belville st 
Kirkham Mrs Agnes, 28 West Burn st 
M'Culloch Miss E., 31 Roxburgh st 
M'Farlane Mrs James, n Cartsburn st 
M'Gilp Miss, 13 Cartsburn st 
M'Kirdy Mrs, 1 1 Laird st 
M'Larty Mrs, 26 Bruce st 
M'Nellis Mrs, 5 Tobago st 
Moody Mrs, 23 Nelson st 
Morrison Mrs William, 15 Regent st 
Muir Henry, 5 Inverkip st 
Neil Mrs Robert, 9 Newton st 
Orr Miss, 39 Ann st 
Rennie George, 60 Lynedoch st 
Robertson Mrs, 32 East Hamilton st 
Russell Mrs, 50 East Hamilton st 


Schostal Mrs J., 12 Ann st 
Vallance Miss Janet, 19 Regent st 
Webster Miss, 23 Regent st 

Grocers and Provision Dealers. 

Barbour John, 9 Arthur st 

Barbour William, 42 West Burn st 

Baxter Thomas, 45 Cathcart st 

Bell James, 48 Lynedoch st 

Birrell John S., 46 Cathcart st 

Black Donald, 56 Vennel 

Black Hugh, 2 Ann st 

Black Mrs, 1 East William st 

Borland Alexander, 13 Bearhope st 

Boyle Mrs, James, 19 Market st 

Bradley Joseph, 1 Stanners st 

Bradley Miss, 31 Charles st 

Brighton & Loudon, 1 Tobago st 

Brown Edward, 3 Macdougall st 

Burns William J., 8 Mearns st 

Caldwell David, 34 East Hamilton st 

Caldwell James, 64 Ann st 

Caldwell Robert, 19 Tobago st 

Campbell James, 46 Inverkip st 

Campbell John, 20 Arthur st 

Campbell John, 33 Rue-end st 

Campbell William, 76 Ann st 

Campbell Miss Christina, 13 Brachelston st 

Carmichael Donald, 20 Lynedoch st 

Carmichael Miss Catherine, 31 West Burn st 

Carmichael Mrs, 24 South st 

Chambers Mrs William, 3 John st 

Clark James, 36 Shaw st and 28 Dairy mple st 

Clark W. B., 35 Shaw st 

Commiskie James, 108 Dempster st 

Connelly Francis, 25 East Shaw st 

Cooper & Co., 43 Hamilton st and 33 Cathcart st 

Co-operative Society, 16 Roxburgh st and branches 

Co-operative Society, 5 Arthur st and branches 

Co-operative Society, 18 East Crawford st and branches 

296 trades' directory. 

Crabbe William, 26 Ann st and 45 Roxburgh st 

Crawford John, 6 Watson's lane 

Crawford William, 5 Grey pi 

Cumming M. & A., 40 Holmscroft st 

Darroch Miss, 12 Watt st 

Davers Mrs A., 85 Belville st 

Davies Mrs William, 24 West Blackhall st 

Denney Miss, 10 Mount Pleasant st 

Dewar Mrs Margaret, 45 Crawfurd st 

Docherty Mrs William, 32 Inverkip st 

Dodd William, 33 Ann st 

Donald Alexander, 59 Ann st 

Erskine Mrs, 23 Main st 

Farquharson Mrs Alexander, 80 Belville st 

Farrell James, 52 East Hamilton st 

Farrell Robert, 15 Main st 

Ferguson Charles, 40 Brymner st 

Ferguson Daniel, 5 West Stewart st 

Ferguson Hugh, 23 Charles st 

Ferguson J. & H.. 62 Ann st 

Finnie C, 25 Belville st 

Fleming John R. M., 17 Cathcart st 

Flett Alfred, 31 Vennel 

Forbes Mrs William, 21 Ingleston st 

Fortune David, 1 1 Prospecthill st 

Gaze William, 14 Lynedoch st 

Glen Mrs Archibald, 33 Nelson st, west 

Glen Mrs James, 36 West Burn st 

Graham Duncan, 34 Lynedoch st 

Graham Hugh, 27 Hamilton st 

Graham Hugh, jun., 3 Rue-end st 

Graham James T., 43 Roxburgh st 

Graham James W., 29 Roxburgh st 

Graham John, 2 Antigua st 

Grant Lachlan, 9 Nicolson st 

Gray Miss M., 41 Ann st 

Green Matthew, 14 Market st 

Hamilton Mrs, 15 John st 

Hanlin John, 3 Sir Michael st 

Hardie John, 13 Cartsburn st and 67 Rue-end st 

Hardie Robert S., 29 Charles st 

Hardie W T alter, 15 Tobago st 


Hastie Andrew, 10 Sir Michael st 

Hill Elizabeth, 29 Rue-end st 

Home and Colonial Tea Stores, 13 Hamilton st 

Houston Mrs J., 17 Belville st 

Hoy Mrs James, 30 Wellington st 

Hunter William, 3 1 Brougham st 

Hutcheson Andrew, 20 Mount Pleasant st 

Inglis Mrs James, 112 Drumfrochar rd 

Johnston Samuel, 77 Roxburgh st and 43 West Burn st 

Johnston Thomas, 8 Lynedoch st 

Kane Edward, 16 Dalrymple st 

Killin Mrs, 6 Mearns st 

Kincaid Miss, 39 Ann st 

King Henry, 19 Wellington st 

Kirkwood Mrs Robert, 1 Smith's lane 

Laird James, 23 Ingleston st and 86 Belville st 

Lang James & Sons (wholesale), 30 Sugarhouse lane 

Lang Mrs Robert, 71 Nicolson st 

Leith James, 30 Dalrymple st 

Lindsay Robert, 1 1 Rue-end st 

Lipton Thomas J., 32 Cathcart st and 44 Hamilton st 

Logan Mrs, 8 Manse lane 

London and Glasgow Tea Co., 46 Cathcart st 

London and Newcastle Tea Co., 33 Hamilton st 

Lusk Robert & Co. (wholesale), 7 Tobago st 

M'Allister Donald, 11 Brymner st 

M'Arthur Mrs C, 16 Brisbane st 

M'Auslan Robert L., 26 Lynedoch st 

M'Ausland Alexander, 20 Nicolson st 

M'Bride John, 31 Regent st and 7 Main st 

M'Clement James, 19 Regent st 

M'Crae Armour, 36 Ann st 

M'Creadie Hugh, 24 Tobago st 

M'Creadie Michael, 1 1 Main st 

M'Crindle James, 43 Hamilton st 

M'Cuaig James C, 25 Nelson st, west 

Macdermott James, 22 St Lawrence st 

M'Donald Norman, 19 Lyle st 

M'Farlane Andrew, 7 Brachelson st 

M'Farlane Robert, 14 Port-Glasgow rd 

M'Farlane Miss, 7 Antigua st 

M'Farlane Mrs, 64 Drumfrochar rd 

298 trades' directory. 

M'Gregor Miss Agnes, 29 Brougham st 

M'Gugan Angus, 22 West Blackhall st 

M'Intosh Alexander, 24 South st 

M'Intosh Mrs M., 44 Ann st 

MTntyre Thomas, 6 Cartsburn st 

M'Jannet & Livingston, 81 Roxburgh st 

MacKail J. G. & M., 45 Hamilton st 

Mackenzie John, 30 Charles st 

M'Kenzie David C, 21 Rue-end st 

M'Leish Sarah, 49 Holmscroft st 

M'Lellan Peter, 18 Lynedoch st and 63 Ann st 

M'Lelland William, 35 Lynedoch st 

M'Millan Andrew, 52 Holmscroft st 

M'Murray L. & R., 11 Belville st 

M'Neill Mary A., 3 Inverkip st 

MacNiven Angus, 50 Ann st 

M'Quilkan Duncan, 28 Charles st 

M'Quoid Thomas, 1 John st 

M'Quoid Miss, 8 Mount Pleasant st 

MacSymon & Co. (Limited), Argyle st and branches 

M'Taggart Mrs C, 48 St. Lawrence st 

Martin Robert, 28 Charles st 

Massey Alexander, 19 West Blackhall st 

Mathieson David, 9 South st 

Mathieson Lindsay, 20 Cartsburn st and 6 John st 

Melville William, 32 Charles st 

Miller Thomas, 11 West Blackhall st 

Mitchell Miss E., 40 Nelson st, west 

Moodie Allan, 1 Belville st 

Morison George, 27 Cathcart st 

Morris Robert, 23 Vennel 

Morton & Young, 30 Hamilton st 

Muir J. & J., 25 Vennel 

Muir Miss A., 14 South st 

Munro Colin, 42 Crawfurd st ■ «- T 

Newall Charles, 44 Lynedoch st 

Park Boyd P., 53 Main st and 17 Kelly st 

Paterson A. & Son, 39 Hamilton st 

Paterson William, 30 Vennel 

Paton Alexander, jun., 36 Ingleston st 

Pearson Daniel, 3 Kilblain st 

Pearson Mrs John, 7 East Crawford st 


Pettigrew James, 68 East Hamilton st 

Pollock Miss Jane, 14 Regent st 

Porter M., 73 Roxburgh st 

Ritchie Mrs Alexander, 26 Inverkip st 

Rose Mrs Neil, 93 Roxburgh st 

Ross Mrs Evan, 18 Cartsbum st 

Scott I vie, 72 Eldon st 

Scott Peter, 36 East Hamilton st 

Scott Mrs D., 8 St. Lawrence st 

Sharp John, 25 Rue-end st 

Shearer Hugh (wholesale), 3 Mansionhouse lane and 52 

Shaw st 
Sim John, 32 Lynedoch st 
Skinner Mrs, 16 Cartsburn st 
Sloan James, 1 Ann st 
Smith James, 1 1 Market st 
Smith J. & M., 81 Belville st 
Smith Thomas, 6 Inverkip st 
Smith Miss, 30 Mount Pleasant st 
Spence Margaret, 5 Hamilton st 

Stevenson Alexander A., 85 Finnart st and 24 Union st 
Stirling Mrs A., 17 Shaw st 
Strachan John, 14 Arthur st 
Swan Mrs, 1 7 Dempster st 
Telfer Mrs C, 1 Prospecthill st 
Tucker John, 55 Belville st 
Turner Mrs, 8 Antigua st 
Tweeddale James, 68 Vennel 
Waddell R. D., 16 West Blackhall st 
Wallace Miss, 64 Vennel 
Watson Thomas, 12 Ann st 
White James, 70 Ann st 
White Samuel, 43 Vennel 
Whiteside David, 3 Mackenzie st 
Wilson Edward & Son, 25 Charles st 
Wylie James, 84 Belville st 

Grocers and Spirit Dealers. 

Brown Mrs D., 19 Ingleston st 
Campbell & Co., 89 Roxburgh st 

300 trades' directory. 

Cuthbertson Mrs Janet, 33 Lynedoch st 

Holmes John, 15 Roxburgh st 

Kelly William & Co., 9 William st 

Macfarlane John A. & Co., 10 West Blackhall st 

MacKinnon Alexander, 2 Tobago st 

M'Millan Andrew, 20 Brisbane st 

Mill Alexander, 95 Roxburgh st 

Morison J. B. & Co., 29 West Blackhall st and branches 

Neil Hugh R. & Co., 27 West Blackhall st 

Orr John & Son, 13 Ann st 

Scott Ivie, 31 Brougham st 

Scott Peter, 17 West Blackhall st 

Thorn A. & W. C, 13 Union st 

Wallace Mrs Ann, 16 Antigua st 


Brown John, 13 East breast 

Calderwood Hugh, 22 Tobago st 

Campbell Archibald, 27 Regent st 

Cooke John, 30 Tobago st 

Daisley John A., 28 Roxburgh st 

Duncan John, 4 Cartsburn st 

Duthie R. G., 12 Laird st and 29 Rue-end st 

Easton Daniel M'Q., 4 Argyle st 

Eilert Frederick, 14 Cathcart st 

Elrick John, 6 Cross-shore st 

Graham Alexander, 22 Inverkip st 

Hamilton Matthew, 16 Arthur st 

Harrower T. H, 2 Ann st 

Kerr George, 1 Arthur st 

M'Kinnon Hugh, 57 Inverkip st 

M'Lachlan Duncan, 27 Sugarhouse lane 

Macmillan John, 26 Charles st 

Ohlms William, 7 West Blackhall st 

O'Neill Henry, 44 Vennel 

Paton Alexander, 28 Brymner st 

Robertson Adam M., 15 Ann st 

Simpson James, 6 Brymner st 

Sinclair James, 36 East Hamilton st 

Smith John, 9 Duff st 

Stevens Edward, 3 Inverkip st 

trades' directory. 30 ] 

Tucker David, 53 Main st 
Watson Matthew, 7 Hamilton st 


Bennett J. W., 13 Hamilton st 

Buchanan John & Co., 42 Cathcart st 

Clark Joseph (ladies'), 35 Hamilton st 

Dick J. M., n West Blackhall st 

Dunn Archibald C, 37 Hamilton st 

Fisher James C. & Co., 12 Cathcart st 

Gordon & Co., 31 Hamilton st 

Lamont Daniel, 37 Cathcart st 

M'Callum Misses (ladies'), 11 Nelson st 

Macintyre D. & M., 47 Hamilton st 

M'Lellan Andrew, 53 Rue-end st 

Owen & Pryde (ladies'), 36 Brymner st and 2 Argyle st 

Rogers & BorTey, 26 West Blackhall st 

Rowan J. G. & Co., 28 Hamilton st 

Wilson William, 43 and 45 Cathcart st 

Heating Engineers. 

Fulton D. & R., 34 West Blackhall st 

M'Farlane James & Co., 20 Cathcart st 

Morton & Kidd, 24 Hamilton st and 2 Hunter pi 


Bennett J. W., 13 Hamilton st 

Campbell John F., 56 Vennel 

Cuthbert Misses, 33 Roxburgh st 

Dick J. M., 11 West Blackhall st 

Dunn Archibald C, 37 Hamilton st 

Fisher James C. & Co., 12 Cathcart st 

Fleming, Reid & Co., Drumfrochar rd and branches 

Gordon & Co., 31 Hamilton st 

Lamont Daniel, 37 Cathcart st 

M'llwraith M., 23 Hamilton st 

Macintyre D. & M., 47 Hamilton st 

Niven Alexander, 6 West Blackhall st 

Rowan J. G. & Co., 28 Hamilton st 

302 trades' directory. 

Wilson William, 43 and 45 Cathcart st 
Wright William & Co., 4 Argyle st 

Hotel Keepers. 

Boyd John, Albert Hotel, 2 Boyd st 
Buchanan Mrs M., Tontine* 5 Ardgowan sq 
Chalmers Hume, Wheat Sheaf, 4 Church pi 
Maclean Archibald, Buckhead, 2 Watson's lane 
Macnaughton Mrs Daniel, White Hart, 50 Cathcart st 
M'Neill Alexander, (temperance), 40 West Blackhall st 
Mathieson Donald, Royal, 3 East Breast 
Peek Mrs (temperance), 9 Brougham st 
Ritchie John (temperance), 24 Cathcart st 

House Factors. 

Agnew James, 32 Crawfurd st 

Banks & Miller, 45 Hamilton st 

Blair William, 1 Watt pi 

Bone & Buchanan, Municipal buildings 

Boyd John, 7 Brougham st 

Campbell Dugald, 49 Cathcart st 

Chalmers William, 5 West Blackhall st 

Hutchison William, 45 Lynedoch st 

Macaulay Daniel, Municipal buildings, Wallace pi 

M'Kenzie Robert, 35 Royal st, Gourock 

Millar John, 17 West Blackhall st 

Morison John, 29 West Burn st 

Paterson & Anderson, 13 Hamilton st 

Paul John, 14 Hamilton st 

Prentice John, 32 Nicolson st 

Sinclair & Co., 46 Cathcart st 

Thomson Colin, 2 Robertson st 

Welsh, Walker & Macpherson, 33 Cathcart st 

Williamson Alexander, 49 Cathcart st 

Wilson William, 26 Hamilton st 

India Rubber and Waterproof Manufacturers. 

The Cathcart Rubber Co., 49 Cathcart st 
The Greenock Rubber Co., 13 Hamilton st 





... AS USED BY . . . 

&c., &c. 

HOSE, in every Size, Length, and Strength. _^. 


The Original Patent Sphincter Grip Unkinkable 
. . . Armoured Hose. . . . 
The Patent Flexible Metallic Tubing:, for High Pressure 
Steam, Oils, Compressed Gas, Water, &c, will not Char, 
Kink, or Crush. 

WATERPROOFS for Ladies and Gents., 

In all the Newest Styles, Patterns, and all Prices. 

SPORTING GOODS in Game & Cartridge Bags, Fishing 

Stockings, Tennis, Golf, Driving Aprons, &c. 

13 loi^^inLToisr steeet. 

Registered Telegraphic Address— 

"Rubber, Greenock." Telephone No. 152. 

304 trades' directory. 

Insurance Agents. 
(See Appendix— page 127.) 

Iron Merchants. 

Beveridge Daniel, & Co., 9 Springkell st 

Jamieson John, 2 Cathcart st 

MacCallum P. & Sons, 54 Rue-end st and 1 Cathcart st 

Morton James & Sons, 8 Princes sq, Glasgow. 

Morton & Kidd, 24 Hamilton st 

Robertson William, 49 Main st 

Ross John, 3 Brymner st 

Whyte George, 13 John st 


Chalmers Alexander, 30 Nicolson st 

Cormie John, 4 Shaw st 

Ferguson William, T4 West Burn st and 2 Inverkip st 

Findlay & Co., 29 West Burn st 

Fleming & Smith, 14 Cathcart st 

Henry A. & Co., 39 Cathcart st 

Leckie W. F., 8 East Blackhall st 

Logan James, 3 Prospecthill st 

Lyle A. & R. & Co., 3 and 4 West breast 

Macalister & Fyfe, 4 East breast 

M'Cuaig Magnus, 100 Roxburgh st 

M'Farlane James & Co., 20 Cathcart st 

M'Gilvray John, 25 Rue-end st 

M'Kinley Peter C, 1 Grey pi 

Macpherson Alexander & Co., 2 Open shore 

Mathieson John, 42 Brymner st 

Morton & Kidd, 24 Hamilton st 

Park John, 28 Roxburgh st 

Robertson William, 27 West Blackhall st 

Ross John (wholesale), 3 Brymner st 

Shepherd William. 9 William st 

Stewart Daniel B., 14 West Blackhall st 



Wilson A. & J., 65 Rue-end st 
Wilson Michael, 8 Lynedoch st 


Gibson Walter & Co., 8 South st 
M'Bearty Duncan, 5 Bank st 


Argyle Laundry, 25 West Stewart st 

Auchmountain Laundry, Kilmalcolm rd 

Beattie Misses, 55 Kelly st 

Gleniffer Laundry, 4 Argyle st 

Gourock Steam Laundry Co., Cardwell rd^Gourock 

Lewis Mrs Mary, 25 West Stewart st 

West End Laundry, 1 Kelly st 

Leather Merchants, 

Edgar William, 3 William st 

Hill James M. & Co., 11 Stanners st 

Paterson Charles M., 19 Cartsburn st 


Baird Robert A., Municipal buildings 
William Hutchison, 23 Nicolson st 

M'Kelvie James & Sons, 34 Hamilton st 
Morrison John & Sons, 67 Rue-end st 


(Appe?idix — page 61.) 

306 trades' directory. 

Merchants and Shipowners. 

(Steam Packet Agents, appendix — page 77.) 

Adam Hamilton & Co., 1 Cathcart st 

Adamson Daniel D., 22 Margaret st 

Baine & Johnstone, 19 West Blackhall st 

Brown Archibald & Co., Customhouse pi 

Brymner John, 105 Eldon st 

Caird Colin S., 4 Argyle st 

Caird Stuart A., 4 Argyle st 

Carmichael A. & J. H. & Co., 13 Hamilton st 

Clink John D., 4 Brymner st 

Cowan G. C. & Co., 2 Church pi 

Crawford W. & J., 3 East breast 

Denholm J. & J., 27 Cathcart st 

Ewing Robert & Co., Arcade 

Ferguson & Letham, 29 Cathcart st 

Finlay Campbell & Co., 12 Bogle st 

Hamilton William, 28 Eldon st 

Hill Ninian, 19 West Blackhall st 

Hill Robert, 2 East India breast 

Hunter T. O. & Co., 13 Hamilton st 

Johnston Alexander R., 1 Fox st 

Kerr John & Co., 6 Grey pi 

Laird Alexander A. & Co., Customhouse quay 

Lang & Fulton, 3 East India breast 

Langlands M. & Sons, 3 Brymner st 

Leitch & Muir, 2 West quay 

Lindsay William & Co., 32 Cathcart st 

Little James & Co., Excise buildings 

Lyle Shipping Co. (Limited), 10 Clarence st 

MacDonald Adams & Co., 1 t William st 

Macdougall Dugald, 1 Cross-shore st 

Macfarlane J. M. & Co., Wallace buildings, Vennel 

M'Gillivray Duncan, 10 Cross-shore st 

M'Kellar Hugh, 109 Eldon st 

M'Kinnon Alexander, Palmerston buildings 

Muir & Weir, Upper Ingleston 

Paterson R. R. & Co., 32 Cathcart st 

Petersen Honeyman & Co., 46 Brymner st 


Picken Andrew & Co., Arcade 
Richardson James & Co., 2 Church pi 
Robertson & Macdougall, 4 East breast 
Ross & Marshall, 7 Dock breast 
Ross William, 29 Cathcart st 
Russell James, 73 Union st 
Shankland Dugald & Co., 21 Cathcart st 
Shankland Robert & Co., 21 Cathcart st 
Swan Allan, Customhouse buildings 
Turnbull Martin & Co., 12 Bogle st 
Young J. & R. & Co., 32 Cathcart st 


Gillies John & Flockhart, 25 West Burn st 
Munro William, 13 Hamilton st 


Johnston Mrs Emma, 41 Sir Michael st 

Nicoll M., 5 Duncan st 

Sims Mrs Elizabeth, 30 Wellington st 

Smith Mrs, 1 1 Antigua st 

Smith Mrs Robert, 22 Ann st 

Young Mrs, 2 Mearns st 


Hill Matthew, 16 Chapel st 
Mackenzie & Walker, Dellingburn sq 
Muir Robert & Son, 6 East Stewart st 


Conning H. & J., 2 Inverkip st 

Foster Miss Jane, 2 1 Cathcart st 

Grant John & Co., Municipal buildings, Hamilton st 

Grant Misses C. & J., 27 Brougham st 

308 trades' directory. 

Geenock Central Co-operative Society, 20 Roxburgh st 

Houston Miss, 11 Forsyth st 

Ketterson Miss, 19 West Blackhall st 

Laurie & Harley, 1 1 West Blackhall st 

Livingston A. & E., 31 Ann st 

Macaskill E. & F., 92 Roxburgh st 

Macdonald Miss, 9 Rue-end st 

MacDonald Miss M., 7 Grey pi 

Macfarlane Miss M. A., 5 Kelly st 

M'Farlane Miss, 62 Ann st 

M'llwraith Miss, 40 Nicolson st 

M'Intosh William, 27 Ann st and 16 Lynedoch st 

Maclean Misses F. & C, 20 Lynedoch st 

M'Lean Miss K., 45 Roxburgh st 

M'Millan Miss, 25 West Blackhall st 

M'Neill Miss, 27 Regent st 

M'Rae Miss, 14 Lyle st 

Malcolm Mrs, 63 Rue-end st 

Moffat Misses J. & M., 39 West Blackhall st 

Owen & Pryde, 36 Brymner st and 2 Argyle st 

Paterson Lachlan, 13 West Blackhall st 

Rowan J. G. & Co., Cathcart sq 

Scott Miss Bertha, 85J Belville st 

Stevenson Misses, 24 Union st 

Taylor Miss A., 54 Brougham st 

Weir Misses M. & C, 21 West Blackhall st 

Music Sellers. 

Denney Charles, 23 West Blackhall st 
Forbes John, 15 West Blackhall st 
Straine George, 31 Nicolson st 


Butler George M., Murdieston meadow, Inverkip rd 
Gordon J. & A., 35 Brougham st 
M'Culloch John, 3 Eldon st 
Paget Robert, 25 Union st 

trades' directory. 309 

Oil Merchants. 

Adam William, 3 Bogle st 
Davie Robert jun., 63 Rue-end st 
Edelsten Richard, 29 Brougham st 
M'Crae Daniel & Co., 15 Charles st 
Macfarlan, Shearer & Co., Palmerston buildings 
M'Gavin James, 27 West Burn st 
Macnaught John W, 56 Vennel and branches 
Macnaught Misses H. & R., 34 Inverkip st 

Opticians and Nautical Instrument Makers. 

Davidson Robert, 4 West Blackhall st 
Gebbie & Co., 28 Cathcart st 
Love Robert, 1 7 West Blackhall st 
M'Gregor D. & Co., 32 Brymner st 

Painters and Paperhangers. 

Allan Thomas, 33 Lynedoch st 
Brown George, 21 West Blackhall st 
Buchanan James, 34 West Burn st 
Colquhoun Duncan, 1 Union st 
Duncan & Co., 30 Market st 
Edgar George, 24 Union st 
Leitch John & Son, 10 West breast 
Lyle A. & R. & Co., 3 and 4 W T est breast 
Macalister & Fyfe, 4 East breast 
M'Ewing David, 10 Arthur st 
M'Gugan Duncan, 35 West Burn st 
Macintosh John, 48 Ann st 
MacLean John, 3 Kilblain st 
Mathieson Robert, 28 Nicolson st 
Melville William, 3 Manse lane 
Murchie Robert, 29 Regent st 
Peddie William, 3 Brougham st 
Whiteford James H., 3 Argyle st 


Brown, Stewart & Co. (Limited), Overton Mills 

Patent Agents. 

Cruickshanks & Fairweather, 62 St. Vincent st, Glasgow 
Johnsons Messrs, 115 St. Vincent st, Glasgow. 

(See Advt.) 
Thomson W. R. M. & Co., 96 Buchanan st, 

Glasgow. (See Advt.) 

Pavement Merchants. 

M'Neill Alexander, 1 1 Patrick st 

Simpson John A. & Co., 6 Tobago st and 10 Brougham st 


Boyle Hugh & Co., 25 Brymner st 

Cairns John, 17 Sir Michael st 

Central Loan Office, William st 

Cook Robert, 33 Market st 

Cruthers E., 28 Dairy m pie st 

Gait Mrs Robert, 5 1 Main st 

Greenock Equitable Loan Co., 24 Hamilton st 

Lyall James, 60 Vennel 

Mackay J. & N., 63 Main st 

Miller Alexander, 38 Hamilton st 

National Pawnbroking Office, 22 Arthur st 

Old Equitable Loan Co., 39 Hamilton st 

O'Neil Mrs S., 8 Stanners st 

Stewart Agnes T., 28 Inverkip st and 33 West Shaw st 


Brown George A., 2 Grey pi 
Coutts & Booth, 29 Nicolson st 


Fergus & M'Kim, 36 West Blackhall st 

Hamilton Crawford, 29 West Burn st 
Macfee H. N., 23 Cathcart st 
Paton James, 59 Esplanade 
Pratt John & Co., 32 Cathcart st 
Taylor A. & G., 17 Hamilton st 
Turnbull & Sons, 37 Hamilton st 
Urie R. D., 32 Hamilton st 

Physicians and Surgeons. 
(See Appendix, page 73.) 


Erskine George, 10 Terrace rd 

Gillies Neil, 26 Roxburgh st 

M'Creadie James, Jamaica lane, oft Jamaica st 

M'Cue James, 78 Wellington st 

M'Menamie James, 1 Bruce st 

Main, Boag and Black, 31 Sugarhouse lane 

Tannock Quintin, 5 Sir Michael st 


Adam William & Co., 2 and 3 Dock Breast 

Barclay John S., 2 West Breast 

Blair Robert, 12 Kilblain st 

Boyd James, 31 Nicolson st 

Bradley John, 7 East Breast 

Brown Alexander & Son, 5 Kilblain st 

Bushe Joseph, 5 Union st 

Carson Henry, 26 Crawfurd st 

Clark & Selkirk, 5 Kilblain st 

Crawford John, 11 Market st 

Crawford & Kerr, 6 Bogle st 

Duncan & Sharp, Ladyburn 

Fairgrieve Andrew & Sons, 6 West breast 

Fulton D. & R. } 34 West Blackhall st 

312 trades' directory. 

M'Alpin & M'Lachlan, 35 Regent st 
M'Ewing Dugald, 43 Rue-end st and 1 Bank st 
M'Farlane James & Co., 20 Cathcart st 
M'Jannet John, r Newton st and 62 Inverkip st 
Maclean James & Co., 7 Duff st 
Mitchell James, 5 West Stewart st 
Morrison Duncan D., 10 Charles st 
Smith Harry & Co., 78 Belville st 
Stewart Daniel B., 14 West Blackhall st 
Thomson Charles, 17 Kelly st 
Thomson Henry, 39 Nicolson st 
Walker Robert, 32 Roxburgh st 
Wallace & Connell, 4 East Blackhall st 


Alwynne Stuart, 6 Baker st 

Craig J. & M., 10 Brougham st 

The Clyde Pottery Co., Port-Glasgow rd 


Bain Miss L. S., 33 Charles st 

Barr James, 34 Shaw st 

Boston James, jun., & Co., 5 West Blackhall st 

Cameron William, 2 Mearns st 

Danielson Francis, 7 William st 

Gilmore A. & Son, 21 West Blackhall st 

Heard Mrs A., 7 Grey pi 

M'Kechnie Allan, 19 West Blackhall st and 13 Union st 

MacKellar Mrs C. B., 31 Nicolson st 


Baird Robert A., Municipal buildings 

Blair Joseph & Co., 40 Cathcart st 

Campbell Charles, 2 Watt pi 

Elliot Thomas L., West Burn sq 

Hopkins William, 40 Shore st, Gourock 


Hutchison William, 23 Nicolson st 
Orr, Pollock & Co., 14 Charles st 
Rae Thomas, 32 Hamilton st 
Storer J. & Sons, 12 Kilblain st 


Baird Miss Jane, 1 1 Cathcart st 

Crawford Alexander, 17 Charles st and 16 Cathcart st 

Dunlop William, 12 Sugarhouse lane 

Fraser Donald, 99 Port-Glasgow rd 

Gilchrist Miss, railway station, Cathcart st 

Jenning Charles F., 15 West Blackhall st 

M'Adam Mrs, 5 West Blackhall st 

M'Cormack James, 37 West Blackhall st 

M'Millan & Mitchell, 12 Rue-end st 

Noble Thomas, 32 East Hamilton st 

Paul Mrs A., 53 Main st 

Rose Mrs Agnes, 1 West Burn sq 

Yielder Richard, 41 Hamilton st 


Blair Thomas, 3 Trafalgar st 

Blair Thomas, jun., Palmerston buildings 

Hammond Henry, 32 Hamilton st 

Hill Henry, 16 Laird st 

Robertson Thomas, 23 West Stewart st 

Rope and Twine Spinners. 

Appleton Thomas, Ladyburn 

Gourock Ropework Co., 1 Cross-shore st 

Leitch Quintin & Co., 2 Brymner st 

Miller James, 4 South st 

Orr, Hunter & Co. (Limited), 1 Brymner st 

Tough Alexander & Son, Palmerston buildings 

314 trades' directory. 


Barr Alexander, 29 Sugarhouse lane 
Lauder Alexander F., 19 Cathcart st 
Park Matthew, 58 Rue-end st and 33 Nicolson st 


Black Thomas, Dock breast 
Ferguson & Co., Roslin st 
Hamilton & Adam, 21 Shaw st 
M'Callum Neil, 12 West breast 
MacSymon & Co. (Limited), Argyle st 
Orr, Hunter & Co. (Limited), 1 Brymner st 
Pennell Joseph & Co. (Limited), Albert harbour 
Whyte James, 5 East breast 

Saw Millers. 

Agnew James, 32 Crawfurd st 

Allison & Brand, 16 West Burn st 

Black James & Co., 5 and 7 West Stewart st 

Cameron Allan, Macdougall st 

Cartsdyke Saw Mills, 6 East Hamilton st 

M'Lean James & Co., 27 and 64 Main st 

Miller & Co., 64 Inverkip st 


Gordon James, 6 South st 
Kennedy Hugh, 3 and 4 South st 
Millar & Mackay, 17 Bank st, 
Wallace James, 26 Roxburgh st 


Baird T. & Co., 27 Brougham st 
Gatherer Peter, 23 Crawfurd st 


Gordon J. & A., 35 Brougham st 

Lang Robert, 33 Hamilton st 

M'Culloch John, 3 Eldon st 

Macfarlan, Shearer & Co., Palmerston buildings 

Sewing Machine Manufacturers. 

Gay Walter, 1 7 Roxburgh st 

Shepherd William & Co., 33 Nicolson st 

Singer Manufacturing Co., 26 West Blackhall st 

Sheriff Officers. 

Conn John, 13 Hamilton st 

Devlin Henry, 13 Hamilton st 

Gillies John & Flockhart, 25 West Burn st 

Munro William, 13 Hamilton st 

Sinclair Wm. G., 6 West Blackhall st 


Caird & Co. (Limited), Arthur st and Dalrymple st 

Chambers Brothers, Main st 

Dunlop David J. & Co., Inch Works, Port-Glasgow 

Russell & Co., Main st 

Scott & Co., Cartsdyke 

Ship Chandlers. 

Black Thomas, Dock breast 
Buchanan H. & Co., 11 West breast 
Hendry Archibald, 16 East India breast 
Lyle A. & R. & Co., 3 and 4 West breast 
Macalister & Fyfe, 4 East breast 
M'Gilvray John, 25 Rue-end st 
MacSymon & Co. (Limited), Argyle st 
Wilson A. & J., 65 Rue-end st 

3i 6 trades' directory. 

Ship Store Merchants. 

Black Thomas, Dock breast 

Kelly William & Co., 9 William st 

Lyle John & Sons, 6 West Quay lane and 17 Sugarhouse lane 

M'Kiver William M. & Co., Commercial bank buildings 

MacSymon & Co. (Limited), Argyle st 

Stewart John, 4 Bogle st 

Shorthand Writer. 

Mitchell William, Sheriff Courthouse, Nelson st 

Sick Nurses and Keepers. 

Barbour Mrs, 57 Holmscroft st 
Boyd Mrs Janet, 36 Ingleston st 
Currie Mrs Malcolm, 19 Newton st 
Gale Mrs John, 35 West Shaw st 
Gillander Mrs, 24 Bruce st 
Hole Mrs Wm., 8 Watt st 
Johnston Mrs, 23 West Stewart st 
Lovell Mrs, 66 Wellington st 
M'Larty Mrs, 2 Murdieston st 
M'Leod Mrs, 23 Roxburgh st 
M'Neil Mrs Neil, 6 Hope st 
Macpherson Mrs, 58 Kelly st 
Mathieson Mrs, 49 Holmscroft st 
Tennant Mrs, 1 1 West Stewart st 
Tulloch Mrs, 24 Bruce st 
Wilkie Mrs. 55 Holmscroft st 


Blanche John, 67 Rue-end st 

Campbell Robert & Co., 21 West Stewart st 

Erskine George, 10 Terrace rd 

Gillies Neil, 26 Roxburgh st 

Leisk Adam, jun., & Co., 12 Laird st 

Mackay Peter & Son, 9 West Burn sq 

trades' directory. 317 

M'Lachlan James, 14 Kilblain st 
M'Menamie James, 1 Bruce st 
M'Pherson Donald K., 3 Newton st 
Main, Boag & Black, 31 Sugarhouse lane 
Paterson William, Hunter pi 
Phillips David & Son, 5 Tobago st 
Robertson Charles, 6 Buccleuch st 
Shaw William, 34 Arthur st 
Tosh David, 3 Brougham st 
Wright Peter & Son, 32 Inverkip st 


(See Appendix, page 72.) 

Spirit Dealers. 

Alexander William (wholesale), 57 Vennel 

Allan William, 2 Mansionhouse lane 

Archibald William, 13 Charles st and 28 Market st 

Arnott James, 20 Sugarhouse lane 

Arthur Joseph R, 38 West Blackhall st 

Barr John, 14 Terrace rd 

Blackwood Mrs John, 40 Cathcart st 

Bodega Agency Co., 21 Shaw st 

Boyd James, 12 Sir Michael st 

Brady Mrs Mary, 38 Ann st and 62 Vennel 

Bresland Michael, 6 Watson's lane 

Brodie William, 3 Ropework st 

Brodie Mrs, 35 Wellington st 

Brown Neil (wholesale), 7 and 9 Sir Michael st 

Brown William, 40 West Burn st 

Brown Mrs, 1 Argyle st 

Bryce Mrs John, 9 Main st 

Cameron Mrs James, 24 Charles st 

Campbell, Anderson & Co. (wholesale), 2 Shaw st 

Campbell Duncan S., 39 Vennel 

Campbell Malcolm, 4 Dellingburn sq 

Campbell Peter, n Laird st 

Cochrane Mrs Janet, 10 Baker st 

Crawford James, 7 Inverkip st 

Crawford Robert P., 35 Ingleston st 

318 trades' directory. 

Crook John C, 29 Dalrymple st 

Curtis C H. & Co. (wholesale), 32 Cathcart st and 24 

Nicolson st 
Davidson William, 1 Crescent st 
Devlin James P., 18 Vennel 
Devlin Patrick, 3 Market st and 24 Cathcart st 
Downing Mrs William, 29 Cathcart st 
Drysdale Thomas, 3 Crescent st 
Duncan David, 17 Shaw st 
Dunlop George, 10 East breast 
Fielding William, 10 Kilblain st 
Findlay A. H. (wholesale), 9 Shaw st and branches 
Forsyth Roderick, 9 Bearhope st 
Foulds Mrs Agnes, 29 Main st 
Gallacher Mrs B., 15 Clarence st 
Gallacher Mrs William, 2 Buccleuch st 
Gerrard James, 36 Inverkip st 
Getty Samuel, 14 Market st 
Gillies James, 14 Hamilton st 
Gillies James W., 61 Roxburgh st 
Gilliland William, 45 Inverkip st 
Gordon James J., 3 St. Andrew st 
Gorman James, 6 Ann st 
Hart James, 1 Open shore 
Henderson James, 1 1 Arthur st 
Hendry Miss M., 7 Main st 
Herriot Samuel, 97 Roxburgh st 
Hogg William, 31 Rue-end st 
Hunt John, 4 Bearhope st 
Kilpatrick Samuel, 35 Vennel 
Lyle Archibald, 8 Smith's lane 
Lyle John & Sons (wholesale) 6 West quay lane and 17 

Sugarhouse lane 
M'Alpine James, 13 Hamilton st 
M'Call Donald, 2 Charles st 
M'Callum Niven, 46 Lynedoch st 
M'Clement Miss, 48 East Hamilton st 
M'Cormick Hendry, 37 Rue-end st 
M'Cormick John, 2 Harvie lane 
M'Coy William J., 22 Vennel 
Macdonald Edmund, 41 Rue-end st 
MacDonald John, 12 East India breast 

trades' directory. 319 

Macdonald Ronald, 10 West breast 

MacDougall John, 16 Stanners st 

MacEachran James, 1 1 Arthur st 

Macfarlane Miss Jessie L., 66 Ann st 

M'Farlane Archibald, 32 Arthur st 

M'Ginlay Charles, 3 Shannon's close 

M'Grath Mrs Margaret, 5 Cowgate 

M'Gregor John (wholesale), 25 Shaw st 

M'Gregor Mrs C., 3 Shannon's close 

M'Innes Dugald, 15 Rue-end st 

Macintyre James, 41 Ann st 

M'Kay Mrs Archibald, 41 Main st 

Mackenzie Miss Annie C, 30 Cathcart st 

M'Kenzie Peter, n Hamilton st 

M'Kenzie William, 45 Dalrymple st 

M'Kinnon Alexander, 4 Shaw st 

M'Kinnon Donald, 6 East Shaw st and 43 Crawfurd st 

M'Lennan Donald, 33 Shaw st 

M' Master Peter, 3 St. Andrew sq 

M'Millan James, 31 Hamilton st 

M'Millan John, 69 Vennel 

M'Nee Mrs Joseph, 20 Cathcart st 

M'Niven Alex., 22 West Blackhall st and 60 Lynedoch st 

Millar A. A. (wholesale), 17 Regent st and 3 West Quay lane 

Millar Wm. H., 18 Sir Michael st 

Miller Andrew, 38 Main st 

Miller William F., 26 East Shaw st 

Moir George, 10 Market st 

Murray Timothy B. (wholesale), 5 Mansionhouse lane 

Nicolson Norman, 22 Cathcart st 

O'Hara William, 61 Main st 

Ostler Robert, 2 Carnock st 

Paul John, jun., 8 Shaw st and 4 William st 

Phillips Patrick, 13 Cross-shore st 

Pollock John, 27 Rue-end st 

Polonis William, 9 Port-Glasgow rd 

Prentice Thomas & Co. (wholesale), 23 Nicolson st 

Rae James, 4 Watson's lane 

Rennie Robert (wholesale), 20 West Burn st and branches 

Ronald William, 17 Bearhope st 

Russell W. C. (wholesale), 27 Cathcart st and branches 

Russell Mrs J. R., 21 Port-Glasgow rd 

320 trades' directory. 

Sanders Joseph J., 23 Nicolson st 

Scott Mrs, 62 Wellington st 

Sharp William, 17 John st 

Shearer Mrs Janet, 21 Ann st 

Sheldon Abraham, 1 Ropework st 

Sieger Engelbert, 41 West Blackhall st 

Skivington Mrs E., 50 Shaw st 

Smith Mrs John, 30 East Hamilton st 

Steel William, 14 John st 

Stewart Miss Mary, 6 Market st 

Stewart Mrs C, 93 Roxburgh st 

Stewart Mrs John, 34 Dalrymple st 

Thomson John S., 25 Sugarhouse lane 

Thorne R. & Sons (wholesale), 6 Manse lane 

Walker John, 17 Cathcart st 

Watson James F., 25 Vennel 

Watt John, no Drumfrochar rd 

Watt William (wholesale), 47 Vennel 

White David, 8 Inverkip st 

Yorston Miss, 81 Roxburgh st 

Stock and Share Brokers. 

Alexander & Dixon, Post Office buildings (west side) 

Campbell Dugald, 49 Cathcart st 

Hardie & Allan (C.A.), 2 Watt pi 

Nicoll James, 2 Bank st 

Paterson & Anderson, 13 Hamilton st 

Welsh, Walker & Macpherson, 33 Cathcart st 

Williamson Alexander, 49 Cathcart st 

Sugar Brokers. 

Anderson John & Co., Sugar Exchange 

Bathgate A. & Co., Sugar Exchange 

Blair Robert F., 27 Cathcart st 

Buchanan G. & M., 17 Hamilton st 

Budgett James & Son (Limited), 14 Cross-shore st 

Cunningham Charles, 49 Cathcart st 

Czarnikow & Co., 27 Cathcart st 

Drake J. V. & Co., Exchange buildings 

Hogg Alexander & Co., Sugar Exchange 


Jarvie Jas. A., 27 Cathcart st 

Lang Jas. & Sons, 30 Sugarhouse lane 

Leitch John, Sugar Exchange 

Lusk Robert & Co., 7 Tobago st 

"Lyon James, Sugar Exchange 

M'Callum & Lochhead, 4 Brymner st 

Macdonald, Hutcheson & Co., Commercial Bank buildings 

Macdonald J. & G., Sugar Exchange 

MacSymon & Co. (Limited), Argyle st 

Ramsay & Smith, Exchange, Terrace rd 

Ross Corbett & Co., 46 Brymner st 

Ross Hugh M., 29 Cathcart st 

Ross William, 29 Cathcart st 

Sandeman A. & E., Sugar Exchange 

Smith A. C. & Co., 4 Brymner st 

Walton John D., Sugar Exchange 

Williams J. & E., Sugar Exchange 

Wrede & Co., 32 Cathcart st 

Sugar Refiners. 

Ballantine & Rowan, Dellingburn st 

Cartsburn Sugar Refining Co., Crescent st 

Clyde Sugar Refining Co., 107 Drumfrochar rd 

Glebe Sugar Refining Co., 6 Grey pi 

Lyle Abram & Sons, 10 Clarence st 

Neill, Dempster & Neill, 78 Drumfrochar rd 

Orchard Sugar Refining Co., 22 Ingleston st 

Roxburgh Street Sugar Refining Co. r 40 Sir Michael st 

Scott Alexander & Sons, Berryyards, Lynedoch st 

The Brewers' Sugar Co. (Limited), West Burn sq 

Walker John & Co., 3 Princes st .*A 

Sugar Samplers. 

Galbreath John & Son, 8 West Quay lane 
Speirs James & Son, 30 Cathcart st 

Tailors, Clothiers, and Outfitters. 

Abrahams Samuel, 49 Rue-end st 
Anderson John, 32 Cathcart st 

322 trades' directory. 

Armour John, 78 Roxburgh st 

Bruce G. & J., 18 West Blackhall st 

Buchanan John & Co., 42 Cathcart st 

Cairney William A., 32 Hamilton st 

Campbell James, 20 Arthur st 

Cleland Alexander, 18 Hamilton st 

Colquhoun John, 7 Grey pi 

Conkey James, 8 Rue-end st 

Cook David, 9 Rue-end st 

Cowan R. & Co., 2 West Blackhall st 

Douglas & Co., 1 Watt pi 

Duncan T. & B., 27 West Burn st 

Fisher James C. & Co., 12 Cathcart st 

Freedman A., 15 Cathcart st 

Gilchrist John, 37 Hamilton st 

Gilchrist William, 8 and 12 William st 

Graham Thomas, 14 Hamilton st 

Grant John & Co., Municipal buildings, Hamilton st 

Greenock Clothing Co., 50 Cathcart st 

Hepworth J. & Son, Limited, 4 Hamilton st 

Jamieson John & Co., 16 Hamilton st 

Johnstone John, 10 Cathcart st 

Kellet George, 67 Roxburgh st 

Kenney J. & J., 14 Kilblain st 

Lennox James L., 7 West Blackhall st 

M'Callum Duncan, 21 and 23 Cathcart st 

M'Fadyen Archibald, 29 Regent st 

M'Giveran John, 26 Brymner st 

MTnulty P. & Co., 12 Kilblain st 

M'Naught David C, 9 Cathcart st 

MacVicar & Son, 39 West Burn st 

Martin John, 5 Hamilton st 

Merrylees James, 40 Cathcart st 

Mitchell Thomas, 23 Cathcart st 

Morrison James & Co., 4 East breast 

Nicol Gavin, 35 West Burn st 

Nicolson Alex. N., 7 Cathcart st 

Poole & Howie, 39 Cathcart st 

Prentice D. & A., 24 Hamilton st 

Ramsay Alexander, 39 West Burn st 

Rogers & Boffey, 26 West Blackhall st 

Rowan J. G. & Co., 28 Hamilton st 


Savage Thomas, 49 Cathcart st 
Smith William, 24 West Burn st 
Stewart John, 26 Hamilton st 
Stewart John, 32 Ann st 
The Eureka Clothing Co., 29 Cathcart st 
Wallace James & Co., 27 Cathcart st 
Wilson James, 17 Hamilton st 
Wright Robert, 34 West Blackhall st 

Tanners and Curriers. 

Fisher & Co., Ladyburn 

Hill James M. & Co., 1 1 Stanners st 

Paterson Charles M., 19 Cartsburn st 

Timber Merchants and Measurers. 

Adam George & Co., 1 Cathcart st 
Allison & Brand, 16 West Burn st 
Black James & Co., 5 and 7 West Stewart st 
Buchanan William G., 17 Hamilton st 
Cameron Allan, Macdougall st 
Cameron Allan, jun., Arcade 
Carswell John & Son, 2 Cathcart st 
Cartsdyke Saw Mills, 6 East Hamilton st 
Chalmers Hugh M. & Son, 7 Cowgate st 
Davie Robert & Co., 63 Rue-end st 
Holm & Fraser, 67 Rue-end st 
Hunter Robert, 67 Rue-end st 
Macintyre Alexander, 40 Vennel 
Maclean, Todd & Co., 67 Rue-end st 
M'Lean James & Co., 27 and 64 Main st 
Miller & Co., 64 Inverkip st 
Mories John & Co., 2 Cathcart st 
Morison John A., 4 Bogle st 
Murray James, 30 Market st 
Strachan William, 19 Mearns st 


Dewar & Co., 26 Charles st 

Fairgrieve Andrew & Sons, 6 West breast 

324 trades' dirfxtory. 

Ferguson William, 14 West Burn st and 2 Inverkip st 

Logan Francis & Sons, 21 Nicolson st 

M'Cormick D. & Co., 8 Springkell st 

M'Farlane James & Co., 20 Cathcart st 

Ross Bailie G, 17 Brymner st 

Stewart Daniel B., 14 West Blackhall st 

Whyte Thomas, 17 Brymner st 


Anderson Mrs Andrew, 66 Rue-end st 

Bleakley Francis, 1 1 Hamilton st 

Boyd James, 1 Ann st 

Boyd Miss M., Palmerston buildings 

Brown Mrs, 45 Roxburgh st 

Buntain Mrs, 33 Ingleston st 

Cameron Miss H. R., 5 Rue-end st 

Chalmers Joseph, 7 Cathcart st 

Chalmers Miss, 26 East Hamilton st 

Christie Malcolm, 33 West Burn st 

Craig Andrew, 14 West Blackhall st 

Darroch James, 25 Regent st 

Donald J. & Co., 7 Hamilton st 

Edelsten Richard, 29 Brougham st 

Glen Peter, 39 West Burn st 

Harvey Helen, 61 Inverkip st 

Hill James, 44 Inverkip st 

Laing M., 17 Rue-end st 

Logan Francis, 16 Lynedoch st and 79 Roxburgh st 

Lorcet J. R., 42 West Burn st 

M'Dade Mrs H., 34 Dalrymple st 

Macfarlane Dugald, 38 East Hamilton st 

M'Intosh James, 10 Brymner st 

Macintyre Charles J., 3 Brougham st 

Mackay William Y., 37 West Blackhall st 

M'Kinnon Daniel, 18 Cartsburn st 

M'Lachlan Mrs, 35 Ann st 

M'Lean Dugald, 19 Hamilton st 

M'Leod Mrs M., n Ann st 

M'Neill John, 112 Drumfrochar rd 

M'Neill Miss, 29 Roxburgh st 

Macpherson Harriet, 100 Roxburgh st 



Mackie Miss Isa, 33 Charles st 

Martin & Co., 30 Cathcart st 

Menzies Miss R., 23 Vermel 

Mitchell James C, 23 Rue-end st 

Mitchell William H., 9 Hamilton st 

Morton Mrs, 36 Hamilton st 

Patrick Mrs F., 26 Inverkip st 

Preston & Co., 17 West Blackhall st 

Robertson Mrs J. H., 40 West Blackhall st 

Ross Samuel, 13 Cathcart st 

Shand Thomas, 59 Rue-end st 

Stewart John, 49 Cathcart st 

Tierney Alexander H., 40 Hamilton st 

Wylie Mrs John, 83 Roxburgh st 

Umbrella Makers. 

Adam Alexander, 18 West Blackhall st 

Alexander William & Co., 25 Hamilton st 

Bowie Miss B., 40 Cathcart st 

Kerr Peter, 9 Lynedoch st 

Quin John & Son, 7 West Blackhall st 

Wright Joseph, 16 Hamilton st 

Veterinary Surgeons. 

Macfarlane Arthur A., 4 Laird st 
Pottie J. D., 37 West Burn st 

Watchmakers and Jewellers. 

Cameron Matthew, 36 Hamilton st 
Clark John & Son, 3 Argyle st 
Davidson Robert, 4 West Blackhall st 
Douglas & Son. 9 Hamilton st 
Gebbie & Co., 28 Cathcart st 
Halliday J., 32 Hamilton st 
Hendry James, 34 Hamilton st 
M'Gregor D. & Co., 32 Brymner st 
Mackenzie Joseph M., 61 Rue-end st 
M'Neil Thomas, 34 Brymner st 
Menzies Robert, 27 West Burn st 

326 trades' directory. 

Miller William S., 3 Hamilton st 
Paterson Walter, 25 Hamilton st 
Robertson Robert W., 31 Roxburgh st 
Ronald James, 23 Cathcart st 
Smith Thomas W., 14 West Blackhall st 
Stewart William, 14 West Blackhall st 
Warden Andrew, 45 Hamilton st 

Wool Spinners. 

Fleming Reid & Co., Drumfrochar rd 
Houston Robert & Sons, 28 West Blackhall st 


Adam James, 10 Tobago st 

Agnew James, 32 Crawfurd st 

Austin & Kinnaird, 19 Bogle st 

Black James & Co., 5 and 7 West Stewart st 

Boyd John, 7 Brougham st 

Carnaghan James, 3 Argyle st 

Chalmers Archibald, 36 Roxburgh st 

Chalmers Hugh M. & Son, 7 Cowgate 

Denney & Crawford, 52 Kelly st 

Dodd William S., 3 Cathcart st 

Heitmann C, 29 Brymner st 

Houston R. & W. & Co., 69 Belville st 

Lyon David, 6 East Blackhall st 

M'Fadyen Archibald, 7 West Blackhall st 

M'Quoid William, 31 Sir Michael st 

Miller & Co., 64 Inverkip st 

Miller J. & A., 20 West Blackhall st 

Morrison A. & D., 3 Clarence st 

Mossman William, 68 Regent st 

Paterson Gavin, 31 Roxburgh st 

Ramsay G. A., 16 Nicolson st 

Scott Thomas, 28 Crawfurd st 

Smith & M'Cuaig, 30 Charles st 

Stevenson Alexander, 39 Wellington st 

Strachan William, 19 Mearns st 

Turnbull Jonathan, 49 Rue-end st 

Williamson & Gray, 51 Vennel 





Breakfasts, Xuncbeons, 
dinners, anb ZTeas. 








03 -S 


•r # # 

3 s s 

HI "* S 

« o£ °o 

H Co 

Q Si 

MITCHELL BROS. (Limited), 

93-99 Holm Street, Glasgow. 










Water is the first essential in the Manufacture of Aerated Beverages, 
but the purity of its source is often overlooked by consumers, with 
very serious results. 
Lead Poisoning, &.C., too frequently occurring through the use of 

impure water, inferior ingredients, or carelessness in manufacture. 
The Croinac Water has upwards of a Century been justly cele- 
brated for its almost unparalleled Purity, and the Celebrated Cromac 
Spring, from which all Messrs Corry's Beverages are prepared, is 
situated in their Premises, and is their own exclusive property in 
perpetuity. See the following extracts from reports on same : — 
" The Water is pure, and contains no organic matter." — John Hunter, M.A., 
F.C.S., Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, King's , College, Windsor, 
N.S., Analyst to Government Deep-sea Exploring Expedition. 

" Is one of the finest natural Waters I have ever examined." — William Wallace, 
Ph.D., F.R.S.E., F.C.S.,_ Consulting and Analytical Chemist. 

" One of the finest drinking waters I have ever analysed; indeed, I think the 
finest."— Edmund Albert Letts, D.Sc, Ph.D., F.R.S.E., F.C.S., Professor of 
Chemistry, Queen's College, Belfast. 

The enormous increase in their turn-over, necessitating frequent 
extensions in their Works, since they were established in 1850, is 
sufficient proof that their manufactures are thoroughly appreciated by 
the Public. They do not make questionable attempts to force sales, nor 
do they adopt the system of certain makers by attempting to tie Traders, 
and thus interfere with the free choice of consumers who do not care to 
use Aerated Beverages made in Glasgow from Loch Katrine Water. 

Messrs Corry & Co., always alive to the adoption of any improve- 
ment in machinery or materials, have adopted, and their waters are 

Easily and 
Quickly Opened 

by a 
Lady or Child. 

No Wires to 


No Corks to Draw. 

No Rubber to 


and which will be found to'be much/more convenient than the ordinary 
Corked Bottles, and^also a= great ^improvement over the various Patent 
Stoppered Bottles that have hitherto been brought out. 

To be had at all the First-class Hotels, Restaurants, and from 
Family Grocers, Wine Merchants, Chemists, also on board all First- 
class River and Ocean-going Steamers. 

Agents for Scotland— 




















„ HOSE. 














Abbotsford place, 5 to 1 1 Roxburgh st 

Ann st, from Buccleuch st to Urumfrochar road 

Antigua st, from Bogle st to Hope st 

Ardgowan square, Union st 

Ardgowan st, Glebe, from Crawfurd st to Clarence st 

Ardgowan st, west, from Nelson st, west, to Bedford st 

Argyle st, from West Blackhall st to George square 

Armadale place, from Bank st to Mearns st 

Arthur st, from St. Lawrence st to Rue -end st 

Baker st, from Drumfrochar road to Dellingburn square 

Balwharly rd, from East Crawford st to Kilmalcolm rd 

Bank st, from Cathcart square to Dempster st 

Bearhope st, from Roxburgh st to Tobago st 

Bedford st, from Newark st to Finnart st 

Belville st, from Ratho st to Crescent st 

Bentinck st, from Esplanade to Newark st 

Bogle st, from Rue-end st to Regent st 

Border st, off East Crawford st 

Boyd place, from 27 to 35 West Blackhall st 

Boyd st, from Ker st to Clarence st 

Brachelston st, from Murdieston st to Bow road 

Brisbane st, from Nelson st, west, to Madeira st 

Broomhill st, from Prospecthill st to Drumfrochar road 

Brougham st, from Patrick st to Margaret st 

Bruce st, from Inverkip st to Wellington st 

Brymner st, from Cathcart st to Customhouse quay 

Buccleuch st, from Vennel to Ann st 

Caddlehill st, off South st 

Campbell st, from Esplanade to South st 

Captain st, from Sir Michael st to Wellington st 

Carnock st, from St. Andrew square to Dellingburn st 

Cartsburn st, from Rue-end st to Upper Ingleston 

Carwood st, off Ratho st 

Cathcart square, head of Hamilton, William, and Cathcart sts 

Cathcart st, from Cathcart square to East India breast 

Chapel st, from Bogle st to Dellingburn st 

Charles st, from Vennel to Dalrymple st 

Church place, from Cathcart square to Market st 

Clarence st, from Laird st to Ker st 

Cornhaddock st, from Drumfrochar road to Murdieston st 

Cowgate st, from Vennel to Market st 

Crawfurd st (Glebe), from Charles st to Boyd st 


Crescent st, from Cartsburn st to Ayrshire railway 
Cross-shore st, from Cathcart st to East breast 
Customhouse place, foot of Brymner st 
Customhouse quay, east and west of the Customhouse 

Dalrymple st, from William st to Nicolson st 

Dellingburn square, foot of Baker st 

Dellingburn st, from Rue-end st to Lynedoch station 

Dempster st, from Bank st to Brachelston st 

Dock breast, from Customhouse place to East India breast 

Donald's court, east end of Cathcart st 

Drumfrochar road, from Baker st to Overton 

Duff st, from Cathcart st to Shaw st 

Duncan st, from Wellington st to East Shaw st 

East Blackhall st, from Rue-end st to Caledonian railway 

East Breast, from Brymner st to William st 

East Crawford st, from head of Ratho st 

East Hamilton st, from Main st to Port-Glasgow road 

East India breast, from Dock breast to East India quay 

East Shaw st, from Ann st to Inverkip st 

East Stewart st, from Rue-end st to Greenock foundry 

East William st, off St. Lawrence st 

Eldon place, from Eldon st to Octavia terrace 

Eldon st, from Margaret st to Newark st 

Esplanade, from Campbell st to Fort Matilda 

Finnart lane, from Robertson st to Forsyth st 
Finnart st, from Nelson st, west, to Newark st 
Forsyth st, from Esplanade to South st 
Ford place, I to 3 Finnart st 
Fox st, from Esplanade to Newton st 

Garvald st, off Lauriston st 

George square, head of Kilblain st 

Glen st, from Fox st to Johnstone st 

Grey place, West Blackhall st to Patrick st 

Hamilton st, from Cathcart square to West Blackhall st 
Harvie lane, from Hamilton st to Dalrymple st 
Hay st, from Bank st to Lynedoch st 
Hill st, from Regent st to Lyle st 
Hill-end st, from Thomas st to Belville st 
Holmscroft st, from Trafalgar st to Brachelston st 
Hope st, from Upper Dellingburn st to Bank st 
Houston st, from West Stewart st to Patrick st 
Hunter place, from Vennel to Harvie lane 

Ingleston st, from Baker st to Crescent st 
Inverkip st, from Vennel to Nelson st, west 

Jamaica lane, from Jamaica st to Kelly st 


Jamaica st, from West Blackhall st to Union st 
John st, from Cartsburn st to St. Lawrence st 
Johnstone st, from Union st to Esplanade 

Kelly st, from West Stewart st to South st 

Ker st, from West Blackhall st to Albert quay 

Kilblain st, from Vennel to George square 

Kirk st, from Roslin st to West Church burying-ground 

Laird st, from West Blackhall st to Albert harbour 

Lauriston st, off St. Lawrence st 

Lyle road, from Newton st to Newark st 

Lyle st, from Bank st to Upper Dellingburn st 

Lynedoch st, from Terrace road to Drumfrochar road 

Macdougall st, off East Hamilton st 

Mackenzie st, off East Hamilton st 

Madeira st, from Esplanade to Lyle road 

Main st, from Rue-end st to East Hamilton st 

Manse lane, from Hamilton st to Market st 

Mansionhouse lane, from Cathcart st to Terrace road 

Margaret st, from Esplanade to Finnart st 

Market st, from Church place to Tobago st 

Martin terrace, Finnart st 

Mearns st, from Shaw place to Drumfrochar road 

Melville court, 31 Hamilton st 

Mill st, from Prospecthill st to Drumfrochar road 

Moffat st, off Border st 

Morton terrace, Belville st 

Mount lane, from Shaw place to Regent st 

Mount Pleasant st, from Inverkip st to Prospecthill st 

Murdieston st, from Orangefield to Cornhaddock st 

Nelson st, Glebe, from Crawfurd st to Clarence st 
Nelson st, west, from George square to South st 
Newark st, from Union st to Eldon st 
New Dock lane, from Brymner st to Dock breast 
Newton st, from Inverkip st to Lyle road 
Nicolson st, from Nelson st, west, to Ropework st 
Nile st, from Ann st to Trafalgar st 
North st, from Esplanade to Eldon st 

Octavia cottages, East Crawford st 
Octavia terrace, from Bentinck st to Eldon st 
Open shore, from Shaw st to New Dock lane 
Orchard st, off Crescent st 

Patrick st, from Finnart st to Clarence st 

Port-Glasgow road, from East Hamilton st to Port-Glasgow 

Pottery st, from Port-Glasgow road to river 

Princes st, from Inverkip st to Nelson st, west 

Prospecthill st, from Ann st to Mount Pleasant st 


Ratho st, from East Hamilton st to Belville st 
Regent st, from Dellingburn square to Ann st 
Robertson st, from Brougham st to South st 
Ropework st, from Dalrymple st to Albert harbour 
Roslin st, from Crawfurd st to Clarence st 
Rosneath st, from Esplanade to Eldon st 
Roxburgh st, from Bank st to Inverkip st 
Rue-end st, from Cathcart st to Main st 

St. Andrew square, from Springkell st to Carnock st 

St. Andrew st, from Rue-end st southward 

St. Lawrence st, from Lauriston st to Crescent st 

Salmon st, off Inverkip st 

Serpentine walk, off Crescent st 

Shankland road, from Bogston to Chapelton 

Shaw place, from Bank st to Ann st 

Shaw st, from William st to Rue-end st 

Sinclair st, off East Hamilton st 

Sir John's Brae, off Terrace road 

Sir Michael st, from Vennel to Roxburgh st 

Smith's lane, from Vennel to Market st 

South st, from Cemetery gate to Forsyth st 

Springkell st, from Cartsburn st to St. Andrew square 

Stanners st, from Main st to John st 

Sugarhouse lane, from Vennel to Crawfurd st 

Terrace road, from Watt place to Regent st 
Tobago st, f;om Market st to Inverkip st 
Trafalgar sc, from Shaw place to Nile st 

Union st, from George square to Newark st 

Vennel, from West breast to Inverkip st 
Virginia st, from Chapel st to East India breast 

Wallace square, foot of Vennel 
Watt place, Cathcart st to Terrace road 
Watt st, from Nelson st, west, to Kelly st 
Watson's lane, from Hamilton st to Vennel 
Wellbeck st, from Bentinck st to Eldon place 
Wellington st, from Bank st to Murdieston st 
West Blackhall st, from Hamilton st to Patrick st 
West Breast, from William st to West quay lane 
West Burn st, from Kilblain st to Dalrymple st 
West Quay, foot of West Quay lane 
West Quay lane, from Dalrymple st to West quay 
West Shaw st, from Inverkip st to Nelson st, west 
West Stewart st, from West Burn st to Houston st 
William st, from Cathcart square to Mid quay 
Wood st, from Eldon st to Newark st 

York st, from Crawfurd st to Clarence st 



46 Sinclair Alexander 


Smith William 

48 Alexander William 

3 Burns Mrs 

Cameron Ewan 

11 Hazelton Charles 

M'Grath Mrs M. 

Mossman William 

M'Kenzie Walter 

12 Brown William 

Thomson William 

Dillon Patrick 

49 Young John A. 

Guy Thomas 

50 Barron Mrs 

Hamilton Robert 

Bisset Mrs Thomas 

Pirrie Robert 

Macintyre James 

M'Kechnie John 

Poison Hector 

22 M'Laughlan Patrick 

Taylor Adam 

Smith Mrs Robert 

56 Holborn Robert, jun. 

24 Cameron Peter 

58 Macbeth Miss 

26 Borthwick M. 

59 Campbell lames 

28 M'Kellar Robert 

Campbell John K. 

29 Lemmon Robert 

Curror James 

Miller Alexander 

Gillespie James 

Orr Allan 

Harley Mrs Allan 

32 Eadie Forbes 

M'Lennan Kenneth 

34 M' Bride John 

Robertson Archibald 

M'Dougall Duncan 

Wright David 

M'Laughlin Daniel 

60 Brown James 

36 M'Menamie Charles 

Carmoodie Thomas 

39 Blair Alexander 

Clark Mrs Peter 

Campbell John 

Donnelly Benjamin 

Docherty Robert 

Fettes James 

Duff John 

M'Kenzie Duncan 

Hannah James 

M'Lachlan Duncan 

M'Farlane Thomas 

Middleton David 

M'Lean Donald 

Sharp John 

40 Bleakley Francis 

61 Henderson Robert 

Craig John 

Kerr Mrs Robert 

Cross James 

Muir John 

M' Donald Neil 

Wright David 

MTntyre Ewen 

62 Goodman James 

41 Anderson Duncan 

Hacking John 

Black Thomas 

Henderson Robert 

Blake William H. 

Livingston John 

Kincaid Miss 

62 M'Farlane Mrs Duncan 

M'Crindle William 

M'Neilage John 

Orr William C. 

Pattison Duncan 

42 Boag James 

Robertson James 

M'Farlane Mrs Daniel 

63 Brady Thomas 

Scott Andrew 

Hunter Robert 

44 Menzies William 

M'Cloy Joseph 

MTntosh Mrs M. 

64 Caldwell Janet 

46 Borland Alexander 

Chambers Samuel 

Conway David 

Gunn Alexander 

King Dugald 

Robertson Colin 

M'Gregor Gregor G. 

Ross William 



Ann Street — Continued 
66 Brierly Harry 
Brown John 
M'Laren Archibald 
M'Neil James 
Taylor Archibald 

71 Ferguson John 
M'Kean William 
Murray Neil 

72 Beveridge James 
Douglas iMrs John 
Hughes Richard 

73 M' Coll Allan 
M'Farlane Mrs 

74 Kelso William 
M'Neil James 

76 Conn John 

Campbell William 
Mitchell John 


2 Ferguson George 
M'Callum Peter 
Orr Thomas 
Taylor John G. 

3 Cooper William 
Drummond Daniel 
Murray Robert 
Nicolson Samuel 

4 Rennie James 

5 Anderson James 
Graham Dugald 
Lawson George 
M 'Walter Robert 
Sorrie Mrs Peter 

6 Borland John 
M'Call Mrs 
Miller Robert 
Orr James 
Pollock Miss 

8 Black Neil 
Currie Dugald 
Hunter James 
Livingston Alexander 
Turner Mrs 

9 Buchanan Duncan 
Cameron Mrs John 
Mathieson John 

M 'Master Peter 
10 Ferguson Mrs 

10 Thomson John 

11 Maither John 
Smith Mrs 
Taylor Charles 
Williamson Alexander 

13 Browning James 
Clunie James 
Denholm Mrs 
Smith John 

15 M'Corquodale Duncan 
M'Kenzie Alexander 
Smith George 

16 Blacken Joshua 
Campbell Robert 
M'Kinnon Alexander 
M'Pherson James 
Wallace Mrs Ann 
Thomson Joseph 

17 Porteous Robert 
Wilkie John 

18 Cameron Mrs 
Sinclair Alexander 

19 Carswell Q. L. 
Cove James 
Copland Mrs John 
Cunningham Archibald 
Murray Andrew S. 
Thomson Mrs 

20 Ferguson Alexander 
Grieve James 
Meldrum George 
M'Donald John 

21 M'Neilage John 
Wilson Robert 

22 Boyd Bryce 
Cuthbertson Robert S. 
Neil Thomas 

24 Davidson Andrew 
Hendry James 
Kinniburgh James 
Wright Robert 


3 Paton James, M.D.. CM. 

4 Griffith Rev. W. Hussey 
Leisk Mrs Adam 

5 Buchanan Mrs 

7 Campbell Rev. John 

8 Marshall W. J., M.D. 

9 Lindsay Miss 



Ardgowan Square — Continued 
9 Morton Miss 

Young Rev. John 
io Farquhar J. M'K. 
12 Macfarlane Mrs Robert 

14 Luxton George T. 
Orr William 

15 Leitch Patrick W. 
Leitch Miss 

16 Black A. J. 

17 Lamb Mrs W. L. 
Macpherson Hugh 
Nimmo Mrs Andrew 
Rougvie James 

18 Poulter G. T. 

19 Cairns William, M.D. 

20 Robertson John K., M.D. 

21 Brenmehl John B. 

22 Macaulay Daniel 


I Shand Rev. Alexander E. 

5 Douglas John Campbell, M.D. 

6 Amos Miss 
Dunn Miss 
Ferguson Mrs Hugh 
Reid Miss Janet 

7 M'Chesney Hugh R. 
Maclean James 

8 Anderson Mrs M. 
Bruce George 
Lochhead William 
Miller Archibald 

9 Hutcheson Mrs John 
Kirkcaldy William 
Phillips William 

Si me Thomas 
10 Fisher Thomas 

Knowles John 

M'Cuaig Magnus 

Smillie William 

Smith Agnes 

Steel Mrs 

Taylor Mrs James M. 
12 Aitken William N. 

Candlish Mrs 

Cowan Alexander R. 

M'Farlane Mrs Donald 

M'Kinlay Mrs 

M 'Vicar Alexander 

12 Phillips David, jun. 
Ritchie George 

13 Campbell John F. 
M'Lean Miss 
Menard Josue 
Niven Mrs 
Shearer James 
Symington Rev. Andrew 

14 Fleming Mrs Matthew 
Livingston Miss 
M'Farlane Archibald 
M'lver David R. 
Marr George 

17 Tannock Quintin 

Ardgouian Square 

20 Aitken Miss Jane 
Brown George 

21 Burdee Harry W. 
23 Irvin Mrs Martha 

Brown Miss M. A. Anderson 
Gilkison Mrs W. P. 
Graham Hugh 
Ramsay H. S. 
25 Glass John 

27 Dunlop Mrs J. 

28 Cant Adam 
M'Gregor Mrs Robert 
M'Kelvie Mrs James 
Patrick William 
Tait Robert G. 

29 Ferguson Edward 
House Thomas J. 
Mitchell Matthew 

30 Boxill Samuel 
Crawford James 
M 'Bride Charles 
Nixon Henry 
Peden John, jun. 

31 Vandalle Mrs L. 

32 Barr James S. 
Brown James 
Fergus James 
Macintosh Neil 
M'Neil Mrs Thomas 

33 Dunbar Miss 
MacCallum Mrs Daniel • 
Reid Mrs H. 

Scott Miss Margaret 
35 Henderson Robert 
37 MacCunn James 
39 Cunningham Duncan 

Forbes John 



Ardgowan Street, W.— Continued 

40 Bonar Rev. James 

41 Crawford Mrs Hugh 
Crawford James 

43 Leitch W. O. 

45 Prentice Thomas 

50 CullenRev.John,M.A.,D.Sc. 


3 Armstrong Mrs David 

Carsewell Andrew 

Elder Lewis 

Gardiner Mrs Archibald 

M'Ausland Alexander 

M'Fee James 

Norrie William 

O'Shea Ambrose 
9 Casson Mrs George 

Edwards William 

Hair William 

M'Killop George 

Muir Mrs 


I Easton Robert 
3 King Mrs Andrew 

M'Ewen James 

Mackay Godfrey 

Simpson Richard 
5 Millar Angus 

M'Ewen John 


3 M'Creadie Mrs 
5 Bowman Joseph 
16 Barr William 

Govan David 

Love Mrs 
30 Mathieson Robert 

M 'Gill John 
32 Hamilton Matthew 
44 Lyden William 

M'Gregor, Mrs James 


Hendry Miss M., Lightburncot 
Houston Archd., Gryfe cot 
Inglis James, Burnbrae cot 
Lang John, Glen cot 
Mitchell Robert, Lightburncot 
Orr Thomas, Victoria cot 
Peat John, Harthill cot 
Phelan Rev. P., Avoca cot 
Wylie James, Raith cot 


I M'Dowall William 
3 Howieson Mrs William 
Lindsay Robert 
M'Pherson Malcolm 
South Peter 

5 Campbell James 
M'Brearty Duncan 
M'Kenna John 

6 Benson Miss 

15 Cameron Donald 

Kerr James 

M'Kinlay James 
20 Noble Thomas 
22 Blair David 

Carmichael Donald 

Gray Miss 

Maceachran Alexander 

Prentice Mrs Adam 

24 Leitch Mrs A. 
M'Lellan John 

25 M'Aulay W. G. 
M'Crae Duncan 
Ross Finlay 
Russell Bernard 

27 Anderson Robert 
Campbell John 
M'Culloch Alexander 
Thomson Mrs D. 

28 Fleming Miss 

29 Blair AVchibald 
Brodie James 
Caldwell Robert 
Connell Alexander 
M'Dougall Duncan 
Thomson Dugald 

31 Cunningham P. G. 



Bank Street — Continued 

31 Maclean Alexander S. 

32 Maconie John 

33 Barr John 
Cuthbertson Thomas 

37 Black Thomas 

Boothman James L. 

M'Callum Niven 

Paterson Mrs 
39 Adam Rev. Peter 

Connor Mrs John 

Macfarlane Miss Jessie L. 

M'Leod Murdoch 

Sheriff Joseph 

Walker John R. 

Wilson Michael 


14 Blair Peter 

15 Brown William 
Brown Robert 
Keys James 

17 Jones James 
M'Coll Peter 
Stirling Mrs 

18 Carmichael Hugh 
Henderson Robert 
Millar Peter 
M'Nab Robert W. T. 
Weir Miss A. 
White Samuel 

19 Frederick Charles 

20 M'Intosh Hugh 
Sweenie Joseph 
Wilson Archibald 

21 Smith Joseph 

22 Innes Robert 


I Neill John 

4 Smith Alexander 
8 Millar Mrs S. H. 

18 Smith Mrs Thomas 
Stericker A. C. 


3 Dunlop James 

5 Dickson Alexander 

5 Ednie Andrew 
Howie Mrs Andrew 
M Intosh John 
Wylie David 

6 Blair John 
M'Lauchlan Angus 
Smith John 

7 Brown Ebenezer 
Fraser William 
Paterson James 
Stewart James 

10 Clark Walter 
M'Math Joseph 

11 Reid John 
Vass Mrs David 

12 Campbell Robert 
Simpson Thomas 

13 King Alexander 
M'Cuaig Peter 
M'Lean John 
M'Leod Norman 

15 Brown Alexander 

Davis John 

Liddell David 

Turnbull William 
17 Farquharson Mrs Alex. 

Muir Thomas 
19 Campbell Richard 

Millar Andrew 

Rennie Andrew 
21 Patrick Alexander 

23 Kerr John 
M'Lachlan Angus 

24 Allan Jamieson 
Houston Mrs 
Rae William 

25 Finnie C. 

M 'Kay John 
27 Allan John C. 

M'Kay Andrew 

Sillars Andrew 
29 Black Angus 

Wright William 
51 Falconer Joseph 

M'Kenzie Mrs James 
53 Cunningham Thomas 

Houston Robert 
55 Linn Robert 

Thomson Mrs Hugh 

Tucker John 
57 Emslie James 

Fleming Henry 



Belville Street — Continued 
57 Hammond James 

Oliver James 

Roe James 

Thomson James 
59 Angus John 

Lang George 

Rowan William 
6 1 Anderson William 

Daily James 

Galbraith John 
63 M'CallJchn 
65 M'Kinnon Neil 

Mitchell John 
67 Barclay Alexander 

M 'Go wan William 
73 Moodie Allan 

78 Cumming John B. 
M'Kellar Archibald 
M'Laren John 
Taylor William 

79 Dick John 
Williams William 

80 Brown David 
Cameron Allan 
Darroch Peter 
Elder John 
M'Farlane Andrew 
M'Lean John 
Thomson John 

81 Robertson Robert 
81 Atkinson John 

Crawford William H. 
Fulton William 
Leslie James 
Mathie John 
Moorhouse Martin 
Thomson Peter 

83 Hay Archibald 

84 Barbour Miss 
Boyd Alexander 
Cameron William 
Clark Duncan 
Jackson William 
Petrie Peter 

85 Davers Mrs A. 
Kay James 
M'Fadyen Archibald 
Stevenson Duncan 
Syme John, sen. 

86 Carstairs Robert 

87 Baxter John 

87 M'Gregor Andrew 

Tennant William 
89 Baxter David 
Brock Archibald 
Lamont Duncan 
Smith Robert 
91 Conn Mrs 
Elliot James 
Johnston Thomas 
93 Love William 

Shaw Mrs J. 
95 Dunn A. C. 
Filshill Stewart 
Paterson Alexander 
97 Rippon C. W. 
Tait John 
Taylor James 
Wylie James 
99 Foster Robert P. 
Lambie Robert 
Stewart Mrs Isabella 
W T atters Mrs Stewart 
IOI Aitken William 

Kerr William 
103 Aitken Mrs John 
Anderson Mrs John 
Brighton James 
Campbell Archibald 
Clement Robert 
Pink Charles 
105 Baillie Andrew 

M'Lachlan William 


2 Burns Mrs George 

Frame James 
4 Mackay William Y. 
7 Shearer Archibald 
9 M'Kenzie Miss 
II Tait Alex. J. W. 

13 Culloden Mrs 

14 M'Cormick John 

15 Ward Richard 

17 Duthie James 

18 Fleming John 
Sinclair Robert H. 
Stewart James B. 
Tough Robert 
Warden Mrs M. 

19 Dick J. M. 



Bentinck Street — Continued 

19 Stronach William 
Wadsworth Francis H. 

20 Thomson Rev. J. B. 

21 Tosh David 

23 Broadfoot Dr Wm. 

25 Wrede F. L. 

27 Hamilton Robert 

MacDougall J., Rosemount 


18 Low John 

Muir Mrs Alexander 
M'Nair Robert 
Wohlegmuth John 


2 Boyd James 
4 Malcolm John 

6 M'Phail William 

7 Clark John A. 
M'Aulay James 
Martin James 


3 Duncan John " 

M'Cartney Henry 

M 'Naught Robert 
5 Gray Robert 

Hunter John 

M'Kinnon John 

Mitchell John 
7 Kay James 

M'Farlane Andrew 

M'Kellar Donald 

Thomson James 
II Millar John 

Swan Robert D. 
13 Morrison Dugald 

Scott John 
15 Adam Alexander 

M'Leod Donald F. 

Rankin George J. 
17 Martin Miss 


6 M'Cracken Thomas 
M'Geachan William 
Niven Alexander 
Rolling William R. 
Watson Hugh M'P. 
Weir Thomas 

7 Aitken Edward 
Bell Robert H. 
Connor David 
Plant Mrs 

8 Black Alexander 
Duthie R. G. 
Foulds Alexander 
Howie Alexander 
Stevenson Mrs James 
Till J. L. 

9 Laird John 
Macdonald Frank 
Sinclair James R. C. 

10 Beattie Miss I. 
Brown Archibald 
Buchanan William 
Mills John 
M'Culloch Archibald 

11 Hendry MrsS. 

12 Faid John 
Hendry Archibald 
M'Bryde John 
M'Crindle James 
Orr Duncan 

13 Blair William S. 
Brown Duncan 
Malcolm Mrs James 
Rae James 

14 Allan John 
M'Call Archibald 

M 'Donald Mrs Angus 
M'Farlane Dugald 
Morrison James 
Potter Miss 
Williamson Mrs John 

15 Bone Mrs David 
Carswell Miss 
King Gilbert 
MacGregor Peter 
Paterson Walter 

17 Steen Mrs John 

Watson Matthew 
19 Banks James 



Brisbane Street — Continued 

19 Cameron John 
Cross Misses 
Macbrayne John 
Thomson Michael 

20 Love Mrs John 
M'Aulay James B. 
M'Millan Andrew 
Simpson John A. 
Stevenson Miss 

21 Cameron Mrs William 
M'Ausland Robert 
Paterson D. H. 
Russell Andrew 
Stewart Alexander 
Thexton Robert 

22 Arnott Miss Jane 
Grier Thomas 
Hendry Mrs 
Hutcheson Mrs Peter 
M'Aulay Thomas Y. 
Robertson Donald 
Stevenson Adam 

23 Cook Archibald 
Moles James 
Morison John 
Simpson Gordon 

24 Black Hugh 
Campbell Mrs Archibald 
Hunter Miss E. 

More Mrs James 
Orr Miss 
Tulloch Mrs 

25 Connell James 
Galbreath Murdoch 
Lyle Mrs R. G. 
Phillips Thomas 
Watson James 

26 Allison Mrs Alexander 
Campbell Mrs Peter 
M'Gillivray Mrs Alexander 
M'Gugan Archibald 
Wood Robert C. 

28 Blair Mrs Thomas 
Love Robert 
M'Millan John 
Murray Hugh 
Stewart Mrs Elizabeth 

29 M'Millan James 

30 Farquhar James B. 
Hutchison James 
M'Laren Alexander D. 

30 Neilson William 
Peace Mrs 
Philips David, sen. 

32 Black Thomas, jun. 
Chalmers Mrs Ann 
Muir William 
Simpson Mrs D. M. 

33 Brown Mrs Neil 

34 Baird John 
Buchanan James 
Farquhar Mrs William 
King Thomas 
Miller John 
Morrison Miss 

35 Campbell James 
Mackay Daniel 
Tainsh John 

36 Moffat Gilbert 
Pottie J. D. 
Stevenson Hugh 

37 Hector Mrs James 

38 Gilchrist Mrs 

M 'Arthur Mrs John 
Moon F. 
Scott B. S. 
Thorn W. A. 

39 Buchanan Mrs 
Campbell Peter 
Galloway Mrs 
Leckie Wm. F. 
M'Lellan Peter 

40 Blair William 
Hay William 
MacCallum Henry 
Rodger John 
Urie A. 

42 Anderson Mrs George 
Carnaghan James 
Quin William A. 
Smith James 
Ward Walter 

44 Baird Arthur A. 
Loudin David 
Martin Duncan J. 
Neill Hugh R. 
Park Mrs James 

45 Buchanan John L. 
Evans Rees a Becket 
Kean John 

Low William D. 
Macfarlan Robert 
47 Carmichael Miss M. C. 



Brisbane Street — Continued 
47 Kirk John 

Purves William 
49 M'Farlane Rev. R. H. 

M'Neil James, jun. 

Taylor James R. 

Walker William 
51 Allan Mrs George 

Archibald Thomas P. 

Durkin H. R. 

Melville William 

MTndoe Miss 

Paterson Lachlan 

53 B rough John 
Fisher Mrs Peter B. 
M'Laren Duncan 
M'Lelland William 
Sharp Mrs John 
Stevenson Archibald 
Stewart Mrs William M. A. 

54 Wilson William A., M.D. 

55 Brown Archibald 
57 Scobie James 

59 Sinclair Mrs P. 

Todd Miss Jessie 
61 Crawford Thomas 

Tough Alexander 
71 Thomson Rev. T. R. 
73 Deacon William 
79 Hastie Andrew 
81 Adam Rev. David Stow, B.D. 
83 Turnbull Alexander J. 
85 Davidson Rev. J. 
87 Cunningham T. A. 
89 Fulton James 
95 Graham John, B.A. 
97 Kerr Andrew 
99 Walker Robert S. 

100 Pace Andrew 
AdamsonRev. J., M.A.,B.Sc. 

101 M'Culloch Mrs A. G. S. 


2 Weir James 

3 Anderson John 
Campbell Duncan 
Duff Daniel 
Dunlop Miss 
MTntyre Charles J. 

4 Gillies James W. 
6 Kerr Peter 

8 Cross W. Paterson 

9 Peek Mrs 

15 Caldwell William 

MTnnes Robert 

Thomson William 
17 Aitken James 

Anderson Thomas 

Davidson Robert 

Farish George 

Murphy Mrs Robert 

Peacock Miss 
23 Coutts John 

Macnish John 
25 Aitken William 

Shearer James 
29 Boyd John 

Henry Robert J. 

Hunter William 

MacCallum John 

Scott Peter 
31 M'Fie Daniel 

M'Nish Archibald 
34 Scott John, C.B. 
41 Gordon John 

43 Stewart Thomas 

44 Black Mrs A. 

45 Bell William 

47 Macdonald Edmund 
Muir Mrs R. 

48 Anderson Hugh 
Duncan Samuel 

49 Scott Ivie 
Swan Allan 

50 Alexander William 
Drummond Miss E. 
Mason Thomas 
Rougvie Mrs 

51 Borland Mrs Tohn 
Crawford P. R. 
Downie Miss M. M. 

52 Park Wm. U. 
Sheldon Abraham 

53 Fulton James 

54 Dykes Miss 
Evans Mrs 
Griffiths E. J. 
M'Ausland Miss 
Smith Robert ,,-. 
Taylor Miss A. - 




I Batters Mrs Silas 

M'Menamie James 
7 Donachie William 

Gillies Neil 
14 Bruce David 

Elliot Charles 

Nelson John 

16 Anderson George 
Gardner Robert 
Kean Thomas 
M'Nutt Samuel 

17 Jardine James 
M'Kill Robert 
Ramsay John 

18 Kennedy Samuel 
M 'Kay William 
Melrose William 
Stewart Arthur 

19 Barr James 
M'Lachlan John 
Paterson Robert 

20 Fyfe John 
Leith Samuel 

21 Calder Alexander 

24 Elliot Samuel 
Gillander Mrs 
Graham Malcolm 
Nisbet Samuel 
Wilson David 

25 Blair Daniel 
Burnside William 
Campbell Allan 
Crawford Alexander 
Melville John 
Paterson William 

26 M'Larty Mrs 

27 Milligan William 

28 Buie John 
Darroch John 
Henderson William 
M 'Arthur Peter 
Thomson David 
Whyte Allan 

30 Blair James 
Clark Thomas 
Chalmers John 
Mitchell Daniel 
Sprunt William 
Thomson Robert 


7 M'Fadyen Lachlan 

M'Lean Mrs Malcolm 
12 M'Allister Donald 

M'Gregor Mrs C. 
30 Clark W. B. 

Park Robert 
38 Ellis James 

Henderson John 

Madden William 

Macdonald John 

MTnnes Donald 


1 Glen Miss 

5 Heron Andrew C. 

M'Millan Alexander 

Neill John 

Stevenson Alexander 
7 Aird Mrs 

Aitkenhead Alexander 

Brown Hugh E. 

Higgins William 

M'Whirter William 

Millar James 

Morrison John 

Morrow Andrew 
II Fullarton Rev. Archibald 
13 Sharp James C. 
15 Murdoch Miss 
17 Campbell Mrs Christina 
19 Macmichael Rev. D. C. 

21 Sanders Joseph John 

22 Kirkwood Alexander 
Thomson James, The Hill 


36 Jones William 

Patrick lohn B. 
27 Adams John 

Angus John W. 

M' Far lane Mrs, Sycamore 




1 Borland Alexander 
Foster Edward 
M'Ginigle Mrs 
Scott John T. 

2 Blair Mrs 
Campbell Archibald 
Norman Louis 
Steel Walter S. 

3 M'CuaigJohn 
M'Dougall Mrs 
M'Geachan Robert 
M'Intyre Mrs Lsa 
Milne John 
Newham Alfred 


7 Black James 
13 Thomson Alexander 
19 Darroch John 


Jones Paul, Campfield 
MTntyre Mrs, Rosehill 
Moir William D., Lilybank 
Purvis F. P., Don Villa 
Ramage Wm. , Berryburn 
Robertson Hugh, Rosebank 
White Miss, Campfield 


3 Drysdale Thomas 
Erskine George 

4 Dodd W. S. 

6 Barclay Henry 

Boyd David 
10 Clapperton John 
Dick James 
M'Creadie John 


2 Aitken John 
4 Johnston Isaac 

6 Land William 
Neilson Andrew 
Ross James 
Urie John 

7 Black John 
Robb Andrew 
Wight George 

8 Hair Dugald 
Hill John 

Mackenzie Roderick 
M'Kay George 
Moffat David 
Tennant William 

9 Agnew David 
Murdoch William 

10 Allan Robert 
Hopkirk Andrew 
Polonis Hugh 
Sanderson James 

11 Brown John 
Campbell Matthew 
M'Kenzie Mrs Donald 
Steel Edward 

13 Darroch John 
Hope Neil 
M'Gee James 


5 Branwhite Mrs Henry 

M'Lellan Robert 
7 Anderson Mrs 
16 Duncan Miss 

Fleming Miss 

M'Nee Mrs Joseph 

M'Taggart Mrs D. 
16 Ross Sam 
18 Blance Mrs John 

Cavanagh John 

Hope James 

M'Lean Neil 
20 Angus Robert 

M 'Donald Murdoch 
22 Parker Maurice 
24 Ritchie John 
29 Mitchell John 

Paton Alexander 

Stewart David 
38 Love John 
40 Merrylees James 

M'Cue Patrick 



Cathcart Street— Continued 
41 Pearce Walter 
47 Brown P. G. 

49 Henderson John 

50 Macnaughton Mrs David 


6 Brough Hugh 
Bryce John 
Hutcheson Alexander 
M'Lean John 
Stewart Thomas 
Williams Mrs William 

13 Reid William 


2 Crosbie Elias C. 

Fairman Edward 

4 Chalmers Hume 

CRAWFURD ST. (Glebe). 

II Hyndman John 
13 O'NeilJohn 
19 Bowling William 
22 Sinclair Robert 

35 Robertson Mrs 

36 Nicolson Alexander 

37 Barron James 
Campbell James 
Gillies John 
Hall James 

38 Barbour Miss 
Philips James 

41 Vanvashan Mrs 

42 Munro Colin 

43 Davidson John 
M'Creath Daniel 

45 Brown Alexander 

Findlay James 

M'Kerrill William 
47 Barr David 

Foster Charles 


8 M'Gilp Angus 

9 Cameron Daniel 
Campbell Archibald 

II Lochhead John 
Strachan Daniel 

13 Lindsay Archibld 
Mackie Matthew 

14 M'Cracken Robert 
16 Black Daniel 

20 Walker Henry 

22 Phillips Patrick 

32 Campbell Alexander 

Paton Alexander 

Richardson James 

Service Matthew 
34 Armstrong William 

Burnie George 

Letson James 

Spencer William 
36 Arthur Thomas 

Fletcher Mrs P. 

M'Fadyen Neil 

Patrick Alexander 

Simpson James 

Fox Rev. M., Wood cottage 


2 M'Aninch 

Service David 
5 Beaton Donald 
8 O'Donnell John 
14 Anderson Alexander 


5 M'Callum Duncan 

Newall Charles 

Nicolson Alexander 

Stewart Mrs 
7 Anderson James 

Richardson John 

Urie Thomas 
9 Allan Mrs George 

Bowie John 

Dick John 

Nicol William 



Dempster Street — Continued 
9 Story Henry 
II Baxter Alexander 

Fenton Andrew 

Forsyth James 

M'Eachran James 

Peden John 
15 Millar James 

Mitchell Tohn 

Reid R. G. 

Telfer James 
17 Bell William 

Dow Walter W. 

M'Leish Peter 

Reid Robert 

Swan Mrs 
19 Barclay Mrs 

M'Farlane Donald 

M'Millan Dugald 

Rippingale Joseph 
21 Brown Thomas 

Houston William 

Linklater William 

Parker Hugh 

Smith John 
23 French Andrew 

Holmes Mrs 

Hosea Clounes 

M 'Donald James 

M'Dowall John 

Watt John 
25 Begg Samuel 

Cromar Thomas 

Dewar John 

Downie Robert 

Gillies Mrs 

Graham James W. 
27 Leith John 

Martin John 

M'Millan William 

M'Pherson Donald 

Walker Robert 
29 Anderson George 

Cruickshank Alexander 

M'Bride Peter 

M'Kenzie David C. 

Rodger John 
31 Duncan William 

Smith. Alexander 

Wilson Hugh 
33 Ramsay Robert 
37 Climie Robert 

39 Hosea Miss 
41 Orr Daniel 
76 Graves Mrs Thomas C. 

Grieve John 

M'Lean John 

78 Boyce Hugh 
Dougan Alexander 
Gilmore Thomas 
M'Laren John 

79 Winton David 
81 Allan Conway 

Anderson James 

Bowman Joseph 

Campbell John 

Carnie Richard L. 
83 Braid David 

Brown William 

M'Gregor Daniel 

M'Connell John 
85 Bruce James 

Graham George 

Park Robert 

Russell Henry 

Tarbet Mrs 
87 Allan James 

Brotchie William 

Campbell Alexander 

Macdonald Angus 

89 Bauchope Moses 
Harper Stephen 
Oliver William 
Tarbet John 
Wood James 

90 Adam James 
Andrew John 
Brown John 
Cunningham William 
Ramsay John 

91 Gait James 
Hill Archibald 
Lamont Hugh 
Millar Peter 
Parker Matthew 

92 Allan James 
M'Ausland Archibald, sen. 
Rippon Charles 

Wright George 

93 Devlin Henry 
Johnston James D. 
M'Dougall Angus G. 
Walker William 



Dempster Street — Continued 

94 Bremner David 
Campbell John 
M'Dougall Duncan 

95 Faid Robert 
M'Kenzie Frederick 
M'Kinlay William 

96 Dunn Jeremiah 
M'Kinlay Donald 
Miller Nicol 
Seaton William C. 
Stewart William 
Williams Richard 

97 Cameron Alexander 
M'Intyre John 

99 Burns Alex. G. 

Gow William 
104 Alexander Robert 

Black Donald 

Cunningham Neil R. 

Drummond Neil 

Kerr James 

Masson Robert 
106 Foster Robert J. 

Muir John 

Thomson Duncan 
108 Bates Stewart 

Calder Thomas 

Carson Robert 

M'Dougall Duncan 

Mathieson Lindsay 

110 Dixon Anthony 
Kennedy William 
Paton George 

111 Black John 
Chalmers Henry 
Ferguson Frederick 

112 Campbell John 
Nelis John 
Stewart William R. 

113 Hannah James 
M'Innes William 
Beattie William 
Stewart Malcolm 
Sommerville A. 
White James 

114 Jack James 
M'Larty John 

115 Black James 
Douglas David 
Graham William 
M'Phail Peter 


53 Campbell John 
M'Lean Alexander 

54 Howie James 
M'Lean Hector 

58 Thomson John 
60 Blackwood John 
Blain William 
Caven John 
Simpson Richard 
62 Seath James 
Wylie James 
66 Maitland James 

Steel William 
68 Brown John 
Brown Robert 
Campbell Robert 
108 Tarbet Robert 
112 Duckworth Joseph 
Inglis Mrs James 
Riddell John 
114 Barrett Charles 
124 Howie David 
M'Neil Tames 
M 'Neil William 
Malcolm George 
Scott James 
126 Tarbet Thomas 


3 M'Laughlin James 

4 Bradley Patrick 
Bruce George 

5 Carroll William 
M'Innes Duncan 

6 Brown John 
Cowley John 

8 Dunbar Robert 


I Robertson John 

7 Blackwood Mrs Archibald 
II M'Farlane Miss M. 
13 Smith Mrs 
26 M 'Alpine Daniel 




6 M'Laughlin Daniel 

8 Conkey James 

9 Allardyce Alexander 
Edmiston Allan 
M'Neil Alexander 

10 Beveridge Daniel 

11 Crawford Archibald 

• M'Glashan Ebenezer 
Scott Henry 

12 Allison Mrs S. 

M 'Clement Miss Marion 


3 Lamb William 

Ramsay John 
5 Anderson Alexander 

Caldwell Duncan 

Stewart Charles 
7 M'Neil James 

Pearson Mrs John 

Smith John 

Warnock Andrew 
9 Bowie James 

Dickson James 
1 1 Tait James 
13 Bristow William 

Holmes Walter 

M 'Arthur John 
18 Duff John 

Grott John 

Johnston Alexander 

Linn John 

Stewart William 
20 Wrede John C. 
24 Cunningham William 

Hunter Robert 

M 'Kenzie John 

M 'Queen Charles 
26 Coyle Edward 

Robertson Adam 

Smith Bryce 

30 Hutcheson Thomas 

31 M'Guffie John 
Patrick James 

32 Murray Alexander 
.33 Davidson David 

33 Hutcheson James 
Murdoch David 
Winter William 

34 Filshill James 
38 Shand John 

Shand Thomas 
40 Bowie Robert 
44 Brisbane Ebenezer 
48 M'Ewing David 
50 Nicoll William 
52 M'Bride James 
54 Caldwell David, jun. 
60 Anderson Alexander 
62 M'Kenzie Robert 
64 Caldwell Matthew 
66 Wilson James L. 
68 Kyle James 
70 Lambie Francis 
72 Clark Mrs D. 
74 Lambie Mrs J. M. 


Buchanan James, Garvel Park 
26 Chalmers John 
28 Barclay William 

Beattie John 

M'Corquodale Charles 

Williamson George 
30 Barr Archibald 

Reid Duncan 

Stirrat James 
32 Elliot Henry 

King Mrs Daniel 
34 Currie Duncan 

M'Neil Henry 
36 Beattie Matthew 

M'Ghie James 

M'Whinnie Hugh 
46 Casson Alexander 

Lindsay James 

Robertson James 
50 Norrie James 
52 Farrell James 
60 Colquhoun David 

M 'Lellan Walter 
66 Brand Mrs William 

Turner Samuel 
68 M'Whinnie Hugh 

Pettigrew James 




Harvie Miss Mary 
Holmes John, jun. 
M'Kenna John 
M'Phail Miss 
Robertson Charles 
Stewart John 


(Eldon Street.) 

Lang John 
Rowley Thomas 


2 Morton Ernest 
Morton Robert 

7 Masson Mrs 

8 Black John 

9 M'Culloch John 

10 Whiteford Jas. H. G. 

11 Kincaid Miss 

13 Hill Matthew 

14 Newell Mrs 
Shannon James 

16 Brown William A. 

Crawford Mrs William 
18 Marshall Mrs William 

Smith M. H. 

20 Arthur J. F. 

21 Wright Alexander 

22 Woodburn Win. D. 

23 Rodger Walter W. B. 
28 Hamilton William 

32 Paterson James 

34 Johnston Rev. T. Francis 

36 Sword Miss 

38 Paton Archibald J. 

39 Fleming James 

40 Aitken Andrew 
Lang John 

41 Picken Andrew 

42 Brown James 
Sharp William 

44 Inglis Robert 
48 Prentice John 
50 Rowan Mrs Thomas B. 

51 Lyle Mrs Abram 

52 Harvey Mrs F. E. 
Maitland Alexander 
Struthers Rev. J. P. 
Watson Robert F. 

53 Kerr John 

58 Blair Robert F. 

Harvey Mrs Francis 

60 Moody Alex. 

61 Finlay Thomas P. 
Hunter Mrs John C. 

62 Blunden Frank 
Stewart John 

63 Muir Robert 
65 Bruce F. G. 

67 Brown M. M'C. 

68 Thomson Duncan C. 
70 Cowie Mrs William 
72 Wingate John S. 

78 Aitken James 

87 Kerr Peter 

89 Barclay Mrs John 

91 Mackay Mrs Charles S. 

93 Houston G. W. 

97 Gatherer Peter 

IOI Devlin Patrick 

103 Fyfe John P. 

105 Brymner John 

107 Carmichael John 

109 M'Kellar Hugh 

1 1 5 Lyle Abram 

117 Walker Mrs 

119 Barrie Andrew D. 

121 Caird Stuart A. 

123 M'Farlane Arthur A. 

149 Pettigrew John 

151 Duncan Peter 

153 Dunlop George 

155 Douglas Thomas N. 

157 Forwell Mrs W. 

159 Bryson W. K. 

161 Wardrop Miss 

165 Lamont William 

167 Davis William H. 

169 Smart Jas. R. 


2 Smith William 

Morrison Misses 
8 Taylor Mrs W. E. 



Esplanade — Continued 

9 Allan George J. 

21 Wilson Edward 

23 Duff James B. 

25 Paterson Daniel 

27 King Henry 

28 Paul John 

30 Bradley Miss H. R. 

32 Turner Mrs James 

33 Addicott Rev. W. H. 

34 MacGregor John 

35 Carmichael Thomas 

37 Denholm John 

38 Steel Hugh 

39 Russell J. W. 

40 Nicol John S. 

41 Brown R. G. 
43 Allison William 

46 Rankin Mrs 

47 Mackay Mrs Peter 

48 Buchanan Miss 

49 Wilson Thomas 

50 Taylor Thomas H. 

52 Hill James M. 

53 M'Callum George F. 

54 Blanche Richard 

55 Rowan John 
Williamson Alexander 

56 Finlay Mrs A. H. 

57 Young J. S. 

58 Miller Robert 

59 Paton James 

60 Hardie William 

61 Henry Mrs Duncan 

62 Finlay A. Campbell 

63 Ross William 

64 M'Morland R. S. 

65 Fleming Alexander M. 

66 Tannahill James 

67 Brown J. D. 


Erskine D. M., Finnart Grove 
Sinclair George 


2 Barr William 
Blair Robert 

2 Colquhoun Duncan 
Holms John 
M'Lean Mrs F. 
M'Millan Miss 

3 Graham James 

4 Bruce Alexander 
Hudson Miss 
Lamont Daniel 
M'Millan Angus 
Macfie Miss Margaret 
Stewart Thomas H. 
Turner Archibald T. 

5 Cairns William 

6 Campbell Miss 
MacQuarrie Mrs Donald 
M 'William Mrs John 
Parker Mrs 
Robertson James 
Templeton Matthew D. 

7 M 'Gavin James 
9 Swan Robert 

II M'Kechnie Mrs Allan 

15 Bisset J. G. 

Brown Miss Ellen O. 
Ferguson John 
Scott Mrs 
Stevenson A. A. 
Watson Alex. L. 

16 Middleton Daniel 

17 Wilson Rev. William 

18 Miller Thomas 

19 Jamieson John 
Shepherd William 

20 Ferguson Alex. B. 

21 Campbell Miss 

22 Gilchrist William 

23 Martin Mrs William 
Macintyre Mrs James 

24 Powell Edward P. 

25 Chalmers Hugh M. 
Scott David F. B. 

26 M'Call James 

27 Henderson William F. 
Richardson Mrs James 

28 Buchanan Henry 

29 Adam John 
M'Lennan Alexander 

30 Brodie James 

31 Boston Mrs James 

32 Blair William 

33 Paterson James 

34 Wardle George 



Finnart Street —Continued 
35 Felton John 

37 Macara Mrs Renton 

38 Caldwell Rev. R. R. 

39 M'Kiver Miss 

40 Steele Miss 

41 Cameron Miss M. F. 

42 Philip Thomas, M.D. 

43 Morison George 

44 Cairns James A. 

45 M'Kelfar Peter 

46 Cameron John 

47 Patrick Mrs Adam 
49 Lyle Alexander 

55 Rennie Mrs John 

56 Meyer Mrs N. 

58 Heyland A C. 

59 Patterson T. L. 

60 Thomson William 

61 Macleod & Grylls Misses 

62 Kelso Mrs Daniel 
Little Miss 

63 Hutcheson James H. 

64 Robertson Rev. W. Lewis 

65 Barr Mrs John L 

66 Prentice David 

67 Reid James 

68 Brown Alexander 

74 Buchanan Robert 
Prentice Alexander R. 

75 Grant John 

76 Carmichael W. H. 

77 Galbreath Mrs John 

78 Bryson Mrs Robert 
Hastie William 

79 Taylor T. D. 

80 Anderson Mrs James L, 

81 Kerr Hugh 
83 Swan David 

85 Corbet Rev. Alexander 
Richmond Mrs Hugh 

88 M'Gillivray Duncan 

90 Boyd Rev. David 

93 Carmichael Mrs Andrew 

95 Cowan C. Gordon 

97 Shearer R B., M.A., LL.B. 

99 Macdonald Peter 
101 Macdonald George 
IC3 Fullarton Hugh 
105 Lyle Alexander P. 
107 Lyle R. Park 
109 Lyle J. Leitch 

(Finnart Street.) 

Campbell Nicol M., Ford cot 
M'Lachlan Walter, do. 
White David, do 

1 Connie John 
M'Kechnie Allan, jun. 
Munro Duncan 
Ronald William 
Rose Mrs Neil 
Tierney Alex. H. 

2 Adam James 
Davidson James 
Gillies Mrs 
Mill Mrs Charles 
Ralston John 
Walker Mrs 

3 Black Donald 
Bowie Mrs Archibald 
Brown George A. 
Gwynn Daniel 
Sinclair Miss E. 
Young Hugh M. 


I Hunter Misses 

6 Whiteford James, M. D. 

9 Black George H. 

10 M'Kelvie David B. 

11 Houston Miss 

12 Letham Alex. B. 
Low William 

13 Fyfe Mrs 

M 'Arthur Mrs W. 
15 Montgomerie John 
20 Bowman James 
22 Alston Robert L. 

24 Donald Mrs James 

25 Hill James H. 
Lusk Mrs John 

26 Neill George D. 

28 Ballantyne Alexander R. 

32 Watt William 

34 Carmichael Andrew 

36 Rodger John 

40 Fisher Mrs R. F. 

46 Hart J. C. 

51 Craven Miss Katherine 



Forsyth Street— Continued 

52 Bailey J. W. 

53 Thorburn Mrs Walter 

54 Barclay Rev. Robert, M.A. 

55 Morison James B. 
Taylor H. J. 

56 Macpherson Robert 

57 Bennett J. W. 

58 Macaulay John 
60 Blake Matthew 

Ritchie Rev. Andrew, M.A. 
62 Blackwood Mrs 
64 King Mrs John 


1 Johnston Alexander R. 

2 Baird Thomas 
Birch Captain D. 
Cunningham John 

4 Davie Robert 

6 Hyndman John G. 

9 Turner James W. 
11 Arbuckle Mrs 
15 Shearer Hugh 
17 Clink Charles William 
19 Robertson Mrs John 

21 Kidd William 

22 Henderson Miss A. J. 
M'Dougall G. R. 

35 Anderson Mrs William 
37 Ramsay G. A. 

Thorn Archd. B. 
39 Scott Joseph D. 

Stewart John, Glengarden 


2 Adams James 

Cameron Hugh 

Kincaid Robert 

Telfer William 
4 Brown John 

Tait William 


2 Anker Hans 
Keith Duncan 

2 M'Kechnie Mrs 
Ross Peter L. 
Stewart William 
Townend Mrs 

3 Crowley John C. 
Girvan Mrs William 
Sinclair John 
Wilson John 

5 Petrie James 

6 Fisher W. Bowman 

8 Adam William 
Mackay Edward 
Miller Frank W. 

9 M 'Bride William 


2 Shearer Alexander 

3 Chisholm Mrs Archibald 

4 Spiers William 

5 Ramsay John 

6 Fraser Mrs 
Orkney Alexander 

7 Thomson Robert 

8 Edelsten Richard 

9 Buchanan Miss 


3 Blair Duncan 
Mackenzie Miss A. C. 

4 Baine John A. 
Climie John 

5 Chevalier Frederick 
Gallacher Mrs B. 
M'Farlane Archibald 

6 Cuthbertson James R. 

7 Sieger Engelbert 


7 Taylor John 
13 Russell James 
23 Gilmour Archibald 

M'llwraith M. 

Malcolm Robert 
29 Cunningham James 

Wyse Alexander 
32 Hammond Henry 



Hamilton Street— Continued 

32 Urie Robert D. 

33 Stewart William 
41 Fitzpatrick Patrick 

M'Lean Mrs 
45 Murphy Bernard 


6 Lancaster William 

M'Ghee Charles 
8 Allan John 

Muir John 

Taylor Mrs Alexander 
10 M'Lean Neil 

Thomson Duncan 


I M'Callum Dugald 
Watson Alexander F. 

3 Campbell Walter 
Glass John 
M'Arthur Alexander 
Webster Charles 

4 Henry James 
Morrison Robert 

5 Alexander Miss 
Morrison William D. 

6 Buchanan John 
Morrison Neil 

7 Boyd George 

8 Brown William 
Buchanan John 
Hill Elizabeth 
Kerr Mrs William 

9 Jeffrey Thomas 
10 M'Jannet William 

Munro Daniel 


1 Anderson Mrs James 
Alexander John 

2 Alexander Thomas 
Bell John, jun. 
M'Phail John 

3 Grant Alexander 
M'Kinnon David 

4 Boyle Francis 
Colquhoun Charles 
Gilmour James 

5 Fullarton William 
M'Lellan Walter 

6 Aitken John 
Gibson Henry 
M'Lean Donald 

7 Bowie James 

8 Currie David 

9 Bain Alexander 
M 'Bride Peter 
M'Ewan Colin 
Robinson John 

10 Borthwick James 
Robinson A. M'C. 

13 Calcluth John 
Clark Archibald 
Nixon Mrs William 
Paterson Mrs 

36 Bradley Samuel 
M'Fadyen Miss 
Waddell William 

38 Bisset Andrew 
M'Arthur Archibald 
M'Gregor John 
Macpherson John 

39 Fleming George 
Fletcher John 
Hutcheson John 

40 Cameron Hugh 
Kennedy Ferguson 
M'Crae Armour 
Nicolson Alexander 

42 Currie John 

Virtue Mrs Alexander 
White George 
Wright William 

43 Donnely Edward 
Gordon Robert 
Livingstone Donald 
Patrick John 

45 Baird, Matthew 
M'Millan William 
M'Pherson Richard 

47 Lennox Neil 

M 'Donald Donald 

50 Armour George 
Boag Alexander 
Forrester Willliam 
Henderson William 

51 Campbell William 



Holmscroft Street— Continued 

51 Clark William 
Fitzpatrick William 
West Joseph 

52 Cooper Archibald 
Gillespie Alexander 
Home Robert 
M'Millan Andrew 

53 Ferguson Mrs 
M'Lymont William 
Rae Donald 

Roy John 

54 Bannerman Mrs 
Smith Owen 

55 Brown James 
57 Barbour Miss 

Clark James 
M ; Lernan James 
Wright David 

59 Kelly George 
M 'Bride Peter 
Niven John 
Wilson David 

60 M'Larty Miss L. 

61 Miller David 
M'Dougall Donald 

63 Greer Robert 
Macdonald Neil 
Ritchie Thomas 

64 Canning Mrs 
Hargan James 
M'Lean Angus 
Nellis Edward 

65 Buntain John 
Nelson James 
Warden Andrew 

66 Lancaster John 
Magura Robert 
M'Farlane Hugh 
M'Gilvray John 
Martin John 

68 M'Coy William F. 

M'llwain William J. 

Sturgeon James 
70 Boag Andrew 

Tarbet William 
73 Cairney W. A. 

Ferguson Donald 

Kirkwood Adam 

Maitland Archibald 

Smith Thomson 
75 Brown James 

75 Forbes James 
Gay Walter 
Hildreth Miss Isabella 
Ireland John 
Lugton Alexander 

77 Anderson John 
Anderson Joseph 
Arnot John 
Macutcheon Hugh 
MTntyre John 
M'Leod Mrs Roderick 
Sime Robert J. 
Stewart Mrs 

78 Allan William 
Campbell Duncan 
Kirkwood William 
Laird Miss 
Straine George W. 

81 Bewglass Frederick 
M'Lean Duncan 
Paterson Gavin 
Wilson Michael 


1 Fyfe Robert 
Robertson W. M. 

2 Lyon Dugald 

3 Cather Mrs 
Foster Edward B. 
Haxton Thomas 
M 'Alpine James 
Laird William 

5 M'Kellar Angus 
Munn Arthur 
Thomson Robert 

6 Hayes M. 
Holterman John 
Laird John 
M'Gugan Duncan 
M'Neil Mrs Neil 

7 Boyd David 
Conway Matthew, jun. 
Cumming James 
Gilmour James 

Gray John 
M'Kenzie Donald 

8 Angus Duncan 
Blair Robert 
Love Alexander 
Milligan Alexander 



Hope Street — Continued 
9 Burnside James 
Campbell Mrs James 
Carson Thomas 
M'Dougall Hugh 
10 Caddy William 
Ewart W. H. 
M'Kinnon Duncan 

13 Adam Alexander 
Campbell Archibald 
Irvine William 
Killin Thomas 
Millar George 

14 Beith Thomas 
Brodie Archibald 
Duncan Archibald 
Hunter Robert 

M 'Arthur Charles 
M 'Gibbon David 
Muir Robert 

15 Barr Daniel 
M'Adam Matthew 
M' Donald Huj>h 
Thomson William 

16 Carmichael Mrs 
Gait David 
Hendry Peter 
Lamont Archibald 
M'Kinnon Daniel 

18 Hutton William 
M'Leod Angus 
Patrick Neil M. 
Thomson Robert 


I Peters Rev. D. S. 

3 Spiers Miss 

7 Ballantine Mrs James 


3 Slaven James 

Wylie James 
5 Alexander William 

Parker James 

Parker Lachlan 
7 Muir Gavin 

Ogg William 
13 M'Kellar David 

13 Marshall William 
15 M'Kenzie Mrs Alex. 
17 Scott Thomas 
19 Allan David 

Brown Mrs D. 

Campbell Donald 

Fleming Humphrey 

Highet Robert 

Vallance William 
21 Kinnaird Mrs William 

Smith Thomas C. 

Whyte Thomas 
23 Crawford Mrs W. 

Johnston John 

Laird James 

Laird Thomas 

Smith John 
27 M' Bride Thomas 
29 Buchanan John 

Kyle William J. 

31 Anderson James 
Buntain James 
Cowan John 
Wolltman Matthew 

32 Headrick James 
Taylor James H. 

33 Neil Thomas 
Shaw William 

34 Harrison Robert 

35 M'Kee Thomas 

36 Boyd Mrs Janet 
Kerr John 


4 M 'Curdy Daniel 
M'Dougall Alex. 
M'Eleny James 

5 M'Millan Donald 
Muir Henry 

6 Cannie Samuel 
Turner Robert 

18 Garvan J. W. 

Maxwell Thomas 

Ritchie William 
24 Hyndman W. L. 
57 Charters James 
68 Clark Edward 

Colquhoun Richard 

M'Pherson Alexander 




2 Gordon Benjamin 

Kirchoff Charles 
8 Kirkwood Thomas 
10 Molseed Andrew 
Park William 
Whyte Donald 
Wylie Alexander 
12 Brown Mrs William 
17 Pollock Andrew A. 


3 Tucker John 
6 Dingwall Mrs 

M'Kendrick Daniel 
15 Hamilton Mrs 

17 Bruce Charles 
Sharp William 

18 M'GheeJohn 
20 Bain Alexander 


1 M'GregorJohn 

2 Patten John 

7 Hamilton Mrs James 

Walker Hugh W., Bellevue 

[I Buchanan John H. 
M'Gregor Miss 

[5 Niven Mrs 


I Adams Mrs James 

Auld Mrs H. 

M'Lean Misses 

Sinclair William 
3 Campbell Malcolm 

Clelland Miss 

Ewing Mrs James 

Kidd Robert 

Orr Miss Ellen M. 

Turnbull Miss 
5 Arbuckle Miss 

Brown Miss 

Galbreath John, jun. 


5 Greenlees Mrs John 
M'Farlane Miss 
M'Phail John 

6 Connor John 
Darroch Duncan 
Ross Baillie C. 
Skivington Mrs E. 

7 Crawford Mrs 
Higgs W. H. 
Murdoch Mrs 

9 Clark Mrs Andrew 
Forster John 
M'Nab John 
M'Millan Daniel 

10 Grant Patrick 
Martin Joseph 

1 1 Black James 
13 Brodie Miss 

Macdonald Hugh R. 
Munn Miss Agnes 
Robson John 
Russell Mrs 

16 Cameron John 
Deubler Peter 
Greer Mrs Jane 
Leckie Peter 

17 Brown George 
Porterfield Miss M. 
Travers Thomas 

18 Gordon William 
Harris Mitchell 
Johnstone William 
O'Brien Ellen 
Renfrew Alexander 

19 MTnnes Donald 

21 Carson Henry 

22 Christie James 
Crombie William 
Hall Joshua 
Hendry Mrs A. 
M'Cregor James 
Millar James 
Ramage Mrs John S. 

23 Allan James 
Bruce Mrs John 
Cook Mrs Archibald 
Currie Malcolm S. 
M'Cormick John 

24 Hutchison W. 
Lennox James L. 
M'Ara C. G. 
M'Cormick Donald 



Kelly Street — Continued 

24 Smith Mrs J. H. 
Tweddel James 

25 MTlvain Miss 

Volunteer Park. 
30 Connell Martin 
Cruthers E. 
Galbraith George 
M'Millan Miss^Susan 
Moir George 
Shaw Mrs S. A. 

32 GibbMrs 
M'Aulay Matthew 
Nicolson Donald 
Small George 
Turnbull George 

33 Bell Peter 
Brown James 
Gilloran James L. 
Sinclair Angus 

35 Black Charles 

M'Pherson A. 

Niven Archibald F. 

Thomson John B. 
37 Alston Mrs Alexander 

Angus James 

Keiller James 

Kennedy John 

M'Kenzie J. B. 

Niccol David 
39 M'Call Charles 

M'Millan John 

Robertson James 

Scott Alexander 

Taylor Robert 

Thomson John 
46 Crawford James 

Gibson George 

Grieve Thomas 

Millar John 
48 Paget Mrs John 

50 Bailment Mrs 
Curtis Misses 

51 Borthwick Thomas 
Bristow James 
Climie Mrs 
Paterson Donald 
Wilkie Alexander 

52 Montgomerie Andrew 
Morrison Wm. C. 
Reid John W. 
Witter Arthur J. 

53 Marshall Robert 
' M'Culloch Mrs 

Peaston Alexander 

Ritchie Alexander D. 

Templeton William 
56 Armour Matthew 

Gibb David 

Gillies Miss 

Jamieson Martin 

Kirkwood Mrs E. 

Murray Mrs 
58 Kirkwood William 

Mooney James 

Muir James 

Nutt James 

Scott David 
60 Jamieson Robert W. 

Millar Robert 

Murray Charles 

Simpson James 

Storer Andrew 
62 Dick William 

Sutherland Duncan 

Weir Robert 
64 Galloway Mrs Robert 

Holmes John 

Menzies Robert 

Nicol Gavin 

Russell Robert 

Wilkie James 
66 Bowie Andrew H. 

Bushe Joseph 

Edgar William 

Harper Mrs A. 
68 Beattie Miss 

Downie Miss 

Muir Miss A. 

Muir Simon 

Murray Mrs Jessie 

Scott John 

Young Archibald 


1 Phillips John 

2 Douglas Malcolm 
M'Tavish Duncan 

3 Pearson Daniel 
Phillips Mrs Margaret 
Rewcastle William 
Smith Joseph 



Kilblain Street — Continued 

4 Bailie Mrs William 

5 Finnie Daniel 
Leggate Miss 
M'Bride Duncan 
M'Sh'effrey Neil 

7 Orr William 

8 Ainslie Mrs 
Goldie James 
Miller James 

1 6 Hepburn William 


9 Yuill James 
12 Banks David D. 
Dodds Mrs James 
Murray James D. 
Reid Mrs 
Walker Robert 

15 Barclay Mrs 
Fraser Mrs 

16 Hill Henry 
Maclachlan Alex. 


3 Angus James 

M'Annally Henry, sen. 
Waddell John 

5 Dodd William 
Mathieson John L. 
Muir John 
Smith James 

6 Kilgour James 
Watson Daniel 

7 Fyfe James 
Kerr George 
M'Innes Donald 
M'Lay William 
Moffat John 

II Bourhill Thomas 

Johnson Robert 

M'Granachan James 

Mills John 
13 Brodie Miss 

Kater John 

Peddie Robert 
15 Clark John 

Craig James 

15 Livingstone Duncan 
17 Aldred William 
Black John 
M'Kellar Daniel 
Shaw John 
Wallace Charles 


Morrison Finlay D., Alt-na-craig 
M'Aulay Mrs Peter, Craigs farm 


2 Buchanan Archibald 
Jacobs Thomas R. 
M'Dougall Duncan 
M'Kinnon Alexander 
Turnbull William M. 

3 Jack J. C. 

4 Galloway Allan, M.D. 
Lewis Mrs William 

5 M'Dougall John, M.D. 

6 Clark John 
Ferguson William 
Hardie William 
M'Auslan Robert L. 
M'Giveran John 
Mitchell John 
Rankin Hugh 

7 Baird Miss Jane 
Liddell Mrs John 
Murchie Robert 

8 Auld Robert 
Brown Walter 
Kelso William 
M'Nair John 
Melrose William 
Niven James 

9 M'Keeman Wm. J. 

10 Bailey James 
Kerr William 
Low Alexander 
Tierney W. B. 

11 Allshorn Mrs 
Dick Hugh 
Ellis Robert 
Gordon James J. 
M'Callum Duncan 
M'Kenzie John 



Lyle Street — Continued 

12 Denney Archibald 
Dougall Robert 
Lauder Alexander F. 
Melrose John 
Tweedie R. 

Urie Hugh 

13 Cameron Donald 
Scott Joseph 
Welsh Robert 

14 Blair Peter 
Currie William C. 
M'Hutcheon Mrs Alexander 
M'Lean Kenneth 

15 Cochrane Mrs Janet 
Duncan David 
Lamont James 

17 Bonar John 
Buchanan John 
M 'Vicar Mrs 
Taylor Alexander 

19 M'Kenzie Angus 
Oliver James 

20 Service George 

21 Blair Miss Janet 
Duncan Alexander 
Freedman A. 
M'Intyre Dugald 
Stewart Robert 
Yuill Robert 

22 Agnew Andrew 
Henderson Tohn 
M'Callum Mrs 
M'Kenzie Mrs 
Whitelaw Adam 

23 Laing Robert 
M 'Coll John 
Philips Robert 

24 Young Robert 

25 Robertson George 
27 Black Robert 

Kerr William 

Mitchell Thomas 

Stewart Denniston 

Whyte George 
29 Brough John 

M'Crea James 
31 Brown Matthew 

Kelly Donald 

M 'Dougall Dugald 

Blue James 

M'Kissock William 

31 Williamson James 
33 Hilliard Mrs 

Post Henry 

Scott John 

Wilkie Alexander 
35 Cook Miss 

Haughey Neal 

Mackie James 

Rankin Neil 


I Austin Adam 

Kinnaird James 

Wilson William 
3 Reid Rev. M. 
7 Hutcheson George 
9 Bryce Mrs John 

Campbell Hugh 

Hunter Robert 

Johnston John 

Kempsley Samuel 

M'Leod John 

Murray Alexander 

Sinclair Duncan B. 

10 Allan William 
Anderson John 
Darroch James 
Rankin James 
Wood William 

11 Cameron Peter 
Orr James 

12 Leith James 
M'Farlane Dugald 
M 'Gilvray John 
Urquhart John 

13 M'Farlane James 
Moffat Robert 

14 Blackwood Mrs John 
Marshall Mrs 
M'Farlane Duncan G. 
M 'Vicar Miss 
Ramsay Mitchell 
Walker Mrs 

15 Calderhead David 
Currie William 
Taylor James 
Turnbull Jonathan 

16 Boyd Robert 
Campbell John 
Mitchell James C. 



Lynedoch Street — Continued 
17 Adams W. D. 
Gibson William L. 

20 Allan Thomas 

21 Brown John 
Fulton .Miss 
M'Gregor Daniel 
Martin [ames 

22 Blink J? 
Kerr Miss 
Lindsay John 
M'Stravick Robert 

23 Benson John 
Crawford James 
Munro Colin 
Ralston William 
Thomson Alexander 
Whyte Archibald 

24 Black Thomas 
Clapperton Mrs James 
M'Cormick David 

25 Houston James 
Morrison William 
Roxburgh John 

26 Dickie Mrs 
Hardie Robert 
Robertson John 

27 Alexander Miss 
Campbell Mrs P. 
Fletcher Myles 
Urquhart Mrs William 

28 Craig John 
Crawford William 
M'Leod Angus 
Mundie Peter 

29 Lang John 
M'Dougall John 
M'Gregor Robert 

30 Black Andrew 
Carmichael Mrs 
Hempseed John 
M'Gill James 
Maven James D. 
Paterson Robert 
Waddell Mrs 

31 Cameron Mrs 
Conn James 
Cuthbertson Mrs Wm. 
Lang Daniel 
M'Dougall Mrs Duncan 

33 Clark James 

34 Graham Duncan 

35 M'Alpin William 
Millar William S. 
Orr William H. 
Polonis Mrs 
Williamson Mrs Geo. 

36 M'Kissock James 
Paisley George 
Peddie John 

37 Brown James 
Graham Miss 
Stewart Robert 

38 Nicol Alexander 

39 Graham John 
M'Kinnon Archibald 
Nelson Mrs 
Rodger David 

40 Blyth Thomas 
Gourley Robert 

41 Buie Neil 
Campbell Mrs J. 
Ferrie Patrick 
Grant Neil 

M 'George James 
Soanes Benjamin 

42 Fisher Mrs Peter 
Halbert James 
M' Donald Allan 
Young J. 

43 Erskine James 
MTlroy William 
Menzies Robert 
Ormiston James 

44 Kirkwood Robert 
M'Kinnon Dugald 

45 Aitken John 
M'Millan Mrs M. 

48 Campbell Donald 
Fairlie Mrs James 
Kearney James 
King Mrs 
M'Leay Duncan 
Wells Robert 

49 Fisher Miller 
M'Ewing Dugald 

51 Breckenridge Thomas 
Logan James 
M'Kenzie Colin 
M'Laren Mrs John 

56 Ferguson Thomas 
Livingston John 

58 Elward Archibald 
King Robert 




2 Allan Mrs 
Cameron Robert 
Smith William 

3 Brown Edward 
Fisher Daniel 
M'Closky John 
Ramsay Hugh 

9 Bolton John 


2 Brodie Malcolm 
Chestnut Robert 
Gordon Mrs G. 
M'Donald Alexander 

3 Davie John 
M'Glashan George 
Whiteside David 


I Lindsay Miss 
3 Stevenson Miss 

7 Adam Mrs William, Holly- 


8 Shankland Dugald 


II Campbell Miss C. 

M'Creadie Michael 
15 Farrell Robert 
23 Erskine Mrs 
38 Miller Andrew 
51 Devlin Paul 
53 M'Laughlin Peter 

Paul Mrs A. 
60 Egelson James 


1 Kerr Daniel 

2 Clapperton John 
7 M'Larty F. M. 

Stevenson Miss 

7 Stewart Daniel B. 

8 M'Cammond Mrs 
M'Millan Mrs John 

11 Grieve Walter R. 
Ramsay Mrs J. 

12 Roberts Mrs 

18 Lamb Miss Margaret 
20 Douglas John 
22 Adamson Daniel D. 
24 Smith Rev. J. B. 
32 Nicoll Mrs James 

34 Paul W. B. 

35 Brown John 

36 Hammond Rev. V. 
40 Auld James 

42 Anderson John 

44 Alston Mrs John 

46 Macpherson Rev. John F. 

49 Kerr John S. 


1 Gowans Andrew 

2 Cameron William 
Paterson John 

3 Bowie Thomas 
Colquhoun Robert 
MTnnes John 
M'Quoid William 
Ritchie Robert 

4 Colville James 
Hardie Alexander 
M'Kenzie Joseph 
Paterson George 
Thomson Mrs D. 

6 Hughes William 

8 Burns William J. 

9 Macpherson John, jun. 
10 Barclay Andrew 

Dickson Stephen 

13 Cromwell Mrs 
Livingston A. 
MTntosh John 

14 Campbell Thomas 
Dallas William 

16 Duncan Mrs James 
Fisher John 

26 Campbell Donald 
Cook John W. 
M'Onie George 

27 Baxter John 



Mearns Street— Continued 
27 Black Duncan 

Buchanan John 

Maclean Ronald 
29 Wilson James 
34 Crabbe William 
36 Lang Mrs James 
38 Shand William 
40 Adams Rev. James 

Caldwell David 

Henry Archibald 
42 Hunter Robert 

M'Callum Dr Peter 

Sim John 

Stewart Thomas O. 
44 Graham H. W. 

46 Tweedlie R. 

47 dimming James 
M'Innes John 
M'Lachlan John 
Wood John 

49 Burns Joseph 
Gunn James 
Love James 
Nicolson William 
Whitelaw Miss 


2 Kay Rev. Thomas 

3 Warwick John 

4 Hamilton Daniel 
Watt Neil 


3 Chisholm William 
Douglas Walter 

4 Buchanan Alexander 

5 Hamilton Mrs 
M'Kerrell Donald 
M'Neil Archibald 
Robb James 

6 Black John 
Gilchrist Peter 
M'Leod Roderick 
M'Neil Archibald 

7 Cameron James 
Letham John 
M'Aulay Hugh 

7 Manson Gordon 
Murray John 
Strachan John 

8 M'Leod Mrs Roderick 
Millikin Mrs 

Milloy Hugh 
Strachan Andrew 

9 Anderson Duncan 
Fraser Miss 
Lovell John 
MTntosh Miss C. 
Miller Hugh P. 

13 Baxter George R. 

Brown John 

Cochrane Mrs 

Gibb Mrs 

Ritchie Robert 
15 M'Fadyen Archibald 

M'Pherson Donald K. 

Snoddy James 

Tweedly William 
17 Campbell Duncan S. 

Brymner Alexander 

Harvey James 

Macintosh John 

Roy James D. 
19 Allison Miss 

Christie Andrew 

Harrower T. H. 

Kee Joseph 

M Allister Archibald 

M'Kay Archibald 

Sinclair John 
21 Baine Mrs William 

24 Irvine Robert 

25 Fleming Edward 
M'Dougall Donald 
M'Kenzie Alexander 
Stark Walter 

32 Daisley John A. 

M'Bride Mrs Isabella 
Macfie Alexander 
M'Hutcheon Andrew 
M'Kenzie Alexander 
Smith John 

34 Gilchrist John 
Halliday John 
Leslie James 
M'Lonan John 
Paterson Charles 
Watson David 

36 Ferrier Alexander 



Mount Pleasant Street - 
36 Harper Andrew 
M'Innes James 



2 Bisset John 

6 Craig Andrew E. 

7 Carmichael Gilbert 
Gordon John 
Jago William B. 
Mason Joseph W. 
Sinclair Mrs William 

8 M'Lean Norman 
M'Neil Thomas 
Pinkerton Ebenezer 
Shearer Thomas 

9 Cunningham Colin 
Miller John 
M'Tavish Angus 
Sheridan John B. 

10 Baillie George 
Barbour James 
Binning James 
Law William 
M'Lean Hugh 

11 Macbeth James 
M'Culloch William 
M 'Donald Hugh 
MTntyre William J. 
Smith Thomas 

12 Forsyth Roderick 
Eaglesham James 
Fordyce Lewis 
Forsyth Alex. 
M'Phail Archibald 

13 Campbell Alexander L. 
Gardner Robert 
Marshall Robert 
Wilson John 

14 Duncan James 
Mitchell Archibald 
Neilson Alexander 


1 Smith John 

2 Bell Miss 

2 Black James W. 
Robertson Charles 

3 Napier William 

4 Carmichael James 
Crawford William 
Jenning C. F. 
Smith John 

5 Cameron Murdoch 
M'Kenzie Roderick 
Miller William 

6 Aitken John 
Kemp Mrs Joseph 
M'Dowall Robert S. 

9 Brown Mrs Peter 

Cameron Mrs James 

M'Gregor Alexander 

Storer Daniel 
1 1 Barbour Thomas - 

Carmichael Archibald 

Hunt John 

Low James 

M'Callum Misses 

M'Gregor Mrs 

Stevenson William S. 
13 Dunn Mrs Andrew 

Kirk Mrs 

M'Callum Miss Mary 

M'Neill Alexander 

Nicol Mis 

Pattison Robert 

Schroeder Charles 
15 Campbell Mrs Jane 

Humphreys Joseph 

Longwill Mrs William 

MTntyre Daniel 

Munro Mrs C. 

Taylor James 
17 Barclay John M. 

Carmichael Miss C. 

Dewar Mrs C. 

Gibbs Miss Ann 

Hoy George 

King Mrs Robert 
19 M'Millan John 

Miller John 

Neil Mrs R. 

Patrick Alexander 

Ramage John 

Wink John 
21 Armour John 

Collins William 

Currie Peter 



Nelson Street, West — Continued 
21 Edwards Simon 

Grant Mrs H. 

Paterson John 

Swan George W. 
23 Campbell Alexander 

M'Callum Neil 
25 Cook Duncan 

Flett Alfred 

Fielding David 

Machel'l William 
27 Blue Robert 

Grubb Charles 

Macaskill' Malcolm 

Marquis Mrs Janet 

Manson Rose 

Todd John 

29 M'Cubbin Mrs E. 
M'Guire Robt. R. 
Mitchell William 
Thomson Charles 

30 Bell Mrs James 
Crawford Mrs Charles 
Dalziel Mrs William 
M 'Bride Mrs 

31 Edwards James 
Rodger John 
Sheridan Joseph 

32 Edington Adam B. 
M'Lellan Andrew 
Paterson William 
Thomson George 

33 Brown William 
Kennedy Mrs William 
Macadam David L. 
Morris Robert 
Symington David 
Symington Martin T. P. 

34 Blair Daniel 
Crawford William 
M'Dowall James 
Mathieson Robert 
Mayors Thomas H. 
Williamson Charles 

36 Wright Robert 
38 Arthur Thomas 

Hill James 

Stevenson Peter 
40 Fowler Alexander A. 

Pry William 

Logan Francis 


I Agnew James 

3 Macdougall Dugald 

4 Thorburn J. G. 

5 Caird Robert 

6 M'Callum Mrs Duncan 

7 Grieve Robert 

8 Leitch Arthur O. 

9 Shankland James H. 

1 1 Cameron Sir Charles 
Crichton Hugh 

12 Adam William 
Caird Colin S. 

14 Stewart Andrew 

15 Caird Patrick T. 
17 M'Neil Thomas 
21 Cant James 

Shankland Mrs Robert 
23 Caird Arthur 

25 Mason Robert 

26 Neil Mrs John 
30 Mumme Carl 

36 Thorne Robert 

37 Fowler J. H. 

38 Curtis William H. 

40 Houston R. H. 

41 Scott Alexander 

42 Murdoch James 
44 Walker Louson 


5 Ballantyne Robert 

Cowan Duncan 

Keefe John 

M'Lean Duncan 

Mathieson Archibald 

Menzies ]ohn 
7 Blue William 

Kernachan William 

Melville William 
13 Cook Mrs Margaret 

Gale John S. 

Nutt William 

Robertson John 

Russell David, M.B., CM. 
15 Campbell John 

Dunn Archibald C. 

Gilchrist John 



Newark Street — Continued 
15 Herd Tames 

Miller' Mrs R. 

Moore James 
17 Allan John 

Forbes John 

Kay John M. 

Kerr Archibald 

Mackenzie Peter 

Macnaught Mrs William 

Swan John 

Wright Alexander 
19 Carmichael Alexander 

Collins Mrs J. B. S. 

Currie Mrs Malcolm 

Fielding William 

Macglashan John 

Morrison Donald 

Rae George A. 

Telfer John 
21 Anderson Alex. T. 

Bathgate Alexander 

Easton Daniel M 'Q. 

Malcolm John 

M'Kellar Donald 

Rodger John 

Stewart Mrs D. 
23 Altmont Duncan 

Campbell Charles 

Douglas William 

Kean Mrs Francis 

M.'Leod Colin 

Niven G. W. 

Preston James 

25 Craig Mrs James 
Fletcher A. 
Hamilton William 
Lyall James 
Mackinnon Alexander 
Marshall Mrs Janet 
Miller James 
Straine George 

26 Cowan Miss 
Gauldie Mrs Robert L. 
Innes Miss 

Mackail J. G. 
Macnaught John W. 
M'Neill Robert 

27 Wilson John 

28 Chalmers Alexander 
Doig Mrs Alexander 
Gray William 

28 Justice William 
M'Niven Donald 

29 Chalmers John 
Smith Richard 
Williamson Peter S. 
Young Mrs 

30 Lawson Mrs John 
Love Robert, jun. 
M'Niven Alexander 
Shaw Misses 

31 M'Callum Donald 
33 Bain William 

Macnaught A. 

Twigg Edward 
35 Rodger Mrs Alexander 
37 Williamson George 
39 Reid R. A. 

44 Rutherford George 

45 Swan Miss 

46 Jamieson Thomas 
49 Leitch Daniel 

Warden Allan 
51 Mories James S. 
53 Barclay Mrs John 

Bremner Alexander 
55 Kerr Robert 
57 Johnstone Rev. M. P. 
59 Walker John 

61 Hutcheson Mrs James 

62 Sugden Herbert J. 

63 Lindsay A. N. 

64 Armitage George 

65 Lang James 

66 Borthwick Thomas 

67 Allan Robert 

69 Lyle Robert, jun. 

71 Cook William 

73 Pollock Mrs John M. 

75 M'Kinnon Donald 

77 M'Clure Wm., jun. 

79 Auld William 

87 Blair R. J. 

89 Grant Rev. Alexander D. 

91 Jamieson James S. 

93 Crawford J. W. 

95 Dunlop M. F. 

96 Macnab Miss 


7 Rowan John 
Waugh James 



Nicolson Street — Continued 

8 Currie Mrs John 
Dow John 

9 Grant Lachlan 
Smith Philip 

18 M'Leod Mrs Aulay 

20 Douglas George 

27 Lyle Mrs 

M'Kellar Mrs 
M'Lean Robert 

31 Lowey George 
M'Kellar Mrs C. 
Morrison William 

33 Bethune Mrs 

36 Stevens Alexander 

38 Cram Peter 

40 Dawson John 
Fisher Mrs 
Harvie R. D. N. 
M'llwraith Miss 

51 Macfie Archibald 

61 Harley James 
M'llwraith Mrs 

63 Brown David 
Currie Hugh 
Leitch Mrs Charles 
M'Kellar Archibald 

65 Allan Joseph 
Gillies John 
Maxwell David 
Williams George 

67 Auld James 

Campbell Dugald 
Chalmers Andrew 
Crowe William 
Ferguson William 
Govan Quintin 
M'Pherson James 

69 Davidson Robert 
Leitch Nicol 
Ritchie Thomas 
Stewart Francis 
Templeton Robert P. 

71 Allison Miss 

Clark Mrs Thomas 
Flockhart Mrs Isabella 
Fortune Alexander P. 
Hart James 
Kerr John 
M'Gregor Charles 
M'Kechnie Dugald 

73 Auld Thomas 

T2, Chalmers Miss M. 
Ferguson Donald 
Fleming John R. 
Gallacher Mrs 
Kane George 
Lamont Miss 
M'Pherson Mrs Janet 


7 M'Kellar John 

8 Blackburn Thomas 
Irvine Alexander 

[O Edwards Archibald 

Lang James 
[2 Aitchison Mrs 

Graham Malcolm 

Lee James 


1 MacCulloch Colin 

2 Nicol Mrs D. 

3 Maclean James 

5 Adam Archibald 

7 Dempster Duncan F. 

9 Neill Tom 

13 Neill William J. 

17 Kerr Robert 

19 Glen James 

21 Rankin John F. 

25 Clerk Duncan 

27 Curtis Charles H. 

Baxter W. B., Whitefarland 

49 Ramsay Charles G. 

51 Thorne Thomas M. 

53 Clink John D. 

55 Walker Frederick M. 

57 Watson James 

59 Williamson James 

63 Orkney Robert 

65 Dempster George 

67 MTntosh William 


2 Macdougall Duncan 
Smith Mrs William 
4 Copeland Nathan 



Old Hillend —Continued 
6 Kyd Robert 
Liddell Mrs John 
Tait Charles 


1 King Robert 

16 Orr John 

2 Tytler Matthew 

18 Bennet Joseph 

3 Cameron Mrs 

19 Russell Mrs J. R. 

Gilliland William 

77 Sharer Alfred 

5 Whiteford Robert 

79 Caidenhead Mrs G 

7 Jamieson Robert 

Murray George 

Jamieson Miss 

89 Carmichael John 

Walker Alexander 

101 Macaulay Michael 

9 Cook Robert 

103 Allan John 


12 Blair Robert 

Rennie Mrs James 
14 Taylor Rev. Alexander 
16 Campbell Dugald 

19 Denniston John S. 
Graham Robert 

20 Macalister Daniel 

21 Deas John S. 

Richmond Mrs Archibald F. 

22 Macintyre John D. 

23 Pennell Miss 

Ardgowan Square 

24 Anderson Robert 
Banks Alexander 
Galbraith John 
Hunter Mrs John 
Rendall Mrs Robert 
Young David 

26 Fyfe Mrs 
Grieve George 
Hendry James 

. M'Master Miss 
Wilson M. 

27 Angus Thomas 
Chirrey Alexander 
Flockhart Mrs John 
Marshall John 
Minto George 
M'Cuaig Mrs Samuel 

29 Holmes John 

Lawrie Mrs Robert 

29 Smith Adam P. 
Smith Robert 
Smith Mrs Allan B. 



2 Brockie Mrs ■ 
Christie Malcolm 
Cuthbertson Archibald 
Martin Robert 
14 Slater James, B.A. 


I Algie James 
Scott Alexander 
Telfer Mrs C. 

4 Blackie Robert 
Caldwell William 
M 'Cowan James 

5 Brown Alexander 
Harley Allan 
M'Culloch James 
M'Neill Archibald 

7 Hogg John 

M'Lachlan Dugald 

M'Millan David 

Nicolson David 
9 Burns James 

Campbell Alexander 

Campbell John 

Fortune David 

Hamilton John 
17 Cameron Matthew 




I Campbell James 

Glenesk Chas. B. 

Henry Charles 
5 Henderson Peter 
7 Gilmour James 

Graham James 

Rennie John 

Scott Peter 

Suttie John 
9 Boffey Mrs Richard D. 

Heron John 

Johnston Robert 

Smith Mrs James 

Broom T. M., Oakfield east 

M 'Lean John, Oakfield east 

Kincaid J. G., Oakfield west 

Smith Mrs J., Oakfield east 

Strang Rev. R. C, The Manse 


3 Anderson John 
Brown Alexander 
Cameron Donald 
Gilmour Thomas 
Griffiths William 
Kerr Colin 

5 Cameron Mrs Donald 
Campbell Allan 

10 Campbell Angus 
Clark David 

M 'Clement James 
Spence Mrs M. 

11 Buchan William 
Gilchrist Neil 
Russell Henry 
Whiteford William 

12 Gordon James 

14 Bowie David 
Clark Miss 

15 Burns Mrs John 
Hannah Mrs James 
Sands William 

16 Campbell Malcolm 

18 M'Coig Duncan 
Sheridan Miss 

19 Adam Mrs 
Vallance Miss Tanet 

25 Blair Archibald 

Crawford James 

Campbell Malcolm 

Campbell Norman 

Highet James 

Napier James 

Whyte John 
27 Blair John 

Burns Mrs Annie 

Macdonald Mrs Mary 

Macfarlan Alexander 

Robertson John 

Scott Mrs James 

Stove Thomas 
29 Keith Duncan 

Orr John E. 

Pettigrew Robert 
31 Aitken Miss 

Bell Mrs James 

Gaze William 

Henry Mrs Robert 

Sharp John 
33 Patrick Robert 
35 Brown James 

Hunter A. Craig 

Ritchie Andrew 

Russell W. C. 

Ryan Michael 
37 Bell Peter 

42 Thomson James 
Wilson Miss 

43 Carlyle John, M. D. 
Christie Rev. Charles, M.A. 

45 Orr John, jun. 

46 Millar James 

52 Gallacher Michael 
Leishman James 

53 Fletcher Alexander 

56 Richmond Alexander 
Service John 

57 Park Matthew 
Walker John 

59 Hardie John 
Kilpatrick Samuel 

60 Munn Robert 

61 Gregor James 

62 Boyd James 
Chalmers Mrs Peter 
Duthie James 
MTlwraith Mrs R. 
Watt James H. 

63 Lang Matthew 

3 66 


Regent Street — Continued 

66 Bissell William 
Wilkie Malcolm 

67 Chabant Dugald 
Lee Charles 

69 Brown Mrs Dugald 
Cameron Robert 
Carberry Mrs P. 
M'Lean Duncan 

71 Anderson John 
Collison Robert 
Hutchison David 
M'Kinnon Dugald 

73 Bresland Michael 
M'Nab John 

75 Borthwick Thomas 
M'Gill Robert 

77 Campbell John 
Crawford John 
M'Farlane Alexander 
Roe George 


Arthurs William 
Bannigan Mrs D. 
Caldwell John 
Cameron Daniel 
Crawford James 
M 'Naught Miss 
Morrison Mrs 

2 Bowman James 
Brodie Mrs Jane 
Brotchie Mrs Donald 
Brown Charles 
Rennie David 
Thomson Colin 

3 Maclachlan Mrs D. 

4 M'Intyre Thomas 
M 'Michael Mrs 
Murray James 
Paul Mrs R. 

5 Houston John 
Laurie William 
Murray George 
Muir John L. 

7 Fairgrieve Mrs John B. 

8 Buchanan Mrs John 
Crookston William 
Martin James 
Thomson Robert 

8 Thorburn Arthur 
Watson James F. 
12 Ford Miss 
Low Miss 
M 'Vicar Mrs 
Rae Thomas 

14 Balfour William 
Chalmers James 
Douglas Jessie 
Guthrie R. B. 
Hill Miss Jessie 
Ritchie Hugh 
Smith Peter 

15 Campbell Mrs William 
Hinricks Christian 
Kerr George 
Macfarlane Malcolm 
Scott Alexander 
Young Andrew 

16 Branford John 
Gibb Mrs 
Park John 
Stewart Charles 
Walker John 
Wood Mrs Thomas 

17 Gillies James 
Houston John 
Jaffrey G. W. 

M 'Donald Mrs John 
Ronald James 

18 Adshead Miss 
Brady Mrs 
Jamieson Misses 
M'Murrich Thomas D. 
Millar Robert 

20 Blair Thomas A. 

22 Brown Niven 

M'Jannet Mrs Tohn 
M'Tavish MrsD. 
Williamson Anderson 

24 Clark Archibald 
Crawford Robert 
Malcolm Mrs 
Parker James A. 
Robertson Mrs S. 
Struthers William 

25 Brown Mrs Matthew 
Casey Robert 
Flockhart Mrs John 
Henderson James 
Miller Thomas 
Paterson D. A. 



Robertson Street — Continued 

26 Bates Thomas 
Findlay John 
Hardie Walter 
Hendry Charles 
M'Killop Alfred 

27 Duff Mrs James 
Frier James 
Laurie Missjeanie 
Stevenson John B. 
Sutherland George 
Young James 

28 Gebbie William W. 
Linklater Thomas 


2 Took William 
5 Monaghan Wm. 


1 Paton Allan P. 

2 Steel Mrs Thomas 


5 Andrew Mrs Alexander 

Fisher John 

Morrison Mrs 

Paterson William 

Smith Thomas 
7 Hutton William 

Morrison John A. 
II Baillie James 

Gush James 

White James 

15 Filshie George 

16 Wallace James 

18 Bain William 
Weir James C. 

19 Dallas Matthew 
Young William J. 

21 Barbour John 
23 Bain Charles N. 

Barr James 

Hamilton Mrs Janet 

Kirk patrick George 

M'Leod Mrs 

24 Greenwood George 
Rorison Thomas D. 

29 Campbell John 
M 'Vicar James 
Soutter H. D. 

30 Bell Arthur 
M'Bride Donald 
M'Coll Donald 

M 'George William 
M'Kay Robert 
Watson Thomas 

31 Eilert Fred. 
Macfarlane John 

33 Cameron William R. 

Craig Hugh 

M'Kay Mrs 
35 Cuthbert Misses 

M'Cowatt Thomas 
37 Duncan Mrs John 

Harvey David 

M'Millan Hugh 

Mackay John 

Tulloch John 

41 Hope Charles 
M'Kay John 

42 Campbell Donald G. 
Cameron Lachlan 

45 M'Lean Miss K. 
47 King Duncan 
50 Brown William 

Macdonald Angus 

M'Lean Daniel 

Robertson Robert 
65 Harper John 

M'Meikan John 

Nicol Andrew 

Rodger James 
67 Dick Archibald 

Kellet George 

Patrick James 
69 Cameron Duncan 

M'Farlane William 

M Tver John 

M'Kelvie David 

Livingstone Duncan 
71 Graham Mrs 

K'Kee William 

M'Neil Mrs 
73 Porter M. 
81 Bell Peter 

M'Lean Mrs 

Reid Miss 

3 68 


Roxburgh Street — Continued 

8 1 Robertson Thomas 
Whitelaw Robert 
Yorston Miss 

82 Handyside Mrs 
Ross Mrs 
Telfer Thomas 
Whiteside Alexander 

83 Calder Mrs 
Johnston Samuel 
Sutherland Peter 

85 Campbell Angus 

M'Farlane William 

Weir Mrs 
87 M'Kellar Hugh 

Wright W. B. 
89 Crawford Archibald 

M'Lachlan James 

Rodger Wm. C. 
93 Currie Richard 

Edgar James 

Gilmour James 

M'Crendie James 

Whiteford William 
95 Briton Thomas 

Buchan John 

Clunie James 

Graham Alexander 

Leslie David 

M'Kee George 

Murphy David 

Smith James 
97 Campbell Donald 

M'Gilp Archibald 

M'Gregor Robert 

Munro Alexander 

Paterson Robert 

Young William 


I Gallacher Mrs Wm. 
5 Anderson William 
15 M'Innes Dugald 
29 Cook John 

M 'Ronald Mrs Alex. 

Robertson William 
49 Fleming John 
51 Abrahams Samuel 

Hume George 

Wilson David 

55 Craig Cornelius 
59 Forbes Hugh 
63 M'Lean Thomas 
65 Campbell Robert 
MTntosh James 
M'Kenna James 
67 Berndt Herman 
Massicks James 


2 Muir William 


1 Boag Kenneth 
M'Leod Donald 

2 Forrester William 
Hogg William 
Johnstone William 

3 Foulds James 


6 Johnston John 
12 Hutcheson George 

Hutcheson James 
14 Agnew Robert 

Montgomery Thomas 
16 Byers John 
18 Brown William 

Docker Edward 

Dunning John 

Lyon Peter 

Pickett W. J. 

Robertson John 
20 Ross John 

Ward John J. 
22 Macdermott James 

Palmer Thomas 

Scott Mrs D. 
24 Harrison Thomas 

M'Lean Charles 

Thomson Peter 
30 Allan John 

Cameron Mrs 

M'Kinnon Donald 

Noble George 

Skinner Mrs 


3 6 9 

St. Lawrence Street— Continued 
32 Buchanan John 

Kerr Mrs William 

Robson Benjamin 

Steel William 
34 Barr Neill 

Somerville William 
36 Anderson Alexander 

M'Affer Murdoch 

M'Kenzie Donald 
38 Borland Alexander 

Pollock John 
40 Fielding Alexander 
42 Longwill James 
48 Donaldson David 

M'Neil William 
50 Black Mrs Daniel 

Caldwell Alexander 
52 Grott Mrs Ferdinand 
54 Beaton William 

Howie James 

M'Kenzie Mrs 
56 Cameron Hugh 

M'Leod John 

Turner John 


1 Laurie James, M.B., CM. 

2 Gray Airs John 
Wilson Alexander M. 

3 Marshall James 
Turner Mrs John 

4 Crawford Alexander 
M'Kail James 

5 Mills Robert 
York Henry F. 

8 M'Cormick Hugh 
M'Lean Mrs James 

9 Blair Richard 
O'Harra William 

10 Gorman James 
Menzies George 


5 Harkins Charles 
17 Cairns John 
27 Campbell Archibald 
Lamont Alexander 

29 Waugh Richard 
43 Bradley William 
45 Montague George 
49 Colligan Patrick 

M'Conologue Thos. 
51 Cohen Jacob 
M'Intyre Donald 
M'Luskey Miss Agnes 
M'Conalogue Thomas 
Morrison James 
Townley William 


6 Gordon John 

M 'Curdy Archibald 
15 Low Mrs James 
18 M'Callum Mrs 
23 Arthur Thomas 

M'Dougall Mrs Dugald 
39 Clark James W. 

Spence James 
41 Bolton Joseph 

Dickson James 

Johnstone Mrs Emma 

M 'Cover Robert 

Scott John 


2 Campbell Mrs John 

Cunningham Robert 

M'Jannet John 

Noble John 

Pohlmann Mrs 
4 Chalmers Alexander M. 

Edwarrls Simon 

Kennedy Mrs 

Lang Mrs Robert 

Miller James 

Sheridan Robert 

7 M 'Naught John 

8 Campbell Alexander 
Connor John 
Drummond Daniel 
Gibson Walter 
Kennedy Robert 
Stewart John 

9 Baxter Thomas 
M'Cuaig Tames C. 




South Street — Continued 
9 M 'William Misses 

Mathieson David 
io Beveridge Mrs 

Campbell Miss Mary 
Collie Mrs 
Duncan John 
Ferguson John 
Liddell James D. 
M'Gregor James W. 
Nicol Robert 

1 1 Ritchie Mrs Alexander 

12 Carlin William 
Duncan Mrs Robert 
Hunter Miss 
Inglis Robert 
James William 
Kennedy Hugh 

14 Birkmyre Miss 
Crawford Robert 
M'Millan Lachlan 
M'Vean Duncan 
Pollock Robert 
Thomson Robert A. 

15 Campbell Alexander 
Chalmers Miss 
Haxton Mrs James 
M'Kay Robert 
Mackenzie John 

16 Boyd Miss *S. 
Cameron Matthew 
Dick Mrs Andrew 
Grierson Donald 
Park Miss 

17 Noble Tom 
Smith Hugh 

18 Brighton Mrs John 
Buchanan W. G. 
Campbell Alexander 
Inglis James 
M'Kenzie Mrs D. 
Munn William 
Ohlms William 

19 Campbell Alexander 
Case John 
Graham Hugh, jun. 
M'Dougall Allan 

20 Barbour Archibald 
Dale George B. 
Dempster James 
Dick Thomas 
Drysdale Robert 

20 Fisher Mrs Thomas 

M'Kinnon Neil 
22 Brown George 

Crawford Misses E. & M. 

M'Kirdy James 

Ramsay Alexander 

Ritchie Hugh 
24 Barclay John 

Fisher John C. 

Gall Mrs R. 

M'Fadyen Archibald 

M'Intosh Alexander 

Tyre John 
26 Houston David 

M'Whirter Mrs 

Middleton James 

Munro William 

Poole Walter 

Smith John 
28 Crawford William 

Kirk Robert 

Logan George 

Prowse James 
30 Gordon James 

Humphreys Joseph, jun. 

Wallace Miss 
32 Brown John 

Dick Mrs Boyd 

Gordon William 

Holmes William 

Tonner John 
34 Anderson Miss 

Bendell Paul 

Denney John 

Dickson George 

Kerr Edward 

Lowe Thomas 
36 Eagar J. B. 

Eaglesom Plugh 

Gwynne Daniel, jun. 

Hyslop Wm. W. 

Poison Miss 
38 Fraser Miss Jessie 

Macdonald John C. 

M'Ewan John P. 
40 Gait Mrs Robert 
42 Grieve Andrew 
44 Born Joseph 
46 Ballantine William 
48 Dunlop Allan 
50 Bathgate Mrs A. 

Reid James 



South Street — Continued 
52 Watt John 
54 Liddell Miss 
56 Clifford Henry E. 
58 Leckie John 


1 Simpson Mrs James 
6 Laird Alexander 

3 Sinclair James 


10 Median Thomas 

Mundie James 
12 Gillies Alexander 

Howie Hugh 


1 1 Mountford Jabez 
17 M'Kinnay John 
23 Crumlish Peter 
32 Graham Mrs Francis 
Hamilton William H. 


3 Blair Thomas 
Robertson John 

4 Percival Hugh 

5 Smith Alexander 

6 Allan James 
Chalmers Hugh 
Schilp Frederick 
Shaw Mrs Neil 

8 Brown James 
Laurent F. B. 
M'Coll Peter 

9 Andrew David 
12 M'Dougall John 

Nixon James 
Smith William 
16 Bell Mrs J. A. 
Bucklitsch Edward 
Crawford Mrs Archibald 
M'Kenzie William 

18 Black Daniel 
Boag Mrs A. 
Carse William 

M 'dure William 

19 Baxter John 
Burrows W. 
M'Girr John 
MTnnes Hugh 
Revie Mrs James 
Trevethen Thomas 

20 Addison James 

M 'Alpine Alexander 
Morrison James 

21 Blair Robert 
Brown Thomas 
Cameron Hugh 
M'Quilkan Duncan 
Prentice James 
Sutherland Alexander M. 
Young Hugh S. 

22 Wilson Peter C. C. 

23 M'Gregor George R. 
M'Pherson Alexander 
Smith James 

24 Boden John 
M'Dougall Mrs 
M'Ginlay Patrick 
Rowe George 
Urquhart Robert 

25 Andrews Hugh 
Currie Gilbert 
M'Kinnon Malcolm 
Macrae James 
Pattison George 

26 Brown John 
Byng George 
Luckham James 
M'Lennan Donald 
Smith James 
Vanhoeve Mrs John 

27 Blair Thomas, jun. 
Fitzgerald Michael 
Kilpatrick Hugh 
Love William 
Miller Wm. F. 

28 Brown Angus 
Fleming Mrs Daniel 
Johnstone Thomas 
Millar William H. 

29 Bradley John 
Fisher H. O. 

31 Armour John 

37 2 


Trafalgar Street — Continued 
31 Black Peter 

Chalmers Andrew 

Ritchie John 

Whyte Archibald 
36 M'Intyre Archibald 
45 Barclay Robert 

Baxter Thomas H. 

Cameron Miss 
47 Anderson James 

Boyd James, jun. 

Buick Thomas 

Craig William 

M'Gregor Robert M. 
49 Allison Thomas 

MTntyre William 

Pratt John G. 

Ritchie James 


1 Gray Robert 
Johnston Miss 

4 Bowie James 

5 Rennie Thomas 

6 Holmes Alexander 
Warden John 

7 Kenney Miss 
Thomson George 

9 Shaw William N. 

12 Calder Marcus 
M'Millan W. B. 

13 Mackellar Henry H. 
Thom Alexander 

14 Walker Dr Wm. 

16 Wallace James, M.D. 

17 Barclay John S. 
Davie John 

20 Black Thomas 
Tarbet James 

21 Ferguson Charles 
Steel William 

22 Muir Allan 

Ardgoiva.11 Sqtiare. 

24 Conning H. & J. 
Edgar George 
Hall Miss Emily 
Moir Robert W. 
Munro Mrs William 
Stevenson Misses 

27 Archibald Milliam 

27 Murray Robert S. 
29 Cluckie N. Gordon 
33 Hair William 

Watson Mrs Frederick 

36 Rennie Robert 

37 Black Dr 

38 Hutcheson John M. 

39 Boyd Mrs Andrew 

40 Tasker Mrs Andrew 

41 Brownlie Miss 

48 Begg J. Henderson 
51 Robertson Mrs John 

53 Neill Mrs James 

54 Taylor William 

55 Ferguson Alexander 
57 Hill Mrs Ramsay 

Plill Ninian 

61 Walker John W. 

62 Orkney Miss M. N. 

63 Lochhead Robert 
Stark Mrs Thomas 

65 Blair Miss 
Smith Mrs 
Steele Miss 
Walton John D. 

66 M'Clure Mrs William 

67 Anderson Mrs Richard 
Houghton Mrs 
Rowan George 

68 JerdanRev.Chas.M.A.,LL.B. 

69 Broadfoot J. 
Campbell Mrs Alexander 

70 Macmillan Rev. Hugh, D.D. 

72 Lyle Robert 

73 Grieve James 
Russell James 

75 Gilmour R. S. 
Hill Robert 

Macfarlan Mrs Alexander 
Wright Mrs 

77 Lindsay Mrs William 

78 M'Kirdy Mrs 

80 MQuistan Finlay 
84 Blair David 
86 Morton George 
Paterson C. M. 


18 Heron John 
27 Duncan James 



Vennel — Continued 
49 Simpson William 
51 Clark Joseph 
58 Bradley Anthony 


1 Aitken William N. A. 
Anderson Mrs Andrew 
Downing Mrs William 
Houston .Mrs James 

2 Cunningham Robert 
Owen R. 


3 Symington John 

4 Harms William 

5 Baxter Archibald 
Walker Archibald 
Watters William 

6 M'Rae Neil 
Mayors Mrs R. G. 
Smart John 
Steinke Herman 

7 Briceland Andrew 
Henderson Mrs Bruce 

8 Boyd Mrs James 
Hodge William 
M'Culloch James 
Spiers A. H. 

9 Allan David 
M'Gill Hugh 
Matthews Peter 
Smith Mrs J. 

10 Clark Joseph 
M'Lachlan James 
Main Robert 
Peddie William 

11 Borland Daniel 
Boyd James 
Duffy Daniel 
Innes Mrs 
Laird William 
Maccallum James 

12 Adam William 
Alexander William 
Darroch Miss 

13 Archer William 
M 'Archer Daniel 

M 'Donald Alexander 
Ritchie John 


2 Allison John 

Lee Robert 

Ingram W. B. 

Young David 
4 Brodie Mrs 
6 Jack John 

8 Anderson John 
M 'Bride John 
M'Kie Samuel 
Muir R. G. 

9 Livingstone Duncan 
Park Mrs John 
Wilson Robert 

10 Cook David 
Guthrie James 
Macdonald A. K. 
Reid James 
Sloan James 

11 M'Allister John 

12 Campbell James 
Campbell Thomas 
Holmes John 

M 'Arthur Archibald 

M'Whirter Mrs Hugh 

Morrin William 

Smith Peter 

Eerguson James M. 
14 Henderson Robert 

Melrose Mrs 

Whyte Thomas 
16 Armstrong David A. 

Brown Mrs W. S. 

Buchan Walter 

Reid Archibald 

Wallace James 

Whyte James 

Wilson John 

18 Conologue John 
Macniven Angus 
Sands William 

19 Black Robert 
Getty Robert 
King Henry 
Wallace James 

20 Baird William 
Cochrane Crawford 
Flannery Thomas 
Hughes John 

21 Barr Mrs Robert 



Wellington Street— Continued 

21 M'Whirter John 
Moffat Alexander 
Smith Thomas 
Young Stewart 

22 Brunton Charles 
Gait Archibald 
Ireland Mrs M. 
Smith William 

24 Finlay Hugh * 
Malcolm George 
M'Kenzie Peter 
Shearer Mrs Janet 
Smith Mrs 

25 Crawford Bryce 

26 Ayton Miss M. 
Blair William 
Borthwick David 
Savage Thomas 
Todd John 

28 Campbell Archibald 

Maitland Mrs Janet 

Russell John 

Kirkpatrick William 

Munro James 

Paul John 

M'Fie James 

Simpson Alexander 
30 Aikman Thomas 

Getty Samuel 

Hoy Mrs James 

Innes Joseph 

Service Archibald 
35 M'Lellan Malcolm 

M'Neil William 

Stewart Thomas 
37 Holburn Robert, sen. 
42 Campbell Henry 
45 Borthwick David 

M'Millan Ceorge 

Shearer James 
52 M'Lean Miss 

Claucher Robert 

Cook Mrs 
54 Cairns Michael 

Gillies Malcolm 
64 Brown David 

Hampton William 

Lang William 

M' Galium Robert 
66 Easton Robert F. 

Fletcher Dugald 

66 Jenkins William 

Knox James 

Lovell William 
68 Hannah Robert 

Hutcheson George 

Laird James 

M'Lean Malcolm 

70 Lamont Hugh 
M'Cracken Hugh K. 
M'Tavish John 
May George W. 
Cram James 
Grieve Robert 
Smeaton Mrs 

71 Dale Archibald 
Edgar John 
Hunter Samuel 
M'Cue Alexander 
Sinclair W 7 illiam G. 

72 Boyd James 
Burton Thomas 
Chalmers Archibald 
Elliot Thos. L. 
M'Millan William 

74 Allan William J. 
Honey man R. 
Houston Archibald 
MTntosh Mrs James 
Muir William 

75 Lang Mrs William 
Stark Robert 
Swanston Rev. D. 

76 M 'Cue James 

77 Macfarlane John 
Doak Joseph 
Ireland William 
Kinnell James 
Miller Hugh P. 
Thomson Dugald 

78 Dobbin John 
81 Blair Robert 

M'Ausland William 
Rowe George B. 

83 Barclay John 
Brown Adam 
Cuthbertson James S. 
Nicol John 

85 Anderson James 
M 'Arthur John 
Murray Alexander B. 
Wilson John 
Wilson Thomas 



Wellington Street— Continued 

87 Beith Matthew 

88 Dick Mrs David 
M'Doiujall William 


5 M'Kinnon Norman 

6 Duncan Mrs J. 
Grant Thomas 
Rowan William A. 

8 Gallacher Mrs 
14 Bell John 

Menzies Mrs John 

Paterson William 

Smith Thomas W. 
17 M'Eleny Thomas 

M'Nally John St. V. 

Seath Robert 
20 M'Gugan Angus 

22 Brown John 
Cowley Charles 
M'Kay William 
Sinclair John 

23 Denny Charles 
M'Lean Alexander 
Peace Mrs John 

24 Davies William 
Plunter William 
Keogh John 

25 Cerdes August A. 
Hannah James 
Mackenzie Mrs 
Shepherd William 

26 Carson Mrs 
Hunter Samuel 
M'Luckie Thomas 
M 'Master William 
Philips Robert 
Smith John 
Stallwood Ralph 
Thomson Alexander 

27 Borthwick James 
Clinton William 
Docherty James 
Heard Alexander 
Morton Mrs 

30 Fowler William 

Shankland Mrs Thomas 
32 Munn Mrs Alexander 

34 Ferguson George 
M'Ewan Mrs Archibald 
M'Gugan George 
Wallace A. C. 

35 Fairlie Robert P. 

36 Burnside Miss Elizabeth 
Fox Francis 

Irving Miss 

37 Hagan Mrs Charles 

M 'Arthur Mrs Duncan 
M'Cormick James 

40 M'Neill Alexander 

41 Brodie William 
Gar rod Mrs 
Kerr Thomas 
M 'Arthur Mrs 
M'Leod Mrs A. 
Trotter John 

43 Crookshanks Joseph 
52 M'Fadzean James 
Morrison Robert 


12 Beaton Mrs Peter 
18 Goodhugh Fred. 
25 Paterson A. 

33 M'Donnell Thomas 
Morrison Neil 

34 Haig Mrs James 
36 Glen Mrs James 

40 Greves Alexander 

41 M'Allister James 
M'Fadyen John 


I Findlay John 

3 M 'Donald Charles 

5 Cumming Miss 
Dewar John 
M'Intyre Allan 
Quinn Patrick 
Storms Mrs A. 

6 M'Donald Donald 
9 Marshall William 

1 1 Dodd William 
Main Tohn 



West Stewart Street— Continued 


Anderson John 

1 1 Simpson James 

Brand Mrs David 

13 Colligan John 

Smith John 

M'Callum Duncan 

Thomson William D. 

M'Kay Mrs Jessie 


David Simon H. 

15 Burns Jonathan 

M'Granachan Joseph 

M'Lean Dugald 

M'Kinlay Peter C. 

17 Shearer James 

Williamson John 

20 A'Hara James 


Blake Arthur 

Watters John S. 

Smith William 

22 Ahlfeld Bernard 


Barr Robert 

Campbell Robert 

Hope William 

Fraser James 


Ferguson Donald 

M'Gregor Peter 

M'Kellar Robert 

Molseed James 

23 Currie James 

Mitchell John 

Robertson Thomas 


Taylor Mrs Jane 

24 Bell John 


M'Lachlan Alexander 

Fletcher Malcolm 


Docherty Mrs George 

Keenan Robert 


King Robert 

M'Kay Miss C. 

M 'Vicar Miss 

25 Cruickshank Alexander 

Hair Miss Catherine 


Waldron James 

32 Brand William 


Clark David 

Morrison J. D. 


Cameron George 

33 Auld William 

Mar ley Patrick 

Barrie David 


Fulton Mrs S. 

M'Creadie Tames 

Rodgerson William 

Miller William 


Kennedy Daniel 



(Convenient to Customhouse Qttay and Caledonian Station.) 


Liquors all of Best Quality. Terms Moderate. 

D. MATHIESON, Proprietor. 




26 West Blackball Street, 
$P 33 Market Street, 


Mp PClClU Inn conducts OUTSIDE SALES 

mp ujuiv dun., 0F FURNITURE or other 

Goods on the SHORTEST NOTICE. Parties averse to 
having their Goods sold in their houses can have, them 
removed and disposed of in 







QTdRAPjr Plate, Furniture, Pianos, Pictures, &e., Stored 
OIUflMUL. j„ thoroughly Dry and Well Ventilated Stores. 




Telephone No. 321. 

Robert E. Tfyopburn, 

p T«A lH«if« 



TEA in 12 lb. tins, from i/i to 4/. Samples and Lists sent 
on receipt of Post Card. 

GLEBE SUGAR— 1 cwt. Barrels and 2 cwt. Bags. 


Baird's Coffee Essence, Fruit Wines, &c, &c, 

C erebus Salt, 

Bayack's British India Curry Powder in Tins. 

Grant & Smith's Edinburgh Coffee, 

Maypole Soap, 

Perfect Cocoa Extract, &c, &c. 

prices nett. terms cash. 

AGENT for 









Umbrellas at all pricey 

"DRO KO" Umbrellas (Social) for Ladies or Gentlemen 
with Hall marked staling silver bands 10/6 sent per parcel post 
paid to any addrassin the UNITED KINGDOM 

!OIO"liffi!irellaS re-covered wifh 


JURyyiiy . gentlemen » 4/6 


71 Union Street 
106 Argyle. Street 
48 Argyle Arcade 

Branch Establishment at 

16 Hamilton St., Greenock 






Chief Clerk— James Allan. 

Postal Department. — Assistant Superintendent— James Brown; 
Clerks— James Angus, G. G. M'Gregor (charge clerk), and John 
Knowles; Sorting Clerks, 1st Class— Walter M'Kenzie, Alexander 
Cameron, and Crawford Cochrane ; 2nd Class— Andrew Molseed, 
John Ritchie, W. M'N. M'Culloch, John Locke, W. C. Seaton, 
William M. Logan, A. A. Kerr, George Brown, D. A. C. Weir, 
Samuel Carter, Malcolm M'Lellan, Wm. Neilson, Robert M'Caughey, 
Andrew Pollock, and Charles M'Kirdy. 

Inspector of Postmen and Telegraph Messengers, Robert W. T. 
M'Nab ; 51 Town Postmen ; 4 Auxiliary Postmen ; I Auxiliary Rural 

Telegraph Department. — Superintendent — R. B. Guthrie; 
Clerks— George Anderson, Alex. Cruickshank, and Robert S. M'Dowall ; 
Telegraphists, 1st Class — Archibald T. Turner and Alexander Smith ; 
2nd Class — James Lennox, William Duncan, Peter C. C. Wilson, 
Robert White, William Thompson, Henry Clark, James Thomson, 
John P. Allan, and Robert Bryson. Females, 1st Class— M. A. P. 
Crawford ; 2nd Class— Isabella B. Cathie, M. S. M'E. Smith, M. J. 
Millar, Agnes Johnstone, Jeanie Macfie, and J. L. Shearer. 

4 Distributors ; 28 Telegraph Messengers. 

Telegraph Engineering Department.— Inspector— William 
Richards ; 2 Linemen. 

Medical Officer— JAMES WHITEFORD, M.D., L.R.C.S. 



The Public Office is open on week days from 7 a.m. till 
10 p.m., for the sale of Postage Stamps, Letter and Post Cards, 
Embossed and Registered Letter Envelopes and Newspaper Wrappers ; 
Registration and Postal Order business ; acceptance of Telegrams, 
Express Letters, and Parcels; and Delivery of letters, &c, to Private 
Box Renters and " Poste Restante." 

Bill Stamps on sale from 7 a.m. till closing time. 

Express Delivery Service from 7 a.m. till 10 p.m. 

Money Order, Savings Bank, Insurance, Annuity, and Govern- 
ment Stock Business transacted from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m. 

Savings Bank Deposits are accepted from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m. 

Dog and Gun Licenses can be obtained only during Money Order 

Sunday attendance from 8 till 10 a.m. for Postage Stamps, Registra- 
tion and Telegraph business only ; and for delivery of letters to callers 
from 9 a.m. till 10 a.m. 

The Telegraph Office is open from 7 a.m. till 10 p.m. ; Sunday, 8 
to 10 a.m., and 4 to 8 p.m. Telegrams for transmission on Sunday 
evening must be handed in at the Instrument Room, entrance by 

After the usual hours, telegrams are accepted at the Sorting Office 
on payment of the late fees, if the terminal office is open, or its attention 
can be gained. 

Holidays observed (when the arrangements are of an exceptional 
character, but of which due notice is always given) — New- Year's Day, 
Queen's Birthday, Summer Fair Saturday, Christmas Day, and the two 
local holidays appointed by the Provost and Magistrates in lieu of the 
Sacramental Fast days. 


To facilitate the delivery of letters, a Letter-box should be affixed 
to every house door. 

Letters, &c, are delivered by Postmen six times daily, Sundays 
excepted — 1st, 6.45 a.m. ; 2nd, 8 a.m. ; 3rd, II. 15 a.m. ; 4th 2.15 
p.m. ; 5th, 4.30 p.m. ; 6th, 8 p.m., Box at Head Office closing at 6.30 
a.m. ; 7.30 a.m. ; 11 a.m. ; 1.45 p.m. ; 4.20 p.m. ; 7.40 p.m. 

On Sundays letters are delivered to callers only, from 9 a.m. to 

A Local Post Office Guide, published monthly, which may be had 
at the Head Office, or from the Postmen, gives full information as to 
alterations affecting the posting of Letters, &c, the despatch and receipt 
of Mails, &c, from month to month. Annual subscription, One 


With Hours of Collection. 

Town Sub-Offices. Week Days. 

«£Blackhall Street, 7, ri a.m.; 12.20, 2.15, 4, 5.10, 7, 8, 10 p.m. 
Brisbane Street, 7, 10.15, II -45 am.; 3.20, 6.30, g p.m. 
<z£Brougham Street, 7, 10.40, 11.45 a.m.; 3.45, 6.45, 8, 10 p.m. 
«<5Cathcart Street, 8, n a.m.; 12.20, 3.20, 4.15, 5, 7.15, 9 p.m. 
aEldon Street, 6.45, 10.15, 11.45 a.m.; 3.15, 6.30, 9 p.m. 
ab James Watt Dock, 6.45, 10.15, II -45 a.m. ; 3.15, 6.30, 9 p.m. 
#Lynedoch Street, 6.45, 10.15, IX -45 a.m.; 3.30, 6.30, 9 p.m. 
#Morton Terrace, 6.45, 10.15, 11.45 a.m.; 3.15, 6.30, 9 p.m. 
aNelson Street, 6.45, 10.15, ZI -45 a.m.; 3.30, 6.30, 9 p.m. 
a^Roxburgh Street, 8, 10.30, 11.45 a.m.; 3.45, 6.45, 8 p.m. 
e^Rue-end Street, 7, 10.15 a.m.; 12.10, 3.30, 6.30, 8, 9 p.m. 

cAnn Street, 6.45, 10.15, IT -45 a.m.; 3.15, 6.30, 9 p.m. 
Berryburn, 7.50, 8.50 a.m. ; 12.15, 2 -45> 5-3°> 9 P-m. 
Caledonian (Cathcart St.) Station, 6.45, 10.15, 11.45 a.m.; 3.15, 6. 
rCathcart Sq., 3, 7, 9.35, 11 a.m. ; 12.20,1.30, 2.20, 4.10, 5.5, 7.15, 9 p. 1 
cCrescent Street, 6.45, 10.15, II -45 a.m. ; 3.15, 6.30, 9 p.m. 
^Customhouse Quay, 6.45, 10.15, 11.45 a.m.; 3- x 5> 6-30, 9 p.m. 
fFinnart Street, 6.45, 10.15, n-45 a.m.; 3.15, 6.30, 9 p.m. 
cG. &S.-W. (Princes Pier) Station, 6.45, 10.15, 11.45 a.m.; 3- x 5! 6. 
^Hamilton Street, 6.45, 10.15, 11.45 a.m.; 2.20, 3.15, 5.20, 6.30, 1 
Hay Street, 6.45, 10.15, 11.45 a.m.; 3.15, 6.30, 8.50 p.m. 
clnverkip Street, 6.45, 10.15, JI -45 a.m. ; 3.15, 6.30, 9 o p.m. 
t-Johnstone Street, 6.45, 10.15, "-45 a.m.; 3.15, 6.30, 9 p.m. 
Maxwell Street, 6.45, 10.15, II -45 a.m.; 3.15, 6.30, 9 p.m. 
<rNewark Street, 6.45 10.15, JI -45 a.m.; 3.15, 6.30, 9 p.m. 
North Street, 6.45, 10.15, * I; 45 a.m.; 3.15, 6.30, 9 p.m. 
^Patrick Street, 6.45, 10.15, XI -45 a.m.; 3.15, 6.30, 10 p.m. 
c-Robertson Street, 6.45, 10.15, n-45 a.m.; 3.15, 6.30, 9 p.m. 
cRue-end Street, 6.45, 10.15, "-45 a.m.; 3.15, 6.30, 9 p.m. 
Union Street, 6.45, 10.15, 11.45 a.m.; 3.15, 6.30, 10 p.m. 
a Money Order and Savings Bank Office ; b Telegraph Office ; 

The Town Sub-Offices are open from 8 a.m. to 
Days only for General Postal Business. 



• 45 P-m. 


•45 P-m. 


.45 p.m. 


45 P-m. 


45 P-m. 


45 P-m. 


45 p.m. 


45 P-m. 


45 P-m. 


45 p.m. 


45 P-m. 







45 P-m. 


45 P-m. 


45 P-m. 


45 P-m. 


10 p.m. 8 

.0 a.m. 




45 P-m. 


45 P-m. 


45 P-m. 


45 P-m. 


45 P-m. 


45 p.m. 


45 P-m. 


45 P-m. 


45 p.m. 


45 P-m. 

c Pillar Lett 

45 P-m. 
er Box. 

p.m. on Week 


Inland letters, parcels, or other postal packets are those which pass 
between places in the United Kingdom, including the Isle of Man, the 
Orkney, Shetland, Scilly, and Channel Islands. 


1 . The prepaid rates of postage are as follows, viz. 

Not above I oz. 

Above I oz. but not above 2 oz. 

2 oz. 

, 4 oz. 

4 oz. 

, 6 oz. 

6 oz. 

8 oz. 


, 10 oz. 

10 oz. 

, 12 OZ. 

12 OZ. 

, 14 oz. 




4 d 

And so on by ^d for every additional 2 oz. 


2. A letter posted unpaid is chargeable on delivery with double 
postage ; if insufficiently paid, with double the deficiency. 

3. No letter may exceed 18 inches in length, 9 in width, or 6 in 
depth, unless it be sent to or from a Government Office. 


1. The prepaid postage on every registered inland newspaper, 
whether posted singly or with others in a packet, is one halfpenny ; but 
a packet containing two or more registered newspapers is not chargeable 
with a higher rate than would be chargeable on a book packet of the 
same weight. 

2. A newspaper or a packet of newspapers posted unpaid is charge- 
able on delivery with double postage; if insufficiently paid, with double 
the deficiency. 

3. Any publication fulfilling certain conditions (which may be 
ascertained at any Post Office) can, upon payment of an annual fee of 
5s, be registered at the General Post Office for circulation within the 
United Kingdom as a newspaper. All publications not so registered 
are treated as book packets, and are subject to the rates and regulations 
of the book post. 

4. Every newspaper should be so folded and covered (if posted in a 
cover) as to permit the title to be readily inspected. 

5. Every newspaper or packet of newspapers must be posted either 
without a cover or in a cover open at both ends, and so that the same 
can easily be removed for the purpose of examination. 

6. No newspaper and no cover of a newspaper may bear anything 
(not being part of the newspaper) except the names and addresses of 
the sender, and the addressee, a request for return in case of non- 
delivery, the title of the newspaper, and a reference to any page of, or 
place in, the newspaper to which the attention of the addressee is 

7. No unregistered publication and no article (unless it be a part or 
supplement of the newspaper) may be posted in the same cover with 
the newspaper. 

8. In case any newspaper or packet of newspapers infringes any 
of the three last-mentioned rules it is charged as a book packet, if 
admissible as such. If not admissible as such but under 8 oz. in 
weight, it is chargeable as a letter packet ; if over 8 oz., it is transferred 
to the Parcel Post and charged a fine of id in addition to any deficient 
parcel postage. 

9. A packet of newspapers must not weigh above 14 lbs., or exceed 
two feet in length, or one foot in width or depth. 

Book Post. 

The prepaid postage of a book packet is one halfpenny for every 2 
oz. or part of 2 oz. If posted unpaid the charge is double that amount ; 
and if partly paid, double the deficiency. 


I. The expression " book packet" means a packet which contains 
one or more of the following articles or documents, that is to say : — 

(a) Any matter wholly printed on paper or some substance 
ordinarily used for printing, with the exception of paper 
money {i.e., bank notes, money orders, postal orders, postage 
and revenue stamps, cheques, bills of exchange, &c. ). 

(£) Books and other publications or works of a literary character, 
and any other written or printed matter not being in the 
nature of a letter (on paper or on some substance ordinarily 
used for writing or printing). 

(c) Sketches, drawings, paintings, photographs, and engravings on 

paper or on some substance ordinarily used for the purpose, 
provided it is not a brittle or exceptionally fragile substance. 

(d) Maps, plans, and charts on paper or some other substance 

ordinarily used for the purpose, provided it is not a brittle or 
exceptionally fragile substance. 
{e) The binding or mounting of any article herein-before described, 
provided such binding or mounting be of a kind ordinarily 
used for the purpose, be not made of glass or any brittle or 
exceptionally fragile substance, and be transmitted in the 
same packet with the article in respect of which it is used. 
The following documents, whether containing matter in the nature 

of a letter or not, provided they respectively conform to the following 

conditions : — 

Description of Document. 


(/) Invoices, orders for 
goods, advice notes, 
way bills, bills of 
lading, receipts, state- 
ments of account, 
prices current, market 

(g) Manuscript for press and 
printed proofs, with 
corrections and instruc- 

(//) Examination papers, with 
corrections and instruc- 

That nothing shall appear in writing on 
the document save dates, the names 
and addresses of the parties, the par- 
ticulars and prices of any goods, or the 
particulars of any sums of money to 
which the document relates, and the 
mode of consignment of any such 
goods or money. 

That any matter (other than aforesaid) 
which may be in the nature of a letter 
shall be wholly in print, and shall re- 
late exclusively to the subject matter 
of the document, or the terms on which 
business is transacted by the person or 
firm from whom the document issues. 

That any written or printed matter not 
forming part of the document itself 
refer solely to the arrangement or cor- 
rection of the type or the execution of 
the work. 

That any written or printed matter not 
forming part of the document itself 
refer solely to the questions put or the 
answers thereto. 


(*) Circulars, that is, printed 
notices and printed 
letters, whether separ- 
ate or on the same 
sheet of paper with 
any other document 
transmissible by Book 

That the circular may be corrected in 

That the date of despatch and the name 
and address and description of the 
sender and the name ,of the addressee 
may be inserted in writing. 

That when the circular is a notice of 
meeting or appointment, the place, 
date, and hour, and, in the case of a 
notice of meeting, the objects of the 
meeting may be inserted in writing. 

That when the circular is a polling card, 
the name and address of the voter and 
his number on the register may be in- 
serted in writing. 

Circulars which arc in other respects admissible, but which are 
printed or lithographed in characters resembling those of the typewriter, 
or are pi-oduced by means of the mimeograph or other mechanical process 
from typewritten originals, will nevertheless be admitted to the privilege 
of the Book rate provided that they are posted by being handed in at the 
counter of some Head Post Office or District or Branch Post Office, that 
special attention is called to their nature, and that at least twenty copies 
precisely identical are posted at the same time. 

(/) Deeds, agreements, pro- 
posals and policies of 
assurance, powers of 
attorney, proxy papers, 
voting papers, certifi- 
cates, licenses. 

(h) Notices, reports, returns, 
and certificates issued, 
made, or given by 
officers of a Court of 
Justice, or other public 
officers in the discharge 
of their duties, and 
returns or reports made 
to public officers or 
public bodies. 

That nothing appear in the document in 
writing or print which does not form 
part of the document as a legal instru- 

That the document consist of a printed 

That any written matter on such docu- 
ment consist merely of information or 
statements appropriate to the form and 
necessary to the completion of the 

(/) Anything necessary or convenient for the safe transmission of 
any of the before-mentioned articles by post when transmitted 
in the same packet with the article in respect of which it is so 

In the above definition- 
Expressions referring to print or printing shall be taken to refer 
to any species of type-printing easy to recognise, and to include 
lithography, hand-stamping, or any mechanical process ordin- 
arily used to produce a number of identical copies of written 
matter, and easy to recognise, but not to include type-writing 
or imitations thereof. 


Expressions referring lo writing shall be taken to include type- 
writing or any mechanical or other process ordinarily used to 
produce a single document. 

2. Book packets should be posted either without covers (in which case 
they must not be fastened in any way) or in unfastened envelopes or in 
covers which can be easily removed for the purposes of examination 
without breaking any seal or tearing any paper or separating any 
adhering surfaces. If anything is written or printed on the inside of the 
wrappers, the wrappers must be left unfastened. It is not forbidden to 
tie the ends of a book packet with string, but the string should be easy 
to unfasten. 

3. No book packet may exceed 5 lbs. in weight, 18 inches in length, 
9 in width, or 6 in depth, unless it be sent to or from a Government 

4. A book packet, in the case of which either rule 1 or rule 2 is 
infringed, is chargeable, if under 8 oz. in weight, as a letter packet, and 
if over 8oz. it is transferred to the Parcel Post and charged a fine of id, 
in addition to any deficient parcel postage. When rule 3 is infringed 
the packet is in all cases transferred to the Parcel Post. 


1. Official Post Cards, impressed with a halfpenny stamp, and 
official Reply Post Cards, impressed with a halfpenny stamp on each 
portion of them, can be bought at every Post Office. 

2. The address, the sender's name and address, and a request for 
return in case of non -delivery, but nothing else, may be written, 
printed, or otherwise impressed on the front (or stamped) side. 
Nothing whatever may be attached, except adhesive stamps, in 
payment of additional postage or stamp duty, and a gummed label 
(not to exceed 2 inches long and § inch wide) bearing the address 
at which the card is to be delivered ; nor may the card be folded, 
cut, or otherwise altered. If any of these rules be infringed, 
the card ceases to be a Post Card, and is treated as a letter liable on 
delivery to the usual charges. 

3. A Private Card becomes a Post Card when it has a halfpenny 
stamp affixed to its face. It must be composed of ordinary cardboard, 
not thicker than the material used for the Official Post Card. The 
maximum size must correspond as nearly as may be to the size of the 
Inland Official Card, and the minimum size must not be less than 3^ 
by 2J inches. The rules stated in the preceding paragraph also apply 
to Private Cards, with one exception, viz., that which relates to cutting 
and altering. The essential feature of the Private Post Card is that it 
must be prepaid. A Private Card without a postage stamp is not a 
Post Card but a letter. For instance, an unpaid Private Card, weighing 
less than I oz., would be charged 2d. 

It will be seen from the foregoing rules that there is no legal way of 
sending a written letter, other than a circular letter, through the 
post for a postage of a halfpenny, except by means of a Post Card. 



1. Trade Patterns and Samples of Merchandise may be sent between 
places in the United Kingdom at the following rates of postage : — 

For a packet weighing not more than 4 oz., . . . .id. 

For a packet weighing more than 40Z. but not more than 6 oz. , i|d. 
For a packet weighing more than 6oz. but not more than 8 oz., 2d. 

2. If a packet be posted wholly unpaid, it will on delivery be charge- 
able with double postage ; a packet posted insufficiently paid will be 
chargeable with double the deficient postage. 

3. No packet may exceed 8 oz. in weight. The limits of dimensions 
are 12 in. by 8 in. by 4 in. If either of these conditions be infringed, 
the packet will not be forwarded, but will be returned to the sender. 

4. This Post is intended for the transmission of bond-fide Trade 
Patterns and Samples of Merchandise, and packets may consist only of 
such Patterns and Samples, with or without any document which is 
admissible by Book Post. No article sent for sale, or in execution of 
an order, or otherwise than as a trade pattern or sample will under any 
circumstances be admissible ; and if any such packet be posted prepaid 
at the pattern-rate only, it will be charged with double the deficient 
postage, at the letter-rate, together with a fine of 6d. 

5. Patterns and Samples must be sent in wrappers (marked "Pattern 
Post "or " Sample Post ") open at the ends or in unfastened envelopes, 
and must be packed in such a manner that they can be easily with- 
drawn for examination ; but Samples of seeds, flour, drugs, and 
such-like articles, which cannot be sent in open wrappers or enve- 
lopes, may be enclosed in boxes (in such a way as to admit of easy 
examination) or in bags of linen or other material, tied at the neck. 
Closed bags, even if transparent, will not be allowed. In all cases 
where the requirements in regard to the mode of enclosure are not 
complied with, the packet will be charged with double the deficient 
postage at the letter-i'ate. 

6. It is obligatory that the name, trade, and address of the Trader 
or Firm by whom the Patterns and Samples are sent out be in all cases 
printed or conspicuously stamped on the outside of the wrapper, or on 
the label. If this rule be not complied with, the packet will be 
charged with double the deficient postage at the letter-rate. 

7. When returned to the IVader or Firm by whom they are 
originally sent, Patterns will be allowed to pass at pattern-rates, if one 
of the following conditions be complied with : — 

a. They may be reposted in the original wrapper, the written 
address being carefully erased, and the words " Returned 
Patterns" or " Returned to,'' being prefixed to the printed 
or stamped address of the Trader, in large and legible 

/;. Or a reversible wrapper may be used, having the Trader's 
name, address, and trade, and the heading " Returned 
Patterns" printed or stamped on the reverse side. 


c. Or they may be returned in a fresh wrapper, bearing the 
printed or stamped address, &c, and heading above described. 

8. A packet which contains any writing which would not be 
admissible by Book Post will be charged at the letter rate. 

9. No glass bottle, or glass in any form, may be sent ; no explosive, 
liquid, semi-liquid, or greasy matter, nor powders of any kind which 
may stain or do other damage ; nor any living creature. 

10. Patterns of scissors, knives, razors, and other sharp articles, 
must be so packed and guarded as to completely prevent injury to the 
other contents of the mail bags, or to the officers employed, but the 
packets must at the same time admit of easy examination. When these 
requirements are not complied with, the packet will be stopped. 


1. In order that a packet may be sent by Parcel Post, it must be 
presented at the counter of a Post Office for transmission as a parcel, and 
should bear the words "Parcel Post, "written conspicuously in the left-hand 
top corner. It is also very desirable that everyparcelshouldbear the name 
and address of the sender on the cover, but in such a position as not to 
be mistaken for the address of the parcel. Parcels may also be accepted 
by Rural Postmen. 

2. Every Post Office is open to the public for Parcel Post business 
on week days during the same hours as for general postal business. No 
Parcel Post business is transacted on Sundays. There is no delivery 
of parcels on that day in any part of the United Kingdom, nor 
are parcels allowed to be accepted for transmission. On Christmas 
Day and Good Friday, in England and Ireland, and on Sacramental 
Fast Days, or the Public Holidays substituted therefor by the Local 
Authorities in Scotland, there is one delivery of parcels, but parcels are 
not accepted for transmission. 

3. The size allowed for an Inland Parcel is — 

Greatest length, . . . . 3 ft. 6 in. 

Greatest length and girth combined, . 6 ft. o in. 
For example — 

A parcel measuring 3 ft. 6 in. in its longest dimensions may 

measure as much as 2 ft. 6 in. in girth, i.e., round its 

thickest part ; or 

A short parcel may be thicker ; thus, if it measure no more 
than 3 ft. in length, it may measure as much as 3 ft. in 
girth, i.e., round its thickest part. 

The most convenient mode of measuring is by means of a tape 6 ft. 
long, having the length of 3 ft. 6 in. marked thereon. So much of the 
tape_ as is not used in measuring the length is the measure of the 
maximum girth permissible. Such a tape may conveniently be marked 
in one colour up to 3 ft. 6 in., and the remaining portion in another 
colour. The greatest weight allowed for an inland parcel is 11 lbs. 







3 „ 



4 „ 



5 » 



t> ,, 



7 r, 



8 „ 



9 „ 



IO ,, 



II ,, 



4. The rates of Postage are — 

For a parcel not exceeding I lb. in weight, . 

For a parcel exceeding I lb. in weight and not exceeding2 lbs 

„ „ 2 lbs. ,, ,, 

>> j? 3 )» " " 

X »3 4 >J J» >' 

i> i) 5 " " " 

5» jj 6 ,, ,, ,, 

7 » 

9 » 
,, 10 ,, 

5. No packet can be accepted by an officer of the Department for 
transmission by Parcel Post unless the postage at the above rate is 
Prepaid. As a rule prepayment should be made by means of postage 
stamps. The sender must affix the stamps himself, officers of the Depart- 
ment being strictly forbidden to affix them on his behalf. 

Liquids, glass, china, crockery, eggs, fruit, fish, meat, butter, &c, 
which may not be sent by Letter Post, may be sent by Parcel Post, 
if packed with special care. Liquids or semi-liquids, such as jellies, 
pickles, paint, varnish, &c, must be put into bottles or cases securely 
stoppered. The edges or points of sharp instruments, like axes, razors, 
needles, forks, &c, must be carefully protected. Any parcel containing 
eggs, or fragile, or perishable contents, should be conspicuously marked 
" Eggs," or " Fragile — with care," or ' ; Perishable." 

The general regulation with regard to packing is that every parcel 
must be packed and enclosed in a reasonably strong case, wrapper or 
cover, fastened in a manner calculated to preserve the contents from loss 
or damage in the post, and to prevent any tampering therewith. The 
packing of a parcel must also be such as to protect other postal packets 
from being damaged in any way by it. Any parcel not so packed will, 
if tendered for transmission, be refused, and if discovered in transit, 
will be liable to be detained. 

Compensation for the Loss or Damage of Unregistered 
Inland Parcels. 

The Postmaster-General is not legally liable to make good any claim 
arising out of the conveyance of a parcel sent by post, but he will accept 
liability under certain conditions. 

If the parcel is registered, compensation will be given under the 
rules and regulations contained in full under the heading of " Registration 
and Compensation." 

If the parcel is not registered, the Postmaster-General will accept 
liability up to £2 without payment of any fee beyond the postage, pro- 
vided the conditions have been complied with. 


The Registration Fee for each Inland Letter, Parcel, or other 
Postal Packet is twopence. 


The Postmaster-General will (not in consequence of any legal 
liability, but voluntarily, and as an act of grace), subject to the rules 
herinafter mentioned, give compensation up to a maximum limit of ^"5 
for the loss and damage of any Inland Registered Packet upon which 
this fee has been paid, in addition to the postage. Subject to the 
same rules he will grant compensation beyond ^5 and up to a limit of 
^■50 upon prepayment of a fee in addition to the postage and the ordinary 
registration fee. The scale of fees and the respective limits of com- 
pensation are as follows : — 


Limit of Compensation. 


Limit of Compensation. 









4 d. 


9 d. 







£2 S . 



Every article to be registered must be enclosed in a strong cover, 
securely fastened, and given to an agent of the Post Office, and a receipt 
obtained for it ; and it should on no account be dropped into a letter- 
box. If, contrary to this rule, an article marked "Registered" be 
dropped into a letter-box, it will, if directed to any place in the United 
Kingdom, be liable to a registration fee of 8d (less any amount prepaid 
for registration), instead of the ordinary fee of 2d. 

The latest time for posting registered articles on payment of the 
ordinary fee is usually half an hour before the closing of the Letter 
Box ; but articles bearing a late fee of fourpence, in addition to the 
ordinary registration fee, may be registered at any time within the half 
hour if the office is open to the public. 

When several postal packets are sent by the same person for regis- 
tration they should be accompanied by a list (in duplicate) of the 
addresses ; one list to be retained at the Post Office, and the other, 
when signed, to be returned to the bearer. 

The loss of a registered article (as it can be traced through its 
whole course) is a rare occurrence. Nevertheless large sums of money 
or other articles of great value should not be sent through the post, even 
if registered ; as the machinery of the Department is not arranged with 
a view to such transmission. If sent unregistered, valuable articles are 
exposed to risk ; consequently, Inland letters or packets which contain 
coin, watches, or jewellery, if" posted without registration, are subjected 
to compulsory registration, and are charged on delivery with a fee of 
eightpence in addition to the ordinary postage. 

No Town Postman is allowed to take a postal packet to be registered ; 
but Rural Postmen will take postal packets for registration on their 
outward and inward walks, whenever it is practicable for them to do so. 

Acknowledgment of Delivery of Registered Postal Packets. 

The sender of an inland registered letter, parcel, or other registered 

postal packet, may obtain an acknowledgment of its due delivery to the 


addressee by paying in advance, at the time of posting, a fee of 2d in 
addition to the postage and registration fee. The sender must enter in 
the form provided for the purpose both his own name and address and 
the name and address of the person to whom the packet is sent, and he 
must also affix to the form a stamp of the value of 2d in payment of the 

Postal Packets, Letters, and Parcels are delivered by Express 
Messenger under the following Services, viz. : — 

(I.) Local Service. Express Throughout. 
Under this Service Messages, Letters, Parcels, and other articles are 
conveyed the entire distance by Special Messenger. 

Articles of a dangerous or offensive character are prohibited. 
Scale of Charges. 

a. For a letter, packet, or other article not exceeding I lb. in weight 
the express fee is — 

For every mile or part of a mile, . ... . 3d 

For a letter, packet, or other article over I lb. in weight, the 
express fee is — 

For every mile or part of a mile, .... 3d 

For every lb. or part of a lb. after the first lb. . . l|d 

b. If the sender desires that a special conveyance be used, the actual 

cost must be paid in addition to the above charges. 

c. If the distance exceeds two miles, and a public conveyance {i.e., 

railway, omnibus, or tramcar) is not available in both directions, 
the actual cost of a special conveyance must be paid in addition 
to the Express fees. 
No single packet must exceed 15 lbs. in weight unless a cab is 
provided at the cost of the sender. 

Posting and Distinctive Marking, 
a. Every packet must be handed in over the counter. In no case 

may it be posted in a letter box. 
h. The words "Express Delivery" must be boldly and legibly 
written by the sender above the address in the left-hand corner of 
the cover. 

Hours of Posting. 
Week-days, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. 
There is no Express Delivery on Sunday or Christmas Day. 

Reply and Further Services. 
On the delivery of an Express Packet, the delivering Messenger 
may take a reply or perform a further Express delivery service within 
the authorised hours. The Express fee must be prepaid either by the 
sender of the first service or by the sender of the reply or further service. 
When a reply or further service is required by the sender, the words 
"Wait Reply" or "Further Service" should be written by the sender 
above the address of the packet, and the Messenger is allowed to wait 
for the reply 10 minutes free of charge, but after that time 2d is charged 
for every quarter of an hour or part of a quarter of an hour during which 
the Messenger is required to wait. 


When a packet or a reply or further service is taken to an address 
on the Messenger's homeward route, or within half a mile of the Post 
Office from which the Messenger started on the original service, half 
only of the mileage rate is charged. If more than one letter or packet 
be sent on a reply or further service, and the charges are prepaid by the 
sender of the original service, a fixed charge of 2d is made for each 
article beyond one. The usual weight charge of i|d per lb. is also 
levied on each article exceeding 1 lb. in weight. 

(II.) Express Delivery, after Transmission by Post. 

Under this service, letters and parcels are forwarded by Mail in the 
regular course of post, and on arrival at the office of delivery are sent 
out by Express messenger. 

In addition to the full ordinary postage the express fee is : — For 
every mile or part of a mile, 3d. 

If the sender desires that a special conveyance be used, or if the 
distance exceeds two miles, and a public conveyance is not' available in 
both directions, the actual cost of a special conveyance must be paid 
in addition to the Express Fee and postage. 

The sender is responsible for the fee and charges. The fee is in no 
case less than 3d, and this and the postage must be prepaid by means of 
stamps affixed to the letter or parcel. When the distance exceeds two 
miles, at least one half of the amount payable in respect of fee and 
charge for special conveyance must be prepaid, and the deficiency, if 
any, will be demanded trom the addressee. 

If one half of the amount so chargeable is not prepaid, the letter 
will not be delivered by special messenger, but will be treated as an 
ordinary letter or parcel. 

The words "Express Delivery" must be boldly and legibly 
marked above the address on the left-hand side of the cover, and in 
the case of an express letter the cover must in addition be marked with 
a broad perpendicular line from top to bottom, both on front and back. 

Letters may be handed in at a Post Office, or to a Rural 
Postman, or, if not for registration, posted in a letter-box. 

Parcels and registered letters for this service must be handed in at 
a Post Office, or to a Rural Postman. 

Delivery (on Week Days). 

By Messenger, during the hours in which the office of delivery is 
open for Telegraph business. 

To Callers, whether by day or by night, when the Postal Staff is in 
attendance, if the letter or parcel arrive too early or too late for delivery 
by Special Messenger, or if it be addressed to the Post Office "To be 
called for. " 

On Sundays (Letters only). 

By Special Messenger during the hours when the office of delivery is 
open for Telegraph business, or to callers for letters. 
Special Delivery in Advance of the Ordinary Deliveries. 

Persons or Firms who desire at any time to receive their letters, or 
other Postal Packets, in advance of the ordinary delivery may have 
them delivered by Special Messenger on payment of the following 
fees, viz. : — 

• The full Express Fee of 3d a mile as for one packet, and id for every 
10, or less number, of additional packets beyond the first. 


Applications for such special delivery must be signed by the Person 
or Firm to which the Letters or Postal Packets in question are addressed. 
Forms of application may be obtained at any Post Office from which 
Letters or parcels are delivered, and also from the more important Town 
Branch and Sub-Post Offices. 

The applications should be addressed to the Postmaster or Chief 
Officer on duty at the Post Office from which the letters are ordinarily 
delivered. Where possible, it should be delivered at the Office by hand ; 
but where this cannot be done it may be handed in at any Post Office or 
posted in any letter box in the district served from the Office. In the 
latter case the postage should be prepaid by means of a penny stamp 
affixed to the outside of the form. Care should be taken, however, that 
the application reaches the Office on the previous evening, if it is intended 
to apply to the early delivery in the morning, and, if to other deliveries 
during the day, an hour at least before the time at which the delivery 
by Postmen commences. 

The Express Fee on at least one packet must be prepaid in stamps 
affixed to the application. All additional fees must be paid to the Special 
Messenger on delivery. 

If no letters, &c, for the address given are found, a Special Messen- 
ger will be sent to inform the applicant to that effect, and the Express 
Fee will be retained to pay for this service. 

In cases where a regular delivery by Special Messenger is required, 
either on one or more days of the week, or of letters, &c, arriving by 
particular Inland or Foreign Mails, it will be sufficient if only one Form 
of Application, altered to meet the requirements, is filled up and left 
with the Postmaster. In such cases the whole of the charges will be 
collected on the delivery of the letters. 


By an agreement with the Postmaster-General certain railway 
companies are permitted to accept and convey by the next available 
train or steamship single inland post letters, not exceeding I oz. in 
weight, either to be called for at the station of address, or to be trans- 
ferred there to the nearest post office letter-box for delivery by postman. 
In addition to the postage of id, which must be prepaid by means of 
adhesive stamps, the companies are authorised to charge a fee of 2d per 

Letters intended for transmission by railway must be handed in at 
the passenger or parcel booking office of the company. 

N.B. — Save in the case of a letter exempted from the exclusive 
privilege of the Postmaster-General no letter can legally be sent by 
railway otherwise than in Her Majesty's mails, or in the manner above 
described. Any person who sends or conveys or causes to be sent or 
conveyed otherwise than by the post a letter not so exempted, or any 
person who performs, otherwise than by the post, any services inci- 
dental to the conveying of letters from place to place, is liable by statute 
to heavy penalties. 



1. No indecent or obscene print, painting, photograph, lithograph, 
engraving, book, card, or any article having thereon, or on the cover 
thereof, any words, marks, or designs of an indecent, obscene, or grossly 
offensive character may be sent by Post at all, nor any explosive, 
dangerous, noxious, or deleterious substance, nor any filth, nor any 
sharp instrument not properly protected, nor any living creature, nor 
anything likely to injure the contents of the Mails, or any officer of the 
Post Office. If any such postal packet be tendered for transmission it 
is refused, or, if detected in transit, it is detained. The contents of any 
such packet are liable to be dealt with in such manner as the Postmaster- 
General may direct, and the sender of it is liable to prosecution by the 

2. Liquids, glass, china, crockery, eggs, fruit, fish, meat, butter, &c, 
may not be sent by any Post but the Parcel Post, and, if so sent, must 
be packed with special care. 

3. Any postal packet sent by Letter Post which cannot from the nature 
of its contents be transmitted thereby is, if admissible by Parcel Post, 
transferred to that Post, and treated and charged as a parcel posted out 
of course. If inadmissible by Parcel Post, the packet is liable to be 
detained and dealt with as the Postmaster-General may direct. 

4. No postal packet may contain an enclosure addressed to a name and 
an address differing from the name and address borne on the cover of 
the packet. If any packet is observed to contain such enclosures, when 
tendered for transmission, it is refused, or, if detected in transit, each 
forbidden enclosure is liable to be taken out, and forwarded to the 
addressee thereof, charged with a separate rate of postage. 

Petitions and Addresses forwarded to the Queen are exempt from 
postage. Members of either House of Parliament may also receive by 
post Petitions and Addresses to Her Majesty, and Petitions addressed 
to either House of Parliament, not exceeding 2 lbs. in weight, exempt 
from postage, provided such petitions and addresses be sent without 
covers, or in covers open at the ends. 

Printed Votes, or Proceedings of the Imperial Parliament, in open 
covers, having the words "Parliamentary Proceedings" written or 
printed thereon, are allowed to exceed the limits of size and weight 
prescribed for book packets; and, even if wholly or partly unpaid, they 
are liable only to the prepaid book rate of ^d for every 2 ozs. 

I. Letters, book packets, post cards, newspapers, and sample 
packets, are not liable to additional postage for re-direction, whether 
re-directed by an officer of the Post Office or by an agent of the addressee 
after delivery, provided in the latter case that the letters are reposted 
not later than the day (Sundays and public holidays not being counted) 
after delivery, and that they do not appear to have been opened or 
tampered with. 


2. Re-directed letters, &c. , which are reposted later than the day after 
delivery, will be liable to charge at the prepaid rate. Any which 
appear to have been opened or tampered with will be chargeable as 
freshly posted unpaid letters or packets. 

3. Whenever it may be thought necessary, a receipt may be required 
from the addressee of a re-directed letter or packet at the second address. 

4. Parcels are, when re-directed, liable to additional postage at the 
prepaid rate for each re-direction, except where the original and corrected 
addresses are both within a delivery from the same Post Office. 

5. If any registered letter or packet, when re-directed, instead of 
being taken back to the Post Office to be dealt with as registered, is 
dropped into the letter box as an ordinary letter or packet (the word 
"registered" not having been erased, or having been erased in pencil 
only), it becomes liable to the same treatment as any other letter or 
packet which is marked registered and found in the letter box ; and 
must be surcharged with a registration fee of 8d, minus the value of any 
stamps already affixed for the registration. 

6. Notices of Removal and Applications for Letters, &c. , to be Re-directed, 
must in all cases be duly signed by the persons to whom the letters are 
addressed. Printed forms can be obtained from the local Postmaster ; 
but it is desirable, for the prevention of mistakes, that persons 
who are about to change their residence should inform their corre- 
spondents beforehand of their intention, so that their letters may be 
directed in the first instance to their new address. If it is 
desired that only letters should be re-directed, it must be so stated on 
the form ; a separate notice should be filled up if it is desired that 
parcels may be re-directed. 

7. The Post Office does not undertake the re-direction of letters, 
&c, for a person temporarily leaving home, unless the house be left 
uninhabited, or of letters, &.c. , addressed to Hotels, Boarding-Houses, 
or Lodgings. 


Postmen are prohibited, whether on duty or not, from distributing 
any letters, newspapers, parcels, &c, except such as have passed through 
the Post. 

No person living within an official delivery, unless he rent a private 
box, can have his letters, &c, or parcels delivered at the office 
if a delivery by Postman or a despatch by messenger is about to take 
place; but letters, Sec, or parcels which arrive by a mail after which 
there is no immediate delivery by Postman, may be obtained by any 
person on application at the office, so long as the office is open 
for delivery. 

When letters, &c, or parcels, directed to a Post Office for persons 
who reside within an official delivery, but who have no private box, 
arrive by a mail for which there is a delivery from house to house, a 
Postmaster may refuse to deliver them at the office, and may send 
them out by the Postmen ; except such as are addressed to the military 
in barracks. 

All letters, Sec, must be delivered as addressed ; but, by payment 
of a fee of £ 1 is a year, firms or persons can have letters addressed to 
their offices delivered at their private address, and vice versa, provided 


that both addresses are served from the same delivery office. By paying 
5s a year any person may obtain his registered letters at the Post Office, 
even although he does not rent a private box. 


1. The Post Office is not legally liable for any loss or inconvenience 
which may arise from the damage, delay, non-delivery, mis-sending, 
or mis-delivery of any letter, book, or other postal packet, but liability 
for actual loss or damage is accepted on certain conditions in the case 
of parcels and registered packets. 

2. Postmasters are not allowed to return any letter, parcel, or other 
postal packet to the writer or sender, or to anyone else, or to delay 
forwarding it to its destination according to the address, even though a 
request to such effect be written thereon. 

3. Postmasters are not bound to give change nor are they authorised to 
demand it ; and when money is paid at a Post Office, whether as change 
or otherwise, no question as to its right amount, goodness, or weight 
can be entertained after it has been removed from the counter. 

4. Postmasters are not bound to weigh for the public letters, books, 
packets, or newspapers, brought for the post, but they may do so, if 
their duty be not thereby impeded. This rule does not apply to parcels, 
which are tested both as to weight and size before being accepted. 

5. No information can be given respecting letters or any other postal 
packets except to the persons to whom they are addressed ; and in no 
other way is official information of a private character allowed to be 
made public. 

6. If any postal packet be forwarded under cover to any Postmaster 
with a request that he will re-post it at his office, the postal packet, on 

being re-posted, will be endorsed with the words "posted at , 

under cover, to the Postmaster of ." 

7. Applications for information should be addressed to the Secretary 
of the Post Office. 

8. Letters, &c, should be clearly and legibly addressed. When 
writing to a place where there is a Sub- Post Office only, the name of the 
Post-tozvn (or County in some cases) should be added. 

The name of the Post-town, as a rule, completes the address, but in 
certain cases the name of the County is required. 

Abbreviated addresses registered for telegrams cannot be used for 

9. In the case of letters or other postal packets for places abroad the 
name of the country as well as the town should be given in full. For 
example, a letter intended for London (Ontario) should be so addressed. 

10. No advertisement, decoration, or other printed matter (the 
address alone excepted) is permitted on the right-hand half of the 
address side of the covers of letters and book packets, or on cards sent 
by book post. 

11. In certain cases the time of posting is indicated approximately 
in the date stamp in clock time. It is intended that the arrangement 
shall be extended gradually. 

12. Circulars should be tied in bundles, with all the addresses in one 
direction, and should be posted early in the day to secure due despatch. 



13. When a person to whom a letter has been delivered has reason to 
think that it has been improperly charged as overweight, the letter 
should be taken to a Post Office to be weighed before being opened. 
Unless this course is followed, no question as to the correctness of the 
surcharge can afterwards be entertained. 

14. The Postmaster-General has power to delay the despatch or 
delivery of book packets, post cards, patterns and samples, and parcels, 
when it is necessary to do so in order to secure the due despatch of the 
letter mails. He is also empowered to delay parcels when he considers 
it expedient for the safety and protection of parcel mails to do so. 

15. Rural postmen are instructed to accept for delivery ordinary 
ppstal packets, on which the postage is fully prepaid by means of stamps, 
if addressed to any house which they will have to pass in the usual' 
course of their duty. This arrangement does not extend to registered 

postal packets. 


1. Every letter should bear the full name and address of the sender, 
in order to ensure its return in case of non-delivery. 

2. An undelivered inland letter bearing the full name and address of 
the sender printed or written upon the outside is returned direct and 
unopened. Other undelivered inland letters are sent to the Returned 
Letter Office, where they are opened and returned, if possible, to the 
senders ; if they contain neither sender's address nor any enclosure of 
importance they are destroyed. Letters found to contain value are 
recorded, and, if returned, are registered. Letters from abroad are 
returned unopened to the country of origin, after a brief detention in the 
Returned Letter Office. 

3. Book packets (not exceeding 2 oz. in weight), post cards, and 
newspapers which cannot be delivered are disposed of as follows : — 

(1.) Those bearing on the outside the name and address of the 
sender with a request for their return in case of non-delivery 
are sent back direct from the office of delivery, and are 
delivered to the sender on payment of a second postage. 

(2.) Those bearing on the outside no request for return in case of 
non-delivery are disposed of at the Head Office of Delivery. 

4. Senders of packets prepaid one halfpenny are desired — 

{a) to print or write their name and address, with a request for 
return, on the outside of every packet which they wish to 
recover in case of non-delivery ; 
{b) to place such request upon the front of the packet in the upper 
left-hand corner, and in small type, in order that it may not be 
confounded with the original address of the packet ; 
(c) to word the request somewhat as follows : — 

" In case of non-delivery, to be returned to 
(name and address of sender)." 




The Postmaster is required to keep for sale to the public a sufficient 
stock of the different postage stamps in use ; also envelopes with 
embossed halfpenny, penny, and twopence-halfpenny postage stamps ; 
registered letter envelopes ; letter cards ; newspaper wrappers with 
impressed halfpenny and penny postage stamps ; Inland and Foreign 
Post Cards. Embossed Envelopes bearing a halfpenny stamp are of 
two sizes, viz., "Commercial" and "Foolscap " size. The prices are 
as follows : — 





4 d. 
5 d. 


" Foolscap." 


|d. 6, . 



7, • 



8, • 



9, • 




Embossed Envelopes bearing a 
, A, 4f by 3 1 1- 16 ins. (white), 

cheaper envelope (white) called 
follows : — 

A (white) 






penny stamp are of three sorts. 
C 5 Si by 3 ins. (white), and a 


The prices are as 



os 5£d. 
os 1 id. 
is iod. 

C (-white). 

Commercial Envelope (White) 
lid. I 3, 3 id. j 
2id. I 4, 4id. 








os 6^d. 
os 8|d. 
is id. 

2S 2d. 

is 9d. 

The Embossed Envelope bearing a twopenny-halfpenny stamp are 
wo sizes, L. 51 by 3 1-16 in. and M. 54 by 4^ in. The prices are 

of two 
as follows 



is lid. 

£l 2s id per parcel of 100 

is 4d. 

is 6|d. 
is 9id. 
2s od. 

2S 2|d. 

" M 


I id. 
is i^d, 



£1 2s 6d per parcel of 100. 

is 4id. 
is yd, 
is 9fd. 
2s ojd. 
2S 3d. 

By the use of envelopes bearing embossed stamps the risk of adhesive 
stamps becoming detached may be avoided. 

Registered Letter Envelopes, for Foreign as well as Inland Letters, 

bearing a twopenny stamp embossed on the flap for the payment of the 

registration fee, are of five sizes, and are sold at the following 

prices : — & 

Size. Price 

F.— 5i ins. by 3i ins. . . I 2 id each, or* 
G.— 6 ins. by 3 | ins. . . { 2s 2 i d per packet of I2# 
-8 ins. by 5 ins. . . ( 2 |d each, or 

\ 2s 7d per packet of 12. 

\ 3d each, or 

\ 2s iod per packet of 12. 

H2. — 9 ins. by 4 ins. 
K.— n£ ins. by 6 ins. 



Letter Cards are sold at the following prices : — 

i, • lid. 1 3, • 3*d. 1 5, • 5fd- ! 7, - 8d. 

2, . 2jd. 1 4, . 44d. 1 6, . 6|d. | 8, . gd. 

9s per parcel of 96. 

Newspaper Wrappers are sold at the following prices :— 

Bearing Halfpenny Stamp. 

Bearing Fenny stamp. 

1, . ad. 

14, . 8d. 

1, . ijd. 

8, . J%a. 



21, . is. 

2, . l\d. 

16, . is 5d. 



and so on at the 

3, • 3id. 

24, . 2S i^d. 



rate of 4d for 

4, . 4id. 

and so on at the 



every complete "J. 

5, . 5 id. 

rate of 8|d for 



6, . 6£d. 

every complete 8. 


4 d. 

7, • 74d- 


£1 2s iod 

per parcel of 480. 

,£1 is 3d per parcel of 240. 

Uncut sheets of Wrappers, impressed zvith halfpenny postage stamps, 
can be obtained at any Post Office by giving two or three days' notice. 
They are sold only in quarter reams of 120 sheets ; each sheet containing 
14 wrappers, and the price per quarter ream is £3 18s. 

Inland Post Cards are sold at the following prices :— Stout Cards— 
1, fd ; 2, ^d ; 3, 2d ; 4, 2^d ; 5, 3d ; 6, 3fd ; 7, 4id ; 8, 5d ; 9, $kd ; 
10, 6d; 5s per parcel of 100. Thin Cards— I, fd ; 2, lid; 3, ifd; 
4, 2|d ; 5, 2gd ; 6, 3^d ; 7, 4d ; 8, 4^d ; 9. 5 d ; 10, 5^d ; us per parcel 
of 240. 

Uncut sheets of these Cards can be obtained at any Post Office by 
giving two or three days' notice. They are sold only in quarter reams 
of 120 sheets; each sheet containing 42 cards, and the prices are 
^12 6s per quarter ream for stout cards, and ^"n 8s for thin cards. 

Reply Stout Cards— 1, lid ; 2, 2^d ; 3, 3fd ; 4, 5d ; 5, 6d ; 6, 7id ; 

7, 8^d; 8, 9fd; 9, lid; 10, is; 5s per parcel of 50. Reply Thin 
Cards— 1, lid; 2, 2id ; 3, 3^d ; 4, 4|d ; 5, 5Jd ; 6, 6| d ; 7, 7fd ; 

8, 9d ; 9, iod ; 10, lid ; lis per parcel of 120. 

The Reply Cards are not sold in sheets like the Single Cards. 

Inland Revenue Stamps. 
Ordinary Adhesive Postage and Revenue Stamps may now be used for 
the purpose of denoting the stamp duties chargeable on the following 
documents : — 

Agreements under hand only, where liable to the fixed duty of 6d. 
Bills of Exchange (including cheques) for the payment of money on 

demand (duty id). 
Certified copies of, or extracts from, Registers of Births, &c. (duty id). 
Charter-parties (duty 6d). 

Contract Notes, advising the sale or purchase of any Stock or mar- 
ketable security of a less value than ^100 (duty id). 
Delivery Orders (duty id). 

Lease or Tack, or Agreement, for a Lease or Tack, for any definite 
term less than a year, 

(a) of a Dwelling-house, or part of a Dwelling-house, at a rent 
not exceeding the rate of ^10 a year (duty id). 

For any definite term less than a year : — 

(b) of a Furnished Dwelling-house, or Apartments (duties, 6d, 

is, is 6d, 2s, and 2s 6d, according to the rent). 


Letters of Renunciation (duty id). 
Notarial Acts (duty is). 

Policies of Insurance, not Life or Marine (duty id). 
Protests of Bills of Exchange or of Promissory Notes (duties, id, 
2d, 3d, 6d, 9d, in agreement with the duty on the Bill or Note, 
and is when the Bill or Note is stamped with is or upwards). 
Proxies (where liable to the duty of id only). 
Receipts (duty id). 

Transfers of Shares in Cost Book Mines (duty 6d). 
Voting Papers (duty id). 
Warrants for Goods (duty 3d). 
One or more Postage and Revenue Stamps may be used to make up 
the Stamp Duties payable on any of the instruments above enumerated. 
It is to be observed that the use of adhesive postage and revenue 
stamps is strictly limited to the documents above enumerated, and their 
use in respect of any other document would not afford protection from 
the penalties payable in consequence of the omission to stamp such other 
documents within or at the time prescribed by law for the purpose. 

Civil Service Fee Stamps, bankruptcy stamps, and patent, design, 
and trade mark stamps and forms, required in the preliminary stages of 
registration, are also kept. 

If application is made for an Inland Revenue or fee stamp of higher 
value than is kept in stock, the Postmaster can obtain the stamp, if the 
applicant deposit in cash the value of the stamp required. 

Excise Licenses. 
Excise Licenses of the following descriptions and values are sold 
during money order hours : — 

D °gs, 7s 6d 

Guns, • • . . 10s od 

I. When applying for Money Orders, the public should use the 
printed "Application Forms," which are supplied gratuitously at all 
Money Order Offices. s ' 

The Commission on Inland Money Orders is : — 

For sums not exceeding £1 2 d. 

,, exceeding £1 and not exceeding £2 

,i £2 „ £4 

» £a „ £7 

£7 „ £10 

No order may contain a fractional part of a penny. 
The person who purchases a Money Order must give his name and 
address, the name of the person to whom he wishes the money to be 
paid, and the office at which it is to be paid. 

Exceptions..— 1st, The remitter of an Inland Order may direct, at 
thejime of issue, that the Order be crossed like a cheque thus, 
& Co -> and thus be payable only through a Bank. In that case 
he may give or withhold the name of the payee. The designation 
of the Bank need not be furnished. 

4 d. 



2nd. If the remitter or payee be a peer or a bishop, his ordinary 

title is sufficient. 
3rd. The usual designation of a firm is sufficient. 

The holder of an Inland Money Order may direct, by crossing it, 
that the Order be paid through a Bank, even though its payment was 
not originally so restricted. 

An Order once issued cannot be cancelled. Should repayment or 
transfer to a different office be required, the remitter or payee must 
make application at the nearest Money Order Office for the necessary 
form to effect such. 

The remitter of an order has full control over the money until 
payment has actually been made by the Department. _ The remitter 
may make his Order payable ten days after date, provided that, when 
he obtains the order, he affix thereto in the presence of the Postmaster, 
in the space after the request C. , a penny adhesive stamp, and write his 
signature across the stamp. 

Money Orders do not require a receipt stamp. 

Payment of an Order cannot under any circumstances be made on 
the day of issue. 

Although at the end of twelve months from that in which it was 
issued, a Money Order, if still unpaid, becomes legally void, neverthe- 
less when a good reason can be given for the delay in presenting it, an 
application for payment, subject to a certain deduction, is entertained. 

After once paying a Money Order, by whomsoever presented, the 
Office is not liable to any further claim. 

Telegraph Money Orders. 

Money may be transmitted by Telegraph Money Order between all 
Post Offices in the United Kingdom authorised to transact Telegraph 
and Money Order business ; and payment of the Order can be obtained 
between the hours during which such offices are open for the transaction 
of general Postal business. At those offices, however, which forward 
but do not deliver Telegrams, Telegraph Money Orders can be issued, 
but cannot be paid. 

The Commission is — 

s. d. 

For sums not exceeding £1, 04 

,, above £1 and not exceeding £2, . . 06 

,,2 „ 4, . . o 8 

4 „ 7, . . o 10 

7 „ 10, . . 1 o 

In addition to the commission a charge is made at the ordinary 
Inland rate for the official telegram authorising payment at the office of 
payment, and for the repetition thereof, the minimum being 9A The 
telegraph charges only cover the cost of transmitting the official telegram 
of advice to the Postmaster of the office of payment and its repetition. 
The Post Office does not undertake to advise the payee of the despatch 
of a Telegraph Money Order. Any telegraphic communication which 
the remitter may wish to despatch to the payee must be paid for at 
the ordinary inland rate, the minimum being 6d. 


2 3 

Money Orders are issued in the United Kingdom on the under- 
mentioned Foreign Countries, British Colonies, &c. The rates of 
commission are :— For sums not exceeding £2, 6d ; £$, is ; £j, is 6d • 
£10, 2S. 

Foreign Countries. 





Cameroons and Togo 


Congo Free State (Banana, Boma, 
and Matadi) 

Denmark, with Faroe Islands 

Danish West Indies 

Dutch East Indies 



France, with Algeria 

German Empire 

German East African Protectorate 

Hawaii (Sandwich Islands) 





Italy, with offices on the Red Sea 
and at Tripoli 



New Guinea (German Protec- 
torate of) 


Orange Free State 

Portugal (including Madeira and 
the Azores) 








United States 


Foreign Cities and Towns. 


Places in Asia Minor and 
the Levant. 

Canea (Khania, La Canee) 
Chios (Khios) 

Kaifa (Caiffa) 
Kerassonde (Keressoun) 

Santa Quaranta (Serandoz) 
Trepizond (Trapezunt) 

British Colonies, Possessions, 
and Protectorates. 


British Bechuanaland 

British Columbia 

British Guiana 

British Honduras (Belize) 

Cape of Good Hope 




Falkland Islands 



Gold Coast 

Hong Kong (with agencies at 
Shanghai, Amoy, Canton, Foo- 
chow, Hankow, Hoihow, Swa- 
tow, and Ningpo) 

India (including Burmah& agencies 
at Aden, Bagdad, Bunder Abbas, 
Bushire, Bassorah, Guadur, Jask, 
Linga, Muscat, and Zanzibar) 




• Continued. 

British Colonies, &c. 


Mombasa and Lamu 

New Brunswick 
New South Wales 
New Zealand 

North Borneo (Sandakan 


Nova Scotia 

Prince Edward Island 


St. Helena 


Seychelle Islands 

Sierra Leone 

South Australia 

Straits Settlements 



West Indies 

Western Australia 


I. Postal Orders, for certain fixed sums from is 

up to £1, are 
now issued at all Money Order Offices in the United Kingdom, at the 
British Post Office at Constantinople, and in Malta, Gibraltar, India, 
Straits Settlements, Hong Kong, and Newfoundland. Such Postal 
Orders are paid at all Money Order Offices in the United Kingdom, 
and at the British Post Office, Constantinople. Payment is also made 
in Malta and Gibraltar, provided the Orders were issued in the United 
Kingdom or at the British Post Office, Constantinople. 

2. The following are the amounts for which Postal Orders are 
issued, together with the Poundage payable in respect of each Order :— 

Amount of 
S. d. 



Amount of 




















made up 
n value, 

Broken amounts, not being fractions of a penny, may be 
by the use of British postage stamps, not exceeding fivepence 
affixed to the face of any one Postal Order. Perforated stamps cannot 
be accepted for this purpose. 

3. After the expiration of three months from the last day of the 
month of issue, a Postal Order will be payable only on payment of a 
commission equal to the amount of the original poundage, _ with the 
addition (if more than three months have elapsed since the said expira- 
tion) of the amount of the original poundage for every further period of 
three months which has so elapsed, and for every portion of any such 
period of three months over and above every complete period. The 
commission thus paid must be affixed in Postage Stamps to the back 
of the Order. 



4. The person to whom a Postal Order is issued 7/iust, before parting 
with it, fill in the name of the person to whom the amount is to be paid, 
and may fill in the name of the Money Order Office at which the amount 
is to be paid. The person so named must, before payment can be 
made, sign the receipt at the foot of the Order, and must also fill in 
the name of the Money Order Office, if that has not been already done. 
A Postmaster may require the person presenting the Order to sign his 
name on the Order before its payment, although the receipt has been 
already signed. 

5. Every person to whom a Postal Order is issued should keep a 
record of the number, date-, and name of office of issue to facilitate 
enquiry if the Order should be lost. 

6. In case of the miscarriage or loss of any Postal Order, unless proof 
can be given to the satisfaction of the Postmaster General that the name 
of the payee was inserted in such Order before the holder parted with 
the same, and unless the number of the Order can be furnished, the 
Postmaster General cannot undertake to trace such Order with a view 
to accounting for the miscarriage or loss thereof. 

7. After a Postal Order has once been paid, to whomsoever it is 
paid, the Postmaster-General will not be liable for any further claim. 

8. If a Postal Order be crossed, payment will only be made through 
a Banker, and if the name of a Banker is added, payment will only be 
made through that Banker. 

9. No Postal Order will be paid, even though presented for payment 
by a Banker, unless the name of the payee be inserted in the body of 
the Order. 

10. A Postal Order presented by, or through, a banker for payment 
will not (in the absence of an express arrangement between such banker 
and the Postmaster-General to the contrary) be paid until after such 
Order has been examined at the Chief Office in London. 

11. The holder of a Postal Order may, in writing, on the face thereof, 
direct that payment be deferred for any period not exceeding 10 days ; 
but in such case the name of some Money Order Office at which the 
Order shall be paid must be inserted in the body. Payment of the 
Order will then not be made until the period specified by the holder has 

12. The regulations under which Postal Orders are issued allow 
the Postmaster to delay or refuse the payment of an Order, but he must 
at once report his reason for so doing to the Postmaster-General. 

13. If any erasure or alteration be made, or if the Order is cut, 
defaced, or mutilated, payment may be refused. 


1. Every Provincial Post Office Savings Bank is open from 8 a.m. to 
8 p.m. on week days. 

2. At these Offices ordinary deposits of one shilling, or any number 
of shillings, will be received, to the extent of ^50 in one year ending 
31st December, and ^200 in all, inclusive of interest. Subject to the 
limit of ^200, a depositor may, besides depositing ^"50 in the year, 
deposit in any year ending 31st December, one sum or several sums for 


the purpose of replacing in whole or in part the amount of any one 
withdrawal previously made in the same year. In addition, deposits 
will be received for immediate investment in Government Stock, and in 
connection with Government Insurance and Annuities. Cheques are 
accepted as Savings Bank deposits. 

3. Any person desirous of saving one shilling by means of penny 
contributions, for deposit in the Post Office Savings Bank, may do so 
by purchasing with every penny so saved a penny Stamp, and affixing it 
to a form to be obtained at any Post Office. Instructions as to this form 
are printed thereon. 

4. On opening an account a person must state his Christian name 
or names and surname, occupation, and residence. He must also sign 
a declaration to the effect that he takes no benefit from any other 
account in the Post Office Savings Bank or in a Trustee Savings Bank 
(unless it be as personal representative of a deceased depositor or as 
member of a Friendly or Charitable Society). This declaration must be 
witnessed by the officer receiving the deposit, or some person known to 
him, or some other officer of the Post Office, a Minister of any religious 
denomination, a Justice of the Peace, or a Commissioner to administer 
Oaths. If such declaration or any part thereof is not true, the deposits 
will be liable to forfeiture. It is not necessary that a person desiring to 
become a depositor should attend at some Postal Savings Bank Office 
for the purpose of opening an account, as the declaration, when duly 
signed, can be presented at the Office on his behalf by another person, 
together with the money to be deposited. 

5. Every deposit must be entered in the depositor's book by the 
Postmaster or other person receiving it, who must affix to the entry 
his signature and the stamp of his office. A depositor should carefully 
examine his book before leaving the office to ascertain that the entry 
is correct, and he should keep his book in his own possession. 

6. In addition to the receipt in the book, the depositor will receive an 
acknowledgment by post from the Savings Bank Department in London, 
and this should reach him within six clear days. If desired, an ack- 
noivledgment can be addressed to any Post Office to be called for, and it 
will be retained at the Post Office a month. 

7. Interest at the rate of £2 10s per cent, per annum (which is at the 
rate of sixpence a year, or one halfpenny a calendar month, for each 
complete pound) is allowed on ordinary deposits. When the balance 
due in an ordinary account, inclusive of accumulated interest and 
dividends, exceeds ^"200, interest is allowed on ^200 only. 

8. Once in each year, on the anniversary of the day on which his 
first deposit was made, the depositor should forward his book to the 

Controller of the Savings Bank Department, in order that it may be 
compared with the books of the Department, and that the interest to the 
previous 31st December may be inserted in it. 

9. An envelope for the transmission of the book can be obtained at 
any Postal Savings Bank Office on satisfying the Postmaster that the 
proper time for forwarding the book has arrived. 

Withdrawals by Telegraph. 

A depositor may obtain payment from his account of any sum not 
exceeding £\o on the same day on which notice. is given by defraying 


the cost of the necessary telegrams to and from the Controller, Savings 
Bank, London. 

Application for withdrawal by telegraph should be made between the 
hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. (Saturdays, 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.), but payment 
on the same day cannot be made at offices where telegraph business is 
restricted to the despatch of telegrams. 

Notice in the prescribed form must be given at the Post Office by the 
depositor in person, or by someone duly authorised on his behalf, and 
the deposit book must be produced at the time. 

Government Stock. 
I. At any Post Office Savings Bank, a person may invest any sum 
from is upwards in Government Stock at the current price of the day 
for the following commission :— 

s. D. S. D. 

Not exceeding ^100, ..23 
,, ,, ^"200, ..29 

Not exceeding ^"25, ..09 
„ £S<>, -.13 
» ,£75, ..19 
With a further charge of 6d in respect of every ,£100, or part of ^100 
Stock above ,£200. 
Sale of Stock. 

2. If a person wishes to sell any of the Stock which he has bought 
he can always do so at the current price of the day, and he will be 
charged the same commission for selling as for buying. 


3. The dividends in respect of Government Stock standing in a 
Depositor's name are credited to his deposit account as they become 
due. The dividends are due quarterly on the 5th January, 5th April, 
5th July, and 5th October. They are entered in the Depositor's book 
when it is received in the Savings Bank Department for the annual 

Limits of Amount of Stock that may be Bottght. 

4. The annual limit for investments is ^200 Stock ; but, in addition 
to this amount, a Depositor may, not more than once in each year, 
purchase Stock to replace Stock previously sold in one entire sum during 
that year. 

The total amount of Stock standing to Depositor's credit at any one 
time must not exceed /500 Stock ; but if, having this amount, a Deposi- 
tor reduces it, either by sale or otherwise, he will then be at liberty to 
make further investments (subject to the annual limit) until he again has 
^500 Stock to his credit. 

Government Insurances and Annuities. 
Limits of Amount of Lnsurance. 

1. Any man or woman whose age is not less than 14 years or more 
than 65 can effect a Life Insurance for any sum not less than £$ or more 
than ;£ioo. 

Husband and Wife. 

2. Husband and wife may each be insured to the full amount of ^100. 

Payments may be made in a Lump Sum or Annually. 

3. Insurances may be effected by the payment of a lump sum once for 
all, or by the payment of annual premiums. The amount to be paid 


will depend on the amount insured, and on the age of the person 

How Insurances may be effected. 
4. An insurance may be effected on the life of a man or woman, 
payable — 

(1.) At death, 

(2.) On the attainment of the age of 60, or sooner if death occurs 

before that age is reached, and 
(3.) On the expiration of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, or 40 years, or 

sooner in the event of death. 
The following examples show various ways in which Insurances may 
be effected : — 

The life of a male or female between 24 and 25 years of age may be 
insured for £\o — 

£ s. d. 

By an annual payment throughout life of . .044 

or (id a week.) 

By an annual payment to the age of 60 of . . 0410 

By a single payment of . . . . . .490 

Forms of proposal for the insurance of lives and information as to 
filling them up, may be obtained at any Post Office Savings Bank, 
where also the whole of the tables of the premiums to be charged may 
be seen or purchased. 

Annuities, Immediate and Deferred. 
Premiums, luith Exa??tfles. 
The sums charged for the purchase of Immediate Annuities or 
Deferred Annuities, vary with the age and sex of the person on whose 
life the Annuity is to depend, and in the case of Deferred Annuities 
with the number of years to pass before the commencement of the 
Annuity, and with the conditions of the contract as to the return or 
non-return of the purchase money. 

The following are examples of the various classes of Annuities, and 
the cost : — 
A male aged 65 can purchase an Immediate Annuity of £1, payable 

half-yearly, for £9 13s 4d. 
A female aged 70 can purchase an Immediate Annuity of £1, payable 
half-yearly, for £8 14s 2d. 
When the condition of a Deferred Annuity contract is that, in the 
event of the death of the person on whose life the Annuity is to depend 
before the commencement of the Annuity, the purchase money is to be 
returned to his representatives ; and that if the purchaser, at any time 
before the commencement of the Annuity, wishes to discontinue the 
purchase, the purchase money shall be returned : — 

A female aged 24 may purchase a Deferred Annuity 
of £l, to commence on her reaching the age of 60, 
and to be payable half-yearly, either by an annual 
payment until she reaches the age of 60 of . . £0 4 4 

By a single payment of . . . . . .5411 


When the condition of a Deferred Annuity contract is that no part 
of the purchase money shall, in any event, be returned: — 
A male aged 24 may purchase a Deferred Annuity 
of £1, to commence on his reaching the age of 54, 
and to be payable half-yearly, either by an annual 
payment until he reaches the age of 54 of . . £0 4 4 
By a single payment of . . . . . . 3 19 10 

Any person, not under the age of 16 years, to whom an Insurance is 
granted, may nominate a person or persons to whom the money due 
at death is to be paid, and a form of nomination, with full instructions 
as to filling it up, can be obtained upon application to the Controller, 
Savings Bank Department, General Post Office, London. 

No Medical Examination required for Insurance of less than £25. 
4. Insurances for sums not exceeding £2$ are granted without 
medical examination under certain conditions. 

As to Surrender Value. 
If, after having paid not less than two annual premiums, an Insurant 
should be unable to continue or should desire to discontinue the pay- 
ments, such sum of money will he returned as the National Debt 
Commissioners shall determine to be the surrender-value of the contract. 

Residence Abroad. 
Permission is granted to persons over 30 years of age, who have 
been insured 5 years, to reside in any part of the world, without the 
payment of any extra premium. 


1. The charge is 6d for the first 12 words, and id for each additional 
word. Addresses are charged for. 

2. The amount covers the cost of delivery within the town postal 
delivery of the terminal office, if a Head Post Office ; otherwise the 
message is delivered free within the limit of one mile only. When the 
terminal office, being a sub-office, is closed, exemption from porterage 
is allowed for one mile only if the telegram is delivered from the Head 

3. When the addressee resides beyond the free delivery, porterage is 
charged at the rate of 6d per mile or part of a mile for any distance 
under three miles from the terminal office ; the charge being calculated 
from the boundary of the free delivery. 

4. Beyond three miles mounted messengers may be hired at the rate 
of id a mile (in Ireland generally 8d a mile), the distance being cal- 
culated from the office door. 

5. The sender is responsible for all charges incurred for delivery, 
and must, when practicable, state the distance and pay the charge in 
advance. When the exact distance is not known, a deposit must be 


6. Should the sender have understated the distance, the deficiency 
is charged on delivery, but if he has paid too much, the excess is 

7. Telegrams to be forwarded by post or by train from the terminal 
office must bear the words "by post " or "by train" at the end of the 
address, these words being charged for, and in the latter case (if the 
actual cost is not known) a deposit of is is taken to cover the cost of 

8. A deposit for boat hire is required upon every telegram addressed 
to a ship unless the ship be alongside a wharf, jetty, or pier. Any 
surplus is refunded. 

9. The sender should prepay an extra half rate on all important 
telegrams to secure their repetition from office to office, thus diminishing 
the risk of error. 

10. The receiver of a telegram may have it repeated by depositing 
half the amount paid for its transmission to him. The money will be 
refunded if the telegram has been inaccurately transmitted. 

11. The cost of a reply, not exceeding forty-eight words in length, 
may be prepaid. 

12. Telegrams re-directed to a second address are liable to an addi- 
tional charge. 

13. Copies of a telegram directed to more than one person in the 
same free delivery are delivered at an additional charge of twopence per 
copy. Each London Postal District is regarded, for this purpose, as 
forming a separate delivery. 

14. Telegrams may be handed to Rural Postmen on their way to 
Telegraph Offices. Telegrams posted in any official letter-box will be 
sent by the next collection of letters to the Telegraph Office to which 
the letters are taken, and thence transmitted by wire, free of extra 
charge, provided they bear postage stamps sufficient to pay for trans- 
mission. Such telegrams should be legibly addressed "Telegram, 

15. Telegrams so posted insufficiently prepaid are forwarded to their 
destination, and the difference of charge is obtained from the addressee ; 
but unpaid telegrams are not forwarded. 

16. Telegrams may be sent before and after the usual office hours — 
provided the Delivering Office is open— on payment of a fee — usually 
is 6d. Entrance to Post Office by east door. 

The fee is only charged on one telegram if more telegrams than 
one are handed in together by the same person. 

17. Offices may be kept open after hours, by prior arrangement, on 
payment of certain fees. 

18. Telegraph Offices (with the exception of Receiving Offices in 
London and other large towns) are, as a rule, open from 8 a.m. to 
8 p.m. on week days. On Sundays the hours of attendance are usually 
from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. in England, and from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. in 
Scotland and Ireland. Certain offices are open longer, and information 
as to the hours at those offices can be obtained at any Telegraph Office. 

19. Telegrams in plain language, in any European tongue, or in 
Latin are charged for according to the number of words ; but all 
words not forming part of any European language or of Latin are 
charged for at the rate of five letters to a word. 


20. No combination of words is counted as one, with the exception 
of those which are ordinarily written as one, or coupled by hyphens, 
as "mother-in-law," "non-delivery," "alms-house," "forty-seven." 

All names of towns and villages in the United Kingdom are 
counted as one word each, thus Port-Glasgow and Wemyss Bay are 
chargeable as single words ; but all other names are counted according 
to the number of words they contain, thus James Watt Dock counts as 
three words. As exceptions, O'Neil, Macdonald, and De La Rue are 
counted as one word each. So also are names with the prefix St., but 
double names of persons (like Shaw Stewart), although written with a 
hyphen, are counted as two words. 

21. The abbreviations can't, won't, don't, and shan't are counted as 
one word ; but there is a great risk of error. 

22. Figures count at the rate of five to a word. In fractions one 
figure is added for the mark of division between the numerator and 
denominator. In groups of figures a full stop, a bar of division, or 
oblique stroke is counted as a figure. In ordinal numbers, such as 1st, 
3rd, the affix is counted as a separate word, as also a letter following a 
figure or group of figures. 

23. The initial letters denoting the several London Postal Districts 
are counted as one word for each group ; but other initial letters are 
counted as one word each. 

24. When the sender desires words to be underlined, or placed in 
a parenthesis, or within inverted commas, two extra words are charged 

25. Special instructions, such as "private," "confidential," "to be 
opened at once," or the like, written at the sender's request on the 
envelope of a message, are charged for as part of the message. 

26. The sender may have his telegram cancelled, and if done before 
the commencement of transmission the sum paid will be returned, on 
application being made to the Secretary within three months. 

27. Telegrams addressed to a Telegraph Office "to be called for " 
are kept for two clear days. 

28. Telegrams requesting the re-direction of letters or parcels are 
accepted at the ordinary rate, and must in all cases bear the sender's 

29. Telegrams indecently worded, or appearing to contain libellous 
or grossly offensive matter, will not be transmitted. 

30. The Department is not liable for losses incurred through the 
incorrect transmission, delay, or non-delivery of telegrams. 

Registered Addresses. 
Aiiy person may register an abbreviated or arbitrary address on 
payment of a fee of £1 is a year, dating from the day of registration. 
The address must consist of two words, one of which is to be the 
town or place of delivery. Telegrams intended to be delivered to the 
care of a person who has registered an abbreviated address must 
have "care of" or " c/o " written before the abbreviated address, thus, 
" Smith, care of Hercules, London." The symbol "c/o " counts as one 
word. The registration of abbreviated addresses is not recommended. 

3 2 


Foreign Service. 
(Regulations founded on the International Telegraph Convention.) 
I.* Foreign telegrams are of two kinds— code and cypher. 

2. In code telegrams, only English, French, German, Italian, 
Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and Latin are allowed ; but all of these 
languages may be used in one telegram. Proper names are not 
allowed in the text of code telegrams, except in their natural sense. 
Words of more than 10 letters are not allowed unless paid for as cypher. 

3. Cypher telegrams must be composed exclusively of figures or 
exclusively of letters. Cypher telegrams written in letters are not 
accepted for places not in Europe or North America. Five letters or 
figures count as one word in the case of European telegrams, and three 
in the case of Extra-European telegrams. 

4. The address of the receiver must be paid for, and must not 
consist of less than two words, a name and a town. 

5. The address of the sender is charged for if transmitted ; in any 
case it must be written at the foot of the form. 

6. In ordinary European telegrams the length allowed for a single 
word is 15 letters, in Extra-European telegrams 10 letters; additional 
letters being charged for at the rate of 15 or 10 letters respectively to 
the word. 

7. Subject to the limit imposed by Rule 6, compound words and 
names of persons, places, ships, &c, written without break are counted 
as single words. If joined by a hyphen, or separated by an apostrophe, 
or other sign of punctuation, they are counted as so many separate 
words. In the address of a telegram the names of the place and country 
for which the telegram is intended are counted as single words, what- 
ever their length. 

Words incorrectly spelled, so as to reduce the number of letters 
below the maximum, or words incorrectly joined together, contrary to 
the usage of the language, cannot be accepted as single words. 

8. Every separate letter or figure is charged for as one word, and 
in European telegrams every group of five figures or letters is counted 
as one word, larger groups being counted at the rate of five figures or 
letters to a word, plus one word for any excess. In Extra-European 
telegrams, groups are counted at the rate of three to a word, plus one 
word for any excess Bars of division, decimal points, and stops used 
in numbers are counted as figures, and also letters added to figures to 
form ordinal numbers. 

9. Addresses should be written in French or in the language of the 
country to which the telegrams are to be sent ; and the full address 
of the addressee should be stated : the sender is held responsible for an 
incorrect or insufficient address. Corrections in the address can only 
be made by means of a fresh telegram, which must be paid for at the 
ordinary rate. 

10. The sender of a telegram can prepay a reply. If the reply is to 
contain 10 words, the indication " RP" is inserted and charged for as 
one word ; if it is to consist of more or less than 10 words, the words 

"RP " are inserted and charged for as two words. More than 30 

words cannot be prepaid. 

* The rates may be ascertained at any Post Office or from the Post Office Guide. 



The amount prepaid for a reply to a European telegram will in 
no case be refunded ; but if no reply be sent in the case of an Extra- 
European telegram, the amount will be refunded to the sender, provided 
that application is made by the addressee and the reply form returned 
to the telegraph administration of the country which delivered the 
telegram within six weeks. No allowance is made if the charge for the 
reply is less than the amount prepaid. 

11. The sender can have his telegram repeated from office to office 
throughout the whole course of its transmission by paying an additional 
quarter rate, plus the charge for an additional word, the expression 
" T. C." being inserted immediately before the receiver's address. 

12. On payment of a charge equal to the inland rate, the sender can 
have the telegram repeated between the office of origin and the office 
in Great Britain at which it is handed over to the Cable Company. 

13. The sender may have a notice of the time at which his telegram 
was delivered transmitted to him by telegram on payment of an ad- 
ditional rate for 10 words, plus the charge for one additional word, the 
expression " C. R." being inserted before the receiver's address. 

14. The receiver of a telegram can, by applying within 72 hours 
after its delivery, obtain the correction of passages which are doubtful, 
by paying for two separate telegrams, viz. : — One requesting the 
repetition, and the other consisting of the reply, plus one word for the 
name of the addressee. 

The amount is refunded on application to the Secretary, G.P.O., if 
the telegram has been inaccurately transmitted. 

If the repetition shows that only a portion of the telegram was 
inaccurately transmitted, a proportionate part of the amount paid for 
repetition will be refunded. 

15. The receiver of a telegram addressed to a place in the United 
Kingdom may have it repeated from the office of the Cable Co. by 
paying the ordinary inland rate for the part of the telegram which he 
wishes to be repeated ; and if it be found that an error has taken place 
the amount so paid will be refunded. 

16. In telegrams intended to be left until called for at Telegraph or 
at Post Offices, the words " Telegraphe Restant " or "Post Restante " 
must form part of the receiver's address. 

A telegram addressed to several persons in the same town, or to the 
same firm at different localities in the same town, is charged for as a 
single telegram, _ and a sum of 5d must be prepaid for every extra copy 
to be delivered if the number of chargeable words does not exceed 100 ; 
an additional sum of 5d being charged for every additional 100 words 
or part of 100 words. 

In calculating the charge all the names and addresses are included. 

Telegrams having multiple addresses are not accepted for America. 

17. Under no circumstances is the charge for an unrepeated 
telegram, which has been inaccurately transmitted, refunded. The 
cost of a repeated telegram which has been inaccurately transmitted is 
returned when it is shown that the telegram was rendered useless 

The cost of telegrams which have failed to reach their destination 
owing to some error on the part of the telegraph service, and the cost 
3 a 


of telegrams which have been delayed beyond two days in the case of 
European, and beyond six days in the case of Extra-European telegrams, 
from other causes than interruption of the telegraphic communication, 
is returned to the senders. 

The cost of any telegrams which may have been rendered necessary 
in consequence of the non-delivery, delay, or incorrect transmission of a 
telegram is in no case returned. 

The amount paid for a telegram cancelled before transmission has 
commenced is returned, less the sum of fivepence. If the telegram is 
cancelled after transmission has commenced, but before it has reached 
the place to which it is addressed, any balance of charges which may be 
due to the sender will be returned. 

1 8. Claims for reimbursement of the charges paid for telegrams 
should be accompanied — , 

a. In the case of non-delivery by a written statement from the 

terminal office, or the addressee, that the telegram has not been 

b. In the case of error in a collated telegram, or of delay by the 

actual message form delivered to the addressee. 

c. In the case of error in a telegram of which the receiver has paid 

the repetition from the office of origin, by the original message 
form delivered to the addressee, together with the form upon 
which the repeated telegram is written. 

19. Claims for reimbursement in the case of European telegrams 
are not entertained unless made within two months of the date of the 
original telegram ; nor in the case of Extra-European telegrams, unless 
made within six months from the date of the original telegram. 

Foreign administrations decline to make any inquiry into complaints 
which do not involve a return of the cost of the telegram within the 
limit of rule 17. 

Private Wires. 

A line of private wire between the place of business or residence 
of a firm or private individual and a Postal Telegraph Office, or between 
two or more places of business or residence, may be rented. 

Besides receiving from and sending to the Postal Telegraph Office 
his messages by wire instead of by hand, the renter has the privilege of 
sending messages over his private wire to be forwarded from the Post 
Office as ordinary letters, or of calling a messenger for the Express 
delivery of a letter or parcel. 

Telephone Exchanges. 
In any town where a sufficient number of wires are led into the 
Head Postal Telegraph Office, a Telephone Exchange can be formed, 
and messages transmitted by one renter to another direct without the 
necessity for a repetition at the Postal Telegraph Office. 

The list of charges and the regulations can be consulted at any Post 

The charges for a telephone exchange are as follows : — 

Double wire, not exceeding a quarter of a mile, . £8 o o 

,, ,, half a mile, . . 10 o o 

,, ,, three-quarters of a mile, 12 o o 

,, ,, a mile, . . . 14 o o 



Rates of Postage. 







The Scale of Postage 





for Letters for Places 
Abroad progresses by 




00 . 


ft • 

§ ° 

1) N 













Countries and colonies in thePostal 







Union (for list see page 23) 






Countries and colonies not in the 

Postal Union, viz. : — 

Abyssinia .... 




in 2 

Afghanistan, .... 





Africa, W. C. Native Poss. . 

c a 2.h 









Ascension .... 





Bechuanaland Protectorate, 





Including — Kanye, Lake 


Ngami, Macloutsie, 



Molepolole, Palachwe 


(Khamas town), Rhodesia, 


Shoshong, and Tati River, 


British Central Africa . 







Including — BritishNyassa- 




land, Barotse, Lake Moero, 



Tanganyika, and Upper 










Friendly Islands, . 







Madagascar, via Marseilles . 

c a i\ 







(except French Establish- 
ments in), .... 



Madagascar, via Mauritius . 





in 2 

/"ft rt 
1 ^^ 


Morocco (except places given 



in note) .... 






.S <S 


Prepayment to Morocco is compi 


with tl 

ie exception of 

ft J 


Casablanca, Fez, El-Ksar-el- 



he, Mazagan, 



Mogador, Rabat, Sam, Tanj 

jier, a 

nd Tet 

uan, to which 



places only registration extend 

. To 

these ] 

slaces (at each 



of which the Gibraltar P.O. 

r Fren 

:h P.O 

. maintains an 



agency under the Postal Uni 

Dn reg 


s) correspond- 


ence can be sent under th 

e con 


applicable to 




Navigators Islands (Samoa) . 






Niger Coast Protectorate, 

viz. : Benin, Bonny, Brass, 

Calabar (New and Old), 

Opobo, and Warree or 

Forcados .... 

2 h 




Orange Free State 





St. Helena .... 





Sarawak .... 

c a i\ 



z"# 2 

Society Islands 





Other parts .... 




z"« 2 , 




(<:) denotes that prepayment is compulsory, it being in all other cases 
optional ; (a) that an additional charge is made on delivery ; (in) that 
the registration is incomplete, not extending beyond Port of Arrival ; 
and (none) that no registration can be effected. 

Unpaid letters are charged double the_ prepaid rate, and those 
partially prepaid are charged double the deficiency. 

No letter for a colony or foreign country may exceed 2 feet in length 
or I foot in width or depth. The same dimensions are allowed for 
packets of books and other printed papers sent to British Colonies and 
Possessions and non-union countries, but to foreign countries of the 
Postal Union the length is limited to 18 inches. 




Argentine Republic 











British Borneo 

British Guiana 

British Honduras 

British New Guinea 



Gape Colony, including 
Basutoland, Pondo- 
land, Griqualand East, 
Griqualand West, 

Namaqualand (Little), 
St. John's River Terri- 
tory, Transkei, Tembu- 
land, Walwich Bay. 

Canada, Dominion of 



Colombia, Republic of 

Congo, including Black 

Point, Majumba, and 

Costa Rica 

Danish Colonies, viz., 
Greenland, St. Croix, 
St. John, and St. 

Denmark, including Faroe 
Islands and Iceland 


Dominican Republic (San 


Falkland Islands 

Fiji Islands 


French Colonies, viz., 
Martinique, Guade- 
loupe and dependencies, 
French Guiana (Cay- 
enne), Senegal and 

dependencies, Ahgwey, 
Gaboon, Grand Bassam, 
and Half Jack (also 
Sette Cama and 
Assinie), Reunion 

Comoro Islands, May' 
otte and dependencies 
French Establishments 
in Madagascar, viz, 
Ambositra, Andevo 
vaute, Antananarivo 
Diego Suarez, Fenerive 
Fiaranantsoa, Foul 
pointe, Ivondro, Maeva 
tanana, Mahambo 

Mahanoro, Mahela 
Maintirano, Majunga 
Mananjury, Moran 
dava, Morotsangana, 
Nossi-Ve, St. Mary 
Tamatave, Tananarive 
Vatomandry, Vohemar 
New Caledonia and 
dependencies, the 

French portion of the 
Low Archipelago, and 
the French Establish- 
ments in India (Pondi- 
chery, Chandernagor, 
Karikal, Mahe, and 
Yanaon), Annan, Cam- 
boge, Tonkin, and in 
Cochin China 






German Colonies, viz., 
Marshall Islands, New 
Guinea (portion of), 
Samoa (Apia), Togo 
Territory, including 
Bageida, Little Popo, 
Lome, and Porto 
Seguro, and Territory 
in South-West Africa, 
viz., Grand Namaqua, 
the Damaras Country, 
and Southern Portion 
of Ovamba ; also Baga- 
moyo, Dar-es- Salaam, 
Lindi and Tanga in 
East Africa 

Gibraltar (including the 
British Post Offices 
at Tangier, Tetuan, 
Fez, Laraiche, Rabat, 
Casablanca, Saffi,Maza- 
gan, and Mogador) 

Gold Coast 





Hawaiian or Sandwich 


Honduras, Republic of 
Hong Kong 





Marquesas Islands 
Mauritius and depend- 

Natal (including Zulu- 


Netherlands Colonies, 
viz., Dutch Guiana 
(Surinam), Curacoa and 
dependencies, viz., 

Bonarire, Aruba, the 
Netherlands portion of 
St. Martin, St. Eust- 
ache, Saba, Java, 
Madura, Sumatra, 

Celebes, Borneo (except 
North - West parts), 
Billiton, Archipelago of 
Banca, Archipelago of 
Riouw, Sunda Islands 
(Bali, Lombok, Sum- 
bawa, Floris, and the 
South-West part of 
Timor), the Archi- 
pelago of the Moluccas, 
and the North-West 
part of New Guinea 



New Zealand 








Portuguese Colonies, viz., 
Goa and its dependen- 
cies (Damoa and Diu), 
Macao, Timor Cape 
Verd Islands and de- 
pendencies (Bissau and 

Cacheu), Islands of St. 
Thomas and Prince (in 
Africa) with the Estab- 
lishment of Ajuda, 
Angola, Delagoa Bay, 
and Mozambique 



St. Kitts 

St. Lucia 

St. Pierre et Miquelon 

St. Vincent, West Indies 


Sandwich (or Hawaiian) 




Sierra Leone 

South African Republic 

Spain (including Balearic 
and Canary Islands) 

Spanish Colonies, viz., 
Cuba, Porto Rico, 
Fernando Po, Annobon 
and Dependencies, 

Philippine Islands, and 
Marian Islands 

Straits Settlements 








Turk's Islands 

United States 





Name of Place. 

Name of Place. 



Adelaide . . -34 






Chicago . 





Algiers . 



Cologne . 

Amsterdam . 











Congo . 





Athens . 



Copenhagen . 











Cyprus . 




Delagoa Bay . 





Balearic Islam 












Falkland Islands 

Batavia . 



Fiji . . 





Belize . 




Bergen . 



Geneva . 

Berlin . 



Genoa . 







Gothenburg . 

Beyrout . 




Biarritz . 



Grey Town . 




Guadaloupe . 





Boston, U.S.i 




Hague, The . 

Bremen . 



Brindisi . 







Havana . 



Hobart . 




Hong Kong, via Brindisi 



, , via Vancouver 

Buenos Ayres 





• 3 


Iceland . 


. 6 


Jamaica . 


• 19 


King George's Sound 

Callao . 

. 29 




• 23 


Lagos . 

Cape Coast C 


. 21 



Cape Palmas 

. 22 


Lisbon . 

Cape Town 

• 19 


Lucerne . 



APPROXIMATE TIME, &c — Continued. 

Name of Place. 

Name of Place. 

1 \ 



Q H 

Lyons . 

. — 


Rome .... 

I 2< 


. 4 



— I 

Madras . 

. 18 


St Helena 

17 - 

Madrid . 



St Kitts .... 

15 K 

Malaga . 

• 4 


St Louis, U.S.A. . 

9 - 

Malta . 

. 4 


St Lucia (West Indies) . 

12 2 

Manila . 

• 32 


St Petersburg 

2 2 




St Paul de Loanda . 

24 - 


. 25 


St Thomas 



• 35 


St Vincent (Capede Verde) 10 - 

Mexico . 

. 14 


St Vincent (West Indies} 

12 2 

Milan . 



Samoa .... 

42 - 


. 22 


San Francisco 

12 - 


. 20 



2 1 

Monte Video 

. 21 



22 - 


. 9 



17 - 


. 14 



37 - 


• 3 


Sierra Leone . 

14 - 


. 30 


26 - 

Munich . 



Smyrna . 

5 - 

Muscat . 

. 24 



2 - 

Naples . 




. — 1 

Natal . 

. 22 



7 - 

Nevis . 

• 15 


Sydney . 

36 - 


1 • . 9 




New York 

. 8 



. 21 - 





. 22 - 

Nova Scotia ( 

Halifax) . 9 



. 6 - 

Odessa . 



Tobago . 

. 14 1 

Old Calabar 

. 30 


Transvaal, via Cape 

. 21 - 

Oporto . 



Trieste . 

2 1 

Ottawa . 

. 9 



. 13 2 






Panama . 

. 19 


Valparaiso, via Magellar 

l 34 - 




,, via Panama 

• 39 - 

Payta . 

. 26 


• 15 - 

Penang . 

. 24 


Venice . 

2 - 


. 14 


Vienna . 


Perth (Wester 

n Australia) 32 



• 3 - 


e . . 15 


Washington . 

9 - 

Port Said 

. 6 



" 3 $ I 

Prague . 




x 3 " 

Quebec . 

. 9 


Yokohama, via Suez 

■ 43 - 


. 24 


,, via Vancouv 

er 32 - 

Rio de Janeir 

. . 17 



• 23 - 

N.B. — The above table does not apply to Parcels. 




I. A Parcel Post is established between the United Kingdom and 
the countries named in the following list : — 


Ascension . 
Austria Hungary, via Hamburg 
,, ,, via Belgium 

Azores, by Sea . 

,, via France . 

Barbadoes, St. Vincent 

Bechuanaland, The Colony of 

Belgium . 

Bermuda . 

Beyrout . 


British Central Africa 

,, East Africa . 

,, Guiana . 

,, Honduras 
Bulgaria, via Cologne 
„ via Hamburg 



Cape Colony 



Congo Free State . 

Constantinople, direct 

,, via France 

Cyprus .... 

Denmark, via Hamburg 
,, via Belgium 

Egypt, via France . 
,, direct . 

Falkland Islands 
Fiji . 
Finland . 

German East Africa 
Germany, by Sea 

,, via Belgium 
Gibraltar . 
Gold Coast Colony _ . 
Greece, via Brindisi 
,, via Cologne 


Holland . 
Hong Kong 


Italy, via France 
,, via Belgium 

Rates of Postage. 

Not Exceeding in Weight 

ilb 2tt> 3ft 

s. d. 

1 9 


1 Sh 
1 9 


3 4 



3 10 
2 7 

1 6 

2 6 

2 10 

1 4 

1 4 

2 3 
2 6 
2 10 

3 6 


i 2 4 

lb 5 lb 6lb 


s. d. 

2 II 

3 4 

4 8 
7 o 

1 8 

5 3 

2 10 

2 10 

3 o 

3 3 

7 o 

1 8 

3 4 

2 10 

3 6 

5 3 

7 o 

2 4 

1 9 

4 7 
1 7 

1 9 

2 8 

5 3 

3 o 
3 3 

lb 9 lb iolb iift> 

2 7 
5 4 
2 4 
2 7 

5 4 

8 o 

2 2n 


3 9 



5 6 

5 4 


4 3 

4 TO 

3 5 

2 9 


3 1 

2 5 

2 7 

9 4 

= 3 



3 23 




2 2A 
6 9 

3 9 


6 9 

3 4 
6 9 

10 6 
2 3 
4 10 

86 47 
62 62 

10 o 

2 25 
7 6 

3 9 

7 6 

10 o 

2 3 
5 4 

7 4 
11 o 

2 2J 

8 3 

3 9 
3 1 

7 8 
7 6 
7 4 

5 8 
8 3 
5 9 

4 10 

3 5 

2 9 

3 4 

5 2 

2 5 

2 7 

3 10 
3 3 

8 3 


2 3 
5 10 








Lagos (Africa) 

Madeira . 
Malta, direct 

,, via France 
Mashonaland . 
Mauritius, via France 

,, via Colombo 

Morocco, via Hamburg 


Newfoundland . 
New Hebrides . 
New South Wak 
New Zealand . 
Norway . 

Orange Free State . 

Portugal, direct 

,, via France 


Roumania, via Cologne 
,, via Hamburg 

St. Helena 
Servia, via Cologne . 
,, via Hamburg 

Siam .... 
Smyrna, direct 

,, via France 
South Australia 

Switzerland, via France 
,, via Belgium 

Tasmania . 

Victoria (Australia) 
Western Australia 

Zanzibar . 

Rates of Postage. 

Not Exceeding 

iH) 2ft 3 


o 9 

4 6 

2 o 
1 6 

1 10 

o 10 






1 4 

2 3 

2 o 

2 o 
1 6 


2 3 

4 6 

2 10 
8 3 

3 o 

3 o 

2 3 

3 o 



1 2* 


ft> 5ft) 61b 7ft) 81b 9ft iotb 11 

2 3* 

3 o 
3 ° 

s. d. 



2 10 
13 9 

3 9 

3 4 
2 10 


3 9 

2 10 

3 9 

3 9 
3 8 

J. d. 

4 6 


2 10 

16 6 

3 9 

2 10 


4 6 
1 Si 



4 6 

6 o 

4 6 
4 4 

5 3 


5 3 

2 10 
J 9 3 

3 9 

2 10 

7 o 


5 3 

7 ° 

2 3* 


6 o 
8 o 
3 1 

6 o 


6 9 

6 9 




2 10 


3 4 
6 9 


6 9 

6 9 
6 4 

5 6 

6 1 

7 6 

3 3 

10 o 
7 6 

7 6 

3 2 
3 o 

6 8 
3 o 


3 4 

7 6 


8 3 
5 6 

4 o 
7 4 
3 3 

1 o 
; 3 

3 2 
3 o 

7 4 

3 o 

2 10 

4 4 
9 2 


3 4 

7 6 
10 o 
3 1 

7 68 3 
7 07 


General Regulations. 
For postage and weight, see Table of Rates of Postage. 
The maximum dimensions for most Colonial Parcels are the same 
as for the Inland Parcel Post ; for Canada, length 2 feet, breadth or 
depth, 1 foot ; for Foreign Parcels generally, length 2 feet, length and 
girth combined, 4 feet ; for France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, 
Denmark, Holland, Norway, Portugal by sea, Switzerland, and 
Sweden, 2 feet in any direction. 

The rules as to the prepayment of postage ; as to the method of 
address ; as to the method of posting ; and as to certificates of posting, 
are similar to the rules for Inland parcels, with the exceptions that 
the postage upon Foreign or Colonial parcels cannot be prepaid in 
money, and that Rural Postmen are not allowed to accept Foreign or 
Colonial parcels. 

Parcels are subject to Customs regulations, and the sender of each 
parcel is required to make for Customs purposes — upon a special form 
or forms provided for the purpose, which can be obtained at any Post 
Office — an accurate statement of the nature and value of the contents, 
and other particulars. The net weight of the various articles contained 
in a parcel should, if possible, be stated, and any other particulars which 
would facilitate the assessment of Customs duty. 

All parcels are liable to be opened for Customs examination, and 
their contents are subject to Customs duty, according to the laws of the 
Country or Colony of destination. Such duty cannot be prepaid, but is 
in each case collected from the addresses on delivery. In most Foreign 
Countries and British Colonies, the articles which are not subject to 
Customs duty on importation are comparatively few. The Post Office 
can give no information as to the Customs tariff or procedure of 
particular countries, nor does it accept any responsibility for loss, delay, 
or charges arising from the Customs or sanitary regulations to which the 
contents of parcels are subject. 

The Postmaster-General will — not in consequence of any legal 
liability, but voluntarily, and as an act of grace — give compensation for 
the loss or damage of uninsured parcels sent by Parcel Post when such 
loss or damage takes place while the parcels are in his custody. 

Parcels addressed to the undermentioned British Colonies and 
Possessions and Foreign Countries are accepted for Insurance at any 
Post Office in the United Kingdom, and parcels addressed to the 
United Kingdom are similarly accepted for Insurance in those places: — 
Aden, Antigua, Ascension, Austria-Hungary, Bahamas, Barbados, 
Belgium, British Guiana, British North Borneo (as far as Sandakan), 
Ceylon, Cyprus, Denmark, Dominica, Egypt, Falkland Islands, Gam- 
bia, Germany, Gibraltar, Grenada, Holland, Hong Kong, India, Italy, 
Labuan, Montserrat, Nevis, Newfoundland, Norway, Roumania, St. 
Helena, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Straits Settlements (Malacca, 
Penang, Province of Wellesley), and Singapore only), Sweden, Switzer- 
land, Tobago, Tortola, Trinidad, Zanzibar. 

The fee for insurance, as well as the postage, must be prepaid ; and 
no parcel can be insured for more than £*£>. 

There is at present no system of insurance for parcels exchanged 


with any Foreign Country or with any British Possession except those 
mentioned in the foregoing tables. 

Insured Parcels should be sealed by the senders. 

The rules as to Inland registered parcels apply generally to Colonial 
and Foreign insured parcels. 

CUSTOMHOUSE— Customhouse Quay. 

Collector, Receiver of Wreck, &c. — George T. Luxton. 

Clerks — First-Class — John M. Ramsay. Second-Class — Arthur J. 

Examining Officers — First-Class — Charles Stewart; Second-Class — 
John E. Haig, John Faid, John C. Crowley, John Sullivan, George 
Carroll, William Gordon, Andrew Smyth. 

Chief Preventive Officer — Percy J. Knight. 

Preventive Officers — Tom Noble, David Houston, Robert Grieve. 

Out-Door Officers — First-Class— Hugh Hutton, John Darroch ; 
Second-Class— Cornelius Curran, John F. Hunter, Patrick J. Kane. 

House-keeper and Messenger— Hugh Hutton. 

Boatmen — George Kirkpatrick, Colin Darroch, Alex. M'Kenzie, 
Robert Galloway, Archibald Whyte, William Henderson, Robert 
Russell, John Ritchie, Donald Whyte, Alexander Brown, James 
M'Carthy, P. M'Nicol, John A. Ross, John Gordon, John W. Lovell, 
George Marr, William M'Millan, Henry W. Baker, Donald Mackay, 
James W. Johnson, Charles Jones, Richard L. Carnie. 

Principal Coast Officers— Joseph F. Atkinson, Oban ; Percival 
Haines, Tobermory ; Nicholas Scott, Port-Glasgow. 

Hours of attendance for despatch of public business — Indoor 
Department, from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m. (Saturdays till 2 p.m.) Outdoor 
Department — Duty Goods, Gauging, and Warehouses — From 1st 
March to 31st October, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.; and from 1st November till 
28th February, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Free Goods — 6 a.m. till 6 p.m. 
The following holidays are observed — New-Year's Day, Good Friday, 
first Monday in May, Queen's Birth-day, first Monday in August, and 
Christmas Day. 

H.M. Customs Launch "Clyde" — Engineers, Robert J. Henry, 
Hector Poison ; Mates-in-charge— Colin M'Farlane, Robert M'Kay. 

INLAND REVENUE OFFICES, Customhouse Buildings. 

Stamps, Taxes, and Excise. 

Thomas H. Taylor, Collector of Inland Revenue, Distributor of 

Stamps and Collector of Property and Income Tax, Inhabited House 

Duties, and Land Tax, for the Counties of Renfrew and Bute, and 

Argyle (Cowal). 

Clerical Branch. 
R. W. Macfadzean, Principal Clerk; J. B. Eagar, E. Annan, and 
G. F. Locker, Clerks. 

Surveying Branch. 
H. E. Clifford, Supervisor ; William Higgins, Thomas Buchanan, 
and A. T. Anderson, Officers. 



Surveyor of Taxes for 1st Greenock District, comprising the Lower 
Ward of Renfrewshire and the County of Bute — Alexander M'Dougall, 

The Surveyor is also Lands Valuation Assessor and Registrar of 
Voters for the Lower Ward of Renfrewshire, and the Burgh of Port- 

Surveyor of Taxes for 2nd Greenock District, comprising the County 
of Argyll — John Kean. 

Office hours— 10 till 4. Saturdays— 10 till 1. 


AGREEMENT, or any Memorandum of an Agreement, without a Clause 
of Registration, and not otherwise specially charged with duty 6d 
BILL OF EXCHANGE, Payable on Demand ... id 

BILL OF EXCHANGE, including Advance Notes for Seamen's wages, 
of any other kind whatsoever (except a Bank Note), and Promissory 
Note of any kind whatsoever (except a Bank Note), drawn, or ex- 
pressed to be payable, or actually paid, or endorsed, or in any 
manner negotiated in the United Kingdom : — 

When the amount does not exceed ,£5 - - - - os id 

Exceeds ^5 and ,, 10 - - - - os 2d 

10 „ 25 - os 3d 

,,25 „ 50 - os 6d 

5° >> 75 - os 9d 

75 ,, 100 - - - - isod 

And for every ^100, and also for any fractional part of ^100, of 

such amount or value - - - - - - - - is od 


"under hand" only must be lodged for Stamping within 14 days of 

date of first signature ; ordinary deeds within 30 days. Leases are 

not Agreements. 



The term "Bill of Exchange" includes Draft Order, Cheque, and 
Letter of Credit, and any document or writing (except a Bank Note) 
entitling or purporting to entitle any person, whether named therein or 
not, to payment by any other person of, or to draw upon any other 
person for, any sum of money therein mentioned. 

EXEMPTIONS. — Any draft or order drawn by any banker upon any 
other banker, not payable to bearer or to order, and used solely for the 
purpose of settling or clearing any account between said bankers. Any 
letter written by a banker to any other banker, directing the payment of 
any sum of money, the same not being payable to bearer or to order, 
and such letter not being sent or delivered to the person to whom pay- 
ment is to be made, or to any person on his behalf. 


Whatever number of Bills may form a set, each Bill of a set is liable to 
this duty. Penalty for executing any Bill of Lading not duly stamped, ^50. 



BONDS AND MORTGAGES, being the only or principal or primary 
security for the payment or re-payment of money not exceeding 

Above ^150 not exc. ^"200 

,, 200 ,, 250 

250 ,, 300 

os 3d 
5s od 
6s 3d 
7s 6d 

Above ^"io not exc. £25 - os 8d 

25 „ 50 - is 3d 

,, 50 ,, 100 - 2s 6d 

100 „ 150 - 3s 9d 

And for every ^"ioo, or fractional part of ^"ioo, 2s 6d. 

CONVEYANCE OR TRANSFER ON SALE of any Property (except 
Debenture Stock or Funded Debt) when the amount or value of the 
consideration does not exceed £5 

Exc. ^5 not exc. ,£10 

,, 10 


» l S 


,, 20 


„ 25 


„ 50 


„ 75 

, 100 

,, 100 

, 125 



- os 6d 

xc. ^125 not exc. ^150 

- 15s od 

„ 150 


- 17s 6d 

„ 175 

, 200 

- 20s od 

,, 200 , 

, 225 

- 22s 6d 

,, 225 , 

> 250 

- 25s od 

„ 250 , 


- 27s 6d 

„ 275 


- 30s od 

is od 
is 6d 

2s od 

2s 6d 

5 s od 

7s 6d 
10s od 
12s 6d 1 
For every ^50, or fractional part thereof, 5s. 

Duty on an Indenture to be borne by the master, unless the contrary 
be agreed on. 

with rates of duty according to the following scale:— 
I. — Lands and Unfurnished Houses 
(Where the term is definite and does not exceed 35 years ; or is indefinite. ) 
Not exceeding £$ per annum 
Exceeding — £$ and not exceeding £\o 



i or every full sum of ^50, and also for 

any fractional part of £$0 thereof, . 050 

Such agreements, if not drawn upon stamped paper, must be pre- 
sented for stamping xvithin thirty days after the date of the first 
execution thereof. 

II. — Dwelling Houses or Part Thereof 
(For any term not exceeding a year, at a rent not exceeding the rate of 

^10 per annum), id. 
Document must be stamped before execution, but adhesive stamp may 

be used. 
RECEIPT given for or upon the payment of money amounting to £2. 
and upwards --------- id 

The term "receipt " means and includes any note, memorandum, or 
writing whatsoever, whereby any money amounting to £2 or upwards,. 





















or any Bill of Exchange or Promissory Note for money amounting to £2 
or upwards, is acknowledged or expressed to have been received, or 
deposited, or paid. 

If any person ( I ) Gives any receipt liable to duty and not duly stamped ; 
(2) In any case where a receipt would be liable to duty, refuses to give a 
receipt duly stamped; (3) Upon a payment to the amount of £2 or upwards 
gives a receipt for a sum not amounting to £2, or separates or divides the 
amount paid with intent to evade the duty — he shall forfeit the sum of ^10. 
SPOILED STAMPS.— Application for allowance in lieu of spoiled 

stamps must be made within six months after the stamp has been 

spoiled or become useless. 


Office for Greenock District, 2 Oswald Street, Broomielaw, Glasgow. 
George Cormack, Fishery Officer. Fishery Officer for Campbeltown, J. 
Donaldson ; Girvan, Peter Wilson ; Inveraray, John Melville ; Oban, 
David Rosie ; Rothesay, J. Skinner. 


First Ward. 

That part of the burgh comprehended within a boundary line com- 
mencing at a point at the east of the town, where the limits of the burgh 
meet the north-east corner of the authorised works of the Trustees of 
the Port and Harbours of Greenock (hereinafter called the harbour 
works), thence along the line of those works to a point on those works 
hereinafter called point A on a line in continuation of the line of the 
centre of Ratho Street, thence from said point to East Hamilton Street 
at its junction with Ratho Street, thence along the centre of Ratho 
Street to Belville Street, thence westward and south-westward along 
the centre of Belville Street to Crescent Street, at the point where the 
Glasgow & South-Western line of railway crosses over the same, thence 
along the north side of said line of railway to the centre of Cartsburn 
Stream, thence up the centre of said stream to the boundary of the 
police limits, thence eastward and northward along said boundary and 
along the centre of Boundary Street, and along the said limits of the 
burgh to the point first described. Number of male voters, 749; 
female voters, 55. 

Second Ward. 

That part of the burgh comprehended within a boundary line com- 
mencing at a point, hereinafter called point B, where the Cartsburn 
Stream joins the River Clyde, thence up the centre of the said stream 
to the point where it is crossed by the Glasgow and South- Western line 
of railway, thence eastward along the north side of said line to Crescent 


Street at its junction with Belville Street, thence north-westward and 
eastward along the centre of Belville Street to Ratho Street, thence 
north-eastward along the centre of Ratho Street, and in a straight line 
in continuation thereof to the harbour works, thence westward along 
those works and the said limits of the burgh to the point first described. 
Number of male voters, 789 ; female voters, 58. 

Third Ward. 
That part of the burgh comprehended within a boundary line com- 
mencing at a point where the Cartsburn Stream joins the River Clyde, 
and running westward along the margin of said river to a point herein- 
after called point C, in the north-east quay wall of the East India 
Harbour in a line in continuation of the west side of Bogle Street, and . 
thence in a straight line south-westward to Rue-End Street, at its 
junction with Bogle Street, thence along the centre of Bogle Street to 
Regent Street, thence westward along the centre of Regent Street to 
Lynedoch Street, thence southward along the centre of Lynedoch Street, 
in a straight line in continuation thereof to the police boundary, thence 
eastward along the said boundary to the Cartsburn Stream, thence down 
the centre of said stream to the point in the River Clyde first described. 
Number of male voters, 761 ; female voters, 99. 

Fourth Ward. 
That part of the burgh comprehended within a boundary line com- 
mencing at the east side of the entrance to the West Harbour, herein- 
after called point D, and from thence to the northern extremity of the 
Mid Quay, and running along the centre of said quay to William Street, 
thence along the centre of William Street to the centre of Cathcart 
Square, thence in a straight line southwards to the north-east end of 
Bank Street, thence along the centre of Bank Street to Shaw Place, 
thence along the centre of Shaw Place to Mearns Street, thence along 
the centre of Mearns Street, and a straight line in continuation thereof, 
southward to the police boundary, thence eastward along said boundary 
to a point in said boundary in continuation of the centre line of Lynedoch 
Street, thence in a straight line northward to Drumfrochar Road at its 
junction with Lynedoch Street, thence along the centre of Lynedoch 
Street to Regent Street, thence eastward along the centre of Regent 
Street to the centre of Bogle Street, thence north-eastward along the 
centre of Bogle Street, and straight line in continuation thereof, to the 
River Clyde, thence westward along the margin of the said river to the 
point first described. Number of male voters, 922 ; female voters, 152. 

Fifth Ward. 
That part of the burgh comprehended within a boundary line com- 
mencing at a point hereinafter called point E, in the north-west quay of 
West Harbour, in a line with the centre of the Vennel, thence along a 
straight line drawn northward in continuation of the Vennel to the north 
end of the Vennel, thence up the centre of the Vennel to Buccleuch 
Street, thence up the centre of Buccleuch Street to Ann Street, thence 
up the centre of Ann Street to Drumfrochar Road, thence in a straight 
line to a point at the north-west angle in the police boundary, at or near 
Messieurs Leitch & Company's ropeworks, thence eastward along the 
police boundary to a point in continuation of the centre line of Mearns 


Street, thence northward in a straight line to Drumfrochar Road, at its 
junction with Mearns Street, thence along the centre of Mearns Street 
to Shaw Place, thence along Shaw Place to Bank Street, thence along 
the centre of Bank Street to the centre of Cathcart Square, thence 
across Cathcart Square to the centre of William Street, thence along 
the centre of William Street and Mid Quay to the northern extremity 
thereof, thence in a straight line to the east side of the entrance to the 
West Harbour, at its junction with the River Clyde, thence westward 
along the margin of the said river to the point first described. Number 
of male voters, 961 ; female voters, 117. 

Sixth Ward. 

That part of the burgh comprehended within the boundary line com- 
mencing at a point hereinafter called point F in the River Clyde at its 
junction with a line in continuation of the centre of the West Quay, 
thence southward along the centre of the West Quay and West Quay 
Lane to Dalrymple Street ; thence westward along the centre of Dal- 
rymple Street to Charles Street, thence southward along the centre of 
Charles Street to the Vennel, thence westward along the centre of the 
Vennel to Inverkip Street, thence south-westward along the centre of 
Inverkip Street to Mount Pleasant Street, thence southward along the 
centre of Mount Pleasant Street, and a straight line in continuation 
thereof, to the north side of the line of the Greenock and Wemyss Bay 
Railway, thence westward along the north side of said railway to the 
point where that railway crosses the police boundary, thence southward, 
eastward, and northward along said boundary till it reaches the angle in 
the police boundary at or near Messieurs Leitch & Company's rope- 
works before mentioned, thence in a straight line northward to Drum- 
frochar Road at its junction with Ann Street, thence along the centre of 
Ann Street to Buccleuch Street, fhence along Buccleuch Street to the 
Vennel, thence along the centre of the Vennel and line in continuation 
thereof to the River Clyde, thence westward along the margin of the said 
river to the point first described. Number of male voters, 1212 ; 
female voters, 154. 

Seventh Ward. 

That part of the burgh comprehended within a boundary line com- 
mencing at a point hereinafter called point G, on the margin of the River 
Clyde at the north-east corner of the east quay of Albert Harbour, thence 
southward along the east side of the said quay to Laird Street, thence 
along the centre of Laird Street to West Blackhall Street, thence along 
the centre of West Blackhall Street to Argyle Street, thence along the 
centre of Argyle Street to George Square, thence along George Square 
to Nelson Street West, thence along the centre of Nelson Street West 
to the point where the West Burn crosses under that street, thence along 
the centre of the West Burn to the point where it crosses the police 
boundary, thence along the said boundary to the north side of the line 
of the Greenock and Wemyss Bay Railway, thence eastward along the 
north side of said railway to a point in continuation of the centre of 
Mount Pleasant Street, thence northward in a straight line to Prospect 
Hill Street, at its junction with Mount Pleasant Street, thence along the 
centre of Mount Pleasant Street to Inverkip Street, thence along the 


centre of Inverkip Street to the Vennel, thence along the centre of the 
Vennel to Charles Street, thence along the centre of Charles Street to 
Dalrymple Street, thence along the centre of Dalrymple Street to West 
Quay Lane, thence along the centre of West Quay Lane and West Quay 
to the River Clyde, thence north-westward along the margin of the said 
river to the point first described. Number of male voters, 1065 ; female 
voters, 131. 

Eighth Ward. 

That part of the burgh comprehended within a boundary line com- 
mencing at a point on the margin of the River Clyde at the north-east 
corner of the east quay of Albert Harbour, thence southward along the 
east side of the said quay to Laird Street, thence along the centre of 
Laird Street to West Blackhall Street, thence along the centre of West 
Blackhall Street to Argyle Street, thence along the centre of Argyle 
Street to George Square, thence along George Square to Nelson Street 
West, thence along the centre of Nelson Street West to the point where 
the West Burn crosses under that street, thence along the centre of the 
West Burn to the point where it crosses the police boundary, thence 
north-westward along the police boundary to a point in the River Clyde 
on that boundary opposite Ironotter Point, thence north-eastward to the 
margin of the River Clyde, thence northward and eastward along the 
margin of the River Clyde to the point first described. Number of male 
voters, 1635 ; female voters, 511. 


Greenock was erected into a Burgh of Barony in the year 1635. 

James Watt, Born 19th January, 1736 — Died 25th August, 1819. 

First Magistrates and Council elected in the year 1751. 

Greenock Library began in 1783. 

Foundation Stone of East India Harbour laid 29th May, 1805. 

Greenock Chamber of Commerce Incorporated in 1813. 

Floods at Cartsdyke, 15th March, 1815, and 21st November, 1835. 

Sheriff Court opened 181 5 ; removed to Nelson Street (West) 5th 
November, 1869. 

Shaws Water Introduced 1 6th April, 1827. Acquired by Water Trust 

Gas Works first erected in Crawfurd Street in 1829 ; re-erected at 
Inchgreen in 1873. 

Railway to Paisley and Glasgow opened 30th March, 1841. 

Victoria Harbour opened on 17th October, 1850. 

Foundation Stone of Sir Gabriel Wood's Mariners' Asylum laid on 17th 
October, 1850. 

Greenock Ragged School, Captain Street, opened 1858. 

Theatre Royal opened December, 1858. 

Foundation Stone of Albert Harbour laid on 7th August, 1862; Har- 
bour opened 23rd July, 1867. 

Railway to Wemyss Bay opened May, 1865. 

Anchorage Dues abolished 5th September, 1868. 


Greenock and Ayrshire Railway opened 1869. 

Explosion at Whinhill, nth September, 1870. 

Foundation Stone of Garvel Graving Dock laid 6th July, 187 1. 

Tramway to Gourock opened 7th July, 1873. 

Foundation Stone of Smithston Poorhouse and Asylum laid on 12th 

September, 1876; opened 29th May, 1879. 
James Watt Dock, first sod cut 1st August, 1878 ; foundation stone 

laid 6th August, 188 1 ; copestone laid and water let in 1st May, 

1885 ; opened 5th August, 1886. 
Lyle Road opened 1st May, 1880. 

Foundation Stone of Municipal Buildings laid on 6th August, 1 88 1. 
Town Council increased from 16 to 25 Members, 1882. 
Gourock Railway opened, 1st June, 1889. 
Port-Glasgow Tramways opened, 29th November, 1889. 
Parish Councillors first elected, 2nd April, 1895. 


New-Year's Day, Good -Friday, first Monday in May, Queen's 
Birthday (as fixed by Town Council), Summer Fair Saturday, first Monday 
in August, Christmas Day, and second Monday in April, and second 
Thursday in September. 

Fairs — First Thursday in July, and Fourth Tuesday in November. 


Burgh of Greenock — 


Females. Totals. 

East District, 

West District, 

• 12,965 

• 18,796 

11,458 24,423 
20,204 39)000 

Population in 1881 — 
Within Parliamentary Area, . 

Population in 1891 — 
Within Parliamentary Area, . 




Member of Parliament for the Town of Greenock, 


of 4 Buckingham Gate, London, S.W., and Offices of P. & O. 

Steamship Company, 122 Leadenhall Street, E.C. 

Member of Parliament for West Renfrewshire, 

CHARLES BINE RENSHAW of Barochan, Houston, 

and 8 Cadogan Square, London, S.W. 

Member of Parliament for East Renfrewshire, 

MICHAEL HUGH SHAW STEWART of Carnock, Stirlingshire, 

and 7 Charles Street, London, W. 



Provost — Dugald Shankland. 

Bailies— Robert Swan, Thomas Mitchell, John Daniel Clink, Dugald 

M'Innes, Francis Moon, and James Watson. 

Treasurer— John Anderson. 

Councillors — 
First Ward— W. B. M'Millan, D. M 'Arthur Erskine, Neil M. Brown. 
Second Ward — William M'Neill, Francis Moon, D. M'Innes. 
Third Ward— Samuel Nicolson, J. D. M'Gregor, A.J. Black. 
Fourth Ward— Robert Swan, Thomas Baxter, Hugh Shearer. 
Fifth Ward — Dugald Shankland, John Cameron, Robert Lemmon. 
Sixth Ward — Robert Cook, Thomas Mitchell, John Anderson. 
Seventh Ward— William Hair, Marcus Calder, John H. Campbell. 
Eighth Ward— Edward Wilson, John Daniel Clink, James Watson, 
John Black. 

Ordinary Meetings— First Tuesday of every month. 

Officials — 
Town Clerk— Colin MacCulloch. 
Chamberlain — -William Smith. 

Collector of Town Assessments — Thomas D. M'Murrich. 
Auditor — Hope Stewart Ramsay. 
Surveyor of Works — Alex. J. Turnbull. 

Procurators-Fiscal — James Auld, James A. Love, and John W. Angus. 
Assessors (Police Court) — Colin MacCulloch, Andrew Nimmo, Thomas 

Wilson, and Thomas D. M'Murrich. 
Assessor and Clerk to Dean of Guild — Andrew Nimmo. 
Assessor under Lands Valuation and Voters Registration Acts — Robert 

Curator of Cemetery and Burying Grounds — Robert Sheridan. 
Inspectors under Animals Diseases Act— Arthur A. Macfarlane and 

John W. Angus. 
Inspector of Weights and Measures — David Young. 
Registrars for Births, Deaths, and Marriages — East District, Wm. 

Johnston ; West District, Arthur R. Baird. 
Council Officer — John Berry. 


The Provost, Bailies, Treasurer, and Town Councillors of the Burgh. 

Chairman — The Provost. 

Dean of Guild — Robert Cook. 

Deputy-Dean of Guild — John D. M'Gregor. 

Councillors to the Dean of Guild — Bailie Swan ; Councillors Brown, 

M'Neill, M'Gregor, A. J. Black, and Calder. 

Clerk— Colin MacCulloch. 
Treasurer — William Smith. 
Collector of Assessments — Thomas D. M'Murrich. 


Auditor — H. S. Ramsay. 
Master of Works — Alex. T. Turnbull. 
Chief Constable — John W. Angus. 
Police Surgeon — John Macdougall, M.D. 
Sanitary Inspector — James Devine. 
Medical Officer of Health—James Wallace, M.D. 
Inspector of Cleansing — James Houston. 
Billet-Master and Inspector of Explosives — J. W. Angus. 
Manager of Gas Works — Samuel Stewart. 
Treasurer of Gas Works — William Smith. 
Collector and Assistant Clerk of Gas Works — John Chalmers. 
Inspector of Gas Meters — Lewis Fordyce. 
Factor — Daniel Macaulay. 
Superintendent of Parks — Robert Sheridan. 

Inspector of Flesh Market and Slaughterhouse — William Ballantine. 
Public Analysts — John William Biggart and W. L. Biggart. 
Inspector under Sale of Food and Drugs Acts — David Young. 
Superintendent of Fire Brigade — William Taylor. 

Inspectors of Lodging Houses and Small Houses — J. Devine, A 
Campbell, Malcolm M'Pherson, Archibald M'Gilp, and Adam Elliott. 
Inspector of Cabs, Hackney Carriages, &c- — J. W. Angus. 

Dean of Guild — Robert Cook. 
Depute Dean of Guild — John D. M'Gregor. 
Councillors to Dean of Guild — Bailie Swan ; Councillors Brown, 

M'Neill, M'Gregor, A. J. Black, and Calder. 
Procurator Fiscal of Court — James Auld. 
Assessor and Clerk of Court — Andrew Nimmo. 
Master of Works — A. J. Turnbull. 
Bar Officer— Ewen M'Intyre. 

Court Hall — Municipal Buildings. 
Court Days — Thursday of each alternate week, at 2 p.m. 

The Provost ; Bailies Swan, Mitchell, Clink, M'Innes, Moon, and 
Watson ; Dean of Guild Cook ; Councillors M'Neill, M'Gregor, A. J. 
Black, Shearer, Campbell, Wilson, and John Black — Councillor 
Shearer, Convener ; Bailie M'Innes, Vice-Convener. 


Provost Shankland ; Bailies Swan and M'Innes; Councillors 
Erskine, Brown, M'Neill, M'Gregor, A. J. Black, Baxter, Shearer, 
Hair, Calder, and John Black. 

Chairman — Provost Shankland ; Deputy-Chairman — Councillor 

The Law, Finance, and Works Committee (13). 

The whole Trust — The Provost, Convener; Councillor Erskine, Vice- 



Clerk— Colin MacCulIoch. 
Treasurer — William Smith. 

Superintendent of Works — Robert Gilmour, C. E. 
Collector — James Brown. 
Auditor — H. S. Ramsay. 

Description of Falls let and unlet along line of Aqueducts 
between Overton and the sea. 

old line. Height ft. 

Hogg, Wallace & Co. 

Mackenzie & Walker 

A. Scott & Sons 

A. Scott & Sons 

Rankin & Blackmore 

John Poynter & Son 

John Poynter & Son 


Sugar Refinery 

Grain Mills . 

Sugar Refinery 

Sugar Refinery 


Chemical Work 

Chemical Work 

Glasgow & South Western Railway Co. 

Greenock Sacking Company 

| Sugar Refinery 
( Sugar Refinery 

Rope Work . 

Woollen Mill . 

Woollen Mill 

Paper Mill 

Neill, Dempster & Neill 
Clyde Sugar Refining Co, 
A. Tough & Son 
R. Houston & Son . 
Fleming, Reid & Co. 

Brown, Stewart & Co. 













170 578 

• 32 5» 
19 „ ........ 21 37 

These falls have a supply of 1200 cubic feet per minute, for twelve 
hours per day, during 310 days per year ; and two Scotch acres of ground 
for mills, &c. , go along with each, at a nominal feu-duty. 
No. new line. Height ft. 


Grain Mill . . R. Muir & Sons . 

Foundry . . . Greenock Foundry Co. . 

Sugar Refinery . Dawson, Martin & Co. . 

Vacant . . . Glebe Sugar Refining Co. 
J Shaws Water Foundry James Nicoll . 
I Sugar Refinery . Alexander Scott & Sons . 

Sugar Refinery . Alexander Scott & Sons . 

These falls have a supply of 1066 cubic feet per minute for 13 \ hours 
per day and 310 days in the year. 






Provost Shankland; Bailie Clink; Treasurer Anderson ; Councillors 
Erskine, M 'Neill, Nicolson, Shearer, Hair, and Black ; Messrs Archd. 
N. Lindsay, James Paterson, John Davie, John Ward, John Denholm, 
Alexander Morrison, James Brown, D. MacDonald, Archd. J. Paton, 
David Fortune, William Lamont, and Walter Washington Buchanan 
Chairman— The Provost. Deputy-Chairman, James Brown. 


Secretary and General Manager — Thomas Wilson. 
Treasurer — William Hutcheson. 

Collector of Harbour Rates and Police Dues — Duncan Darroch. 
Auditor — Dugald Campbell. 
Harbour Engineer — Robert Crawford, C.E. 
Harbour and Dock Master— Captain Robert G. Taitt. 
Superintendent of Harbour Police — J. W. Angus. 
Traffic Agent and Superintendent of Warehouses, Transit Sheds, Timber 

Storage Ground, and Weighers and Weighing Machines — James 

Inspector under Explosives Bye-Laws for the Lower Estuary of the 

Clyde— J. W. Angus. 


Central Office — Municipal Buildings, Dalrymple Street. 

Cartsdyke ,, — 2 East Hamilton Street. 
Chief Constable — J. W. Angus ; Superintendent — Forbes Eadie ; 
Lieutenant — Martin Jamieson ; Inspector and Chief Clerk— James F. 
Adams ; Detective Inspector — James Christie ; Out-door Inspectors- 
Walter M'Lellan, James M 'Donald, and Malcolm M'Pherson ; Two 
Detective Sergeants ; Nine Police Sergeants ; Three Detective Officers ; 
Eighty-nine Constables on Town and Harbour duty ; Eight Constables 
on Railway duty — Total strength, 120. John Macdougall, M.D., 
Police Surgeon. 

Office — Municipal Buildings, Dalrymple Street. 
Sanitary Inspector — James Devine. 
Medical Officer of Health— James Wallace, M.D. 
Sanitary Officers — Alexander Campbell and Adam Elliott. 
Clerk — Andrew Thomson. 

Craigieknowes Hospital for Cholera, Small-pox, &c, and Disinfecting 
Station, Sinclair Street. Caretaker, Tames Devine. 

Reception House, 35 Crawfurd Street (Glebe). Matron, Mrs 


Station — Municipal Buildings, Dalrymple Street. Open day and night. 
Committee of Management — Provost Shankland ; Bailies Clink, 
M'Innes, and Moon ; Councillors M'Millan, M'Neill, Nicolson, 
M'Gregor, A. J. Black, Shearer, Lemmon, Hair, and Campbell — 
Councillor Hair, Convener ; Bailie Clink, Vice-Convener. 
Brigade Superintendent — William Taylor. 


Fish Market, 1 West Breast. 

Flesh Market, Slaughter House, 3 Ann Street — William Ballantine, 
Inspector and Superintendent. Cattle bought and sold daily. Fairs 
are held annually, beginning on the first Thursday of July, and fourth 
Tuesday of November; and a Horse and Cattle Market, which is held 
in St. Andrew Square on the Friday before Glasgow Whitsun-Monday 
Fair, and on the Friday immediately preceding Kilbarchan Fair. 



Office for Burgh of Greenock — Municipal Buildings (Wallace Place 
and Dalrymple Street). Inspector and adjuster — David Young. 
Office hours — 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Saturdays, 9 to 2. 
Renfrewshire — Greenock (outside police boundary), Port-Glasgow, 
Erskine, Kilmalcolm, Inverkip, and Gourock — Inspector and Adjuster, 
William Clark ; Office, 40 Old Sneddon Street, Paisley. 



Municipal Buildings, Wallace Place. 
East District— William Johnston, Registrar ; Assistant, David C. 

West District— Arthur R. Baird, Registrar ; Assistant, H. L. Wright. 
Office hours — 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and evenings of Monday, Wednesday, 

and Friday, 7 to 8 ; Saturdays, 9 a.m. to I p.m. 
Examiner for Western District of Scotland — W. H. D. Lowe. 


A. & J. Wilson, 65 Rue-end Street ; Edward Twigg, 33 Hamilton 
Street; H. Buchanan & Co., n West Breast; Robert Climie, 20 
West Blackhall Street ; Morton & Kidd, 24 Hamilton Street ; Agnes 
Douglas, 72 Ann Street ; Mrs Mary Nelson, 44 Lynedoch Street ; Jane 
M'Kenzie, 66 Vennel ; Elizabeth Neil, 9 Newton Street; Robert 
Morrow, 32 Shaw Street ; and Neil M 'Donald, 3 Bearhope Street. 


James Cullen, Hugh Gallacher, John M'Kechnie, Peter M'Millan, 
John Greenwood, Charles M 'Arthur, David Harley, Robert Ritchie, 
Thomas Fitzgerald, James M'Dougall, Charles Wilson, and James 


Name. Badge No. 

Name. Badge No. 

Hector Gillies 


James Bogan 


Patrick Sweenie . 


John Tucker 


Norman M'Leod 


John M'Geachan 


Peter M'Kinnon. 


Thomas Kane 


John Brown 


Thomas Grant . 


John M'Geachan, sen. 


Alexander Gilchrist 


William Stewart . 


James M'Kenna . 


John M'Cafferty . 


David Brown 


Robert Allan 


Robert Watson . 


Donald MTntyre 


Alexander Gillies 


John Simpson 


William M. Turner 


William M'Phail 


Thomas Rooney . 


William Surgeoner 


William Colhain 



Enacted by the Magistrates of Greenock, March, 1891. 


S. D. 

For carrying any message or any letter, parcel, box, bag, or case 
of any kind, not exceeding in weight 14 lbs., any distance not 
exceeding one half-mile, . . . . . . .04 

And for each additional half-mile or part of same, . . .02 

For any burden exceeding 14 lbs. but not exceeding 56 lbs., for 

any distance not exceeding one half-mile, . . . .06 

And for each additional half-mile or part of same, . . .04 

For any burden exceeding 56 lbs. but not exceeding 112 lbs., for 

any distance not exceeding one half-mile, . . . .08 

And for each additional half-mile or part of same, . . .04 

For any load on a barrow or other vehicle exceeding I cwt. but 
not exceeding 3 cwt. , for any distance not exceeding one half- 
mile, when it is not necessary to ascend with such load any 
steep street or road, o 10 

And for each additional half-mile or part of same, subject always 

to the above mentioned condition, . . . . .06 

For any load, within the limits as to weight last above mentioned, 
in the conveyance of which the porter requires to ascend a 
steep street or road, the total charge for the first half-mile or 
part of a half-mile shall not exceed 16 

And for each additional half-mile, or part of a half-mile, any part 

of which is steep, 09 

Note. — Between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. a porter may charge fare and 

half- fare. 


S. D. 

A porter employed by time, whether in removing furniture or in 
carrying or conveying either samples or patterns or goods or 
articles for commercial travellers, or luggage for other travel- 
lers, in weight not exceeding 3 cwt., or in assisting to load, 
unload, or weigh goods, or in beating carpets or the like at any 
time between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m., shall be entitled to charge 
for the first hour, or part of an hour when employed less than 

an hour, 10 

And for each additional half-hour or part of same, . •. .04 
A porter employed by time in conveying samples or patterns or 
goods or articles for commercial travellers, or luggage or goods 
for other persons, shall, when any such load exceeds 3 cwt., be 
entitled to charge for the first hour, or part of an hour if 
employed less than an hour, . . . . . . .14 

And for each additional half-hour or part of same, . . .06 

A porter shall be entitled to charge by time for all loads which 
exceed in weight 3 cwt. 

For these rates or fares Porters are bound, when required, to put the 
luggage on board the steam vessels, or place it on the platform of the 
railway, or take the same out of the steam vessel, or down from the 
railway platform, or to or from a house or other place or building. 



Table of Fares, Enacted by the Magistrates, ist June, 1891. 

2 o 

1 6 

2 6 

3 6 


3 o 



2 o 
? 6 

Table of Fares 

from or to 

The Annexed Stances 

from or to the 
Undermentioned Places 

o Albert harbour 
o Ardgowan square 
o Bogston station 
o Brachelston square 
6 Cartsdyke railway stn 
o Cathcart st. and station 
o Charing Cross 
o Customhouse quay 
J Eldon street (east 
( of Bentinck street) 
Eldon st. w. to Battery 
\ Eldon street w. to ) 
( Berryburn ( 

o George square 
6Gourock Pier 
o Infirmary (Duncan st.) 
\ James Watt Dock I 
I (west entrance) \ 

! James Watt Dock 
(east entrance) 
ojLynedoch st. station 
o Municipal Buildings 
o Nelson street (west) 
oiPolice Office 
o|Post Office 
oiPrinces Pier 
6 Smithston Poorhouse 
6|Upper Greenock stn. 
ojVictoria harbour 

%& I 

S c % 

CO (A *3 

3 c3 rt 




O I 


O I 


. 2 


Summary of Bye-Laws. 

It shall be in the option of the hirer to engage any hackney carriage 

either by time or distance, provided this be done at the time of hiring. 

To or between places mentioned in the Table of Fares (a copy of which 

each driver is bound to have in his possession and exhibit when required) 


the charge shall be as stated in the said table. To or between places 
not mentioned in the said table of fares the charge shall be— 
For any distance not exceeding a mile . . . . . is od 

Exceeding a mile and not exceeding 1^ miles . . . . is 6d 
1* miles „ 2 ,,.... 2sod 

2 ,, 2i „ 2s6d 

2| „ 3 „ . . . . 3sod 

3 „ 3h „ • • • • 3s6d 
31 „ 4 . . . . 4 sod 

4 „ 44 » • • • • 4s6d 
44 „ 5 » • • • • 5«od 

In respect, however, that the upper parts of Greenock are hilly, in 
all cases not mentioned in the said table of fares, the charge for any 
hackney carriage engaged by distance shall be 6d extra, provided the 
point to or from which the carriage is driven shall be within the town, 
but to the south or upper side thereof. 

When a carriage is called but not used, a charge of 6d shall be 
allowed, if the place to which it is called be under half a mile from the 
stance, and is beyond that. 

Forshopping and making calls, or wherethe driving is not continuous, 
the charge shall be 2s for the first hour or part thereof, and 6d for every 
additional quarter of an hour or part thereof. 

For an airing in the country, not exceeding five miles from the 
General Post Office, Wallace Square, and returning either by the same 
or a different road, the rate shall be 3s for the first hour or part thereof, 
and is for every additional twenty minutes or part thereof, and the rate 
of driving shall be at least six miles an hour, unless the hirer wishes a 
slower pace. 

Whether the fares are by distance or by time, if there be more than 
four adult persons driven, a charge of 6d extra shall be made for each 
additional adult, and a charge o'f 6d for every two children above six 
and under twelve years of age. No additional charge for one child 
above six or for children under six. Every person of twelve years of 
age and upwards shall be reckoned an adult. 

From midnight till six morning, double fare to be exigible. 

On Sunday fare-and-a-half will be exigible from six morning till 
twelve midnight. 

Any person shall be entitled to withhold payment of fare— 1st. 
When the name and number are not painted outside carriage, or when 
there is no plate inside in terms of article seven of the bye-laws. 2nd. 
When the reference ticket is not given on demand. 3rd. When the 
Bye-laws and Table of Fares are not shown on demand ; and 4th, when 
an overcharge is made. 

No driver shall be entitled to any gratuity. 
Public Stands. 

1. Princes Pier — North end of Campbell Street. 

2. Grey Place — North side of street or place. 

3. West Burn Street— North side of Hamilton Street. 

4. Greenock West Station — Newton Street, north side. 

5. Cathcart Street — East side of Station Road. 

6. East India Breast. 

7. Customhouse Quay— East side of Pillar Lamp. 


8. Cartsdyke Station — Macdougall Street. 

9. Bogston Station — Bogston Road. 

Private Stands. 

1. Cathcart Street Station — Private street leading from Cathcart Street 

to said station. 

2. Lynedoch Street Station — Private street leading from Lynedoch 

Street to Glasgow and South-Western Railway Station there. 

3. Princes Pier Station — Private street leading from Brougham Street 

to said station. 


Members appointed by Greenock Harbouf Trust — Provost 
Shankland, Bailie Clink, Councillor Hair, and David Fortune ; by 
Clyde Navigation Trust — The Hon. Lord Provost of Glasgow, David 
R. Clark, George Browne, Nathaniel Dunlop, George M. Kerr, 
William Hi. Raeburn, W'illiam Robertson, and George Smith ; by 
River Pilots — Joseph Duncan, James Black, and Thomas Morton; and 
the Provosts of Dumbarton, Port-Glasgow, and Rothesay. 

Members of Greenock Committee — -Provost Shankland ; Bailie 
Clink ; Councillor Hair ; Messrs James Brown, David Fortune, 
Nathaniel Dunlop, George Smith, Joseph Duncan, and Provost Rodger 
of Port-Glasgow — Provost Shankland, Chairman. 



Robert H. Bell, Alexander Campbell, Peter Currie, James Fleming, 

James Gordon, John M'Aleer, David M'Kellar, Charles Mackie, Allan 

M'Lean, David M'Reevie, John Miller, Robert Munn, and James B. 

Warden— Captain R. G. Taitt, Pilot Master. 


From any place betwixt the Cumbrae and Cloch Lights to Greenock or 

Port-Glasgow, including mooring the Ship or waiting the tide, one 

penny three farthings per ton. 
From a line drawn between the Cloch Light and Dunoon Pier to 

Port-Glasgow or any intermediate place, or from any intermediate 

place to any other intermediate place, one halfpenny per ton. 

N.B. — The same chargeable for like distance outwards. 
Fractional tonnage to be charged and paid in proportion. 
All vessels towed to be allowed one-fifth off the full rates. 
From Greenock, or off Greenock to Garelochhead, including detention 

in swinging the vessel, one halfpenny per ton, and the same rates 

in returning ; but no pilot will be obliged to pilot a vessel to the 

Garelochhead and back for a less sum than fifteen shillings each 

For every day the pilot is kept on board after the compasses are 

adjusted, he shall be entitled to charge seven shillings and sixpence 

per day. 
Shifting vessels from one harbour to another harbour, 

under 500 tons, £0 10 6 

Shifting vessels from one harbour to another harbour, 

500 tons and upwards, . . . . . .0150 

Shifting vessels from any of the harbours to the Garvel 

Graving Dock, and vice versa, . . . . .100 


Attending launch, I o o 

Trial Trips — Vessels under 500 tons register, . . .300 

Trial Trips— all vessels from 500 to 1000 tons register, 

per ton, o o ij 

And for every additional 100 tons, 050 

And for detention over 24 hours per day, . . . .076 

Note. — Detention money to be charged only after the actual com- 
mencement of the service for which the pilot has been engaged. 

N.B. — A Shipmaster is not bound to take a pilot, unless between 
Port-Glasgow and Glasgow. 



R. W. Moir, R. Buchan, William Hardie, William Purves, 

William Clinton, Alex. Renfrew, William Arthurs, J. Williamson, 

A. M. Jackson, D. Macdonald, Malcolm Campbell, Daniel M'Millan, 

Alexander Bruce, and Joseph Duncan— David Fenton, Pilot Master. 

From Greenock, or off Greenock, or the Tail of the Bank, to 
Glasgow ; or from Glasgow to Greenock, or off Greenock, or 
the Tail of the Bank, including the unmooring of the ship, Per ft. 
for all vessels under 10 ft. draught of water . . . is 6d 

Vessels with 10 ft. draught of water, and under 12 ft. . . 2s od 

Vessels with 12 ft. draught of water, and not exceeding 15 ft. . 2s 6d 
All vessels exceeding 15 ft. draught of water . . . . 3s od 

Odd inches to be charged and paid in proportion. 

For piloting vessels up and down the Leven, to or from Dumbarton, 
the pilot shall not be entitled to charge more than five shillings for all 
vessels under 100 tons, and over 100 tons, 7s 6d, in addition to the rate 
of piloting such vessels on the Clyde ; and five shillings for each additional 
tide he may be detained after the first. 

Any pilot, whether deep sea or river, who may be detained at the 
request of the owner or person in charge of the vessel, after his duties of 
pilot have been completed, shall (where not otherwise provided for in 
these regulations), in addition to receiving his provisions, be paid by 
the owners or persons in charge of the vessel seven shillings and sixpence 
per day, and in like proportion to any lesser period he may be detained 
on board. 

N.B. — No differential rates shall in future be recoverable in respect 

of foreign vessels. 


Alexander Nicholson, sen., James Barbour, John Waugh, James 
Waugh, Lachlan Cameron, Malcolm M'Lean, Archibald Barbour, 
Colin Munro, and Malcolm Gordon. 




1st. Boat-hire from any of the Quays, Piers, Harbours, or the 

Esplanade, to any ship or vessel lying in the roadsteads, between the 

Tail of the Bank Buoy on the west, and Garvel Point on the east, said 


vessel not being at a greater distance than a mile and a half from the 
shore of Greenock between these two points :— If one passenger, is 6d ; 
two passengers, 2s ; every additional passenger, 6d. 

2nd. Boat-hire from any of the above-mentioned stations to any 
ship or vessel lying at the anchorage termed the Tail of the Bank : — If 
one passenger, 2s ; two passengers, 2s 6d ; every additional passenger, 6d. 

3rd. Boat-hire from any of the above-mentioned stations to the 
powder anchorage ground : — If one passenger, 3s 6d ; every additional 
passenger, 6d. 

4th. Boat-hire from any of the above-mentioned stations to the Hill 
of Ardmore, or Helensburgh, Kilcreggan, or Point of Roseneath, or 
Row, or any other point on opposite shore : — If one passenger, 5s; two 
passengers, 6s ; three passengers, 7s ; every additional passenger, 6d. 

5th. Boat-hire from any of the above-mentioned stations to any ship 
or vessel lying in Gourock Bay : — If one passenger, 3s 6d ; two 
passengers, 4s 6d ; and every additional passenger, 6d. For these rates 
or fares the boatmen shall be obliged to wait 30 minutes and bring back 
the passengers. If detained beyond 30 minutes, one shilling to be paid 
for each half-hour, or part of half-an-hour after the first. 

The above rates or fares shall include luggage, if under 1 cwt. ; but 
all luggage above that amount shall be, for every cwt., 4d. 

Vessels in harbour shifting, passing lines, up to 300 tons, 7s 6d ; 
ships, 10s ; if boatmen employed by time, 12s 6d per day. 

For the above rates the boatmen shall be obliged to furnish 4 oars 
and men, when from the state of the weather this is required to enable 
them to make the passage ; but when required to do so by the hirer 
himself, for expedition or otherwise, one-half fare to be paid in addition 
to the above rates. The harbour-master to be sole judge in case of 
dispute between the boatmen and the hirer as to the state of the 
weather, and as to the necessity of 4 oars. 

Henry Hammond, Wm. Ferguson, Harry Hill, Andrew Bryceland, 
Alexander M'Lean, John M'Kinnon, Patrick M'Cue, James Marshall, 
James Carroll, Peter Lamont Ross, Hermann Berndt, Thomas Murray, 
John Sweeney, Robert M'Leod, John Dorrean, Peter M'Ghee, 
Donald Nicolson, and William Carroll. 


Committee of Management for 1896— Provost Shankland ; Bailies 
Swan, M'Innes, Moon, and Watson ; Treasurer Anderson ; Dean 
Cook; Councillors M'Millan, M'Neill, M'Gregor, A. J. Black, 
Cameron, Lemmon, Hair, Calder, Campbell, and John Black- 
Treasurer Anderson, Convener ; Councillor A. J. Black, Vice-Convener. 
Superintendent — Robert Sheridan. 

Well Park Promenade and Pleasure Grounds. — Entrances 
—Regent Street, Bank Street, Sir John's Brae, and Lynedoch Street. 

Wellington Park. — In connection with which are Bowling Green, 
Cricket Ground, and Bathing Pond for youths. Entrance — Drumfrochar 
Road (East). 

Whin Hill. — Entrances — Top of Lynedoch Street and Drumfrochar 



Open at 

Shut at 


Open at 

Shut at 

8 A.M. 

4 P.M. 

July . 

6 A.M. 

9 P.M. 

7 » 

5 >> 

August . 

6 „ 

8 „ 

6 ,, 

6 „ 


6 „ 

7 „ 

6 ,, 

7 »> 

October . 

7 „ 

6 „ 

6 ,, 

8 ,, 


8 „ 

4 „ 

6 ,, 

9 » 


8 ,, 

4 >, 

Greenock Cemetery. — Entrances — Brachelston Square and head 
of Forsyth Street. 

Summary of bye-laws enacted by Town Council, April, 1891. 
The Gates 
January . 
February . 

Forsyth Street entrance opens half-an-hour later and closes half-an- 
hour earlier. 

No Interments allowed on Sunday unless under special circumstances. 

Price of Ground. 
Classes I to 6 closed. Class 7, £2 2s ; Class 8, £3 ; Class 9, ^3 
ios ; and Class 10, £4, for each lair fully prepared. 
Fees for Titles to Ground. 
A fee of is for original title charged for ground up to ,£20 in value, 
and 2s 6d above that sum. Transfers of titles 2s 6d, and duplicate 
titles is each. 

Fees for Dressing Lairs. 
One shilling per lair per annum for graves in grass, and is 6d for 
graves in dressed ground, irrespective of class. 

Revised Rates on Detached and other Lots. 
On Lots of 15 square yards, . 

,, 20 to 26 square yards, . 

,, 42 to 60 ,, . • 

Detached Lots. 
On Lots of 16 to 25 square yards, . 
25 to 35 
40 to 50 
,, 50 to 60 „ . . 

„ 60 to 70 ,, . . 

70 to 80 
,, 80 to 90 ,, 

,, 90 to IOO ,, 

,, 100 to 110 ,, 

,, 110 to 120 ,, 


175 to 200 
,, 200 to 230 ,, 

,, 230 to 260 ,, 

Commutation of Dressing Lair Charges. 

Proprietors shall have the power to commute the annual charges for 

dressing ground by a fixed payment of 20s per lair for grass, and 30s 

per lair for dressed ground, exclusive of other classes and detached lots 

which may be arranged for on application to the Cemetery Committee. 

Rule 5. 

Proprietors are prohibited interring in their grounds any other than 

members of their own family, without having previously obtained the 







































< onsent of the Committee on the Cemetery, or the Convener thereof, or 
in the event of his absence from town, of the consent of the sitting 
Police Magistrate for the week, which consent any one of the before- 
named parties is authorised to grant. 

New Scale of Interment Fees. 

Classes 1 to 7 — under 12 years, 

6s od Above that age, 

12s od 

Classes 8, 9 and 10 ,, 

. 7s 6d 

15s od 

Other Classes ,, 

. Iis6d ,, 

22s 6d 

Detached Lots ,, 

. 15s od ,, 

30s od 

Extra Fees. 

For every carriage with one horse attending a Funeral, 2s 6d each 
carriage ; if two horses, 4s each carriage. If the number of carriages 
at any one Funeral exceeds ten, no charge to be made for any carriage 

beyond the ten. 


Duncan Street. — Established 1809. 
Sir Michael Robert Shaw Stewart, Bart., President. 

Sir Thomas Sutherland, K.C.M.G., LL.D., M.P., Michael Hugh 
Shaw Stewart, Esq., M.P., The Provost of Greenock, and Robert 
Macfie, Esq., Vice-Presidents. 9 

Directors — Robert Kerr, Chairman ; T. L. Patterson, Deputy- 
Chairman ; John Rodger, Treasurer ; George Williamson, Secretary ; 
the Provost of Port-Glasgow, Messrs John MacOnie, Hugh M. Milloy, 
Louson Walker, T. M. Thorne, James MacLean, A. Campbell Finlay, 
George Ferguson, A. O. Leitch, James Nicoll, Robert Hill, Robert 
Binnie, Robert Allan, Anderson Rodger, MatthewBlake, C. MacCulloch, 
George Macdonald, Peter M'Kellar, James Taylor, and William 
M'Corquodale. The Convener (Councillor Erskine) and Vice-Convener 
(Councillor Calder) of the Public Health Committee, ex officiis. 

Physicians — Drs Philip and Wallace (Fever). 

Surgeons— Drs Laurie and Broadfoot (Consultant). 

Dispensary Surgeons — Drs Cairns and J. H. G. Whiteford. 

House Surgeon— Charles H. Lumsden, M.B., CM. 

Assistant House Surgeon — Duncan M'F. Millar. 

Matron — Miss Tod. Assistant Matron (Fever House), Miss Torrance. 

Friends of Patients are allowed to visit them on Tuesdays, Thurs- 
days, and Fridays, from 2 till 3.30 p.m., and on Sundays from 4 till 5 
p.m. The Dispensary for out patients is open from 12 till I p.m., 
and is closed on Spring and Autumn holidays, New- Year's Day, and 
Friday of Summer Fair. Applicants are required to pay id for each 
prescription, and to come provided with bottles for mixtures, &c. 
Applicants for admission as in-patients are required to present themselves 
for admission at 12.30 for examination by the dispensary attendants. 
They must be provided with Subscribers' tickets. Admission will be 
given only if the applicants be found proper subjects, and there be 
room in the house. Tickets are available only for one year and in the 
place where Subscriber and patient reside. 

(The Ferguson Eye Bequest), Nelson Street. 
Trustees — R. S. M'Morland, Alexander Bain, the Provost and 
two Senior Bailies of the Burgh of Greenock, -and the Chairman, 


Deputy-Chairman, and Secretary of the Greenock Hospital and 

Chairman — The Provost. 

Lady Patronesses — Lady Octavia Shaw Stewart and Mrs Anderson 

Secretary and Treasurer — William Smith, Town Chamberlain. 

Auditor — Hope Stewart Ramsay. 

Ophthalmic Surgeon— N. Gordon Cluckie, M.B., L.F.P.S.G., &c. 

Consulting Physician — Dr W. A. Wilson. 

Consulting Surgeon — Dr Paton. 

Matron — Miss Dansken. 

Patients examined daily (Sundays excepted) at 10.30 a.m. Acci- 
dents and urgent cases received into the wards at any hour. 

Throat, Ear, and Nose Department. — Surgeon — Robert Fullarton, 
M.D. Advice given on Mondays and Thursdays at 9 a.m. 


Board Room and Offices — 36 Nicolson Street. 

poorhouse and asylum — smithston 

• William Allison, Esq., Chairman. 

The Council is sub-divided into small Committees for the despatch of 

Inspector — John S. Deas. 
Treasurer — William Ramage. 
Assistant Inspectors — -Robert P. Fairlie, Thos. Shearer, and Hugh 

Clerks — John Ferguson, Walter E. Pinckney, John Murray, and James 

Collector — Thomas Burton. 
Assistant — William Hendry. 
Auditor — Quintin Bone. 
Janitor — Alex. Stevens. 

Governor of Poorhouse and Asylum — George Bruce. 
Matron of Poorhouse — -Miss Kate Macfarlane. 
Chaplain — D. S. Hendry. 

House Surgeons — James Wallace, M.D., and W. S. Cook. 
District Surgeons — Drs John Macdougall, John Carlyle, and J. C. 

7 Virginia Street. 
Local Marine Board. 

Provost of Greenock (ex officio). Nominees of the Board of Trade — 
John Scott, C.B., Alexander P. Lyle, Edward Wilson, J. P., Malcolm 
M'C. Brown. Elected by the Shipowners — John D. Clink, William 
Hamilton, Thomas Carmichael, Robert Hill, Robert Muir, A. Campbell 

Chairman — John Scott, C.B. Deputy-Chairman — Thomas Car- 
michael. Secretary — R. S. Macalister. 

Mercantile Marine Office — R. S. Macalister, Superintendent, 
Registrar of Royal Naval Reserve, and Superintendent of Lascar 
Transfers ; James Campbell, First Deputy-Superintendent ; Lionel E. 


Lewis, Second Deputy - Superintendent ; Donald Campbell, Angus 
Campbell, and Alexander Richmond, Messengers. 

Examinations of Masters and Mates are held on the second and 
fourth Tuesday in each month — Captain W. H. Barham, Examiner. 

Examinations of Engineers are held on the first Tuesday of each 
month — Thomas Rowley, Examiner. 

Surveyors — Thomas Rowley, Shipwright and Engineer; T. D. Taylor, 
Shipwright ; Peter Gordon and Duncan Wilson, Tapeholders. 

(Incorporated by Royal Charter, 181 3.) 
Reading Room, William Street. 
Directors — William Lamont, Chairman ; A. O. Leitch, Vice- 
Chairman ; F. D. Morrison, R. W. Muir, Anderson Rodger, Thomas 
Borthwick, R. L. Younger, James Agnew, John Lang, C. W. Clink. 
James Glen, and Andrew Stewart. Secretary and Treasurer — William 
Hardie, C.A., 2 Watt Place. 

The Chamber of Commerce and Manufactures of Greenock, at 
General Meetings, held on 25th February, 1876, and 26th November, 
1895, declared the following to be the Custom of the Port of Greenock, 
with reference to the matters referred to, applicable when no special 
stipulations are made in Charter Parties or other binding documents :— 
I.— Entering Cargo. 
I. When a vessel has been reported at the Customs, the Master gives 
notice to the Consignee, and the latter is bound, within forty-eight 
hours after such notice, to enter the cargo at the Customs. 

II.— Berthing Vessel and Delivering Cargo. 

1. Vessels are bound to discharge at the berths assigned by the 
Harbour Master, and Consignees are bound to take delivery of cargo 
from alongside when landed at the quay at said berths. 

2. In the case of Timber discharged into the water, the Consignee 
is not bound to take delivery unless the timber is inside a Harbour 
Basin, so that when the assigned berth is not inside a Harbour Basin, 
the ship is bound to float the timber into a Harbour Basin, and deliver 
it there. 

3. All deals, staves, or broken stowage must be landed on the Quay 
by the ship. 

III. — Time for Discharging when no Number of Lay Days is 
Specified in the Charter Party. 

1. When the vessel is in the berth assigned by the Harbour Master, 
the Master gives notice thereof to the Consignee, and the Master is 
bound to begin delivering, and the Consignee to begin taking delivery 
of the cargo within twenty-four hours thereafter, provided the time 
allowed for entering the cargo shall then have elapsed. 

2. The Master is bound to tender, and the Consignee to receive, 
cargo each working day, weather permitting, at the following rates, 
unless a larger quantity is mutually agreed on, or unless modified by 
the Harbour Master, in virtue of the powers possessed by him under the 
Harbour Bye-Laws., 

5 a 



From 300 


,, 800 

O 500 
, SOO 

,, 1000 
m 1400 
,, 1800 

, I4OO 
, 1800 
, 2200 

Over 2200 
b. (Delete 

d 20th N 

* (a) Sailing Vessels Laden with Sugar. 

Shall have a minimum daily Discharge of 

With Cargo as per Bill of Lading From Feb. 1 to Nov 30 From Dec. to Jan. 31 
of (Inclusive) (Inclusive) 

Tons. Tons. 

70 . . 70 

80 . . 80 

IOO . . IOO 

125 . . I25 

. 150 . . 150 

• 175 ■ • I50 

200 . . 150 

ber, 1888.) 

c. The discharge of vessels laden with other non-dutiable goods to 
be carried on during the ordinary working hours according to 
the season of the year — unless when overtime is worked by 
mutual agreement, and Consignees are bound, weather permitt- 
ing, to keep the discharge going continuously during said hours, 
and to receive and to remove the cargo from the ship's gangway 
in such a way as to enable the work to be carried on without 
interruption throughout the entire discharge to the full extent 
of the ordinary hours allowed for carrying on the work. 
IV.— Lay Days when the Number is Specified. 

1. The Master gives written notice to the Consignee when the vessel 
is in the Discharging Berth assigned by the Harbour Master and ready 
to discharge, and the lay days begin to count from the date on which 
the said notice is given ; but the day of giving notice does not count as 
a lay day unless the said notice is received by the Consignee before 
Twelve o'clock noon. 

2. In case the harbours are so crowded that the vessel cannot be 
berthed, the Master gives written notice to the Consignee when the 
vessel is in the Harbour Basin or moored at the Quays, and, provided 
she would have been ready to begin discharging if the berth had been 
available, such notice takes the place of that provided in the previous 

3. Days (not described as " running days ") meaning working days 
— i.e., Sundays and Customs and local holidays, do not count. 

4. When the number of lay days is specially mentioned for discharg- 
ing, the Master is bound to tender, and the Consignee to take delivery, 
of a proportionate quantity of the cargo each working day, unless some 
other quantity is mutually agreed on. 

Note. — -Should the said proportionate quantity be less than the 
quantity specified above (Section III., Clause 2), the Master is 
bound to tender, and the Consignee to take delivery, of the 
latter quantity each working day. 

5. When the number of lay days for discharging is the unexhausted 
balance of a number specified for discharging and other purposes, the 
quantity to be tendered and taken delivery of each working day is the 
quantity specified above (Section III., Clause 2), unless a larger quantity 
is mutually agreed on. 

6. A day does not count against the Consignee if the discharge is 
interrupted through failure of the Master to tender cargo as above stated. 

■* As amended 20th November, 1888. 


V. — Settlement of Freight. 

1. Freights on wood and timber from ports in Canada and United 
States are payable, one-third in cash on arrival, and the remaining two- 
thirds on right and true delivery of the cargo, in good and approved Bills 
at four months, or in cash less four months' discount at the rate of five 
per cent, per annum, from the date of completion of discharge. 

2. All other Freights, except Coasting and Continental Freights are 
payable on right and true delivery of the cargo in cash, less one month's 
discount at the rate of five per cent, per annum, from date of vessel's 
report at Customs, in cases of cargoes from ports on this side of Cape 
Horn and the Cape of Good Hope, and less two months' discount at the 
said rate in cases of cargoes from ports on the other side of the said Capes. 

3. Freights on goods payable by weight are payable on the net 
weight delivered, unless otherwise specially stipulated, except Coasting 
and Continental Freights, which are payable on the gross weight, unless 
otherwise specially stipulated. Freights payable by measurement are 
payable by calliper measure, unless otherwise specially stipulated. 

4. When Freight is payable by a Bill on Usance on London or in 
cash equal thereto, cash without discount is meant, or a Bill for the 
same amount on London at such a date as the Banks here will grant 
without charge. 

5. Approved Bills means Bankers' Drafts or Acceptances guaranteed 
by a Banker. 

6. When the ship is consigned to charterers or their agents paying 
usual or customary commission, the consignee of the cargo is entitled 
to deduct two-and-a-half per cent, from the amount of Freight payable 
by him. 

Note. — When Freight is to be paid in cash on right and true 
delivery of the cargo, without reference to the custom of the port, net 
cash free from discount is meant. 

VI. — Grain and Similar Cargoes. 

In the case of steam or sailing vessels arriving at the Port of 
Greenock wholly or partially laden with Grain and/or Seeds in bags or 
in bulk, it is, in the absence of any express stipulations to the contrary 
in the Charter Party or Bills of Lading, deemed to be the Custom of the 
Port that— 

(a) The entire cost of discharging the cargo from the holds, and 
delivering same on ship's deck or rail, falls to be borne by the ship. 

(b) In the event of the Consignees requiring Grain in bags to be 
" skipped " or Grain in bulk to be bagged in the hold, all cost of doing 
so falls to be paid by them. 

(c) Should Grain or Seed be raised from the hold by dock side 
cranes, or other shore appliances, and landed direct on verandah or into 
the floors or lofts of sheds or warehouses, or into railway trucks along- 
side ship, the extra cost beyond the "hold to deck rate" falls to be 
borne by Consignees. 

(d) The cost of weighing on ship's deck or ashore falls to be wholly 
paid by the Consignees. 

(e) Grain is deemed to include Wheat, Oats, Maize, Barley, Beans, 
&c, and Seeds to include Cotton, Lin, Castor, Gingelly, and Rape Seeds. 

Note. — I. to V. inclusive were passed on 25th January, 1876. VI. 
was passed on 26th November, 1895. William Hardie, Secretary. 




Held in the Police Court Hall, every lawful day at 10 o'clock. 

Judges— The Provost and Bailies. Assessors— Colin MacCulloch, 

Town Clerk ; Andrew Nimmo, Thomas Wilson, and Thomas D. 

M'Murrich. Prosecutors— Procurator-Fiscal, James Auld, and James 

A. Love. Chief Constable— John W. Angus. 

Licensing Courts for the Burgh are held on the second Tuesday in 
April and the third Tuesday in October. 

Held in the County Buildings, Nelson Street, every Friday at n o'clock 
forenoon during the Session. 
Sheriff— John Cheyne ; Sheriff-Substitute— John Henderson Begg ; 
Honorary Sheriff-Substitutes— Colin S. Caird, W. C. Steele, F. G. 
Bruce, William M'Clure, Edward Wilson, John Black, and Walter 
W. B. Rodger; Clerk— Joseph M'Leod Lochhead ; Depute-Clerk— 
John Brough; in absence of John Brough, John P. Fyfe and William 
Brough ; Procurator-Fiscal— R. T. Blair ; in absence of R. J. Blair, 
W. J. Wright ; Auditor— John Brough ; Shorthand Writer— William 
Mitchell ; Bar Officer— John Smith. 


Held in County Buildings, Nelson Street, every Wednesday at n o'clock. 

Continued cases are disposed of before new ones. 

Sheriff— John Cheyne ; Sheriff- Substitute— John Plenderson Begg ; 

Clerk— Joseph M'Leod Lochhead; Depute-Clerk— John Brough; Bar 

Officer — John Smith. 


Held in the Justices' Court-House, Bank Street. 

Justices of the Peace— Greenock and Vicinity. 

Sir M. R. Shaw Stewart, Bart., Sir Charles Cameron, Bart., M.P.. 

M. H. Shaw Stewart of Carnock, M.P., R. Binnie, R. W. Robertson, 

John R. Craig, R. Grieve, D. M. Latham, H. R. B. Peile, William 

Ross, D. Campbell, W. O. Leitch, C. S. Caird, James Reid, John 

Scott, Edward Wilson, W. W. B. Rodger, Robert Kerr, John Neill, 

A. O. Leitch, Tom Neill, P. T. Caird, John Rodger, J. C. Hart, 

John Anderson, Daniel M'A. Erskine, William Lamont, Joseph D. 

Scott, Hugh W. Walker, Dr Wallace, Duncan M'Gillivray, John 

M'Onie, John S. Nicol, William Steel, and Robert M'Ausland. 

The Sheriff Substitute of Greenock, the Provost and Bailies of Greenock, 

the Chief Magistrate of Gourock, 

the Chairman of each of the Parish Councils, all ex officiis. 

Clerk of Peace— John P. Fyfe. 

Depute-Clerk— R. S. Murray, 

Procurator-Fiscal — William Auld. 

Small Debt Courts held every Thursday at 1 1 forenoon. 

Licensing Courts— Meetings for granting and renewing Publicans' 

Certificates for the Lower Ward of the County are held on the third 


6 9 

Tuesday in April and last Tuesday in October at 12 noon. Applications 
for Licenses must be lodged at least fourteen days previous to the day 
of meeting. Appeal Courts held in May and November. 

Game Licensing Court, last Thursday of July, at II forenoon. 


Held in Renfrew on the first Tuesday of March, May, and August. 

and last Tuesday in October. 


Lord-Lieutenant — Sir M. R. Shaw Stewart, of Greenock and 

Blackhall, Bart. 

Vice-Lieutenant — Lord Blythswood, of Blythswood. 

Alexander, Major-General Sir Claud 

of Ballochmyle, Bart. 
Blantyre, Lord, the Right Hon. 
Buchanan, SirD. C. R. C, K.C.B., 

of Drumpellier and Finlaystone 
Burns, Sir John, of Castle Wemyss, 

Clark, Stewart, Paisley 
Coats, Sir Thomas Glen, Bart. 
Cochrane, the Hon. T. H. A. E., 

Cuninghame, John Charles, of 

Darroch, Duncan, of Gourock 
Dunlop, Henry B., of Arthurlee 
Finlayson, James, of Merchiston 
Gilmour, Allan, of Eaglesham 
Gordon, John, of Aikenhead 
Graham, Allan Graham Barns, of 

Harvey, James Widdrington Shand 

of Castle Semple 


Houstoun, G. Ludovic. 

King, Robert, of Levernholm 
Latham, David Macduff, Gourock 

Macdowall, Henry, of Garthland 
Maxwell, Sir John Stirling, of 

Pollok, Bart. 
Mure, William, of Caldwell 
Pollok, William F., of Upper 

Reid, James, Greenock 
Renshaw, Charles Bine, of 

Barochan, M.P. 
Richardson, David, of Hartfield 
Smith, J. Parker, ofjordanhill, M.P. 
Speirs, Alexander A., of Elderslie 
Spier, Robert Thomas Napier, of 

Stewart, John A. Shaw, London 
Stewart, Michael Hugh Shaw, 

Esq., of Carnock, MP. 

Clerk of Lieutenancy — William M'Clure, Mansion House, Greenock. 

Under the Local Government (Scotland) Act, 1889. 
Elected in 1892. 
Division. I. — East Renfrewshire. 

1. Thornliebank— William Graham Crum, Merchant, The Rouken, 


2. Eastwood — John Denholm, Mains, Giffnock. 

3. Pollokshaws (North-East) — Duncan Watson, Rossendale Road, 


4. Pollokshaws (South-East) — James M'Dougall, Tailor, 125 King 

Street, Pollokshaws. 

5. Pollokshaws (Central)— John Riddoch, Rose Cottage, Kinnishead, 


6. Pollokshaws (West) — Donald M'Farlane, Laundryman, 10 Carmen's 

Drive, Shawlands. 


7. Busby — John Robb, Busby House, Busby. 

8. Mearns— William Mann, shipowner, Bankside, Giffnock. 

9. Eaglesham— Allan Gilmour, Yr. of Eaglesham, Eaglesham House, 


10. Cathcart (East)— Henry E. Gordon, advocate, Aikenhead House, 


11. Cathcart (West)— George Weir, engineer, 18 Millbrae Crescent, 


II.— West Renfrewshire. 

12. Hurlet— Robert King, merchant, 17 Blythswood Square, Glasgow. 

13. Elderslie— Charles Bine Renshaw, of Garvocks, M.P., Barochan, 


14. Paisley — James Cowan, carting contractor, Rosshall, Paisley. 

15. Lin wood— Dugald Alex. M'Tavish, writer, 52 High Street, Johnstone. 

16. Bridge of Weir— Walter M'Laren Fleming, merchant, 21 West 

Nile Street, Glasgow. 

17. Kilbarchan— Patrick Barr, Low Barholm Street, Kilbarchan. 

18. Houston (East)— Alexander Archibald Speirs, of Elderslie, Elderslie 

House, Houston. 

19. Houston (West)— Alexander Marshall Brown, merchant, Gryfe 

Castle, Bridge of Weir. 

20. Bishopton— David Cross, of Ingleston, Bishopton. 

21. Erskine and Inchinnan— Lord Blythswood of Blythswood, Renfrew. 

22. Renfrew — James Parker Smith, of Jordanhill, M.P. by Partick. 

23. Barrhead (First)— William Bowie, farmer, Blackbyres, Barrhead. 

24. Barrhead (Second)— Rubini Alfred Rochester, 184 Cross Arthurlie 

Street, Barrhead. 

25. Barrhead (Third) — Henry Barclay Dunlop of Arthurlie, Barrhead. 

26. Neilston — Alexander Robertson Ferguson, writer, Neilston. 

27. Ouplaymuir — -William Mure, of Caldwell, by Beith. 

28. Lochwinnoch (East)— Peter M'Kinnon Skeoch, Boydstone, Loch- 


29. Lochwinnoch (West) — George Douglas Findlay, East India 

merchant, Glenlora, Lochwinnoch. 

30. Lochwinnoch (North)— Joseph Johnstone, cabinetmaker, Viewfield 

Works, Lochwinnoch. 

31. Inverkip — Sir Michael Robert Shaw Stewart, of Greenock and 

Blackhall, Bart., Ardgowan, Inverkip. 

32. Kilmalcolm (South)- Horatio Renaud Babington Peile, Mansion 

House, Greenock. 

33. Kilmalcolm (East) — Rev. James Murray, Kilmalcolm. 

34. Kilmalcolm (North)— John Fullarton, timber merchant, Thorn- 

wood, Kilmalcolm. 

35. Johnstone (First) — James Finlayson, Junior, thread manufacturer, 

Merchiston, Johnstone. 

36. Johnstone (Second) — Stewart Armour, Johnstone. 

37. Johnstone (Third) — Wm;. Shanks, engineer, Bankhouse, Johnstone. 

38. Johnstone (Fourth)— John Baird Stirling, writer, Johnstone. 

39. Gourock (Central)— James Ritchie, feuar, Western House, Albert 

Road, Gourock. 

40. Gourock (East) — William Chalmers, house factor, 27 Cove Road, 




41. Gourock (West) — Robert Binnie, merchant, Ashford, 54 Albert 

Road, Gourock. 
Elected by the Town Council of the Burgh of Renfrew. 

42. Daniel Wright, Town Councillor of Renfrew. 

43. John Gumming, Town Councillor of Renfrew. 

Convener — Sir M. R. Shaw Stewart, Bart. 
Vice-Convener — Robert King. 
County Clerk — James Caldwell, County Buildings, Paisley. 


The Right Hon. Lord Blantyre 
Sir M. R. Shaw Stewart, Bart., of 

Greenock and Blackhall 
The Right Hon. Lord Blythswood, 

of Blythswood 
The Sheriff of the County 
Sheriff-Substitute at Greenock 
SirD. C. R. C. Buchanan of Drum- 

D. Darroch of Gourock, B.A. 
James Arbuckle, Grey Place 
David Cross, of Ingleston 
James Anderson of Highholm 
Robert Macfie of Langhouse 
Sir John Burns of Castle Wemyss 
C. BineRenshaw of Garvocks, M.P. 

H. R. B. Peile, Factor, Inverkip 
John Birkmyre, Manufacturer, 

Michael Hugh Shaw Stewart, of 

Carnock, M.P. 
Thomas Bollen Seath, Sunnyoaks, 

Geo. Haldane, Kempock, Gourock 
James Fleming, jun., of Newlands- 

field, Kilmory, Skelmorlie 
John Wallace, Feuar, Gourock 
Alexander Stephen, of Kelly, 

Wemyss Bay 
The Provost of Greenock 
The Provost of Port-Glasgow 
The Senior Magistrate, Gourock 

James Caldwell, Clerk of Supply, Paisley. 


The Sheriff of the County 
Sheriff-Substitute at Greenock 

Sir M. R. Shaw Stewart, Bart. 
R. G. Sommerville, Merchant 
Robert Binnie, Merchant 

Colin S. Caird, Shipowner 
John Fullarton, Thornwood, Kil- 
Dugald Shankland, Shipowner 
A. M. Fleming, Merchant 

M. F. Dunlop, Clerk ; George Murray, Assistant Clerk. 

John Alexander, Assessor. 

Alexander M'Dougall, M.A., Surveyor, Customhouse Buildings. 

Chief Constable of Renfrewshire— Charles Harding, Paisley. 
Lower W T ard Inspector— Charles Bremner, County Buildings, Nelson 

Street. Residence, 11 Bath Street, Gourock. 
Sergeant Peter Matthews, County Buildings. House, 9 Watt Street. 

Office-Bearers — 1896. 

Dean of Faculty— James Auld ; Vice-Dean— J. W. Crawford. 
Treasurer and Fiscal— William Auld ; Secretary— William Stronach 
Auditor— W. A. Thorn. 



Council to act along with Office-Bearers — R. S. Walker, John 
Cameron, A. Shearer, J. A. Brown, J. A. Love, and A. D. Murray. 


Those marked (*) are Notaries Public. The years are those in which 
admitted Procurators. 

*Anderson, John, Port-Glasgow . 

Andrew, Alexander, 17 Hamilton Street 
*Auld, James, Post Office Buildings (east side) 
*Auld, William, 27 West Burn Street . 
*Black, George H., B.L., 13 Hamilton Street 
*Black, John, 13 Hamilton Street 

Blair, Andrew M., 17 West Blackhall Street 

Blair, Robert James, Sheriff Court Buildings 
*Boyd, W. D., 37 Hamilton Street 

Brown John A., Post Office Buildings (east side) 
*Cameron, John, 13 Hamilton Street . 
*Clerk, Duncan, Clyde Buildings, 2 Argyle Street 
^Crawford, J. W. , 26 Hamilton Street . 

Dunlop, Malcom Fraser, 2 Church Place 
*Ferguson, Archibald D., 13 William Street. 

Frame, James, Post Office Buildings (east side) 
*Fyfe, John Paton, 4 Argyle Street 
*Glen, James, Bank Buildings, 13 William Street 
*Hood, John, Port-Glasgow .... 

Jacobs, Thomas R., 17 West Blackhall Street 

Kerr, George, Port-Glasgow 
*Love, James A., 2 Hamilton Street 
*Maclelland, Daniel Ritchie, Port-Glasgow . 

M'Clure, John, Mansion House, I Ardgowan Square 
*M'Clure, William, Mansion House, I Ardgowan Square 
*MacCulloch, Colin, Town Clerk, Municipal Buildings 
*Macdonald, George, 26 Hamilton Street 
*Macdougall, Alexander James, 30 West Burn Street 
*Macdougall, John, 30 West Burn Street 
*Macgregor, John, B. L., 28 Hamilton Street, 
*Marquis, James, 18 Hamilton Street . 
*Millar, James, 18 Hamilton Street, 
*Morrison, Finlay Daniel, 32 Cathcart Street 
*Murray, A. D., 14 Hamilton Street 
^Murray, George, 2 Church Place 
*Murray, Robert S., 4 Argyle Street 

Niven, Archibald, 37 Hamilton Street 
*Orkney, Robert, 2 Argyle Street 
* Patten, John, W.S., 18 Kilblain Street 

Paul, Matthew J., Port-Glasgow 
*Prentice, A. R.j 18 Kilblain Street 
*Shearer, Alexander, 18 Plamilton Street 
*Shearer, Robert B., M.A., LL.B., 1 Bank Street 

Stronach, William, 25 West Burn Street 
*Thom, W. A., 13 Hamilton Street 
*Turner, James W, 17 West Blackhall Street 

they w« 



Walker, R. Steuart, 1 1 William Street .... 1881 

* Williamson, George, Municipal Buildings, Wallace Place . 1837 

'* Wright, W. J., 27 West Burn Street 1890 

Agents for the Poor for the next Twelve Months. 
Greenock district — Messrs W. D. Boyd, Archibald Niven, Andrew 
M. Blair, William G. H. Gunion, and Alexander Andrew. Port- 
Glasgow district — Mr George Kerr. 











(For Addresses see General Directory. ) 
figures opposite the name denote the year in which they were 

Black, John Robert, M.B., 1892 Marshall, C. W., M.B., CM. 
1878 M 'Callum, Peter, L. F. P. S. G. 


Broadfoot,Wm.,M.D., CM. 
Cairns, William, M.B., CM. 
Calder, Marcus, L.R.C.P. 

and S. 
Carlyle, John, M.B., CM. 
Cluckie, Neven Gordon, 

M.B., L.F.P.S., Oph- 
thalmic Surgeon. 
Cook, William S., B.Sc, 

M.B., CM. 
Douglas, John Cameron, 

M.B., L.R.C.S. 
Galloway, Allan, M.D., CM. 
Gilchrist, Eliz. T., L.R.C.P. 

& S., L.F.P.S. 
Hunter, Andrew Craig, 

L.R.C.P. &S., L.F.P.S. 
Laurie, James, M.B., CM. 
Marshall, Wm. Johnstone, 

M.D., L.R.C.S. 

John, M.D., 

1863 M'Dougall 

1870 Paton, James. M.D., CM 
1882 Philip, Thomas, M.B 
1 863 ' Robertson, J ohn 

M.D., CM. 
1891 Russell, David, M.B. 
1885 Seright, Wm., M 



, CM. 

1893 Walker William, L.R.C 

P. & S., L.F.P.S. 
1850 Wallace, James, M.D., 

L.R.C.S., F.F.P.S. 
1858 Whiteford, James, M.D., 

1891 Whiteford, James, H. G., 

B.A., M.B., CM. 
1863 Wilson, William Aitchison, 
M.D., CM., F.F.P.S. 


Danish Vice-Consul — M. M'C. Brown, 13 Hamilton Street. 
Dutch Consular Agents — Lietke & Co., Palmerston Buildings. 
French Consular Agent — John Davie, 63 Rue-end Street. 
German Consulate — Lietke & Co., Palmerston Buildings. 
^Paraguayan Vice-Consul— James Auld, Post Office Buildings, East side. 
Portuguese Vice-Consulate— Office, 43 Renfield Street, Glasgow. 
Russian Consular Agents — Lietke & Co., Palmerston Buildings. 
Swedish and Norwegian Vice-Consul — Malcolm M'C. Brown 

Hamilton Street. 

United States Consular Agent— James A. Love, 2 Hamilton Street. 
Lloyds' Agents for Greenock and Port-Glasgow— T. O. Hunter & Co., 

13 Hamilton Street. 
Agents for London and Liverpool Underwriters' Association — T. O. 

Hunter & Co., 13 Hamilton Street. 
Agents for London Salvage Association — T. O. Hunter & Co., 13 

Hamilton Street. 




Headquarters, Greenock. 

Consisting of One 40-Pounder Battery of Position and Five 
Companies of Garrison Artillery. Stations: — Greenock, Port-Glasgow, 
Helensburgh, and Dumbarton. 

Honorary Colonel-John Scott, C.B., V.D., 14th May, 1892, 

Lieutenant-Colonel — R. Duncan, 23rd May, 1894, Port-Glasgow. 

Major— F. G. Gemmill, 16th June, 1894, Helensburgh. 

Captains — Charles C. Scott, 14th September, 1889, Greenock ; 
A. F. Garvie, 14th September, 1889, Dumbarton ; William Campbell, 
26th July, 1890, Port-Glasgow; Alexander Roberts, 13th June, 1891, 
Dumbarton; William C. Wallace, 9th July, 1892, Port-Glasgow; John 
M'Farlane, 7th July, 1894, Helensburgh. 

Lieutenants — Archibald J. M'L. Petrie, 4th February, 1893, 
Dumbarton ; John Rogerson, 25th November, 1893 5 J- Gourlie, 19th 
December, 1894, Helensburgh ; J. H. Fowler, 5th February, 1 896, 
Greenock ; John Birkmyre, 4th April, 1896, Port-Glasgow. 

Quarter Master — James M 'Gilchrist, 4th April, 1896, Dumbarton. 

Adjutant — D. Percival Lea-Birch, Captain R.A., 15th August, 1893. 

Medical Officers— W.A.Wilson, M.D.,V.D., Surgeon Lieut. -Colonel, 
1st February, 1889, Greenock; W. R. Sewell, M.D., Surgeon Captain, 
9th May, 1885, Helensburgh; W. A. M'Lachlan, M.D., Surgeon 
Captain, 17th November, 1888, Dumbarton. 

Veterinary Officer— A. A. Macfarlane, M.R.C.V.S., ist February, 
1890, Greenock. 

Honorary Chaplains— Rev. William Bell, V.D., 28th May, 1868, 
Port-Glasgow ; Rev. J. Baird, B.D., V.D., 5th March, 1869, Helens- 

Acting Chaplains — Rev. J. Smith, 8th December, 1888, Dumbarton ; 
Rev. Robert Barclay, 4th December, 1895, Greenock. 

Honorary Colonel (retired) — William Anderson, V.D. 

Honorary Lieut. -Colonel (retired) — John Fullarton. 

Honorary Majors (retired) — R. S. Scott, T. J. F. Messer, R. 
Thome, H. R. Walker. 

Staff (Headquarters) — Lieutenant-Colonel Duncan, Major Gemmill, 
Captain and Adjutant Lea-Birch, Quarter Master Sergeant-Major 



Headquarters— Fort-Matilda, Greenock. Drill Hall— 164 Bath Street, 


Honorary Commandant — Brigadier General Sir Donald Matheson, 
K.C.B., 6 Park Terrace, Glasgow. 

Officer Commanding— Major W. W. B. Rodger, Bagatelle, Greenock. 

Captains — A. R. Miller, 28 Lilybank Gardens, Glasgow; D. F. D. 
Neill, Glenfield, Greenock ; H. B. Collins, Garscaddens, New Kilpatrick. 

Lieutentants — N. Macleod, I Woodland Terrace, Glasgow ; R. C. 
Cochran, 7 Crown Circus, Dowanhill, Glasgow ; D. B. Anderson, iS 
Park Circus, Glasgow. 


Second Lieutenants — David Laidlaw, Auchinvole, Parkhall, Dalmuir, 
Glasgow ; A. Anderson, 18 Park Circus, Glasgow ; B. H. Baird, 
Auchebowie, Bannockburn. 

Medical Officers — Surgeon Captain James Whiteford, M.D., 
L.R.C.S., 6 Forsyth Street, Greenock; Surgeon Lieutenant J. H. 
G. Whiteford, M.B., io Eldon Street, Greenock. 

Chaplain— Rev. T. F. Johnstone, M.A., 34 Eldon Street, Greenock. 

Adjutant— Captain Thomas Davis, R.E., Fort-Matilda, Greenock. 




Headquarters, Greenock. 

Honorary Colonel — Sir Michael R. Shaw Stewart, Bart., V.D. 

Lieutenant-Colonel — William Lamont, V.D., hon. col. 

Majors — John Stewart, V.D., hon. lieut.-col.; and James Tannahill, 
V.D., hon. lieut.-col. 

Captains— J. K. Stewart, V.D., hon. major; J. T. Wilson, V.D., 
hon. major ; Abram Lyle, jun., V.D. , hon. major ; W. U. Park, V.D., 
hon. major; R. P. Lyle. hon. major; R. W. Livingston, V.D., hon. 
major; J. M'lsaac, I.M., V.D., hon. major; A. T. Paton, T- H. Hill, 
P. Forfar. 

Lieutenants— E. Wilson, R. F. Blair, J. H. Shankland, M. 
Buchanan, A. Morrison, W. A. Fisher. W. R. MTntyre. 

Second Lieutenants — Charles Tripland Taylor, D. S. Harvey, J. 
Carse, H. D. Glen, Wm. Gilchrist Prentice. 

Adjutant — Captain D. S. Stewart, Northumberland Fusiliers. 

Instructor of Musketry — Captain and Hon. Major J. M'Isaac, V.D. 

Hon. Quarter-master — Captain A. J. Paton. 

Surgeon Captain— T. Philip, M.B., CM. Lieut. Surgeons— J. 
B. Barr, M.B. ; A. Leitch, M.D. 

Acting Chaplains— H. Macmillan, D.D., LL.D., &c; W. W. 
Beveridge, A. Milne. 

Staff (Headquarters) — Lieut-col. Lamont, Majors John Stewart and 
Tannahill, Captain and Adjutant Stewart, Sgt. -major Wright, Sergeant- 
Instructor Blunden, and Sergeant-Instructor Wight. 

The Corps comprises 6 Companies at Greenock, 1 Company at Port- 
Glasgow, 1 Company at Gourock, and I Company at Rothesay. 
Uniform, scarlet — Facings, yellow. 


General Carriers to and from all parts of Scotland, England, and the 

Chief Offices — 302 Buchanan Street, Glasgow. 

James Thompson, General Manager. John. Blackburn, Secretary. 

Stations in Greenock. 

Bogston (Passenger and Goods), Port-Glasgow Road — John Car- 
michael, Stationmaster ; John Montgomerie, Goods Superintendent. 

Cartsdyke (Passenger), Macdougall Street, off East Hamilton Street 
— Alexander Anderson, jun., Stationmaster. 

Cathcart Street (Passenger) — Thomas Ritson, Superintendent. 


■Greenock West (Passenger), Inverkip and Newton Streets — Thos. 
Telfer, Stationmaster. 

Greenock West (Goods and Mineral) — John Montgomerie, Superin- 

Fort Matilda (Passenger), west end of Newark Street — Andrew 
Johnstone, Stationmaster. 

Upper Greenock (Passenger), on Wemyss Bay line, top of Lynedoch 
Street ; (Goods) Drumfrochar Road — James Purdon, Stationmaster. 

Principal Goods Station, 4 Regent Street — John Montgomerie, 
Superintendent. Office — Railway Cottage, Bogle Street. 

Parcel Office, Cathcart Street Station. Parcel Receiving Office at 
J. W. Black's, 17 West Blackhall Street. 


Through communication with all parts of Scotland and England. 

Head Office, St. Enoch Station, Glasgow — ■ General Manager, 
David Cooper; Secretary, F. H. Gillies; Goods Manager, Henry Evans ; 
Superintendent of Line — C. E. Cockburn ; Accountant, Peter 
Campbell ; Engineer, William Melville ; Assistant Solicitor, J. A. 
Mackenzie, Glasgow ; Chief of Audit, William Brown, Glasgow ; 
Telegraph Superintendent, James Reid, Glasgow ; Factor, William 
Hutchieson, Glasgow ; Marine Superintendent, Captain A. Williamson, 
Greenock ; Locomotive Superintendent, James Manson, Kilmarnock. 
Stations in Greenock. 

Lynedoch (Passenger), top of Dellingburn Street — Millar Fisher, 

Princes Pier (Passenger), Brougham Street — Peter Kerr, Station- 

Goods Stations — Albert Harbour, James Watt. Dock, Inchgreen, 
and Lynedoch Street — James Shearer, Superintendent. Office, 18 
Brougham Street. 

Parcel Offices — Princes Pier and Lynedoch Street Stations. 

Parcel Receiving Office at W. H. Mitchell's, 9 Hamilton Street. 

North British Railway Company — In connection with the Glasgow 
& South-Western Railway — all places in the North, East, and South of 
Scotland ; and to all places in England and Wales. Offices, Albert 
Harbour Station, Lynedoch Street Station, and Inchgreen Station. 
Agent, Wm. Chisholm. Carting Agents, Cowan & Co. 

Directors 1896. 
John MacOnie, Chairman. 
Robert Kerr. D. J. Dunlop. 

D. M. Erskine. John King. 

Secretary — Louson Walker, C.A, 33 Cathcart Street. 
Cars run at regular intervals between Port-Glasgow, Greenock, 
Gourock, and Ashton. 

Glasgow and Greenock — Lachlan Robertson, 1 Manse Lane ; 
Glasgow address — Turner's Court, 87 Argyle Street. 

Glasgow, Greenock, and Gourock — John Robertson, 3 Trafalgar 



Street, Greenock, and at John Plant's, 3 Hamilton Street ; Glasgow 
addresses — 46 Miller Street, 43 Virginia Street, 62 and 90 Argyle 

Gourock, Greenock, and Glasgow (Goods and Parcels) — James 
Mains and John Taylor, both daily. 

Inverkip, by Road (Goods and Parcels) — Robert M'Farlane, 
Tuesdays and Fridays, and oftener during the summer. 

Port-Glasgow, by Road — William Macrae and N. M. Campbell 
arrive and depart daily. 

(Weather and other circumstances permitting.) 

Antwerp — Steamer sails every Monday from Glasgow, calling at 
Greenock, as trade requires — Allan Swan, Customhouse Buildings,, 

Ardrishaig and Lochfyne — Royal Mail Steamer Columba, Grenadier,, 
or other steamer, with passengers only, daily (Sunday excepted) about 
8.50 a.m., from Customhouse Quay, calling at Princes Pier, Gourock,, 
Kirn, Dunoon, Innellan, Rothesay, Colintraive, Tighnabruaich, Tarbert, 
and Ardrishaig. Returning from Ardrishaig about I p.m. Royal Mail! 
Steamer Iona during Summer Season from Customhouse Quay about 
3.15 p.m., and Fingal or other steamer, with goods and pass- 
engers, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from Customhouse 
Quay, touching at same piers and others, and returning from Inveraray 
every Thursday and Saturday, Ardrishaig every Tuesday, Thursday,, 
and Saturday — Wm. Lindsay & Co., agents. 

Ardrishaig, Crinan Canal, Sound of Mull, Strontian (Loch Sunart),. 
Ballachulish Slate Quarries, and places in the North, as may be: 
arranged — S.S. Handa, or other steamer, every Monday, about 6 p.m.,, 
from Customhouse Quay — Wm. Lindsay & Co., agents. 

Arran (Brodick and Lamlash), calling at Gourock and other piers, 
on the Firth — Daily during summer season from Princes Pier, saloon 
steamer Ivanhoe, via Kyles of Bute ; and from Customhouse Quay 
and Princes Pier, s.s. Isle of Arran, via Kilchattan Bay. Goods only 
s.s. Bute every Tuesday. 

Arran, North End (see Campbeltown). 

Arrochar (see Lochlong). 

Ayr and Girvan — Goods steamer Loch Etive every Monday and 
Thursday at 6 p.m. (Girvan, Thursdays only) from West Quay — Hugh 
Lamont, agent. 

Ballina — Elm, Daisy, or other steamer of Laird Line, every alternate 
Saturday, from Customhouse Quay, about 4 p.m. — Alex. A. Laird & Co. 

Belfast — Daily (Sunday excepted) from Princes Pier at 9.45 p.m. 
Royal Mail Steam Packets Alligator, Dromedary, Gorilla, or other 
steamer, with mails and passengers. Cargo steamer daily from East. 
India Wharf about 8 p.m. — Wm. Sinclair, Excise Buildings, agent. 

Belfast— See also Bristol and Plymouth. 

Birkenhead — See Liverpool. 

Boston— Allan Line Steamers from Tail of the Bank regularly— 
Andrew Picken & Co., agents. 

Bristol— Swansea, Cardiff and Newport {via Belfast) with goods and 
passengers from Princes Pier not before 7 p.m. The s.s. Tweed,. 


Medway, Avon, Solway, Ettrick, and Severn, sails for Bristol every 
Monday and Thursday — Cardiff every Friday — Newport every alternate 
Friday — Swansea (cargo) every Friday, all via Belfast — D. Macdougall, 
1 Cross-shore Street, agent. 

Brodick — See Arran. 

Campbeltown — Calling at Gourock, Lochranza, Pirn Mill (Arran), 
and Carradale — daily (Sunday excepted) from Customhouse Quay, and 
Princes Pier about 9 a.m., during summer months, and 10 a.m. in winter. 
Royal Mail steamer Davaar, Kinloch, or Kintyre — Peter M'Callum, 

Campbeltown and Stranraer steamers — Argyll and Wigtown Steam- 
ship Co., Ltd. — calling at Lochranza, Pirnmill, Machrie Bay, and 
Blackwaterfoot — from Customhouse Quay on Wednesdays and Fridays 
at 9 a.m. — James Little & Co., agents. 

Cardiff— See Bristol. 

Coast — Goods steamer Bute sails about 8 a.m. every Tuesday, 
Thursday, and Saturday, for Hunter's Quay, Dunoon, Innellan, 
Toward, Rothesay, Largs, Millport, and Kilchattan Bay ; Tuesdays to 
Brodick and Lamlash — Hugh M'Cormick, agent. 

Coleraine (with liberty to call at Portrush) — s.s. Gardenia, or other 
steamer of Laird Line, from Customhouse Quay every Monday and 
Thursday at 6 p.m.— Alex. A. Laird & Co. 

Cork — From West Quay every Tuesday at 6 p.m., and from Glasgow 
every Saturday only at 2 p.m. — s.s. Aranmore, Rathlin, Skerryvore, 
Toward, Lizard, Dungeness, Sanda, Tuskar, &c. — Clyde Shipping 
Company, Ltd., Customhouse Buildings, Greenock — Allan Swan, agent. 

Craigendoran — Steamer Lady Clare sails frequently from Custom- 
house Quay and Princes Pier in connection with N.B. Railway; for 
hours see company's time tables. 

Dover — From West Quay every Thursday at 6 p.m., via Waterford, 
Southampton, and Newhaven — Clyde Shipping Co.'s steamer. — Allan 
Swan, agent. 

Dublin — Duke Line — From Customhouse Quay about 7.30 p.m. — 
The Dublin and Glasgow Steam Packet Company's s.s. Duke of Fife, 
Duke of Gordon, Duke of Leinster, Duke of Argyll, or other steamer, 
nine times in the fortnight— every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday ; 
and every alternate Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday — James Little & 
Co., Excise Buildings, agents. 

Dublin — Olive, Shamrock, Holly, or other steamer of Laird Line, 
sails every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, from Customhouse Quay 
about 7.20 p.m. — Alex. A. Laird & Co., Customhouse Quay. 

Dumbarton Steamers — s.s. Lochfyne sails with goods from West 
Quay every Tuesday at 10 a.m. — Hugh Lamont, agent. 

Dunoon, Kirn, &c. , &c. — Passenger steamers frequently during 
summer season, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. on Saturdays. 
Goods only s.s. Bute every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 
Customhouse Quay. 

Drummore, Port William, Isle of Whithorn, and any other ports 
that may be agreed upon — s.s. Gannet, Rona, Merlin, or Pelican — 
Glasgow and Greenock Shipping Co., Customhouse Quay. 

Eigg (weather permitting) — Every Thursday from Customhouse Quay 
about 6 pm. Royal Mail s.s. Claymore — Wm. Lindsay & Co., agents. 



Fort-William and places in the North, as may be arranged — s.s. 
Handa every Monday evening— Wm. Lindsay & Co., agents. 

Fort-William, Oban, Bonaw, Ballachulish, and other West Highland 
Ports — s.s. Lochnell, or Loch Etive, sails at 7 p.m. every Tuesday — 
Hugh Lamont, West Quay, agent. 

Garelochhead — Calling at Helensburgh, Row, Rosneath, Clynder, 
and other piers on the Gareloch — steamer Elaine or other steamer from 
Customhouse Quay and Princes Pier frequently during summer season 
from 7.45 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Ghent and Terneuzon — s.s. Ptarmigan and Dosserel sail as trade 
requires from Greenock — Allan Swan, Customhouse, agent. 

Glasgow — Passenger steamers frequently during summer. Luggage 
steamers and lighters of Glasgow and Greenock Shipping Co. daily 
from east end of Customhouse Quay. 

Gothenburg and Christiania — "Napier Line of Steamers," from 
Glasgow, calling at Greenock — T. O. Hunter & Co., agents. 

Gourock — Passenger steamers frequently during summer season. 

Highlands and Western Islands, namely — Colonsay, Iona, Bunessan, 
Tiree, Carbost, Struan, Glendale, Colbost, Dunvegan, Stein, Uig, 
Tarbert, Obbe, Lochmaddy, Kallin, Carnan, Skipport, Lochboisdale, 
Barra — Steamer, Dunara Castle, every Thursday, from West Quay at 
7 p.m. — D. M'Cormick, agent, Customhouse Quay. 

Highlands and Western Islands — Steamer Hebridean, for Port- 
askaig, Colonsay, Oban, Tobermory, Coll, Tiree, Carbost, Colbost, 
Dunvegan, Loch Eport, Scotvin, Carnan, Skipport, Lochboisdale, 
Barra, and any other ports that may be agreed upon, every Monday about 
6 p.m. — Wm. Miller, Customhouse Quay, agent. 

Highlands and Western Isles— See also Ardrishaig, Eigg, Fort- 
William, Inveraray, Inverness, Islay, Lochgoilhead, Lochfyne, Oban, 
Salen, Stornoway, and Ullapool. 

Inveraray— Steamer Lord of the Isles sails every morning (except 
Sunday) during summer months, calling at Gourock, Dunoon, Rothesay, 
and other intermediate piers ; returning from Inveraray about 2 p.m. 

Inverness and Fort-William, calling at Craignish, Luing, Easdale, 
Oban, Aird's Pier(Appin), Ballachulish Pier, Onich Pier, Ardgour Pier 
(Corran), Corpach, Banavie, Gairlochy, Laggan, Cullochy, Fort 
Augustus, Invermorriston, Inverfarigaig, and Temple Pier — Every 
Monday and Thursday from Customhouse Quay about 5 p.m. — s.s. 
Cavalier and Ethel— Wm. Lindsay & Co., agents. 

Islay —Daily (via Tarbert), passengers only. R.M.S. Columba or 
Grenadier from Customhouse Quay about 8.50 a.m., Princes Pier at 9 
a.m., to East Tarbert, and swift steamer from West Tarbert to Port 
Ellen, every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday ; to Portaskaig 
every Monday and Thursday— Wm. Lindsay & Co., agents. 

Islay and Jura— Every Monday and Thursday at 4 p.m. from 
Customhouse Quay with goods and passengers— s.s. Islay or other 
steamer ; Monday, to Port Ellen and Port Charlotte ; Thursday, Port 
Ellen, Portaskaig, and Jura— William Lindsay & Co., agents. 

Isle of Man— Tynewald, Peveril, Fenella, or other steamer, sails 
on Wednesdays from Customhouse Quay and Princes Pier about 1 1 a.m. 
— Wm. Lindsay & Co., agents. 

Isle of Whithorn — See Drummore. 


Kilcreggan, Cove, Blairmore, Strone, Ardnadam, Kilmun — 
Steamers frequently during summer season, from Customhouse Quay 
and Princes Pier. 

Lamlash — See Arran. 

Larne— s.s. Lamprey or Grouse sails from East India Wharf every 
Wednesday and Saturday about 8 p.m. —William Sinclair, Excise 
Buildings, agent. 

Limerick direct— Every Monday from West Quay at 9 p.m. per 
steamer of Clyde Shipping Company— Allan Swan, agent. 

Liverpool— Burns Line — Mastiff. Pointer, and Glanmire, twice 
weekly, from Customhouse Quay — William Sinclair, Excise Buildings, 

Liverpool — (calling at Birkenhead when sufficient inducement offers), 
Princess Royal, Princess Louise, or other steamer, thrice fortnightly — 
D. Macreadie, agent, 3 Brymner Street. 

Liverpool— (also to Birkenhead and intermediate ports when 
sufficient inducement offers) Fire Queen or Fire King every Wednesday 
and Saturday from West Quay— D. Macdougall, agent. 

Liverpool — Maclver's Line— Owl and Bear, thrice fortnightly, from 
East India Wharf— J. & J. Denholm, agents. 

Lochgoilhead, calling at Kilcreggan, Cove, Blairmore, Arden- 
tinny, Carrick Castle, &c. — Daily (Sunday excepted) from Customhouse 
Quay and Princes Pier, returning from Lochgoilhead in the afternoon — 
Royal Mail s.s. Edinburgh Castle and Windsor Castle — Donald 
M'Cormick, agent. 

Lochfyne —See Ardrishaig and Inveraray. 

Lochfyne Steamer — Minard Castle, for Kirn, Dunoon, Kyles of 
of Bute, Skipness, Tarbert, Ardrishaig, and Inveraray, every Tues- 
day, Thursday, and Saturday from West Quay about 9 a.m. — D. 
M'Cormick, Customhouse Quay, agent. 

Lochlong and Lochlomond — Saloon steamer daily (with passengers 
only) from May till October, for Dunoon, Kirn, Blairmore, Ardentinny, 
and Arrochar, and returning from Arrochar in connection with the 
Lochlomond steamers. 

London — Every Monday via Belfast and Southampton ; and every 
Thursday at 9 p.m. and Saturday 6 p.m. direct ; also every Friday 
via Belfast and Plymouth, per steamer of Clyde Shipping Co., from West 
Quay — Allan Swan, Customhouse Buildings, agent. 

Londonderry — Daily (Sunday excepted) from Customhouse Quay 
about 7.30 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, Royal Mail 
s.s. Thistle, Cedar, Azalea, or other steamer of Laird Line ; and 
every Wednesday and Saturday, Royal Mail s.s. Hare, Mastiff, or other 
steamer of Burns' Line. 

Milford (county Donegal) via Portrush and Londonderry — s.s. 
Melmore or Rossgull every Thursday from West Quay about 8. 30 p.m. — 
Hugh Lamont, agent. 

Newhaven (Sussex) — Every Thursday (passengers only) at 6 p.m., 
via Waterford and Southampton. Every Friday, via Belfast and 
Plymouth, 6 p.m. Clyde Shipping Co. 's steamer — Allan Swan, agent. 
New York — Anchor Line American Mail Packet every Thursday 
from the Tail-of-the-Bank. The City of Rome sails once a month from 
the James Watt Dock— James Little & Co. , agents. 


New York — Allan and State Line steamers regularly from the Tail- 
of-the-Bank — Andrew Picken & Co., agents. 

Oban, via Mull of Kintyre— Every Monday and Thursday from 
Customhouse Quay about 6 p.m. Royal Mail s.s. Clansman and 
Claymore — Wm. Lindsay & Co., agents. 

Oban--See also Highlands and Western Isles. 

Philadelphia — Allan Line steamers from Tail-of-the-Bank regularly 
— Andrew Picken & Co., agents. 

Plymouth — Monday at 7.30 p.m., via Waterford, andFridayat6p.m., 
via Belfast. Steamer of Clyde Shipping Co. from West Quay — Allan 
Swan, Customhouse Buildings, agent. 

Port-Glasgow— Daily, luggage steamers and lighters of Glasgow and 
Greenock Shipping Co. 

Portree — See Stornoway. 

Portrush — -Laird Line — Special daylight sailings during summer 
season. See Coleraine, also Milford. 

Port William — See Drummore. 

Quebec — Allan Liners sail from the Tail-of-the-Bank weekly — 
Andrew Picken & Co., agents. 

Rothesay, calling at Gourock, Kirn, Dunoon, Innellan, &c. — 
frequently from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturdays 9 p.m. during summer 
season, from Customhouse Quay and Princes Pier, s.s. Columba, Lord 
of the Isles, Ivanhoe, &c. Passengers only. 

Rothesay, Innellan, Dunoon, and Kirn — Goods only, s.s. Bute, 
every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday — Hugh M'Cormick, Custom- 
house Quay, agent. 

Runcorn — See Manchester. 

Salen, Loch Sunart and Strontian, via Oban, every Monday at 6 
p.m., Clansman or other steamer — William Lindsay & Co., agents. 

Sligo — Azalea, or other steamer of Laird Line, from Customhouse 
Quay every Wednesday about 5 p.m. and Saturday at 4 p.m. — Alex. 
A. Laird & Co. 

Southampton — Every Monday evening, via Belfast, and Thursday 
evening, via Waterford, at 6 p.m., Clyde Shipping Company's steamer 
from West Quay — -Allan Swan, Customhouse Buildings, agent. 

Stornoway, calling at Oban, Tobermory, and Portree, and, weather 
permitting, at Craignure, Lochaline, Salen, Armadale, Isle of Ornsay, 
Glenelg, Balmacara, Kyleakin, Broadford, Raasay, and other places 
agreed upon, every Monday and Thursday at 6 p.m., from Customhouse 
Quay, R.M.S. Clansman, Claymore, and Clydesdale— W. Lindsay & Co., 

Swansea — See Bristol. 

Tarbert (Lochfyne) — See Ardrishaig and Lochfyne. 

Tighnabruaich (Kyles of Bute), calling at various piers on the Firth 
— Royal Mail Steamer Columba at 8.45 a.m. ; Ivanhoe and other 
steamers during summer season. 

Tobermory — See Stornoway. 

Ullapool and Lochinver — every Monday from Customhouse Quay about 
6 p.m., per MacBrayne's Highland Steamers— W. Lindsay & Co., agents. 

Waterford— Every Monday at 7.30 p.m. and Thursday 6 p.m. 
direct, Clyde Shipping Co. 's steamer from West Quay— Allan Swan, 



West Highlands — See Highlands, &c. 

Westport, — Every alternate Tuesday from Customhouse Quay — 
Elm, Gardenia, Fern, or other steamer of Laird Line. 


City of Glasgow Towing Company— A. & W. M'Kinnon. Offices — 
74 Broomielaw, Glasgow, and Palmerston Buildings, Greenock. Tugs 
— Champion and Monarch. 

Clyde Shipping Company, Ltd. — Allan Swan, manager, Customhouse 
Buildings, Greenock. Offices in Glasgow, Dublin, Cardiff, and Queens- 
town. Tug Steamers — Hercules, Flying Buzzard, Flying Coot, Flying 
Witch, Flying Wizard, Flying Serpent, Flying Swallow, Flying Fish, 
Flying Fox, Flying Huntress, Flying Irishman, Flying Phantom, 
Flying Scotsman, Flying Sportsman, Flying Cormorant, Flying Elf, 
Flying Sprite, Flying Eagle, Flying Vulture, Flying Dutchman, Flying 
Spindrift, and Flying Mist. Telegraphic Address—" Cumbrae." 

Glasgow and Greenock Shipping Company — 86 Broomielaw, Glas- 
gow, and Customhouse Quay, Greenock. Tugs — Neptune, Admiral, 
Vanguard, Hotspur, and Lord Derby; and in Londonderry — Samson, 
Albatross, and Osprey (twin-screw). 

Greenock Towing Company: — Park & M'Kellar, 8 Brymner Street, 
Greenock, and I Robertson Street, Glasgow. Tugs — Defiance, Daunt- 
less, and Commodore. 


Bank Holidays in Scotland — New-Year's Day, Good Friday, the first 
Monday of May, the first Monday of August, and Christmas Day. On 
local holidays the offices are open from g to 10.30 a.m. ; Bills due must 
be paid on these days. 

Bills due on Christmas Day, Good Friday, and any day appointed 
by Royal Proclamation as a Public Fast are due the previous day. On 
other statutory holidays they are due on the succeeding day. 

BANK OF SCOTLAND— 47 Cathcart Street. 
Open from 10 o'clock forenoon till 3 afternoon. Shut at 12 on 
Saturdays. Draws on Bank of Scotland, Lothbury, London ; 
and the following banks in England, Wales, and Isle of Man /—Bank of 
England ; London and County Banking Co. ; National Provincial Bank 
of England ; Manchester and Liverpool District Bank ; Burton, 
Uttoxeter, and Ashbourn Union Bank; Sheffield Union Bank; 
Mercantile Bank of Lancashire, Ltd. ; Bradford Old Bank, Ltd. ; 
Halifax Joint Stock Bank, Ltd. ; Carlisle City and District Banking 
Co. ; Cumberland Union Banking Co. ; Huddersfield Banking Co. ; 
Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank, Ltd. ; Manchester and County Bank ; 
Stamford, Spalding, and Boston Banking Co. ; Birmingham District 
and Counties Banking Co. ; Woods & Co. ; Samuel Smith & Co. ; 
and Isle of Man Banking Co. : in Ireland — Bank of Ireland ; Provincial 
Bank of Ireland ; and Royal Bank of Ireland : and in Scotland— on the 
Branches of the Royal Bank, British Linen Co. Bank, Commercial 
Bank, National Bank, Union Bank, Clydesdale Bank, Caledonian Bank, 
North of Scotland Bank, Town and County Bank, in towns where the 


Bank of Scotland has no branch. The Bank of Scotland also issues 
drafts and letters of credit on Bank of British North America, New- 
York, and branches ; on Canadian Bank of Commerce, Toronto, and 
Branches; Bank of Africa ; Standard Bank of South Africa (Limited) ; 
on Bank of Australasia, in Australia and New Zealand ; on Bank of 
New Zealand ; and National Bank of New Zealand, and on the Branches 
of Mercantile Bank of India (Limited). Bank of Scotland also grants 
Foreign Credits and Marginal Bills, furnishes Circular Notes, free of 
charge, for the use of travellers and others, payable in all the principal 
towns on the Continent of Europe, and elsewhere throughout the 
world ; and negotiates Bills on all the principal towns in British and 
Foreign parts. 

Agent — P. Macdonald ; Accountant— P. G. Brown ; Teller — D. 
M'Pherson; Clerks — J. J. W. Gilmour, A. MacArthur, S. T. Hutchieson, 
and William Morrison. 

BRITISH LINEN COMPANY— 13 William Street. 
Open from 10 o'clock forenoon till 3 afternoon. Shuts at 12 on 
Sa;urdays. Draws on British Linen Co. Bank, 41 Lombard Street, 
London, E.C., and the following Banks in England, Wales, and Isle of 
Man: — Smith, Payne, & Smiths, I Lombard Street, London, E.C. ; 
Bank of England. London and Branches; J. Backhouse & Co., 
Darlington; Birmingham, District and Counties Banking Co., Limited; 
Bradford Banking Co., Limited; Brighton Union Bank (Messrs 
Barclay, Bevan, & Co. ; Capital and Counties Bank, Limited ; Carlisle 
and Cumberland Bank, Limited ; Cornish Bank, Limited ; Glamorgan- 
shire Banking Co., Limited; Halifax Joint-Stock Bank, Limited; 
Huddersfield Banking Co., Limited; Lacons, Youell & Co. (Yar- 
mouth, Norfolk, and Suffolk Bank) ; Lancaster Banking Co., Limited; 
Leyland and Bullins, Liverpool ; London and County Bank, Limited ; 
London and South- Western Banking Co., Limited; Manchester and 
Liverpool District Banking Co., Limited; Manx Bank, Limited; 
Metropolitan Bank of England & Wales, Limited ; J. Mortlock & Co., 
Limited, Cambridge ; National Provincial Bank of England, Limited ; 
North-Eastern Banking Co., Limited ; Oxford Old Bank (Messrs Parsons, 
Thomson, & Co. ); Prescott, Dimsdale, Cave, Tugwell, & Co., Limited 
(Bristol Old Bank) ; Sheffield and Rotherham Joint Stock Banking Co., 
Limited ; Samuel Smith & Co. , Derby ; Samuel Smith & Co. , Nottingham ; 
Samuel Smith, Brothers, & Co., Hull; Stamford, Spalding, and Boston 
Banking Co., Limited; Stuckey's Banking Co., Limited (Somersetshire 
Bank) ; Bank of Whitehaven, Limited ; Yorkshire Banking Co., Limited ; 
and on all the principal towns of Britain. Correspondents in Ireland — The 
Bank of Ireland and Branches, and the Ulster Bank, Limited, and 
Branches. Colonial and Foreign Correspondents— India, China, &c. — 
Mercantile Bank of India (Limited), Chartered Bank of India, 
Australia, and China, and National Bank of India, Limited. Australia — 
English, Scottish and Australian Bank Limited ; Commercial Bank 
of Australia, Limited; Bank of Australasia, Queensland National 
Bank (Limited), and Bank of Adelaide. New Zealand, &c. — 
Bank of New Zealand and National Bank of New Zealand, Limited ; 
Africa— Standard Bank of South Africa, Limited ; Bank of Africa, 
Limited ; and National Bank of Orange Free State, Limited. North 


America— Bank of British Columbia; Bank of Montreal ; Bank of Nova 
Scotia ; and James G. King & Sons, New York; Cuyler Morgan & 
Co., New York, and Correspondents. South America — London and 
Brazilian Bank, Limited. Issues Circular Notes for travelling on 
the Continent. 

Agent — James Glen; Accountant — James Frier; Teller — Alexander 
Archibald ; Clerks— Robert Allison, John P. Letham, William Graham, 
and Robert B. Muir. 


Open from 10 o'clock forenoon till 3 afternoon. Shuts at 12 on 
Saturdays. Draws on Branch, 30 Lombard Street, London; North of 
Scotland Bank and Branches; Caledonian Bank and Branches; 
National Provincial Bank of England and Branches; Manchester and 
Liverpool District Bank, Limited, and Branches ; Union Bank of 
Manchester, Limited, and Branches ; Union Bank of Liverpool ; York 
City and Counting Banking Co., Ltd.; London and Midland Bank ; 
Huddersfield Banking Co. ; Lambton&Co., Newcastle, and Branches ; 
Carlisle City and District Bank ; Lancaster Bank and Branches ; 
Yorkshire Bank and Branches; Gurneys & Co., Norwich, and 
Branches ; Coventry Union Bank ; Moore and Robinson, Bankers, 
Nottingham ; County of Gloucester Bank, Cheltenham, and Branches ; 
Halifax Joint-Stock Bank ; National Bank in Ireland and Branches ; 
Belfast Banking Company and Branches ; Ulster Bank and Branches ; 
Bank of British North America ; Merchants' Bank of Canada and 
Branches, New York, Halifax, St. John's, New Brunswick, and San 
Francisco ; Union Bank of Australia and Branches. 

Agent — John Rodger ; Accountant — John Taylor ; Teller — Daniel 
Paterson ; Clerks — John Broadfoot, Peter R. Bruce, Victor J. Moodie, 
and Matthew M. Ramsay. 

Rue-End Street. 
Open from 10 o'clock forenoon till 3 afternoon. Shuts at 12 on 
Saturdays. Draws on Banks, and has correspondents same as West 
End Branch. 

Agent — W. Bruce ; Accountant — W. T. Goldie ; Clerk — Thomas 
P. Williamson. 


36 Cathcart Street. 

Open 10 a.m. till 3 p.m.; Saturdays, 10 till 12. 

Head Office, Edinburgh, George Street. 

London Office, 62 Lombard Street, E.C. 

Established in 18 10, and incorporated by Royal Charter and Act of 

Parliament. London Bankers ; The Bank of England ; London and 

Westminster Bank, Limited ; Messrs Coutts & Co. Negotiates Bills on 

every place in Great Britain or Ireland where there is a Bank or Banker ; 

Issues Circular Notes negotiable in all parts of the world ; grants 

Drafts and Letters of Credit on the principal cities and towns of 

England, Ireland, and Canada ; and on New York and Paris ; 

grants Drafts and Letters of Credil and negotiates Bills on 


India, Australia, and New Zealand, and is agent for the following 
establishments, viz. : — The North of Scotland Bank, Limited ; National 
Provincial Bank of England, Limited ; London and Midland Bank ; 
Bradford Banking Co., Limited; Carlisle City and District Bank, 
Limited ; Halifax Joint-Stock Bank, Limited ; West Riding Union 
Bank, Limited; Beckett & Co., Leicestershire Banking Co., Limited ; 
Bank of Liverpool, Limited, Commercial Bank Branch; Williams, 
Deacon, and Manchester and Salford Bank, Limited ; Manchester 
and Liverpool District Bank, Limited ; Parr's Banking Co., and 
Alliance Bank, Limited ; Messrs Lambton & Co. ; Messrs T- & J. C. 
Wright, Nottingham; Sheffield Banking Co., Limited; York Union 
Bank ; Wakefield and Barnsley Union Bank, Limited ; Capital and 
Counties Bank, Limited ; Munster and Leinster Bank ; National Bank, 
Limited ; Northern Banking Co. ; Royal Bank of Ireland, Limited ; 
Messrs Boyle & Co., Dublin ; Hibernian Bank ; Dumbell's Banking Co., 
Isle of Man ; James G. King & Sons, New York ; Messrs Rothschild 
Brothers, Paris ; the Commercial Banking Co. of Sydney, New 
South Wales ; the Union Bank of Australia ; Natal Bank ; the 
Chartered Bank of India, Australia, and China ; Bank of British North 
America, and Standard Bank of South Africa ; Bank of Montreal ; 
London and River Plate Bank, Limited; Binney & Co., Madras. 

Agent — James Tannahill : Accountant — George Dick ; Teller — 
George Weatherhead ; Clerks— A. Murray, D. Bruce, J. Wilson, 
and R. Haughton ; Messenger — Alexander Anderson : house above the 


West-End Branch— 15 West Blackhall Street. 

Open from 10 o'clock forenoon till 3 afternoon. 10 till 12 on 

Saturdays. Draws on London and Westminster Bank; Coutts & Co., 

London, and negotiates Bills on every place in Great Britain and Ireland 

where there is a Bank or Banker. 

Agent— James Tannahill ; Accountant— George Gordon ; Clerk- 
John H. Ballantine ; Porter— J. Peacock. 

29 Cathcart Street. 
Open from 10 o'clock forenoon till 3 afternoon. Shuts at 12 on 
Saturdays. Draws on Glyn, Mills & Co. ; Coutts & Co. ; National 
Bank of Scotland, Limited, 37 Nicholas Lane, London ; The 
Bank of England ; Union Bank of London ; North of Scotland 
Bank ; Belfast Banking Co. ; Ulster Banking Co. and Provincial 
Bank of Ireland ; National Bank of Ireland ; Munster and Leinster 
Bank ; Lloyd's Bank, Ltd. ; Parr's Banking Company, and Alliance Bank, 
Ltd., and Branches; Nottingham Joint-Stock Bank; Devon and Cornwall 
Bank ; London and County Bank ; Lancaster Bank ; London and 
Provincial Bank ; Oldham Joint-Stock Bank ; Delhi and London Bank ; 
National Provincial Bank of England ; Manchester and Liverpool District 
Banking Co., Dumbell's Banking Co., Limited ; Yorkshire Banking 
Co. and their Branches ; Union Bank of Australia, in Australia, Van 
Diemen's Land, and New Zealand, and Bank of Victoria, Australia, and 


Branches ; Bank of New Zealand and Branches ; Bank of British North 
America and Branches ; Standard Bank of South Africa and Branches ; 
Agra Bank ; Canadian Bank of Commerce ; Brown Brothers & Co., New 
York, Boston and Philadelphia ; National Bank of New Zealand ; 
English, Scottish, and Australian Bank ; Bank of Australasia 
and Branches ; Ashton, Staleybridge, Hyde and Glossop Bank ; 
Bank of Bolton and Branches ; Bank of Liverpool ; Metropolitan 
Bank of England & Wales Limited ; Birmingham District^ and 
Counties Bank ; Bradford Commercial Banking Co. ; William 
Williams, Brown & Co., Leeds; Carlisle and Cumberland Bank; 
Cumberland Union Bank ; Derby and Derbyshire Bank ; Gurneys& Co., 
Norwich and branches ; Halifax and Huddersfield Union Bank ; Capital 
and Counties Bank ; London and Yorkshire Bank ; Manchester and 
County Bank ; North and South Wales Bank ; Sheffield and Hallamshire 
Bank ; Whitehaven Joint-Stock Bank ; Wilts and Dorset Bank ; Woods 
& Co., Newcastle-on-Tyne ; Hodgkin, Barnett & Co. ; Lancashire and 
Yorkshire Bank ; Northamptonshire Union Bank ; Wakefield and 
Barnsley Union Bank ; Chartered Bank of India, Australia, and 
China and Branches ; Bank of Montreal ; Bank of Nova Scotia ; 
Alexander Brown & Sons, Baltimore ; Mercantile Bank of India, 
London, and China ; Commercial Bank of Australia, Limited ; 
and Bank of British Columbia ; American Exchange National Bank, 
Chicago. Issues Circular Notes for travelling on the Continent, and 
negotiates Bills on all principal towns in Foreign and British parts. 

Agent— J. Campbell Hart ; Accountant— Wm. N. A. Aitken ; 
Teller— Duncan Campbell; Clerks— James D. Neill, James Smith, 
Wm. A. Dickson, George Edward Graham, and Alexander D. S. 

ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND— 38 Cathcart Street. 

Open from 10 o'clock forenoon till 3 afternoon. Shuts at 12 noon 
on Saturdays. Draws on Royal Bank of Scotland, and Coutts & Co., 
London ; Bank of England and Branches ; the National Provincial 
Bank's Branches ; London and County Bank's Branches ; Manchester 
and Liverpool District Banking Co ; Lambton & Co. ; Cumberland 
Union Bank, Limited ; Williams & Co. ; Foster & Co. ; Lancaster 
Banking Co. ; Woods &. Co. ; Bradford Banking Co. ; Halifax and 
Huddersfield Union Banking Co. ; Lloyd's Bank Limited ; Sheffield and 
Rotherham Joint Stock Banking Co., Limited ; Carlisle and Cumberland 
Banking Co., Ltd. ; Leatham Tew & Co. ; Bolitho Williams & Co. ; 
Aberdeen Town and County Bank ; Bank of Scotland ; British Linen Co. 
Bank ; Commercial Bank of Scotland ; National BankofScotland ; Union 
Bank of Scotland, and Clydesdale Bank, in towns where the Royal Bank 
has no agencies ; Bank of Ireland and Branches ; Belfast Banking 
Co. and Branches ; also, on the Bank of New South Wales ; Australian 
Joint-Stock Bank Limited ; National Bank of New Zealand, Limited ; 
Union Bank of Australia, Limited; Standard Bank of South Africa, Ltd.; 
Mercantile Bank of India, Limited ; Bank of British North America, 
Bank of Nova Scotia, &c. 

Agent — D. M. Latham ; Accountant — John Love ; Teller — J. 
W. Love ; Clerks— George Bruce, J. W. Arthur, and James Macfarlane. 


ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND— 9 West Blackhall Street. 

West End Branch — Open from 10 o'clock forenoon till 3 o'clock 
afternoon. Shuts at 12 noon on Saturdays. Draws on Banks same as 
Cathcart Street Branch. 

Agent — Alexander Tait ; Accountant — John M. Maitland ; Clerk 
— James G. Prentice. 

1 Hamilton Street. 

Open from 10 o'clock forenoon till 3 afternoon. Shuts at 12 noon 
on Saturdays. Draws on Union Bank of Scotland, London ; Bank of 
England ; Glyn & Co., London ; Provincial Bank of Ireland ; Belfast 
Banking Co. ; Manchester and Liverpool District Bank, Limited ; 
Manchester and Salford Bank ; Lambton & Co. ; Sheffield Banking 
Co. ; National Provincial Bank of England, Limited ; Yorkshire 
Banking Co., Limited; Whitehaven Joint-Stock Bank; Carlisle City 
and District Bank, Limited ; County of Stafford Bank, Wolverhampton; 
Moore and Robinson, Limited, Nottingham; Beckett & Co., Leeds; 
Huddersfield Banking Co. ; Cumberland Union Banking Co., Limited ; 
Paget & Co. ; Worcester City and County Bank, Limited ; North of 
Scotland Bank ; North-Eastern Bank, Limited ; De Rothschilds 
Freres, Paris; J. G. King & Sons, New York ; Union Bank of 
Australia; Bank of Montreal ; Bank of Australasia ; Standard Bank of 
British South Africa, &c, &c. Negotiates bills on all towns in Great 
Britain and Ireland where there is a banker. Is also agent for the 
Bank of Bolton, Limited ; Cheque Bank, Limited, London ; the Con- 
solidated Bank, Limited, Manchester ; Halifax and Huddersfield Union 
Bank ; Lancaster Banking Co ; North-Western Bank, Limited, Liver- 
pool ; Exchange and Discount Bank, Limited, Leeds ; Craven Bank, 
Limited ; Alliance Bank, Limited, London ; Derby Commercial 
Banking Co., Limited ; Ransom & Co. ; National Bank ; Union Bank 
of Birmingham, Limited ; Wakefield and Barnsley Union Bank ; 
Munroe & Co., Paris. Also issues drafts on certain branches of the 
Bank of Scotland, British Linen Co. Bank, Clydesdale Bank, Limited, 
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited, and National Bank of Scot- 
land, Limited, and Royal Bank of Scotland. 

Agent — F. G. Bruce ; Accountant — George Jenkins ; Teller — 
David Aitken ; Clerks — John Fisher and Charles Thomson. Porter — 
Edward Fairman : house, 2 Church Place. 

London Office, 62 Cornhill, E.C. — John A. Fradgley, Manager. 

Head Office, Glasgow — Robert Blyth, C.A., F.F.A., General Manager. 

David Scott Fergusson, Cashier. James Goodall, Secretary. 

Instituted 1815. 

Open from 10 a.m. till 3 p.m.; (Saturdays from 10 a.m. till 12 
noon) ; and on the evenings of Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, 
from half-past 6 till 8 o'clock. 

Committee of Management for the current year — Sir Thomas 
Sutherland, K.C.M.G., LL.D., M.P., President; John Denholm, 
Esq., Chairman. 

Committee — Tom Neill, John Lang, John Anderson, William 



Lamont, Robert W. Muir, John M'Onie, James Fleming, Alexander 
Ferguson, jr., Alexander Gray, John A. Brown, Arthur Caird, 
Robert Rennie, C. Gordon Cowan, and Thomas Borthwick. 

Cashier — John Adams; Accountant — George Dempster; Clerks — 
John Adams, jun., William Holmes, Angus Macaskill, and James 
Campbell; Auditors— Hardie& Allan; Secretaries— W. W. & J. M'Clure. 


The Presbytery of Greenock meets in the Hall of the East Parish 
Church, Antigua Street on the last Tuesday of February, March, April, 
June, September, and November. 

Greenock — 


Middle . 







Wellpark . 
Kilmalcolm . 
Langbank . 
Largs . 
Newark (Port 

Glasgow) . 
Skelmorlie . 

Archibald Grierson, M.A. 
William Ferguson, M.A. 
Arthur Allan, M.A. . 

Robert Barclay, M.A. 

David Smith Peters, M.A. 

T. R. Thomson, M.A. 

Archibald Fullarton . 

David C. Macmichael, B.D. 

Alexander E. Shand, M.A. 

J. F. Macpherson, B.D. 

Thomas Kay .... 

William Wilson 

Alexander Milne 

Alexander Macquisten, D.D. 

James Murray, M.A. 

J. Knox Brown .... 

John Keith, B.D. 

Thomas H. Graham, M.A. 

John Reid, A.M. 

John Lamond, B.D. . 

Chapels xvithin the Bounds of the Presbytery of Greenock 

Augustine, . . Charles Christie, M.A. 

Newark Parish ) Ayr „ il-ii 

-\/r- • r-l, t- [ M. Husjhill .... 

Mission Church \ & 

St. Paul's . . Thomas F. Johnstone, M.A. 

Presbytery Clerk— Rev. John Keith, B.D., Larg 

Presbytery Officer — Robert M 'Walter, 5 Antigua Street, Greenock 








WEST OR OLD PARISH, Nelson Street (West). 
Minister — Rev. Robert Barclay, M.A., 54 Forsyth Street ; Assistants 
— Rev. James Thomson, B.D., 21 Brisbane Street, and Rev. D. G. 
Hamilton, M.A., 19 Newton Street ; Session Clerk — John Jamieson, 
? Cathcart Street ; Church Management Committee, Chairman — Alex. 
Bremner, F.E.I.S. ; Organist and Choirmaster — Rees a Becket Evans ; 
Church Officer- -William Crawford, 4 Nelson Street (West). 


Boundaries (Including North Parish quoad sacra and South 
Parish quoad sacra). 

From the Old Dock running up Vennel, taking the west side 
thereof to Cowgate, up said street, taking the west side thereof to 
Market Street, round the westmost corner of Market Street, along the 
police boundary to Bogle Street, to John Gray's stores, running up 
Bogle Street, taking the west side thereof to Mrs Fairlie's property 
inclusive, running along west part of Regent Street to Lynedoch Street, 
up said street, taking the west side thereof to Reservoir, round south 
side of Reservoir to the westmost extremity thereof, from thence 
running southwards, crossing Drumfrochar Road to Whinhill, including 
all the streets and the country district west and south of police 

Sunday Services— 1 1 a.m., 12.45 P- m - (f° r children), 2.15 p.m., and 
7 p.m. 

Sunday Schools meet at 5.30 p.m. Congregational in Hall, 
Nelson Street and Ardgowan Street. Superintendent — R. B. 
Shearer, M.A. , LL.B. Mission Schools — In Session-House (Robert 
M'Jannet, superintendent) ; in Ann Street Public School (W. Pater- 
son, superintendent). 

NORTH PARISH (OLD WEST KIRK), 2 Nicolson Street. 

Church built, 1591. Restored, 1864. Minister — Rev. A. E. Shand, 
M.A., I Ardgowan Street (West) ; Session Clerk — Robert Mathieson, 
28 Nicolson Street ; Treasurer — Peter M'Lellan ; Organist — Peter Scott; 
Church Officer — John Rowan. 

Boundaries — From foot of Vennel up west side of Hamilton Street ; 
westward along Hamilton and West Blackhall Streets, north side of 
Patrick Street, down Patrick Street, east side, to the river, thence 
■eastward again to the foot of the Vennel. 


Minister — Rev. D. S. Peters, M.A. ; Assistant Minister — Rev. J. 
M'Kechnie, 5 Caddlehill Terrace ; Organist and Conductor of Choir — 
Mr D. M. Middleton ; Session Clerk— John Lang, 37 Kelly Street ; 
Treasurer, Robert Dixon, Post Office Buildings ; Church Officer — 
Robert Brown, 15 Bearhope Street. Sabbath Schools meet at 5.30 p.m. 

Boundaries. — From the westmost corner of Market Street, along the 
police boundary line to Bogle Street, taking John Gray's stores, down 
Bogle Street, west side thereof to Rue-end Street, taking south side 
thereof to Cathcart Street, running down said street to shore, along the 
:shore to foot of Low Vennel, up low and high parts of Vennel, taking 
-east side of said street to Cowgate Street, up the east side thereof to 
the point first described. 


Minister —Rev. T. R. Thomson, 29A Finnart Street ; Session Clerk- 
John Tucker. 

Treasurer— John Smith, 1 Nelson Street (West) ; Organist-Thomson 
Scott ; Church Officer — Robert M 'Walter, 5 Antigua Street. 

Boundaries. — From Shore up Cathcart Street, taking east side 
thereof to Rue-end Street, along Rue-end Street to Bogle Street, up 


Bogle Street, taking east side thereof to Regent Street, up Regent 
Street, taking south side thereof to Lynedoch Street, up Lynedoch 
Street, taking south side thereof, across Drumfrochar Road, taking in 
Berry-yards and Berrymount to the boundary line, along the boundary 
line to the Parishes of Kilmalcolm and Port-Glasgow, down Devol's 
Burn to the waterfall, thence down Kilmalcolm Road and the Cartsburn 
to the foot of John Street, down Cartsburn Street, taking west side 
thereof to the shore, along the shore to the point first described. 

In connection with this church there is a society called the Greenock 
East Parish Society, the funds of which are devoted to religious pur- 
poses, and under whose auspices the Church Library is open every 
Wednesday evening from 7 to 8. 

Sabbath School in Church Hall at 5.30 p.m. Savings Bank on 
Monday evening at 7. 30. 

The Guild Fellowship Association meets every Sabbath at 10 a.m. 
Band of Hope on Friday evenings at 7.30. The Minister's Bible Class 
on Sabbath at 7 p.m. There is also a Dorcas Society managed by 
ladies of the congregation. 

CARTSBURN PARISH CHURCH— Upper Crescent Street. 

Minister — Rev. Archibald Fullarton, Clinton Villa, 1 1 Caddlehill 
Terrace ; Treasurer — John Aitken, 2 Carwood Street ; Session Clerk — 
William Johnstone, I St. Andrew Street ; Organist — William Dennis, 
22 Royal Street, Gourock ; Church Officer — John Strawbridge, 20 
Crescent Street. 

Boundaries. — From the point where the Cartsburn flows into the 
River Clyde, following up the course of the burn (including the east 
side of Cartsburn Street) till near the Chemical Works, then running in 
a south-easterly direction to meet the boundary line between the estates 
of Greenock and Cartsburn, then turning in a north-easterly direction, 
following the course of the said boundary line to the point where 
Cappielow water flows into the river, then turning in a westerly direction, 
and running along the margin of the river to the point first described. 

GAELIC PARISH CHURCH— West Burn and West Stewart 

Minister— Rev. David C. Macmichael, B.D., 19 Caddlehill Street ; 
Session Clerk — Archd. Campbell, 3 Holmscroft Street ; Treasurer — 
Alex. M'Donald, 10 Hill Street ; Clerk to the Trustees— William H. 
Morrison, 19 Newton Street ; Superintendents of Sabbath Schools — 
William H. Morrison, 19 Newton Street, and Archibald M'Neil, 
6 Mount Pleasant Street ; Church Officer — John Dewar, 5 West Stewart 

Sabbath Services — n a.m. (Gaelic in the Church, English in the 
Hall) and 2.15 p.m., English in the Church. 

Sabbath School in Church Hall, and in Victoria Hall, East Blackhall 
Street, at 5.30 p.m. 

Mission Service (Gaelic and English alternately) in Victoria Hall 

at 7 p.m. 


Minister — Rev. John F. Macpherson, B.D., 46 Margaret Street; 
Parish Assistant — Rev. Peter Adam, B.D., 39 Bank Street ; 


Session Clerk— William B. Ingram, 2 Wellington Street ; Treasurer — 
James L. Gilloran, 10 West Blackhall Street ; Organist and Choir- 
master — John B. M'Ewen, M.A., A.R.A.M., 14 Lyle Street ; Church 
Officer— William Stewart, 30 Wellington Street. 

Sunday Services -II a.m., 2.15 p.m., and 7 p.m. 

Sunday School — Duncan Orr, 12 Brisbane Street, Superintendent. 

The Church Officer attends in the Session House every Friday and 
Saturday evening, from 7 to 9 o'clock, for the purpose of receiving 
names for Proclamation of Banns. 

Boundaries. — From the corner of Bruce Street, along Roxburgh 
Street, taking south side thereof, up Bank Street, taking west side 
thereof, along Lyle Street, taking south side thereof, up Lynedoch 
Street, taking west side thereof, along Drumfrochar Road, taking north 
side thereof, to a point in a line with Bruce Street, thence down Bruce 
Street, taking east side thereof, to the corner of Roxburgh Street. 


Minister — Rev. William Wilson, 17 Finnart Street ; Precentor — J. 
Eaglesham ; Session Clerk — Thomas Noble, 20 Bank Street ; Treasurer 
— Thomas Gilmour, 78 Dempster Street; Secretary of Managers — 
James Ferguson, 80 Dempster Street ; Church Officer — Samuel Sloan, 
13 Mearns Street. 

Sabbath Services — II a.m. and 2.15 p.m. 

Sabbath Schools at 5.30, in hall of church and in hall, 7 Prospecthill 

Boundaries. — From a point in Bank Street a little above Mid 
Parish Church up to Lyle Street, down north side of Lyle Street to 
Lynedoch Street, down Lynedoch Street, taking west side thereof, 
along Regent Street, down Bogle Street, along said street to a point 
from which it extends westwards along the south boundary of the Mid 
Parish Church to the point in Bank Street first mentioned. 


Minister — Rev. Thomas Kay, 2 Moffat Street ; Session Clerk and 
Treasurer — F. L. Wrede, 25 Bentinck Street ; Precentor — W. Love, 93 
Belville Street ; Church Officer — Thomas Hughes, 85^ Belville Street. 

Boundaries.— That part of the East Parish of Greenock com- 
mencing where the Ladyburn joins the Clyde, thence along the low 
water mark of the shore of Clyde upwards until it comes in a line with 
the north or north-eastern shore of Inchgreen at low water mark, and 
along said shore at low water mark and onward up the river in a line to 
a point in the centre of Devol's Glen burn, where it joins the Clyde at 
low water mark, thence up the centre of said burn till it reaches the 
waterfall therein, and thence in a straight line westward till it reaches 
the Kilmalcolm Road to the south-west of Knocknair farmhouse, thence 
along said road until it reaches the Cartsburn Parish, and thence along 
the boundary of said Parish eastward until it reaches the point first 

Services on Sabbath at 1 1 a.m. and 2.15 p.m. 

Sabbath School at 5.30 p.m. 

9 2 



Minister — Rev. Charles Christie, M.A., 43 Regent Street ; 
Precentor — John Elder; Treasurer — Robert Patrick, 33 Regent Street; 
Clerk to Managers and Elders — Andrew Sillars, 27 Belville Street ; 
Treasurer to Endowment Fund — John Macfarlane, 31 Roxburgh Street; 
Church Officer — Robert Jones, 12 East William Street (at Church). 

Services on Sunday at II a.m. and 2.15 p.m.; monthly, during 
winter, 6.30 p.m. 

Bible Class Guild on Sundays at 3.30 p.m. 

Sunday School meets in the Hall of Church at 5.30. John Byers, 
16 St. Lawrence Street, Superintendent. 

Prayer Meeting on Wednesdays at S p.m. 

ST. PAUL'S CHURCH— Newark Street. 

Minister — Rev. Thomas Francis Johnstone, M.A. ; Chairman of 
Managers and Treasurer — Colin S. Caird ; Secretary — William M'Clure, 
jun. , Mansionhouse, I Ardgowan Square; Organist and Choir-master — 
W. F. Hoeck ; Church Officer — James Duthie, 17 Bentinck Street. 

Service on Sunday at 1 1 a.m. and 7 p.m. ; Sunday School at 2.30 
p.m. A. J. Paton, 38 Eldon Street, Secretary and Treasurer. 

Meets usually on the last Wednesday of every alternate month in 
the Presbytery Hall, Free St Thomas' Church, at 1 1 a.m. 





Alexander Walker, M.A. . 

. 1856 

( R. R. Caldwell .... 
JR. M. Stewart, M.A. 
( (Colleague and Successor) 

. 1845 




David Purves, M.A. . 

. l88l 

Greenock — 

Middle . 

Matthew P. Johnstone 

. 1869 


Hugh Macmillan, D.D., LL.D. . 

• 1859 

St. Andrew's 

David S. Adam, B.D. 

. 1886 

Martyrs' . 

Andrew Symington . 

. 1864 


John Campbell .... 

• 1885 

Mount Park 

Alexander D. Grant . 

• 1883 

1 William Laughton, D. D . 

• 1839 

St. Thomas' 

< Wm. Lewis Robertson, M.A. 

( (Colleague and Successor) . * 

. 1888 

Wellpark . 

Matthew Reid, B.D. 

• 1873 


R. C. Strang, M.A. . 

. 1882 

Free North 

David Boyd . 

. 1864 


James Bannerman, M.A. . 

. 1885 

Kilmalcolm . 

Thomas Gregory, M.A. 

. 1884 

Port-Glasgow — 


William Bell, M.A. . 

■ 1863 

Newark . 

Alexander Baird . 

. 1869 


John N. Russell, B.A. 

. 1868 

Matthew Reid, B.D., Wellpark Manse, Greenock, Presbytery Clerk. 



FREE WEST CHURCH— Ardgowan Street (West.) 
Minister— Rev. Hugh Macmillan, D.D., LL.D., F.R.S.E. ; Session 

Clerk — William Neilson ; Clerk to Deacons' Court — Matthew Neilson ;. 

Treasurer to the Congregation — Hugh William Walker ; Treasurer to 

the Sustentation Fund — D. M'Gillivray ; Treasurer for Foreign Missions 

— James Auld ; Organist — Mrs E. S. Scott ; Church Officer — Michael 

Thomson, 19 Brisbane Street. 

Mission Services are carried on at hall, Prospecthill Street, on 

Sabbaths at 2.30 and 7.15 p.m. ; and on Thursdays at 8 p.m. ;. 

Sabbath School at 5.30 p.m. 


Minister — Rev. M. P. Johnstone ; Leader of Psalmody — J. G. 
Mackail; Session Clerk— Robert M'Auslan; Clerk of Deacons' Court — 
James A. Love ; Treasurer to the Congregation, John Rodger ; Treasurer 
to Sustentation Fund, John W. Love ; Treasurer to Foreign Missions, 
John M'Meikan ; Treasurer to District Mission, William Smith ; Church 
Officer — Andrew MacKellar, 10 Jamaica Street. 

Congregational Sabbath School and Intermediate Bible Classes 
meet at 5.30 p.m. 

Mission in the Arcade Hall, Cathcart Street, Mr William Morrin, 

Evangelistic meetings on Sabbath at 2.15 and 7.15 p.m., and on 
Thursday evening at 8 o'clock; Mission Sabbath School and Bible 
Classes meet at 5.30 p.m. 


Ministers — Rev. William Laughton, D.D., and Rev. William 
Lewis Robertson, M.A. ; Session Clerk — John Wilson ; Clerk to. 
Deacons' Court — John Peden, jun. ; Treasurer to Deacons' Court- 
James Hutchison ; Treasurer to Sustentation Fund — William Adamson ; 
Organist — Miss Peden ; Church Officer— James Wright, 34 West 
Blackhall Street. 

Services — Sabbath, 11 a.m. and 2.15 p.m. 

Prayer Meeting in church hall every Wednesday evening at eight 
o'clock. Mission Services in the Hall, Crawfurd Street, every Sabbath 
and Thursday evening. Sabbath School at 5.30 p.m.; and Minister's 
Bible Class (during winter) at 7.15 p.m. 

FREE GAELIC CHURCH— 14 Jamaica Street. 
Minister— Rev. John Campbell, 7 Ardgowan Square; Missionary- 
Mr D. F. M'Leod, 15 Brachelston Street; Precentor— James Fraser, 
22 West Stewart Street ; Session Clerk — Archd. M'Call, 14 Brisbane St.; 
Treasurer to Deacons' Court— John Robertson, 52 Holmscroft Street ; 
Clerk to Deacons' Court— Duncan M'Gugan, 6 Hope Street ; Treasurer 
to Sustentation Fund— Archibald M'Neill, 14 Ardgowan St. ; Treasurer 
to Foreign Missions— Alexander M'Millan, 5 Caddlehill Street; 
Church Officer, Angus M 'Vicar 24 West Stewart Street. 

Minister— Rev. Matthew Reid, A.M., B.D., Wellpark Manse, 
Lynedoch Street : Session Clerk— Robert Chalmers; Clerk to Deacons' 



Court— David C. Mackenzie; Treasurers of Sustentation Fund— Charles 
M'Call and William Cooper; Convener of Foreign Mission Fund- 
John Ritchie ; Treasurer to the Congregation— James Brown ; Church 
Officer — John Campbell, 21 Antigua Street. 

Sabbath Services — 1 1 a.m. and 2.15 p.m. 

Congregational Sabbath School in the church at 5.15 p.m. 

Bible Class meets in the hall at 5.30 p.m. 

ST. ANDREW'S FREE CHURCH— Ardgowan Street. 
Minister— Rev. D. S. Adam, B.D. ; Session Clerk— John Macphail ; 
Clerk to Deacons' Court— J. W. Turner; General Treasurer— Peter 
Macdonald ; Treasurer to the Sustentation Fund — J. Shankland ; 
Treasurer to Foreign Mission Fund — John Cunningham ; Treasurer to 
Home Mission Fund— R. H. Sinclair ; Superintendents of Sabbath 
Schools— Andrew Kerr and John Macphail ; Congregational Missionary 
—Thomas H. Stewart; Precentor— George W. Swan; Church Officer 
— Lachlan Galbraith. 


Minister— Rev. R. C. Strang, M.A.; Precentor— William Kerr; 
Session Clerk— Neil Buie; Treasurer to the Foreign Mission Association- 
David Baxter; Clerk to Deacons' Court— M. Carmichael ; Treasurer 
of the Sustentation Fund — D. M'Farlane; Congregational Treasurer 
— Robert Farrell ; Church Officer — James Ross ; 

Services— Sabbath, 11 a.m. and 2.15 p.m.; Wednesday, 8 p.m. 

Sabbath School at 5.30; Mission Sabbath School at 5.30; and 
Mission Meeting at 7 o'clock in Cartsdyke and in East William Street. 

FREE NORTH CHURCH— West Burn Square. 

Minister — Rev. David Boyd ; Precentor — Matthew Guy ; Congrega- 
tional Treasurer — Matthew Cameron ; Session Clerk — James Allan ; 
Clerk to Deacons' Court— William Henry; Church Officer— James 

Services— Sabbath, n a.m. and 2.15 p.m.: Wednesday, 8 p.m. 

Sabbath School, 5.30 p.m. 

Mission meetings in hall, Dalrymple Street, every Sabbath and 
Tuesday evenings ; Mission Sabbath School at 5-3°- 

MARTYRS' FREE CHURCH— West Shaw Street. 

Minister — Rev. A. Symington ; Precentor— David Easton ; Session 
Clerk — Robert Wilson ; Clerk to Deacons' Court — W. Crombie ; 
Treasurer— John Gray; Church Officer— John Ferguson, 18 Inverkip 

Sabbath School meets in the church at 5.30 p.m. 

Mission Meetings are conducted at 4 Crawford Lane on Sabbath 
evenings at 7. Sabbath School at 5.15 p.m. 

MOUNT PARK FREE CHURCH— Trafalgar Street. 
Minister— Rev. A. D. Grant ; Session Clerk— John MacOnie ; 
Clerk to Deacons' Court— J. D. Martin ; Treasurer to the Congrega- 



tion — Alex. Bathgate ; Treasurer to Sustentation Fund — John T: 

intendent of Sabbath School — David B. M'Kelvie : Church 

lylor ; 

Superintendent of Sabbath _ 

Officer — William Dougans, 75 Holmscroft Street. 

Services — Sabbath at ir a.m. and 2.15 p.m., and Wednesday even 
ing at 8 o'clock. 



Meets in the Hall of Sir Michael Street Church, 
second Tuesday of month, February, May, August, 

Clerk— Rev. J. B. K. M'Intyre, Largs. 





Greenock — 
Sir Michael Street 
Trinity Church . 

Union Street . 

St Andrew Square 
Mount Pleasant 


Kilcreggan . 

Kirn . 

Largs (Clark Memorial 

Port-Glasgow — 

Princes Street . 

Clune Park 
Craigmore . 
Southend . , . 
Wemyss Bay 

John Thomson . 
J. C. Johnston . 
George Rae, M.A. 

James B. Thomson 
Charles Jerdan, M.A. 
John Young 
Tohn B. Smith . 
John Cullen, M.A., D 
James Adams, M.A. 

James Davidson, M.A 
Robert Henderson, M 
Gilbert Meikle . 
Willam Stirling, M.A 
Armstrong Black 
Adam Gray, M.A. 

J. B. K. M'Intyre 

James Frame, B.D. 

William Lauder 
W. W. Beveridge 
David A. Harrower 
William Galbraith 
James Cameron, B.D 
A. M'Laren Young 
J. Boyd, M.A. . 



Greenock, on 
and November 







Ministers— Rev. J. B. Smith and Rev. L Cullen, M.A., D.Sc. ; 
Session Clerk— William Taylor, 54 Union Street ; Precentor -M.' 
Wilson ; Church Officer— R. Main. 

Service — Sabbath, 11 forenoon and 2.15 afternoon. Congregational 
Sabbath School at 5.30 p.m. Minister's Bible Class on Sabbath even- 


ings at 7. Congregational Prayer Meeting on Wednesday evenings at 
8. Congregational Library open before and after Prayer Meeting. 
Mission Premises, 3 Smith's Lane. Missionary— Mr Milne. 
Services— Sabbath, Fellowship Meeting, ro to 10.45 '■> Afternoon 
Service, 2.30; Sabbath School, 5.30; Evening Service at 7 ; Prayer 
Meeting, Thursday evening at 8. 


Corner of Newton Street and Upper Kelly Street. 

Minister — Rev. J. B. Thomson, 20 Bentinck Street ; Session Clerk — 
James Paterson, 33 Finnart Street; Seat Letter— Alexander Maitland, 
52 Eldon Street ; Organist — Robert F. Easton, 66 Wellington Street ; 
Church Officer— Alexander Lugton, 70 Holmscroft Street. 

Church Services on Sabbath at II a.m. and 2.15 p.m. 

Sabbath School at 5.30 p.m.— Superintendent, James Paterson. 

Mission Chapel, Saint Lawrence Street — Missionary, John Borland, 
6 Antigua Street. Sabbath services at 2.15 and 7 p.m. Sabbath 
School at 5.30 p.m. Mission Hall, 13 Brachelston Street. Bible 
Reader, Mrs Home, 68 Holmscroft Street. 


Minister — Rev. Charles Jerdan, M.A., LL.B., 68 Union Street; 
Session Clerk— William Kidd, 21 Fox Street; Conductor of 
Psalmody — David Julius Morison. Redlands, Lower Robertson Street ; 
Church Officer — George Anderson, 16 Bruce Street. 

Congregational Sabbath School at 5.30 p.m. — Robert Downie, 51 
Brougham Street, Superintendent. 

District Missionary — John MTntosh, 16 Mearns Street. 

Mission Sabbath School, in Mission Premises, Roxburgh Street — 
John Morrison, 7 Caddlehill Street, Superintendent. 


Minister — Rev. John Young, 9 Ardgowan Square ; Church Officer — 
Gavin S. Hunter, *66 Kelly Street ; Session Clerk— A. J. Turnbull, 
83 Brisbane Street. 

Congregational Sabbath School at 5.30 p.m., in the hall behind the 
church — A. J. Turnbull, Superintendent. 

Mission Sabbath School, at 5.30, in Mechanics' Institute— Robert 
Macpherson, 56 Forsyth Street, Superintendent. 

Congregational Prayer Meeting on Wednesday at 8 p.m. 

Christian Endeavour Meeting on Monday at 8.15 p.m. 


Minister— Rev. James Adams, M.A., 40 Mearns Street; Session 
Clerk — George M'Onie, 26 Mearns Street ; Church Officer— David Ness, 
38 East Hamilton Street ; Conductor of Psalmody — John Walker. 

Congregational Sabbath School at 5.30 p.m. 

Congregational Prayer Meeting, Wednesday evenings at 8 o'clock. 



MOUNT PLEASANT U.P. CHURCH (Corner of Dempster 
and Mount Pleasant Streets). 
Minister — Vacant ; Treasurer— Robert Wilson, 21 Antigua Street ; 
Church Officer— John Niven, 59 Holmscroft Street ; Service— Sabbath, 
11 forenoon and 2.15 afternoon; Congregational Sabbath School at 5.30 
p.m. ; Congregational Prayer Meeting on Wednesday evenings at 8 
during winter months. 

FINNART U.P. CHURCH— Madeira Street. 

Minister — Rev. James Davidson, M.A., 85 Brisbane Street; 
Session Clerk— William Auld, 79 Newton Street ; Organist— A. C.' 
Stericker, 18 Bedford Street; Church Officer— Donald Paterson, qi 
Kelly Street. 

Children's Service at 3 p.m. William Auld, Superintendent. 

Prayer Meeting on Wednesday at 8 p.m. 


Union Street. 

Rector— Rev. V. F. Hammond, M.A., 36 Margaret Street; Curate 
—Rev. C. W. Coddington, M.A. ; Church Wardens— Messrs Thomas 
May Thorne and Louson Walker ; Beadle— John Peacock, 9 Jamaica 


Sunday— Holy Communion at 8 a.m., and on First and Third 
Sunday in the month after Matins. Matins and Sermon at 1 1 a.m. 
Evensong and Sermon at 6.30 p.m. 

Children's Service on First Sunday in the month at 2.45 p.m. 

Daily — Matins at 10.15 a - m - 

Litany— Wednesday and Friday at 12 noon. 

Evensong and Sermon — Wednesday at 8 p.m. 

Sunday School, 2.30 p.m. Bible Classes, 2.30 p.m. 

Day Schools, 16 Jamaica Street and Crescent Street. 

Crescent Street, Cartsdyke. 
Priest in charge— Rev. Patrick Phelan, Avoca Cottage, Hillend. 
Sunday— Matins, Litany, and Sermon, at iia.m; Evensong and 
Sermon at 3.30 p.m. ; Holy Communion on First and Third Sunday in 
month after Matins ; Sunday School and Bible Class at 2.30 p.m. 
Boys' Brigade on Thursdays at 8 p.m. 


Minister— Rev. J. P. Struthers, M.A., 52 Eldon Street; Precentor 
— William Kirkwood, 78 Holmscroft Street ; Church Officer— Duncan 
M'Callum, 13 West Stewart Street; Session Clerk— Thomas 
Kirkwood, 8 Jamaica Street; Treasurer— Duncan Black, 27 Mearns 
Street ; Clerk of Deacons' Court— Lachlan Paterson, 1 3 West Blackhall 
Street. J 

Prayer Meeting every Wednesday evening at 8. 

Sabbath School at 1 p.m. 



Minister — Rev. Andrew Ritchie, M.A. , 60 Forsyth Street; Session 
Clerk — John Leckie, 58 South Street ; Church Secretary and Secretary 
to Managers — Robert Grieve, 70 Wellington Street ; Organist — George 
M'Gavin ; Librarian — Martin Campbell ; Treasurer — W. Hutchison, 24 
Kelly Street ; Treasurer for Home Mission — W. F. Leckie, 41 Brisbane 
Street; Church Officer— Jas. Russell, 13 Hamilton Street; Sabbath 
Services at 1 1 a.m. and 2.15 p.m. 

A Sabbath School meets in the hall of the church, and a District 
School in John Street Hall, at 5.30 p.m. W. Hutchison, M.A., LL.B., 
and James Ronald, superintendents. 


Minister— Rev. R. C. Richardson, 29 Regent Street ; Hon. 
Organist — Henry Millar ; Session Clerk — Robert Drysdale ; Secretary 
of Managers' Court — Thomas Alexander ; Church Officer — James 
Hendry, 18 Antigua Street. 

Public Worship at 11 a.m. and 2.15 p.m., every Sabbath. Church 
Prayer Meeting, Wednesday evenings at 8 o'clock. 

Sabbath School at 5.30 p.m. 

Band of Hope on Fridays, at 7 p.m., during winter months, 
Thomas Weir, President. 

Young People's Society of Christian Endeavour, on Sundays, at 7 
p.m., John M'Gauley, Secretary. 


Minister— Rev. W. H. Addicott; Hon. Organist — J. M. Hutcheson; 
Treasurer— Charles Ferguson, 21 Union Street ; Church Officer —James 
O'Hara, 20 West Stewart Street. 

Public Worship on Sabbaths at 1 1 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. 

Exposition every Wednesday evening at 8. 

Congregational Sabbath School at 2.30 p.m. 

A Mission in connection with the Church holds its meetings on 
Sabbath, in the Cruden Hall, Ann Street. 

Mission Sabbath School at 2.30 p.m. 


Minister — Rev. Robert Bell, Hillend House, East Crawford Street; 
Organist — Robert Campbell ; Treasurer — Thomas Gordon, Belville 
Street; Secretary— Malcolm M'Kenzie, 18 St. Lawrence Street. 

Sabbath Services at 11 a.m., 2.15 p.m., and Evangelistic at 7 p.m. 

The School meets on Sabbath afternoons at 5.30. Superintendent — 
John Ballantyne. 

Minister — Rev. Herbert James Sugden ; Church Officer — A. Baxter. 
Sabbath Day Worship at II a.m. and 6.30 p.m. 
Sabbath School at 2.15 p.m. 
Public Service on Wednesday at 8 o'clock. 



Minister— Rev. R. H. M'Farlane, 49 Brisbane Street; Church 
Officer— Wm. M'Jannett, 10 Hill Street. 

Sabbath Services at 1 1 a.m. and 0.30 p.m. 

Sabbath School meets in the hall under the church at 2.30 p.m. 

Meeting for Fellowship and Testimony, on Sundays, at 12.10 p.m. 

Public Service on Wednesday evenings at 8 in the hall under the 

Band of Hope, Thursdays, at 7.15 p.m. 

Bible Class, Mondays, at 8.30 p.m. 

BAPTIST CHURCH— Orangefield Place, Brachelston Sq. 

Minister — Rev. Alexander Corbet, 85 Finnart Street ; Precentor — 
Alex. Macgregor ; Chapel-keeper — Norman M'Leod. 38 Nelson Street 

Weekly Prayer Meeting and Lecture every Wednesday evening at 8 

The Sabbath School meets at 5.30 p.m. ; Superintendent — John 

An Evangelistic Meeting is held in the hall of the chapel every 
Sabbath evening at 7.15 

BAPTIST CHURCH— George Square. 

Minister— Rev. W. Hussey Griffith, A.T.S. ; Hon. Organist — 
William Gow, jun. ; Church Officer — Mrs M'Connell, 9 Argyle Street. 

Sunday Services — Public Worship at 1 1 a.m and 6.30 p.m. ; 
Sunday School at 2.30 p.m. 

Public Worship and Prayer Meeting on Wednesday evenings at 8 

SEAMEN'S CHAPEL— 1 Dock Breast. 
Chaplain —William Smith. Librarian — John Swan. 
Divine Service each Lord's Day at 1 1 a.m. and 7 p.m.; also 
Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.30 p.m. Daily Meeting for Praise and 
Prayer at 12 noon. Band of Hope on Tuesday at 6.30 p.m. Attached 
to this chapel are a Reading- Room and Library, with the Daily 
Papers and amusing pastimes, draughts, chess, billiards, and bagatelle 
boards, free to all Seamen ; and those of various nations are supplied 
with good reading in their own language. Open to all Seamen, free 
of charge, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Ships are supplied with Loan 
Libraries. Vessels in harbour are visited regularly, those in the Roads, 
particularly emigrant ships, occasionally and as opportunity offers, for 
the purpose of conducting religious services, and distributing useful 
books amongst emigrants and seamen of all nations. 

Patrick Street and Brougham Street. 
Pastor— Very Rev. Dean Taylor, M. R. ; Assistants— Rev. David 
Morris, Rev. James Carroll, and Rev. Andrew Lynch ; Church 
Officer— Joseph M'Granachan, 35 West Burn Street. 

Male and Female Schools for Week-days and Sundays in connection 
with this church. 


i Rue-end Street. 
Pastor— Rev. Michael Fox, D.D. ; Assistants— Rev. B. J. Dawson 
and Rev. D. O'Connell ; Caretaker— Miss Duffy, 10 Stanners Street. 

Church Services— Sundays, 8, 9.30, and 11.15 a.m., and 6 o'clock 
evening ; week-days, 8.30 a.m. 

Sunday and Week-day Schools in connection with this church. 
Convent or Middle-Class School at Bank House. 


In accordance with the provisions of "The Education (Scotland) 
Act, 1872," the following are the members of the School Board for the 
triennial period from 1894-97 :— Chairman —vacant ; John Baxter, 
J. A. Brown, William Kidd, John Macphail, Dr T. Philip, William 
Simpson, Rev. Alexander Taylor, H. J. Taylor, R. S. Walker, and 
two vacancies. 

Clerk, G. Williamson. Treasurer, Quintin Bone. 

Inspecting Officer, George Ritchie ; Assistants, R. W. Jamieson 

and D. B. Macfarlan ; Medical Officer, James Laurie, M.B., CM. 

Board Room and Offices, Municipal Buildings, Wallace Place. 



Greenock Academy, Nelson Street— Opened, September, 1855. 

Rector, Alexander Gemmell, M.A. ; Arithmetic and Mathematics, 
W. U. Park, M.A. —Peter Cromby, Thomas Taitt, and Henry N. 
Patrick, assistants ; Classical department, the Rector— J. W. Critchley 
and Peter Comrie, assistants ; English department, head-master, James 
B. Anderson— James Millar and Tames Gray, assistants ; Senior Female 
English, Miss MacWilliam ; Junior Female English, Miss Jessie R. 
Baird ; French, L. de Lavallaz ; German, R. Dryden ; Writing, J. W. 
M'Gregor ; Drawing, T. R. Milligan ; Pianoforte and Singing, 
George T. Poulter; Class Singing, Thomas E. Miller; Sewing and 
Fancy Work, Miss M'Lean ; Janitor, Wm. Downie. 

There are two Bursaries in connection with the Academy, the holders 
of which are entitled to attend all the ordinary classes gratis :— (1) The 
Macfie Bursary, founded by the late William Macfie, Esq., of Lang- 
house, which is competed for annually and is open to boys from any 
school— 5 boys ; (2) The Fairrie Bursary, founded by the late Thomas 
Fairrie, Esq., Greenock. One boy appointed each year on recom- 
mendation by Mr Fairrie's trustees — 5 boys. 

In addition to the ordinary class prizes, the following are competed 
for annually at the close of the session :— The Stewart Gold Medal- 
limited to boys and girls of the eighth and ninth years attending the 
Academy during the session in which the medal is given. The Brown 
Society's Prize — open to boys in the Classical Department during the 
session. The Campbell Prize— A Case of Mathematical Instruments to 
the best scholar in the Mathematical Department. Prizes for Scripture 
knowledge— open to all Pupils of the eighth and ninth years. 


The School Board also offer Bursaries to Pupils who have passed 
the Fifth but not the Sixth Standard, and tenable for five years. 


Alan Ker School, Ann Street (total accommodation, 306) — A. K. 
Macdonald, head-master. 

Ann Street School (Temporary) (do., 597) — Gordon Simpson, head- 

Belville Place School (do., 762) — Alex. Bremner, head-master. 

Duncan Street School (Temporary) (do., 590) — John Morrison, 

Glebe School, Crawfurd Street (do., 779) — John Wilson, head- 

Highlanders' Academy, Mount Pleasant Street (do., 1015) — Robert 
Wilson, head-master. 

Hill-end School (do., 902) — James Watson, head-master. 

Holmscroft School (do., 1093) — William Cook, B.A. (London), 

Mearns Street School (do., 795)— Andrew Young, head-master. 

St. Andrew Square School (do., 494) — Win. B. Ingram, head-master. 

Shaw Street School (do., 708) — M. Carmichael, head-master. 

Science and Art Classes are taught in connection with the Science 
and Art Department of the Committee of Council on Education, under 
a Committee composed partly of members of the School Board, and 
partly of outside members. The following are the subjects and the 
schools at which they are taught during the session : — Holms- 
croft Public School— Mathematics, Inorganic Chemistry (Theoretical and 
Practical), Theoretical Mechanics (Solids), Magnetism and Electricity, 
by William Cook, B.A., London; Human Physiology, Magnetism and 
Electricity, by Dugald Macfarlane, B. A. , London ; Inorganic and Organic 
Chemistry (Theoretical and Practical), by Angus Smith, F.C.S., Assoc. 
Inst. Chem.; Building Construction, by George S. Hill; Physiography 
by Samuel Taylor; Mathematics, by Colin M. Morison, M.A. ; 
Shaw Street Public School — Machine Construction and Drawing, 
Applied Mechanics, Steam Plane and Solid Geometry and Mechanical 
Engineering, by W. R. Roberts; Naval Architecture, by James M. 

The Governors under the Educational Endowments Scheme are 
John Macphail, Chairman ; Rev. T. R. Thomson ; Messrs D. D. 
Adamson, Dugald Shankland, D. M. Erskine, James Glen, and 
Thomas Mitchell— Robert Steuart Walker, Secretary and Treasurer. 
The scheme embraces the "Scott Trust," the " Fairrie Trust" 
so far as applicable to educational purposes, the "Bog Trust," the 
"Watt Bequest," the "Chambers Mortification," " Patten's Bequests," 
"Currie's Bequest," "Park's Legacy," "Fairrie's Bequest," "M'Ewan's 
Bequest," and the " Charity School Managers' Funds." The funds of 
the Trust are applied in establishing school and high education 
Bursaries for pupils attending the Public or State-aided Schools in the 
Burgh, and books and stationery and clothing for the most needy of the 
children attending these schools. 


SCOTT INSTITUTION, 39 Dempster Street. 
Managed by Greenock Educational Trust. 
By Will, dated 8th January, 1836, Mr Wm. Scott, of Saint Andrew s, 
New Brunswick, bequeathed his estates, situated in New Brunswick, 
in trust "to the Provost and Magistrates for the time being, as also 
the two clergymen of the East and West Parishes of his father's 
native town of Greenock," for "the endowment of a school for the 
maintenance and education of as many indigent .orphan children to be 
instructed in English reading and grammar, together with writing, 
arithmetic, and a few of the plain branches of mathematics." Mr Scott 
died in 1838. The Trustees realised about ,£4000. An institution has 
been endowed, and has been for some years in full and satisfactory 
working order. Miss Hosea, matron ; Dr Wm. Broadfoot, medical 

John Fullarton, Thornwood, Kilmalcolm (Chairman) ; R. G. Brown 
of Clyde Pottery Co.), Ladyburn ; Thomas Appleton, ropespinner, 
Ladyburn; H. R. B. Peile, Mansion House; and George M'Onie, 
Engineer, Ladyburn — ■ George Murray, Clerk and Treasurer, 2 
Church Place. 

Under East (Landward) Parish School Board. 
Ladyburn School — Wm. Lees, B.A. (London), head-master. 

H. R. B. Peile, factor, Inverkip (Chairman) ; James Reid, worsted- 
spinner, Monfode, Greenock ; Tom Neill, Towerlands, Greenock ; W. 
O. Leitch, rope-spinner, 39 Ardgowan Street (West), Greenock ; G. W. 
Houston, woollen manufacturer, Woolton, 93 Eldon Street, Greenock — 
William M'Clure, Clerk and Treasurer, Mansion House, Greenock. 


Avenue Park Collegiate School, 95 Brisbane St.— Principal, John 
Graham, B.A. 

Bank House (Middle) School— Under the superintendence of 
Franciscan Sisters. 

Episcopal School (East), Under Crescent Street — English grammar, 
geography, history, writing, arithmetic, sewing, music — C. Wilkinson, 

Episcopal School (West), JamaicaStreet — Miss Murrayand assistants. 

Gregor's Preparatory School, and Evening Classes, 61 Regent Street. 
— James Gregor, teacher. 

Institution for the education of young Ladies, 18 Margaret Street — 
Misses Lamb. 

Kilblain Academy, 15 Kilblain Street— English, writing, arithmetic, 
book-keeping, shorthand, mathematics, Latin, Greek, French, German, 
drawing, painting, music, dancing, drill, and sewing. Head Master — 
James Slater, B.A. 

Kindergarten, Boarding and Day School, 51 Forsyth Street — Miss 
Craven and assistants. 



Kindergarten, 6 1 Finnart Street—Misses Macleod and Grylls and 

Navigation School, 17 West Blackhall Street. Branches taught— 
Navigation, engineering, nautical astronomy, mathematics, seamanship, 
ship's business, and rule of the road — John St. V. M'Nally, instructor. 

Private School for Boys, 54 Union Street— Principal, Wm. Taylor. 

St. Lawrence Roman Catholic School, Belville Street— Boys' depart- 
ment — Master, J. Taylor ; girls' and infants' departments — under the 
superintendence of Franciscan Sisters from Bank House. 

St. Mary's R.C. School, East Shaw Street— General branches 
of education— boys' department— James M'Lernan, head master, and 
assistants ; girls' department and infants' department— under the super- 
intendence of Franciscan Sisters, from Bank House, and assistants. 

School of Art, held in Town Hall under the Science and Art 
Department of the Committee of Council on Education. A. J. 
Turnbull, chairman ; A. Douglas Murray, solicitor, hon. secretary, 
Walter Yuille, teacher. 

Albion Hall, 13 East Shaw Street. 
Assembly Rooms, 21 West Stewart Street. 
Britannia Hall, Arcade, Cathcart Street. 
Buck Head Hall. 2 Watson's Lane. 
Caledonia Hall, Highland Close. 
Cartsburn Hall, 6 Cartsburn Street. 
Crawford's Central Hall, 17 Charles Street. 
Cruden Hall, 2 Ann Street. 
Foresters' Hall, 27 Roxburgh Street. 
Gardeners' Arms Hall, 10 Market Street. 
John Street Hall, John Street. 
Mechanics' Institute, 13 Sir Michael Street. 
St. George's Hall, 10 George Square. 
Temperance Institute, ro. West Stewart Street. 
Town Hall, Municipal Buildings. 
Victoria Hall, 1 East Blackhall Street. 
Watt Museum (Lecture Hall), Kelly Street. 
Western Hall, 38 West Blackhall Street. 


GREENOCK LIBRARY— Watt Monument, 9 Union Street. 

Instituted 1st January, 1783. 
Hours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and 7 to 9 evening— on Saturdays from 9 
a.m to 12 noon, and 7 to 9 evening. 
Managed by a Committee selected annually in January. 
D. D. Adamson, President. James Nicoll, Treasurer. 
James D. Neill, Secretary. William N. Shaw, Librarian. 
The Library (including Foreign, Theological, Scientific, Mathe- 
matical, and Botanical Departments) contains about 21,000 vols., and 
there are upwards of 300 subscribers. There is a large supply of the most 
recently published works of importance and interest. 


A subscription of one guinea entitles the subscriber to two new 
works, three old works from General Library, and magazines ; and a 
subscription of 6s 6d to two works from General Library, besides the 
use of magazines on reference table. 

The monument contains the celebrated statue of James Watt by 
Chantrey, and is open to visitors. 

MUSEUM— Watt Institution, Kelly Street. 
The Museum and adjoining Lecture Hall were erected at the 
cost of the late James M'Lean, Esq., of West Bank, and were opened 
on 3rd November, 1876. Hours, from 1 1 till 6 p.m. during summer, 
and till 4 p.m. in winter months ; Saturdays, from 3 till 9 evening. 
Admission free. Managed by a joint-committee from the Greenock 
Philosophical Society and Greenock Library— A. C. Finlay, Chairman ; 
H. D. Lusk, secretary; Robert Muir, treasurer; Thomas Rennie, 
curator — house, 10 Kelly Street. 


11 Tobago Street and 11 and 13 Sir Michael Street. 

(Instituted 1836.) 

The Institution is managed by a Directorate consisting of 21 
members, one-third of whom are elected annually. President, A. T. 
Anderson ; treasurer, J. T. Park ; secretary, W. M. M'Callum ; curator, 
Jabez Mountford. 

The Library contains over 8000 Volumes in all branches of literature, 
and is open daily (Sunday excepted) from 3 p.m. till 9 p.m. 

Membership, 2s 6d per year, or is 6d per half-year. Members 
enrolled at any time. Family subscriptions- — two books, 4s ; three 
books, 5s per annum. 

The Reading-room is supplied with all the local and leading London 
news-papers, British and American Illustrated and Comic Journals, 
Magazines, &c, and there is also a large collection of valuable books 
for reference. 

The Club-room affords recreation of a superior class, including 
Billiards and cards at moderate charges ; Chess, Draughts, and Dominoes 

Membership for both Reading and Club Rooms, 5s per annum, or 
is 6d per quarter. Visitors, id per day. 

The Baths are well appointed, and the charges moderate. 

The Large Hall is suitable for Meetings, Soirees, Concerts, and 
Balls. Rooms from is upwards. Charges on application to the 

The club is situated at 29 Hamilton Street, and was inaugurated in 
1883. It contains a first-class reading room, supplied with a varied 
selection of the principal newspapers, periodicals, &c. ; large and com- 
fortable billiard room, game rooms for draughts, dominoes, &c. ; also a 
chess room, where the Chess Club meets regularly for the study and 
practice of the game. It is managed by a committee elected annually 
from the members, and is open to all who give a general adherence 
to the Unionist party. The ordinary subscription is 3s per annum. 



Hon. president, Sir Michael R. Shaw Stewart, Bart. ; president, Robert 
Binnie, Esq. ; vice-president, David Phillips ; secretary, Alexander 
Andrew, writer ; treasurer, Alexander Bremner ; curator, Alexander 
Bog. Telephone No. 289. 

Instituted 1839. 
The Association Building is situated at 17 West Stewart Street. 
Office-bearers 1896— Robert Binnie, Esq., honorary president ; Sheriff 
Begg and Dr Marshall, honorary vice-presidents ; John Macphail, 
president; James Kennedy and Jas. Johnstone, vice-presidents; Michael 
Wilson, jr., 39 Bank Street, and Duncan Black, 27 Lyle Street, 
general secretaries ; John Macpherson, jr., 29 Hamilton Street, treasurer ; 
Thomas Greenlees, 5 Kelly St., reading-room secretary ; James Auld, Post- 
office Buildings, correspondingsecretary. This Association has for its object 
the spiritual, intellectual, and social improvement of its members, and of 
the young men of Greenock. Weekly meetings are held in various parts 
of the town. There is a fellowship meeting on Sunday morning, and a 
bible class in the evening. There is also a Reading-room and Library 
in the Institute open to the public at the following rates : — Annually, 
5s; half-yearly, 3s; quarterly, 2s ; members of kindred associations, 
3s 6d annually ; apprentices, 2s 6d annually. Young men coming to 
reside in the town are cordially invited to join the Association. 

TEMPERANCE INSTITUTE— 19 West Stewart Street. 

The Institute embraces a most complete suite of Halls and Com- 
mittee Rooms. The Large Hall is seated for 1000, Lower Hall for 
250, Lesser Hall 100, and are largely used for Lectures, Public Meetings, 
Concerts, Soirees, &c. Ex-Bailie John Lang, chairman of trustees ; 
hon. treasurer, James Brown ; secretary, William D. Thomson ; 
curator, M. L. Struthers. 

Instituted 1820. 
Robert Kerr, president; Harry King, treasurer; Malcolm M'C. 
Brown, secretary; John MTver, assistant secretary; with twenty-five 
directors ; William Smith, chaplain ; John Swan, officer. This society 
has a Seamen's Chapel, at Sailors' Home, 1 Dock Breast, seating 
350, in which Divine Service is conducted at 1 1 a.m. and 7 p.m. each 
Lord's Day. A Reading Room and Library are open daily from 9 to 9, 
free of charge. Loan Libraries to all foreign-going ships — about 200 
are thus issued in the year. It has a depot where the Scriptures are 
sold at _ reduced prices in various languages. The Chaplain and 
officer visit the vessels in the harbours, and occasionally in the Roads, 
especially emigrant ships. 

SAILORS' HOME, 1 Dock Breast— Instituted 1852. 

Miss M'Kellar, superintendent. Committee of Management— The 

Provost of Greenock, the Chairman of Harbour Committee, the Collector 

of Customs, and the Shipping Master, with the president, treasurer, 

secretary, chaplain, and seven members of the Seamen's Friends' 


Society. The Home has accommodation for 80 seamen, and is fitted 
up with every convenience and comfort. 

Agent for The Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariners' Royal 
Benevolent Society — Wm. Smith. 


Newark Street. 

John Anderson Ferguson, R.N., Governor. 

This institution was founded by the late Commissary-General Sir 
Gabriel Wood, for the reception of sixty-five aged and decayed merchant 
master mariners and merchant seamen, being natives of one or other 
of the counties of Renfrew, Ayr, Dumbarton, Argyle, and Bute, and 
who shall have attained the age of 55 years, and be of good character. 
The members of the present committee of management are Messrs 
Thomas M. Thorne, James M 'Gavin, Malcolm M'C. Brown, Andrew 
Carmichael, J. D. Clink, James Paterson, Andrew Stewart, Arthur Caird, 
Archibald N. Lindsay, James H. Shankland, R. H. Houston, J. S. 
Denniston, A. O. Leitch, and C. H. Curtis. Treasurer, J. Campbell 
Hart, National Bank ; clerk, George Macdonald, solicitor, 26 Hamilton 


WORKING BOYS' HOME— Bank Top— George G. Mitchell, 

For friendless or destitute working lads above 14 years of age. 
Office-bearers for 1896— Honorary directors, Ex-Provost Binnie, 
Edward Wilson, John Scott, C.B., Joseph D. Scott, Robert Grieve, 
and Joseph Russell ; members of committee, Dr Marshall, president ; 
Messrs Peter MacKellar, treasurer ; James A. Love, secretary ; A. 
Campbell Finlay, James M'Gavin, Hugh W. Walker, J. W. Crawford, 
John Kinloch, William Hardie, R. H. Sinclair, and James Brown. 

School Buildings, with superintendent's and matron's houses 
attached, Wellington, Captain, and Holmscroft Streets. Sir Michael 
R. Shaw Stewart, Bart., president ; John Cheyne, Esq., Sheriff of 
Renfrew and Bute ; Sir Thomas Sutherland, K.C.M.G., LL.D., M.P. 
for Greenock ; and Dugald Shankland, Esq., Provost of Greenock, 
vice-presidents; Robert Allan, Esq., president of acting committee; 
G. W. Paton, treasurer ; M. F. Dunlop, secretary ; Mrs J. C. Hunter, 
president of ladies' committee; Miss Little and Mrs John Jamieson, 
secretaries to committee of girls' school ; Alexander Thomson, super- 
intendent ; Miss Christie, matron. It is the object of this Association 
to reclaim the neglected and destitute children of Greenock, by 
affording them the benefit of a good common and Christian education, 
and training them to habits of regular industry so as to 
enable them to earn an honest livelihood and fit them for the 
duties of life. The plan upon which the schools is conducted is 
as follows : — The children receive an allowance of food for their 
daily support ; are instructed in reading, writing, and arithmetic ; 
trained to industry by employing them daily in such works as are 
suited to their years ; and taught the truths of the Gospel, making 
the Holy Scriptures the ground-work of instruction, and on Sundays 
the children receive suitable religious teaching. 



Was opened June, 1865, as a necessary adjunct to the operations 
of the "Mission to Friendless Females," one of the objects of this 
Association being to rescue from falling into vicious habits friendless 
girls under 16 years of age. These are trained in the Home 
for domestic service, besides being instructed iri reading, writing, 
arithmetic, sewing, &c, and having habits of industry and well- 
doing inculcated. After obtaining situations for these inmates, the 
committee continue to take a lively interest in them. The Home is 
principally supported by voluntary subscriptions. President, Mrs 
Wilson ; vice-presidents, Mrs Rodger and Miss Nicol ; treasurer, Miss 
Henrietta B. Carmichael ; secretary, Miss Stark, 63 Union Street; 
chaplain, Rev. J. F. Macpherson, B.D. Matron, Miss Stirling. 

Home, 15 Caddlehill Terrace— Miss Murdoch, Matron. 
John Scott, Esq., C.B., president ; James M 'Gavin, vice-president ; 
William Auld, writer, secretary ; Alexander Allan, C.A., treasurer; Dr 
Marshall, Dr Wilson, Dr Laurie, Revs. R. C. Strang and V. F. 
Hammond, Messrs Robert Binnie, Robert Chalmers, H. R. B. 
Peile, and John Lang, acting committee, with office-bearers 
ex officiis members of committee. The object of the society is to 
provide medical comforts and attendance in the "Home" and 
in the residences of the patients, for persons resident in Greenock, 
or in the parish of Inverkip (which includes Gourock) and Port- 
Glasgow, labouring under incurable disease, or others who, though not 
incurable, may require nursing and treatment, and are incapable of 
earning a livelihood. The Directors have also appointed Nurses Fraser 
and Lewis, trained nurses of the Jubilee Institute, to visit in the homes 
of the sick poor. Application for their services to be made at the 
"Home," or at the shops of Messrs George Armitage, Samuel Duncan, 
and Robert Chalmers, druggists, or to any of the office-bearers. 


By Codicil and Deed of Foundation, dated 4th December, 1862, 
Mr James Campbell Buchanan of Bagatelle, Greenock, bequeathed 
^4000 in trust of his Trustees, viz. :— Messrs John Graham, Peter 
M'Naughton, Colin Lamont, jun., James Reid, Thomas Oliphant 
Hunter, and William Clark, in conjunction with Mr Alexander 
Rodger, the Provost of Greenock, the Sheriff-Substitute at Greenock, 
and the President of Greenock Seamen's Friends' Society, all for the 
time being, along with two or more persons to be appointed by 
the Town Council and Police Board, for the purpose of founding an 
"Asylum at Greenock to afford shelter during night to poor persons 
without a home and to supply them with a nourishing meal on entering 
and leaving the Asylum." In terms of the Codicil, the Town Council 
and Police Board are appointed Trustees of the Asylum. A building 
is now erected in Captain Street, in which persons are accommodated 
according to the testator's wishes. Louson Walker, C.A., secretary and 
treasurer, 33 Cathcart Street. 


Inglkston. — Instituted 1853. 

Mrs James Reid, president ; Mrs A. Barrie, vice-president ; Mr John 
Cunningham, secretary and treasurer ; Rev. Mr Struthers, chaplain ; 
and a committee of ladies and gentlemen ; Mrs Oakden, matron. The 
object of this institution is to afford shelter to fallen females, training 
them for the duties of the household, and to assist in getting them into 
service with respectable families. The industries prosecuted in the 
Home are mainly laundry and needle work. 

This society was instituted in 1872, for the purpose of rendering aid 
to discharged prisoners, or those on their way to prison life. The Home 
for the Reception of Females, at 58 Ann Street, was opened on the 10th 
February, 1873. Miss Macbeth, matron. The inmates receive the 
benefit of religious instruction, and are expected to earn their own 
livelihood at the home, by the exercise of such industries for which they 
may be suited. When reformed, the Committee procure situations or 
work for the inmates either at home or abroad. The society is sup- 
ported by voluntary subscriptions and by work done by the inmates. 
Sheriff Henderson Begg, president ; John Rodger, Esq., secretary ; 
Rev. John F. Macpherson, B.D., chaplain. There is a committee of 
gentlemen and also of ladies, with a staff of prison and district visitors. 
Mrs Colin S. Caird, president ; Mrs Abram Lyle, vice-president ; Mrs 
A. L. Younger, secretary ; and Miss Paterson, treasurer to ladies' 



M. Hugh Shaw Stewart, of Carnock, M.P. (No. 12), R.W.P.G.M. 
Commissioned office-bearers — James Reid (No. 175), D. P.. G.M. ; 
David J. Dunlop (No. 68), S.P.G.M. ; John P. Fyfe (No. 12), P.G. 
secretary; Rev. Thomas Kay (No. 175), P.G. chaplain. Elected 
office-bearers— Duncan Cunningham (No. 12), P.G.S.W. ; Robert 
Rennie (No. 12), P.G.J. W. ; James Glen (No. 626), P.G. treasurer; 
Thomas Clark (No. 68). P.G.S.D.; DugaldMTnnes (No. 175), P-G.J.D.; 
James H. Hutchison (No. 217), P.G. architect; W. A. Cairney (No. 175), 
P.G. Bible-bearer ; Alexander Macpherson (No. 626), P.G. director of 
ceremonies ; Peter Macfarlane (No. 68), P.G. director of music ; David 
Wingate (No. 217), steward; C. W. Rippon (No. 626), P.G. inner 
guard ; John Berry (No. 12), P.G. tyler. 

Lodge Greenock Kilwinning, No. 12, Instituted 1728.— Office- 
bearers— Dr Laurie, R.W.M.; Archibald Thorn, P.M.; William 
Allison, D.M. ; Thomas Stewart, S.M. ; H. M'P. Watson, S.W. ; 
Hugh Kerr, J.W. ; William Hutcheson, secretary; Alexander Ramsay, 

treasurer; chaplain; William Gray, S.D. ; A. E. Casson, 

J.D. ; Duncan Orr, architect ; J. G. Mackail, director of music ; J. B. 
Stewart, jeweller ; Donald Brown, Tohn G. Ostler, J. M'Gorum, and 
A. B. Lyle, stewards ; W. M. Fry, I.G. ; John Berry, tyler ; J. P. Fyfe, 
Duncan Cunningham, Alexander Smith, W. W. B. Rodger, and Robert 
Rennie, O.M. Place of meeting, Council Chambers. 



Lodge Greenock St. John, No. 175— Instituted 1790.— James Reid, 
R.W.M. ; W. A. Cairney, P.M. ; Bailie M'Innes, D.M. ; Duncan 
Cameron, S.M. ; Linn Ward Smith, S.W. ; Arthur A. Millar, J.W. ; 
W. J. Mack, secretary ; William Kerr, treasurer ; Rev. Thomas Kay' 
chaplain ; Thomas Duncan, B.B. ; James Mackie, S.B. ; Allan 
Wilkinson, S.D. ; W. B. M'Millan, J.D. ; J. W. Gillies, director of 
music ; Hugh Ritchie, 1st S.S. ; Thomas Henderson, 2nd S.S. ; Hugh 
Miller, 1st J.S. ; James Wells, jun., 2nd J.S. ; S.Robinson, I.G. ; 
Thomas Wilson, tyler. Lodge rooms and secretary's office, 27 Cathcart 

Greenock Royal Arch Chapter, No. 17.— David L Dunlop, M.E.Z. ; 
Wm. Allison, P. Prin.Z. ; John Stewart, H.; Duncan Cameron, J.; Robt. 
M'Cover, 1st principal sojourner; Hugh M'Kinnon, 2nd principal 
sojourner ; John Paul, 3rd principal sojourner ; Alexander Macintyre, 
scribe E. ; Captain M'Kay, scribe N. ; William Crawford, treasurer; 
R. P. Crawford, chaplain ; J. W. Gillies, hon. director of music ; John 
Paul, inner guard ; Thomas Wilson, janitor. Chapter-room, St. John's 
Hall, 27 Cathcart Street. 


Greenock District (L.O.L. No. 34) consists of 16 private Lodges 

Office-bearers— W. Halliday (335), V.W.D.M.; William Hyde (335), 
D.D.M. ; Jonathan Burns (335), S.D.M. ; James Cooper (11), D.S. ; 
James M'Cloy (344), D.T. ; Robert Gamble (11), tyler. 

Lodge Rooms and Offices— Victoria Orange Hall, 1 East Blackhall 
Street. John Purcell, curator. 

Quarterly meetings of the District Lodge— Fourth Monday in 
January, April, July, and October. 


No. ii.— Meets third Thursday of each month in Victoria Orange 
Hall, at 8 p.m. John M'Millan, W.M. ; Daniel Borland, D.M. ; A. 
Meikle, secretary ; Robert Murphy, treasurer. 

No. 97.— Meets last Thursday evening of each month in Orange 
Hall. R. Charters, W.M. ; W. Burns, D.M. ; Alexander Johnston, 
secretary ; John Twaddle, treasurer. 

No. 112.— Meets second Monday evening of each month in Orange 
Hall. William Kerr, W.M. ; Thomas Smyth, D.M. ; Robert Swan 
secretary ; George Kerr, treasurer. 

No. 270.— Meets in Orange Hall on the third Tuesday of each 
month. John M'Clure, W.M. ; James Guiller, D.M. ; James Magee 
secretary ; Thomas R. Magee, treasurer. 

No. 271.- Meets in Mechanics' Institute on the first Friday of each 
month. John Carson, W.M. ; John M'Keever, D.M. ; R. Berryman 
secretary ; William Gillanders, treasurer. 

No. 320.— Meets in Orange Hall on the first Friday evening of each 
month. R. Johnstone, W.M. ; D. Lyons, D.M. ; J. Ballantine, treasurer. 

No - 334-— Meets in Orange Hall on the first Thursday evening of 
each month. William Bristow, W.M. ; A. Swan, D.M. ; N. Ferris, 
secretary ; J. Inglish, treasurer. 

No. 335.— Meets in Orange Hall on the last Friday of each month. 
William M 'Roberts, W.M. ; W. J. Irvine, D.M. ; Samuel Robertson, 
Secretary ; W. Hyde, Treasurer. 


No. 336. — Meets in Orange Hall on the third Friday of each 
month. Harry Ross, W.M. ; Thomas Boyd, D.M. ; Joseph Wilson, 
Secretary ; James Leith, Treasurer. 

No. 337.— Meets in Orange Hall on the second Friday of each 
month. Alexander Martin, W.M. ; George Robertson, D.M. ; Robert 
Hughes, Secretary ; David Whiteside, Treasurer. 

No. 339. — Meets on the third Monday of each month. John Kane, 
W.M. ; Wm. Tames Wade, D.M. ; Hugh Mathieson, Secretary; 
David Wade, Treasurer. 

No. 340. — Meets in Orange Hall on the second Thursday of each 
month. W. Strachan, W.M. ; D. Strachan, D.M. ; James M'Eachran, 
Secretary; J. M'Millan, Treasurer. 

No. 344. — Meets in Orange Hall on the second Tuesday of each 
month. J. M'Cloy, W.M. ; David Spence, D.M. ; R. Wade, 
Secretary; H. M'Cloy, Treasurer. 

No. 345 (Rothesay). — Meets on the first Friday evening of each 
month in Masonic Hall, Rothesay. 

No. 505. — Meets in Orange Hall on the first Tuesday of each 
month. W. J. Mack, W.M ; Hugh Meeke, D.M. ; James Turner, 
Secretary ; William Mellon, Treasurer. 

No. 699.— Meets in Orange Hall on the first Monday of each month. 
William Barnes, W.M. ; Robert Cummings, D.M. ; Wm. Thomson, 
Secretary ; Thomas Wilton, Treasurer. 

Royal Black Preceptories. 
(Being higher degrees of Orangeism.) 

St. George's R. B.P. , No. 164 (in connection with which there is a 
Library for the use of the members), meets in Victoria Orange Hall on 
the last Tuesday of each month. Alexander Martin, W.M. ; John 
Purcell, D.M. ; James Cooper, Registrar; Jas. M'Cloy, Treasurer. 

Wickliffe R.B.P., No. 221, meets on the second Wednesday of each 
month in Victoria Orange Hall. W. M' Roberts, W.M. ; W. Halliday, 
D.M. ; S. Thomson, Registrar; Samuel Robinson, Treasurer. 


Greenock District consists of five Lodges, with 650 members. The 
officers of the district for the present year are : — Grand Master, James 
Maven, Lynedoch Street ; Deputy Grand Master, Henry M'Lean, 
Pottery Street ; Corresponding Secretary, Alexander Macfarlan, 27 
Regent Street. 


Banks of Clyde, 167 members, instituted 1838 — Meets every 
alternate Monday evening in hall, 15 Charles Street. Hugh Graham, 
jun., 19 South Street, secretary. 

James Watt, 93 members, instituted 1839 — Meets every alternate 
Monday evening in hall, 15 Charles Street. John M'A. Lauder, 21 
Nelson Street (west), secretary. 

Highland Mary, 56 members, instituted 1840 — Meets every alternate 
Friday evening in hall, 15 Charles Street. Thomas Stewart, Wellington 
Street, secretary. 

Newark, Port-Glasgow, 73 members, instituted 1839— Meets in 
Oddfellows' Hall, Gillespie's Lane, every fourth Monday evening. 
Thos. Clark, 2 Octavia Street, Port-Glasgow, secretary. 


Helensburgh, 261 members, instituted 1841— Meets in Oddfellows' 
Hall, Colquhoun Square, Helensburgh, every alternate Tuesday. 
Samuel Murray, 55 East Princes Street, Helensburgh, secretary. 


The Greenock District, instituted April, 1842. — Consists of eleven 
Courts, comprising 3046 financial and 93 honorary members. John 
Gray, D.C.R. ; Archibald Mackenzie, D.S.C.R. ; Alex. Paton, 
treasurer ; H. D. Soutter, secretary. Aggregate worth of District and 
Court funds, ,£13,008. 

Court Banks of Clyde, No. 1 109, instituted 1840. — 398 financial 
and 9 honorary members. Thomas Arnot, C. R. ; Wm. Buchanan, 
S.C.R. ; Alexander Livingston, treasurer ; Lindsay Mathieson, secretary ; 
John Carlyle, M.D., CM., surgeon. Meets every alternate Tuesday 
in Foresters' Hall, 27 Roxburgh Street. 

Court Caledonia, No. 1275, instituted 1841. — 495 financial and 14 
honorary members. Archd. B. Wilson, C.R., Archd. Comrie, S.C.R., 
A. E. Casson, treasurer ; Andrew Macfadyen, secretary ; John Carlyle, 
M.D., CM., surgeon. Meets every alternate Tuesday in Albion Hall, 
East Shaw Street. 

Court Royal Archer, No. 1544, instituted 1843. — 301 financial and 
10 honorary members. John Lynch, C.R. ; Thomas Johnstone, S.C.R. ; 
James W. Graham, secretary; Allan Galloway. M.D., surgeon. Meets 
every alternate Monday in Foresters' Hall, 27 Roxburgh Street. 

Court Newark, No. 41 11, instituted 1863. — 278 financial and 10 
honorary members. Meets every alternate Monday in Temperance 
Hall, Church Street, Port-Glasgow. 

Court James Watt, No. 4468, instituted 1864. — 303 financial and 4 
honorary members. Robert Swan, C.R. ; James Thomson, S.C.R. ; 
Thos. Scott, treasurer ; John Gray, secretary ; John Carlyle, M.D., 
CM., surgeon. Meets every alternate Tuesday in Foresters' Hall, 27 
Roxburgh Street. 

Court Glenalbyn, No. 451 1 (Easdale), instituted 1864. — 146 financial 
and 3 honorary members. Meets every third Wednesday of each 
month in Drill Hall, Ellenabeigh. 

Court Scotia, No. 5405, instituted 1869. — 227 financial and 7 
honorary members. Meets every alternate Tuesday in Temperance 
Hall, Church Street, Port-Glasgow. 

Court Robert Burns, No. 5753, instituted 1872. — 192 financial 
members. Andrew Black, C.R. ; Alex. Martin, S.C.R. ; John 
M'Millan, treasurer; William Martin, secretary; John Carlyle, M.D., 
CM., surgeon. Meets every alternate Wednesday in Foresters' Hall, 
27 Roxburgh Street. 

Court Saint James, No. 5764, instituted 1872. — 435 financial and 
30 honorary members. Meets every alternate Monday in Temperance 
Hall, M'Dowall Street, Johnstone. 

Court Highland Mary, No. 5851, instituted 1873. — 142 financial and 
2 honorary members. Daniel M'Laughlin, C.R. ; W. F. Orkney, S. 
C R. ; Hugh Cameron, treasurer ; John Fraser, secretary ; Bro. James 
Laurie, M.B., CM., surgeon. Meets every alternate Monday in 
Foresters' Hall, 27 Roxburgh Street. 

Court Robert Burns, No. 6307, instituted 1876. — 127 financial and 


3 honorary members. Meets every alternate Monday in Artillery Hall, 

Juvenile Branch (Greenock District), instituted 1872. — 161 financial 
members. Alexander Fraser, president; Alexander Calder, vice- 
president; Wrh. Madden, 1109, treasurer; John Macintosh, 4468, 
secretary ; John Carlyle, M.D., CM., surgeon. Meets every Thursday 
four weeks in Foresters' Hall, 27 Roxburgh Street. 

Juvenile Branch (Johnstone), instituted 1884.— 1 15 financial mem- 
bers. Meets every Tuesday four weeks. 

Juvenile Branch (Caledonia, 1275), instituted 1885. — 127 financial 
members, inclusive of male and female. Samuel Robinson, president ; 
William Coyle, vice-president ; Alexander Baton, treasurer ; Francis 
Collins, secretary; John Carlyle, M.D., CM., surgeon. Meets 
every alternate Tuesday in Albion Hall, East Shaw Street. 


Royal Oak Lodge (B.O.).— Meets in Foresters' Hall, Roxburgh 
Street, every alternate Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'clock. 270 
financial and 7 honorary members. James A. Lyon, W.M. ; 
Ebenezer Dick, treasurer ; Neil M. Fatrick, secretary, 18 Hope Street ; 
John Robert Black, M.D., medical officer. 

Lily of the Vale Lodge (British Order).— Meets in Victoria Hall, 
1 East Blackhall Street, every alternate Monday evening at 7.30. 407 
financial and 29 honorary members. John Tulloch, W.M. ; John 
M 'Arthur (No. 1), 2 Garvald Street, treasurer; Joseph Humphreys, 30 
South Street, secretary ; William Cairns, M.B., CM., medical adviser. 

Fern of Ladyburn Lodge (St. Andrew's Order).— Meets every 
alternate Monday in Britannia Hall, Arcade, at 8 p.m. James 
M'Dermid, W.M. ; Robert Carson, D.M. ; Frank Johnstone, treasurer ; 
Wm. M'Dermid, secretary, 24 St Lawrence Street ; Dr Carlyle, medical 

Heatherbell Lodge (St. A.O.).— Meets every alternate Monday in 
Crawford's Central Hall, Charles Street. Daniel M'Lean, W.M. ; 
John Alexander, D.M. ; Edward Donnelly, treasurer; Alexander 
Borland, secretary, 46 Ann Street ; Dr Carlyle, medical officer. 


Greenock District comprises 1 1 Lodges with a total membership of 
1700. Aggregate worth of District and Lodge Funds, ^"5688. John 
A.Clark, Pro. CS. ; Robert Ritchie, treasurer, 3 Mearns Street; 
John M'Nicol, corresponding secretary, Sandringham Place, Clyde 
"Street, Helensburgh. 

Lome Lodge, 1509 — Meets every alternate Monday evening in 
17 Charles Street. John Bryce, secretary, 6 Chapel Street; William 
Adam, treasurer ; Dr Carlyle, surgeon, 

Wellington Lodge — Meets every alternate Tuesday evening in 
Hall, 17 Charles Street. William M'Dowall, treasurer ; John A. 
Clark, secretary, 7 Boyd Street ; Dr J. R. Black, surgeon. 

Lodge Pride of Ladyburn, 1735.— Meets in Arcade Hall every 
alternate Tuesday. John Mitchell, secretary, 29 Cathcart Street ; John 
MTntyre, treasurer; Dr Carlyle, surgeon. 

Robert Binnie Lodge, 2132 (Gourock).— Meets every alternate 



Tuesday evening in Dairy Hall. W. D. Edmonds, secretary, 20 
Hopeton Street ; Dr Stewart, surgeon. 

The other Lodges are Inverkip, Skelmorlie, Millport, Inveraray, 
Tarbert (Loch Fyne), Oban and Campbeltown. 

The Good Samaritan Tent, No. 321 — Established 1875. — Meets 
in Primitive Methodist Church Hall, Roxburgh Street, every alternate 
Monday evening at 8 o'clock, where intending candidates can be 
enrolled. Members, by a graduated scale of payments, have the option 
of receiving from 2s 6d to 20s per week during sickness, with medicine 
and doctor's attendance free, and from £$ to ^30 at death. Members 
also receive 15s on the death of a child under three months old, and 
£l ios on the death of a child from three months up to three years of 
age, provided the member himself has paid not less than 52 weeks' 
contributions. Entrance fee, 2s 6d. There is also a Juvenile 
Tent, admitting children from 3 years and upwards, receiving doctor's 
attendance and from £t, to ^"io at death. It is conducted on purely 
temperance principles. Full information may be had from the tent 
secretary, R. W. Robertson, 25 Lyle Street. 


John Dunlop Division, No. 92. — Instituted, 27th Feby., 1865 — Meets 
every alternate Thursday evening, at 8 o'clock, in Temperance Institute, 
West Stewart Street. Object — by payment of initiation fee of 2s 6d, and 
a graduated scale of payment according to age, a benefit in case of 
sickness, of ios, 15s, and 20s per week, with doctor and medicine free, 
and a sum of ^"io at death. In connection with above a Cadet Section, 
for boys and girls from 6 to 16 years of age, meets in the same place 
every alternate Thursday evening at 7.15. By payment of 2d entry 
money and l£d per week they are entitled to medical attendance and 
medicine free and from £2 to £7 at death, according to the length of 
time they have been in the Order. R. P. Templeton, secretary, 69 

Nicolson Street. 


John Dunlop District Lodge of the Independent Order of Good 
Templars, No. 51, for the Lower Ward of Renfrewshire. This Lodge 
is composed of representatives from eight subordinate lodges in town, 
two in Port-Glasgow, two in Kilmalcolm, one in Inverkip, and 
one in Gourock. Executive— John Macfie, D.D.G.C.T. ; James 
Kirkwood, D.C.T. ; W. Hamilton, D. Coun. ; Colin Campbell, 
D.S.J. T. ; A. S. Montgomery, D. Chaplain; William C. Rodger, 
D. Treas. ; J. R. Wynne, P. D.C.T. ; Daniel M'Gregor, D.E.S. ; 
W. F. M'E. Humphreys, D. Secy., 63 Nicolson Street. 
Subordinate Lodges. 

Hope of Greenock Lodge, No. 65. — Meets every Friday evening, at 
8 o'clock, in Pillar Hall, Temperance Institute ; Juveniles at 7 o'clock. 
Bernard Queen, D.G.C.T., 6 Watt Street. 

Good Intent Lodge, No. 191. — Meets every Thursday evening, at 8 
o'clock, in Cartsburn Hall, Cartsburn Street ; Juveniles at 7 o'clock. 
John Duncan, D.G.C.T., 4 Cartsburn Street. 

Banner of Love Lodge, No. 364. — Meets every Tuesday evening, at 


8 o'clock, in Primitive Methodist Church Hall, Roxburgh Street. 
Wm. Moodie, D.G.C.T., 69 Regent Street. 

Hillend Lodge, No. 225.— Meets every Monday evening at 8 o'clock 
in East-end Co-operative Society's Hall, Thomas Street. Wm. 
Hamilton, D.G.C.T., 26 East Crawford Street. 

Thomas Fairrie Lodge, No. 460. — Meets every Thursday evening, 
at 8 o'clock, in Free North Church Hall, West Burn Street. George 
Anderson, D.G.C.T., 16 Bruce Street. 

True Blue Lodge, No. 503.— Meets every Thursday evening, at 8 
o'clock, in Victoria Hall, East Blackhall Street; Juveniles at 7 o'clock. 
James Kirkwood, D.G.C.T., 18 Cathcart Street. 

Tir nam Beann Lodge, No. 714.— Meets every Friday evening, at 8 
o'clock, in Lesser Hall, Temperance Institute. Charles M'Kenzie, 
D.G.C.T., 37 Crawford Street. 

Mariners' Lifeboat Lodge, No. 726. — Meets every Wednesday 
evening, at 8 o'clock, in Pillar Hall, Temperance Institute ; Juveniles 
at 7 o'clock. Matthew Scott, D.G.C.T., 43 Ann Street. 


Agricultural — Lower Ward of Renfrewshire Agricultural Society 
—Established 1849.— Annual exhibition of live stock and dairy produce 
will take place this year on 19th June. Robert Sinclair Scott, Burnside, 
Largs, president ; Horatio R. B. Peile, Peter Gatherer, and Arthur 
Caird, vice-presidents; R. Steuart Walker, solicitor, 1 1 William Street, 
secretary and treasurer. 

Amalgamated Friendly Societies' Medical Association, 47 Regent 
Street— Instituted 22nd May, 1874.— Objects : To provide efficient 
medical attendance, and to supply a sufficient and proper quantity 
of the purest medicines to all the members of the various friendly 
societies forming the association, and to the wives and families of said 
members who pay into the same. Edward Donnelly, president; James 
Allan, treasurer; Thomas Black, secretary; John Carlyle, M.D., 
medical officer ; William Melrose, registered chemist and druggist, 
dispenser. Dispensary hours, 9 a.m. till 12.30 p.m., 1.30 till 5 p.m., 
and 6 till 8 p.m.; Sundays 9.30 till 10.30 a.m., and 5 till 5.30 p.m. 

Angling Club.— Instituted March, 1894.— President, C. M'Gregor, 
vice-president, John L. Malcolm ; treasurer, Alexander M'Laren ; 
secretary, John M'Glashan, 3 Mackenzie Street. 

Argus Traders' Association (Greenock and district).— President, 
David Wilson, 46 Rue-end Street ; vice-president, Alexander Baxter. 
29 Shaw Street ; secretary, Thos. R. Jacobs, 17 West Blackhall Street, 
The objects of the association are to recover debts, and do all acts for 
the protection of traders. Upwards of 5000 correspondents in England, 
Scotland, and Ireland. Annual Subscription, 2s 6d. Black list for 
Members 10s additional. 

Auchmountain Boys' Society. — President, John Forbes ; treasurer, 
William Armstrong ; secretary, James Hughes, 35 Ingleston Street. 

Bible Society— Instituted 1807.— John M. Hutcheson, president; 
Dugald Campbell and James Grieve, vice-presidents ; Rev. Alexander 
D. Grant, secretary; James Paterson, treasurer; James M'Kelvie & 
Sons, depositaries ; with a committee of 18 members. Representative 
Director, Rev. J. P. Struthers, M.A. 


JI 5 

Burns Club, The Greenock, was instituted in 1802, and is the oldest 
in existence. — The Club has a suite of rooms with library and portrait 
gallery at 36 Nicolson Street. Competitions are held annually, when 
prizes are awarded school children for proficiency in singing and 
reciting the poems of Burns and other Scottish Bards, and for a general 
knowledge of Scottish literature. There are also wild flowers competi- 
tion held in autumn, open to school children, when prizes are awarded 
for the best collection of wild flowers, grasses, ferns, bouquets of wild 
flowers, window plants, &c. The funds of the club are spent entirely 
upon charitable or educational schemes. Hon. president. Rev. [ohn 
Watson, D.D. ; president, Mr John M'Clure ; vice-presidents, Bailie 
Peter Macfarlane, Port-Glasgow, and Mr R. B. Shearer ; hon. treasurer, 
A. T. Anderson ; hon. secretaries, J. B. Morison and S. C. D. Taylor ; 
J. M. Farquhar, librarian. 

Caddlehill Gardens, Upper Kelly Street.— Patrons, Sir Michael 
Robert Shaw Stewart, Bart, and Sir Thomas Sutherland, K. CM. G., 
LL.D., M.P. ; hon. presidents, W. W. B. Rodger and W. O. Leitch ; 
secretary, J. G. Davidson, 16 South Street; treasurer, C. Williamson, 
34 Nelson Street (west), with a committee of 10. These Gardens were 
instituted in 1885 to foster gardening as a recreation among amateurs. 
A club-room, provided with periodicals, &c, has been opened, and 
promenade concerts, &c, are held throughout the season. Annual 
Flower Show in the grounds on Saturday, 22nd August, 1896. 

Charitable Society for the Relief of the Casual Poor— Instituted 
1861.— Sir Michael R. Shaw Stewart, Bart., and Sir Thomas 
Sutherland, K.C.M.G., LL.D., M.P., patrons; ex-Provost Rodger, 
president ; Treasurer Anderson and Matthew Hill, vice-presidents ; 
Peter Macdonald, Bank of Scotland, treasurer ; James Nicoll, 2 Bank 
Street, secretary ; and an acting committee of 28 members, with power 
to add to their number. The object of the society is to procure funds 
for urgent cases of casual destitution, without interfering with the opera- 
tions of the Parochial Board or other charitable institutions. The 
distribution is effected by distributors acting under the directions of 
conveners, of which there is one for each ward in town, and in co- 
operation with the chief of police and the detective staff. 

Christian Mission and Evangelistic Union— Instituted 1880— 
(Gaiety Music Hall), 39 Hamilton Street.— The Mission carries on 
open-air work all the year round, and evangelistic services in the Music 
Hall on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings. Special addresses 
to Christians on Monday evenings at 8. Special work is also carried on 
amongst the fallen, naval men, &c. W. L. Fisher, A.M.I.M.E., hon. 

Clan Macdonald Society (Greenock Branch of).— Office-bearers— 
Hon. vice-president, Donald Macdonald, F.E.I.S., Kilmalcolm; hon. 
secretary, Edmund Macdonald, 47 Brougham Street ; hon. treasurer, 
Angus Macdonald, 50 Roxburgh Street. This society exists for the 
fostering and preserving of Clan sentiments, the encouragement of 
I education, &c. The society is non-political and non-sectarian, and 
both ladies and gentlemen are eligible to become members. 

Clan Maclean Association (Greenock Branch)— Office-bearers- 
Chief, Col. Sir Fitzroy Donald Maclean, Bart, of Duart, Morvern, 
and Brolas; hon. president, Thomas Maclean, 63 Rue-end Street; 


hon. vice-presidents, Dugald M'Lean, 19 Hamilton Street, and 
Neil M 'Lean, 13 Nelson Street (W.); hon. secretary, A. S. M'Lean, 
M.I.M.E., 31 Bank Street ; hon. treasurer, Kenneth M'Lean, 14 Lyle 
Street. The objects of the Association are the reviving, fostering, and 
preserving of clan interests and sentiments, the social intercourse and 
welfare of its members, the rendering of assistance to necessitous and 
deserving clansmen and clanswomen (not in receipt of parochial relief), 
collecting and preserving records and traditions relating to the clan. 
The association is unsectarian and nonpolitical. 

Deaf and Dumb Christian Association— Established 1869. — Place of 
meeting, Alan Ker Public School, Ann Street. President, Geo. Whyte, 
13 John Street ; treasurer and secretary, John Vass, 1 1 Belville Street. 

Destitute Sick. — Greenock Society for Reliefof the Destitute Sick — 
Established 1798.— President, ex-Provost Rodger; secretary, D. D. 
Adamson ; treasurer, John Adams; with 12 members of committee. The 
design of the institution is to relieve by pecuniary aid those who have no 
acknowledged claim on any charitable fund, and who have no friends 
able or willing to help them, or where the supply received from other 
funds is not nearly adequate to their support. District distributors are 
appointed by the committee. Annual meeting held in April. 

Female Benevolent Society — Instituted 181 1 — for the benefit 
of aged females of good moral character, supported by voluntary 
subscription. The Lady Octavia Shaw Stewart, patroness ; Mrs 
M'Clure, 66 Union Street, president ; Mrs A. J. Black, 16 Ardgowan 
Square, treasurer ; Miss Pennell, 23 Patrick Street, secretary ; Rev. 
W. Lewis Robertson, chaplain ; 38 superintendents, 38 visitors, and 
20 collectors. The committee meet on the second Monday of every 
month, in the West Parish Sessional Hall, Ardgowan Street, and the 
annual meeting is held on the fourth Monday in January, for the election 
of a Committee of Management for the coming year, as also for the 
purpose of being informed of the past year's transactions. 

Funeral Society (Greenock Friendly) — Instituted 1824. — President, 
Walter Mitchell, Barnhill Farm, Belville Street ; secretary, John L. 
Mathieson, 5 Lauriston Street ; treasurer, John Mathieson, 42 Brymner 
Street ; officer, Alex. Forsyth, 95 Dempster Street. Meets in Borland's 
Temperance Hotel, 24 Cathcart Street. General Meetings are held on 
the third Thursday of January, April, July, and October. This Society 
has for its objects the assistance of relatives of deceased members, and 
the payment of all funeral expenses. Entry-money, 6s. 

Glasgow and West of Scotland Society for Prevention of Cruelty to 
Animals. — Local Inspector, Alexander Cruickshank, 83 Dempster 
Street. Local Hon. Secretary, James A. Love, 2 Hamilton Street ; 
Hon. Treasurer, Lieut. -Col. James Tannahill, Commercial Bank. 

Greenock, Gourock, and Inverkip Ploughing Society.— John Dunlop, 
Knocknairhill, president ; James Scott, Murdieston, treasurer ; and 
R. Steuart Walker, 1 1 William Street, secretary. 

Greenock Kennel Club— for the purpose of promoting in every way 
the general improvement of breeding and management of Dogs and Dog 
Shows.— Hon. president, J. H. Fowler; hon. vice-presidents, Dr 
Laurie and James Millar ; president, John Broadfoot ; vice-presidents, 
D. P. Milne and John Service ; secretary and treasurer, W. Wilson, 
jun., 26 Hamilton Street. 



Horticultural — Royal West Renfrewshire Horticultural Society. 
— His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, patron ; Sir M. R. Shaw- 
Stewart, Bart., Sir Thomas Sutherland, K.C.M.G., LL.D., M.P., 
Charles Bine Renshaw, Esq., M.P., and Arthur Caird, shipbuilder, 
honorary presidents; ex-Provost W. W. B. Rodger, president; Councillor 
D. MTnnes, Dr N. Gordon Cluckie and T. M. Thorne, Esq., vice- 
presidents ; Wm, Steele, treasurer; Archibald Niven, solicitor, 37 
Hamilton Street, secretary ; M 'Cowan & Biggart, chemists; John Boyd, 
Brougham Street, convener ; with a committee of twenty. Competition 
meetings, in Town Hall, 3rd and 4th September, 1896. 

Investment — Greenock Provident Investment Company. — Office, 
Post Office Buildings (Vennel). John Watt, William S. Blair, and John 
Peden, trustees; Robert Dixon, secretary; James Anderson, managing 
director, to whom all communications are to be addressed. Information 
regarding the operations of the society may be obtained at the office 
on the last Saturday evening of each month, from 7.30 till 9. 

Greenock and District Model Building Society — Office, 13 Hamilton 
Street. Directors— John Anderson, J. P. (Chairman), James Black, 
James Campbell, George Morton, T. D. Rorison, Andrew Russell, 
D. M'Dougall, A. Stevenson, and Jas. Purdon; solicitors, Alexander 
Cameron & Murray; secretary, James Paterson, accountant. Subscribed 
capital (March, 1896), ,£84,900. The Society undertakes to give each 
member a loan by ballot free of interest or premium. Members wishing 
immediate loans can purchase them at premiums which average about 
2 per cent, per annum in lieu of interest. 

Lower Ward of Renfrewshire Stallion Society— H. R. B. Peile, 
chairman ; R. Steuart Walker, secretary and treasurer. 

Medical Society — Instituted October 30, 1865.— The objects are 
to repeive communications on Medicine and Surgery, to converse on 
Medical topics, and generally to promote professional improvement 
and amicable feelings by any means that may from time to time be 
approved of by the society. Ordinary meetings are usually held on the 
first Wednesday of each month during session in the Society's Rooms, 
27 West Burn Street, at 8.30 p.m. Office-bearers— Dr Macdougall, 
president; Dr Laurie, vice-president; Dr C. W. Marshall, secretary; 
Dr Galloway, treasurer ; Dr Wilson, librarian. 

Musical.— Greenock Amateur Orchestral Society— instituted 1878 
—for the study and practice of orchestral music. Hon. president, Dr 
John Macdougall, Rosemount, 5 Lyle Street ; treasurer, Mr John 
Ferguson, 10 South Street ; librarian, Mr William Bissett, Trafalgar 
Street; secretary, Mr Wm. M 'George, 30 Roxburgh Street; Herr 
Willy Benda, conductor; with a committee of six members. Theorchestra 
numbers over 60 instrumentalists, and meets for practice every Wednesday 
night in the society's room, Municipal Buildings, from September to May. 
Greenock Choral Union.— Patrons— Sir M. R. Shaw Stewart, 
Bart , Sir Thomas Sutherland, K. C. M. G. , LL. D. , M. P. Office-bearers, 
Hon. president, Lieut. -Colonel James Tannahill ; hon. vice-presidents, 
Majors Rodger and Walker, Drs Black and Paton, Rev. W. L. Robert- 
son, Messrs J. Anderson, G. Macdonald, J. M. Hutcheson, R. Kerr, 
A. P. Lyle, J. G. Thorburn, T. M. Thorne, F. W. Walker, and Louson 
Walker. Council : president, John S. Kerr; vice-president, J. D. 
Macintyre ; hon. treasurer, Alexander Menzies ; hon. secretary, J. 


Frier, 27 Robertson Street ; librarian, Robert Macfarlan ; W. T. Hoeck, 
conductor; T. Bates, accompanist. Chorus of 220 voices. The 
practisings are held every Tuesday night in the Watt Museum Hall 
from September to April. 

Natural History Society— Founded in 1878.— Andrew Kerr, 
president; G. H. Black, B.L., treasurer; G. W. Niven, 27 Brymner 
Street, secretary. The objects of this Society are to promote the 
study of Natural History and other branches of Science by meetings 
for the reading of papers, the exhibition of specimens, and by excursions 
for practical study. The Society meets in the Lecture Hall, Watt 
Institution, Kelly Street, on the last Thursday of each month from 
September to April. 

Philosophical Society.— The object of this society is the promo- 
tion of literature, science, and art, by means of lectures and 
otherwise. The meetings are held in the Watt Institution. Office- 
bearers, F. P. Purvis, F. R.S.N. A., president ; William Auld and Rev. 
T. F. Johnstone, M.A., vice-presidents; William Hardie, C.A., 
treasurer; and George Murray, secretary. 

Protestant Association— Instituted 1862.— Objects— The Study of the 
Bible and Romish Works ; the enlightenment of Protestants as to the 
real character of Popery, in its religious, social, and political aspects, 
and the conversion of Romanists. A. Swan, hon. president ; Rev. 
Charles Christie, president : A. Meek, chairman ; George Evans, 9 
Garwood Street, secretary ; J. R. Cuthbertson, treasurer, 2 Grey Place, 
John Maxwell, Auditor. Meetings held weekly in Society's Hall, 5 
Sir Michael Street. 

Royal National Lifeboat Institution.— Founded in 1824.— Supported 
solely by voluntary subscriptions. Greenock and District Local 
Committee— Chairman, Provost Shankland ; Messrs T. Carmichael, 
R. Kerr, A. P. Lyle, D. Macdougall, E. Maxwell; Secretary, Alexander 
Andrew, writer. The object of this Institution is to afford assistance 
to every shipwrecked person around the coast of the United Kingdom. 
The chief means by which the Society endeavours to carry this object 
into effect are by providing Lifeboats of the most perfect description, 
furnishing them with all the necessary appurtenances, and providing, 
through the instrumentality of local committees, for their proper 
management and the occasional exercise of their crews ; and further, 
by conferring honorary rewards in the form of medals, &c, to all persons 
who, at the Visk of their lives, save or attempt to save the lives of others 
on board vessels wrecked or distressed upon any part of the coast of the 
United Kingdom. 

Lifeboat Saturday Fund.— President, Captain His Royal Highness, 
the Duke of York, R.N., K.G. Greenock and District Local Committee 
— Provost Shankland, chairman of executive ; Bailie Clink, vice- 
chairman ; John Rodger, banker, hon. treasurer ; Alexander Andrew, 
writer, secretary. The main object of the Lifeboat Saturday Fund is 
to augment the income of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. 

Sabbath School Union— Instituted 1870. — Provost Shankland, hon. 
president; J. Wilson, president; Dr Douglas, vice-president; A. Niven, 
treasurer; Wm. Dalziel, secretary, 1 1 Carwood Street; with a com- 
mittee of sixteen, and a general committee consisting of one representa- 
tive from each associated school. The objects of the Union are— 1st, 


to encourage unity, and increase Sabbath Schools throughout the town ; 
2nd, to improve the method of conducting schools ; and 3rd, to promote 
the personal piety of the teachers, and to unite in prayer for a blessing 
on their work. General meetings of the Union are held three times a 

Saint Andrew's Ambulance Association (Greenock Centre). — 
Colonel John Scott, C.B., president; Major R. Thorne, chairman; 
Captain Angus, vice-chairman ; Lieutenant-Colonel J. Tannahill, 
honorary treasurer ; Archibald D. Ferguson, honorary secretary, 
13 William Street; with an executive committee of 17 and a general 
committee of 52 gentlemen. The objects of the association are: — 
(1st) Instruction in ambulance duties by the establishment of classes, so 
that the members thereof may be able to render intelligent first aid to 
persons accidentally injured, pending the arrival of a medical man ; (2) 
the placing of stretchers, ambulance waggons, and other appliances 
necessary for the relief of the injured in such situations as may be 
considered advisable, so as to enable assistance to be given with the 
least possible delay. 

School Children's Clothing Guild. — Founded in January, 1894. — 
President, Miss Marion Neill Orkney, 62 Union Street ; honorary 
secretary and treasurer, Miss Lizzie M. Fisher, 5 Abbotsford Place. 
The Guild meets in the Oral School for the Deaf during the winter 
months, one night each week, to make and mend clothing, and on 
Saturday forenoons for distribution. The object of the Guild is to 
procure children's cast-off clothing to clothe the necessitous and 
deserving children in the state-aided schools in Greenock, irrespective 
of creed or denomination, and to collect money to purchase boots for 
those children. In the session 1895-96 the Guild clothed 676 children, 
and supplied 339 pairs of new boots. 

Scottish Clerks' Association.- — Registered Office, 81 St. George's 
Place, Glasgow. Benefits — Assistance in obtaining employment; a 
weekly sum when out of employment or sick ; medical attendance and 
medicine ; annuities to aged and disabled members, their widows, and 
children ; assistance in special cases of distress ; assurance at death. 
Greenock branch meets on first Wednesday of each month at 8 p.m., in 
office, 26 Hamilton Street. Chairman, James Macara ; medical officer, 
James Laurie, M.B., CM., 1 Shaw Place; agent, W. Wilson, jun., 
26 Hamilton Street. 

Scottish United Reform Friendly Society— Office, 49 Vennel. Local 
committee, John Thomson, William Oliver, John Armour, and James 
Murray. Wm. Simpson, district agent ; J. Simpson, collector. 

Shorthand Writers' Association. — Open to all Phonographers 
writing 30 words and upwards per minute. The Association meets 
during the winter months in Highlanders' Academy Public School, for 
reporting practice and discussions on Shorthand topics. Examina- 
tions for Mr Pitman's speed certificates are held periodically. Library 
open on Wednesdays at 7.45 p.m. The following are the office-bearers 
for this year: — Hon. president, Sheriff Begg ; hon. vice-presidents, T. 
M. Hutcheson, Esq., and James Aitken, Esq. ; president, Robert 
M'Kirdy ; vice-president, Thomas King; treasurer, Robert Greer; 
secretary, Daniel MTver. 

Total Abstinence Society— Instituted 1836.— Offices and Halls, 


Temperance Institute, 19 West Stewart Street. Ex-Provost Campbell, 
J. P., Robert Little, Esq., J. P., David J. Macfie, Esq., J. P.. of Borthwick 
Hall, and ex-Bailie John Lang, hon. presidents ; Provost William Steel, 
president; B. C. Ross, R. P. Templeton, James Carnaghan, and 
ex-Bailie Ramsay, vice-presidents ; J. M. Dick, treasurer ; Baillie C. 
Ross, hon. secretary ; John Hardie, choir conductor ; William D. 
Thomson, general secretary ; M. L. Struthers, curator of Institute. 

Traders' Association. — President, Edward Wilson, Esq.; vice- 
presidents, Messrs Alexander Rowan and J. K. Stewart, with a Com- 
mittee representing wholesale and retail traders of all descriptions. The 
objects of the Association are generally to consider and take action 
regarding all matters affecting the interests of the members. Annual 
subscription, 2s 6d. Secretary, James Paterson, accountant, 13 Hamil- 
ton Street. 

United Evangelistic Committee. — ■ Members - - Revs. R. Bell, 
James Davidson, John Young, A. D. Grant, M. P. Johnstone, W. 
Wilson, and D. Boyd; Messrs J. Grieve, N. Hill, J. Macphail, 
C. M'Call, R. Macpherson, J. Prentice, John Lang, M. M'C. Brown, 
R. Ward D. B. M'Kelvie, and William Lamont, secretary. A fellow- 
ship meeting is held every Monday evening in the Temperance Institute, 
and an evangelistic meeting on Sabbath evenings in Temperance Institute, 
or elsewhere, besides special meetings as opportunity offers. 

Wine, Spirit and Beer Trade Association (Greenock and Gourock). — 
Office-bearers — Robert Rennie, president ; Donald M'Kinnon, 
vice-president; Arthur A. Millar, treasurer; Wm. Watt, secretary ; 
W. A. Thorn, law agent. The objects of this Association are to 
promote united action among the members in obtaining the removal or 
modification of improper or unnecessary restrictions imposed, or 
attempted to be imposed, on the Wine, Spirit, and Beer Trade, and to 
protect the just rights and interests of the Trade in the full and free 
exercise of its business according to law, and for that purpose to watch 
and oppose any measure or proceeding, Parliamentary or local, which 
may have an injurious or oppressive tendency. 

Working Boys' and Girls' Religious Society.— W. J. Marshall, 
M.D., 8 Ardgowan Square, hon. president; M. M'C. Brown, 
president ; Robert Macpherson, 33 Cathcart Street, treasurer ; 
J. B. Patrick, secretary, West Blackhall Street. Jonathan 
Burns, keeper of the Society's rooms. Its chief aim is to impart 
religious instruction, and form a connecting link between the 
Sabbath School and the Church. It provides classes for mutual 
improvement and meetings for social entertainment, and by means of 
Savings Banks it seeks to foster provident habits. Meetings are held 
every Sabbath forenoon, at eleven o'clock, in Town Hall, John Street 
Hall, Temperance Institute, Crawfurdsburn Free Church School, 
Christian Mission Hall, High Vennel Mission Hall, Shaw Street 
Public School, Foresters' Hall, St. Andrew Square Public School, 
Bethany Hall, and Prospecthill Street Hall. 

Greenock United Trades Council. — Meets in hall, 10 William 
Street, on the first Thursday of each month, at 7.30 p.m. President, 
Councillor Lemmon, 17 Brymner Street; vice-president, John Innes, 


1 1 Watt Street ; secretary, James Maclagan, 3 Prospecthill Street ; 
treasurer, Adam Brown, 83 Wellington Street. 

(Societies Represented at the Greenock United Trades Council. ) 

Assurance Agents' National Union. — Secretary, John Nelis, 112 
Dempster Street. 

Bakers, Operative. —Secretary, George White, 42 Holmscroft Street. 

Blacksmiths, Associated. — Meets every second Monday in Trades 
Hall, 10 William Street, at 7.30 p.m. Secretary, Andrew Mitchell, 9 
Nicolson Street. 

Cabinetmakers, Alliance. — Secretary, T. Baker, 11 Old Hillend. 

Cabinetmakers, United Operative. — Secretary, R. Ballantyne, 5 
Newton Street. 

Engineers, Amalgamated. — Branch No. 1 meets in Trades Hall 
every alternate Monday at 7 p.m. Secretary, J. Browning, 13 Antigua 
Street. Branch No. 2 meets in same hall every alternate Wednesday. 
Secretary, J. Roxburgh, 25 Lynedoch Street. Branch No. 3 meets in 
same place every alternate Tuesday. Secretary. W. Strachan, 59 
Belville Street. 

Greenock Typographical Society. — President, A. Baxter ; vice- 
president, D. K. Blair ; secretary, James S. Cuthbertson, 83 Wellington 
Street ; treasurer, John Letham, 7 Mount Pleasant Street. 

Horsemen's Union. — Secretary, R. Lemmon, 17 Brymner Street. 

Joiners and Carpenters, Amalgamated.— Branch No. 1 meets every 
alternate Monday at 7.30 p.m. in Victoria Hall. Secretary, R. L. 
Hunter, 9 Lynedoch Street. Branch No. 2 meets every alternate 
Monday in Yielder's Cafe. Secretary, R. Henderson, 62 Ann Street. 

Joiners and Carpenters, Associated.— Meets in the hall, Highland 
Close, on the first Monday of each month at 8 p.m. Committee on 
Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Secretary, D. Turn bull, 4 Prospecthill Street. 

Labourers' National Union. — Secretary, J. Cameron, 8 William 

Painters, Federation of House and Ship.— Secretary, J. Cameron, 
110 Dempster Street. 

Papermill Workers' Union.— Secretary, W. MTntyre, 116 Drum- 
frochar Road. 

Plumbers of Great Britain.— Secretary, R. Phillips. 23 Lyle Street. 

Plumbers of Scotland.— Secretary, John Taylor, 87 Dempster Street. 

Railway Servants, Amalgamated.— Secretary, T. Webster, 22 Lvle 
Street. y 

Sailmakers. Federation of.— Secretary, James Brownlie, 1 Holmscroft 

Sawmillers and Woodcutting Machinemen.— Secretary, James 
Donnelly, 36 St. Lawrence Street.' 

Shipwrights, Associated.— Branch A— Secretary, D. Murdoch, 33 
East Crawford Street. Branch B— Secretary, J. Gilmour, 9 Mount 
Pleasant Street. 

Slaters, Amalgamated.— Secretary, T. Young, 65 Regent Street. 

Smiths and Strikers, Amalgamated.— Secretary, D. M'Coll, 19 
Mackenzie Street. 

Tailors, Amalgamated.— Secretary, J. Johnstone, 93 Dempster Street. 

Tailors, Scottish Operative.— Secretary, James Richmond, 18 
Inverkip Street. 


(Not Represented at the. Trades Council.) 

Boilermakers and Iron and Steel Shipbuilders. — No. I Branch- 
Secretary, T. Gordon, 30 St. Lawrence Street. No. 2 Branch — Secretary,. 
R. Collison, 71 Regent Street. No. 3 Branch — Secretary, D. Reid, I 
Hill Street. No. 4 Branch— Secretary, W. M'Coll, 16 Lynedoch Street. 
Branches No. 1, 2, and 4, meet monthly, and No. 3 fortnightly, in 
Boilermakers' Hall, Highland Close. 

Bookbinders and Machine Rulers. — Secretary, William Lang, 62 
Wellington Street. 

Coopers' Society.— Secretary, John Patrick, 43 Holmscroft Street. 

Iron Moulders. — Secretary, Stewart Young, 21 Wellington Street. 

Masons, Operative. — Secretary, A. Colquhoun, 68 Inverkip Street. 

Patternmakers. — Meetings held every alternate Monday at 7.30 p.m., 
in Yielder's Cafe, 41 Hamilton Street ; Secretary, T. Neill, 22 Antigua 

Plasterers, Operative. — Meetings held first Monday evening in each 
month, in Mechanics' Institute ; Secretary, P. Harley, 65 Nicolson 

Riggers, Federated.— Secretary, J. Fenwick, 6 Ingleston Street. 

Shipyard Helpers.— Secretary, H. M'Ghee, 29 Dalrymple Street. 



Cartsdyke Sailing Boat Club.— Bailie M'Innes, commodore ; William 
Blakeley, vice-commodore ; Francis Campbell, treasurer ; Neil Mac- 
Callum, secretary. 

Ladyburn Rowing Club. — Commodore, Councillor N. M. Brown ;: 
president, Councillor Niven, Port-Glasgow ; secretary, R. Robertson, 
22 Pottery Street. 

Royal West of Scotland Amateur Boat Club.— Sir M. R. Shaw 
Stewart, Bart. , president ; Alexander P. Lyle, vice-president ;: 
Hugh D. Glen, hon. secretary; Henry H. Ferguson, hon. treasurer; 
Charles Ferguson, C. M. Taylor, A. R. Grieve, R. G. Neill, James H. 
G. Whiteford, Peter Brown, D. F. D. Neill, and H. M. Ross, 
committee of management. 

St. Lawrence Bay Rowing Club. — Patrons, Bailie M'Innes and 
ex-Councillor Millar; captain, J. M'Kendrick; treasurer, Peter Wilson ;. 
secretary, John Wilson. 

West of Scotland Yacht Club.— Alexander Ross, commodore;. 
Norman Clark, vice-commodore ; D. F. D. Neill, rear-commodore ; 
V. C. Meyer, hon. secretary and treasurer, 78 Drumfrochar Road. 


Ardgowan Bowling Club, Ardgowan Square. — Sir M. R. Shaw 
Stewart, Bart., patron; Wm. Neilson, president; J. H. Hutchison, 
vice-president ; Robert Wilson, hon. secretary, 2 Church Place ; 
Matthew Buchanan, hon. treasurer. 

Grosvenor Bowling Club. — Michael Hugh Shaw Stewart, M.P., 
and Sir Thomas Sutherland, K.C.M.G., LL.D., M.P., patrons; Sir M. 
R. Shaw Stewart, Bart., and the Provost of Greenock, honorary 
members ; John Baxter, 25 Mearns Street, president ; Godfrey M'Kay,. 


Armadale Place, vice-president ; Donald Morison, 25 Bank Street, 
secretary ; James Service, 6 Antigua Street, treasurer ; greenkeeper, 
Stephen Cameron. 

Wellington Park Bowling Club. — Sir M. R. Shaw Stewart, Bart., 
patron ; Thomas Carson, president ; D. Simpson, vice-president ; 
John Letham, 7 Mount Pleasant Street, secretary ; James Merrylees, 


Glenside Cricket Club. — Cricket Ground, Wellington Park — 
President, T. L. Strachan : vice-president, N. A. Mackellar ; captain, 
J. S. Shaw ; vice-captain, J. A. Macdonald ; treasurer, Jas. W. Bryce ; 
secretary, T. Ferrie, 51 Lynedoch Street. 

Greenock Cricket Club— Cricket Ground, Glenpark, oft" Union Street 
— Sir M. R. Shaw Stewart, of Greenock and Blackhall, Bart., patron ; 
William M'Clure, Esq., hon. president ; S. Macdougall, vice-president; 
J. H. Ballantine, captain ; A. M. Blair, hon. treasurer ; John R. 
Brodie, Palmerston Buildings, hon. secretary ; J. M'Clure, W. Watt, 
J. Letham, A. Scott, D. Adam, R. H. Ballantine, J. G. Macmillan, 
N. A.